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thunderbottle · 23 days ago
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happy one year boys. it's been a good one.
(reblog pls&thx!!!)
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thunderbottle · 8 days ago
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tubbo come get your ranboo he's out there standing in the woods ominously again this is the third time this week-
(reblog pls&thx!!!)
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marcoasensioh · 17 days ago
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Tumblr media
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Messi leads the celebrations with his teammates after achieving the Copa America 2021.
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ninja-knox-ur-sox-off · 15 days ago
How are you able to write several thousand word chapters? Please, tell me your secrets. I require the power for my writing /genuine
ASLKDMFAOWE Buckle up everyone, it's time for never before seen back-stage content looking into the writing habits of KNOX *cracks knuckles*
1. Read a lot of books
Seriously, you'd be surprised at just how much reading alone can help you with writing. For me, it's like I inhale words, my brain absorbs them, and then I can type out a remix of those words to create something of my own. Any time I'd lose steam when writing I'll just pause to go read a specific writers work (inhaling the words) and then go right back to writing. It's kinda like a recharge for me. When I run out of words, I just gotta read to pick up new ones
2. Avoid interruptions
Getting interrupted is a huge problem when writing. With the specific fic you're probably thinking of, I had a lot of free time that week, which I spent most of writing that. I went outside, sat on the driveway and just... wrote (and read) for hours, uninterrupted because I removed myself from where people could interrupt me
Interruptions also include notifications from phone, (turn those off,) people coming up and talking to you, and bright colourful shiny things on the ground
3. Make sure you got food and water
Have a water bottle near you, eat something before you start. If you feel yourself slowing down or your brain getting fuzzy at all, or the words won't come up right, go eat something, a real meal, pause, inhale an apple. Get your brain off of survival mode so it can create better
Every hour or so just get up and move locations if you can. Or pause to just run from one area of the house and back. Movement makes your body have energy. Make sure you can breathe so your brain gets oxygen. Do a little dance wiggle, wave your hands, spin around, very calmly walk from room to room backwards if you feel like it, (watch out for tripping hazards,) just get moving for a bit
5. Start with a success
Do a little something, a project, make your bed, wash some dishes, do something that is a small success before writing so it gets your brain in a good mood, and makes you feel like you can accomplish things. Seriously, this helps HUGE
6. Write about something you like
Writing about an idea or character that fascinates your, or gets your brain working is a great way to get the words flowing honestly. That ones pretty obvious
7. Let the words Mcfreaking FLOW
Got a scene that's coming out as a jumble of nonsense? That's cool, just keep going. Got a part that doesn't make any sense? Whatever, keep moving. Keep that momentum, don't stop. FEEL FREE TO DART AROUND. Have an idea for the next scene suddenly? Make a couple paragraph breaks so you have some space between it and the current scene, viciously type that scene down
I can't tell you how many times I'll dart forward, then immmedeatly go back to the previous scene and keep writing like I'd never stopped. It's keeps the creative flow going and allows your brain to make connections and continue in success. Best way to tie scenes together when you're stuck is to just move onto the next one
8. Let your brain do what it wants
90% of what I write I basically just come up with on the fly. I have a general idea of what I want, and then I just start writing. Sometimes I'll outline, sometimes I don't, sometimes I just have a note that says "This person gets hugs" and all the between stuff just happens
Watch what your brain creates and write it down. I'm essentially a scribe for the scenes I watch take place in my head at this point honestly. I don't really ask myself "what would happen next" usually cause I'm just watching it happen rather than coming up with the stuff
Just write the dumbest craziest stuff. Get wild, get whacky, don't be afraid to
9. Give that sweet sweet inner monologue
If you want your stuff to be more wordy/have a higher word count, don't be afraid to show what the character is thinking! Have their thoughts racing, have them seeing a small candy wrapper on the ground, and being distracted by it for a moment as they think about the last couple of minutes or a conversation they had. Describe their thoughts and their expressions to get a feel for what they're feeling, give them things to interact with outside their own thoughts, describe the area around them as they notice it, change the weather so you have more things to describe
You could say
They were excited to go outside.
or you could say
A day outside! Finally! After two weeks indoors confined to bed, the cast was finally off and they couldn't wait to get back to climbing trees and racing through the forest and splashing through the river. They missed the cool water and the sunshine.
Being indoors wasn't all that bad, it hadn't been too incredibly dull with their friends there to help them, but nothing could really compare to the breeze on their skin and the grass on their feet.
They could barely stand still, practically dancing in place, hopping from one newly healed foot to the other, hands flapping and a smile on their face that they didn't even bother biting back, even as it stretched wider and wider into a grin.
The little bubble of excitement built in their chest until their heart was racing and they just wanted to jump up and down and take off outside--
And suddenly bOOM. TONS MORE WORDS!
10. Switch up locations
Your brain likes new things! Find a spot that is new, change things up a bit. Go outside and write, sit on the couch sideways, sit on the floor, write standing up, sit in a tree, lay down on the concrete driveway, (out of the way of cars,) sit on the stairs! Sometimes a change in scenery is all you need to get your brain working
I'll sometimes go through several locations per paragraph every time my brain stalls I'll move positions and then suddenly I can write again. Sometimes your body and brain just get restless! Especially if it's used to darting between writing, social media, texts, and back again
Sometimes it's also good to have a designated spot to do writing however, but if you have one of those, make sure when you're in that location all you do is write. That way, whenever you sit back down there, your brain will be hardwired and ready to write instantly. That only works if writing is the only thing you do while sitting there usually lol
11. Music/no music
Sometimes music is great, sometimes it's not. Don't be afraid to turn off your music to let your brain go, or turn on some hype music to get you excited. Sometimes I'll do study music, or I'll pull up a dubstep workout mix, and sometimes it'll be silence. Don't be afraid to mix it up, what works for you one day might not work another and that's okay!
Just take care of yourself! Remember to refuel both mentally and physically, take breaks and give yourself little rewards. Roll up them sleeves, find a place, get some snacks or candy to munch on to help you focus, and tappity type away, my dude!
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bastardbvby · 8 days ago
quackity: yeah what are you gonna do badboyhalo if i curse?
badboyhalo: what if i hit your kneecaps with a shovel hmm? what do you think about that
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witherbloom · 26 days ago
Cast member Danielle Radford (who plays teenage Twitch streamer Sam Black) called her experience filming Misfits and Magic the “best two days of [her] tabletop career,” directly crediting Iyengar and Orion for cultivating a beautiful space where she was able to be fully creatively present—and offer humanity in the face of fantasy’s dehumanizing tropes.
“Being at a table where, you know, it’s me and Erika and Lou and Aabria, the majority of us are people of color—and that for me is so important,” Radford said in an interview with the Daily Dot. “And for me specifically, when I go into playing games and I go into playing tabletop, my characters will always be Black—they will ALWAYS be Black—and they will always be fat, fucking period, because there isn’t enough of that representation. Like if you see fat, it’s like a goblin or it’s like a dwarf or it’s like, you know, not human … I want other dark skinned fat girls to feel like they are not just allowed at the table, but to feel like they can contribute something, to feel like their contribution is welcome and needed because it is.”
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ravelte · 18 days ago
have u ever drawn parental roy with ed+al ?? i love ur art so much btw, ur insanely talented and i feel blessed whenever u share ur art with us :D
no, i’ve actually never included al in my parental roy drawings :0 but!! i decided to doodle one sketch where he’s included :)
Tumblr media
also thank you so much!!! you’re so sweet <333
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