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I was tagged by one of my favorite mutuals in the wwdits fandom @fuckingguide . I can always count on their blog for a smile, nandermo feels, and genuine passion and support for a show I adore. 馃憫 10000% recommend following!
Below, I chose some music that I personally identify with. This playlist intentionally features mostly women, queer, and poc artists. #BlackLivesMatter #RepresentationMatters
Rules of the Tag: spell your url in song titles and tag the same number of blogs as you have letters in your url. 馃尃
D: "Distraction" by Kehlani
E: "Ease My Mind" by Hayley Kiyoko
S: "Say It" by Sevyn Streeter
T: "The Other Half" by Jidenna
I: "In Love With Another Man" by Jazmine Sullivan
E: "Every Kind of Way" H.E.R.
L: "Loner" by Kali Uchis
I: "I Hate You" by SZA
S: "Session 32" by Summer Walker
R: "Ready for Love" by Lucky Daye
E: "Electric Ladyland" by Nai Palm
A: "All Night" by Beyonce
L: "Lover's Rock" by Sade
I: "I'll Call You Back" by Erykah Badu
D: "Don't" by Bryson Tiller
G: "Good Days" by SZA
A: "Amigo" Lous and the Yakuza
F: "Focus" by H.E.R.
Dear friends and co-mutuals I've tagged some of you below if you would like to join in:
first up @cupcakesandfuckups the hunter to my angel 馃槆
@edandstede @regularhumanbartender @this-is-a-job-for-vesemir @theconcealedweapon @undeadcas @inacatastrophicmind @isabellaofparma @orionsangel86 @oysters-aint-for-me @amwritingmeta @sunlitcas @fingergunsbidean @gucciguccigarbage @helianthus21 @jensensitive @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me @vivikaafox
and, I know she is no longer with us but I love and miss Bex dearly 鉂わ笍 @dimples-of-discontent 鉂わ笍 every now and then I go back and re-read her work and I'm reminded of how beautiful her passion and creativity was. Rest in power, queen. You're loved and thought about often.
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olderthannetfic 6 months ago
Here鈥檚 a post about how adult condescension and control actively turns kids *off* reading (and how adult support can do the opposite鈥攜es, even if what the kid likes is Twilight or comic books or centered on an obsessive special interest): theconcealedweapon, Tumblr, post #674537161907945472.
I know exactly which post this is even before following the link. And yes. Happens all the time.
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Welfare is a terrible thing. It has destroyed many communities (especially black ones) by encouraging laziness and single parenthood. welfare encourages people not to work. There's a reason why many parks tell people not to feed the bears. If humans feed the bears, the bears will become lazy and dependent on humans for food. Eventually the bears lose their survival instincts and become lazy parasites that mooch off humans for food.
Nice dog-whistle. A couple fun facts about welfare that anon won't understand, but thankfully my followers will.
The reason behind the number of black people on welfare is actually caused by systemic racism and illogical hiring practices. Businesses have been proven to be statistically more likely to throw out applications with black-sounding names than any other ethnicity. Added to this fact is that ex-convicts who were incarcerated for nonviolent offenses are automatically rejected even though they served their time and are now law-abiding citizens, leaving them unable to find work that can provide enough income to support themselves much less their families.
Very few people have ever chosen to be a single parent and those that do didn't do it just to get a couple hundred bucks a month in food stamps.
It鈥檚 a deterrent to crime. You鈥檙e an ex-con who can鈥檛 get legitimate work, what do you do to put food on the table? If we remove welfare then your only option would be to go right back into the same criminal activities that got you convicted in the first place.
No one actually likes being on foodstamps. There鈥檚 always some jackass (like you) glaring at them in the grocery store and passing judgement without any idea who they are or what their living situation is.
Welfare is for the people who need it, including YOU if shit ever hits the fan in your life. It鈥檚 easy to think little of the people on it until you鈥檙e one of them. Would you happily lay down and die the moment you were unable to find work?
Plenty of people on welfare HAVE jobs, sometimes multiple, but those jobs don鈥檛 pay enough to live on. And I鈥檓 not just talking about the average Walmart employee either. Did you know the pilot of any plane you鈥檙e flying in is statistically on foodstamps? In an interview one even said they were told聽鈥渘ot to wear [their] uniform when applying鈥.
There are multiple forms of welfare and they don鈥檛 guarantee much. Foodstamps only cover food, but not products for things like hygiene, transportation, medicine, or food above room temperature. WIC covers even less and it鈥檚 the only way any average citizen will be able to afford baby formula because that shit is EXPENSIVE. Housing assistance will make sure you have a roof over your head, but anything wrong with the house is YOUR problem even if you can鈥檛 afford to fix it and you don鈥檛 get to choose where you end up living. Free clinics oftentimes don鈥檛 have the funding to do much more than the bare minimum, so if you find yourself in need of a root canal you can bet your ass it鈥檚 going to hurt like a North Korean interrogation with no guarantee of getting more than an aspirin for the pain when you鈥檙e done.
Humans are not animals. Time and time again that line of thinking has led to segregation at best and outright genocide at worst. Never make that kind of comparison.
One final piece of advice: If @theconcealedweapon can own your shit with less of a wordcount, maybe don鈥檛 come at my multi-paragraph using ass with the same idiotic message. That鈥檚 like getting beaten by a samurai in one slice and then picking a fight with someone who prefers slowly beating you to death with a bat.
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markadoo 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I have read through over a hundred twitter replies and hundreds of reddit comments from the many times it鈥檚 been posted there, and not ONE PERSON noticed that the tweet makes no sense. Like, what does he think that quote means? More interestingly, what do the 208,700 likers think that quote means? Do these people just feed everything they see into a sentiment analysis API, look at the readout saying聽鈥渟ocial democrat鈥, smile real wide, close their eyes, and mash 鈥渟o true Mr. Rashid, Esq.! Trickle-down economics doesn鈥檛 work!鈥 into their keyboards?聽聽
I am so glad we only really have a couple of those people on Tumblr, @theconcealedweapon.
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stumblingoverchaos 10 months ago
Tumblr media
From my #pandemicjournal. Collage, acrylic paint, gel plate printing, bubble wrap, Posca paint pen.
鈥淭he CDC one actually baffles me. Do people not realize that they are obviously going to have fluid stance changes based on new information that comes in? Ugh.鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檝e been raised by authority figures that claim to know the absolute truth. Their pastors know THE TRUTH and that truth is unchanging. Their parents are RIGHT because they SAID SO. Their political leaders mock anyone that changes their mind as a flip flopper. They are raised to think the only way to 鈥榖e right鈥 is to 'never be wrong鈥, which makes things like 'learning and incorporating new information鈥 seem like weakness to them.鈥 [email protected] (twitter) via @ilarual
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matthewmlz a year ago
Tumblr media
This Article Written by:
theconcealedweapon - check out their Tumblr blog
Tumblr media
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fierceawakening a year ago
As much as I agree with the point being made here, I personally find changing the FIRST NAME I think of someone by a lot harder to shift than the LAST NAME.
I call people by their first names a lot. Not nearly as much by their last. I don't think this is a great analogy.
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venus-macabre a year ago
Tumblr media
I was originally going to add this commentary on my reblog of the original post by theconcealedweapon, but I figured out I was probably going to be yet another annoying person clogging their activity page:
This is how you know that a huge amount of shrinks are just out to punish, repress and 鈥渃orrect鈥 diversity in human behavior, perception and traits, no matter how harmless those are, and sadly most allistics or NTs in general WANT them to do that because, just like the general establishment, difference is an inconvenience and makes them uncomfortable, so of course they condone this or actively seek these people out to do it.
With all their shortcomings, I鈥檓 so, so glad my mom and dad are both autistic even if they didn鈥檛 realize until very little ago, because (for the most part, since they鈥檙e conservatives 馃檮) if we were being harmless, then who the fuck cares if we were 鈥渨eird鈥 or doing things 鈥渦nconventionally鈥?
Conservative and all, they鈥檙e still some of the very few people who understood most of my differences from others and saw them as just that or as enriching, in contrast to the allistics OF ALL AGES around me who were supposedly progressives but abused me for being 鈥渨eird鈥 or saw me being abused for being 鈥渨eird鈥 as natural or justifiable and did nothing besides at most feeling sorry for me for not being capable of just being normal in order for the abuse to stop. I WAS quite literally told to stop being 鈥渨eird鈥 so that my peers and even some TEACHERS would stop abusing me.
Because, to them, the problem wasn鈥檛 that I was being abused, and the solution wasn鈥檛 for my abusers to stop. To them, the problem was that I was too 鈥渨eird鈥 to not be abused for it, and the solution was for me to stop being so 鈥渨eird鈥. And now, I鈥檓 traumatized irrevocably for life. My also autistic siblings went through the exact same thing and are just as traumatized.
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siryouarebeingmocked 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Time for yet another episode of 鈥渢heconcealedweapon makes a post about a strawman and is completely wrong鈥. I could鈥檝e responded on the actual post, but by the time I realized TCW wasn鈥檛 the block-happy type of SJW, I had already finished half this post.
Yes, conservatives totally went out of their way to assault and murder the kneelers, and the problem people have is really the act of kneeling, not the context and sentiment behind it.
And it鈥檚 not like any of the people kneeling are cishet white men, right?
Tumblr media
More accurately, they defend business鈥 right to discriminate against anyone, for any reason. They also claim the left only goes after white, Christian businesses for things like this, and sometimes the discriminated-against people go far, far out of their way to find people who discriminate against them.
Also, there are plenty of conservatives who straight up oppose spanking children.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why would those聽鈥減rivileged鈥 people be offended if it wasn鈥檛 personal? If they weren鈥檛 being held responsible for the actions of other privileged people, which, y鈥檏now, is called prejudice? How many of those聽鈥榤inorities鈥 aren鈥檛 talking about their own experiences, but trying to appropriate the problems of other people?聽
Asians are privileged by basically any metric you can name. You including them as oppressor or oppressed?聽
Oh, no, wait, you conflate聽鈥渕arginalized鈥 with聽鈥渕inority鈥.聽
Also, don鈥檛 social justice folks regularly say everyone should be careful with how they phrase things to avoid offending minorities? And isn鈥檛聽鈥渄on鈥檛 alienate the people you鈥檙e trying to convince鈥 literally one of the basics of persuasion, regardless of context? Yet folks like you seem to think only聽鈥渕arginalized people鈥 are told to abide by it.
Tumblr media
Theconcealedweapon, are you aware that two NYPD officers were murdered by a man angry over the deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown? A hispanic man and a Chinese-American man. How about the cops in Dallas? How about Korryn Gaines鈥 paranoia? You gonna hold BlackLivesMatter responsible for that?
Do you have any evidence of a link between rape jokes and harm to聽鈥渕arginalized people鈥? Do you realize the most acceptable rape jokes are against men, not women? How about mocking Garner鈥檚 last words? How does that lead to assault?
Also, you assume the right wants to >support free-speech as selectively as you do<. I have repeatedly seen conservatives (and many, many liberals) claim everyone should have the same right to free speech, no matter what their political beliefs are, including people who disagree with them.
Last time I checked, Nazis and white supremacists聽were聽marginalized people. Because basically everyone hates them, for obvious reasons. Most estimates say there鈥檚 less of the racist numbskulls than transgender people.
And as many people have pointed out time and time again, speech that鈥檚 popular and acceptable doesn鈥檛 need to be defended.
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