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lucielovekj · 2 months ago
Ppl will be like “end the stigma around mental illness uwu” but still judge you if you’re unemployed or single or not completely self-sufficient or healthy or perfectly groomed or still live with parents and don’t see the hypocrisy in that whatsoever
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transjon · 3 months ago
lying to people in positions of power (landlords, rental agencies, employers) to get what u want (a flat, a job, whatever) is cool and u should do it more often.
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keanurry · a month ago
Just for the record Zodiac Killer hasn't been officially identified as Gary Poste! A highly questionable group of retired investigators calling themselves "the Case Breakers" claims that they've solved the case but it seems they don't have actual strong evidence, no one actually working on Zodiac case has announced anything, and almost no reputable source is reporting this. Currently it seems like a bunch of bullshit
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plangentia · 4 months ago
one of my favourite things about tumblr is how it's all lovingly handpicked. there's no algorithm forcing things onto your feed, but instead long chains of mutuals and followers passing posts around simply because they liked it and ooh, maybe you might like it too. the entire website runs on people's sheer love of other people's posts and it's probably the best thing about this website. at least it's definitely the reason that this place feels more like a community than any other social media.
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slow-rains · a month ago
honestly it’s almost like our generation is set up to be lonelier & more anxious & more insane like imagine already being 20/30-something, the period of your life where you’re expected to be “at your prime”, in the middle of a climate crisis and a pandemic, under late-stage capitalism’s celebrity culture that conditions you to be as likeable & “marketable” as possible, where it seems like every lived experience should be watchable/profitable. & you look at the future you’re supposed to be working hard for & all you see is climate catastrophe meanwhile you scroll down a little & see a skin care ad that’s like “fight aging”. i haven’t said anything here that hasn’t already been said by someone else, but imagine being 20/30-something & normal
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kakashitting · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
sasuke in the higher up hokage meetings after naruto pardoned him even though everyone in the village hates his ass making eye contact with shikamaru glaring holes in him across the room
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billiewena · 3 months ago
castiel supernatural is canonically in romantic homosexual love with dean winchester
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sunfortune · 8 months ago
the whole concept of tiktok being the new tumblr for kids makes me insane bc imagine the stupidest shit you’ve said on here as a kid but instead of a text post no one cares about it’s a video of you physically saying that shit out loud on the internet forever. i would just have to die
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violetsandshrikes · 4 months ago
entomologists are the most fucking wild people ive ever met
i pointed out a cool wasp to one and she just picked it up with her bare hands and started showing me different features she was using to identify the species
on a walk with another one he just paused, turned, violently shoved his hand into some rotting wood and offered me a tunnel web spider like oh okay i guess-
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steveyockey · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
halyna hutchins’s death was 100% preventable and is absolutely part of the same labor issues iatse has been fighting to rectify and making it about anything else or anyone else is disrespectful
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howelljenkins · 5 months ago
i have a lot to say about the culture surrounding coming out and how much i hate it but it basically all boils down to how coming out is framed as necessary and something you just do as soon as it’s “safe” when you’re really not obligated to come out at all. like you literally don’t have to. even if it is relatively safe you do not have to put yourself through a potentially traumatic experience because you think it’s part of the lgbt experience or a rite of passage or whatever. you don’t have to. that is an option.
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notbecauseofvictories · a month ago
we’re reading Dracula for one of my book clubs, and I completely forgot that the book starts out as quite an enjoyable travelogue---having just passed the bar exam, Jonathan Harker is essentially on his first real business trip, and keeps making little notes to ask for recipes, or that he’ll share such-and-such about the landscape with Mina.
I also forgot that Jonathan Harker has a Kodak camera (he used it to take pictures of the London estate for Dracula) which leads me to assume that the 21st century version of Jonathan Harker’s journal is actually a series of instagram posts that start getting really, really weird.
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blackgwenstacy · 8 months ago
i like thinking about things critically but i also like not giving a fuck too so you can imagine the kind of stress i am under
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