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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Oh god, I don’t know. :p Sorry, that’s not helpful! Really though, I kind of just obnoxiously make myself chuckle and it sometimes seems to land. And like anything, the more I write, the more often it does, and the more confident I am that it will in the future.

I don’t think of myself as a funny writer first and foremost (I’m a romance writer above all), but I do think I’ve learned that less is more. Overwriting humorous moments usually has the opposite effect, so paring them down or actively underexplaining tends to make the moments snappier.

But honestly… I don’t really have a method other than to study actually funny humans—and for fic, the funny moments on the show—and try to find the framework that makes it click. I’ve also always been a comedy person; I obsessively watched SNL as a kid and I desperately miss live comedy shows in the age of quarantine. So when I’m writing I have to make my own fun/make myself laugh or I go nuts.

ETA: I’d also say that when it’s dialogue, humor is usually best in character-driven moments rather than funny for funny’s sake. For instance, what makes Q funny (wry smart sarcasm, sometimes taking himself too seriously) is pretty different than what makes Margo funny (very performative clever crassness.) So the better you know your characters/your version of the characters, I think the more likely you’ll find natural moments of humor, since nearly everyone has some form of a sense of humor and/or can be accidentally funny. But in those cases, it needs to match up with the *other* characters’ sense of humor. For another instance, Penny tends to find Quentin accidentally funny for very different reasons than Eliot does. Etc., etc., etc.

Wish I could say more on it! It’s actually the one part of my writing that I *don’t* overanalyze to death (yes, this is me not overanalyzing.) But thank you for asking! 💗💗

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Ha! I usually get other fandom folks assuming I’m ~18-20, so this is a surprise. :) But nope, my kid is a preschooler. She’s obsessed with The Lion King and she is convinced that Scar and Pumbaa are husbands. She’ll have a tough life as a rarepairer, but we’ll get through it together as a family.

Anyway, your thirties are a weird time when you’re An Adult to half the population and Still a Baby to the other. Though my 20s felt that way too. Maybe it never goes away!

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Alright! So!

I’ve cut out a huge chunk of mutuals and if anyone stumbles across my blog later confused for it and you genuinely did want to interact, you’re absolutely welcome to follow again. This isn’t a ‘you’re not welcome here’, just a cleaning of my dash so I knew who all I am working with.

That said, I may or may not be dropping a handful of threads and starting mostly fresh but I’ll post a notice for that later if I do. Because I’ll have to feel them out, since I know there’s plenty I do want to keep.

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hey that’s amazing im gonna go look through that tag right now!! and omg you do not need to thank me for reblogging it’s an awesome post and thank you for posting it!!!!

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