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demonboyhalo · 23 hours ago
Wilbur: I actually, I actually...I have a confession. Yknow on the sheet where you need to put down who you'd play with? I have never not put down Technoblade
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omegapausestuck · 19 hours ago
Did y’all see the whole ass video game that google dot com just dropped on their homepage? for free?!
It has beautifully animated sakuga cutscenes and the main character is a cat that wants to be a sports champion.      THE HIGH SCORES ARE COMPETING WORLD-WIDE BETWEEN FOUR DIFFERENT COLOR TEAMS, if you don’t play this game you’re missing out
(watch the video, you cowards)
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greglephant · 21 hours ago
I swear people need to block more on this website like you curate your experience here, I've blocked a person because they said my favorite character was boring, I blocked someone cause I was in a mood and they said they hate all shades of green, like my point is just fucking do it.
You don't need a reason, you don't owe your energy to anyone if you don't like their vibe then block them and people can die mad about it 🤷‍♂️
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bellamyblakru · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MERWAINEFEST || day seven - free day
some e.e. cummings for one of my wonderful best friends @typicalsynopsis. i hope you feel better—this is for you. thank you for being the arwen to my aragorn xx
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worstloki · 18 hours ago
I just realized that the entirety of the Loki show could have happened without Loki. All the main plot points in the show were progressed by Sylvie. In fact they could have happened faster if Loki hadn't been there. I wish there was a show about Loki, I really do.
Tumblr media
Not only was the plot of the show driven by/revolve around Sylvie but yeah basically she would've been done in 3 episodes max
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icarus-fell-in-spring · 2 hours ago
stop spamming ao3 with this creatively bankrupt garbage. get out of this fandom and take this with your poorly characterised, tepid hetero bullshit with you.
righty ho then - i was going to reply and tell you where i think you've gone wrong with this ask but since you're hiding behind anon and not being very constructive, it doesn't seem worth the effort for me to be constructive back
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spoopy-cactus · 9 hours ago
This has the same energy as Amity from episode 2
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pindl3 · 2 hours ago
The brink of an AU
An AU I'm doing, you might've seen a bit of it, so here's a sneak peek!
Tommy's house is messy.
It is, that's just a fact. There's clothes everywhere, his bedsheets are halfway across the room, and he swears that in the mess he lost a goldfish.
But it's home. It's a mismatch of gifts and memories, thrown about in a way that spoke of their use.
His bed frame and mattress was actually a gift from a teacher at school, Mr Nook, who even helped set it up in his room. His blankets and pillows had been given to him by the nice shop owner down the street, Niki. They had little white crescents patterned around, with a sky blue backdrop.
Tubbo had given him a stuffed cow, which he called Henry. Tubbo always liked giving plushies as gifts. Ranboo liked getting him fidget toys, like rubix cubes and rings that spun.
Puffy, who had visited Niki's shop many times, had gotten him a mini fridge for his room. He already had a fridge, but puffy wanted to get him one to specifically hold his stash of candy bars and sodas. It didn't make sense to him at the time but he learned to love the convenience.
It kind of stung sometimes, that most of those people had yet to give him a hug. They wanted to- it was so obvious that they wanted to. Their ghosts would reach out, wrap him up and never want to let go. He watched hands twitch, yearning to hold his hand as they walked down streets. Time and time again, they stopped themselves. Every. Single. Time. And every time it hurt a little more.
Tubbo never hugged him because he denied himself human touch. Tubbo was always like that, saying he didn't want hugs, but it was his ghost that reached out the most.
Ranboo didn't hug him because he didn't want to overwhelm Tommy. Like he was worried it would scare Tommy. Like a frightened rabbit.
Everyone wanted to hug Tommy. They all want to protect him, and keep him safe, and give him gifts and wrap him up and never let go.
None of them went through with it.
And it hurt.
Tommy doesn't like his power.
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vitosscaletta · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Now let’s talk about mummies. Can we talk about mummies, please? I’ve been dying to talk about mummies with you all day, OK? “
template [x] by me and @jennystahl, first image by Farzad Sarfarazi
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polarcell · 2 hours ago
me wanting to set old guard canon tl fics in finland VS the guard canonically having been someone else every time something major happened here - FIGHT
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heliianth · 48 minutes ago
i havent even watched the new lore stream and i already know theres gonna be so much untagged c!wilbur slander in the main tag lmaoooooo
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dailygway · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A screenshot of a recent interview with Gerard. He is in a music studio. They have long brown hair and a brown and grey beard and mustache. They are wearing a green collared shirt and a black cardigan over it. /end ID]
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