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Anyone ever just get a chill or shiver down your spine or just get am urge for no reason and then just… *One Single Vigerous Full Body Conclusion Which Creeps Everyone The Fuck Out* then your just like “Sorry i got a little cold/ I anticipated or someone did touch off my back or arm and I buryied the flinch/jerk away for a hot minute but she came back with a vengeance/ Idefk I just need to roll my shoulders or some shit for no reason and do it in the most demonic way or else I’ll die rn”

(Yes, sometimes if I’m too close to wall i smack off it. I have headbutted and shoulderchecked or many shoulder blade scrapings off many walls.)

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me, looking up the “gay love can pierce through” quote to make sure I’m quoting it properly:



me: WHAT. do you MEAN. it’s a quote from Supernatural??????????

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