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true-blue-megamind · 2 months ago
FAN THEORY THURSDAY: What’s Hidden in the Animation?
Tumblr media
SPOILER WARNING!  Yes, it’s true!  These posts are still about Megamind and still contain spoilers!  
We all know the entire team, from the producers to the voice actors, put a lot of heart and soul into the making of the film Megamind. There’s a good reason why many have called it “an underrated masterpiece.”  Perhaps some of the greatest evidence of that is in the animation itself, and I’m not just talking about the style or the sweeping backgrounds.  
Don’t get me wrong.  All of that is stunning, of course. Indeed, the animation still holds up today, over a decade later, with several video reviews mentioning how everything from the intricate scenes to the way characters’ hair and clothing moves reveals the massive amount of talent and work put forward by the animators. (For example, according to IMDb, the explosion of the abandoned observatory alone “took a team of seven artists nearly four months to create.”  That’s dedication!)   However, I’m going to focus on something a little different here.   As beautiful as the stylized graphics were, I’d like to examine all the subtle, realistic details the film contains, as well as what they communicate about the characters. Because, in a display of surprising depth for what was originally intended as a family film, these small, easily-overlooked elements have a lot to say about the personalities and even psychology of those they portray.
To begin with, when Minion is making the final alterations to Megamind’s new Black Mamba cloak before the then-villain’s first battle with Titan, the animators purposefully chose to show the garment unfinished.  Look closely.  As the two talk, the henchfish enthusing over this being the “most terrifying cape” he has yet created, metal framework for Megamind’s high collar can clearly be seen.
Tumblr media
Of course, as fans of the movie know well, immediately after this, the two aliens have a heated argument over Megamind’s increasing with Roxanne Ritchi.  (Fans speculate that this is both because Minion, being a genuinely kind-hearted person, is concerned over the inevitable hurt his friend’s lie is going to cause, to himself as well as Roxanne, and because, having been Megamind’s sole companion for decades, he feels, deep down, as if he is being left behind.)  Afterward, Minion leaves presumably for good.  However, when Megamind returns to the Lair the next morning and dons his new uniform for battle, the Black Mamba is completed, it’s high collar in place.  This can only mean one thing: despite being hurt and angry, despite disapproving of the blue villain’s decisions, Minion must have returned to the Lair while Megamind was away and completed the cloak.  This way have been, in part, out of a sense of professionalism—Minion clearly takes pride in his work—but many fans agree it was also because of the obvious affection between he and Megamind.  No matter what he was feeling, Minion wasn’t willing to leave his friend metaphorically hanging.
Tumblr media
Now, I’m going to go ahead and offer a word of caution here: this next part is going to pull your heartstrings, and may also contain slight triggers connected to child abuse.  (Only slight ones, I promise.)  Even those to whom that trigger warning does not apply are likely to find themselves tearing up a little.  You’ll probably be struck by a sudden and insistent need to hunt Megamind down and give him a massive hug.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank members of the Megamind Discord with whom I discussed this fan theory in detail, especially Nickel, who introduced me to this particular theory in the first place, ThatFilthyAnimal, Anna, Lara, and Sanvi.
Okay, here we go, grab some tissues and your favorite comfort sweets because we’re about to hop aboard the Pain Train!
At least a few of the artists involved in creating Megamind must have known something about psychology and nonverbal communication, because the blue alien’s gestures reveal a lot about him.  This is especially true of his reactions to other people.  Take a look at the two screen captures below:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As you can see, in both of these images Megamind is holding up his hands and his shoulders are high.  This specific gesture is interesting because it doesn’t mean what some may think it means. It is not merely a sign of fear.  According to an article on Skills Converged, nonverbal communications related solely to fear are more likely to involve hiding the hands or making one’s self seem small.  Instead, this is a defensive gesture used when someone realistically expects to be attacked. Megamind isn’t simply scared, he’s preparing to ward off a blow.  The fact that this is one of his first instincts during a confrontation says a lot about how much he has been hurt in the past.  
Of course, we already know that this included bullying during his brief time in school, but that alone wouldn’t account for this being such a knee-jerk reaction to almost any unfriendly encounter, regardless of whether it shows actual signs of becoming violent or not.  For that to be the case, the blue hero would have had to be injured again and again, regularly enough that he accepted it as a norm.  As discussed in a previous post, How Strong is Megamind?, this likely involved regular fights in prison.  However, because he reacts this way to nearly everyone, there must have been more to it.  Consider the fact that Megamind broke out of prison the first time as a toddler, and likely continued to do so regularly after his decision to embrace supervillainy around age six or seven.  Even with Minion at his side, spending time on the streets or squatting in abandoned buildings while he slowly built a reputation for himself must have led to some very hard life experiences.  As a result, Megamind assumes that nearly everyone means him harm, That would account for his having such an automatic defensive reflex.
And it definitely is automatic, because we see the same gesture repeated again and again in the film.  He does it while disguised as Bernard when Roxanne, startled, moves as if to strike him with her camera.  (I love this moment, by the way, because it may possibly reveal that Roxanne subconsciously recognizes “Bernard’s” voice as belonging to Megamind.)
Tumblr media
And he does it again when faced with Titan’s fury at the end of their first battle.
Tumblr media
He even does it during the date scene, after Roxanne accidentally deactivates Megamind’s holowatch disguise by brushing the dial.  Contrary to what many may think, his posture here is not merely about hiding his face—although turning his face away certainly is—because, according to the psychology of nonverbal communication, if his only intention was to hide, his palms would be turned inward rather than outward.  On some subconscious level, Megamind expects that the people in the restaurant might attack him.
Tumblr media
This man has clearly been traumatized.  Yet, despite that, in the scene immediately after the restaurant, when Roxanne breaks up with him, Megamind does not display the same defensive posture.  Even when she actually becomes physical by poking him in the chest, he still doesn’t raise his hands to ward her off.  In fact, his gestures are quite the opposite. Look closely at the bottom left of the image below.  You can see the tips of Megamind’s gloved fingers as he reaches for Roxanne and then stops himself.  Even when she is angry, his first instinct is to stop her from leaving and bring her closer.  It’s an extremely important moment because it reveals that, despite having raised his hands when it looked like Roxanne might actually strike him, Megamind trusts her unequivocally to not harm him.  
(I think it may be important here to consider that he was disguised as Bernard during the other incident, and that, subconsciously, that may have played a part in his reaction.  After all, “Bernard” was practically a stranger to Roxanne at the time.  Then there’s also the fact that Roxanne was trespassing his Megamind’s Lair, a situation likely to put her own instincts on high alert.)
Tumblr media
The break up scene is not the only time that Roxanne’s presence changes Megamind’s nonverbal behavior.  During and after his second battle with Titan, any time that Roxanne is nearby, we see an interesting shift in the blue hero’s body language.  Take a look at the two images below:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In both cases, Megamind’s gestures have switched from a palms-out defensive stance to a wider stance.  According to another article, this one from Westside Toastmasters, two things are happening here. Firstly, Megamind is subconsciously trying to make himself look larger which, while still a fear response, is decidedly more aggressive.  Secondly, he is leaving himself open and vulnerable in order to shield Roxanne with his arm. Essentially, his posture has shifted from defensive to protective. This was a very clever move by the animation team because it illustrates two important points: Megamind is stepping into the role of Metro City’s protector, and Megamind cares more about Roxanne’s well-being than his own.  His very mindset has changed along with his body language—or, more accurately, the latter has changed because of the former—as his focus shifts to keeping others safe rather than himself.
Another fan theory is that this protective instinct is not an entirely new state of mind, however… at least where Roxanne is concerned.  (And, after that emotional rollercoaster ride, I think many of us would appreciate something a little more pleasant.) Once again, the animators have done an excellent job of subtly conveying that.  In the image below, Megamind can be seen in the background, posture a combination of surprise and concern, and Roxanne races through a door in his Evil Lair marked “Exit.”  As fans of the film already know, Roxanne immediately afterward almost falls into a pit-like room with the alligators, but is pulled back to safety by Megamind, disguised now as Bernard once more.
Tumblr media
Of course, anyone might wonder why, if he was so keen to protect her, Megamind tried to lead Roxanne through the door marked exit in the first place.  Luckily, thanks to both brilliant animated details and interesting fan theories, we have an answer for that as well. Examine the following image and compare it to the one above, paying special attention to the background. Although there are some similarity to two of the devices shown—such as the Tesla coils on top, which, let’s face it, a lot of Megamind’s machines have—there are also some distinct differences.  In the second image, there are large pipes to the right side of the door, while none appear in the first image.  Similarly, the second image displays brick detailing on the wall, while on the first there is none.  Then there is the position of the windows to consider, as well as the absence of the large dome-like object from one of the screen captures.  Basically, all of these (and other) factors have lead fans to theorize that Megamind’s Lair has two exit doors: a real one and a trap.  Roxanne chose the wrong door, leading Megamind to rescue her.
In fact, some fans theorize that he wanted Roxanne out of his Lair quickly not only to protect his secrets, but to protect her.  The Evil Lair was... well... evil, and had a lot of dangers hidden it it.  He didn’t want her roaming around unsupervised.
Tumblr media
While I could go on and on, revealing other clever details the animator’s slipped into the film, I will, for the sake of not boring everyone to death, end this discussion here.  At any rate, this is sufficient to illustrate how much thought and dedication went into this movie.  What fans say is right: it truly is an underrated masterpiece!
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auramindedd · 3 months ago
Fixed? Never - SMAU*
Part 3
CorpseHusband x FemReader
Warnings: cussing
A/N: again, any posts with a “ * ” attached to “smau” has writing in it. imma focus A LOT more on just the social media n message perspective, but y/n n corpse meet in this part soooo i had to add some writing :) something else b4 i forget; i’m updating my masterlist and changing it into a directory post that way you guys can also request through a google form! i’ll have requests open at all times unless i get too stressed out or if they overfill. due to me changing my masterlist, there’s gonna be about 6 posts i think. also,, thank you guys so much for 600 followers! i’ve been hitting a bunch of milestones and haven’t been remembering to say thank you, but just know that i appreciate every single one of you... also i love reading y’all’s comments 😭
🤍 directory
🕊 previous
☁️ next
Tumblr media
You make sure you’re set up before 6 PM, which was probably a mistake. You can’t sit still, you’re starting to get nervous, and you kind of just want to run away to McDonald’s.
Sure, you know Ludwig, Dream, and Rae, but it feels like you’re at school all over again. That anxious feeling of having to be with people while your best friends aren’t around.
You’re leg is bouncing, your nails are tapping on your desk, and you can’t stop running your hand through your hair. It probably looks like a fucking bird nest by now.
You start streaming, deciding that maybe talking to your supporters will make things a bit better.
“Hey, loves,” You greet in a not so Y/N-fashioned way. Of course, the chat catches on, and you’re being called out for it. You can’t help but giggle at the fact that your supporters know how you usually are.
@user: What happened to, “Hey, bitches!”
@user: Ou, someone is nervous.
Yeah, they obviously know you very well.
“Alright, let’s start over.” You clear your throat for dramatic effect because, well, when are you not dramatic? “Hey, bitches!” Yup, even you know that just feels right.
After a while of talking to your supporters, Rae sends you the Discord invite and the Among Us code. You join, feeling your nerves start to come back.
“Y/N!” Rae exclaims in excitement when she sees you’ve joined the Among Us lobby.
“Hi,” You say, shyness lacing your voice.
“Oh my God! The cutest voice.” Jack says. Wow, what a compliment coming from the Jack_Septic_Eye.
You take time to introduce yourself to everyone, trying to calm your nerves.
“Are we gonna start?” Ludwig’s impatient ass asks.
“We’re waiting for Corpse.” Rae explains.
Shit, another person you have to introduce yourself to?
“Hey, Corpse!” Sykkuno greets quickly, very obviously racing to be the first to say hi to Corpse.
“Hey, Sykkuno,” Corpse chuckles, and woah, the last thing you expected. You can’t help but be surprised, and you know it’s showing on your face. Why? Because your supporters are teasing you in the chat.
“Corpse,” Rae says in a sing-songy tone. “This is Y/N.” And your heart drops to your fucking stomach. Every single time it happens when you have to meet someone, but now your heart is beating even faster because you’re obviously the only one who hasn’t met Corpse. They’re all expecting a reaction out of you...
“Hey, Y/N.” His deep, husky voice says. You can hear the smile in his voice and it helps ease your nerves.
“Hi,” You greet, shyness still lacing your voice.
Corpse chuckles, “So cute.” Now you’re blushing. Great...
Rae starts the game, saving you before the others can start teasing you.
You’ve only played Among Us once, in a public server with Dream, George, Karl, and Alex, and then you got bullied for not knowing what the fuck to do.
To say the least, you’re pretty glad to be Crewmate and not Impostor.
“Y/N!” Jack shouts, walking up to you. You slightly jump, forgetting they’re playing with Proximity Chat.
“Jack!” You shout back, letting his astronaut catch up to you.
“We were expecting a reaction.” He says, and of course they were.
“Uh, yeah, I don’t know. I feel like he hears it a lot, don’t want to add on to the list of Things People Say To Him Everyday.”
“Yeah, he’s probably very grateful for that.”
“Grateful for what?” Charlie walks up to you two.
“Nothing,” Jack drawls. You’ve just met Charlie, but you know that he’d tease both you and Corpse about one another’s voices.
“Oh, I know!” Charlie exclaims, but before he can say what he knows-
“Okayyy! That’s enough interaction with Charlie for today.” Jack says, and you take that as a, ‘Walk the fuck away now, Y/N!’
You walk around, trying your best to finish tasks, but when it comes to the card swipe in Admin, you want to quit life as a whole.
“Ugh, I fucking quit.” You groan, slamming your hands on your desk. A deep, rumbling chuckle comes through on your headphones.
“Having trouble?” Corpse teases.
“Yeah. I wanna rip every strand of my fucking hair out.”
“Swipe it slower.” And with that, you try again. Voila! Just like magic.
“Well if I would’ve fucking known.” You groan, Corpse chuckling.
“Here, I can help you with the game.”
“Yes, please, I don’t know shit about it.”
“You know, you cuss a lot for having such a sweet, innocent, and cute voice.” Corpse laughs.
“Yeah,” You drawl. “I know, bad fucking habit.” You slap your hand over your mouth. How does someone cuss in every sentence? Get a filter, damn.
Corpse walks around with you as you both finish tasks, explaining how the game works, and giving you tips for when you do end up being an Impostor.
Honestly, you could listen to his voice all day. He’s also really sweet.
“What are you two up to?” Brooke asks, doing tasks in Electrical with you two. Corpse told you to make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings when you’re in Electrical. So, naturally, you’re freaking out, but silently and internally.
“Brooke,” Corpse warns. He doesn’t even have time to finish his warning. Brooke kills him, his body flopping over, the one bone sticking out from the top of his body. Your mouth falls open.
“Hey, Y/N. Let’s be besties!” You don’t know what to do, but ay, #girlsupportinggirls, right? So, you walk with her. She helps you along the way, also telling you tips on the game, explaining how everything works. Then, after about a minute, a whole 60 seconds, Corpse’s body is reported.
“Why Corpse? Such an innocent man with a beautiful voice.” Lud fake cries.
“Get over it,” Brooke says.
“It’s Brooke! Brooke’s an Impostor!” Lud shouts.
“What? No! I was with Y/N for a lot of this round.” Brooke defends herself, and oh fuck, who the fuck do you defend? You’ve just met both of them, one of them will possibly hate you forever.
“Y/N?” Sykkuno grabs your attention, snapping you out of your thinking.
“Yeah, she was. She wouldn’t have had time to kill Corpse. Where was the body?” Well, there you go, potentially ruining yours and Corpse’s blooming friendship. Sad Girl Hour, type beat.
“In Electrical,” Charlie says.
“Yeah, no way she would’ve had to time to kill him.”
Nobody’s voted out. Brooke hasn’t even told you who the second Impostor is so, you don’t know if you should stay with her or not.
As you and Brooke are walking around, or skipping as she sees it, and holding hands, Dream pops out of a vent. Well, there’s Imposter two.
“Woah! Dream, way to out yourself out.” You tease, throwing your head back and laughing.
“Please, you’ve been with Brooke the whole time. Don’t say anything.” Dream begs, making you and Brooke giggle.
“I won’t, I won’t.”
“Thank you,” He starts walking away from you guys, but not without finishing his sentence that you thought was already finished. “Cutie.” And there, finished.
Fucking finished! Tweedle-dee, tweedle dum! Whoopty-fucking-do! Fan-fucking-tastic! A-fucking-mazing!
And of course you’re blushing for the whole 80,000+ people watching to tease you about.
“Oh my God!” Brooke squeals. “What was that?!”
“I’ll explain later,”
“Y/N, how could you?” Corpse says, offended.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t know what to do.”
“She’s my enemy, Y/N. We were supposed to stick together. I told you some tips and tricks, explained how to be a badass Impostor, everything!” Wow, he’s a good fucking actor.
“I can very well do the same thing, bitch.” Brooke spits, all in a playful manner - you hope...
“Not better than me, bitch.” Corpse retorts, his astronaut getting closer.
With Corpse.
Your enemy. Or as he put it, “Enemy who he can maybe, and most likely, will become friends with in the near future.”
“Follow,” He says, and even though he’s your enemy, you do.
“I gotta do my own thing.”
“You don’t know how to do shit.” Corpse scoffs.
“Okay then, what the fuck are we gonna do?”
“Double kills, all the way, but only when we meet up with each other. So, right now, we’ll both go our own ways, but when we see each other again, we’ll walk to a pair and do a double kill if we can.” Corpse explains.
“Brooke told me not to do double kills often. It won’t help get through a game.”
Corpse snorts, “Brooke doesn’t know dog shit about this game.”
“Fine,” You groan, going along with it only because you don’t know dog shit about the game either.
As Corpse explained, you two do double kills every time you meet up. You two managed to get double kills where people rarely go - Shields, Comms, and the top of Cafeteria.
After killing Rae and Sykkuno, the game ends. You made sure to leave Brooke and Dream alive.
“Period, we did that!” You exclaim, everyone else groaning and complaining about how you two should never be an Impostor duo again. “But I still fucking hate you because you hate me!”
“Exactly!” Corpse retorts in the same tone as you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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daredevilexchange · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Want to be featured here? Head to this page and fill in the form!
See what this is about here, or if you’re using the app here.
What’s your fannish ID? My ao3 is AsperJasper which is just my name lmao but my tumblr is @matt-murdok (because I'm In Love with Matt Murdock)!
What types of fanworks do you create?  I'm a writer! I love getting to explore pieces and sides of characters and stories that didn't get the spotlight as much as I would have liked in canon, and with Daredevil especially (and how the ending of the show stands at the moment) there's so much room to build on what we have. I love love love a good character study, especially one with repetitive themes that show development over a period of time, and I love that writing gives me a chance to not only figure out my understanding of a character but to share that with other people! And make friends!
What are your favourite types of fanworks, when you're not creating?  I love reading and some of the fanart I've seen especially in the DD fandom is just like. Phenomenal. I love seeing other people's interpretations of characters I love, so for me writing and fanart are probably my two favorites. And if you look at my blog you'll see how much I appreciate a gifset, people who draw and edit are just phenomenally talented how do you do it? It's amazing. I love you.
What do you like in particular about this fandom? I love that at least the side of the DD fandom I'm involved in (and I don't know the whole wide fandom so that may just be a few people I guess but I don't think so) is really all for discussion. Like when somebody makes a point if somebody disagrees they don't start an argument, they talk about it, and that's super fun for me. Also my friends and I can say the stupidest idea for an au ever and two hours later I'm like "oh okay I Have to write that now" and I think it's pretty great to be in a fandom where silly creativity is just as valued as more projects with a more serious tone. I also am just plain old ho for best friends to lovers so can you guess what my favorite ship is for DD ajhgsjhgfs I love Mattfoggy. I love all the different fics exploring their relationship and how it changes after the events of the show or how things would have been different if Matt told Foggy everything earlier, and I love imagining all the different possibilities for myself! Also Murderdock. I have been in a Muderdock mood for like a month now I love that evil bastard he's perfect.
Do you like participating in fan events? The DDNYE (DDE: tag here!) was actually the first exchange or anything like that I've done for like, five years, because my last experience was, uh, a Wild Ride from start to finish lmao. I had so much fun though! I don't always do well with deadlines (and I did end up posting a day late oops) but it was really fun getting prompts and finding a way to think through them to create something I was proud of! I really like collaborating with other people and I think the exchange format was super fun!
What about your creating process? Oh man okay first of all I never close my document tabs ever. Like ever ever ever. They're always open so when something hits I can get it down right away. I definitely can't write to silence, so depending on if I'm writing casually or trying to hit a deadline I either listen to music or (most of the time when I'm just going at my own pace) have YouTube playing in the background. Usually video essays or drama channels, I'm not pretending to have taste. I also have a ton of WIPs going at once so that I usually have ideas for at least one flowing. Unfortunately for me I seem to be most productive between midnight and 5am which is problematic for somebody still in school lmao. Idk if I could name any specific influences, but I'd say I usually stylistically end up emulating whatever book I most recently read and loved.
Do you interact a lot with other fans?  I have my little group for sure! I'm in a tiny little Discord with only eight other people, and it's so much fun! I tend to get overwhelmed in bigger spaces especially big discord servers so I'm pretty happy with my tiny one. On Tumblr I also have a couple friends, and I talk in the tags a a lot and I read my tags, so if that counts!
Is there any particular piece you'd like to showcase for this post?  Ooh, probably What Love Is (According to Foggy Nelson)! I think that's the fic that I'm proudest of for Daredevil. I really like the voices of Matt and Foggy, and I got to use a lot of my favorite headcanons as plot points which is always fun! Also can I cheat and say my social media series as a second because that is just. So fun to write.
Do you have other fandoms you'd like to talk about? I've been involved in a couple of other fandoms, but the one I was most into is Newsies! Which is a 90s Disney movie musical and Broadway show that really is fantastic, and if we want to Bacon number it, Christian Bale played Jack Kelly and Christian Bale also played Batman and Ben Affleck played Batman and also Matt Murdock so there's a connection! Also one of the actors from 92sies was in Mighty Ducks with Elden I think! But neither of those things are what got me to where I am today (hopelessly in love with Matt Murdock). I do love a good story of somebody rising from the circumstances to become part of something bigger than themselves, which is a theme in both Newsies and DD, but honestly. I do not control the hyperfixation so I could not tell you exactly why DD sucked me in so hard, but here we are!
Is there anything else you want to tell us about yourself? I'm always up for making new friends!! I love talking to people about the things I love and oh Boy do I love Daredevil!
Where can your fanworks be found? My ao3 is AsperJasper ( and my Tumblr is @matt-murdok! My writing tag on tumblr is (#i wrote this) and anything I've posted that I've written will be there!
Thank you, @matt-murdok !
banner by @context-is-for-kingpins !
[ID on a white background, four black triangles that look like spotlights from above. Each illuminates one of the Defenders silhouetted in white: Jessica, Luke, Danny, Matt. A hand on the left is holding a pen writing the words Content Creator Spotlight. There is a little Punisher skull on the pen. End ID]
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chazukekani · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Here is the quick summary of the first 60 pages of Stormbringer that just revealed today. 
Special thanks to Nika, Amir, and my discord server members for proof-reading!
Tumblr media
— That is, the 169th possibility
— ‘You are late, my brother.’
Tumblr media
Code:01 A programme with 2383 lines, just an idea from a group of researchers
Code 02: Dead people do not possess any form of emotion
Code 03: I want to observe Chuuya’s suffer as a human
Code 04: Grantors of disgrace, you need not wake me again
Harukawa Sango ‘Stormbringer’ Character Setting Gallery
Fate whispers to warriors,
‘You cannot go against the storm.’
Warriors whisper back
‘I am the storm.’
— Cao Zhi ‘Luo Shen Fu’
It began in a forest at midnight. It was supposed to be a peaceful night, but suddenly a beam appeared in the forest. It’s a huge fire. The forest was on fire. People who lived in the village nearby ran to the forest to see what happened. It was a wrecked airplane that just fell from the sky. People used hammers to dig the airplane to see whether there are any survivors.
Suddenly, a man walked out from the airplane. He seemed fine, but the crowd was shocked.
‘Apologies for my courtesy. In accordance with civil society, I should introduce myself,’ said the man. He pulled out a badge on his chest. The badge was black and words on it were engraved with silver. One of the teenagers from the village read off the words on it
‘I am a detective from Europole (Europe Detective and Police Organisation), which I am an office equipment. Category number 98F78195, made by ability technician Dr. Wollstonecraft. The first ever humanoid computer that serves for worldwide police facilities. Code name is Adam, Adam Frankenstein. It is my pleasure to meet you. I should carry out my mission now, see you.’
Before Adam left, he asked ‘Do you know a person called Nakahara Chuuya?’
Code:01 A programme with 2383 lines, just an idea from a group of researchers 
Chuuya couldn't see his dream. Everytime he woke up, he felt like he was in a swamp of mud. Today, Chuuya woke up in his apartment. Just like other’s morning routine, Chuuya took a shower, cleaned himself and left his home.
Chuuya was 16 years old. Since a year he had joined the mafia, Chuuya excelled in his job with the most outstanding performance, and was well recognised in the organisation.
However with all the money and status he got, Chuuya was not satisfied. The thing that he wanted the most was to know his past. Chuuya knew nothing about it. The earliest memory he had was being kidnapped to a military facility 8 years ago.
There was already a branded black car waiting for Chuuya outside his apartment with a group of men in suits and sunglasses. ‘Please go to the regular store,’ said Chuuya.
Chuuya was in charge of supervising the jewel/gemstone transaction within the Mafia and black market, which had been an important source of income for the mafia.
He arrived at the store. Before entering it, a gun was pointed on Chuuya’s head, while there was another gun pointed onto his chest. Bang! What a big sound. Yet there was no blood, but a bunch of colourful ribbons came off.
‘Congratulations to your 1st year since joining the mafia!’, said those men.
Today was the first anniversary for Chuuya joining the mafia, and his friends held a party for him. People who joined the party all belonged to the ‘young club’ of the mafia, which were all 25 years old or younger.
The party-planner was called ‘Piano Man’. He was called Piano Man not because of his black and white outfit, but his way of killing. He liked using the strings of piano keyboards and strangled people to death. Piano Man was very tall, his fingers were long and thin, and always put a smile on his face. He was by far the man who was closest to the position of the Port Mafia executive.
The second man who came to congratulate Chuuya was called Albatross, a man with golden hair. He was a teen that loved smiling and was very talkative. Albatross was in charge of the transportation aspect of the mafia, and was complimented as very efficient and speedy in completing the missions, and was currently living in the same neighbourhood as Chuuya in a high-ended area. He previously belonged to an organisation called ‘Wheelman’.
Albatross proposed a toasting, but Chuuya was not in a good mood. “Did you have a nightmare?” Albatross joked, but Chuuya turned furious after hearing the word ‘nightmare’. Everyone was horrified. ‘No I wasn’t!’ Chuuya shouted. When Chuuya was about to leave the shop, yet another man came in. He was holding a champagne glass, and on his other hand, he was holding a medical drip stand that had a drip injected into his arm. His name was Doc.
Different from other doctors in the gangster industry, Doc graduated in a Northern American university and was awarded with a Doctorate formally. Doctors were highly demanded within the mafia because members could not simply walk into regular hospitals with injuries that were caused by gunshots. Doctors in the PM were treated nicely and respected, thanks to the boss, Mori-san, who was also a former doctor. The reason why Doc became a doctor was because he wanted to get closer to God. ‘The more lives you save, the closer you get to God’ is the motto of Doc. The Bible once wrote that God saved two million lives, so Doc’s goal was to save a similar number of people, which was why he joined the Mafia.
Chuuya still wanted to leave.
“The first year was the toughest, so we need to celebrate that you got through it,’ a gentle voice said. It was a man who had an extraordinarily beautiful appearance. The first year of joining the Mafia was the so-called ‘Deadman Curve’, so a celebration is needed,” said Lippmann, the guy with a pretty face. The work of Lippmann was probably the most unique one out of all of them. He was in charge of the public relations of the Mafia, such as negotiating deals with enterprises, or having meetings with the government. It is more difficult to kill him than killing the Boss of the Mafia because Lippmann was also a famous actor, thus every single action he made would be reported by the media. Hence it was really difficult to get him.
Another man came in, and his name was Ice Man. Unlike Chuuya’s other friends, he was quiet, and wore a simple outfit. Ice Man did not show much emotion, and was low profile. His job was simple, to kill. He did not use an ability, guns or knives to kill. Instead, he used objects that were nearby to kill. Anything, regardless if it’s a pen, wine bottle or the wire of light bulbs could become a murdering tool, hence Ice Man could kill anywhere.
The gathering continued. Chuuya was gradually having a better mood, until Ice Man asked Chuuya ‘where were you born?’ Chuuya immediately grabbed Ice Man’s shirt, and there was such a tension among the guys. Piano Man then revealed that he knew why Chuuya was mad, because Mori told him about Chuuya’s past that he was just an artificial ability experiment that was created by the military. Hence Mori asked Piano Man to invite Chuuya into the younger’s club, in order to have a surveillance on Chuuya. Piano Man pointed out the reason why Chuuya was mad today because he was actually not able to dream. Suddenly, the tension was back. Everyone had their weapons already, but Piano Man took out a present for the 1st anniversary from his coat, and gave it to Chuuya.
It was a photograph, a picture of two people, and one of them was five year old Chuuya.
Tumblr media
The picture was taken in an old village in the Western region, Piano Man said. The area was abandoned afterwards but Doc found this picture inside the medical record of the village. Lippmann then added that he had asked a woman to check all the military-related databases, in which she found out that the military once held a recruitment experiment in the Western region. Still, Chuuya’s friends were able to find the family tree of Chuuya, his school, his report card and his birth record. However, such an investigation must not be known to Mori because Mori thought that if Chuuya’s background remained a secret, Chuuya would not betray the Mafia.
Chuuya did not understand why his friends did this for him. Lippmann said because they were companions. He then proposed why not they name the younger’s club as ‘Flags’.
The Flags then went to a billiards bar. All of a sudden, apart from the six people playing the billiards, there was the seventh person who joined the game. He had long arms and legs, and of course very tall. Black hair with brown eyes, and was standing by the table seriously.
All of a sudden, Albatross used his Kulric knife and sliced on the seventh person's head, which produced an uncomfortable noise. Yet, that person escaped from the attack. A fight then broke out because the Flags thought this seventh person was an ability user, and suspected his intention for coming to the Mafia’s facility. However, Ice Man pointed out that this person was not an ability user, but the fight continued.
During the fight, Adam grabbed the legs of the table, and something grew from his hand. It was a small-scale dinosaur, that grew from Adam’s hands as if it were a plant. The battle was intense. Someone shouted Chuuya’s name out of nowhere, and Adam noticed something.
‘Chuuya-san’, Adam greeted Chuuya politely.
‘I am here to protect you,’ Adam replied. Adam introduced himself, and explained his mission. Adam was sent here to arrest an assassin called Paul Verlaine.
When Chuuya heard the name Verlaine, his facial expression changed.
‘Why do you know this name?’ asked Chuuya
‘Chuuya-san, you cannot defeat Verlaine on your own. That’s why I am here. Verlaine was not only an assassin. He is the king of assassins. He is your brother.’ said Adam.
The misconception was relieved, and the Flags, together with Adam, played billiards happily afterwards.
The story continues on 27th Feb
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nojey · 3 months ago
quackity x streamer!reader
genre: fluff, crack
word count: 2,312 (my most so far 😳)
warning(s): (y/s/n) = your streamer name, (n/n) = nickname, cursing
synopsis: having a flirty personality was your nature, but when you use that to make a certain boy in your among us lobby blush, where does that leave you?
Tumblr media
today was the day you were going to play among us with some of your friends, and new people you haven’t met yet. you were beyond excited to meet new people because that meant new friends, and new friends means new people to stream with. you hadn’t been able to make new friends recently because people always thought your flirty personality was too much to deal with and gave them mixed signals whether you wanted something more than just being friends. you genuinely didn’t have those intentions and it was something you were lowkey insecure about. your friends had assured you that it wasn’t your fault and it was just your personality but the new people you wanted to be friends with told you otherwise.
you had been streaming for the past 30 minutes waiting for someone to send the code in discord. talking to your chat about the lobby and who would be in it, “um the only people i know for sure are gonna be in it is poki, rae, sykkuno, corpse, and bretman. but rae did tell me that there would be some minecraft streamers,” you said lifting your eyebrows in a suggestive manner. your chat knew about you simping for minecraft streamers and they were excited for you, some of them warning you not to fall for one because they’ll just break your heart and flirt with each other. 
you heard the notification from discord coming from rae, sending the among us code and you immediately started up the game. waiting a few seconds, you put in the code and saw you were one of the last people to join. you entered the vc and heard them talking. “hi everyone!” you said in a cheery voice, smiling as they all replied with a greeting. “i’m (y/s/n), but you guys can call me (n/n)” you said. waiting for everyone else you weren’t familiar with to introduce themselves. everyone did and you figured out that you were playing with not only poki, rae, sykkuno, corpse, and bretman but also dream, george, and karl. “who else are we waiting for?” you asked, noticing the 9/10 on the bottom of the among us screen. as you asked that you heard a very loud scream coming from your headphones. you winced at the sound but soon heard a “i have arrived!” coming from the same voice that did that very loud screech. “nice of you to finally join us quackity,” karl said. you recognized the voice as soon as you heard him say ‘i have arrived’ and your eyes went big. you muted yourself in the discord call and talked to your chat. “holy shit chat, it’s quackity. like quackity the guy i’ve been SIMPING over for the past few months, holy shit.” you said, very surprised to see your favorite minecraft streamer in the same among us lobby as you. 
you unmuted and heard rae say, “surprise shawty!” and you immediately knew that she planned this. “who are we surprising?” george asked. “(y/n) is a very big fan of one of you guys.” poki said in a teasing voice. “oh who is it?” dream asked, sounding very curious. “it’s actuall-” you cut sykkuno off. “ah ha ha, *cough* *cough* *cough*, you guys, let’s start the game. ah ha my chat has been waiting for like an hour now.” “(y/n) bitch, you trying to change the subject?” bretman asked you. “oo now i’m curious too.” quackity said. you started blushing and your chat started teasing you. “mm i have no idea what you’re talking about bret, i just don’t want my lovely chat to keep waiting for this game. they’ve been looking forward to it as soon as they knew you would be in it. you know? bretman rock? singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the motherfucking side, the star of crystal of the day, and a coconut connoisseur. the baddest bitch out.” you said, hopefully distracting him from the previous topic. “okay bitch, just because you know i’m the baddest in this lobby; you’re off the hook.” everyone started laughing and as soon as it died down, dream screamed, “let’s get this game started!” rae then started the game and your adventure began.
the screen in front of you displayed “crewmate” and you were off to do your first task. you met up with sykkuno at the swipe card task and said “hey sykkuno!” he got startled and said, “oh! hey (y/n), swiping your card too?” “yessir! you know sykkuno, my chat always tells me to tell you that you should stop covering your smile whenever you laugh or smile in general and i agree with them. you have a very nice smile and you should show the world your pretty face.” you smiled. he laughed awkwardly, “oh thanks, (y/n)! i’ll- i’ll think about that. well. i’m off to my next task, bye (y/n)!” you bid goodbye to him as well and made your way toward electrical to find dream there alone. “oo dream, did you just hop out of that vent?” you asked, very much joking because he was on the 1 2 3 task, quite far away from the vent. “(y/n). are you serious? i am so far away from the vent! and you’re gonna sus me?” he said, faking offence. “well i don’t know. you do look sus just standing there for so long.” you said, putting up with the bit you guys were doing. “well what if you’re the one that hopped out of the vent? i had my task open and didn’t see you come in, why don’t you just kill me huh, (y/n)? kill me (y/n)!” you guys both started laughing and while you were in your fit of laughter, a body was called. 
“oo what are you guys laughing about?” george asked. “oh nothing. dream was just peer pressuring me to kill him.” he laughed even harder and said, “i was not peer pressuring you! you were sussing me and i was just sussing you just as much!” you laughed a little more and commented, “you know dream, you have a really pretty voice, it’s very comforting.” “oh my god! is dream the guy you’re a big fan of?” karl asked, thinking he made the biggest discovery on earth. “it actually isn’t” poki said, making karl quiet down. 
“anyways. who the fuck killed bretman?!” you asked, lowering your voice to sound more intimidating and finally looking at the screen to see bretman dead. your friends started laughing and corpse said, “i last saw him in o2 with quackity.” which made you a little embarrassed but you kept up with your act. “quackity, i swear to god if you killed the baddest bitch in this lobby you’re dead first whenever i’m imposter.” faking the same deep voice. quackity had started staggering his breath into his mic but finally let out, “i left him there and went to comms, it wasn’t me i swear!” and started to fake cry which made you let out a rambunctious laugh. “okay, okay. i believe it.” you said, still giggling a bit. “the thing is, i found his body in o2 and you were the last to see him, quackity.” rae said, still sussing quackity. “well, where was everyone?” you asked, hoping to get some sus off of him. “i know dream was with me in electrical.” sykkuno was in cafeteria, george and karl were in reactor, rae was obviously in o2 where she found bretman’s body, corpse was in lower engine, quackity in comms and poki was in admin. none of you really had any other susses other than quackity but you all decided to skip since it was only one kill and someone definitely could’ve vented into nav or something.
you started humming the tune to jesus in la by alec benjamin while on your way to electrical to finish your download. you then ran into corpse and started a conversation with him. “hi hi corpse!” and he responded with his signature, “what up baby” you giggled and replied, “my chat goes crazy every time you say that,” he laughed and asked, “if i say it more often do you think they’ll donate?” you laughed very loudly and said, “if they do, i’ll give you half of the donos” you guys both laughed and walked out of electrical to admin together and stayed together majority of the round till the lights got called. “corpse we have to stick together and don’t get gotted.” you said. but somehow along the way to electrical you lost him and just went straight to fix the lights. once you got there, sykkuno was already standing at the light panel but not fixing the lights. “sykkuno, why aren’t you fixing the lights?” you asked him. “oh i was, i just got here, haha.” he said, playing it off. as soon as you hit the last light switch, a body was called and it was dream. you looked to see that corpse and george also died.
“you guys kill bretman then you kill corpse?! who is the one to come face my wrath!” you said with an angry face that chat would probably screenshot or clip. everyone in the lobby started laughing and you held your serious face. “i’m not joking. i was with corpse until the lights got called then we got separated in storage. once i find out which one of you killed them, you better sleep with one eye open.” everyone started laughing even harder and even you cracked a small smile hearing all of them. “well i hate to say it but, i did see sykkuno last with dream.” poki said. “wha-what do you mean? i was in electrical fixing the lights right (y/n)? and i left dream near the beginning of the round” sykkuno replied. “i only saw you once i got there and you were taking a long time to fix them.” you said, hoping that you caught one of the killers. “but i told you that i just got there a few seconds before you.” he said in disbelief, thinking telling you that would help him. “you could’ve lied, sy,” you said, pulling out the nickname you had for him. “what?! me lie to you? i would never.” he said. “mm, he’s lying! he raises his voice a bit when he lies.” rae said, pointing out one of his tales. “that is true.” poki said, agreeing with what rae pointed out. “i can’t believe you would lie to me, sy!” you said. “just for that, i’m voting you.” you continued. “but we’re on 7! we don’t vote on 7,” rae said. “oops.” you said.
karl, and poki all voted with you on voting sykkuno out, leaving rae and quackity voting to skip but he ended up getting sent out of the airlock because sykkuno voted himself, thinking everyone would skip. you had hoped you really did get one of the impostors.
by this time you ended up just going by yourself and finishing your tasks. you haven’t seen anyone so you decided to go to security to spy on cams. no one was passing through until you saw quackity and he entered security and you both started talking. “hi quackity!” you said, very enthusiastic to be talking to your favorite mc streamer. “hi (y/n). how’s it going?” he asked. “well i can’t find anyone, no one has passed by the cameras other than you.” you said with your voice dripping in disappointment. “do you think we should go out and look for someone?” you asked. “no, we should just stay here and talk! we haven’t talked at all the whole game.” he said. “mm that’s true. so did you finish all your tasks?” you asked him. “no, BUT i do have a question for you ms. (y/n).” he said. you heart started beating faster, very anxious to hear what he had to ask. you hummed for him to continue and he asked, “who’s the guy you’re simping for?” you felt like your heart stopped but what you didn’t see was that he was blushing and reading his chat. “chat! i’m not simping! (y/n) is just very attractive, okay? there’s nothing i can do about that!” he said making a ‘>:(’ face, thinking he was muted. “you think i’m attractive?” you asked very shyly. “i- uh- what do you mea- i have no- what?” he stuttered and immediately killed you out of embarrassment. your screen then showed “defeat” and you gasped very loudly. 
“quackity! what the fuck? i fucking knew it was you sykkuno!” everyone started laughing and you heard a ding coming from discord. you saw it was a private message to you from quackity.
quackity: yeah, i do think you’re really attractive ;)
“quackity, you simp! i can’t believe you killed me because of that. you could’ve just told me. i think you’re really attractive too and i’d like to get to know you off stream.” you said, giving a big smile only your chat could see. “awe! (y/n)’s smiling really big! look at their stream!” rae cooed. you covered your face and heard a dono for $50 from quackity, how about we go on a date ;). “i’d like that quackity.” you said in the vc call. “you can call me alex.” he said, smiling and blushing, and his chat teasing him.
after hearing you and dream flirt in the meeting, quackity was determined to kill dream out of jealousy. once he did he heard you and corpse in electrical, staying a distance away and following you both but close enough to hear you and see you with his impostor vision. he called lights and made sure you wouldn’t be able to see him once he killed corpse.
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pyroxscenes · 4 months ago
You want to talk about Twisted Wonderland and make new friends? Consider joining our server!
Tumblr media
Introduction:  Far away from the main land lies the Isle of Sages, a remote island in the middle of the ocean, which is home to the two greatest magic schools in Twisted Wonderland: Royal Sword Academy and Night Raven College! Where does your heart belong? Whether you fit with the students of RSA or shall be sorted by the Dark Mirror to become a member of one of the seven NRC dormitories based on the legendary Great Seven; we have a place for you! So come check us out today!
What is Isle of Sages: “Isle of Sages” is a general Twisted Wonderland discord server, where fans of the game come together to talk about and enjoy the story and the characters we’ve all grown to love and care about. We are opening our gates to new members after a thorough rebranding and rebuilding process! Our server has been private for a long time now and ever since we stopped having public invites, a lot of new and interesting people joined the Twisted Wonderland fandom and we are looking forward to seeing what thoughts and potential they can bring to our community. This is also the place for you if you’re a content creator for this fandom looking for a place to share your creative works and bond with other members over Twisted Wonderland media. Artists, Writers, Editors etc. are what keeps a fandom alive and makes it grow, which is why we gladly welcome you in our server. We’re an open and accepting community looking to gain in activity and to form a healthy, comfortable fandom space for Twisted Wonderland.
What we give you:
A serious but welcoming team of moderators with previous modding experience and dedication to the server rules as well as to seeing this community grow to its full potential
Regular server events such as prompt weeks, art streams and voice chats
An overview over Twisted Wonderland news, merchandise and translations
Help and support for gameplay questions and a channel for sharing friend codes
A variety of roles including dorm roles [+ RSA], pronoun roles and continent roles
Questions of the Week
An opportunity to take part in which direction the server develops in through suggestions and the voting process
A variety of channels for all kinds of Twisted Wonderland content 
Channels to share your OC’s and your own content
A channel to express your love for the characters and to simp for them
Headcanons and theories
Specific dorm channels to look at and share content exclusive to the dorm members, thus providing a better overview and filtering opportunity for your favorite characters
A promo channel to show your social media content
A variety of off-topic channels including ones for other games, languages and venting
Joining requirements:
You have to be over 15 years old unless being invited by a member with the permission of a moderator
A discord account
Willingness to follow the rules you agree to upon entering as well as the moderator judgements
Willingness to participate in creating a healthy and kind fandom environment
We are looking forward to seeing you around and getting to know your thoughts and ideas about Twisted Wonderland!
Disclaimer: Due to previous experiences with server riots and also in light of the recent Rook hate and the following hateful behavior towards his voice actor and Yana Toboso, we’d like to emphasize on the fact that we are not looking for toxicity, discourse and hate towards any person, character or ship (unless incest or pedophilia) in our community. We want to contribute to creating a healthy and peaceful environment in which opinions can be expressed civilly and we can still all be friends by the end of the day. Do not join if you cannot put discourse and anger towards fandom circumstances aside to have an open and cooperative communication with others. I know that this fandom can experience sometimes, but if you’re just looking for a place to stay and feel comfortable in, you’re welcome to be part of our community!
Twisted Wonderland Shipping Week 2021:
Starting on the 14th of February our server will be holding a shipping week for content creators in this fandom. The server has added a variety of interesting prompts which can be applied to character x character ships, OC ships and self-ships. We will be looking forward to your fanart, writing, edits and others!
Join here!
- Sincerely, Mod Vil
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moonlightreal · 4 months ago
Fate ep 3, second half
Welcome back!  So I’m enjoying the heck outta Fate… but not as a Winx thing.  I mean,
Things Fate has in common with Winx:
Some of the names.
Things Fate does not have in common with Winx:
The rest of the names, the characters’ personalities, how magic works, how the world works, who’s dating who, the color of Riven’s hair, how many drugs everyone’s doing, the style of clothing, who the teachers are, what the school looks like, what Bloom’s parents are like, etc. etc.
If they’d just renamed it Elemental Academy it’d still have been a fun show and we could’ve skipped all… this…
Gods I wish we could’ve skipped all this.  
But weirdly separate from all this, I’m reviewing a show with some teachers who I like.
The students of Elemental Academy are headed to the quietest rave ever! Lots of purple lightbars and everybody’s drinking!  Ok, if the teachers know how many substances their students are using shouldn’t they at least try to not let them?  Ok, I can see Silva having a grand time making everybody do grueling workouts while hung over but substances and healthy fighting form don’t go together longterm.
Terra explains.  This is the east wing of Alfea, “It used to be used for war preparations but since there hasn’t been a conflict in a while no one really comes down here.  Except for tonight!”  
I want to know what the last war was about, who fought in it, who they were fighting against, how often wars happen in the Otherworld… but Bloom wants a beer.
Ohmigod Terra brought pot brownies!  Ahahahahaha!  That was literally a joke on discord weeks before Fate aired, that Terra would be the fairy of pot brownies.  Also Musa has gorgeous eye makeup.  Race stuff aside, Elisha Applebaum is really pretty.  Sam comes over, and there’s Dane.  Sam gives Terra grief about the special brownies.  And Dane ditches her to go offer Riven and Sky some special brownies.  Poor Terra.
Bloom finds Sky and asks about Silva and Sky opens up to being upset, that Silva raised him and having Silva’s life in danger is messing him up.  Then Sky asks Bloom about her parents and she says it’s complicated and she maybe needs more booze to go into it.  Sky wouldn’t mind a distraction himself, so off to drink it is!
Debauchery! Beer pong!  Bloom and Aisha versus Sky and Riven!  Everyone drinking lots of cups!  Bloom uses her power to make beer hot, which is neat since warmth seems much more useful than fire.  Aisha tries to use her magic to bounce the ball out and ends up blasting all the cups and drenching Riven.  Who probably deserves it just on genera…. Yup, here he is, telling Bloom about Sky’s last girl!  Ricki, Stella’s last roommate and bestie until she flirted with Sky and Stella blinded her.  On purpose.  Bloom can’t believe it.  Sky just says, ‘Yeah. that’s the story.’  But the mood is well and truly killed, and Bloom goes off to find Aisha.
Stella is in a dress solid with sequins, standing with a student in a full beard, I think.
Looking for Aisha Bloom wanders into a storage room for war stuff, and finds a class picture!  There she is, the dream woman standing with a class of specialists!  I think she must’ve been the Specialist trainer before Silva.
Sam and Musa flirt.  Smooching!  
Then Musa senses Terra coming as a wave of social anxiety and Sam vanishes through a pillar to escape.  Terra wants Musa to read Dane’s mind to see if they have a chance.  Musa says there is a chance.
Dane, riven and Beatrix have found the war supplies too.  Plate armor! This world still uses plate armor!  They do a three-way smoking of one joint, which is so gross.  I know covid wasn’t a thing when this was made but eeeeeeeew the poor actors!  Riven is his horrible self and teases Dane about how much Terra wants his dick.  And Riven whose shirt was splashed with beer, wants to steal Dane’s.  Run, Dane, find better friends!
We jump to Stella and the bearded student who is ladling out punch.  Sky comes right over and goes, ‘We need to talk about Ricki!” right there in the middle of the party.  Stella is horrified.  They back and forth… the jist seems to be that the rumor isn’t true. Stella didn’t blind Ricki on purpose but she wants everyone to think she did.  Probably she did it by accident and would rather be thought of as evil than weak, which is kinda understandable.  But Sky points out that being with Stella now makes him look like a total nut.
Text arrives!  The Burned One is dead!  Whew!
What? How!  The trained adults never succeed in this kind of story!  At least they lived.
And here Bloom is photographing the specialist alumni photos.  Beatrix comes in and says, ‘Are you photocollaging at a party?  Why are we not friends?”  Bloom asks who the woman is but Beatrix says she doesn’t know.  
Bloom goes and shows the pictures to Aisha.  Dowling is in the photo so she must know.  Aisha wants to ask Dowling tomorrow when they’re sober but Bloom’s keen to go now.  Aisha basically says if Bloom is dumb enough to go demand answers at midnight while drunk, Aisha’s out.  
In the headmistress’ office Beatrix and Callan are ready for another go at the secret passage trap!  Since Bloom asked about Rosalind, the plot is thickening and they have to get through now!  But they haven’t disarmed the trap.  So Beatrix lightnings up and tosses Callan through the door.  That was direct!  The guy goes blue in the lips and falls down probably dying.  Beatrix goes through the secret door and down the stairs beyond.
Sky finds Silva but oh no, he’s not better!  It was the wrong Burned One!  There are more!  Sky says he’s done waiting, he wants to fight.  He storms off.
In the cafeteria Dowling and Harvey mourn.  It’s their job to fix this Burned One problem and they’re not having much luck.
And here comes ragey drunk Bloom!  She holds up the picture and demands an infodump.  Rosalind was the headmistress before Dowling during a “difficult period in Alfea’s history” And Rosalind’s dead. she isn’t.  Obviously.
Bloom can read the Plot as well as I can, and heads down to the stone circle to make contact!  While drunk at night.  But this is awesome, she flames up her hands and lights a ring of braziers and the magic silver vessel.  Her jacket’s on fire too.  Then the flames all go out and she droops over crying.  Sky runs over in battle kit and Bloom tells him about the changeling thing and how she just wants answers.  Then she asks why Sky’s dressed for battle.  Sky’s going Burned One hunting!  And Bloom thinks she can track the thing, she can sense them.  Now Bloom’s the sensible one who suggests telling Dowling but Sky runs past her into the forest and Bloom takes off after him.
Now there’s that plot I knew should be there!
We cut back to the party where Terra is playing beer pong and gets to hug Dane who is topless ‘cause Riven stole his shirt.  I think Riven is playing some kinda wingman here.
Stella rushes over to ask about Sky, and Riven stirs the pot basically saying he spilled the “blinding” thing to Bloom then jumps into, ‘no no, they’re just friends, no need to blind her too!’
Stella: “I wouldn’t waste my magic on a changeling!”
Show, if you do not tell me what the stigma of changelings is about--!
Riven didn’t know, so Stella just stilled some beans back as getting revenge on a completely different person?
Bloom sends a text.  Emergency Burned One hunt at the stone circle!
It interrupts Musa mid-snog with Sam.
Beatrix walks down a dark hallway and finds… the barrier-ed door from the trailer!
Bloom and Sky pass through the barrier and end up in a place that looks like where Bloom was trying her magic a few episodes ago.  Bloom says it’s close.  Sky wants to know why Bloom can track it, Bloom wants to know that too.  They go back to back but the Burned One looms
Magic battle!  Sky gets in a few sword swings before he’s knocked down! A voice calls, ‘Close your eyes!” before Stella unleashes blinding light!  Terra uses her cousin’s favorite trick and vines it to the ground and Bloom throws fire calling on Aisha to help put it out.  And Sky skewers the Burned One with his sword.  Down it goes!
But Musa can tell it’s not dead yet.  It leaps up—then catches fire from the inside, shining orange light, then falls again.  This was a top quality battle!
Dowling appears behind the girls and confirms it’s dead now.
Beatrix emerges from the tunnels to find Callan still frozen and blue-lipped. Was Dowling’s trap actually killing him or was it just keeping him paralyzed?  We’ll never know because Beatrix uses lightning to blast him to dust!
I mean, Callan wasn’t much but that’s put Beatrix solidly in irredeemable territory.
But good news, we saved the more interesting adult!  Silva is on the mend.  Well enough to immediately give Sky grief about going after a Burned One like an idiot.  Sky only cares if his mentor is better, and he hugs Silva.  Sweet moment all round.
The girls are getting the same from Dowling.  But Musa sensed a tiny bit of pride in the headmistress.
Sky arrives, and Bloom says they should all get home, leaving Stella to talk to Sky.  The other four have clearly bonded, and Stella’s clearly the odd one out.  Stella says, ‘I was awful today.  Seeing you scared I couldn’t deal with it.” and, ‘You’re the only one that knows the real me.”  she goes in for a kiss but Sky pulls back saying, “That’s your choice, Stella.”
Stella disagrees.  “I’m the heir to the Solarian throne, if you knew the kind of pressure...” and says Sky is her safety net and she needs to know he’s there if she needs him.  But what if he needs somebody?
Which brings up a side issue.  I don’t think Sky and Stella are doing the deed these days, but if they are or were that’s epic dumb for the heir to a kingdom.  Royalty tends to care about premarital romps more than commoners, and if they came down with a case of surprise baby that baby would be a future heir!  And then they’d pretty much have to get married, and if Eraklyon was on the other side of those wars nobody’ll tell us about that could add up to a real mess.
I wonder if there was sex in the past, Stella desperate for a distraction to get her out of her own head while knowing that every time the clothes came off they were taking a big risk thus creating more stress by the very means they tried to escape it.
This show tries to be all dark and gritty by having teenagers do loads of drugs but did they think of all this?  It’s just practicality but it’d be plenty dark.  
Over in the dorm Terra’s getting ready for bed.  Musa comes to say, ‘your brother’s pretty great.’ but Terra laughs it off, not paying attention.  She texts Dane to say she had fun at the party and Dane replies with a video of himself shirtless roughhousing with Riven.  The phrase, “fat girl with the brownies” is the only thing that can be understood.  I think Beatrix is filming, and she films the three of them doing a trio-smooch with pot smoke!  
Terra cries.  This show is cruel to her.  Not as bad as I was expecting it to be, but bad enough.  Hope she strangles the lot of ‘em.
Over with Bloom and Aisha, Bloom says, ‘You’d be proud of me, I went to the stone circle but chose not to summon all my magic and burn the Otherworld down.”
That was a choice?  That did not look like a choice, Bloom.
Bloom starts in on sensing the Burned One and Dowling being sus and Rosalind, but Aisha is done being the sidekick.  She suggests there might be no conspiracy and offers the really logical idea that maybe a teenage student got pregnant and didn’t know what to do so Rosalind changelinged the baby.  Good on Aisha for trying to climb out of the rabbit hole, but Bloom’s too deep and says there are too many unanswered questions.  I mean, she’s a destiny-ridden protagonist so she is right, but after last month we’ve seen in the real world how far people can go when they feel that they’re destiny-ridden protagonists…  feels different now.  The show in its cultural context.
Then Aisha says “some people” would kill to be a natural with magic like Bloom is even if she’s just an “ordinary” fairy and says Bloom should be “realistic.”  
Oh Aisha, when will you learn to not say stuff?  For Bloom “realistic” means birth parents who didn’t want her and gave her up.  Bloom starts crying saying she has to believe there’s more to it than that.  And yeah, that is understandable.
Ending scene with the adults in Dowling’s unlit office!  “Bloom had a memory of the fairy that left her in the human world.  It was Rosalind.”  One of the guys says, “Ah shit.”  As the camera moves down toward the mystery barrier in the tunnel Dowling continues, “Bloom has the potential to be one of the most powerful fairies the Otherworld has ever seen.  If Rosalind is calling to her there’s a reason.  We can never let them meet.’
And there’s Rosalind inside the barrier!  Not dead.
Good ending music this time, but no lyrics.
I think Dowling hasn’t yet realized her secretary got lightninged to death.
I’ve also been wondering who “he” the evil overlord could be.  Can’t be Rosalind because she’s a she!  None of the named male characters seem at all sus.  Callan’s dead, Sky’s dad is named but dead (unless he isn’t), Silva and Harvey are way too sweet, and Beatrix has no respect for any of the teenagers.  Unless one of them is getting possessed maybe?  Riven vaped in an evil spirit and occasionally his eyes glow and he spouts evil orders?  Maybe it’s a guy we haven’t met yet, or a master Burned One on a dark throne in a cave somewhere.  That’d make sense.
My main curiosity now is for Stella’s full story!  Stella is an interesting character!  Despicable, but interesting now that I’ve stopped thinking she’s going to be anything like the other Stella. Maybe we’ll find out… next time on Elemental Academy!
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merakiulous-k · 6 months ago
1404 (Prologue)
Fandom: Haikyuu!! Pairing: Kuroo Tetsuro x Youtuber Reader Words: 1500+ Posted: 26/11/20
Song(s) Featured: Moon on the Water by The Dying Breed (from Beck MCS)
Tumblr media
“It’s actually really exciting.”
Tetsuro nods, knowing Kenma means it, whatever he’s talking about. Probably something about Bouncing Ball corp. and the new game they have in development. Really, Kenma hasn’t stopped talking about it since the project started almost half a year ago and while Tetsuro is interested enough to usually listen to him rave and gush, today’s just not that kind of day.
“-and the new voice actor I have in mind is really good. We save a lot of time and money cause they speak in both languages.”
Yup, they’re probably phenomenal if Kenma is so easy to compliment them. Tetsuro racks his brain trying to remember who he’s talking about.
“I’m actually thinking about having her as a guest on stream soon.”
Uh huh.
“Oh and I’m also going to shave my head and give my hair to that middle school girl who won’t stop messaging.”
Good for them.
“Okay, how many of those have you had today?”
Tetsuro looks down at the cup of coffee he’s forgotten he’s holding. “Uh…” his brows furrow and it’s enough for Kenma to pry the cup out of his hand and set it on the far end of the table.
“And you’re always telling me to get proper sleep.” Kenma gives him a look, sipping on his own drink. He exits Discord, Tetsuro’s sagging back, drooping shoulders and lifeless eyes, more concerning than his followers’ Rule 34 fanart. “Seriously are you okay man? Have you been sleeping? At all?”
Tetsuro shakes his head, the mere mention of sleep enough to slump him over the table completely. As far as he knows, a waiter hadn’t wiped it after the last couple of people who sat down, or before he and Kenma took their place. He finds he doesn’t care. “Stupid neighbors, always either fighting or fucking all night. It’s been going on for a month now.”
“Oh that’s rough.” Kenma winces, handing him back his coffee, knowing lunch break doesn’t last forever and Tetsuro has to return to his office as a zombie. “Tried filing a noise complaint?”
He was about to, one week into the couple’s constant spats, but hearing them scream at the top of their lungs at each other about money troubles and barely keeping themselves afloat stayed his hand. Tetsuro knows how difficult it is to get an apartment in his building, a prime position near the business district at a reasonable price. He also knows his neighbors to an extent, at least what they do for a living as a preschool teacher and a struggling musician. As much as he needs his sleep, he’s not so heartless as to put them out on the streets. “It’s fine,” he promises as he downs the rest of his coffee. “I’ve been living next door to these guys for almost two years now and they’ve always seemed happy before this. They’ll work through it and I then I can get some sleep.”
“If you say so,” Kenma says but he still stares down and shakes his head at the next waitress who tries to approach them with a pot of coffee.
It’s a month and two weeks in that Tetsuro reconsiders that noise complaint or at least considers gathering his neighbors from the same floor and staging an intervention. Mrs. Mamizuka across the hall has expressed her concerns to Kuroo in the elevator one morning, telling him they’ll surely notice how loud and disturbing they’ve become when they realize she hasn’t been giving them as many of her baked goods as she normally does. And Tanaka who’s taking up residence at the end of their hall has advised him to just go out at night, go to the convenience store next to the building and wait till they tire each other out or go partying with friends.
Oh, to be a college student again.
He’s not even in his mid-twenties and he wishes for the energy he used to have, the kind that could drive him through all his classes on just 3 hours of sleep. Maybe then, he could finish his damned paperwork. Maybe then he wouldn’t fall asleep on the bus and miss his stop.
“Been up working late nights Kuroo-san?” the night guard, Sato asks him when he drags his feet into the lobby after midnight.
Kuroo nods, also wishing he had half the middle aged man’s energy, because even at the latest hours of the night, Sato-san greets every tenant and guest with a smile. Kuroo could only force himself to return it. “Something like that.”
“Well you look pretty tuckered out. You should probably put off whatever you’re working on for the night Kuroo-san.” He wags an index finger like a weather man telling a fact about nature on the news. “Sleep is important you know.”
Doesn’t he know it.
When he crosses the threshold of his apartment, he doesn’t bother turning on the lights. He heads straight for his bedroom and musters up the energy to take off his jacket, tie, socks and shoes. The night is silent, save for a light chorus of crickets outside his window. He’s gotten home later than he would have any other time, a crescent moon sitting just past its peak outside his window. And he hopes, oh does he hope, that it means his neighbors have already fought all they can fight for the night. Or maybe the husband hasn’t come home yet and that’s why it hasn’t started. 
He regrets even thinking of it when he settles into bed and hears the distant sound of a door being unlocked and slammed open.
Tetsuro sighs, already rolling over to each for his messenger bag, his earphones sitting somewhere at the bottom. He stops his rummaging when no bedlam disturbs the night. Footsteps prick his ears but they don’t stomp and aren’t followed by booming voices trying to talk over each other. He rolls back over, leaning towards the wall and hearing nothing. Odd. More shuffling and trudging draw his eye up to the crag ceiling, to the apartment above his.
The kind elderly couple who used to live up there had mentioned wanting to move to the country for months. “The air is fresher there, better for old people like us,” the wife chuckled at him once when he’d helped carry her groceries across the lobby to the elevator. Not a week later, Tetsuro was helping the husband and their son move furniture out, just in time to miss the beginning of a hard spot in their neighbor’s relationship. But whoever has taken their place isn’t so fortunate but then again, maybe it’s him that’s out of luck. In the darkness of his apartment he stares up at the ceiling, brows furrowed.
He prays, prays to whatever kami watches over the luck and serenity of apartment buildings that it isn’t another couple that should’ve broken up yesterday. Hell, he’ll even take a new family with a rowdy kid. At least kids are usually out by 10 with their parents careful not to wake them, not banging on the walls or banging each other. No movie he’s watched or game he’s been in has ever left him in such suspense. After some more shuffling and gentle creak of chair legs against a wood floor, there’s silence. 
Tetsuro sits up, holding his breath.
Tumblr media
“Full moon sways, 
gently in the night of one fine day.”
A car drives by, the doppler effect of it rushing down the street drowning out the first few notes of an acoustic guitar. Deft fingers play with practiced ease but do so with languid movement, catching on the strings more than plucking them. The voice, high and crooning, is the same, beautiful but almost lazy. Tired, he realizes, is a better word; she sounds as tired as he remembers he feels, once all the irritation at his neighbors and frustration with missing his stop ebbs away. Laying back down, he listens.
"On my way,  looking for a moment with my dear. 
Full moon waves, slowly on the surface of the lake. 
You are there, smiling in my arms 
for all those years."
Even as the song switches to strumming with the slightest bit of force, Tetsuro finds himself sinking deeper into his pillow, eyes growing heavy.
"What a fool, I don’t know ‘bout tomorrow, 
or what it’s like to be, Ah,"
He’s never heard the song in his life, neither does he remember enough of his English classes from high school to understand everything, but he doesn’t need to.
"I was sure, I couldn’t let myself go, 
even though I feel, the end."
Her voice and her guitar are muffled by the layers of wood and concrete between them. His window is open to let the cool night air and silver light of the moon in and he can tell hers is as well but she drowns out the chirping of crickets, the cars that drive by and even Tetsuro’s own thoughts as little by little, then all at once, he falls asleep.
"Full moon sways, gently in the night one fine day 
You were there, smiling in my arms,
 for all these years."
When he opens his eyes, it’s slow. Sleep inertia from a deep sleep is always worse but he finds his eyes widening as it goes away in minutes and he feel more rested than he has in years.
He blinks, staring up at the ceiling.
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niamaggie · 7 months ago
100 - Julie and the Phantoms Prompts
In honor of my favorite holiday and one of my more recent obsessions, I have been posting fic prompts over on the Julie and the Phantoms Discord server ( Today I reached a milestone of 100 prompts and decided to masterpost them here. 
Some of these are fluffy, but many are angsty/whumpy, but they’re all ones that have popped off in my brain in the last month or so. Many are of the guys and Julie, but they’re are prompts for pretty much every character. I’ve done my best to put triggers before the actual prompt, but if I’m missing any, please let me know.
These are free to use, however, I do ask that you tag me or send me a message if you decide to fill one since I would love to read it and add it to this list. <3 
Prompt 1: *Triggers - Body Horror* The Phantoms feed off of Julie’s energy to stay corporeal. The more energy, the longer they can stay visible and the easier they can interact with everyone. At first, it’s really great. The guys get to meet everyone officially and things are looking up. But, Julie is having a harder time staying awake and keeping it together. She feels guilty since she loves how the guys are able to enjoy themselves. She doesn’t want to end that for them. Eventually, she can’t keep up anymore and tells them what’s going on. Queue cuddle time to recharge and talk it all out. They decide to slowly build up Julie’s abilities. Bonus: ALL THE CUDDLES
Prompt 2: What if Julie knew Caleb outside of the guys (maybe history with her mom)? What if she considered him family and didn’t realize he was the one causing issues with the guys? They run into each other when Caleb comes after the Orpheum performance expecting the band to take his deal. Julie: “Uncle Caleb?” “Julie?!”
 Prompt 3: *Triggers - Nightmare* Julie has a night terror after the Orpheum performance, thinking the guys are gone. She runs into the studio and the guys are all there sleeping/napping. She breaks down, and just grabs onto them and won’t let go. They all cuddle her to calm her down, telling her they are still there. They all fall asleep on the couch.
 Prompt 4: *Triggers - Child Neglect, Child Mental Abuse, & Anxiety* There’s more to Alex’s story with his family than what Luke said. They don’t just disapprove of him; they outright pretend he doesn’t exist. It gets to a point where he completely breaks down in the studio after having a bad practice day (the kind of day where nothing is going right). Being a ghost, is like what his family did to him, but on a much bigger scale. It’s much harder to deal with... Just want the band to comfort him, please?
Prompt 5: *Triggers - Mental Health* Reggie really, really wants to be able to interact with Julie’s family. Now that they can touch her, he shyly asks if they can officially meet them. “If that’s ok?” “It’s just they..” She beams and says, “ Of course.” Reggie just hugs her super tight with watery eyes.
 Prompt 6: *Triggers - Murder* The hotdog’s weren’t rancid; they were poisoned. Why did someone want Sunset Curve dead? (Not Bobby/Trevor)
 Prompt 7: With all the new found fame for “Julie and the Phantoms”, the band starts amassing quite a fan following. One particular “fan” thinks Julie doesn’t deserve/is good enough to be playing with them. They’re determined that she needs to go. #ProtectiveGhosts.
 Prompt 8: Hanging out with the boys has some perks (especially since they can now touch). With practice, the guys can do a lot more than just poof away. So, they decide to use more ghostly tricks on Julie in their set/show. Julie phasing through the boys like in Bright, teleporting her to different areas of the stage, helping her with magical costume changes?
 Prompt 9: Ray decides he needs to meet the boys, especially after that performance. If nothing else, he just wants to thank them for saving his daughter and his family. When he does meet them (and catches the little things they say about their families), he decides to officially/unofficially adopt them into the family. There is no way he can let any child (let alone these ones) think that no adult is in their corner.
 Prompt 10: The boys being involved with Julie’s family. Simple things like helping set up the dinner table (spots for all of them and Julie’s mom) and talking about their day. Cue, Tia Victoria showing up and being condescending/rude to the family. So, the boys decide a little payback is in order. Meanwhile, the Molinas just sit there and are like “What are you talking about? We didn’t see/hear anything?”.. #TheBoysDon’tPutUpWithThat
 Prompt 11: *Triggers - Physical Abuse* - Julie notices things are off with “Nick”. She can’t explain it, but she knows something isn’t right with him. He’s asking all sorts of questions about the Phantoms, asking who are they, how did you meet, how does it work, etc. Julie tries to brush him off with short answers, but, “Nick” is persistent and he wants what he wants. “Nick” eventually gets fed up with playing nice and grabs Julie’s arms hard enough to leave bruises. Julie gets away after a few moves (there’s no way that girl doesn’t have some killer martial arts moves). She shows up to practice with angry tears. The guys ask what’s wrong, but tells them it’s nothing and tries to start practice. Luke holds her arm and she hisses while taking a half step back. The guys are shocked when Luke pulls up her sleeve and they see the finger-shaped bruises. #ProtectiveGhosts #PissedOffGhosts
Prompt 12: *Triggers - Bullying* What if people did notice Julie talking to thin air? She’s shunned/bullied by everyone at school including Flynn (Julie never gets to sing “Flying Solo” to her). It gets so bad that she runs away after an exceptionally bad day. The boys try to convince her to go home, but she refuses. Feeling guilty, they decide to watch out for her. So, her new life a mix of epic shows at night with the guys, but the reality is she’s still homeless on the streets of LA. Eventually her dad and brother find her (and with some words from the boys about their own regrets), they all take her home.
 Prompt 13: *Triggers - Bullying* One of Carrie’s dancers decides to pick on Julie about her mom, thinking it will put them in better standing with Carrie. Unfortunately for them, that type of “attack” on Julie was the one thing that Carrie won’t stand for. Because even if Carrie and Julie aren’t friends any more, they have a mutual/silent agreement that their moms are off limits. Carrie apologizes to Julie for the attack and says she knows better. They don’t magically end up best friends again, but they’re no longer enemies.
 Prompt 14: *Triggers - Murder* The line in “fit to kill” from “You Got Nothing To Lose” stirs up some ideas because what if Caleb was responsible for the boys deaths? After all, he does seem fixated on them... Maybe he just wants them as more ghosts for his club or as a part of his house band? Maybe it’s more their potential? Either way, the boys ruined his plans by not showing up for 25 years… Good thing he had Willie keep an eye out for them… But then again, he did bargain with Willie for his freedom in exchange for theirs.
 Prompt 15: *Triggers - Child Neglect & Abuse* What if Julie’s family were the opposite from cannon because they blame her for her mother’s death? … If only, Julie hadn’t needed a ride from voice lessons and a reckless driver was actually paying attention… Julie connects with the boys on another level since none of them have good families. They become each other’s found family instead.
 Prompt 16: There are consequences for using the likenesses of the deceased. What happens when Julie and the Phantoms get CEASE & DESIST notices from the boys’ families? What do they do since they can’t play/preform?
 Prompt 17: Julie and Flynn think it’s time that the boys got some new clothes and personal items. Queue ghostly shenanigans at the mall/stores with all three of them.
 Prompt 18: Actual Witch Julie! She meant to summon her mom (also a witch), but accidently summoned the guys. Oops. She tries again using part of “Wake Up” lyrics to talk to her mom, but it doesn’t go anywhere… Julie’s best gift is her voice, good thing she’s working on her enchanting skills.
 Prompt 19: *Triggers - Injury* Concussion – Julie has an accident and has some retrograde amnesia of the last few months, meaning she doesn’t remember meeting the guys. How do you explain to someone that you’re ghosts, but only you can see them unless you’re preforming together? “Like how?! That doesn’t make any sense?!” Just want the guys trying a couple of different ways to convince her, but Julie is being stubborn. Think first scene of them together, but more denial and more of “Stop talking to them. They’re not real. There’s no such thing as cute ghosts.”
 Prompt 20: Comic Con?! Julie and the Phantoms go to Comic Con (either as guests or maybe as performers?). They’re all super excited, but Reggie can’t contain himself. How can he with all the costumes, the artists, and the actors. Hello?! “There’s so much to see!” Plus, how much mischief can they get into? 😉
 Prompt 21: Rules/Boundaries – You know how Julie keeps mentioning boundaries and the guys keep breaking them? She decides to come up with a list to keep in the studio… Honestly, I would just like to see little moments where the guys keep breaking Julie’s rules. Could be a 5+1 fic, where most of them are comedic, but the last one is gut-wrenching?
 Prompt 22: What if Julie was more physically connected to the guys? Like when she’s sick, they’re sick, etc. And what if they start showing signs of aging like their hair getting longer as months go by? What does that mean?
 Prompt 23: Julie starts experiencing shooting chest pains. At first, she brushes it off, but they’re getting worse. During practice, she gets another one, only this time she can’t take in a breath. Can the boys help her?
 Prompt 24: When the guys are “preforming” at Caleb’s club, Julie goes looking for them. When she finds them, she can tell they’re in trouble and decides to crash the party. She helps free the guys and everyone else from Caleb’s clutches with a musical number of her own. Without the other ghosts feeding his abilities, Caleb fades away into nothing.
 Prompt 25: Birthdays – Would love to see everyone else’s birthday moments, but with Julie and the Molina family? Maybe a little angst since I don’t think Reggie or Alex’s family really celebrated theirs and here are the Molinas stepping up for some boys who are eternally 17?
 Prompt 26: *Triggers - Body Horror, Human Remains, Murder* The guys are feeling pain again, but it’s all over, and it feels - different and wrong. It takes a few days to find out why. On the news, are their photos. They’re bodies are being exhumed as their deaths have been reopened as possible homicides.
 Prompt 27: Band Life – Just a little cut scene where everyone is doing warm-ups. But, I really want to see the guys helping Alex stretch before (since apparently drummers can get terrible muscle aches/cramps).
 Prompt 28: Holidays – Just imagine the guys’ first holidays with Julie’s family. All the usual cheesiness, but must include a trip to the mountains and a snowball fight.
 Prompt 29: Sleepover – It’s late and the band decides to have a sleepover in the studio. After a bit, it turns very deep and emotional. It becomes a really eye-opening experience for Julie as she learns more about her bandmates and they her.
 Prompt 30: *Triggers - Allergic Reaction* Food - The boys are very protective of what the Molina family eats. I’m talking they will throw out, reheat, overcook food if the food is at all questionable. One day, they throw out Julie’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich “because the jam looked off”. So, they make her a peanut butter and fluff one, too bad that they didn’t know Julie’s allergic to corn (which can also be used to make marshmallows).
 Prompt 31: *Triggers - Cheating* The guys ask Julie what the situation is with Carrie and why she’s seems to be out to get her? Julie explains that they used to be best friends before Carrie’s mother cheated on her dad and Carrie caught her in the act. “After that, Carrie was gone from school one week and it was like her personality changed overnight into this plastic I’m-better-than-you robot. I tried talking to her, but she ignored me for months. Anytime I tried, she pretty much just harassed me to go away. Then my mom got sick and then she died. I just didn’t have the energy to keep trying.”
 Prompt 32: Julie singing in Spanish and the guys being in awe.
 Prompt 33: *Triggers - Death of a Parent & Grief* Rose’s death… How did she die? What were the Molinas like in the first year after her death?
 Prompt 34: Something where the Julie is being interviewed and has to describe the guys and they her?
Luke – Contagious, Sensitive, Intense
Reggie – Lovable, Goofball, Questionable
Alex – Loyal, Emotional, Careful
Julie – Gifted, Fiery, Thoughtful  
 Prompt 35: Luke singing “Unsaid Emily” acoustically for a show (Julie did reach out to the Pattersons beforehand).
 Prompt 36: *Triggers - Illness* Julie having to perform while she is seriously sick. The guys try to convince her to postpone, but she’s being stubborn. She continues the show until she literally collapses at the end of it. The guys are worried and take her home afterwards to recuperate.
 Prompt 37: I really want a protective Flynn fic where she doesn’t trust the boys after they ditch Julie and her at the dance. She makes them work hard to make it up to them.
 Prompt 38: *Triggers - Character Death* What if Rose was the one who found the guys after the rancid hotdogs and called 9-1-1?
 Prompt 39: *Triggers - Injury* The jolts happen to Julie instead of the guys. Despite the guys being the ones cursed, every jolt is felt by Julie instead and she gets weaker and weaker. What better blackmail and incentive to the guys need to join Caleb’s club?
 Prompt 40: *Triggers - Possession & Stalking* The guys notice possessed Nick stalking Julie at school and eventually her house/studio. #PhantomBodyguards
 Prompt 41: *Triggers - Bullying* What if Carrie witnessed Flynn and Julie being bullied by another student? Something in her snaps and she rips the bully a new one before helping Flynn and Julie.
 Prompt 42: With Julie’s help, Luke is able to track down Reggie’s and Alex’s families as a surprise/gift. He wants to give them the same closure that Julie gave to him.
 Prompt 43: Role reversal – After a performance, Julie is the one to poof out.
 Prompt 44: What if Julie was a medium (since birth) and was trying to talk to her mom, but can’t? Instead, she got the guys?
 Prompt 45: *Triggers - Physical Child Abuse, Child Emotional Abuse, Child Mental Abuse, Child Neglect* The boys’ lives are a lot darker than canon. Reggies’s are physically abusive, Alex’s are emotionally/mentally abusive, Luke’s are neglectful/never around. 3+1 (Molina family being awesome).
 Prompt 46: *Triggers - Suicidal Thoughts & Ideation* Reggie was suicidal before having found a family with Luke and Alex (and then Julie and her family). He looks back on where he was and where he is now. “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.” And “All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.”– both Robin Williams
 Prompt 47: Julie is the new student at school, but the guys are still ghosts. How would it play out if no one knew Julie before “Bright”?
 Prompt 48: JATP are being interviewed (virtually) and the interviewer starts asking inappropriate questions about Julie and the guys’ relationship. Julie is clearly upset (as are the guys). It gets so bad, the guys decide to disconnect and refuse to continue. Afterwards, they cuddle Julie and talk about it.
 Prompt 49: A lifer from Caleb’s club sees a JATP performance and are not happy to be paying for an exclusive ghost experience only to find it available for free. As time goes on, more and more lifers are refusing to go to Caleb’s club until it’s an actual “ghost town”.
 Prompt 50: Bobby/Trevor is a lifer at Caleb’s club.
 Prompt 51: *Triggers - Murder* Bobby/Trevor made a deal with a ghost in 1995. Help him become famous now and in return, he will join his ghost club after his death. Too bad Bobby/Trevor didn’t read the fine print. He didn’t just sell his soul.
 Prompt 52: Battle of Wills – Julie goes to Caleb’s club and tricks him into letting the boys and Willie, by intimidating him with her “powers”. Something like, “If I can do this now as a lifer, I wonder what else could I do?” Caleb would then threaten her life and Julie would reply that she would just come back as an even more powerful ghost and make his afterlife a nightmare. Instead of his nightly parties, it’ll be nightly riots. Caleb eventually agrees to let the boys go in exchange that they (and Julie) never enter his club again. After being freed, they meet up back at the studio and the guys are in shock. They can’t believe she did that. Julie responds saying, she couldn’t just leave them behind. They’re her band, her family. Plus, it’s not like she has any actual powers that could take on Caleb… Or does she? #BADASSJULIE
 Prompt 53: *Triggers - Murder & Body Horror* What if Caleb took more than souls? Turns out he drains the life of the living to run his club, and then takes your soul as part of his deal. The drain isn’t a part of the deal, but rather a consequence of going to the club itself. The more often you go to get answers about the other side, the closer you are to joining it.
 Prompt 54: *Triggers - Murder* What if Julie was also a ghost? A terrified ghost who doesn’t remember how she died. Her mom is still alive and her family still lives in their house, but they’re more zombies than people. Julie can’t interact at all with them unless she’s playing with the guys. The guys try to help her remember as her family grieves. As time passes, Julie gets flashes of memory of her death or rather, her murder. She was killed in the studio by Bobby/Trevor after discovering he stole Sunset Curve’s songs. It isn’t the first time he’s killed…
 Prompt 55: *Triggers - Death of a Parent & Grief* Before Julie played their CD and the guys appeared, changing her life forever, she was just a girl grieving for her mom. One day, something sparks her to laugh. A laugh that makes her feel so light, that’s she’s floating only to crash down to earth when she realizes her mom won’t ever laugh like that again… Julie refuses to laugh if her mother can’t… Just want something where someone tells Julie that it’s ok to laugh again.
 Prompt 56: How did Alex and Luke find out about Jar Jar? 😉
 Prompt 57: *Triggers - Bullying* Carrie’s getting harassed by someone and breaks down after a Dirty Candi number. Julie sees it (or maybe Alex spots it and tells her) and puts a stop to it and defends Carrie and her performance. It leads to Carrie sticking up for Julie a couple of days/weeks later, and it slowly leads back to a road of friendship.
 Prompt 58: *Triggers - Possible Injury* (Before 1x9) In his excitement to catch ghosts, Carlos sets up a trap for the guys, but Julie gets caught in the crosshairs. Option A: She’s more annoyed then injured. Sibling hijinks ensues. Option B: She gets hurt and Carlos has to help her. Either way, the guys apologize for making her life harder and antagonizing Carlos.
 Prompt 59: *Triggers - Injury* Julie gets a concussion at school (I’m thinking gym class). She’s extremely confused, which the nurse warns is normal but also gives her a list of protocols to follow. Julie gets home and can’t see the guys, but she can hear them. She doesn’t understand what’s going on and gets very frustrated with them and herself. As she starts to cry, she asks for her mom.
 Prompt 60: *Triggers - Possession* You know how Flynn yells at demon and Carrie responds? What if Carrie was actually a demon? Think Buzzfeed Unsolved (fandom) head canon with Shane, a demon posing as a human, and Ryan, as the unsuspecting human.
 Prompt 61:  *Triggers - Medical Condition* Julie arrives home after school with a migraine that’s been building all day. Everything boils over when she steps into the kitchen and Ray’s cooking dinner. She heads right for him and seeks comfort. The guys are a bit lost, but are quiet as Ray whispers to Julie.
 Prompt 62: *Triggers - Character Death & Missing Characters* What if the guys don’t actually know how they died? And what if, their bodies were never found and that they’re still considered “missing”? How would that change things?
 Prompt 63: I can see this falling under Witch!Julie, but it doesn’t have to? Julie marked the boys by gifting them Dahlia pins (which they wear with pride) before they visit Caleb’s club. He goes to mark them on the night of the dance, but the stamp doesn’t “stick” and his other powers don’t work on them. He makes up some excuse, but he decides to investigate. He goes to the house and confronts Julie. He tries to pull on his usual bag of tricks, but they don’t work on her either. Caleb threatens her, “I’ll get them one way or another.” “I wouldn’t bet on it.” “Haven’t you heard, all bets on me?” “Yeah, the odds aren’t in your favor.” “Who do you think you are?!” “Julie Molina, from Julie and the Phantoms. You... obviously don’t get out much.” #FlusteredCaleb
 Prompt 64: After a couple of weeks of constant late-night rehearsals, gigs, and studying for finals, Julie can’t keep her head up during band practice. She keeps nodding off at the piano, blinking rapidly, and shaking herself to try to stay awake. The guys stop playing after the nth time Julie slows down or misses a cue. They decide that it’s time for her to go to bed. They drag her to her room and with strict instructions to change, go to bed, and that she has to sleep in tomorrow until noon.
 Prompt 65: Slang Exchange – Flynn and Julie teach the guys 2020’s slang while the guys teach them early 90’s slang. They each keep explaining more obscure and crazy words/phrases until it turns into a friendly competition of each era’s craziest terms.
 Prompt 66: In Julie’s dance class, they’re given their mid-term or final exam where each person must preform 3 different styles of dance with a partner. Julie asks if the dances can be performed with people outside the class or even multiple someone’s and the teacher agrees as long as the person or persons are there on the day of the exam. Julie asks the guys to help her since they have such distinct body moves/styles. Examples: Hip-Hop, Rumba, Salsa, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Swing, Tap, Foxtrot, Jive, Tango, etc.
 Prompt 67: *Triggers - Physical Child Abuse & Scarring* Julie walks into the studio after school and sees that only Reggie is there and he’s changing his shirt. It’s not an usual sight to have Luke or even Alex change shirts in front of her, but Reggie had always been a little shyer. When she sees his back, she now knows why. There are a lot of thick old scars near his spine. When she drops her bag in shock, Reggie gets spooked and poofs out. Julie then spends the next few hours anxiously waiting for him to come back. When Luke and Alex later poof in and see her distress, she explains what she saw. Luke and Alex exchange looks and Alex tells Luke to go talk to him while he explains things to Julie.
 Prompt 68: Ever notice the amount of jewelry the guys have? I would just like to see the stories behind how they got them, particularly their necklaces? My head cannon is that the necklaces are gifts from each other over the years.
 Prompt 69: *Triggers - Mental Health* Five times Julie can’t touch the boys when they needed comfort and the one time (and more), she can after the Orpheum show.
 Prompt 70: *Triggers - Mental Health* After Julie can touch the guys and after Ray and Carlos know about them, the Molina family decides to surprise them with their first family meal. The guys are super happy, but a little worried. The last two times they ate, things didn’t end well (the hotdogs and Caleb’s club). The idea of being able to food or being able to eat, feels… tarnished?... #FamilyComfort
 Prompt 71: JatP debuts a new song and they decide to switch things up, literally. One second everyone is in their normal position, the next everyone is playing a different instrument and killing it. For example, Alex on guitar, Julie on bass, Reggie on piano, Luke on drums.
 Prompt 72: *Triggers - Death of a Spouse* Can we have a Ray and Rose moment like Amelia and Dr. Harvey from Casper (the scene with the red dress)? One where they tell each other how much they love and miss each other?
 Prompt 73: *Triggers - Mental Health* During the day while Julie is at school, Luke is in Julie’s room. He knows he shouldn’t, but he’s been feeling off and being in her room makes him feel better. But, the more he looks over her pictures and reads through the writing on her desk (he learned his lesson about breaking her trust with looking in her dream box), the more he feels guilty when he can see all the good memories in them. He feels so guilty because it feels like everything wrong or that has gone wrong lately is his fault – running out on his parents, having the idea to eat the hotdogs, making Julie’s life difficult by making her lie to her family, needing to get revenge against Bobby/Trevor, which led them to Caleb and missing the dance, which breaks Julie’s trust, almost not making it to the Orpheum show… He just keeps spiraling until Alex and Reggie come looking for him.
 Prompt 74: After that magic hug, Julie takes note of the guys Orpheum outfits.
 Prompt 75: *Triggers - Mental Health* Empath!Julie. She feels things on a deeper level and can sense what other people are feeling. She channels her emotions through her music and it’s why it feels so alive. It’s why her family has been so worried about her not playing music for nearly a year. She was so shut down, they feared they would lose her too… When the guys show up, she isn’t ready to open herself up emotionally to them. It’s also why she can’t touch them. As time goes on and she opens a bit and she tries to touch them, it doesn’t work because she’s not strong enough yet. It’s only after “Stand Tall” that she allows herself to be vulnerable/strong enough at the same time that she can touch them.
 Prompt 76: During “Perfect Harmony”, when Luke says, “Step into my world”, Julie actually steps into the ghost world. After that, she can see more than just the guys and now sees ghosts everywhere.
 Prompt 77: *Triggers - Food Hoarding & Child Neglect* The guys were food starved before the hotdogs. Reggie’s family was poor and couldn’t afford enough good food at home. Luke didn’t have much money for food after running away from home nearly six months before he died. Alex wasn’t welcome at home, let alone the dinner table.
 Prompt 78: *Triggers - Graphic Murder, Possession, Medical Condition, Possible Medical Disability* This one is gruesome and it’s based on a nightmare… Caleb possesses Nick a little earlier than cannon. He still goes over to the Molina’s with flowers and rings the doorbell. When Julie opens the door, he slashes her throat and then stabs her. He runs as Julie staggers with her hands on her throat and torso. Ray hears her struggles and rushes over, yelling for Carlos to call 9-1-1. The guys try to keep Julie calm and in the present. They follow the Molina’s to the hospital, where Julie is placed in a coma. She’ll live, but her ability to talk, let alone sing is unknown. Meanwhile, the police think it was a crazy fan because of the dropped flowers.
 Prompt 79: *Triggers - Body Horror* What if Caleb’s stamp only caused the guys pain if they’re playing their instruments or preforming outside of his club? Being unable to perform is excruciating, but spending their afterlives as Caleb’s puppets isn’t enough/real either. Which leads to Luke’s words, “No music is worth making Julie, if we’re not making it with you.”
 Prompt 80: *Triggers - Body Horror & Nightmares* Caleb haunts Julie’s nightmares and causes her to sleepwalk into danger. Think the nightmare scene in “Anastasia” where Anya nearly jumps off the ship thinking she’s jumping into a lake to see her family. Who/what does Julie see? Who/what wakes her?
 Prompt 81: Halloween special! The Molina family are a bunch of werewolves. Can you imagine the craziness when the guys realize what they are? The questions they might ask (particularly with Alex’s “softer touch”)?
 Prompt 82: *Triggers - Mental Health* Reggie’s biggest fear is being alone and the absolute worst thing you can do is ignore him. His parents used to do it all the time to punish him. So much that, he felt like a ghost long before he died. The only thing that kept him afloat were the guys, and now Julie with her family… After a bad day of flashbacks of his old life, all he wants is to be with his new family.
 Prompt 83: *Triggers - Child Neglect, Child Mental Abuse, Child Emotional Abuse, Mental Health, & Anxiety* The feeling of not being enough, let alone good enough is something that haunts Alex constantly. He was a good kid, who had good grades, never talked back or caused trouble. He helped out around the house and did everything his parents asked of him… So, why wasn’t he enough for them?
 Prompt 84: *Triggers - Mental Health* Julie comes home upset and runs into Alex. He stops her and talks to her. Over time, he calms her down enough to explain what happened. She does and he hugs her as he tells her that she can always come to him. After all, a big brother always looks after their little sister.
 Prompt 85: *Triggers - Body Injury/Horror* Some thing a little different? What if the guys didn’t know how they died (or anything about their past really)? What if they only knew their music/instruments, their friendship, their first names, and not much else? It’s pretty much a foggy mist when they push too hard. Julie has to play detective to figure out who the guys were and what happened to them. She still loves music, but she’s not ready to play/sing quite yet. I just imagine Julie in the studio trying to piece together bits and pieces of information to dig into the mystery of who the guys were/are.
 Prompt 86: Artist!Julie. She’s obviously a creative soul and I can just see her drawing the guys in their element. And also sketching them how she sees them in normal everyday activities in their afterlives.
 Prompt 87: Julie walks in on the guys hanging out with her family. She realizes that the guys are more than family to just her. Her family is their family too and she loves them all the more for it. Later, she gives the guys extra hugs/cuddles.
 Prompt 88: *Triggers - Stalking* After a gig, Julie is harassed outside by a creep. The guys poof to her wondering what the hold up is. They end up scaring the creep off by becoming visible and corporeal. The creep is terrified.
 Prompt 89: Willie teaching Alex the choreography to “The Other Side of Hollywood”. As Alex opens up and allows himself to relax, he teaches Willie some dance moves.
 Prompt 90: The guys help Julie and Flynn study for finals. Luke – English and Music Theory, Reggie – Calculus and Chemistry, Alex – Social Studies and History
 Prompt 91: *Triggers - Mental Health* Reggie overhears Julie talking to Flynn on the phone about being a waste and thinks they’re talking about him… He’s obviously very upset and decides to leave, but not before leaving goodbye notes/gifts for everyone. It takes over a day for Luke and Alex to track him down and bring him home.
 Prompt 92: *Triggers - Illness & Mental Health* Burnt Out!Julie. Suffering dehydration, exhaustion, and just feeling overwhelmed, Julie isn’t sure how much more she can take. The guys step up and force her to take a break. They may be ghosts (sorta), but she’s still human and she needs to rest.
 Prompt 93: During a Molina family dinner, the guys are curious to what they’re having and Julie replies it’s ____, her mom’s favorite dish. The conversation stalls, and the guys offer up some of their favorite dishes (and least favorite) to help ease the tension.
 Prompt 94: *Triggers - Racism/Sexism & Mental Health* Someone says something bad or gives a backhanded compliment to Julie about her looks, but compliments the guys. The guys are horrified/disgusted with that person.
 Prompt 95: Family Game Night – The Molina family, Flynn, and 3 ghosts play classic board games (think Twister, Monopoly, Payday, Clue, Uno, Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Taboo, Jenga). I just keep imagining Alex with his “let someone with a softer touch” and being the most competitive one.
 Prompt 96: *Triggers - Mental Health* Julie writes a song about missed opportunities in honor of the guys. The first time she plays it for them, the guys just break down. After that, they decide it needs to be part of their set list with an acoustic version.
 Prompt 97: For a school project, Julie has to take a play and then write a song about it, however, they’re not allowed to say which play it is or name any characters. After the songs are presented, the class gets to guess what play it is for extra credit. She’s given Romeo and Juliet… And she knows exactly what to write about.
 Prompt 98: Alex being introduced to Adam Lambert. That’s it, that’s the prompt.
 Prompt 99: *Triggers - Mental Health* When Julie calls Luke out for only thinking about himself before walking away, her words hit a lot harder than in cannon. Luke poofs away and breaks down because he knows she’s right… Because all he can think about right now is how much he misses his parents… Just want more expansion from Luke’s POV.
 Prompt 100: *Triggers - Possession & Injury* When Nick starts acting weird, Julie grabs his arm to get his attentions. She let’s go immediately because her hand feels like it’s on fire as Nick screams in pain. Something is not right… She realizes it’s not Nick and forces Caleb to release him. Julie and Caleb both feel the burning pain, but Caleb gives up first. He’s forgotten what actual pain felt like and vacates Nick’s body.
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shadsiethewriter · 10 months ago
Trapped in a toxic fandom?
Do you ever feel like you’re “trapped in a fandom” because the canon itself has gotten your attention, or certain characters within it that you can’t stop thinking about, relating to, and loving, but the FANDOM part of it has gotten really, really toxic and you just feel like “Help, I wish something else would catch my eye or my brain would just god-damn concentrate on my original stuff?”   I’m like here, thinking OH, DAMN, IT’S HAPPENED AGAIN!   When I was into Trigun fandom... I felt this.  Granted, some of my troubles in Trigun fandom were my own damn fault because I was subject to stupid prejudices that I no longer carry (and was getting a crash course in my young adulthood of “don’t like don’t read”) and it unfortunately conflated with me getting a toxic friend in the fandom who was a gaslighting narcissist whom I finally stood up to thanks to finding someone in my life who helped me start respecting myself..but, eh, whatever.  The entire fandom had a lot of seriously stupid crap going on in it.  Heck, if you just read a couple of posts down on my page, you’ll see me asking a question of a current Trigun manga-fan site regarding the weird-ass scanslations of old and debacles with that.  I don’t know what the state of current Trigun fandom is, but back in the day when the manga was still actively being written and the anime was still somewhat new, it was insane, and in places, very toxic.  (I acknowledge my own complicity in the toxicity).  I got to a point where I hated being in the fandom and desperately wanted an “out,” but I just wasn’t interested enough in anything to have a new fandom.   Until I played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, then... well,  I wound up revisiting a childhood love for LoZ and going full-bore into fandom for over a decade and I still do Zelda fanwork today.  (Mostly fanart now, but I think I’ll get back into fanfic here eventually).  I was sort of whisked away by other Nintendo games and... the next now-toxic fandom I am about to talk about.  I am...forever grateful to LoZ for drawing my attention away from Trigun and being a major fandom.  I need something like that again.  Here’s hoping that the assholes scalping Switches will stop so I can get one and play the reboot of Link’s Awakening and the sequel to Breath of the Wild when it comes out and I’ll be back on the horse / Epona again!   Currently, I find myself in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom, which started out pretty easygoing, but became damn toxic dam quick.  I’m not even on Twitter, where the worst of it is said to be and kind of stick to happy sub-fandom / specific character-fandom bubbles on tumblr, Discord and Ao3, but there is spillover.  I just had to have the “luck” of latching onto a controversial ship (and being one of the First Ones, heh, heh, to do so).  I think I’m so far into it because it started out a crackship for me (and just about everyone who was shipping it early on) and then it became canon, which is like whoa!  It’s like, yes, I do like the main ship of the series, but I am not as “into” it because I saw it from the beginning whereas “crack made real,” particularly with characters that interested me more from the beginning than the mains is what grabbed me.  But, there is a large faction of the fandom who would peg me as a literal fascist for liking the ship and especially for my love of a particular character, because apparently “I think the villain is neat / interesting” is something that modern Western cartoon audiences are not familiar with?  (All ya’ll need to experience some anime and gaming fandom, ducklings).   Seriously, no one in gaming fandom has ever accused Ganondorf-fans of being *actually evil* in real life.  Christ on a Cracker...  Honestly, in that fandom, some of Ganon’s dedicated fanartists and fanfic writers are the most respected in the fandom.  Seriously, look up fanfiction writer Seldavia. Their work is great.   I certainly have never heard of anyone accusing all of us who were excited as hell to have Ganondorf as a playable-character in Hyrule Warriors doing a fun conquest story-let path of being Trump voters.   But apparently, if you like Hordak...  Just Christ on a Cracker!   And... apparently it’s all spiling over to Entrapta, too?  And... FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKITY, FUCK-FUCK one of the voice actors on the show, the one who played the main character is making jokes about that that are just blind and tone-deaf and “You didn’t even pay attention to the rest of the cast, did you?” and argh.  Oh, and the director, showrunner has been making commentary that indicates that her memories of the show she created are different than the show we all actually watched.  (I have pointed out as an originals-creator, myself, that creators are not infallible and some of us can and do, indeed, forget parts of our own canon if we haven’t revisited it in a while or have a blind-spot in writing.  It’s why editors are gold).  In fact, having been in both original-creator realms and fan-realm, I’m more or less convinced that fans have a way of becoming more dedicated to and attentive of material than creators of origin are.  Unless you have some kind of Trump-sized ego, you’re never going to be as obsessed with your own work as other people / fans are. They’re the ones who pick out little details you may have forgotten about. Outside-view.   But, yeah, it’s one thing if the fandom itself is toxic, it seems like it’s extra-toxic when the creators spend too much time in fandom circles and act like fans. They try to come up with their own “fannish” theories and jokes that they, themselves don’t take seriously, but fan communities DO, because they are creators and everything devolves into fighting and a big mess!   Death of the Author is a concept that exists for a reason and this damn fandom is making me more convinced of it than ever.   Seriously, just give interviewers who ask you questions a few answers as to your creative process, then LET IT GO.  Don’t try to be an online-fandom “fan” of your own work, it only ends in tears.  Just move onto other projects, please!  ESPECIALLY if you aren’t as familiar with a specific character that you DID NOT WRITE and DID NOT ACT FOR and don’t, apparently, care too much about.  You’re going to cheese off the fans of that character who pay some gorram attention to them when you get shit wrong about them!   And how the fuck does someone get a character who is blatantly drawn in color’s entire race wrong?  I mean... whafuck?   Stop drinking the bongwater, or hitting the whiskey or mixing up your meds or spending too much time in the sun or whatever.   And yeah, bottom line, it hurts to still be invested in a fandom where even a fair number of the important creators have essentially become toxic fans who ruin it for other fans.  It especially hurts because it is hard to separate a character’s actor from their character and you start thinking “Does Character-A really think that awful, inaccurate shit about my Favorite Character?”  And it borks you up if you’re a fanfiction writer who is trying to write Character A with attention to their personality as displayed in canon and sympathy.   And... ugh... I just want out.  I want out, but I’m still too interested in the show I saw and especially in the fandom sub-circles / villain-fan circles that I’m in.   I just want my brain to latch onto another thing so I can move on.   Come on, Switch, become affordable to me / affordable for someone to get me one as a gift so I can go full-bore into Hyrule again!  Or maybe I just need to replay some of the old games.  I haven’t done a good Wind Waker fic in a while...  Already thinking of firing up another playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening because I love that army of quirksters so damn much (even re-read a chapter of a dark fanfic I loved I could get back into that).  Just one more chapter on my Hordak-centric WIP. Maybe then my brain will free itself.    Damn... I’ve got an all-OC cast shortfic in mind, too. Maybe I need to do that first before I am free.      
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todayninafeels · 11 months ago
July 9, 2020
Sooooo,, I haven’t really been keeping up with the Cute Campaign recently.  For about a month, actually.  Most of it probably has to do with being inside all day, every day, but also my motivation has been slipping.  I wanna go places, but I feel this undeniable duty to keep others safe by doing the exact opposite of that.  Man, if only the libraries were open and, you know, we didn’t have a pandemic or whatever going on.
It’s been almost four months since the last day of normalcy, March 13.  We’ve been through a lot, and it seems like the United States is going to keep doing this for a long time.  I don’t feel like ranting about people who are “protesting” against mandatory mask policies because... it’s dumb?  Stupid?  Also don’t feel like talking about the spread of disintegration related to racial relations.  Lots of people are very angry.
So, updates.  I guess the biggest one is that I’ve started writing again.  I decided that my twenty-something episode superhero/journalist series was a bit ambitious for a first project (though I am in love with the concept and would love to produce it one day after I get at least one other drama under my belt), so I told the friends that I asked to be actors that they’d have to wait on that one.  It sort of sucks because I had put six months of ideas and plotting into it, so it had been fairly fleshed out plot-wise (there were still a few wishy-washy episodes that needed to be stronger, but for the most part I had everything set).  I would like to work on another idea, but I don’t have a serial drama idea at the moment that would translate well to audio-only in a seven to ten episode run.  My puzzle-friend wrote out a line last night that potentially could be used... I’ll look into it.
Anyway I really wanted to use this summer to hit the ground running with audio stuff, but my reflective (and mildly fearful) nature sort of pushed me off course.  However!!  I’ve been ramping up the research, and I think I’ve found a way around the writer’s block related to creating an all-new serial: a somewhat connected anthology!  I’m in the process of writing folktale-style stories for a bard to tell to her medieval-esque fantasy audiences in taverns.  I plan to develop a YouTube channel for the production company I’m making with which all of these stories will be associated.  Now, I know I could probably publish these stories as fiction podcasts rather than on YouTube, but this is more of a test than anything else.  More information coming soon (of course, to maintain my thin veil of anonymity on this blog, I will not be sharing the link to anything I make, but maybe I’ll, uh, rave about a fantastic new audio drama that everyone should check out, if you catch my drift.
I’m also planning to use Google Sites to host my first website for my little production company.  It’s free and has simple web design tools, but it looks as though I’ll be able to embed whatever I’d need.  I’m thinking about continuing my use of the Canva free version to make graphic designs for the little production company too.  The Pro version is $120 a year which is probably not too bad, but I don’t think I’ll need that.  I think the main thing I like about the Pro version is the ability to resize any design into any format, from youtube thumbnail to insta story to facebook header.  But we’re thrifty up in this joint, so Imma try free versions of everything before I start paying for stuff.  Anyway, my little production company doesn’t officially have a name.  I have a few names in mind (my moms ideas lol), but I think I’m going to need opinions in addition to my parents’.  Maybe I’ll send a poll into the discord.
Speaking of discord, my puzzle-friend does this thing sometimes where he’ll just sit muted in one of our discord voice channels and listen to music.  I like to join when people are doing that because why not?  So I join the channel, mute myself, and then we sort of just start telling Groovy (our music bot) to play cinematic music?  Ambient, game soundtrack, scorecore, the works.  And, uh, then my dancer-friend joins, probably confused at the lack of talking, and she just chills.  Then my photo-friend (who’s starting a YouTube channel of his own, by the way), followed by my DnD-friend and my cello-friend, joins and it’s just a silent-ish party in the chat to the theme of cinematic music.  A bit odd?  Sure.  But I loved it.
I think today or tomorrow will be the day when I finish my swing dress.  I want to be done with that thing.  Last night I sewed a buttonhole by hand (six or so layers of fabric was too much for my sewing machine (and nearly too much for my fingertips)) and it turned out half-decent!  All I have left to sew are the other buttonholes and the buttons to go in them, then it’s over.  And then I think I’ll start on my SCA stuff maybe?
You heard me right, Society for Creative Anachronism.  I went to my first two events (Bardic Circles!) last weekend, and everyone was super sweet!  And, uh, I was definitely the youngest person in the googlemeets/discord calls.  But that was something I had been anticipating, so I guess it was just a little jarring to actually, you know, have it happen?  I didn’t turn on my camera or anything, by the way, because you never know how people will act before they find out you’re black.  My DnD friend and I would like to go to an in-person event when Ms. Rona decides to skip town.  I’d love to work my way up to being able to go to Pennsic for at least a week one year.  That means I’ve got to develop quite a few wardrobe pieces, from chemises to kirtles to accessories.  I think one of the coolest parts about SCA is their emphasis on learning.  The members teach what they know to other members, and nothing is really for show, unlike a Ren Faire (which I also want to make at least one outfit for).  They’re dressing up to amuse themselves.  I think I’ll probably try both the SCA and a less-serious LARP of some sort, though I really am thankful to my DnD-friend for introducing me to SCA.
I think... that’s about it?  If I don’t start SCA sewing then I’ll probably try to upcycle this maxi skirt I never wear into a two-piece crop top mini skirt outfit that I will also never wear.  It’ll be sewing practice though, and that’s what I need right now.
Today I’m thankful for... I’m thankful that I finally got over myself and went on ahead and sewed that buttonhole.  I honestly just needed to get it done.
And that’s all there is on that.
I can’t wait for me to have my life together.  
Or maybe I just need to gain the confidence to get it together now.
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