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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Having friends who are musicians is great because whenever you get on a call with them and they’re in a creating mood you get your own personal mini show 

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Hello my dear anon! Don’t you worry, I have just the idea that will make it all come together – I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve for this particular oneshot that I hope everyone will enjoy ;^) 

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I prefer the term swiftienatural but YEAH. I still have flashbacks of the evening where swifties on tumblr were freaking out because everyone thought Jack Antonoff has a secret blog and at the same time destiel tumblr had a breakdown because we thought Misha Collins must have a secret tumblr account. Unparalleled experience if you ask me. I had two breakdowns at the same time


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artwork challenge 🏺

Pick a piece of visual artwork (sculpture, painting, illustration) and re-create it in one of the sims games! It doesn’t have to be spot on, so no need to agonize over accuracy (unless you want to). Tag a bunch of simmers afterwards so everyone can have fun.

I wasn’t tagged but I saw some of you doing this and I thought it was so cool!

I’m not super into art, but I remember having a book when I was a kid about Monet, and his art just give me hella nostalgic vibes <3 This one is an oil in canvas called Wooded Path.

I’ll tag @tpwksims @simgerale @ladykendalsims @dandelion-healing @mandy-sims @moonaive no pressure at all! And anyone who wants to <3

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      you  are  a  smart  young  lady,  I'm  sure  your  parents  are  full  of  pride.      

s .c      ,      @sereaia.

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hey little cutie! i do play video games but not as much as i would like to anymore

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HI i just got back to my room like a minute ago!! love u hope ur doing well today ❣️💐🕊

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Special thanks to my little brother @b1uejey you have given me new strength and new motivation. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop thanking you

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Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Michael Carmen Pitt at Cannes 2018. Photos by Virgile Guinard.

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WIFE!! i love you so much shan and i’m so lucky to have you :) <3 you deserve the entire world and universe and i won’t rest until you have it :) love youuuuu

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you’re so welcome anon!! 😭❤️it makes me so happy that you enjoy my work. I hope I’ll be able to write even more that you enjoy! 🥰

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@staff always says “Well done.” when you save a draft, are are we about to rn? >:) ✨🌸

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oh my god! i genuinely didn’t think this could ever happen! i love and appreciate you all so much <333 {psa @zivaisms is my main blog and i follow with that one}


💋 - an icon (any fandom)

☁️ - random pic from my camera roll

🐙 - random fact abt me

🌻 - send a character and i’ll give u a random head canon

🧍🏻‍♀️ - a taylor swift song (sorry i had to)

🦋 - something random from my notes app

🚽 - unpopular opinion

🤷🏼‍♀️ - movie rec


🧸 - something i associate you with

💌 - handwritten note

‼️ - a cm cast pic that reminds me of you

😌 - ask whatever you want

💗 - a compliment

🌙 - childhood story (prob funny)

🔮 - something i love

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laura!!! thank u for being rly kind to me esp about the anon before 🥺 you’re edits are also really great and i wish u the absolute best !

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hey nedzi 💖💖 how’re u doing? i hope everythings great 🥰 i’m close to finishing ur request and i hope you’ll like it 👀 👀

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hey naara!! i’ve been wanting to say that i think ur edits are seriously so good?? they’re not only stunning colorings but animated too?? the talent 😩💖 thank u for sending this

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