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ok i haven’t been following you for long but i just checked your selfie tag to see if you actually looked smelly like anon said and OMG you’re so beautiful i can’t imagine you not smelling like flowers 24/7 now im low key let down bc i expected someone greasy and grimy fhjshhdjs

LOLLL well thanks

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weather, loveseat ~

Weather - What do you love most?

That’s quite a hard question, because I love very easily and a lot. But I love art and history, books and my friends and I cannot imagine living without them. So I guess I love them very very much.

Loveseat- Describe your ideal house

Enough space so I can have a small “library” on my own, so I can have cats and a big plush bed/nest by the window. A functional kitchen in which I can bake bread and a garden with an apple tree and a swing, where I would lay in the grass and dream about the unknown.

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if   you   are   okay   with   me   hopping   in   your   inbox   for   memes   /   plotting   at   all   times,   would   enjoy   some   random   starters   &   snippets   on   occasions   &   are   generally   interested   in   interacting   with   me,   this   is   the   post    for   you   !

hit   that   heart   !

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i love you b i t c h i aint never stop lovin you b i t c h

Omg omg I love you too u big DUMMY

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⭐: I am a nonbinary person who has a crush on you ✌: You’re awesome ♡: I love your blog❁: You’re beautiful 🌸: You’re attractive ♧: I wish we were friends in real life ☾: We should kiss maybe if you wanna that’d be great ✖: I would give you the greatest hug ⚓️: I wish you’d take better care of yourself ™: You’re a cinnamon roll ❄️: I cherish you ♪: You’re very talented

Oh my god! I have no idea what to say. I’m blushing so badly right now and I - I have no words! Holy fuck. Thank you! Oh god, am I allowed to thank you? You made me so happy! With every single one.

You can always write me if you want :p I won’t bite. (unless you want me to ;) :D) oh god, sorry. I Have no idea what to do!!

This made my whole month! <3

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@viirumdei [ Alucard ]

The sun had set a good hour before, and the musician had hardly managed to depart the busy London streets when she felt the tell tale signs of rain.  Low fog hugged the ground ahead with the rise of moisture growing wildly in the air.  If she didn’t make it back quickly, she was sure to find herself caught in a downpour.

She was alone with a hiking pack and violin case on her person.  Steps quicken against cobblestone in shoes that were in some need of repair.  Her clothes were generalized for warmer weather with a hooded top, a t-shirt beneath, jeans, and cheap sneakers.

A few homeless hung about in crevices and doorways to hide away from the rain.  A few knew her face, and offered a polite nod, or a small wave but otherwise seemed content to remain bundled up for the coming night.

Stormy returned the light gestures kindly, only to quicken her steps again.  She was in a bit of a hurry as she turned the corner and froze.  A few men around her age paused as they looked at her, one quickly flashing a hand sign towards her with a snort of laughter.  The young ginger stepped back, and took off another direction, weaving between buildings and around roadways to try to get herself back on track and avoid any confrontation.

Unfortunately, it put her in a predicament.  She didn’t recognize anything, and her phone battery chimed as the device turned off.  Now she was entirely alone, lost, and hadn’t the faintest clue how to find her way before the rain might unleash upon her.

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Thanks for the tag @davidjgilmours 


I don’t really have one, though sometimes I get called Paolis but not by many people or often



Astrological sign



162 cm


It’s a mess tbh.  I usually consider myself aroaspec/demi because I almost never feel romantic or sexual interest in people, particularly not guys but I can also find any gender aesthetically attractive and pretty so I could be a bit pan as well.  

Hogwarts house/patronus

Slytherin, mole!

Favorite animals

Horses, dogs (especially Rhodesian Ridgebacks), frogs, dolphins. Bonus: dragons

Where I’m from


Dream trip

Currently I am yearning to see Manchester, where most of my favorite bands come from even if there may not be much to see, but hey Peter Hook is having a concert there next year to play old Joy Division songs.  

When I created this account

I started this one in early 2016 or late 2015, not quite sure which.

Why I created this account

This is my main blog and I started it because one of my close friends had one and told me it was really fun


Just 207 on this blog. I have no organized theme on this one and just mass reblog whatever tickles my fancy which explains it and which is why I have since created sideblogs like my music one.

I don’t know who to tag so if anyone wants to use this then feel free and say I tagged you

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hi!!! 2, 7, 23

2. what are your favourite colours and why?

green, black and white. i don’t know explain why i like them but seeing the colors make me feel comfortable. i absolutely adore green. trees, plants, leafy, i don’t know. makes me feel good.

7. what kind of weather do you like?

rain when i can stay at home and partly cloudy when i have to go outside. i love rain but taking a bus, walking around and doing stuff with a umbrella is so messy.

23. what is your favourite flower?

white lily.


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Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful! 💐✨ (You don't actually have send the message, I'm just trying to spread positivity :'^) ) Hope you'll have/ you're having a good day!

wow I love you,, thank you so much

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❦ ♪✓❤️✨☺️🌸💐🌻💌💝👌🎨🎊🌵 <3

❦ - we’re mutuals and i consider you a friend

♪- i love your fanart/fanfic

✓- i followed because i thought you were cool

❤️- i think you’re cute

✨- i think you’re attractive

☺️- i think of you as a friend

🌸- i think of you outside tumblr

💐- i wish we could meet in real life

🌻- i wish we could hug

💌- i wish you lived closer

💝- i send in asks and enjoy when you answer them

👌- i like your personality

🎨- i like how you express yourself

🎊- you’re adorable

🌵- i wish we could hold hands

lol……. imagien being This embarrassing……………….

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Babam ne zaman kolye taktığımı görse önce sahte mi bu diye sorup sonra tahriş etmiyor mu diyor her seferinde cevabım aynı oluyor ama ısrarla sormaya devam ediyor….

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