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three-fold-symmetry2 days ago
your vox art is the best thing that has happened to me this week
I'm glad I could be of service! 馃А They're beginning to grow on me a bit. I like the idea of them traipsing around Cosuscant investigating crimes, mysteries - and maybe even a conspiracy at the very heart of the senate.
And because I love clich茅es, here's them doing the good old hiding in a tight space to avoid being detected by the person they're shadowing bit.
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artist-rat2 days ago
Tumblr media
ok but happy dragon age day as well! remember to honor dragons!
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chocoenvya day ago
For the child God AU.
What if god reader suddenly remembered that they had a test in their school where they had to memorize the 2s multiplication table and recite it in front of class. So what child reader does is go to Lisa and asks her to help them memorize. And Eula is standing on the side, giving thumbs up cause reader needs their mom for moral support.
I am sobbing this is so cute.
Child!Reader thinks they're still gonna have to take the test that's so adorable-
I think it'd make a bit more sense for it to be sight words and stuff so reader goes up to Lisa all, "Teach me everything you know witch lady"
"It's Miss witch lady to you sweetie. But you want to know everything?"
You nodded gravely, "All your words! I need to know them all!"
Lisa sends a confused but amused glance to Eula. Eula merely said, "They have a test coming up and they need to memorize their words."
Cue a very long session of Lisa teaching you much more difficult words than were on your sight reading test. Somehow, it devolves into Lisa teaching you spells and how to create a shield. She was sure Jean and other protective acolytes of yours would have her head for teaching you fighting techniques but they couldn't complain about her teaching you to defend yourself.
You went from learning basic words, to hard words, to spells, then to creating geo constructs. Not even just geo just contsructs. You could create anything if you willed it.
You even created a flower and put it in Eula and Lisa's hair.
You somehow also managed to create the Lawrance clan's symbol into jewlery for you to hang around your neck. You grinned excitedly, Lisa nervously congratulating you, as you bounded over to Eula.
"Mom! Mom! Look!" You held it up to her, "Look what I made!"
Eula's breath was stolen and fear flashed in her eyes, "Your grace... I don't think you want to wear that symbol..." She said gently, memories flashing in her eyes of what has been done and said to her for wearing that symbol.
You frowned, your wide eyes swimming with dissapointment, "But you wear it all the time, and I wanna match."
Eula's heart warmed at the thought but then froze back up as she imagined the reactions of her family.
They'd be gloating and showing you off like a damn trophy. But they didn't earn your love she did, and yet they'd still try to show you off to everybody. As if they were worthy of your love, as if they had it when in reality you only cared about her-
Eula snapped herself out of her spiraling thoughts and gently held your hands, a soft smile adorned her usually cold face, "How about we match in something else? It's an amazing piece of jewlery and I shall love it always but I think it'd be better if we matched..." Eula trailed off before her eyes lit up, "Can you create a cryo vision?"
And that was how you, with the help of Lisa and Eula, created a cryo vision. It was just a decoy, like the one Venti had, but you could still wield the element of cryo. The vision did help to get you in the right mindset to wield cryo though. Which was how it become your favorite element, and how you learned to wield it.
Eula then started teaching you how to use your cryo powers, the other acolytes felt jealousy burning brightly in there but most of them were content just to see you smile.
Though, Kaeya will try and join in your training. To which you'd giggle and shout "Cool it!" and "Freeze!" To copy him, to which he was very estatic about.
Childe and Venti would try and teach you their respective elements. Venti made you an anemo vision which you held onto tightly, using it to clip back your hair. Though you mainly focused on your cryo vision, which was attatched to your hip, all you needed to do was switch up your visions and the placebo helped you to control the elements. So, if you wanted, you could switch the anemo vision to be the one on your hip and use the cryo on to hold up your hair.
(It got to the point where vision wielders were begging Venti to make visions for you to wear to which he'd charge them large sums of money for)
No matter what, though, your second "mastered" vision would be pyro. You couls use anemo, but your comfort level would be Cryo, Pyro, Anemo, and then everything else.
Because Eula and Amber hang out so often, and Eula started dragging you around with them. You and Amber grew fond of each other quickly, getting along well. You were fascinated by her marksmanship, that combined with Klee's bombs and you were enamoured with the idea of wielding pyro.
"Fire and ice," Eula mused, ruffling your hair with a warm smile, "Suits you well, little one."
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bunnyelven4 hours ago
my love language is making u playlists that represents everything i cant put into words
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three-fold-symmetrya day ago
Aloha! Your last artworks are some kind of wild delight (^*o*)^ How do you manage to draw clone bois so bright and characteristic? They are so similar and SOOO different! it blows my brain! And you're so good at catching the personality of other people not just clones - master Vos is very recognizable! (鈽烇緹銉緹)鈽 I'm just learning to draw and your art are the highest kind of inspiration for me! TYSM! \(^O^)/
Aaah, thank you, that's so kind, reading that made me so happy!! 馃А馃А馃А And I'm excited to hear that you're drawing, it's a great hobby to have in my completely unbiased opinion! As for drawing the clones, I'll try to answer your questions as well as I can under the cut.
And as a thank you for the lovely message, please have a silly little picture of Waxer being a proud cat dad in the cheesiest way possible.
Tumblr media
Making the clones look similar to another is mostly muscle memory I think. Draw them enough and you'll have the face shape and everything down automatically at some point.
Making them distinct from another has a lot to do with the obvious differences like hairstyles, scars etc. to be honest. But of course I couldn't simply take a drawing of, like, for example Hardcase and just slap Cody's features on it, that'd look off.
So the layer below that would be body language and range of facial expressions. If I think a character is more on the reserved side, like for example Cody and Boil, I tend to understate the facial expressions. So a smile instead of a grin, a scowl instead of a snarl, you get the idea. Some characters are more likely to smile than others, some tend to hold themselves a bit more relaxed, some have more expressive eyebrows than others, all that stuff. A lot of that is down to your personal interpretations of the characters of course, but a good way to get a feel for this is to just watch a few episodes of the series and pay special attention to these things.
I hope this helps a bit, and I'm looking forward to what you'll draw, should you decide to publish it!
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organic-aloe-veraa day ago
do you think about how in the beach scene after their little market venture, Pat tries to bring up the kiss once again feeling that Pran has opened up to him a bit more throughout the day and also because Prans friends arent around making him naturally a bit more relaxed but the moment Pran shuts him down, he doesnt bring it up and kind of settles down into the sand beside Pran, accepting his company in silence
Tumblr media
But in the next scene Pran is the one who for the first time since the kiss, initiates the conversation with an intimate question "Do you hate me?" . The question is heavy, shouldnt Pat be a little unsettled at Pran having asked him that? But no, instead we see Pat smiling when Pran asks him this because to him, this means that Pran still wants to talk with him. They can talk. They're talking right now- just not about the kiss. And the realisation that hes finally going to have a conversation with Pran makes him light up
Tumblr media
After this, Pat feels (finally) permitted to talk and he does. He gives a very lengthy answer to a simple yes/no question. Hes happy. And undeniably, so is Pran. Because no matter how hard Pran tries to keep Pat out for the sake of their own safety, he cant stop himself from feeling safe, feeling delighted in Pats company.. no matter how dangerous it is. No matter how risky. No matter how inevitable in his eyes is the impending heartbreak. He loves being around Pat.
This is why in the first half of the episode, Pran was so desperately trying to avoid sitting down with Pat and urging him to leave him alone: he knew that once they start talking, the conversation is going to flow so naturally between them that hes not going to be able to distance himself from Pat anymore..
Their communication is fantastic, honestly. Pran is quiet and after asking this question, he doesnt talk more.. he just looks at Pat. He looks and looks and looks... And Pat knows that its not a look of hostility. Its the most Pran can give him while trying to balance how precious is this moment of freedom and how ever-present are his own fears about his parents finding out about them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So Pat takes his looks, returns them, while doing all the talking. In the rest of the scene, its Pat who continuously asks questions, relevant and irrelevant. Who keeps talking. Because he finally can. After days and days of trying to break Prans silence, he finally has the permission to talk to Pran and hes oh so afraid of being shut out again that he keeps talking, keeps Pran engaged. Hes trying to fill the gap of all those days without words exchanged with this boy he adores... so he keeps talking and talking and talking. Pran answers with his eyes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They understand each other like nobody else. And thats why they cant let go of each other. Thats why they cant Not feel safe with each other... despite it all... this scene was so perfect. It depicted their communication styles and the fact that they both are trying for each other but in their very own, unique ways. And that their efforts are mutually valued and acknowledged <3
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moldymacrodose2 days ago
COGS AND PIECES - CH 6/12 || Jinx x fem!reader / OC
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a/n: Did someone say 鈥榦ne bed鈥? Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Chapter 6 - Goodnight
From that day forward, Jinx would rarely disappear like she used to and she would always leave the workshop with Cogs once her shift was over. She'd follow her to drop off the devices that she had fixed that day and then drag her to the bar afterwards. Cogs was... tired. She was running on fuel fumes thanks to how little sleep she got in the past week.
"Could you walk me home instead?" asked Cogs carefully.
Jinx stopped dead in her tracks. She was already leading them in the direction of the bar.
"Why?", she asked. She folded her arms on her chest. She seemed a bit on edge at the request. 'You don't want to spend time with me?' seemed to be the question at the tip of the girl's tongue.
"I think I need more sleep than you. You kind of always make us stay until closing time. We can just hang out at my place tonight?"
The caution melted away once Jinx realised that she wasn't being rejected. She stepped up to Cogs and twirled around her. When she was behind her back, she said "So, our relationship is finally at this stage?". 聽She wiggled her eyebrows and smirked.
"Get your mind out of the gutter", Cogs quickly scoffed and hurried in the direction of her home. Her mind was working at full speed painting the images that Jinx sparked to life with her comment. Cogs didn't want her to see how flushed she was.
This pretty much cemented her belief that what she was feeling towards Jinx weren't just friendly feelings. 'That's where things get dangerous', she thought. She was trying her damnest to not show any of them, but the constant teasing didn't make this an easy task. She respected Jinx. She saw the genius behind her inventions long before they were introduced to each other. If Cogs were to be honest, she had probably already been infatuated with Jinx months ago.
She has always thought about how her fingers were touching the same screws and bolts and scraps of metal that Jinx has worked on. She wanted to ask her how she came up with such brilliant solutions with nothing but their crude tools and equipment at her disposal. She imagined what it would be like to watch her tinker with a new invention.
Those dreams eventually came true and her admiration started to blossom into something more intense. Something she couldn't describe and had to fight to contain, because whenever their gazes met or Jinx simply brushed against her, she felt like it would spill over. 'Is this what love feels like?', Cogs wondered as they traversed the streets leading to her apartment. 'Can you even speak of love so soon after meeting someone?'. She wasn't sure, but Jinx made her feel in a way that she hasn't felt before.
"Why are the cogs turning?"
Cogs snapped out of her thoughts. She gave Jinx a questioning look.
"I wanna know whatcha thinkin' about, toots", she snickered.
'You' was the word that almost slipped out of her lips. She couldn't say that. Not now, not ever. She'd be a dead woman walking.
"I can't remember, if my apartment was a mess or not when I left in the morning."
"You call it a mess and I prefer to use 'artistic disarray'."
"Yeah, sure, it's just a fancy way of saying that you don't like cleaning", 聽joked Cogs. They made it to the run down building she lived in and started climbing the uneven stairs right to the top. Jinx excitedly pushed herself in front of Cogs on the staircase. The mechanic couldn't really complain and for the first time in her life, she was glad for the endless flights of stairs.
Jinx turned around at her and pouted. "You have to trust the..."
Stairs are trecherous beings. You never know when they might pounce you, or make you pounce at someone else. Jinx slipped and came tumbling at Cogs. The girl grabbed the railway with one arm and tried to catch her friend with the other. For a few seconds they stood there in an awkward embrace with their faces centimeters apart from each other.
"Oooh, you work out", said Jinx and steadied herself on the stairs again.
Cogs sighed a sigh of relief as soon as they started climbing again. Her heart pounded, but not from walking up the stairs.
Cogs' aparment was comparable to a broom closet, but it was hers and it had its own tiny bathroom, a real luxury in the Undercity. Although, warm water was a rare occurence and most of the times it was also pretty murky.
Cogs was glad to see the apartment in a semi presentable state. Sure, there were some dirty clothes laying around that she immediatly threw herself at and pushed into her closet and maybe a few dirty plates she had to pick up and dump in her small kitchen area.
Jinx was all over the place. She touched and looked at pretty much everything there was to see around here, since there wasn't much furniture there in the first place. Cogs has just finished making sure the dish pile wouldn't topple over and walked over to her friend. She was standing over her bed, or rather, her mattress in one of the corners.
"That's depressing", she commented.
"At least I never fall asleep at my workbench."
"Well, um, make yourself at home. I'll change out of this", said Cogs.
Cogs quickly locked herself in the bathroom and washed herself up. She hung her apron on a hook at the door and changed into a fresh-ish linen shirt and a pair of pants. Her old clothes were kicked into a corner. She stepped out of the bathroom and saw that Jinx did as she was told and sat down on the mattress with her knees curled up to her chest and her long braids sprawled all over. She was gently caressing the pillow and covers. Cogs felt her heart swell up at the sight.
Jinx raised her head at her and looked her up and down. "Hi"
Cogs crawled onto the mattress next to Jinx. "Hi", she said with a yawn.
They talked for a few minutes about their usual topics. Cogs complained about how people have no respect for their mechanical devices. Jinx pondered about the difference between a slug and a snail and why the names were so different. Cogs couldn't really contribute much to her diatribe. She leaned back and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again a few seconds later, Jinx was staring intently at her.
"What's up?", she asked half asleep, her eyelids already falling again.
"Can I stay here?"
"I mean, sure, but there's only this to sleep on."
Cogs felt Jinx's hands on her and she was suddenly being laid down on her pillow. 'When did I get so tired?', she thought fleetingly before feeling something warm against her chest and finally sailing away to the land of dreams.
Jinx was already gone by the time Cogs woke up in the early morning and she took a good few minutes to think about whether she imagined the whole thing. Jinx's smell lingering on her pillow convinced her that she did indeed lay there. She buried her face in it and inhaled deeply.
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mandy-sims13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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thornedraven13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Kagome sneaking under the covers so as not to聽disturb Inuyasha-
*cough* @lavendertwilight89 *cough* I do have to give you credit for prompting me for this sketch 鈾ワ笍 I finally got it done!. (this original post here for the full culprit)
@inuyasharedraw does this count as a redraw? Or more of a reimagining? 馃槄
Tag Train聽below the cut!
@fawn-eyed-girl @ruddcatha @neutronstarchild @superpixie42 @dawnrider @hopidoodle @itzatakahashi @lavendertwilight89 @lemonlushff @eringobroke @loveyou-x3000 @dreaming-of-soup @anisaanisa @kalcia @kazeinori @liz8080 @arcprz @eriimoonsstuff @akikazetohoru-12 @enchantedink-ag @saraayoungart @bluejay785 @themusicalshoo @malditamigs @blakckat3
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berecovered23 hours ago
time passes so quickly, please try to enjoy where you are right now. if you鈥檙e waiting to hear back about a decision, enjoy the time of not knowing. if it鈥檚 winter with you, find joy in the cold days and seasonal drinks. if you鈥檙e developing feelings for someone, enjoy learning more about them and the little things that draw you in. find the good in this moment! it鈥檚 all we have!!
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