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#[oh no moon I'm going cracked again...]
ncumenia · 2 years ago
❝It appears our dearest Chatterbox has finally lost her tongue. Colour me impressed.❞ ( >:) )
ernye.exe is still not working.
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"Sorry, sorry--" she kicked the door shut behind herself. "I know I'm late--"
"Sundown was five minutes ago!" her sister yelled back from the kitchen. Anna emerged a moment later, whipping a baggie of gelt at her head like it was a baseball.
"Yeah, well, God gives New Yorkers a ten minute grace period because he gets what the subway can be like," Abi fired back, ducking the gelt as she stripped off her scarf and jacket. "Candles ready?"
"Some of us have our shit together." Anna jerked her chin, a flash of amusement crossing her face. She flicked off the light in the kitchen, leaving them with the light of the moon and the city coming through the open blinds of the window. "Lighter's hiding in the side table drawer."
Abi raised her eyebrows, crouching next to the couch to rifle through the drawer. "Why?"
"Three guesses. The first two can't have opposable thumbs."
"Aw, Colonel Furry," Abi cooed, turning to look at the massive tabby cat sprawled across the nearest pillow. He was watching her with one green eye cracked, tail lashing with curiosity. "Did you try to set the apartment on fire again?"
"Sundown was six minutes ago, now," Anna reminded her, tapping at her wrist as if she'd worn a watch any time in the last seven years, and Abi stuck her tongue out at her as she reached out to boop the Colonel's nose.
The swipe he took at her hand drew blood. That's what she got for being a loving cat mother.
"Alright, alright--" It took her two tries to start up the lighter, and Anna snorted, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, fuck off, alright?" Abi lit the shamash and cleared her throat.
Anna joined in as she sang, their voices hushed in the dim light of the apartment. It's not like they couldn't have had a light or two on--but it made it more special, shoulder to shoulder in the darkness, lighting the cheap wax candles she'd had to scramble to purchase the previous afternoon, when she'd cracked the extra box she'd purchased the year before and found the candles all melted together.
"Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav..."
Abi's gaze briefly lifted from the candle she was lighting, and her voice trailed off as she stared. Anna continued without her for a moment, and then she looked over, frowning. She elbowed her sister, and Abi jerked her chin, eyes wide.
"Oh!" Anna gasped, and then a moment later, they both yelped, "Oh, shit--" as they dove aside, just in time for Spider-Man to come crashing through their window.
"Oh my god," Abi said.
"Are you okay?" Anna asked.
"I hope you have good superhero insurance," Spidey wheezed as he sat up, carefully avoiding the broken glass. He prodded at a tear in his suit and shook his head.
"It's decent," Abi said, because what the hell else was she supposed to say, and Anna elbowed her.
He'd taken the table and the hanukkiah with him when he'd come crashing down, and he picked up the somehow still-lit shamash, peering at it. Its flickering flame reflected off of the big lenses of his mask, and he groaned.
"Hanukkah again already?" he complained, climbing through the window and then righting their hanukkiah onto the non-broken portion of the sill, sitting perched on his heels two inches from a ten-story drop. He ran the butt ends of the other two candles through the flame to soften the wax before he stuck them back into place. "No wonder my aunt sounded so passive aggressive on the phone this morning. Should've called her yesterday."
"Yeah," Anna said, dumbly. "We got the same call from our dad."
Spider-Man snorted. "All the same," he said dryly. He glanced behind himself as something crashed in the distance, and the mask twitched like he was wrinkling his nose. "Hey, mind if I borrow these?" he asked, flashing their lighter and a bottle of hairspray that had been dislodged from the side table when it broke under him.
"Go for it," Abi told him loudly, elbowing Anna before she could protest, and scrambled to her feet to accept the shamash back from Spider-Man as he held it out to her.
"Chag chanukah sameach," he told them, saluting sarcastically, and then he threw himself backwards off of the windowsill.
"Hey, Wilbur!" Abi heard him shout as she lurched forward, peering into the darkness for another glimpse of him as he swung away. "Guess what I got you for Hanukkah? It's called an 'improvised flamethrower--'"
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msgorillagripcoochie · 4 months ago
i'm sorry puppy
part 2 to puppy
pairing(s): klaus mikaelson x fem!hybrid!reader
summary: damon, elena and bonnie are forcing you to turn to break your sire bond with Klaus but you don't want to
warning(s): uh them making you forcefully turn, angst and unedited work
Tumblr media
Tyler Lockwood has never felt so horrible in his life as he hears you scream and beg your friends to not make you do this. You were his best friend, you were always different than him, he knew you deserved better. He knew how hard it was for you when you had to turn every full moon and he knew that out of all of Klaus's hybrids you were the most grateful.
He remembered how you two used to do it together, how it almost hurt more watching you turn than the pain he felt himself because he knew you did not deserve this.
He was thankful to Klaus because of that, Klaus may have not known it but he saved you in ways Tyler never could and as he heard your bones crack, he wished Klaus was there right now.
"Please guys, Please make it stop" tears streamed down your face, you fell on your hands and knees as Bonnie chanted. "We're helping you" Elena said "You just need to break the sire bond"
"I don't want to" you whimpered "Please don't make me" you begged your friends never feeling so hurt in your life as everyone stood by and watched. "That's Klaus talking see" Damon spoke up and you shook your head "It's me talking please"
"Keep going Bonnie" Bonnie began to chant once more and you began to scream the pain getting too much for you as your eyes began to glow yellow. You nails dug into the hard ground of the old Lockwood Cellar "I just want Klaus, I just want Klaus" you begged praying that he would come and save you.
Bonnie stopped at your words glancing at you "Please, I just want Klaus, Please I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Bonnie gulped, she knew this was wrong. You were their friend, what was she thinking?
"Why'd you stop Bonnie?" Elena asked looking at her best friend as you curled up in a ball onto the ground soft cries leaving your lips "I don't think this is good"
"Its working Bonnie we can't stop now" Elena said trying to convince her friend it was a good idea but Bonnie shook her head "She's Y/N, our friend"
"And we're helping her, okay?"
"Okay" she began to chant again her heart broke as you called out for Klaus, calling for him to save you. It hurt her more because she knew he wasn't coming.
Caroline stared at Klaus guilt filling her heart as she thought about what was going on "I'm sorry Caroline but I don't really fancy you as much as I did before" Caroline nodded in understanding "Because you like Y/N?" she asked softly.
Klaus hesitated for a second "Yeah" he responded honestly looking at the blonde "I do" he shook his head with a smile "I know crazy right? It's just something about her that fills me with joy" he sighed "But she stood me up" he mumbled and Caroline's eyes filled with tears. She had no idea you were supposed to be on a date with Klaus.
"She deserves better maybe it's for the best" he got up from his seat grabbing his jacket "Klaus?" He looked at the girl who now had tears streaming down her face.
"Y/N didn't ditch you" He froze in realization "What did you do?" He asked angry flowing through him "I'm sorry" she cried "They told me if I didn't do it they were just going to kill her, they said it was to help her"
"Where is she?!" He grabbed Caroline by her wrist pulling her up out of her seat "The old Lockwood Cellar, they're forcing her to turn so she'll break the sire bond"
He didn't know why they didn't understand, he didn't care about the sire bond, he only cared about you.
"Come on" he grabbed her to pull her with him.
Tyler watched as you whimpered, they were giving you a break. "We should stop" he spoke up "Oh my God another one?" Damon huffed "We're helping her, it's for her own good"
"You're hurting her" Tyler yelled "She's too weak to even move"
"Bonnie come on" Elena looked to Bonnie standing up "I think Tyler is right"
"Helping her?" Tyler scoffed "I'm so sick of hearing that, you aren't helping anyone except yourselves! You can't stand she's happy with Klaus"
"She's not happy! He's forcing her!" Elena yelled "Bonnie come on, we need her to break the sire bond" Bonnie looked to your body laying on the cold floor whimpering. She couldn't believe this she opened her mouth to speak when they heard someone coming down they looked as Caroline walked in "I'm sorry guys" she whispered as Klaus made his way in anger quickly speeding to Damon shoving his hand inside Damon's chest.
Without words he wrapped his hand around Damon's heart but then he heard your soft sniffles and he stopped, he knew you wouldn't want this even after the pain she went through, she wouldn't want Damon to get hurt. He dropped Damon on the floor pulling off his jacket wrapping it around your cold body.
"Klaus" you whispered as he picked you up off the ground.
"Shhh it's me puppy, I'm here" you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you as he glared at everyone in the room. How could they?
He sped out of there until he was home, laying you on his bed. "I'm sorry love" he caressed your cheek "I called for you" you began to sob "You didn't come, you didn't come" you cried and his heart broke a little more "I know I'm sorry" he whispered pecking your forehead. He couldn't believe he let this happen to you.
"Forgive me"
"Hold me" was all you said and he was quick to climb into the bed with you wrapping his arms around you. "I'm sorry my little pup, I'm so sorry"
a/n: omg I know this wasnt that good but tell me what you think and feel free to request because requests are open and maybe I'll write a part 3??? idk you tell me
tagging: @marvelschriss who asked to be tagged
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outerbankies · 16 days ago
new light blurb: fine line — rafe cameron
new light series masterlist
summary: jaded by his relationship with his own father, rafe’s doing everything he can to stay in the good graces of your parents.
warnings: alcohol, swearing, angst
a/n: aka rafe being dumb! and some clues for what's next (which i'm very very very excited about)
Tumblr media
“Baby I swear, it’s like my grandpa waltzed into a fraternity house in Chapel Hill and just, started handing out jobs,” you groan, frustratedly shoving the fortune cookie wrapper into Rafe’s hand so he can rip it open for you. “They do their work, but fuck.”
Rafe unwraps the cookie from the plastic easily, handing it back to you after with a hard glare in his eyes. “Are they still giving you a hard time?”
“I’m a girl. In charge of four boys, of course they are,” you say, rolling your eyes before cracking the cookie open.
“They know who your grandfather is though, right?”
“Maybe, m’not entirely sure,” you sigh. “I think that might just make it worse, honestly.”
“They’re not like… this is kind of bothering me now, Y/n/n,” he says, his eyebrows fully furrowed by this point. “I don’t like the idea of a bunch of idiot 19-year-olds stressing you out at your job just because you’re a girl—no, a woman—who’s their superior.”
“Rafe,” you say, sitting up a little straighter, where you’re perched on his desk across from him. “It’s not… like that.”
“You’re sure?”
“Yeah, they’re fine. I only go into the mainland office once in a blue moon anyways, and like I said they get their shit done. Plus, I’m used to taking care of little boys, remember? Used to do it for a living,” you joke, attempting to lighten the mood as you pick up on your boyfriend’s discontent. But Rafe doesn’t relax yet, still staring at you seriously.
“You’re sure?” he repeats, slower.
“Positive. They’re just… rambunctious,” you shrug.
“Okay, cause I’ll come in there and—"
“Oh, that would help,” you laugh.
“Plus, I don’t exactly hate the idea of them knowing you have a boyfriend. Do they know?” Rafe asks.
You roll your eyes again as you eat the first half of the cookie, holding out the second for him. “Baby, I’m not going to leave you for an intern.”
“I mean, I know for a fact you’re very into frat boys,” Rafe says.
“Was,” you correct.
“You’re not in one anymore. And you’re also the only one I ever dated,” you explain, leaning forward and wiping some fortune cookie crumbs off of his work tie. “Broke my rule just for you.”
“I know as someone who never rushed you don’t get this, but a fraternity is for life, Y/n/n,” he says, looking far too serious.
“Okay. Now you sound like one of my interns,” you laugh, shaking your head. Your eye catches the framed photo of you and Rafe that he has sitting on his desk at work, something happy settling into your belly as he catches you staring, shrugging while he twists in his desk chair.
“I’d intern for you any day baby,” Rafe teases. “Keep an eye on you. Make sure you don’t leave me for a 19-year-old.”
“Too young for me. You know I like ‘em old,” you tease.
“I am… literally six months older than you.”
“Born in different years, you’re practically a generation above me.”
“Shut up,” Rafe grunts, flicking your knee. He tilts his head to the spread of Chinese food on his desk that you’d shown up at his office with, unannounced, half an hour ago. “What’s all this then? I thought you wanted to go out for dinner tonight.”
Your lips downturn and Rafe sighs. “I did.”
“But you can’t?” he asks, already knowing the answer.
“I still need to wrap up some stuff for Agnes when I go back home,” you say, pouting. “The foundation took longer than I expected today.”
“You’re not gonna be up late again, are you?” Rafe wonders, leaning forward and stroking a thumb over your knee. Your silence gives him his answer. “Y/n/n. How late? This is, like, the third night in a row.”
Your heart twists a little at the way he’s been keeping track, the light scolding tone he’s taken on—the one he usually does when he comes home from drinks with Topper or dinner with his dad, only to see you still at your desk where he left you hours ago, a fresh cup of coffee poured even though it’s dark outside. Or when he stumbles into the kitchen first thing in the morning to see you in the same spot, looking like you’ve been up for hours, getting a head start on another busy day.
“I know. Not that late, she just wanted me to do a few things,” you say. You hang your head to the side when he levels you with an unimpressed look. “I’m serious!”
“Can I get you in bed by ten?”
“What about eleven?”
“10:30,” Rafe counters.
“10:45?” you try, mentally listing all of the things you need to do when you get home today.
“Fine. But no more coffee, I’m guessing you’ve had no less than two today,” Rafe says knowingly. He taps the side of your thigh twice. “Get going so you can start, I’ll meet you at home in an hour.”
“See you,” you say, hopping off of his desk and leaning down for a kiss, turning around to start cleaning up the trash from the takeout you brought. You squeak when a hand comes down on your ass, turning around to smile at the grinning culprit.
“I’ll take care of this. Go,” Rafe demands. “10:45.”
A few days later, Rafe comes home to the welcome sight of your computer turned off for the day and your desk chair empty, smiling while he toes off his shoes. He’d been worried about your work habits for a while—honestly, since he first dated you.
He can’t count how many times he’d wake up for class on the east coast, texting you good morning as he always did, horrified at your immediate reply signaling you hadn’t gone to sleep that night yet.
You’d always been like that, even in high school. And it worried him then, even when he was just your friend. But now, he felt a sense of responsibility to make sure you were taking care of yourself (and that he was taking care of you). Taking on two different jobs had been fine for you at first, from what Rafe could see. He was no stranger to being overworked, but living with you showed him that you took that to an entirely new level. Rafe was beginning to think something had to give.
“Baby?” he calls, hearing your music coming from down the hall. “Where are you?”
“In here!”
“There she is,” he practically sighs, appearing in the doorway. He catches your eye in the mirror, immediately pushing off of the door jam to mold his body around yours. “Hi, pretty girl. What’s tonight again?”
“Hi.” You smile when he kisses the top of your head, his hand squeezing one of your shoulders. He tries to leave you then, but you twist around, tugging him down by the blue tie you’d picked for him that morning for a proper kiss. “Gretchen’s in town, remember?”
“Tell her I said hi. How was work?” he asks, still smiling as he stands before you while you make quick work of his tie. “You’re off early today.”
You just give him a look. “Work was work.”
“Oh no,” he says. “Agnes or the foundation?”
You leave his tie hanging around his neck and turn back toward your mirror, checking the damage of his kiss on your lip gloss. “It’s those stupid interns.”
Rafe stops immediately, his hand freezing where he’d been unbuttoning his shirt in the doorway. “Uh oh.”
“What’d they get up to now?” he says, leaving the bathroom to walk toward the closet and go about his after-work routine. Change his clothes, switch out his watch, plug in his phone. You recount everything you dealt with that day while he does, Rafe coming to stand in the doorway again once he’s re-dressed.
“It just sucks, if it were any other job I’d go talk to my supervisor about it but. I dunno, feels sort of weird when it’s family,” you sigh.
“Tell me about it,” Rafe says, yawning.
“I’m sorry,” you say, immediately twisting around again. “I’m sure you put up with way more than I do. How was your day?”
“Babe, don’t do that,” Rafe chides.
“Do what?”
“I always wanna hear about your shitty day, yeah? Even if mine sucked, too,” he tells you. “Actually, especially if mine sucked.”
You set your makeup brush down, turning to look at him again, tugging him into your arms so you’re pressed together in your tiny bathroom. “Was it that bad?”
“No, fine actually,” he says, melting into you anyways, face tucked into where he can tell you just sprayed perfume in your neck. “Dad was out of office today.”
“Ah, that’s lucky,” you say, running a hand over his hair.
“You could talk to your mom about it, couldn’t you? M’sure she could talk about it with your grandfather,” Rafe wonders.
“She doesn’t even think I should be working there,” you tell him, pulling out of his embrace.
Rafe furrows his eyebrows, catching the way your eyes fall before you turn back to the mirror. “What? Why?”
You sigh, setting your mascara back on the counter and bracing your hands on the tile instead. “She doesn’t think I should be working. At all.”
Rafe bites his lip, clearing his throat. “Hey. You know I’d take care of you, right?”
You groan, looking back into the mirror, checking for the need for any last-minute touches. “Do not let her hear you say that, I swear to god.”
“No, Y/n/n. M’serious. If you don’t wanna work there anymore, we’d be fine,” Rafe says, catching your eye in the mirror again, his cheeks burning red.
“I… I know that Rafe,” you say in confusion, your eyebrows pinched together. “I am aware of my own financial situation.”
“Okay, ‘cause, like. I dunno,” he says, fiddling with one of his rings. “What does your dad think?”
You turn back around, stopping to look at his face before you flick the light in the bathroom off. “My dad?”
“Yeah,” Rafe continues, following you out of the room to your jewelry dish on top of the dresser. “Like... he knows that I’m not making you work, right?”
The ring you were holding clatters back into the dish loudly, silence falling over the two of you as you slowly turn to look at him again. Rafe doesn’t recognize the look in your eyes, and he hadn’t been expecting it all. “Making me work?”
“Yeah, baby. I mean—"
“Why are you worried about what my dad thinks?” you ask.
“I want him to think I’m taking care of you.”
“But you are, Rafe,” you say again, sounding even more confused, looking even more uneasy. “You take great care of me. You love me.”
“I know. I do love you. I love taking care of you. But I mean…” Rafe sighs, still twisting his middle finger ring with his thumb. “If you’re stressed at work and your parents don’t even want you working… I don’t want them thinking I’m this, like, bum who’s making their daughter contribute—”
“You’re not making me do anything, Rafe. Ever,” you say. “You don’t have that ability.”
“Okay,” Rafe says, starting to panic. “I understand that. I’m not saying I am, I’m saying I don’t want your parents thinking—”
“And what about what I think?”
Rafe balks at you. “What?”
Your shoulders shake as you heave a deep sigh, blinking your eyes rapidly, turning around to finish with your ring selection. You finally face him again after a while, your eyes full of unshed tears. “How do you think I feel?”
“Y/n, I… I know how you feel,” Rafe says dumbly. How could he not know? He’s watched you through it all—watched you stress over the phone calls and the deadlines, watched the circles under your eyes grow darker, the sleep you get every night shorter. “You’re overworking yourself, you hardly sleep—”
“No, you don’t know how I feel, Rafe. You don’t. Or you wouldn’t have said that to me just now,” you say, your voice shaking. “I work two different jobs, I manage my own trust, I know where all of my money comes from and I know where all of it goes. I pay half of the fucking rent and bills on this place, and I get to help my grandfather out, and pursue my career with Agnes that I’ve been working toward for years.”
“I know that, Y/n. I know all of that,” Rafe says, hands reaching out helplessly because he knows he needs to keep his distance when all he wants to do is touch your face. Make you understand he’s just worried about you, just wants you to feel loved, and wants your parents to like him—really like him. “I’m not saying—”
“I have all of that,” you continue. “But my mom still doesn’t even think I should be working at all. And apparently, you and my dad are just, deciding whose burden I am now, behind my back—”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Y/l/n,” Rafe interrupts, moving toward you. But you turn away from him and walk out of the bedroom, in search of your purse and your shoes, with Rafe hot on your heels down the hallway. “What? That’s not true. Your dad thinks so highly of you.”
“Yeah, well,” you laugh, but it’s bitter and it doesn’t reach your eyes when you turn to look at him in the entryway. “It’s kind of hard to fuck up when the expectations for you are already so low.”
“Sweetheart, what—what are you talking about? What is happening right now?” Rafe runs a hand over his freshly shorn hair, feeling like he should be tugging on the ends. “I don’t even—”
“We’re not talking about anything. Gretchen and Margot are out front,” you reply quietly, checking your phone.
“No, what? Don’t leave right now,” he says, panicked. “Can we talk about this?”
“So you want me to quit my job and cancel my plans for you? Is that where we’re at right now?”
Rafe feels himself recoil at that, one of his hands falling to his chest. “Baby, I would never… you know I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Do I?” you ask.
“I seriously can’t believe you right now,” you say flatly, throwing the front door open and slamming it shut before he can follow you.
The house is quiet when you get home, but the lights are still on in the living room and in the kitchen. You’d almost wished they weren’t, preferring to have this inevitable conversation under the covers with your boyfriend, the comfort of shared body heat, and the flannel sheet set that you pulled out for the winter hopefully enough to ease some tension. You hated the way you left things, hated it even more when you spilled everything that had just happened to your two best friends over the second glass of white wine.
“Men are gross,” Margot said, wrinkling her nose. “But I can’t believe Rafe would say that.”
“It’s not like he meant it like that,” Gretchen said, eyes widening as the two of you regarded her incredulously. “What? This is Rafe we’re talking about! He’s probably just worried about you and it came out wrong. He’d never actually ask you to do something like that. Not after everything.”
“He doesn’t know everything,” you admitted, your finger circling the rim of the glass you’d been nursing for over an hour. “I never told him about that summer.”
“Okay, yikes,” Margot had said, throwing the rest of her glass back, before directing the conversation elsewhere for the rest of the night.
Of course, Rafe had waited up for you, you expected that—you knew Rafe wouldn’t let this go before slipping into bed for the night. That wasn’t his style at all, and it was usually better that way.
Rafe knew you inside and out, but he didn’t know everything about the boys who came before him. He couldn’t possibly know all of the thoughts planted in your head by your parents at a young age—he didn’t know that you were older than Dylan but still expected far less from.
Because Rafe had never acted like those boys, and had never acted like what your parents thought of you had any influence on his own view of you—not until tonight. The way Rafe treated you had never stirred up your deepest insecurities about what you were capable of, what you could do or be, what people expected of you. Not until tonight.
He’s standing in the living room when you enter, his back facing you. But he’s beholding a new addition to the room—the bookshelf he’d spent the past few months building for you. Your bookshelf that he built for you in the garage of the first place you’ve ever shared with each other.
You steel yourself one last time before clearing your throat, making your presence in the room known. “It’s finished?”
He turns to look at you, the circles dark under his own eyes, the old t-shirt he’s donning hanging slightly askew on his shoulders.
“Yeah, yeah,” he says softly. “I uh… finished it yesterday, actually. John B just came by to help me move it in here. Heavier than I thought it’d be.”
You slowly walk to stand beside him, taking it in from beside him. Rafe was right about how it’d turn out; it looked exactly as you pictured it would. It looked better than the one on the website had, but you knew that was partially a sign of his craftsmanship and partially a result of your love for him doing something like this for you. “I was gonna put your books on there, but I didn’t know what kind of order you wanted. I know you were thinking of doing it by color after you saw that one author you follow on Twitter do it.”
“Yeah,” you nod, not mustering a smile even though you want to. “I don’t think I could stand it, in the end. All of the books being out of alphabetical order like that.”
Rafe sets the stack he’d been holding—you just barely notice—down on one of the middle shelves. “Right. Well, I can help with that, too. But—”
“No, I wanna talk.”
“Me too,” he breathes, turning to you. “Y/n, I—”
“I said I wanted to talk, Rafe. I want you to listen,” you say firmly, turning away from his outstretched arm.
He agrees easily, muttering an ‘okay’ before taking his seat a respectable distance from you on the couch.
“You know how when you met my mom, and she loved you immediately?”
Rafe seems thrown off by the random throwback to the beginning of your relationship, head tilted to the side in confusion for a second. You knew if he was really going to understand this, you’d have to take it back that far—walk him through everything that led up to this. Well, almost everything. “Yeah?”
“You’re a charmer Rafe, and she loves you for you now—I think. I don’t see how she couldn’t but…” you shake your head, clearing your thoughts before you get too caught up in them. “It wasn’t just because you pulled out her chair, or held the door for her.”
Rafe furrows his eyebrows, showing you he’s still not following. “Okay. So why did she?”
“It was because she was probably thinking ‘thank god, my daughter finally found someone suitable to marry.’”
His eyebrows shoot into his hairline, baby blues blown wide. “Marry? Y/n, we had been dating for like, a month at that point—”
“Yeah, Rafe, I know,” you sigh, exasperated even if it isn’t fair to be. There were things you’d never understand about his family, and that went both ways. “But that’s how it is. That’s how it always has been with her, with both of my parents. They never cared what I studied, what I wanted to do with my life, or where I went to college—not after I turned down my dad’s alma mater to go to California instead. It was always about finding some guy that did all of that for me.”
“Oh,” Rafe breathes.
“So when she met you…”
“It was exactly what she wanted,” he says, catching up.
Rafe rubs a hand over the scruff on his chin, the sound slightly scratchy. “But they still must be so proud of you, I mean—with everything you did anyway, right?”
“Please,” you shake your head. “I did grunt work for Agnes for years before she even took me seriously in her actual field, but I saw it through. My parents told me it was a waste of time the second I was hired—when it was the best job I ever had. But in their eyes, at least I was learning how to raise kids, right?”
“Y/n,” he chides.
“Rafe, I’m not immune to our situations and how we grew up—all of the shit that comes with that, especially now that we live back here. I’ve dealt with people expecting nothing from me my entire life, and I can handle it,” you explain, your throat tightening. Rafe’s hand slips to your thigh on instinct and you let it. “I can handle that from anyone but you.”
Rafe stays silent, shifting closer to you and bringing you under his arm.
“I can’t choose my parents or the rest of my family, but I choose you Rafe, I love you but I choose to do life with you Rafe,” you say, looking up at him. “I choose you every day, and I don’t want to choose a guy that doesn’t believe in me just like everyone else—who just expects me to become some Figure 8 trophy wife, whether they’d stick around for that or not. I’ve dated guys like that before, and I’m not—”
“Come here,” Rafe says immediately, bringing you closer to his body, your sides allowing no space in between you. “I’m sorry that I made you think I don’t believe in you. Because I do, baby. I thought you knew that—I always have.”
“I thought I did too,” you accuse, your head hidden in his chest anyways. “I mean—what the fuck, Rafe?”
“I’d never expect you to just—it isn’t the ‘60s, Y/n/n. I’m not an idiot, I just—” he cuts himself off with a sigh. “Fuck, I don’t know what else to say right now. I’m sorry.”
“I think I just wanna go to bed,” you decide, feeling like you’ve said your piece. “Can we do that?”
“You don’t… yeah,” Rafe says, shaking his head. “Yeah. We can do that.”
Rafe doesn’t feel any better after you both sleep on it—after you slept on it. The dark circles under Rafe’s eyes nearly matched your own by the next morning, the only rest he got for the night coming when you sleepily rolled over and into his side, tucking yourself close and willing some of the worries out of his mind.
But it was only temporary. He stumbled through work with clouded thoughts of your words weighing on his mind and his heart. Not only about what you said, but about how you said it; how quickly you’d ended the conversation and wanted to move on from everything like you were over it—when he knew you weren’t.
You’d been plagued by thoughts like this your entire life, and Rafe had unknowingly joined the chorus. The sheer familiarity you must have with the people that you love counting you out in life must be why you let Rafe off so easily—like you expected nothing less from him, too. But you were so much more than that. Rafe knew it, and he needed you to know it, too.
He thinks about what he’s going to say the entire day, debates texting John B, and then ultimately decides against it (he only needs to be laughed at in the face and told he’s a ‘complete fucking tool’ by his little sister’s boyfriend once within a 24-hour period, after all), and even the entire car ride home. Whatever speech he’d had prepared dies in his throat when he comes home to you still at your desk as you always are, turning to smile at him when you see him come in. “Hey.”
“Hi,” he says, dropping his briefcase before crossing the room to you. “Can I sit with you for a bit?”
“Yeah,” you agree. “M’almost done for the day.”
“Good,” Rafe says, bending down to tap your hip, signaling you to stand up for a second. You do so while you continue typing, letting Rafe slip into your chair before pulling you back into his lap. “This okay?”
“Yeah,” you say. “Just give me a few more minutes.”
“‘Course.” Rafe watches over your shoulder patiently as you tap away at your keyboard, his hands running up and down your legs before locking around your midsection. When he feels like he almost can’t take it anymore, you’re finally leaning back into him, sighing as you turn off your computer. “I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said last night.”
He feels you stiffen against him immediately. “Oh.”
Rafe clears his throat, trying to ground himself through all of the parts of his body that are physically touching yours. “I know what I said hurt you, and I know why. But I think… I was thinking about it today, and I just really need you to see where I’m coming from.”
“Rafe,” you sigh, turning in his lap.
“Just listen to me for a minute, alright? And then I’ll shut up about it forever,” he begs.
You roll your eyes at that, nodding anyway.
“When you and I got back together, your dad told me I needed to take care of you,” Rafe begins. Your mouth immediately drops open again in indignation but Rafe forges ahead. “Not like that, he didn’t mean it like that. And listen, I know he’s your dad, but you don’t give that guy enough credit. He believes in you, Y/n. Just like I do.”
“What did you say?” you ask.
“Of course I promised him I would, Y/n/n—c’mon,” Rafe says. “In any way that meant. But I never knew your mom felt that way until yesterday, so I panicked, alright? And I’ve been so worried about you, and your frat boys, and how much you’re working these days—I just want to help you out, sweetheart. It’s what I’m here for.”
You give him a deadpan look. “But you understand that you can help me out without telling me that I could just quit my job and we’d be fine, right? You’re stressed about work all the time, and I’ve never told you I could take care of you when we both know that I could.”
Rafe winces, head dropping to rest on the back of the desk chair. “I know. That was really bad. And I’m sorry.”
“It was awful, Rafe.”
“I’m sorry,” Rafe repeats. “I’d never want you to feel like I want you to give up your career if it’s what you want to do. You’re gonna do amazing things—you already are. And I wanna be here for it all, alright? I’m sorry.”
“It’s… okay,” you say tentatively, Rafe melting a little in relief when your finger hooks into a gap in the buttons on his dress shirt. “I think I get what you meant.”
“And hey, I just—never mind.”
“What?” you implore, hands grasping the back of his neck when he doesn’t say anything. “Rafe, what?”
“I care a lot about what your parents think of me,” Rafe admits. “A lot.”
“Because my dad—I know he’s backed off now, but I can’t help that he doesn’t like you for no reason. I really can’t,” Rafe rambles, running a hand over his hair. “And I don’t want us to be living here, and my dad doesn’t like you, and your mom doesn’t like me, and we just don’t have anyone—”
“Whoa, whoa. Hey,” you stop him, your face flashing with realization. “Is that—is that what all of this is?”
Rafe’s silent except for a shrug.
“Cameron, look at me,” you tell him. “A year ago, you told me not to listen to your dad. But I did anyway, and look where that got both of us by your birthday.”
A blurry month flashes through Rafe’s head. A month of nights alone in his room, lights off and curtains drawn as soon as he was home from class. Days of rewatching anything he could think of to take his mind off of you, even though all of his favorites were things he’d shown you and couldn’t watch anymore without thinking about you again.
Only getting out of bed and leaving his room to head straight to and from class, sometimes not even doing that—putting in just enough effort at work to not tip his dad off that anything was going on, but still keeping his distance from the man he saw as partially responsible for your relationship’s unraveling.
Ignoring his roommates’ attempts to drag him out of his room, and just barely fielding calls from Kelce and Topper, not even eating the food they’d send to his house on Doordash from states away at their respective colleges. Wondering if he even deserved them, if they thought he was an idiot like he did himself—he’s sure Kelce did.
Constantly replaying that weekend in California over and over, wondering where he first went wrong, what he could’ve done differently, why he did what he thought was right when it couldn’t have been further from it. Agonizing over every last detail that led to your break-up.
His hands shaking on his birthday when he got that flight notification, hearing your voice for the first time in weeks—the ice-cold shock of the end of that exchange. And the scramble to win you back, the constant warring emotions of overwhelming hope and raging despair that had overtaken his body until he felt like a shell that could only be filled by you.
The way he tried desperately to manage his expectations when he knew that was useless with you. How his heart slowly began to numb over again, with every passing day after you said you needed time to think about seeing him again—and then the symphony of emotions that overlook his body the first time he did see you, back in the Outer Banks. The first time he kissed you, held you in his arms, while you finally let him back into your heart.
Rafe needs no reminder of the worst time of his life. And he doesn’t want to think about how the past 24 hours had reminded him of it.
“Yeah,” Rafe says lamely. “I know.”
“So I need you to worry more about what I think than what they do, alright? I know it’s hard—believe me, I do,” you say, smiling sadly. “But I can’t do it any other way.”
“That’s fair. And speaking of needs—I can’t,” his voice catches. “I’m all for giving you space when you need it, but, Y/n/n.”
“Just,” Rafe sighs, squeezing his eyes shut momentarily. “Next time we fight, can we try to talk about it right away? If you need time, that’s fine. But I don’t like worrying about not knowing what you’re thinking, or if this is like… if this could be it, or I dunno. It drives me crazy when we leave things like that for too long.”
“Rafe… no, it’s not it. It’s never going to be it between us,” you assure him, pressing a kiss to his waiting lips. “Don’t ever think that.”
“I really fucked that up yesterday. I don’t think it was that far-fetched,” Rafe murmurs, arms tightening around your waist.
“Well, it was,” you say firmly, your lips meeting his hairline. “Besides, RC. I already put half of our books up today when I couldn’t focus on work. It would be a pain to go through and take out all of yours if we broke up.”
“Oh, so you’d get to keep the shelf that I made?” Rafe asks, feeling relief flood through him. He turns the both of you toward the shelf, smiling when he notices the bottom half of the shelf all filled in with your collection. His chest feels warm when he makes the realization that you probably waited on doing the top half until he came home today.
“Yeah, you gave it to me. There are rules about that, I’m sure,” you say.
Rafe tears his eyes away from the shelf to look back at you, something else he’d been wondering about all day coming to mind. “Can I ask you about one more thing?”
“Last night, when you said you’ve dated those kinds of guys.”
“You caught that, huh?” you sigh, head falling to his chest.
“I did.” Rafe’s hand slides over your knee, pressing a kiss into your cheek. “Did you mean Frederick?”
“Yes,” you say slowly.
“Any others?”
“We’ll talk about that one day, yeah?” you promise. Rafe doesn’t look at you immediately, until your hand falls under his chin and he meets your gaze. “Yeah?”
“Whenever you’re ready,” Rafe agrees, even though he’s still itching to know. He figures he owes you that much. “I’ll be here to hear about all the losers that let you go.”
Your lips twitch, not pulling into as big of a smile as he hoped. “Thank you.”
“Always. Hey,” he says, kissing you once more. “We’ll be alright, yeah?”
“We’ll be alright.”
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angelashido · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
♡ rivals ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: pro!bakugou katsuki x pro!fem!reader
synopsis: you and katsuki fuck up a mission thanks to your rivalry and get stuck on cleaning duty, but maybe that's not so bad
tags/warnings: nsfw (minors dni), hate sex, bakugou calls reader slut, bitch, whore, etc, reader uses Dynamight mockingly, dom!bakugou, dom!reader, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it y'all), creampie, like a second of fingering (f. receiving), choking, blood play, spitting, spanking, bakugou pats your cheek once, hair pulling
word count: 2.7k
a/n: AHHHH I'M SO FUCKIN NERVOUS TO SHOW Y'ALL THIS i really don't write bakugou that much. that being said i hope y'all enjoy my first bakubitch fic <3
thank you to my babies emme ( @doinmybesthere ) and aali ( @tteokdoroki ) for beta reading <3
“You’re heroes. Your job is to work with each other, not against!”
“You’re heroes. Your job is to work with each other, not against!”
“You’re heroes. Your job is to work with each other, not against!”
The pro boomed, Katsuki just barely catching the way you winced at your boss’ sudden volume. The explosive male huffed, eyes narrowed and lips curled into a scowl.
“She gets in the fuckin’ way, ‘coulda done the job myself.”
“That’s not the point, dumbass,”
You hissed, elbow jutting out to nudge him in the side. Bakugou caught your arm, pulling you tight to his body and baring his teeth, a deep growl rumbling in his chest. Fist raised and crackling slightly, you stood your ground, staring back just as menacingly into his ruby orbs.
“Would you two just stop it?!”
Heads turned to face Jeanist, expressions morphing into ones of confusion as if he hadn’t been there in the first place. You watched as the pro rubbed his temples, soft mumbles escaping him. It was beyond him why he allowed the two of you to join his agency, given the reputation you’d had as rivals in UA. You and Katsuki were not exactly a good match, powerful and determined yes, but you hated his cocky stubbornness, and him your hard-headed willingness to save anyone. Being left alone with Dynamight almost certainly resulted in a brawl, one that always ended in both of you making a visit to Recovery Girl.
To make a long story short: you and Katsuki Bakugou did not get along.
“You two are suspended from missions for the next week-“
Bakugou was quick to open his mouth to shout a refusal, only to be cut off and silenced by his superior,
“AND you’ll spend said week after hours cleaning the offices of those that work here in the agency. If I hear about any fights then consider your suspension extended.”
Jeaniest leaned back in his chair again with a disappointed sigh, eyes fixed on Bakugou as the hero released you from his hold. He raised a finger to his boss, ruby eyes glimmering angrily.
“If you think for a second-“
“You’re dismissed.”
“That I’m gonna sit around and clean with this fuckin bitch-“
“You are dismissed, Dynamight,”
Jeaniest growled deeply, the sound making your eyes widen a bit at how dangerous he sounded. Bakugou's scowl deepened as he practically steamed with anger, letting out a deep grunt before he was spinning on his heel, bicep bumping into you hard before he was slamming the office door behind him.
Bakugou leaned back in the office chair, hands behind his head while he scanned the area in disinterest. He absentmindedly mumbles quips and insults under his breath, eyes flittering over to you as you sit on your knees to scrub at the bottom part of a full length window. His quiet yet angry voice filled your ears, temple throbbing as you tried to block him out but he’d been going for over an hour now and worse yet, he hadn’t even cleaned anything.
“Would you shut up?!”
You snapped at the sound of his voice raising in volume, hand halting on the glass as you tilted your gaze back towards him. You rung out the cloth you held and stood, shooting the blond a glare.
“If you’re not gonna help me clean like we were assigned then the least you can do is give me some fucking peace and quiet.”
“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want, idiot, you’re the one who got us here in the first place.”
Oh he was gonna get it, you could have ripped the material you were holding with how angry you were, hands trembling as you stood only a few feet away from him.
“May I remind you, Dynamight, that we wouldn’t be here if you didn’t use me as a fucking human catapult!”
“You were in my way!”
Bakugou was stood now, even from the short distance away he loomed over you, his expression a permanent scowl. You couldn’t even admire the way his biceps looked in the dim moonlight of the empty office, Bakugou Katsuki could eat shit and live for all you care.
“For once could you just keep your fat fucking mouth shut?!”
You were almost happy the agency had emptied out an hour ago, this way you could yell at your rival as much as you wanted, but the way he gritted his teeth as he sauntered over to you made you shiver in a way you didn’t like.
Katsuki towered over you, his sharp features deepened by the moon and making him look even more domineering than usual. It was hot annoying.
“Make me, shithead.”
Before you could even process your actions your knuckles were connecting with his jaw, a sickening crack sounding in the quiet cubicle as his eyes widened and his head turned with the force of your punch. You watched as Bakugou brought a large hand to the side of his jaw, rubbing the spot where you hit him and giving you a sinister side-eye.
Your eyes widened as he opened his palm, spitting into it for you to see the thick blood that pooled in his saliva. In an instant he had his hand around your throat, shoving you up against the window with his disgusting drool and copper mixture smeared over your jugular.
You couldn’t help but whimper at his proximity, a beefy thigh working between your legs as if to pin you harder into the cool glass. Despite your noises you refused to let him win though, looking up into Katsuki’s vermillion eyes that swam with anger and something you couldn’t quite place.
“Open. Your. Mouth. Bitch.”
His husky voice had heat rising to your cheeks, narrowing your eyes into a deep glare as you pressed your lips into a thin line, but he was smarter than that. Bakugou reached a hand around you to grip your ass in his blunt fingers, a shocked gasp leaving you and giving the blond the opportunity to stick three fingers in your mouth and pull your jaw down. Your eyes fluttered at the sound of Katsuki spitting again, only widening once the metallic taste of blood burst on your taste buds.
“You wanna act like a brat I’ll fuckin treat ya like one,”
He growls, forcing your mouth shut and lightly tapping your cheek though not moving away from you. You couldn’t do much else but swallow the saliva in your mouth, the disgustingly thick substance covering your esophagus, though you gave him a smug smirk to try and hide your distaste.
“Try me, Dynamight.”
You spoke his hero name as if it were a slur, one hand moving down swiftly to cup his growing bulge that had been pressed to your hip. You scoff at the way he winces with your touch, inadvertently bucking into your small hand before he was slamming a hand next to your head.
“Oh and I’m the brat?”
“I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you,”
Katsuki breathes, looking at your through his eyelashes, the faintest of pinks dusting his cheek as he digs his fingers back into your ass cheek. He couldn’t even begin to explain the draw he felt to you despite his intense distaste for your character, you were annoying and impeding but fuck you got him hard.
“Oi, earth to blasty boy,”
You snigger, cockily catching your lip between your teeth as you squeeze at his shaft, the most delicious of groans rumbling through his chest. He grit his teeth in pleasure, tightening his grip on your throat to steal the oxygen from you.
“Don’t fuckin mock me, slut, you’re the one who’s got her hand on my cock.”
Your heart raced at the menacing way he drawled, the smallest of gestures of his hand against your throat causing your head to bump back against the glass and making you dizzy. Bakugou chuckled darkly, watching the way your irises fogged up.
“What’s wrong? Pretty slut gone dumb already?”
You knew he meant to degrade you, but the way his voice sounded calling you ‘pretty’ had you grinning wildly again, huffing out something between a moan and a sigh. In a quick movement you had your hand down the front of his khakis, fingers on either side of his clothed shaft as you rubbed it slowly.
“Think I’m pretty, eh?”
You quipped, squealing in shock as you were spun around, bottoms pulled down over your ass and your clothed tits pressed to the cool glass before you could think. Bakugou leaned over your back, one dangerously large hand smoothing over the globe of your ass, his cock pressed firmly to your backside.
“You’re not winning this game, princess,”
He hisses, licking a hot stripe up the shell of your ear before his palm calms down on your cheek for a loud smack to hang in the air. Your body jolts forward, further into the window as you bite back a moan. Bakugou glances down at the way your ass ripples from his slap, grinning as he reels back his arm and lands another harsh crack to the skin.
Your mind fogs with the feeling of his hands on you, absentmindedly rubbing your thighs together as arousal pooled at your clit. You were only able to ground yourself thanks to Katsuki’s surprisingly gentle caress over your burning ass cheek after his hits, climbing through your thoughts before he could act again. You couldn’t let him have the upper hand.
You sucked in a quiet breath as if you were absorbing confidence from the air, lightly swivelling your hips back to ghost over his member, a soft groan leaving the blond.
“Didn’t think you’d be so slow, Dynamight, you gonna fuck me or what?”
He certainly wasn’t expecting that, in fact he was so quiet for a second you expected to wake up in your bed to find this had all been a bad dream. Instead you felt him pull away from you just slightly, glancing back just in time to see Bakugou working off his belt and kicking his pants to the side, sliding his boxers down just enough so his cock could bounce up against his abs.
You watched hungrily as he slid his palm up and down the thick shaft, tongue darting out across his lips as he returned to you, ripping your panties through the middle before sliding his fingers through your folds, scoffing haughtily.
“So fuckin’ wet, y’wanna keep actin’ like y’hate me?”
“I do hate you, idiot,”
You huffed, though the air was quickly pushed out of you as Katsuki stuffed his cock inside your tight pussy quicker than you could have imagined. You reeled at the feeling of being so entirely full so suddenly, eyes rolling back slightly as you choked back a moan.
“Fuck, s’tight,”
Bakugou hissed, one hand gripping your hip while the other moved up to work through your roots and tug your head back harshly. He memorized the way your cunt clenched around his shaft with the movement, letting out a low growl.
“Givin’ up already? Gonna let me fuck this pussy full of my cum, huh? Bet you couldn’t wait to have Dynamight ruin your cunt,”
He spat, your mind spinning as he smacked your ass once more, your mouth open in an ‘o’ and fighting back moans. You couldn’t let him ruin you, couldn’t let him win. With the rest of your consciousness you carefully lifted your foot, bringing it down hard on Katsuki's, finally sucking in a breath as he reeled back with the sudden pain, allowing you the space to stand up fully.
You spun around on wobbly legs, Bakugou still bewildered enough that when you pressed on his chest it was enough to send him tumbling back onto the floor. He looked up at you with angry eyes, frozen in shock as you sauntered over him, hands to his chest to push him back onto the office floor and hovering above his twitching cock.
“Nice try, big shot.”
You sneer, laying your legs back on his in such a way that it almost had him completely pinned to the floor, allowing him no wiggle room to take control as you slowly sat yourself on his cock, biting your lip as you watched the way he seethed and squeezed his eyes shut. His fingers locked on to your hips, back arching slightly with the warmth of your cunt engulfing him once more. In hindsight, he looked pretty cute when he had his mouth shut.
“Awe, what’s wrong Katsuki? Slut’s pretty pussy gotcha tongue?”
You giggled, raising yourself just enough to drop yourself back down onto his shaft, eyes rolling back as his angry cockhead kissed your cervix. It wasn’t so bad melting into the pleasure when you were the one on top. You were too caught up in your own thoughts to realize that Bakugou had his hands trailing up your shirt, only to gasp and clench around him when his fingers tugged at your nipples.
“Pretty tits huh? Too bad they belong to a whore,”
He sighed out a chuckle, finally getting the room to buck up into you, his hips matching the drop of your ass onto his thighs. You finally let out a willing moan, nails digging into his pecs as you focused in on the way Bakugou’s cock caught and rubbed against your velvety walls. For a moment it was quiet, the only sounds in the small cubicle being Katsuki’s hips snapping up against your ass and your weeping pussy swallowing his cock.
You felt his cock twitch inside you, the sensation making you grin smugly at him.
“Gonna cum Kacchan? Gonna let me milk you dry?”
He grunted lowly, eyes half-lidded in a glare as he dug his fingers into your plush thighs, snapping his hips up and fucking the oxygen out of you. His hand slithered over the slope of your thigh, trailing down your tummy before his thumb messily found your clit, a crooked grin smearing over his features as you clamped around his throbbing girth.
“I’ll be damned if I cum before you, slut.”
He sneered, biting the end of his tongue as he continued his ministrations on your clit, hips stuttering as you sucked him in harsh enough that it was hard to pull out. An annoyed whine left you with the immense pleasure he was granting you, rolling your hips in a way that had his cock rubbing up against that soft gooey spot inside you, stars bursting behind your eyes. No No NO do not let him win do not-
Katsuki burst, pinching down on your clit hard as you reeled in both pain and pleasure. In an instant your body was ascending, legs trembling as your eyes rolled back, silent moans caught in your throat as you came. Bakugou grunted harshly as you clamped around him, abs tightening and bumping his head back against the floor as he pumped you full of his seed, milky white cum seeping out around his cock to pool against his pelvis as you slowly returned to earth.
You both panted heavily, fog clearing from your mind as the last remnants of your orgasm melted from your body, absentmindedly rubbing your hands over his chest to soothe the little red marks you left, his eyes fluttering open as he softened inside you, hands moving back to the sides of your thighs. You quietly moved off at him, groaning as you felt his seed covering the insides of your thighs, shooting him a tired glare.
“Couldn’t have warned me right? Now I gotta go home with your fuckin’ jizz inside me…”
You grumbled, shakily standing and grabbing your clothes, letting out a disgruntled huff at the realization that he’d torn your panties. Katsuki only chuckled, sitting up and running his hand through his hair, eyes scanning over your messily dressed body.
“Yeah, keep complainin’ dumbass, as if you’ve ever cum that hard before,”
He boasted, sliding his boxers up over his hips once more before standing and grabbing his pants. You scoffed in disbelief at his words, lazily fixing your top.
“Yeah, you keep tellin’ yourself that big guy.”
“You tellin’ me you’ve had better?”
He challenged, suddenly at full stance above you, causing you to squeak a bit in surprise as you looked up at him, unable to hold back the heat that rushed to your ears. You huffed a bit in response, pushing at his chest to try and give yourself some distance as you grinned confidently.
“All I’m sayin’ is that Red’s bigger.”
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theyreonlynoodlesmike · 4 months ago
hi! a marko imagine with a vamp!reader, based kinda off the prequel script? the reader turned with marko and paul back in 1906, and the reader was marko’s mate but they were separated somehow? kinda a reunion fic of the reader finding the boys in santa carla again in 1987? thank you!!
Oh, this is BUZZING in my brain!!! Here you go!! I hope you enjoy :))
Built on a Fault (Marko x vamp!reader)
Warnings: angst, bad memories/trauma, natural disaster survivor trauma, minor panic attacks, reunions, mentions of character deaths, based on the prequel script
Word Count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
It had been eighty years since you'd last visited Santa Carla.
Once, it had been your home, but that had been when four of your life-long friends, and one of them who wasn't just your friend, had still been alive. It pained you to even think of the city, to think of what had happened so long ago. You could still hear the sickening crack of the floor underneath you, the fear as you pushed open your coffin and you saw that your room around you had been shaking. No, shattering. Threatening to spill light inside it. You'd been one of the first ones to turn, along with- You had to close your eyes to fight the memories away as a face you'd tried so hard to forget swarmed your mind.
You weren't here to remember that night, to remember the night you'd lost him. You were here to find peace, to finally find closure. Then, perhaps, you could finally start enjoying your immortality.
You walked around town, trying to not let painful memories cloud your mind. Instead, you let your mind drift, and let your feet take you wherever they desired. You followed a pull around the city, heading towards the shoreline. You assumed that it was just your instinct to hunt as you admired your surroundings.
So many things had changed over the years; from the styles to the street under your feet. They replaced cobblestone with pavement, and the buildings grew higher and higher. And the people? To say styles had changed was an understatement.
And, when you saw the boardwalk, you nearly froze. You'd forgotten that it'd been under construction when you'd left, and it only occurred to you then that you'd never gotten to see the finished product. It was the only thing in this city that was truly new to you. The rest of it felt like an old glove, comfortable with it's familiarity. But this? Perhaps this was what you needed.
You stepped up the stairs, admiring the swarm of bodies and the glow of the lights. It was like a beacon in the dark, almost bright enough to hurt your eyes. They were enough to hurt your eyes. You couldn't stand the light, the noise from the boardwalk, the smell of all the human food. The feeling of the crowd all around you. You tried to find a place to fix your eyes, a quieter spot. But, the crowd was thick and nearly impossible to move through without causing a scene. And, when you thought you saw a pair of familiar blue eyes, you froze. You knew coming there had been a mistake. In your panic, you were blending your memories with what was right in front of you. Yes, those eyes had looked shockingly like David's but you'd seen blonde, too blonde, hair. I'm seeing ghosts, you thought. You didn't want to see any more.
You pushed out of the crowd, climbed back down the stairs, and headed out to the beach.
The farther you went, the quieter it was. The night was dark, and, with your back to the boardwalk, the only light was the moon and it's reflection on the water. Your shoes sunk into the sand, and the assault on your senses was gone. You let out a sigh and closed your eyes, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the beach. It was a constant flow, just in and out. It was almost all you could hear, it was far too easy to focus on. But then came the sound of someone flying.
Your eyes flicked open, and you turned around.
You almost didn't recognize the person in front of you. The jacket, the jeans, the chaps, the hair. It was all different. But those eyes. Those big, doe-like hazel eyes. They stood out on his face. They were a memory you'd tried so hard to forget.
Neither of you said a word, but you imagined you were wearing the same expression that he was. One of pure surprise, of disbelief. You stared at eachother, and you watched as he shifted the weight of his feet and how one of his hands came to his lips. You watched the action, and he said,
"David said- I didn't know whether or not I wanted to believe him- to get my hopes up-" And you closed your eyes as tears slipped down your cheeks. It took all but a few seconds for you to be in his arms. You didn't know who moved first, but it didn't matter.
Any doubts you had were cast away the second you heard his voice, wrapped your arms around his shoulders. It's him. You repeated over and over in your mind, combing your hands through his curly hair. You buried your nose into his neck, breathing in his scent, as you muttered,
"I thought you were dead- The hotel," And Markos grip tightened as you let out a stuttering breath. "Everything fell." You whispered. You hadn't thought, hadn't allowed yourself to, in decades. It'd been claustrophobic and terrifying. Every time a piece of the hotel broke, you had to run to bury yourself deeper. To get away from the light. You hadn't had time to find the others, and you'd dug yourself a hole in the rubble to try to guarantee your survival. You'd dug so far until you reached hollow ground. That night, you'd pulled yourself out of a graveyard. When you saw how the earth was open and broken, every room shattered, laid with dust, or just gone, you'd been too devastated to investigate. Marko's reply was almost numb, like he'd heard it over and over,
"It was built on a fault. Went right into the crack." Your mind was running, running over how he could have escaped, how he'd been here all this time, everything he'd said. David? You pulled away to look at him as you asked,
"You said David. Is he- Are they alive?" And you allowed a glimmer of hope to grow. When he nodded, you couldn't imagine feeling any happier. Marko, your Marko, and all of your friends. Fresh tears stung the corners of your eyes, and you hugged him tighter. His voice was thick, nearly broken, as he said,
"We thought- You were in an upper room. When we couldn't find you and with what happened to Vlad and Jasper, we just-" And you froze, your moment of joy coming to a halt. You remembered Vlad. The mysterious man that was the reason for all of your turnings. A cruel stranger. But Jasper? He'd been a brother, a life-long friend. And, like that, part of your heart broke all over again. Poor Dwayne. You thought. You tightened your grip on him, but he pulled back to run a hand over your cheek. To stare into your face. "I searched for you for weeks in the rubble and years in the cave. We went through every tunnel, every system," His voice cracked and he paused for a moment. Guilt climbed up your throat, and you shut your eyes. If you'd just checked, if you'd made sure- Almost as if Marko could hear your thoughts, he said, "But, you're here now. You're alive." He said, and the look in his eyes was one of pure admiration, of pure joy. He brushed his hands over you cheeks, and you reached up to hold one close. How could you feel anything but love for him when he was looking at you like that?
You each stared at eachother for a moment, before one of you moved. You didn't know who moved first, but, again, it didn't matter. The moment your lips touched, it was like no time had passed at all.
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there's war in the air on hc
and tango and impulse are on different sides of the battlefield..
(take this as you will this is just a shower thought xD)
(and i thought of coming to you with this cuz your "Acting Out" fic is still one of my fav pieces of writing and lives rent free in my brain)
YESSS i love that one so much i'm glad you liked it too!
also yes i think Tango and Impulse are very much unable to be on the same side of a war lol
so just for you, i wrote a semi-sequel to the one you mentioned! enjoy :D
The moon is high in the sky; it’s getting late. Impulse is just finishing up work on his base before he gets ready for bed when he happens to glance up and spot someone who shouldn’t be here.
Impulse freezes at the cold way this person said his name. “T-Tango? What are you doing here?” He moves towards Tango and tries to usher him towards the exit. “You’re not meant to be here! Get out before someone else sees you!”
“No,” Tango responds firmly, resisting Impulse’s attempts. “We need to talk.”
“I…” Impulse hesitates. “I have nothing to say to you.”
Tango snorts. “Oh really? You don’t? Nothing? Nothing at all?”
“Please, just go.”
“What’s going on here?” comes a different voice.
Tango turns to find Grian standing in the gateway to the factory, with Scar, Pearl, and Mumbo standing right behind him.
“Oh hey, look!” Tango crows. It’s Grian and co! What a surprise. Oh wait, it’s not. Not a surprise at all that Impy drags out some backup cuz he’s too much of a coward to face me alone.”
Impulse flinches. “Tango, please…”
“You can’t do anything on your own, can you?” Tango taunts. “First you summon a boat APOCALYPSE on our shopping district to the point where I can’t even SEE the harbour anymore! Then you build a giant freaking boat over the same area, meaning I’m constantly dodging mobs when I just try to walk down MY OWN STREET!” His voice rises to a yell. “And then FINALLY, you trick me into coming to the boatem hole and shove me into it! Did you do any of that by yourself, Impy? No, you did NOT. You always had your stupid little posse behind you to back you up!”
“Tango, that’s enough,” says Grian firmly. “Leave Impulse alone. If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame me; all of this was my idea.”
“I am SICK and TIRED of just being your punching bag,” Tango growls back. “Keralis is barely around anymore and Bdubs is just doing whatever the hell he wants, leaving ME to deal with you HOOLIGANS all by myself! Do you feel good about this? HUH?! One vs five?! You like those odds, do you?”
“This war can end at any time, you know,” Grian says. “All you have to do is-.”
Impulse, sensing the declining situation, steps towards Tango. “Buddy, buddy, hey. Look, it’s late and you’re upset. You should go home, get some rest, and you’ll feel better in the morning.”
Tango glares at him. “Don’t patronise me.”
Impulse gently places his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Tango-.”
The loud crack echoes around the village. Impulse stumbles to the ground, his hand pressed against the right side of his face. Mumbo and Pearl immediately rush to his side, while Grian takes a step in front of him, drawing his sword and pointing it directly at Tango. His face is as serious as Tango has ever seen it. “Get out of here,” he snarls, “before I shove this sword in your neck.”
Tango can hardly breathe. Despite the threat of Grian’s sword, his eyes are fixed on Impulse. His mind is spinning, trying to comprehend what just happened.
Did I just… Did I just hit my best friend…?!
“Tango, I’m not gonna say it again,” Grian says icily. “LEAVE.”
Tango stands frozen for a few more seconds, before he finally registers the tip of Grian’s sword now touching his neck. Involuntarily letting out a short gasp of air as his respiration system starts working again, he turns and flees as fast as he can, almost falling over twice.
Grian drops his sword and moves over to Impulse, whose hand is still pressed over his face. Shooing Mumbo, Scar, and Pearl away, Grian kneels down beside him. “Hey, are you okay? Show me your face.”
With no sound in the vicinity apart from his quiet half-sobs half-shallow-breaths, Impulse slowly takes his hand away from his face.
Grian has to suppress a gasp. The skin around Impulse’s right eye is blemished and bruised, and his eye itself is half-closed and red.
“D-Don’t blame Tango,” pleads Impulse quietly. “Please.”
“Don’t blame Tango?!” Grian repeats incredulously. “He HIT you!”
“He’s stressed, he’s angry, he didn’t mean to hurt me. It- This has never happened before. He’s never hurt me like this before. I know he didn’t mean to.”
Grian angrily opens his mouth to speak again but Pearl places her hand on his shoulder, stopping him. “Forget about Tango for now. Impulse, we need to get your eye seen to and then you need to rest.”
“I…” Grian lets out a sigh. “You’re right. You’re right, we can deal with this in the morning.”
But morning time comes and Boatem wakes up to a worrying server-wide message.
<BdoubleO100> Has anyone seen Tango? He didn’t come home last night.
Impulse’s heart sinks as he reads the message. He quickly climbs out of his bed and stumbles out of his house, only to bump into Grian, who is clearly on his way to see him.
“We should have made sure he got home,” Impulse croaks, starting to hyperventilate. “Now he’s out there somewhere all alone and in pain and he might be hurt and- and we should have made sure he’d be okay - if something happens to him, it’ll be all my fault! I should have made sure he-!”
“Impulse, Impulse, breathe, buddy,” Grian says soothingly. “Just breathe. Breathe.”
Impulse forces himself to take a slow breath in and then out. Tears start to slide down his cheeks, flaring up the pain in his injured eye.
“Don’t worry,” Grian says softly. “The server isn’t that big, really. He’s out there somewhere and we’ll find him.”
As Impulse gingerly wipes his bruised eye, Grian quickly checks his communicator. There’s a ton of worried messages from Hermits all over the server but the latest one stands out the most.
<Zedaph> I’ve got him.
Zedaph has been awake since sunrise, working on his experiments, when he gets Bdubs’s message. Immediately, he’s alert and worried. Tango’s gone missing before, especially during the Civil War and then the Turf War. The state Zedaph always found him in back then… It hurt Zedaph to see him that way.
And it hurts to know that history is again repeating itself.
Putting on his coat, Zedaph leaves the safety of his lab and rushes out towards the path, intending to walk it to spawn to see if he can find Tango on the way.
But as he reaches the top of the hill, he happens to glance down and spots a familiar figure lying huddled at the very bottom, nestled under the bridge.
A chill running down his spine, Zedaph rushes down the hill as quickly as he can, trying not to trip.
As he gets nearer, he can see Tango’s outline, curled up in a ball in the grass, still wet from dew. His entire body is pale, likely from the cold. But most worryingly of all is his lower right leg, which is bent out at an unnatural angle.
His knee is clearly dislocated.
Zedaph kneels down beside Tango and gently lifts him up, being careful to avoid jostling his leg. Tango is unconscious, though he lets out a soft groan when Zedaph moves him.
He grabs his communicator and quickly fires off a message to let the server know that Tango has been found. Now it’s time to take Tango to safety and having done this many times before, Zedaph knows exactly what to do. He drinks the strength potion he brought with him and lifts Tango into his arms, again being careful with Tango’s injured leg.
The journey back to his lab isn’t far but it’s slow. Finally, Zedaph is able to get Tango into the special room he built just for this purpose and lowers him into the bed. As he starts to prepare the healing potion, Tango again makes another quiet noise. Zedaph glances over and sees Tango’s head rolling from side to side, his heavy breathing clearly audible. Zedaph suspects he’s developing a fever from being out in the cold all night, a theory confirmed when he spots the sweat glistening on Tango’s face and neck.
After carefully tipping the potion down Tango’s throat, it takes a couple of minutes for his eyelids to flutter, his breathing settling.
“Hey,” whispers Zedaph, smiling as Tango’s eyes focus on him. “Hey, Tango.”
“Zed…?” Tango rasps. “How…?”
“I carried you here.” Zedaph’s smile drops. “Tango, you said you wouldn’t self-destruct again.”
“I w-wasn’t trying to.” Tango coughs, weakly lifting his hand to massage his throat. “I was t-trying to come here, I promise. Like you said.”
Zedaph nods approvingly. “Good. Are you in a lot of pain?”
“Not really. But I guess that’s the potion, right?”
Zedaph nods again. “The potion, yeah. So, um… I’m gonna have to do something and you’re not gonna like it.”
Tango gazes at Zedaph with fearful eyes. “What…?”
Without giving him any more time to be afraid, Zedaph takes hold of Tango’s knee and wrenches it back into place in one swift motion, eliciting a scream from Tango, followed quickly by a stream of profanities.
Zedaph waits patiently until Tango settles back in the bed, before handing him another healing potion.
Tango grumpily drinks it, scowling at Zedaph from behind the bottle. “You didn’t give me any warning,” he grumbles.
“I told you I was gonna do it.”
“You told me you were gonna do something I wouldn’t like. That doesn’t count.”
“If it wasn’t a warning, what was it, then?”
Tango’s scowl deepens into a glare. “Shut up.”
Zedaph just chuckles. “Uh huh.”
As Tango sets aside the bottle, his expression clears. “Zed… I did a bad thing.”
“Oh?” Zedaph sits down on the edge of the bed. “What did you do?”
“I… My memory of it all is a little fuzzy, but…” Tango squeezes his eyes shut and turns his head away. “I… I hurt Impulse.”
“What…?” Zedaph’s eyes widen; he wasn’t expecting that. “What happened?”
“I- I was just so angry and I got caught up in the war and I went over to Boatem to yell at Impulse but then everyone else turned up and they tried to get me to calm down but I l-lashed out and… I hit him in the face.”
Sensing Tango’s distress, Zedaph takes his hand and squeezes it. “Oh, Tango…”
“I got so ashamed, I just- I just ran away.” Tango’s voice cracks. “I didn’t know what to do but then I remembered you saying if my acting out gets too bad again that I should come to you so I tried to come here but I- I think a creeper exploded on the bridge near me and I fell off. I’m more hazy on that part than the rest.” His voice almost completely fails at the end of his last sentence as a sob wells up in his throat. “I hit my best friend, Zed. I hurt him. He probably hates me…!”
“Nothing you could do would ever make Impulse hate you,” says Zedaph softly. “He loves you more than anything. In fact, I bet he’s on his way here right now just to see you.”
In the ensuing silence, as if on cue, Zedaph hears the door burst open, so he quickly leaves the room and rushes out onto the balcony overlooking the foyer.
Sure enough, Impulse is there. As he runs up the stairs, Zedaph spots the bruise over Impulse’s eye and winces. “Impulse, I’m glad you’re here. Is your eye okay?”
“It’s fine,” says Impulse dismissively. “Where’s Tango?”
Zedaph leads Impulse into Tango’s room. When Impulse catches sight of his friend, he lets out a gasp and dashes to his side. “Tango! Oh my gosh, where have you BEEN? What happened? Are you okay?”
Tango takes one look at Impulse’s injured eye and dissolves into tears. “I’m so sorry…!” he wails.
“He fell off the bridge to my lab,” Zedaph says quietly. “He was lying out there in the cold all night.”
“Oh gosh, Tango…!” Impulse sits down on the edge of the bed, almost exactly where Zedaph had been just a minute before. “Tango, I’m not angry at you. I forgive you. Y-You didn’t know what you were doing.”
“You shouldn’t FORGIVE me!” Tango cries. “I hurt you! Why would you forgive me after THAT?!”
“Because you’re my best friend and I love you,” Impulse replies softly. “My eye will heal. Please tell me you didn’t try to hurt yourself.”
“I- I didn’t. I promise.”
“He didn’t TRY to but he still managed it anyway,” says Zedaph, gently teasing. “Dislocated his knee.”
Impulse grimaces. “Oh, jeez… But you’re okay now, right?”
“I’m healing,” Tango responds simply.
After a moment, Impulse takes Tango’s hand. “So am I.”
Tango moves his hand up and gently touches the bruise over Impulse’s eye. “I… I can’t believe I caused that. I know my acting out has gotten bad before but never like this…”
“Well, we’ve never been on opposite sides of a war THREE times before,” Impulse responds. “Listen, Tango… I know I’ve said this before but this time, I’m really serious: you can ALWAYS talk to me, no matter what. No amount of fun, no amount of war, is ever worth your physical or mental health. I would give up the entirety of Boatem if I knew it would help you in any way.”
“I wouldn’t ask you to do that.”
Impulse briefly glances up at Zedaph, who gives him a smile back, before turning back to his best friend with the kindest of smiles on his face.
“You wouldn’t need to.”
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willsimpforanyone · 2 months ago
heyo! a maria hill x reader where r is a werewolf and meets Maria for the first time in r’s wolf form, r gets all cuddly and snuggly and maria is shocked to find out that the wolf is r :))
sounds adorable, i can absolutely do that
The part of me that was overwhelmed with canine instincts screamed 'NEW NEW NEW PERSON FRIEND?? NEW FRIEND PERSON??' when the gorgeous form of Maria Hill walked into the building, walking by the side of Nick Fury
My ears perked up and my nose twitched as her heels clacked across the floor. Fury introduced the people around me to her, just some techies and lower level agents but they needed to be filled in on our mission. I was to lead it, so I knew all the information already and since the full moon was tomorrow it was easier to give in to the wolf than fight against it.
I was laying under a table, the cool floor pleasing on my warm skin, when Maria ducked her head to see me underneath. If I were in my human form I would have blushed bright red under her steady gaze. As it was, my tail waved back and forth a few times. I could hear a few of the agents trying to explain to her but Fury stopped them.
She reached out her hand. "Hey there, buddy, what's your name?"
Fury was hiding a smile, and caught my eye briefly, winking. I stood on my paws and came out from under the table, sitting by Maria's boots. "Hi! Oh, aren't you just beautiful!" She knelt down to stroke my head, and I pushed my head into her hand. "You're wearing a vibranium body suit? Oh my goodness, you're a wolf agent?"
She stroked my ears, scratched under my chin and I panted, my tongue lolling out my mouth. Fury coughed, covering up a laugh, and said something about taking the agents to the training area. Maria nodded, too preoccupied with burying her hands in my fur. "Yeah, yeah, I'll be there soon."
The group left, leaving just me and Maria sitting on the floor. "You're so pretty, yes you are!" She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I nuzzled her face. "Aww, you like me, baby? Yeah, you like me, isn't that right?"
I yipped happily. This stunning woman thought I was pretty!
A tiny voice inside wondered if she'd still like me if I wasn't a wolf, but I swallowed that down. I pawed at her legs and she rubbed at my face. "Oh my goodness, you like the attention, huh?"
Boots echoed across the floor towards us, and Nick Fury came back into view. I stood, and bounded over to him. He pat me briefly on the head. "Okay, time's up, we need you now."
Maria looked confused.
I shivered from the top of my head to the end of my tail, and arched my back. The fur started to retreat from my skin, my bones snapped and cracked as they reformed. The body suit I was wearing stretched and remoulded itself to fit my body and within ten seconds I was human again, standing on bare feet next to Fury in front of an even more confused Maria.
Fury clapped my shoulder. "Two minutes, then training."
I nodded. "Yes sir." He walked away and I grinned at Maria, holding out my hand to help her up.
Hesitatingly, she took my hand and allowed herself to be pulled off the floor.
"G-good afternoon, agent," she stammered.
I shook the hand I was holding. "Good afternoon, Ms. Hill." Our hands were separated, but Maria didn't avert her eyes and neither did I. "I'm sure you've figured out that I am a lycanthrope."
She nodded. "A werewolf."
"Yes ma'am."
"'re a werewolf."
I laughed. "Yes ma'am, I am a werewolf."
Fury's voice came from down the hall. "Get over here, mutt."
I rolled my eyes, but smiled. "I'm afraid I gotta go, but Maria?"
She blinked. "Yes?"
I backed away, grinning at her. Her cheeks were slightly red- she was embarrassed of the attention she gave me as a wolf, how cute.
"I do like the attention, from you." I winked and turned, running down the hallway. I think she's pretty too.
fairly short, but i hope you enjoyed!
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jeojahari · 6 months ago
01 | kiss it better | myg
Tumblr media
🠒 summary: you're one of the lucky ones, everyone else tells you. finding your soulmate the day you turn 18 isn't something that happens to a lot of people... but you and your other half are going to have to make a lot of progress to be able to tolerate each other.
or, you and yoongi can feel everything the other feels, and you're hell bent on causing each other pain.
🠒 pairing: yoongi x reader
🠒 genre: angst, fluff, e2l!au, soulmates!au, college au, crack?
🠒 warnings: profanity, implied smut
🠒 word count: 2.2K
🠒 notes: here we go!! i'm so ready for this, i hope you are too <3 also i literally live for bff!jimin omg
Tumblr media
part 01: one gaze
(series m. list)
Tumblr media
"Happy eighteen, Y/N!"
"You're an adult now!"
"Hey, why don't I kiss you and see if we're meant to be?"
You zero in on Jimin, his playful eyes twinkling under the chandelier's light. "Try it, I dare you. It'll be the last thing you do."
"You're so mean to me," he pouts, taking another bite of your birthday cake, leaving a smidge of white frosting on his lips. Namjoon pats his shoulder comfortingly, chuckling.
"You know that's not how it works," he explains. "Your signs are supposed to match, and I'm pretty sure an apple and a moon are two very different things."
You remember that, too — your best friend and roommate screeching profanities from the shower the morning of his birthday, making you rush to the bathroom in worry.
"Jimin-ah? What's wrong?!"
"Y/N! This is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me! I might as well jump off a bridge and die!"
"Are you alright?!"
"No, Y/N, how do you expect me to be? Do you know what my fucking soulmate mark is?!"
And he'd showed you his wrist after he was done with his shower, the outline of an apple resting on his pale skin. You, of course, had found that extremely funny... unlike him.
"Yeah, yeah," Jimin says, stabbing the cake again. "Laugh all you want, Y/N. I bet I'll find my soulmate before you do."
"No way," you scoff, leaning back against the comfortable chair. "I highly doubt you ever will."
"Take that back!"
Namjoon eyes you two somewhat warily, but he's used to things like this. Having been stuck with the both of you since his junior year of high school, this isn't something out of the ordinary, and it definitely isn't the worst he's ever seen.
"You're not hot enough," Jimin retorts.
"You're not hot enough," you return pettily. "Plus, you're literally the size of Jeon Jungkook's brain, and that's saying a lot."
"Did you really just compare me to the campus fuckboy?" Looking around quickly, Jimin grabs an unused spoon off the table and hurls it at you. Ever the archery ace, his aim is not to be underestimated, and he hits you square in the shoulder.
At the same time, a strong wave of pain hits you directly in the knee, and you instinctively cry out, your sudden yelp alerting both of your friends.
"Y/N?" Jimin's eyes widen in surprise. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean—!"
"No," you shake your head mid-grimace. "I mean, no, it's not you. Actually, that was a pretty weak throw, Minnie."
Namjoon offers you a sympathetic smile. "Soulmate?"
"Yep." You sigh, wincing as you shift your leg to the side. "It's been happening a lot recently. Either they're a complete doofus or someone's hurting them on purpose."
"I don't know about yours, but Namjoon is the biggest doofus around," Jimin points out, retrieving the spoon from the floor. "Do you know how often he randomly hurts himself while walking out the door and not looking where the hell he's going? It's a wonder Sejung isn't covered with bruises at this point."
"He still is the clumsiest person I know," you agree, laughing. "Oh, and she is covered with bruises, just not the kind you're talking about. At least, her neck is."
Namjoon is blushing furiously at your words. "Wait until you find yours," he defends, glancing down at the small leaf etched into his skin. "You won't be able to keep your hands off of each other."
"You would know," you giggle, mouth closing around the last chunk of cake on your fork. "Anyways, that's the deal. If they keep this up, I might just rage-murder them and live out the single life."
Jimin doesn't hesitate to point out, "Y/N, you would also die. That, or get really close to it."
"No, she definitely would die," Namjoon confirms with a nod. You take this opportunity to kick them both under the table, stifling a giggle when you see the visible winces on both their faces.
"You guys," you sigh, shaking your head, "are the absolute worst."
Tumblr media
Evening rolls around and you're just hanging out in your shared apartment, home alone and still feeling a bit lazy from all the cake you ate at lunch. Right as you're about to get off the couch to grab a glass of water, your phone goes off with a single notification.
[06:38 PM] idiot #1: !! y/n y/n y/n
[06:38 PM] you: jimin jimin jimin
[06:38 PM] idiot #1: please help me pls pls pls
[06:38 PM] you: what did u do now oml
[06:38 PM] idiot #1: i didn't!!! i just need u here pleeeeease can you come to table 17 at the library plssss
[06:38 PM] you: ?? why? are u abt to fail another exam? i thought u were studying with taehyung and he's basically a genius
[06:39 PM] idiot#1: no and yes bUT THE POINT IS he brought his friends, one of whom just so happens to be the insufferable jeon fucking jungkook and i need to show off my own amazingly awesome best friend or this is gonna be SO humiliating
[06:39 PM] you: jungkook is literally not that bad what do you even hate him for ???
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: bro he's literally so fucking arrogant i swear you only like him because he sweet talks u or some shit
[06:39 PM] you: he does not!!! fuckboys have hearts too sheesh, he's really sweet
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: yeah yeah whatever. he's so pathetic that he had to ask you for help on that paper
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: bruh okay fine but please will u come y/n
[06:39 PM] you: yes but only because taehyung's hot
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: oh my GOD y/n he's basically my brother
[06:39 PM] you: but he's hot
[06:39 PM] idiot #1: okay will u just... come here alr pls.... drool all over tae you want just pls be next to me rn
[06:40 PM] you: okok chill man give me 5 mins
[06:40 PM] idiot #1: THANK YOU !!!!!!!
And that is how you find yourself staring down your tiny collection of clothes, trying to figure out what to wear to make yourself look pretty enough. The fact that Kim Taehyung is going to be there sends butterflies fluttering through your being, your cheeks burning at the thought of him talking to you... holding you... kissing you...
Okay, that's too far, Y/N. Too fucking far.
But an idea pops into your head, just as you're slipping the white sweater over your arms — what if he's the one you're meant for? What if the mark on his skin matches perfectly with yours, a dainty little crescent moon on his wrist? It is possible; his birthday was only around two weeks ago, after all.
What if, what if, what if. Your life is filled with uncertainties and doubts — who's staying? Who's leaving? Who's the one breaking your heart this time around? It's safe to say that Jimin and Namjoon are the only two constants in your equation... along with your future soulmate, that is.
(If you ever end up finding them.)
It's quarter to seven when you push open the double doors of the library, clad in warm jeans and a coat over the sweater you'd decided on earlier. January weather is not too kind, and you probably would have frozen to death if you'd spent a second longer outside.
Sure enough, someone is waving you over to table 17 — it's Jungkook, curly black hair peeking out from under a dark green beanie and sporting a genuine smile. "You came!"
"Hi, Jungkook!" you greet him, not missing the disgusted look on your best friend's face as you take the seat beside him. "Yeah, I couldn't just ignore Jimin when he texted... that wouldn't have ended well for me at all. His temper is a bit, um—"
"I didn't call you here to slander me," Jimin grumbles, kicking your foot weakly. You elbow him in return.
"Glad you could make it, Y/N," a deep voice adds from Jungkook's right.
Of course, it's none other than Taehyung himself, donning a patterned sweater and a pair of glasses perched on his nose. He looks like such a boyfriend that you wish he was yours.
"We don't see each other that often, now that I think about it!" he continues. "We should all hang out together more, don't you think?"
But there's something missing when he looks at you, his earnest gaze meeting yours. You brace yourself for something, anything — but it never comes. The euphoric sensation Namjoon described before doesn't hit you, and you're left hollow.
Is Taehyung not for you?
The universe says, no. And yet you can't help but be endeared to his grin, all those little mannerisms he has that you've picked up on, the sweet and caring way he talks to you...
No, you're not in love, and you're certainly not going to spend the whole week crying over the fact that you're not his soulmate. But you're just a little miffed, your heart sinking a bit as his sleeve rides up to reveal a perfect little cloud resting on his skin.
"Yeah," you answer, smiling nonetheless. We definitely sho—ah!"
"You okay?" Jimin asks as you scrunch your face up in displeasure again, wincing mid-sentence. "I'm gonna fucking kill your soulmate for this, you know."
"Not if I beat you to it," you grumble, your legs still throbbing from the sharp impact. "I swear they're always hurting themselves."
"Sounds like Yoongi," Taehyung chuckles. "I already feel bad for his soulmate, he walks like he's drunk if he hasn't had at least one cup of coffee each hour."
You scoff. "Min Yoongi and his coffee addiction," you say, rolling your eyes. "He makes it seem like such a big deal. He's literally an adult, like, deal with it."
"How come you hate him so much?" Jungkook asks curiously. "Like, he's not the friendliest person around, but..."
"Precisely," you huff. "He's so... it's a wonder he's even living as a part of today's society! It's like he's an old grumpy dude who's resolved to be as anti-social as possible for the rest of his life and it's so. Annoying. The one time I said hi and tried to start a conversation with him, he literally told me not to waste oxygen and walked away."
Jimin exhales. "Damn."
"Right? And I don't know how Jungkook and Tae find him so likable and shit when all he does is make anyone else who tries to talk to him feel like a stupid fool. I mean, really? Now I feel like a total idiot."
"For the record, you're not."
You whirl around at the new voice, startled at the sight of a brown-haired guy before you, coffee cup in hand, and you have absolutely no words.
Had Yoongi been standing behind you the entire time you were shit-talking him?
But that's not even the worst of it — the real issue here is that all of a sudden you feel like you're flying, your heart soaring higher than any bird, your breath taken away in all of one second. Is he? Is it possible? Is he actually?
You refuse to believe it, shock coursing through your veins. It can't be him. "Which one of you... which one of you is it?"
Jungkook and Jimin give you confused looks, while Taehyung stares blankly, trying to comprehend the situation. "You okay?"
"Y-yeah..." You're breathing quickly now, heart racing a thousand miles an hour but your mind repeating words of denial like a mantra. No, no, no, no, no.
But when you finally gather up the courage to look up into Yoongi's eyes, you're rendered speechless again, because he's mirroring your expression back to you, completely gobsmacked.
He's looking at you the way you've always wanted Taehyung to look at you, like you're his entire world and nothing else, but you know it's just a farce. The fact that you're suddenly enraptured by his presence disgusts you, knowing that this is only temporary and he'll go back to being cantankerous in just a few minutes. You're desperately wishing this is one big prank the universe has decided to play on you both, that the ink on your wrists will go back to being black like they used to.
But no. They continue to shine silver, glittering under the soft lights.
Your brain still refuses to process this information, but you don't need to see the mark on Yoongi's skin to know that unfortunately, he's the one for you, whether you like it or not. You're going to have to spend your life with someone you'd rather you'd never met at all.
Funny how just one gaze can completely change your life, for the absolute worst.
Tumblr media
taglist: @meiadore @kimnamjoonluvbot
taglist is still open! send an ask if you'd like me to add you <3
Tumblr media
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nellblazer · 2 months ago
Kinktober Day 1 - Fight Sex | Alcide Herveaux
Tumblr media
Summary: You've been waiting for an opportunity to challenge Alcide for control of the pack
Warnings: Fighting, public sex, humiliation,
*Please do not replicate/rework/translate my work, I do not give permission. This is on A03, Tumblr, Wattpad. Anywhere else, it has been stolen.*
Tumblr media
The pack thought that you and Alcide were going to tear each other apart soon.
You hadn't taken well to your pack being absorbed into his, challenging his authority at every turn and the other wolves could sense the growing time bomb of tension. You thought you had a right, as the previous Packmaster's daughter, to rule but Alcide never agreed to let you fight for the title.
You stepped up your game, increasingly nasty words, insults about his bravery and strength and there was a point where you thought he might lose it, attack you but he held himself together at the last moment.
“Accept the pack or leave,” he growled at you, eyes flashing yellow. “I don't have time for your bullshit.”
“If you can't even manage me, you won't ever run this pack right,” you hiss back, knowing a small gathering of wolves was starting behind you, curious about the raised voices. “You look weak when you let me get away with doing this.”
“So I should just beat you down? Is that what you want?”
“You know what I want, Herveaux and you won't do it because you're a fucking coward.”
“I'm not afraid of an arrogant she-wolf,” he's starting to crack, to come chest to chest with you. “And if you don't stop, I'll kill you.”
“Then let me challenge you for Packmaster and get rid of your problem.”
“Scared I'll win?”
Alcide is livid now. You know you've caught him on a bad day, close to the full moon and when he was already stressed about the recent vampire attacks.
“You want this so bad? Fine. I accept your challenge but if I win, I'm gonna fuck you in the dirt in front of this whole pack.”
“Oh? Didn't know you saw me that way, Herveaux,” you play coy. “Okay then. You win, you fuck me and I'll be your bitch from here on out.”
“Agreed,” he steps back, unbuttoning his flannel shirt before looking to the other wolves. “Gather round. This cub wants to challenge for my title.”
“Are you sure about this?” your friend Jolene whispers as you hand her your own shirt. “He took out your dad.”
“I'm not gonna stop until he makes me submit or kills me,” you look at her out of the corner of your eye.
“Yeah but submitting means you're giving us all a show with someone you hate.”
“At least he's very easy on the eye,” you drag your gaze down his muscled back as he's talking with his second. “He's a fucking ass but he's pretty.”
“You know, you're crazy but I'll be your second if you want me,” she puffs out air. “But don't come cryin' to me when you're knocked up with Herveaux pups down the line.”
“I'd be honoured if you were my second,” you pat her on the shoulder. “Have a little more faith in me though, yeah?”
“You're scrappy but you're an idiot,” Jolene stretches her arms. “Good luck.”
You approached the designated patch of land, standing a few feet away from Alcide as the elder went through the rules and traditions. You barely listened to that though, concentrating on how the Packmaster was standing, what move he might make first based on that and the vibrations of his body as he was trying to keep himself in check for now.
The exact moment the elder announces the fight has started, you knew Alcide was going to lunge at you. He favoured brute strength and aggression over any strategy. That meant you ducked to the side before delivering a kick to his spine that had him stumbling.
“Underestimated me, huh?” you taunt him. “Thought it was gonna be that easy?”
“I'm gonna put you in your place,” his voice is taking on the wolf qualities, his fury reaching apoplectic levels given some of your old pack are laughing at him.
You manage to dive through his legs as he's charging again and grab his ankle, flipping him onto his face but he's up far too quickly, more agile than you've given him credit for. Your world revolves as he catches you with a punch to the face that has you spinning and trying to regain your footing before he's lifted you off your feet and slammed your back into the grass.
“Submit!” he yells, trying to corral your arms but you jab him in the throat and he wheezes as you wriggle free.
Shoulder barging him over, you get on top of him, hitting him over and over until his nose and mouth are bloodied. It hits a fever pitch where your old pack is cheering madly, baying for more violence as Alcide's original pack is wincing at the blows.
In a flash, his huge hands come around your ribs, shoving you away with so much force you roll over twice. Disoriented and dizzy, you don't see him approaching as he tangles up your limbs, flattening your body under his with his weight and leaning his elbows over your arms to keep them pinned.
“Submit,” you can feel him shaking with rage.
“No,” you spit back, still struggling.
When he headbutts you and then manages to get his teeth around your throat, that's the point you know this is over. If he bites down, you're dead.
“I submit!” you croak out, feeling the pressure cutting off your air and bruises starting to form already.
He eases off and sits up more, still pinning you down, “Say it louder, you fucking brat!”
“I submit,” you look him square in the eyes. “Take your prize, Herveaux.”
Alcide tears off your bra, his original pack members whistling and whooping and even some of yours who are clearly enjoying you receiving some humiliation. Your pants come off next, completely ripped away until you're bare under him.
He doesn't even bother taking off his jeans, just shoving them down a bit along with his boxers. After a cursory swipe of his fingers between your legs, he starts laughing.
“You enjoying this, huh? Can't think why else you'd be so slick already.”
“Like you aren't fucking hard at the thought of having me,” you glance down at his waiting cock, twitching a little in anticipation.
He drives in without any preparation and it's lucky you're already wet. You'd be lying to yourself if you said the fight wasn't a turn on.
Your back arches as he gets himself in to the hilt, grunting when he finally bottoms out and the cheering around you gets louder, encouraging and demeaning words flung your way. It spurs Alcide on to start rutting with harsh abandon, so hard that you can barely vocalise words any more.
He's got your wrists in his hands, pressing down so you can't move, still not trusting you've truly submitted but when you start moving your hips to meet his, finding the rhythm he finally lifts off.
“You're fucking mine now,” he gets you by the throat, biting at your lower lip. “In front of everyone here, I claim you as mine.”
Alcide pulls out, flipping you over and pulling you onto your hands and knees and reseating himself back within you. His fingers are bruising your hips as he thrusts fiercely before grabbing your hair by the root and bending your back so he can get even deeper.
You don't even care about the onlookers watching you get ruined by Alcide Herveaux, of all wolves. You've never been fucked this hard in your life and you love it.
He lifts you back up against him so he can get one hand around your neck and one hand down in between your legs, rubbing the little bud fast like he's determined to throw you into an orgasm immediately. It's bordering on the fun side of pleasure and pain.
“You're gonna cum for me,” he growls in your ear. “And scream my name so they'll know whose bitch you are.”
You could feel the coil tightening in your body, your head lolling back against his shoulder as his teeth sink into your neck, marking you. That's what threw you over the edge.
“Alcide!” you say his first name for the first time since your pack was taken over and it was sung like a prayer.
You hear his growl, long and rumbling as he holds your hips down, cock pulsing within you and flooding you with cum to the howls of the pack.
“Alcide will continue as Packmaster,” the elder declares.
“Alright, show's over everyone. Get lost,” Alcide still has hold of you as you try to catch your breath and gradually everyone files away.
Finally you're both alone but he still doesn't let go.
“You gave me a good challenge,” he noses against your cheek. “Much better than I expected. Nearly had me at one point.”
“I'm not just hot air.”
“I know that now. Look, I know you hate me but I could use a strong she-wolf by my side.”
“I don't hate you Alcide. My old man was a dick and had this coming for a while but I'd be a poor daughter if I didn't try to challenge for leader.”
“So you'll consider it? Consider us?” he turns your face.
“Hmm,” you purse your lips, pretending to think. “I'm not sure. Why don't you fuck me again so I can make up my mind?”
You can feel him hardening again within you as he chuckles, “Oh I can do that. I can fuck you all night long. You want somewhere more private?”
You get off him, pushing him onto his back and sinking yourself back down on his cock, “No. Let them see if they want. You want me at your side, they should get used to me and you together.”
“Fair enough,” he lays back, savouring the view. “Show me what you got.”
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yumtete · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You love the holidays as each one of them brings something new to enjoy and experience. With or without family. However, there's one day that you can't seem to wrap your head around. It's Halloween.
pairings: kim taehyung x fem! reader 
word count: 5.5k
warnings: stalking, dub con/non con, groping, vomiting, vore, cannibalism, possessive behavior, scared! reader, implied murder, reader tries to escape, window jumping, blood, reader gets drugged, needles, poor reader (she’s a great friend) ...
perm taglist: @minshookie29
— NOTE: i always get so nervous to post, but anyways, i actually like halloween, even though i'm past the age of going out and participating. i just had to make up a persona for the reader- halloween lovers, pls dont hate me lmao. (pls ignore any typos).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There's people in the world that love Halloween. They absolutely adore it. Dressing up as their favorite character or person, hanging out with friends and getting sweets, maybe going to parties, and even watching the latest or oldest horror movie that came out. Sure, you get why it’s “fun”. You have these factors contributing to the idea of entertainment and bringing enjoyment to all, but that’s not necessarily how you interpret the holiday. 
Firstly, you hate seeing blood where it doesn’t belong and the metallic smell is horrid- just thinking about it makes you feel nauseous. Blood belongs in the body. Why would people want to display it on themselves? Secondly, who came up with the concept of going to strangers’ houses and asking for candy with the outdated phrase “trick-or-treat!” It makes no sense! Thirdly, why wear costumes? You get that the whole point of Halloween is disguising yourself, but the costumes that are terrifying is what freaks you out. 
The killer clowns with the over-the-top makeup and exaggerated smiles, the zombies with the torn clothes having their guts being shown and blood dripping from their mouths and body. The dolls with the cracked faces and big doe-y eyes and comforting smile that conflicts with their malicious behavior. 
You feel shivers run down your spine. 
It’s 7:37pm and the sun is starting to set. You’re looking out of your bedroom window, hands on the blinds as you peek through watching as the once lonesome street becomes filled with different types of creatures. You spot masks you recognize from the purge, you blame Namjoon for putting you through that experience. You also notice a dog in a lady bug costume. Now, that just made your heart melt. As the world around you becomes darker, you notice the darker side of costumes too. You see a bride- 
Oh, she’s not just that. You gasp as she turns around to talk to her friends. Her beautiful white dress is ripped, the fabric stretched and torn, but it’s covered in blood. The red stands out the most as she talks. The skin on her face looks mutilated, her cheek seems as if it was razored slowly and one of her eyes is sewn shut. You know it’s not real, but God- If zombies were to ever walk Earth, you know you would’ve been doomed. But you also applaud her for the intense amount of work she put into that. You could never.
You continue looking at everyone’s costume in the comfort of your home like a creep. It’s odd you’re doing this like you’re some kind of peeping tom, but you can’t help but be amazed and deathly terrified at all the costumes. Your eyes land on a clown surrounded by his friends. Almost falling backwards when he notices you looking at him. 
The traditional clown smile is on his face, lines connecting from each corner of his lips and runs upwards as if his smile is that huge and he’s that happy. Then the dark triangles painted on his face. Two sitting right on his eyebrow and another two turned upside down on the apple of his cheeks, with jewels decorating each pointy tip. His clothes on the other hand, look normal. Nothing but sweats and a hoodie. 
He lifts his hand up at you, waving it side to side as he tilts his head. Scary. You quickly wave back, embarrassment filling your body as you’ve been caught. You close the blinds fast, not wanting to indulge yourself even more into what you’re most afraid of. Plopping yourself down on your beat-up couch — yes, it’s still functioning just fine, you place the bowl of buttery popcorn on your lap as you flip through channels. You groan though. Mostly movies like World War Z, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and even Paranorman are currently showing. What did you expect though, the Golden Girls to be on? Yes. 
Letting a random channel play on tv, you find your phone and open up Instagram. You see all your friends posting on their private stories having a great time. You can’t really be mad because they know how you feel about the day and they invite you out every time to party, but you always decline. You just envy them. You wish you could have that care-free nature and laid back personality, but you don’t. You’re always on edge, always hesitant, and always anxious. You hate it. It prevents you from doing … possibly anything. But what can you do? 
“Wish you were here!” You hear your friend say on her private story with your Instagram URL. The bright and flashing lights causes you to blink fast at the strong exposure of color. You go to dm her, knowing she’ll probably respond when she’s home or maybe the next day. Your thumbs type under the video. 
aww :) it looks like you’re having fun! enjoy yourself and tell me everything later 
You close Instagram, now moving on to the next app to occupy your attention for the time being. A call from one of your close friends disrupts you. You clear your throat, hand still bringing popcorn up to your mouth. Your mouth is covered in butter, salt, and crumbs, but you don’t mind. You’re in the privacy of your home. Who’s going to yell at you? Exactly! No one.
“What’s up?” You wince at the loud music pumping through your phone. They must be having a blast. 
“I know you're at home .. I’m so sorry for b-bothering you.” She slurs. 
“Are you okay?” 
“Well … I’m drunk as fuck and alone.” You sit up, putting the popcorn on the table and wiping your hands and face with a nearby napkin. You’re worried.
“Where are you?”
“Some town or village- I don’t know what the fuck it is, but it's called Silent Cry.”
“Weird. Send me your location and stay there. If someone tries to touch you, scream as loud as you can. Do you have any mace?” You stand, legs moving on their own as you throw on a jacket and some shoes. 
“Y-yeah.” You hear her laugh. “You sound so scared. I’ll be fine.” 
“Of course, I’m scared! You're by yourself- How’d you even get into that predicament?” You grab your keys, immediately rushing out the house. Forgetting all about the world of hidden faces covered with facial displacement you're about to encounter. 
“I was with Mina and her boyfriend for a while, but as usual, couples get touchy so I left. I wasn’t going to sit there looking dumb, you know?” 
“Yeah ...” You plop yourself in your car, engine firing up once you put the key in the ignition. You sit there for a second and breathe, the people on the street freaking you out as you become more conscious. It’s causing your nerves to flare. 
“I already had a few drinks, but now I just want to go home. I’m cold and there’s a couple almost fucking outside.” You grimace. 
“Okay, I'll be there soon.”
“Thank you so much Y/N. I love you.” You chuckle, taking the car out of park and stepping on the gas.
“Anytime Ari.” 
. . .
You pull up to the house in Silent Cry. The decorations are already adding to your anxiety. There's webs hanging on the tree and casting down as if an actual spider created it and the sight of torn limbs scattered across the grass makes you want to gag. You close your eyes, finding your inner peace and happy place. 
You’ll be fine. 
. . .
You're not fine. 
There’s a fog machine, thick clouds of smoke fills the air along with the floorboards, the flashing lights and the loud music aren't helping you either. If anything, it's just adding on the many reasons why you dislike Halloween. 
You look down at your phone again, Ari sent you her location and you're exactly where it says she is, but her body isn't in sight. There's just a mass of people jumping up and down and screaming out the lyrics to a song you have no clue of. 
You fight your way through the crowd, almost getting elbowed in the face as you try to maneuver through. You text Ari, telling her that you're here, but you notice a cellphone on the floor. Not sure what to do, you pause looking around and wonder if anyone else sees it, but their attention is clearly somewhere in the clouds. 
You bend over, picking it up and your eyes widen. It's Ari's phone. Her screen is cracked, the glass shattered from the impact inflicted once it had hit the floor. You frown, looking around again, your heart beat steadily picks up. Sweat almost starting to form and prickle against your skin. 
You know the smartest thing to do is to call the police, so that's what you do. You refuse to do your own investigation. You've watched too many crime shows to see how that would play out. You will not end up in a ditch. You refuse.
Walking outside to where it's quieter and there's a few people lingering, you hold her damaged phone in your grip as you dial the police. Bringing the ringing phone to your ear, you tap your foot repeatedly on the ground waiting for the dispatcher to come through. The waiting goes on forever. Right when you think someone will pick up, the line goes silent. You move your phone away from your ear, looking down at the device to see that the call has ended.
“What the hell-”
“Are you okay?” You jump at the other voice, you turn around quickly and notice the same man you saw earlier from your window standing in front of you. His eyes are shining under the moon, and there's a splatter of blood on his face that you didn't see earlier from the distance. He looks scary, but you can recognize a handsome man when you see one and he's by far the most gorgeous person you've ever come across.
“Sorry.” His deep voice says, causing you to tune out the loud music in the background to solely focus on him. “But you look … I don't know how to say this without sounding weird or rude.” 
“You can say it. I don't mind.” You're not sure how you even have the capability to talk back. You're scared that you can't find Ari and you're worried about her, plus the definition of beauty right in front of you is causing you to malfunction. 
“You’re on edge, almost anxious or scared about something.” He comments, now leaning against the spider webbed tree nonchalantly. 
“Well I am.” You laugh nervously, feet shifting from side to side. “My friend told me to pick her up, but I can’t find her. I have her phone, but there's no sign of her. So I'm a little scared.” 
“For her or for you?” Your eyebrows furrowed at that. Why would you need to be scared for yourself? Maybe if someone were to touch you, you'd be scared, but there's no reason to fear your life now. 
“For her?” You're not entirely sure why he's even asking about your safety. “Why would I be scared for me?” 
“You never know what might happen on nights like these, that's all.” He offers you a grin. His lips pinching together as the corners of his mouth lift, causing the black lines to add more depth to his smile and the whole clown get-up.
“You're right, but once I can find her; it'll be in and out.” You shrug. 
He hums at that. 
“Maybe she changed her mind about going home.” He suggests coolly, but you shake your head.
“I doubt it. She really wanted to go home. I'm glad she had the mind to call me, but still … she's just not here.” You look around the yard one more time, seeing if you can spot her, but you don't notice how the man stares at you. His mouth watering as his eyes focuses on your throat, almost salivating. 
He licks his lips, but when you turn around he smiles. 
“I’m sure you'll find her soon.” 
“Me too.” You sigh. You get ready to walk away and back into the house to turn it upside down, but he stops you.
“Would you like my help?” You pause, eyes squinting at him. You read his body language. He seems relaxed, almost too calm to be bothered. You're hesitant. You need all the help really, but there's something inside of you yelling, screaming to not let this man near you. But you ignore it, too desperate to save your friend.
“Sure. I’m Y/N by the way.” You yell as you make it back in the house with him. 
This was your first mistake.
. . .
Taehyung follows you around the house like a lost puppy. His intense gaze watching the way the sweatpants on your legs lets your skin move as it pleases, your ass swishing from left to right, jiggling as you do so. But what he focused on is your skin. The lights from the party hit against it causing it to glisten under its presence. 
He swallows, concentrating on assisting you, but you're making it hard for him to keep everything under control. His breathing picks up a little faster around you, his teeth and jaws ache in your presence, and his hunger is increasing by each minute your scent reaches his nose. It's intoxicating. You're intoxicating and he wants more. 
“So tell me something about yourself Y/N.” He asks you as you weave yourself through the drunk and high people in the kitchen. You grimace when someone throws up in the sink, the poor man spilling his guts out while the people around him don't pay him any mind. 
You notice the people in the corner of the room are almost eating each other. Quite literally. The girls' teeth are chewing, somewhat gnawing on the guys cheek. Maybe they're just into that. Your eyes widen once her teeth bites down hard into his skin, the guy looks okay with it, his eyes rolling back. 
What the hell goes on?
“Geez.” You mumble, put off by their display. “Oh, what did you say Taehyung?” You yell over the loud music. You don't hear him respond yet, but eventually things start to become quieter once you open the back door. No ones out back here. You guys checked the whole house, even opening up the bathroom door and getting a sight full of naked ass and the stench of sex. You've never been so embarrassed and sorry in your life. 
"Tell me something about yourself." He repeats as you stand there.
"I'm not sure what I can say really. I'm not that interesting." You mumble, your head not all in the conversation he's trying to make with you. Your focus is on the area around you. You notice the difference from here to how it is inside. Out here, it's open and quiet, but there's a sense of loneliness added to it. However, inside it's loud and too many hot bodies. There's people inside contributing to the noise, but you're never alone then. You hope that wherever the hell Ari is, she's okay. 
There's only the moonlight shining down on the two of you, just illuminating the area you guys are around, almost as if it's capturing a sacred moment. There's trees scattered, creating this dark and ominous horizon. You look further between the crevices of the trees, only to be met with a black emptiness. 
“You're interesting Y/N.” He says, causing you to move your head towards him. You cast him a weird expression, not wanting to steer from the objective of finding Ari. “Or not …” He adds on when you turn back around. 
You sigh. Hands fiddling with her broken phone. 
“I'm sorry. I’m just worried about her.” You look back at him slowly, a sympathetic smile on his face. He walks closer to you, his hand resting on your shoulder and rubbing it. You swallow, watching as his eyes focus on his ministrations. 
“You don't have to apologize sweets.” You get shocked at the nickname. The endearing name falling off his lips as if it were easy for him to say throws you off, but he continues. “I understand, but don't worry. I'm here.” 
You laugh nervously, rolling your shoulder backwards to get him to stop touching you. “Y-yeah … thank you Taehyung. I don't know what's wrong with the connection when I tried calling the police, but what can we do?” You shrug, making him smile. 
“Exactly.” He walks in front of you, seemingly knowing his way around the woods more than you, so you follow. You keep close behind him, but he walks fast. You look back up when you hear him singing a song under his breath. It's hush hush little baby. You recognize the tune from when your older sister would sing it to you when you were littler. 
Hush, little baby don't say a word
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring
He sings the song in a slow manner, the meaning behind the lyrics and the melody suddenly changing the way it should be perceived. You know the lyrics suggest that a dad promises different rewards to a child for remaining quiet, but it's like Taehyung’s singing the song as a warning to be quiet. To who? You’re not sure, but it's alarming. 
You shake your head from these thoughts. He won't hurt you. He may be a little different, but he doesn't seem to want to inflict harm to anyone. You clear your throat, hopefully getting his attention. 
“You've been in these woods before?” You ask, stepping over a couple of tree beaches lifting from the ground, arms sticking out and trying to balance yourself. 
He stops singing. 
“Plenty of times.” You swallow, not sure if you even want to know more, but you mindlessly follow Taehyung through the dark woods, hoping to find a trace of Ari. You squint at him as he walks. It's like he knows where he's going which is why it's bothering you. 
“So … what do you usually do here?” He laughs, turning around and sends you a wink making you trip over the uprooted tree. 
“Oh? Is Y/N wanting to get to know me?” You roll your eyes at the clown. 
“Just making small talk. It's not like there's anyone else for me to talk to out here.” He turns around, his head tilting to the side as he walks backwards. 
“There's plenty of people sweets.” He smiles, the dark lines on his face almost blending in with the dark shadows in the night. You slow down, suddenly becoming weary of the other. “You're just not looking hard enough.” 
You stop. “Taehyung, what-”
“I'm just kidding!” He laughs, his voice vibrating through the ground, sending currents of stress all over your body. “You should've seen your face.” 
“That's not funny. Don't scare me like that.” You frown, angering lingering in the way you heavily stomp ahead of him, walking mindlessly and voice gone silent. 
“Pretty, don't be mad at me. I’ll always protect you. I was only joking.” 
“Let's just try to find Ari.” 
. . .
Taehyung is back in the lead, him trying to persuade you to forgive him by making ugly faces, but he couldn't be ugly if he tried. Although, the makeup on his face makes him look twice as creepy which tempted you to forgive him so he could stop. 
“I knew you liked me!” You rolled your eyes when he said that after you forgave him. 
The two of you are closing up on a house in the distance. You've been walking for about 40 minutes and your legs are tired. 
“Whose house is that?” You ask, the trees now becoming less and the field is becoming visible. You can finally breathe again. His words still remain in your mind, there's plenty of people here- what did he even mean by that. Maybe he's just trying to spook you out because it's Halloween. He must've picked on your distaste about the day.
“It's mine.” You frown. Why would you need to be going there? You're hesitant with the way you follow him, almost as he can hear the gears turning in your mind, he turns around lending his hand out for you to reach. He smiles softly, his whole face condescending the makeup. You still can't over it. It's like you're walking into a trap. 
“It's okay. We can contact someone up here with better service.” You gulp, your hand shakily intertwining with his. 
This was your second mistake.
. . .
As you walk in, you take in the house. It's actually quite spacious despite the exterior suggesting otherwise. The living room is where you're standing, the front entrance of the door leading you there. The L-shaped couch reminds you of your own at home. You run your hand over the back of the gray sofa, the material is really soft. Your eyes find a stain on the edge of it though, it looks red. 
“The wifi password is on the fridge. Help yourself to look around. I’ll be right back!” He calls out, jumping you out of your focus. 
“Okay. And thank you Taehyung!” You yell back, your legs finally moving after hearing him say you're welcome. You somehow find the kitchen after taking many wrong turns and bumping into walls. It’s like a maze. You walk into the kitchen, the marble counter right in the middle and an area where you can walk around. You go to the fridge, immediately taking your phone out to connect to the wifi. 
“H-A … ten … thirty-one.” You type in a few lowercases and some symbols here and there. From the password, you can really tell he enjoys Halloween. Once the bars on your phone show the connection, you quickly open the phone app to dial the police. You put the phone to your ear, leaning against the counter. 
Taehyung walks down at this time, his teeth display as he grins at you. You smile back, thankful for his help. You’ll repay him someday. He steps in the kitchen, his hands going to the cabinet to bring out a can of sliced fruit. 
“Hello, this is 911. What is your emergency?” You look away from Taehyung, ready to reply. 
“I have a friend who's gone missing. Her name is Choi Ari and it's been about three hours since then.” 
“Okay ma’am, can you tell me your location so we can track an approximate coordinate?” 
“Yes. I'm not sure about the address, but it's a town called Silent Cry.” You hear the man on the phone gasp. Your eyebrows furrow.
“Are you-”
“We can't help you.” Your mouth drops, anger filled in your expression and words. 
“What do you mean you can’t fucking help me?”
“The town you're in is known for the citizen's cannibalistic ways. That's how they run things down there. Anyone who enters can not call in reinforcements to enter as well. It's a policy that's been going on for ages.”
Cannibalistic ways … 
Cannibalism? There's no fucking way. You feel like you're underwater, the air around you suddenly gets thinner each time you inhale a gulp. You close your eyes tight, hands gripping onto the marble table. 
“Please don't lie to me. I know it's Halloween, but this has gone too far.”
“I'm not lying … are you currently in Silent Cry now?” The man whispers, almost scared that someone will hear him discussing with you. “Or with someone?” 
“I am.” You whisper, hand holding the phone tight. You hear Taehyung leave the kitchen, the can of fruit remaining on the counter with a plastic fork in it. You're too shaken in place to even move. 
“Grab your things and go. I'm so sorry for your friend, I really am, but run. Those people are relentless. Please hurry before someone-”. The lights go out, along with the connection of your phone. You shakily release a breath, your hand trembling as you bring your phone down from your ear. It's gone silent. You feel behind you, the counter acting as your guide to lead you out. 
“Taehyung. Stop playing with me.” Your voice wavers, fear laced with every word you say and fear felt from within. Your hands stick out in front of you, feeling against the walls. You turn the flashlight on your phone, your hands hurrying to do so. 
A blood chilling laugh erupts from the left side of you and you freeze, tears clouding your vision as your hand slowly moves the phone towards it. You hiccup, whole body filled with dread as you see Taehyung sitting in the living room, his face cheerful as he throws his head back and laughs. A tear slips from his eye and he wipes it away with a sniffle and yet another cackle. 
“You're so dumb pretty.” Your tears don't stop, the phone in your shaking hand acting as a spotlight for him and he's loving it. “I knew you felt that something was wrong, but you wanted to believe that people are good.” He turns his head towards you, his smile no more, nothing but a blank face as he stares. 
He lifts himself from the couch, his body nearing yours. Your mind starts to shift into gears. You need to go. Now. Right when he's about to grab you, you book it out of there. Your feet rapidly thumps against the floor as you run upstairs, you hear him trailing after you, his teeth clashing together, erupting loud chomping noises. 
You run into a room at the end of the hallway, your chest heaving as you push yourself inside and lock the door. You hear Taehyung banging against it, the wood of the door almost splitting in half at his strength. 
“Stop it!” You scream, your voice cracks. You move from the door, going to the corner of the room and moving a dresser in front of it. You groan, arms shaking as you push the heavy weighted furniture in front of the entrance. You think. 
If he has a key, your toast. The only way you see yourself is fighting him which would cause you to quite literally be eaten. So you cancel that out. If there's a weapon in the room, you can cause him to go immobile long enough for you to escape. You look around the room, the phone is still intact somehow as you look for anything sharp or heavy. 
You pause. The knob clicks and the door cracks open. Taehyung grunting on the other side as he pushes it. 
“You can't run from me Y/N.” His gruff voice causes you to move. You look at him, then at the window that's high enough for you to break something if you were to jump out of it. You whine, a sob falling from your lips as the door collapses. 
“Nowhere to run darling.” He smirks. Taehyung reaches out to grab you, but you jump back quickly, your arms covering your face as you run full speed towards the window. The glass shatters, the pain from the impact causing you to scream as your body descends down. You fall to the ground with a loud thump, the glass sunken deep in your skin. You scream, your voice echoes around you. Your hands grip the grass tightly, the strands being yanked up from the dirt as you shake. 
Your vision goes in and out of focus as you try to stand, your legs not being able to hold yourself up properly, but the single word in your head is only keeping you moving. 
You get ready to run, but you groan, your ankle is sprained and it feels as if it's throbbing. You tough it out, glass still lodged in you. You feel the effects of blood loss and pain taking a toll on you. You limp to the forest, back resting against a tree as you breathe in. Tears continuously flow, you can’t stop them. How did everything go wrong so fast? 
Hush, little baby don't say a word
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring
You put your hand over your mouth, eyes closing tightly as Taehying’s deep voice suddenly surrounds you. He begins to hum, but as you open your eyes you see people emerging from behind trees and out of bushes. Their bodies follow the sound of Taehyung’s voice. You don’t have it in you to do anything but stare in horror. 
“Where is she?” You hear Taehyung ask. Your eyes widen, heart nearly jumping from your chest as the other voice speaks.
“Behind your tree.” As fast as everything escalated, your face to face with Taehyung. His dark gaze ogling at you. Your arms are bleeding, you’re in no way, shape, or form able to fight back against him, and the fear in your eyes and stricken in your body makes him licks his lips. He might want to keep you. 
Unfortunately, for you, you don’t see what happens next as a needle is impaled in the side of your neck. You gasp, hands going to your neck as you gape like a fish at Taehyung. Words on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t say them. Your eyes roll back, your motionless body falling down, but he catches you in time. He plants a kiss against your forehead as he hikes you up in his arms. 
“I think I’ll enjoy you.” 
You wake up, the room around you bright and vibrant causing you to squint your eyes at the sudden exposure. You look around you, noticing that you're back in Taehyung's house. A cry sits on your lips, but you're afraid to signal any attention on you so you remain quiet, only releasing a sniffle that concludes your distress. You lift your hand to wipe your face, but you hiss. 
Eyes looking down at your arm, there's no more glass remaining, but the open wounds are still exposed. All your jostling around causing them to bleed again. The door is suddenly open and you see Taehyung staring at you in delight. He walks to the bed making you tense up.
“How do you feel?” He sits down next to you and you flinch as his hand moves the hair from out of your face. You don’t say anything which he expected, but he frowns.
“You know, that friend of yours tasted bitter.” Your heart stops. “I told her to shut up because all that crying almost ruined my appetite.” 
“Y-you ate …” You don’t have it in your vocabulary to even say what he’s admitting. It’s unimaginable and downright disgusting. 
“I did.” He shrugs. “She told me she had a friend named Y/N and I thought it was fate. I saw you at your apartment and then this? It was meant to happen sweets." He smilies.
"Amy ... Tori ... Whatever her name is said you would look for her and at first, I doubted it because who comes to Silent Cry without knowing of its origins, but here you are. A girl on a mission.” He wiggles his eyebrows. You hate how he’s prolonging this. If he’s going to … eat you, then he just needs to do it.
“Are you going to eat me now?” You look at him with blurry eyes, but he coos at you shaking his head. Your eyebrows knit together, presenting confusion to him. 
“I’m not going to lie. I was originally, but you peaked my interest. A bite? I'll do it, but fully. No. I want you alive. But you’re a smart girl Y/N, you just ignored all the signs. There was the name of the town for one like come on, that’s screaming ‘don’t come here’.” He finds it funny, so he laughs. 
“What are you going to do to me now?” 
He suddenly moves closer to you, his face too close to yours as his hands hovers above your chest. You swallow, your hands ready to push him away, but that’s when one hand lands on your breasts, his hand squeezes as if it's a stress ball. You cry, the ache in your arms going ignored as you push him away. 
“I want to keep you.” He fights against you, now his hands grabbing both of your arms and lifting you up in bed, making you sob at the fast movement. He brings your arms in front of his mouth as he suckles your skin, the blood escaping the holes from the glass wounds you hand gushes out of his tongue. You try to knee him, but that fuels his anger on. His teeth bites down hard, causing you to scream and curse profusely at him, but it flies over his head. The skin between his teeth turns red almost purple as he tugs and pulls at it, his sharp canines digging into your skin. 
“Stop! It h-hurts!” You wail, arm getting devoured by Taehyung. Your eyes widen, your whole arm shaking and throbbing as you look at him to see a chunk of your meat lays between his teeth. His mouth is covered in blood and he stares at you, one eyebrow raising as he chews slowly on your skin. You look down at your arm, nothing but red dropping onto the cover unceremoniously and pink showing from your body. You’re in shock. 
"Don't cry pretty. I'll sing to you if you'd like?" And he does.
Hush, little baby don't say a word
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
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pedropascalssimp · 10 months ago
More then you'll ever know
Din djarin x fem reader
Summary: the reader and din have a hard to get along with relationship, mostly because her teasing and joke cracking nature. But one night din realizes he can't keep pushing his true feelings for reader aside.
Warnings: mild language. Fluff.
Since I said I'd write more for din. I gift you... DIN!!!!
*Not my gifs!*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you had a coin for every time din wrecked his ship, you'd be a rich woman. He was a good pilot, he could maneuver his way through a canyon and manage to survive, but he was a little reckless. And whenever someone could easily go over that canyon, his mind never seen that ruote and instead takes the hardest path possible. Which is what left you, him, and little Grogu standing outside the razor crest while you chuckle at his pacing, hands on his hips while his visor was focused on the ground.
The planet he crash landed on was a icey cold snow planet, it was freezing out, and the fact the sun was long gone and replaced by the moon didn't help.
"oh c'mon din, I can fix this ship tomorrow morning... A slight delay to tython won't hurt our adventure" you try and reassure him, amusement thick in your voice. This little crash gave you the opportunity to further more tease him and his piloting skills, something he hated. But it was fun seeing him get all defensive over his flying, you'd even say cute.
"we can't stay out here, the ships inoperative. We'll freeze to death out here" he stresses, finally coming to a stop as he looks at you, then his gaze falling on the innocent little child that plays in the snow.
"before you crashed us all the way out here I thought I saw a town that way" you point in the direction where you had thought you seen a town while you spiraled out of control. Thankfully though the ship wasn't damaged to bad and no one was hurt. "we can rent a place to sleep tonight and I'll wake up early in the morning and fix the ship" you shrug while scooping Grogu up and taking his icey little hands in yours and warming them.
Din sighs, something he seemed to do a lot you've noticed ever since you started working for him. Not only did you serve as a mechanic and caretaker for Grogu, but also a skilled medic. It was no secret din loathed droids, sometimes he found himself struggling to patch his own self up when injured greatly, so he hired you to assist him in medical ways instead of seeking help from a med Droid. You helped him greatly in medical and mechanical ways, soon he found the child and you helped in nanny ways.
Din turns around, back facing you now as he looks towards where you said a town was. The sky just barely illuminated by the dim glow of lights from the civilization. Facing you once more now he walks closer through the snow, gloved thump stroking Grogu's cold cheek.
"it will be a long walk... Probably even a days time..." he trailed of in thought, taking his cape off in the process and handing it to you so you can wrap Grogu up. "we'd have to use my jetpack to make it there tonight" he sighed out, watching how you wrap the cape around the little one. Covering up his mouth and ears along with his little body. He was swaddled up snugly.
You grin at din, "you're just looking for an excuse to hold me aren't you Mando?" you tease him, loving how he always stuttered and got nervous. He always retaliated with a harsh comment or the silent treatment, brushing your harmless flirting off.
Oh how you fell hard for the man though, he was something special. He acted like the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy, he was really, but once you got to know the man under the armor? He was a big sweetheart, a softie who was passionate about little things and protective over the ones he considered friends, the one's he loved. You grew feelings for him one particular night spent on Nevarro, he was meeting with karga, in a cantina. You had joined him of course because you needed a drink, once you was both in there this one man wouldn't leave you alone, flirting, eyeing you like he was a starved man and you was a feast, his hands shortly falling on the small of your back and trailing down lower much to your dismay.
Now you was a good fighter, but before you had the chance to break the man's wrist? Din had done it for you, grabbing the man's hand and twisting it, showing his vibroblade against the man's throat, "touch her again and I'll kill you" was what made the man flee without a word. Wrist broke. He offered you a nod and made you stay by his side. It had made you fall for him hard, the feelings only growing as time went on.
"I could always leave you out here to freeze" din shot back at your earlier comment, he said it more teasingly, a welcome surprise to you.
"like you could do that, I know under all that beskar you have a soft spot for me din" you smile at him innocently, Grogu smiling as if he agrees with you.
"for him maybe" din was blushing hard under the helmet, heart beating rapidly as if he was afraid. Truly he was, he feared that if he let himself love you like he so desperately wanted, you'd leave him, that the galaxy would rip you away from him like every one else he ever loved.
Perhaps that's why he put up the facade he wore good when you flirted with him, acting as if he couldn't stand you, as if he loathed your presence. If only you could see the way his brown eyes sparkle with wonder and longing when he watches you work or play with Grogu.
You scoff with a smile, acting as if his little retort didn't sting a little. "let's get going before we freeze to death then" you say, hating how your heart skips a beat at how close he stood now, shuffling in the snow to jerk you flush against his warm side. The beskar was ice cold though, making you gasp with a shiver.
"hold on to Grogu tightly" he warns, worried you'd drop him. You wrap him up in your right arm, holding him against your chest tightly, little green hands fisting your short tightly as he snuggled up against your chest.
Din wraps a arm around your waist, his other placing a gloved hand over your arm that held Grogu. "are you ready?" he asks, pulling you against him tightly. You felt a little nervous, not to fond of heights. Din noticed and chuckles. "don't worry mesh'la, I won't drop you... Maybe" he teased. Saying the nickname he gave you, you had yet to learn.
Snapping your head towards him with wide eye's you give him a fearful look, "maybe!?" you didn't get a response because he had already taken off, forcing a shriek from you and your arm to hold him tighter. Heart rapidly beating as you closed your eyes shut. You try and ignore how his touch sends a tingling warmth through your whole body, how you wished he'd hold you more....
Grogu squeaks out what sounds to be a laugh, his smile and wide eye's enjoying being high up like this, but once you open your eye's and look down, you knew you'd made a mistake. "oh no, no, no, no" you muttered, burying your face in din's neck.
"don't worry, we're almost at the town, I can see it" din reassures you, although he wanted to tease and poke fun at your silly fear like you do him most time's. He would never do such a thing to you, he hated how your small whimper tumbled from your lips. Soon though, you arrived at the town and he landed, only stumbled a little.
Practically clinging to him you refuse to let go, "are we on the ground?" you murmur, Grogu making a little sad noise upon the adventure in the sky ending.
"yes, you can let go now" he pulls you off of him and backs away. You open your eyes and sigh, happy to be on the ground again. Holding Grogu with both hands now, you walk with din to town.
The place wasn't that big, but it also wasn't small. There was markets, houses and one small place that looked like a cantina. The people all wore heavy duty clothes, prepared for the cold. But you wore a flimsy old t-shirt and cargo pants. You shiver while walking behind din, people giving you looks.
Din finally comes across a large building, entering the building you sigh at the slight warmth it provides. The room was near empty besides a fireplace and two chairs, a large door by the left wall. Behind a counter a older woman worked, Grey hair and aged face. She gives you and din a kind smile.
"hello! Are you looking to rent a room?" she asks. Din leans on the counter and nods.
"two rooms" he spoke with his stoic tone, the modulater making his voice sound deeper, more intimidating.
"I'm afraid there is only one room... We've gotten a lot of traveler's this week" the older woman said, watching how din sighs and his shoulders slump.
Were you really that annoying to be around? You shake the thought away and sigh, looking down at Grogu who let's his gaze flicker across the room curiously.
"I guess we'll take that one then" he huffed while sliding some credits across the table, soon taking the card to enter the room he just bought for the night.
He walks over to the door you spotted earlier and opens it with a swip of the card, leading you to a hallway full of various other doors. Following him he stops in front of a certain one, swiping the card as the whoosh was heard and the door slides open.
He sighs and flips the lights on, stopping instantly. His abrupt stop makes you walk into his back. "owe! You nearly made me fall" you snap and walk beside him, "why did you stop all the su -
"there's only one bed?" he spoke as if someone had just slapped him across the face, you look up and noticed that there was indeed, one bed.
"I can always sleep in the floor" you shrug and set Grogu down, letting him explore the room. He instantly crawls in bed though. "not anything new" you flash him a sarcastic smile. Referring to how din made you sleep in the floor of the crest during your early days of knowing him. Finally though he noticed how stiff and in pain you was and bought you a small cot to keep in the cargo area of the crest.
"I can take the floor, you sleep in the bed" he starts taking his cape from Grogu, tucking him into the large bed fit for almost three people as he folds the fabric up and sits in the floor.
Scoffing you stand before him with a hand on your hip, "like hell I'm letting you sleep in the floor, we can both obviously fit in the bed" you point out, not having a problem with sharing the bed with him. Not one problem at all in fact.
"like hell I'm sleeping beside you" he retorts coldly, his words striking you hard as your face fell. Turning away from him so he doesn't see his words sting, you shrug.
"I for one don't have a problem with sharing a bed, but if you want you're back hurting you tomorrow that's fine by me" you crawl into the bed after kicking your boots off, Grogu fast asleep already. Once under the covers you turn your back toward din.
Why he hated you so much was beyond you, but alas, he hates you.
You try and not let it bother you, but after a few minutes of silence you turn on your side to face him again. He wore his beskar still, it had to be uncomfortable. "do you always sleep in the armor?" you mutter while hoping he wasn't asleep.
"only whenever people are around" he grumbled while his visor falls on you. You knew he refused to show his face, something you always respected, but you hated for him to sleep uncomfortably because you....
"you can take it off din and sleep in the bed... I know how you're back hurts you, you old man" you joke lightly, knowing he was older then you. And although he hated how you always cracked jokes either with him or about him, he knew it was harmless teasing. So.... He sighs and stands up.
"I'm leaving the helmet on" he grunts while slowly taking his beskar off, gently setting it down neatly. You watch with a adoring look, mind to tired to realize you was doing so, but din saw it. The sight of your dazzling eyes practically glued to him making his face flush in a beautiful shade of red. But thank the maker beyond that he wore a helmet to hide it.
"okay but if you ever decide it's uncomfortable to sleep in you can trust me enough to take it off....I'd never look at you without it on y'know" you say while he now stood in his underclothes. A long sleeved black sweater and heavy duty pants. Taking his gloves off your eyes are met with the familiar tanned skin you loved, having seen his abdomen and arms bare before do to attending his wounds countless times. It seemed he wasn't only reckless when flying the razor crest, but aslo fighting a bounty apparently.
Din slowly walks shuffles over to the bed, almost shyly. Waiting for you to scoot to the other side. You do so after scooping Grogu up, being sure not to wake him as you placed him in the middle of the bed, him snuggling up to you in his sleep. Din crawls in bed shortly and makes himself comfortable under the covers, laid out on his back. His head though turns toward you.
"I know I can trust you, you haven't given me reason not to.... I just - I don't want to risk taking it off" he stuttered, you could easily detect he was indeed nervous. But why? You was determined to find out.
"I understand, I'm not pressuring you into taking it off" you giggle, subconsciously stroking Grogu's little hand.
"I know...." he whispers, his visor still on you as you looked at him with soft eye's. "I'm sorry if I've ever been... Harsh with you" he forced the words out, eye's locked on your own, the y/e/c eye's he'd always find himself lost in....
You was speechless, didn't know how to respond to his abrupt apology. It was unexpected, here you thought he hated you, found you to be nothing to him but a medic, mechanic, and caretaker for Grogu. Whereas you saw din as a friend, someone to rely on, someone to talk to whenever need be. Sure you teased him a lot and made some jokes up about little things he does, like being a big softie or cute when he plays with Grogu. You never meant no harm, but din always made it out that way, pushing you away or making harsh remarks whenever you had done so....
Blinking at him you let a soft grin tug at your lips, "you don't have to apologize, I know I'm a little irritating and a pain in the ass to be around" you shrug and look down at Grogu, heart full of love at the sight of his peaceful slumber.
"you're not that bad... Maybe a little bit of a pain in the ass" although he was hidden by the helmet, you could hear the smile in his voice. You chuckle quietly and look back up at him.
"you're something else din..." you whisper do to Grogu shifting around, rolling over towards din. His heart swells at how Grogu laid his little hand on his bicep, a smile on the little one's face as he slept.
"is that a good thing or bad thing?" din spoke just as quiet as you did, modulater making his voice even deeper as he whispers, a husky sound you found yourself hanging onto with a undeniable yearning. How you wish you could hear it without the helmet....
"it's a good thing, definitely a good thing" you smile up at him, the sight enough to make his heart flutter wildy. "you big softie" you murmur, unable to stop yourself from letting the words roll off your tongue.
"I'm not a softie, I'm a bounty hunter" he knew you didn't mean anything bad by the nickname you've given him. But he couldn't help the way it sometimes irked him, why? He didn't know. Because sometimes he saw what you meant when you called him a softie, deep down inside he knew it was slightly true.
"to the galaxy yes, but to him... You're a softie. You spoil him rotten din!" you laugh a little loudly but managed to stifle them. "you treat him as if he's the most fragile, precious cargo to ever be created, you always buy him little things whenever you come back from hunts, and you always let him cuddle you" you grin at him with so much fondness din's heart nearly beats out of his chest with how gorgeous you are, glowing with joy, smile as bright as any star he's ever seen. "you're a softie, no denying it"
"and you are definitely a pain in the ass" he chuckles and shakes his head, visor still looking over at you as he laid on his back. "but even though you can really get on my nerves...i do have a soft spot for you" he confessed, nervous all the sudden as his hands fiddle with the end of his long sleeve shirt.
The smile on your face widens into one of pure happiness, eye's staring at din with love. He knew you was fond of him, and he was quite smitten with you, but he was afraid.... Afraid of losing you, afraid of watching you leave him in more ways then one.
But he was done being afraid, he couldn't live another day without holding you close, staring into those eyes of yours he adores. He wanted to hold you forever, kiss you until his lungs beg him for air, love you for as long as you or the galaxy will let him. Because din djarin was didn't want to spend another day without doing any of these things again.
"I love you" he blurts out, desperately. His voice holding nothing but truth, he sits up in the bed, careful not to wake Grogu as he does so, back pressed against the headboard while he only looks down at you with love. "I - I love you so much...." his voice cracks at the end as he stuttered.
You sit up fast, smile morphing into a more dazed gap, like a fish who was taken out of water. "din... I love you too. I've -
"Im so sorry I pushed you away and would always give you the cold shoulder but dank farrik y/n I can't go another day without saying it.... I love you" he rushed out, cutting your words off.
Tears fill your eye's, ones of joy, happiness. Heart overflowing with love for him. You smile so wide it hurts as you can see how nervous he has become. You gently grab his hand to stop his fidgeting, placing a kiss to each of his fingers. The act sends electricity through his veins, warmth over his whole being as his heart swells at the softness of your lips against his skin.
"I love you din... I always have, ever since you had asked me to work for you, I love you so damn much" you laugh breathlessly, tears threatening to fall.
"you and him" he nods down at Grogu, "are the only things in this galaxy that mean more to me then anyone could ever know...." he muttered, taking his hand out of your own, your eye's widen as you see him place both hands on his helmet, ready to take it off. Upon reflex, you screw your eyes shut, making din feel a wave of affection wash over him knowing you had so much respect for him. "open you're eye's" he said, but it sounded so much more different, much more richer and real.
Reluctantly, you open your eye's. Heart skipping a beat at the sight before you, two brown eye's full of love staring back at you, glossy. His dark hair a mess as his scruffy face was one purely adorable, handsome nose and charming jaw. Maker was din djarin a beautiful, handsome man. You slowly crawl more towards him, sitting in his lap, being sure not to disturb Grogu as you gently trace every detail of his face, starting at the few lines on his forehead, down his gorgeous nose, giggling once you find your fingertips brush against his mustache. He smiles, revealing his dimples. You smile up into his brown eyes and can't resist anymore.
You press a firm but gentle kiss on his lips, soft and warm as you always imagined them to be. Your palms press flush against his cheeks, scruffy little patches of hair tickling them. Din's hand lands on the nape of your neck as his other finds purchase on your hip. His eyes fluttering shut as his nose bumbs against yours. This kiss was perfect, as if it was the seal to your and his fate. You never wanted to live without him by your side. Hesitantly, you pull away from his soft lips, giggling whenever he chases your own.
"you are the most handsome man in the galaxy din" you breathlessly say, his eye's sparkling. It's then you noticed the golden specks, amber swirls amongst the brown of his gorgeous eyes
"I'm not much of a sight cyar'ika" he strokes your cheek with his thumb, so much affection swimming in his eye's. His soft smile bringing out his dimples again, he was truly something special....
"you're more then a sight din... You're more beautiful then anything else in the galaxy" you say, running a hand through his hair, fingers lightly scratching at his scalp. He relaxes with a content sigh.
"you're the beautiful one here" he smiles up at you adorably, your heart fluttering. You lean your forehead on his and grin. "i love you..." he whispers in his husky deep voice you couldn't ever tire of.
"I love you more" you say back while placing a kiss atop his nose. He scrunched his face up and chuckles at you, the sound even more beautiful now that it came out natural. "but we better get sleep since I've got a long day of mechanic work tomorrow, because a certain brown eyed beauty is a reckless flyer" you poke his cheek while crawling out of his lap, crawling back into your spot in the bed.
Din scoffs before scooting closer, his forehead nearly touching yours now as you both placed your hands on Grogu gently. "I'm a good pilot, you have to admit it" he grins at you, loving how you roll your eye's at him.
"I know you're a good pilot, but you're reckless din... No denying it" you kiss his nose again making him sigh dreamily, "I love you're nose..." you yawn, smiling at him afterwards with a sleepy grin.
"I've noticed, if you don't stop kissing it I'm gonna put the helmet back on" he jokes while he yawns himself now, eye's drooping as sleep crept up on him slowly.
"oh, do you want me to stop kissing you?" you say with your usual teasing tone.
"no! I'm not saying that" he instantly said, almost to loud. You laugh at his reaction and shake your head.
"I was joking din... I'd never stop kissing you" you peck his lips, pulling away to quick for his liking. But he watches as your eyes slowly flutter shut, no matter how hard you tried to keep them open.
This was exactly what din wanted, his little family in his arms. He smiles down at Grogu who snores lightly and then looks to you, who slept peacefully now. He was beyond lucky to have both of you, and he'd do whatever it takes to keep you both safe, because he loved you both more then anyone would ever know...
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healpeony · 8 months ago
Love Story
Levi Ackerman x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲; Levi's and Y/n love isn't accepted by many specially Y/n's parents, an Eldian and a Marleyan? a great represention of Persephone's and Hades love.
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬; profanity, angst, scene of smut (not explicitly described), violence, blood, being called whore (by her mother), homophobia (also used by her mother), spoilers.
Taglist; @icedkoffees
Note; she/her pronouns used for the reader as well as female anatomy. Also I'm using what Isayama said about how Levi would act shy around his crush and him being uncomfortable with sexual intercourse. And I also want to add that I don't know much about what happens when the Marleyans invaded Paradise, and I also added my own thing to help with my plot so this could be call a cannonverse!au.
Tumblr media
PERSEPHONE a young women who's innocence was taken from her the moment she was kidnapped by her uncle, who fell in love with her. Despite her mother's (Demeter) attempts to fully get her back right away from the hands of her brother, it was too late that wasn't going to happened not after Hades persuaded Persephone to eat four seeds of pomegranate, which forced someone to have a connection with their captor, making them come back to them.
Each spring time Persephone would be living with her mother on earth, while in winter she was with Hades in the underworld.
Levi was the Persephone to Y/n's Hades, she being the one who used him and their love for each other was the pomegranate making Levi come back to her.
It's ironic how their love story started with y/n getting taken away from Marley, a place she called home.
Even though she wasn't necessarily kidnaped, she was sent away to accomplish a mission in a place called Paradise, she found it ridiculous how it was named that way when that land was full of devils.
Tumblr media
Y/n was shipped to Paradise along with the warriors. She was going to infiltrate into the Survey Corps where she would hopefully sabotage every expedition without getting caught.
Her mission was to make sure none of the warriors get too cozy in the foreign place, and to focus on their mission, but it was impossible to do so when all the people who were described as devils, were actually just like them. Humans.
She was older than those kids being 22 when they were still 15, y/n loved them, they were like little siblings to her and it hurt when they lost Marcel, the jaw.
"Oi brat! Stay focused" the voice of her captain took her out of her train of thoughts
Captain Levi, he was called humanity strongest and was also what everyone called their only hope. At first Y/n didn't understood why he needed such a big tittle, but after being in his squad and witnessing him showing his skills and his hatred towards titans, she got why.
"I'm sorry captain" she saluted, which was dismissed by him
"You called what you did back in the kitchen, cleaning?" he asked pointing towards the place he just mentioned "There is dust everywhere, go and clean everything again, I don't want to see any dust in there again. That's where our food is made, you idiot"
Without another word he left, and when she felt like he was out of earshot, she kicked a chair, breaking it. He might be Humanities strongest, but he was soo irritating, so obsessed with cleaning. That's what they always did for the most part of their time.
"there is dust everywhere my ass" she mocked Levi's voice while looking around the kitchen she just finished cleaning minutes ago
She had made sure everything was left without a spot of dust, how in the world did Levi saw dust anywhere.
After she had cleaned the kitchen area, Levi had send her to clean the stables which took a lot of time since he told her to clean alone. It was already sun down when she had finished.
She was exhausted, her clothes were pooled with sweat and glued to her skin making her uncomfortable, she really needed a shower.
"Go take a shower" the sudden voice of the raven man scare the hell out of her
"Fuck Captain!" y/n yelled, putting a hand on her chest as if that would calm her speeding heart beat
"Go now, and then come to eat dinner with us" he continued, the blank stare he gave her when they made eye contact given her chills
"Yes, sir" she saluted, before leaving
The mess hall was well a mess, the cadets eat like animals. The same soup and bread they always eat, Y/n found it extremely annoying how the Military Police get all the meat when the Survey Corps were the ones doing the only brave work inside the walls.
"Y/n if you're not going to eat your soup can I have it?" Sasha asked
Oh, how much she wanted to say no, but she had a reputation to hold and she didn't want the soup anyway.
Y/n faked a smile, (one that everyone thought that was genuine) before saying "of course, Sasha" passing the bowl full of hot soup to the girl
Y/n felt how eyes were burning through her skull and turned her head to look down the table, just to see Captain Levi staring at her with a suspicious look in his eyes.
Oh shit, if he in some way found out about who she really was, she was fucked. The young women tried her best to stay seated, but her nerves didn't let her making her stand up.
"I'm exhausted, I think I'm going to sleep"
It wasn't a lie she was tired from all the cleaning, but she didn't want to sleep, she just needed to desperately get out of there.
When she was finally outside, y/n leaned against the wall, sliding down while taking a deep breath.
"You know, it isn't good to fake smile to your friends"
Y/n immediately turn around at the sudden voice of her captain, he did it again, he scared the living shit out of her.
"Captain!, Stop doing that!" her face felt warmer than usual for some reason
Was she blushing?
"Why did you do it? Are you sad?" Levi asked putting down a handkerchief on the ground before sitting next to her, looking over at her examinating her face
"Oh it's just stress" Y/n replied, praying that he would just believe her
"I see.." he turned towards the sky where the moon shined brightly along with the stars
What Y/n thought that would be a awkward silence, turned into a comfortable one. They just stared at the sky above them, it remind Y/n that she had a family waiting for her outside the walls and she was not going to disappoint them by getting comfy with the captain, even though she didn't know what his intentions were.
"I'm going to take a nap" she stood up, and called over her shoulder "Have a good night, captain" before proceeding to walk towards her room
"Good night, cadet..."
Tumblr media
Y/n didn't know when it happened, was it when they continued sitting together and looking at the sky in complete silence, or was it when in some of those same nights they spoke more and more about each other's personal life (in none of those conversations she mentioned Marley, but still talked about her family). She didn't remember how her feelings for him changed, but they did.
Right now she was there, in the same spot on the wall with Levi next to her. They were even in first name basics with each other.
The raven man cleared his throat catching her attention, turning her head to the side to look at him she noticed how he was blushing.
"I.. I think is pretty obvious what I feel for— about you by now"
A surprised noice escaped Y/n mouth, she expected to have that talk with him some day, but not today or Levi being so straight forward with the subject.
The women could only nod, her brain still processing what he just said.
"I was wondering, if you felt the same.." his voice dropped to a whisper, while he looked down
"No" she shaked her head, making Levi looked up at her eyes widened with embarrassment at the rejection "Look, Levi.. it's just that I have done terrible things that you're not aware of. You don't want to be with me"
"Then tell me what terrible things you have done and let me be with you after your done" Levi said
"No, Levi you don't understand" tears pooled in her eyes, y/n didn't even remember the last time she had cry "I can't be with you"
"Why? Is it because of the terrible things you have done? Well guess what everybody has their own flaws, everybody in this world is an angel, at least until they get tired of the cruelty in it and let the demons take over" Levi grabbed her face between his hands, wiping the falling tears from her face "I want to be with you, wether you have let your demons take over or not"
Y/n felt the man lean in to place his lips to hers, they stayed pressed together without movement, before Levi pull away and kissed her again this time letting his emotions be known through the kiss.
Passion. Love. Care.
This is a moment in her life she would never forget not even when hers and the warriors mission is over.
Retaking of wall Maria
"I let you. I fucking let you in!"
Levi stood infront of her heartbroken, she told him, now he knew everything..
"Levi-" however she wasn't able to continue speaking since she received a kick right in the face making her fall on her side
She looked at Levi surprised, he had kicked her. Y/n knew she deserved, but it still hurt to have someone you loved hit you.
"You lied about everything didn't you? For what, to get information?" his voice was cracking slightly with each word he said "Was it necessary to use me for your stupid plans?"
"I didn't use you!, What I felt for you was real" y/n said defending her feelings
"I don't even know what is real about you anymore, is Y/n actually your name? Or is it just another lie?"
"It is my name.." she weakly murmured tasting blood in her tongue, she figured that her lip might have been split open from the impact
"Oh good to know"
Sarcasm tried to cover his hurt voice, which actually didn't work, since Y/n could clearly hear his shaky breath and it made her feel soo guilty.
"I hate you"
Those three little words were enough to make her world come crashing down, he hated her. Of course he did, it hurt so much but she had seen this coming, and she still didn't felt ready for it.
"I'm sorry, Levi"
That was all she said to him, before she was grabbed by a titan being controlled by Zeke, taking her away from the place where she meet someone who meant so much to her.
One thing that she was sure of was that
She will never forget Levi Ackerman.
Tumblr media
Screams, that was what was heard everywhere. Kids either with their parents or alone were running desperately trying to find shelter, and that broke Y/n's heart.
She was tired of all the fighting, she was tired of pretending to be stronger than she felt. For once she just wanted peace and happiness, something that she didn't quite have the past four years.
How did they got here? That was one of the many questions going through her head, but one that she paid more attention to was the most important
Was he here too?
"There you are, piece of shit."
That voice, it was him. It might have changed, but she could recognize it everywhere, the same voice who used to startle her everytime they saw each other, the voice that bought her comfort, the voice of the man she fell in love with.
It was Levi.
Slowly she proceeded to turn around, the fear for what might happen next running through her veins. She was ready to be killed by him.
Finally she look up and saw the same man she fell in love with, the only change that she saw was the uniform, apart from that he still seem like he had the same height as before and from the look on his face he still had the same temper.
"Nice uniform, I like it" she told him quietly not knowing what to say
Levi scoffed at her statement, taking his blade out. So he was going to kill her.
"You can go ahead and kill me, might as well add another ghost to haunt you"
Did she felt fear? Yes she did, but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing it.
"Shut up" that was his response, before he connected his blade with her cheek leaving a long but not deep cut "You're going to come with me"
"I'm not going anywhere!"
The last thing he told her was that he hated her, why would he want her to come back to Paradise?, Was it to use her for information? Or because he missed her? It was stupid to think of the latter question, but she was still hopeful.
"I'm not asking, you brat"
That was the last thing she heard before he knocked her out.
"How could you be with a devil?!"
Her mom's scream hurt her eardrums, Zeke had told them about how she had been in a relationship with a so call devil. That seem like the only thing Zeke could do apart from throwing rocks, snitch.
"You were send there for a reason Y/n! No child of mine should've or should be with one of those devils!"
"Mother, I'm so sorry it's just that it would be easier for me to get the information about them that I wanted"
That was a lie. She loved Levi, even though she didn't get the chance to say it to him. She did, and that feeling wasn't going to go away anytime soon.
Her father stood next to her mother quietly looking at her with disgusts as if she was the trash people get rid of because of the smell, she hated that, it hurt to have your own parents hating on you.
"So what? For a piece of information, you had to go and whore yourself in there?"
Y/n gasped looking at her mom shocked "What? No mother, I didn't do anything like that with him!" she argue
That wasn't a lie, Levi was uncomfortable with sexual intercourse, since his own mother worked in a brothel and he had been the witness of how much that act hurt his mother, he had trusted her enough to tell her that.
"Good, you still have your purity." her mom nodded, before letting out a sigh "At least it wasn't with a women, you would've been completely kicked out of this house young lady"
"Now go take a shower, make sure to wash away every memory in that land while doing so." her mom smiled softly her hand reaching out to touch her cheek, before hugging her "My poor baby, having to live with those devils for so long. Don't worry you're home now, you're safe with us"
What once was her home didn't feel like home anymore, her house was just a place, her home was the person she left behind in Paradise.
Tumblr media
Y/n didn't remember how many days have passed or what was going on outside of her cell. She didn't know in what prison she was in, but just a few days ago it had seem like there was a whole damn war going on outside.
She hasn't seen Levi since he put her into the cell, and she was scared that something might have happened to him. She heard the door of the corridor open, Y/n stood up walking towards the bars to see who it was, it was Hange.
"Y/n" Hange nodded at her as if they were saying hi "He said your name, so we think it would be good if you saw him"
"Who are you talking about?" Y/n asking looking at them confused
Her heart immediately speed up, something happened to him. Her anxiety grew each passing second as she took step by step through the halls, Hange having a hold of her arm to make sure she didn't try to run away.
"What happened to him?" Y/n questioned scared for what the answer might be
"Explosion" was all they said, before entering a room that seems to be Levi's, there was only a nurse sitting in a chair probably just there just in case Levi needed something
"Thanks, you can stand outside. We would call if we need you" Hange told the nurse who nodded and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, but not before throwing Y/n a look of disapproval about her being there.
Y/n ran to Levi's side as soon as the nurse was out, he had bandages in one side of his face, and on his hands. Tears started sliding down the young women's cheek while Hange looked at her with pity, but also cautiously not wanting her to do anything that might hurt Levi.
"Levi.." she whispered, even though
y/n felt bad about disturbing him from his sleep knowing how difficult it was for him to do so, she wanted to hear his voice, reassuring her that he was going to be ok "Everything it's going to be fine, right Hange? Tell him"
“Yeah, I agree with you y/n”
She didn't knew who she was trying to convince herself or Levi, but that didn't matter, because she felt a squeeze in one hand and immediately look down to see that Levi was the one holding it. Y/n look back up to his face seeing how his eye was open and he was staring directly at her.
Y/n smiled "Hey darling, you're okay now" she let out those word between sobs "— I'm sorry for everything Levi, for not telling you where I was really from, for letting you fall in love with me when I knew how it was going to bed. I'm so sorry for every misery that I have put you through"
Levi squeezed her hand again "- 's ok, I f—orgive you" his words came out has a whisper and he struggled to speak but she heard him clearly
Hange watched the scene playing out infront of them, they could see how much those two loved each other. They were like a puzzle, that could figure each other out, knowing each piece of themselves like the back of their hands.
It has been a month and a half exactly since Y/n had seen Levi in the bed witnessing how helpless he looked, she had never seen him like that and wasn't planning to anytime soon, since then she hadn't left his side.
He was currently touching her bare back leaving kisses down her neck, their naked chest pressed together, hot and sweaty.
"Levi..." she moaned softly
This was their first time being intimate, and she didn't want him to feel pressured into anything.
"I know what you're going to say, and I want to how much as you" he said before continuing marking her, claiming her as his
Each move of his hips against hers, reminded her of who she was with. The gentleness in his touch making her forget about the world around them. The softness of his lips against hers taking her breath away.
It wasn't just the pleasure that made Levi take the decision of doing this with her, this was his own way of showing how far he would go just to be with her, to come out of his comfort zone just to shower her with intimate kisses and touches that he and neither would she forget.
“I love you Levi”
Her skin was the canvas, and his lips was the brush painting each part of her body.
“I love you too...”
Tumblr media
“You will come back with us immediately young lady!" her mother said trying to remain calm infront of the devils
The rumbling was over, Eren Yeager was killed. Paradise and Marley were allies, but that doesn't mean they have forgiven each other for what each have done. Many Marleyans and Eldians from Marley came to visit out of curiosity, while people from Paradise went to explore the world (if we are talking about visiting the outside world and finding new things as much as possible), but they never want to visit Marley afraid that they might get turn into titans and angry for what those monsters have done to other people.
"I'am old enough to make my own decisions, mother" Y/n had answered, wanting to remain as calm as she could
"His manipulating you isn't he?"
"How dare you!—" Y/n yelled, before regaining her composure, her voice going back to calm but being loud and firm at the same time "I love him, he didn't manipulate me into anything. It's bold of you to assume that, mother"
"We're your family, your place it's with us!"
Some of the Military Police who were there scoffed along with some of the scouts, they have warmed up to Y/n already, but the Marleyans didn't seem to accept that one of themselves loved an Eldian, specially from Paradise.
"You're my family? Then where were you when I needed you the most?, All I needed when I returned to Marley four years ago was my mother!, The one who an illusion of my mind created, a sweet mom who would love me for being her child, and not see me as an object" Y/n couldn't remain calm anymore she needed to let everything out "— The time I spent with him, I got to truly know what comfort was, what being loved and being needed felt like! And you—" with tears in her eyes she turned to her father who was quiet, like he always was "You're so afraid of mom that you don't even dare to speak for yourself!, You did nothing to help your own daughter!, You just watched as she was raised to be something she didn't want to be!"
She spoke out her mind finally letting out those built up words that haunted her, needing to be said "— I thank you for everything though, despite not given me the love that I needed, your own choices took me to where we are now. Without those decisions, I wouldn't have met Levi so I thank you, for what you both did" she smiled at them
Her mom stood there quietly, before turning around and walking towards the door, her father following close behind "Don't bother returning home" was all her father said
"I won't"
She was already home, she was standing next to it. Holding his hand, Levi Ackerman was the safe place she will always and forever need.
Tumblr media
“— And they lived happily ever after”
Y/n closed the book, looking at the twins, her daughter and son who had fallen asleep half way through the story.
“Please tell me you didn't read to them the explicit parts”
The voice of her husband scared her and she turned to him, who stood by the door leaning into it.
“Of course not you idiot!”
She stood up turning off the lamp and given both of the children kisses on their head, before going out of the room with Levi.
“I still think we should publish this book” Y/n smirked, a mischievous look in her eyes
“Absolutely not”
Yeah, their Love Story had a happy ending after all.
Tumblr media
This was so much fun to write! I wrote 4k words and I'm proud of that! I feel like my writing has improved in the past few days, and this might be one of the works that will show it, and I hope future ones show the progress too! Also I want to punch y/n's mother in the face.
Thank you so much for reading, you can support my work by hitting reblog or liking! But don't repost to other platforms!
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themonotonysyndrome · 10 days ago
REDACTED verse - Making Amends
Prompt: Any Fandom | Any Pairing | "Stay with me."
Word Count: 813
Author/Team: LadyMonotone
Fandom/Original: Redacted ASMR (Frederick & Bright Eyes with the Solaire Clan)
Rating: T
Triggers: Profanity. Major character death. Graphic violence. Angst with no happy ending.
Summary: Bright Eyes set out to fix everything in the only way they know how. Nothing will ever be the same again.
ConCrit: Y
I wrote this really short oneshot a while back with Moon on Discord. We were in the mood for something angsty with the Newborns, and she helped me fleshed this out. So thank you very much, Moon!
The idea is that since Bright Eyes isn’t super good with their words, what if to make it up to Fred, they go looking for Quinn to take him down and team up with Darling on the way. However, the outcome is heartbreaking to everyone involved.
You'd think being a Vampire would make them have a high tolerance for pain by now. Nearly drained by one by one, turned by the other not even ten minutes later? Yeah, Bright Eyes is ashamed to say that pain still frightens them. Which is also kind of funny when they're all but screaming for Quinn to feel the same ("This little mouse now has fangs, you fucking bastard. You're gonna feel what I feel all those nights ago!") when Sam's not-so-secret Werewolf beau tear off that monster's legs so he couldn't escape anymore. The Shifter was kind enough to let them deal with the killing blow, and for that, they're the most badass person that Bright Eyes ever knew in their short life.
But Bright Eyes is so exhausted now, with pain numbing every nerve in their body. Their body is sticky with sweat and blood - dirtied clothes cling onto them from their fight.
For every punch and kick that Bright Eyes landed on Quinn, he would counter back twice as hard; he hilariously outmatched them, but like hell would they let that stop them from tearing off his left arm. But she was running on anger, fear and adrenaline at the time. So caught up in the moment, and now everything and everyone has caught up to Bright Eyes and Sam's Darling.
The ground is uncomfortable underneath Bright Eyes; the loud noises around them are equally so. Bright Eyes can hardly twitch their body, yet they could still somewhat feel their blood (or is it Quinn's?) trickling down their face. If they could grimace at how gross it is, they would.
Somewhere from their left, they could hear Fred's voice, but it sounded as if... he's underwater. Huh. Weird. Is it some Vampire thing? Oh yeah... Fred. He and the others must've found out what had happened. Their fight wasn't subtle or quiet. Bright Eyes really doesn't want to know how pissed off he and Sam are. They hope that Sam won't be too hard on the Shifter.
Bright Eyes let out a laboured sigh and struggled to crack open their eyes. Weird. They're exhausted, but when did it get so hard to see or hear properly? And why is Fred crying? They figured he'd either be sad or mad. Maybe even both. Smad. Hah.
The haziness in their eyes gradually clears away like a rushing river. The noises faded into nothing, along with the pain and exhaustion.
All of a sudden, Bright Eyes found themselves on their feet.
This time, Fred is standing behind them. The world is dark and familiar - they're in Wonderland. Just like that night before everything went wrong.
"I'm scared, Bright Eyes. Let's just go back already." Fred pleaded. He looked nervous, and now that they had a good look at him instead of running deeper into the park, Bright Eyes finally noticed how the encroaching darkness made him look small and helpless. Their heart twist at the sight.
This time, Bright Eyes didn't hesitate. "Yeah... let's go back, Fred." They patted his shoulder comfortingly, and together, Bright eyes and Fred turn around towards the exit. Together, they walk away from Wonderland.
When the moonlight greets them, Bright Eyes takes a deep breath and releases. No more monsters. No more nightmares. Everything is exactly how it should be from now on until forever...
"...Let's go back, Fred." Fred's heart ceases to beat a second time in his life. A single sigh and then nothing.
Bright Eyes is gone; genuinely dead. Wait. Hang on. This... this isn't right. This isn't how everything should have gone tonight. Fred should still have Bright Eyes with him. Not d -
Someone is screaming. Someone is crying. What's going on? Nothing is making sense! Why are Vincent and Mr. Solaire holding him down? They're Vampires! They heard what Bright Eyes said! They wanted to go back home! Why aren't they letting him bring them home!? They're tired, and Fred knows better than anyone in the whole wide world how grumpy Bright Eyes can be when they're tired.
They just need to sleep, and everything will be alright again.
And maybe tomorrow, they can finally have a proper talk. After all, there are so many things that they need to address - their friendship, the things that happened between them, their future together... No way would Bright Eyes abandon him after everything they went through.
Fred's sanity to refuse to accept it. "Stay with me!" He screams, trashing in Vincent's and William's hold. Vincent's heart breaks at the agony while William refuses to let his great-grandsire suffers alone. "Bright Eyes! Do you hear me!? You don't get to leave me! Not after everything we've been through!"
The solemn night heave a sigh, and with it, everyone watches as Bright Eyes crumble to dust. Leaving nothing but bones and Fred's soul-shattering howl of pain.
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rogue-durin-16 · 9 months ago
Summary: the sexual tension of George and Y/n's weird friendship is getting the best of their friends, so when Harry suggests a trip to the Black Lake, they become adamant about getting them together.
Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Genre: fluff
Permanent taglist: @elia-the-bibliophile @randomparanoid @karlthecat15722 @thebutchersdaughtersblog @amourtentiaa
Warnings: language and a bit of makeout
A/N: BITCH I THOUGHT THIS WAS A SHORT ONE??? I needed some fluff for this boy since I'm torturing him, so here it goes an idea I had half asleep in the bus, enjoy <3
Rogue-durin-16 masterlist
Tumblr media
"They're literally— her legs are wrapped around his hips— are you kidding me?!" I whispered-shouted in desperation. "This is unbearable!"
"Fred relax, they just need a little push." Hermione's words sounded ridiculous even for her own ears.
"I brought her here!" Harry backed me up, equally annoyed. "If that's not one hell of a push, then what is it?"
"Shush, boys." Ginny spoke, her eyes still closed under her sunglasses as she laid on her towel. "We have hours ahead of us for them to make a move."
I puffed, my eyes returning to George, whose arms were wrapped around Y/n's middle from behind, making her squeal before throwing her to a deeper part of the lake.
They would not make a move.
We had moved to the dock in order to see the sunset better, and, now that the sun was low and the light lacking, we began to pick things up.
"Why the long face?" George questioned when he saw my gaze.
"I'd have enjoyed a night swim, if I'm being honest." I got up and went to grab my bag. "Another time I g— George!" I couldn't help but cry out when his arms picked me up and threw me into the water. "You fucking plonker!" I yelled, moving my wet hair away from my face. "This was the only dress I brought!" The lake wasn't as deep there, so I could easily stand on my feet and climb up, but I was already drenched.
George was bent over himself, laughing loudly, so he was helpless when Ginny pushed him into the lake.
As he resurfaced besides me, I couldn't help but burst into laughter at his shocked, betrayed face; it was priceless.
"Have fun you two." Ginny spoke as the rest laughed. "C'mon guys." The redhead grabbed my bag and Hermione picked George's, and soon it was just the two of us there.
"Aren't you going to thank me?" George broke the silence, crouching to dip his body underwater, protecting it for the blows of wind.
"Why?" I moved deeper into the lake, seeking the protection of the chill temperature too.
"You got your night swim."
"My dress is soaked!" I exclaimed, splashing him right in the face.
"Oi, so is my shirt!" He replied, following my lead and diving in. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, idly swimming and floating until George stopped moving and spoke. "You know? You kinda remind me of a mermaid."
"You've seen a lot of them?" I quirked an eyebrow, giving up the swimming to stand on my feet.
"Git." He send a splash of water in my direction, making me giggle. "I mean like the one in the perfects' bathroom."
"You're not allowed into the prefects' bathroom, Weasley," I moved my hands on the water's surface, creating little waves around me. "Unlike me, you're not a Prefect, because only prats become Prefects." I quoted him in a mocking tone.
"Are you gonna rat me out, Y/l/n?" He teased, eyebrows raised as he circled me.
"I would, but I don't get anything out of it." I shrugged, sinking into the water once more until the only thing over it was my face. "Sooo..."
"Sooo..." He mocked me, making my eyes roll.
"A mermaid." George hummed, taking a look at the moon, which was shinning more than it usually would. "Is it because I'll lure you into the depths of the black lake?" I inquired, his eyes meeting mines when my hands found his underwater tugging him towards me as I stepped back, deeper into the water.
"I'd follow you without question." He dramatically replied, doing as he had said with a smile on his face until his feet couldn't reach the bottom.
"How romantic." My fingertips traveled up his forearms, reaching his shoulders as he moved even closer to me.
A wicked smile slipped through my gaze and he didn't have time to step back before I shoved him down in repay for dunking me earlier. I was quick to rush in the shore's direction, but not quick enough.
"Oi, not so fast!" He half swam half ran after me, taking a hold of my leg and pulling on it, and, given that I was standing on my tiptoes, consequently dragging me back to him. "You're a nightmare."
"I think you mean a dream." I mused, spinning to meet his gaze.
"Nah," His hands had left my legs after I catching me, and now rested on my hips. "I'm pretty sure of what I mean."
"Is it because I haunt your dreams in the night?" I laughed at my own joke, my fingertips toying with the hem of his shirt, slightly floating due to the water. "Can't sleep with the thought of me on your mind, huh?"
It was meant to be another playful tease, but by the way his hands' hold tightened ever so slightly, it dawned on me that maybe I had taken a too accurate guess.
My heart hammered against my chest as I have his shirt a tug. "If you wanna kiss me so bad, pretty boy, why don't you?"
He snorted as if I was joking; I couldn't blame him, though. We were always joking about that. "Why don't you kiss me, if you want it so bad?"
I went for a laugh and a shake of my head as a response, not trusting my voice. A particularly cool blow of wind caught us and he shivered; the temperature had gone significantly lower in the last couple of minutes. "C'mon, I don't wanna freeze to death, and we got a long way to the common room." I caught one of his hands as they left my hips and led him back to the shore. "They took the towels?!"
"Don't worry," the ginger said, taking off this drenched tee to wring it out. "We'll kill them later." He assured me, throwing the clothing back on as I wringed the hem of my dress. "C'mon, love." This time it was him taking my hand to lead the way.
We walked in silence, cracking a joke or two as we made our way to the castle. Finally reaching the stairs of the boat house, we began to climb them.
"Oi." George gave my hand a tug, his eyes scanning our surroundings. "You heard that?"
"Stop it." I chuckled, playfully bumping his chest before attempting to pull his hand to resume our walk; he had been pulling the strange noise card the whole walk. "C'mon—"
"I'm not gonna fall for it." I climbed off one of the steps to meet the ginger. "I'm cold so—" and then I heard it. "What...?" My gaze left the boy to scrutinise the darkness over his shoulder.
"Told you." He whispered, prompting me to come closer to him with a squeeze on my hand.
"You've been joking about that the whole time!" I scolded in an equally quiet tone.
"Who said I was joking?" the eyes of us both fixed at the bottom of the stairs trying to discern something.
"You think we should go check...?"
"Darling, I think that's the worst idea you've ever had." He responded. "It could be anything— we're out here at night."
"Yeah, but we're almost in the castle." We had come incredibly closer, partially because of the unnerving feeling that something was watching us, but also because of the wind that hit our still very wet clothes.
He seemed to think for a moment before turning back to me. "Walk before me." He instructed, already pushing me upstairs. "I'll keep an eye behind us."
The paranoia in my mind increased as we went up— we were outside the castle, it truly could be anything, and I didn't exactly enjoy the idea of George at the back.
That noise again.
I huffed, frustration and fear growing inside me.
"Don't worry." George, who until now had been at least three steps behind me, rushed up, holding my waist and giving me a gentle squeeze. "It's probably nothing, alright?"
"Walk by me." I requested, in a mutter.
He seemed to understand the nature of my plead and his hands left my waist so he would be able to fall into step with me. "Can't take your eyes off me, huh?" He successfully lightened up the mood, but right when I was about to tease back, the damn noise sounded again, this time making us jump. "What the hell..."
"That sounded close." I pointlessly observed. George groaned when he went to grab his wand and realised it was in his bag, most likely in the common room already. "Running to the boathouse is very tempting." I joked, leaning on him with my eyes still looking for the source of our fear.
"Blimey, Aurora!" we had to refrain our yelps when Professor Sprout's voice ended the tense silence we had fallen in. "Didn't think I'd find you here."
As the Professors seemed to descend the stairs and consequently come closer, George and I shared a panicked look. In a rush of adrenaline, I tugged him to the edge of the stairs and made him jump out to the raw rocks with me right after him; we made it just in time for Sinistra and Sprout to walk down the place where we had been an instant ago.
Y/n peeked over the rail to see the two women chatting, following their path without any sign of suspicion. With a sigh of relief, her eyes fell on me, crouched besides her with a hand on the stone rail to steady myself. I raised my eyebrows, surprised at her resolution, and then proceeded to chuckle, which earned me a kick on my leg.
"Shut it." She warned me with a smile of her own.
Silence fell among us once again, and, when she stood up, propping herself on the railing, my mind decided it was a good time to stare.
She was always a sight for sore eyes, but now with the moonlight reflecting on her hair and skin, she seemed to glow. Her dress, though it was meant to be flowy, had stuck to her torso due to the water, and hugged her curves in the most delightful way. Oh what I would give for her to realise I wanted to hold her tight in a different way as she allowed me to.
"I'm gonna pretend you're not ogling me." She informed me, her eyes still fixed on the path our Professors had taken. I only smiled to myself, standing up to jump back to the stairs before offering her both my hands.
"C'mon darling." She took them in hers before climbing up the railing and jumping down in front of me.
Her words had been echoing in my mind during the whole walk.
-If you wanna kiss me so bad, pretty boy, why don't you?-
Did she mean it?
"What is it?" She questioned with a confused smile, staring at me. "What?" She repeated, but my mind was somewhere else.
My mind was at the lake, where her hands had roamed over my bare skin several times; where I had held her against me in nothing more than our bathing suits; where we had been left alone and she had found a thousand different reasons to take my hands or pull me closer; where her tone had dropped as she said those words at mere inches of my lips.
"George," she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes. "we gotta go."
Not yet, I thought, taking a step towards Y/n that felt like a leap of faith. Though she took a step back, her hands held my forearms, taking me with her just like she had done moments ago at the lake.
And just like it had happened before, her eyes lured me into drowning, and I followed without question.
The kiss was as deep as the black lake, my hands finding the rail behind her for some extra support —I had become weak on the knees, my legs feeling as if they were about to give out—, and her hands going from my arms to my chest without pulling away from my body.
The synchrony of our lips was unbelievably perfect, sending shocks through my whole body.
My lips detached from hers to pepper kisses down her jaw to her neck.
"George..." My name came up of her as a quiet moan and I felt dizzy, not noticing the moan that came out of my own mouth. "George," she called again, this time with a more steady voice, clearing her throat before pushing me away with her hand on my chest.
"Something wrong?" I inquired, trying to get a grip on myself. "Did I—?
"No— I'm very much enjoying this," She assured me. "but a moment ago we were scared shitless because—"
That noise.
Whatever that was, it was nearly in front of us. That time, along with that weird noise, something like whispers were heard.
We both yelped when Harry's Cloak of Invisibility was thrown to the ground before us, revealing three grinning idiots, them being Fred, Ron and Harry.
"On Merlin's beard..." My cheeks started to burn and I felt the imperative need of hiding my face. "What are you doing?"
"We needed to see if you'd finally make a move." Ron explained.
"We even bet on where would it happen." Harry confessed, making my cheeks go even redder. "Now we owe Ginny money." He grunted. "Ugh, you were so close on the lake, I almost won."
"For a moment there, Georgie," Fred was biting back a laugh. "I thought we would witness you two shagging." Ron grimaced at the thought. "Poor Harry panicked and threw the cloak down."
"I'm gonna murder y'all." Y/n jumped in, nearly as mortified as I was. "I finally got him to kiss me and you go and kill the mood! Why don't you piss off so we can do it again?"
Fred got the memo thanks to Y/n's death glare and they rushed upstairs, my twin brother whispering a quick 'congrats' as he passed by me.
"Well that wasn't like I expected our first kiss to go." She confessed, letting out a laugh at the sight of me. "You're as red as a beetroot."
"Shut up." I bumped her arm, a grin twitching the corners of my lips. "So you want me to kiss you again?"
"Of course." Her arms wrapped around my neck, bringing my closer. "If possible, without involving voyeurism." I snorted, tugging her hips to mines before leaning on to kiss her again.
Little did we know that Hermione and Ginny, ever the smart and subtle ones, were watching from the top of the stairs.
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sirenascales · 7 months ago
-> double black [part three] 18+
Tumblr media
-> Chuuya x 1stPOV!F!Reader x Dazai
-> Who knew getting fired from work could lead to this?
-> Content: SMUT, slight angst, violence, murder, swearing
A man is murdered and things get interesting as the investigation starts. [Chuuya x 1stPOV!F!Reader x Dazai]
2,981 words
note: no smut in this one hehe, but things are gonna get fun. enjoy!
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Final || masterlist
Tumblr media
"Hey... are you okay?" Kenji asked me a few days later, noticing the scowl on my face and realizing that I had been tapping my nail on my desk repeatedly for the last fifteen minutes. "You seem... pissed?"
I grunted, closing my eyes and slowly taking a deep breath. "I'm okay, Kenji. Just having a bad day." The others shared looks with each other, but chose not to pry. The frown on my face never left, my fists clenched as my blood continued to boil.
Then that all went away, when I felt a gentle hand against the back of my neck. I looked over at Dazai, who had lazily rolled himself in his chair over to me. He grinned. "I could see the steam coming from your ears!"
His hand never left my neck, moving until his fingers loosely wrapped around the column of my throat. Strangely enough, my anger had completely gone away when he touched me, and it felt nice to finally breathe. "With the day I'm having..." I sighed, the whole world seemingly melting away, Dazai's thumb stroking along my jaw.
Kunikida was clearly unimpressed, the man gritting his teeth. Atsushi looked shocked, his face tinged red while Ranpo and Kenji just touched their own necks gently.
"Does she like to get choked?"
"Who knows, man."
"Hey, I know what will make you feel better," Dazai suggested and I tilted my head, waiting for him to continue. He leaned in and would have kissed me if it weren't for a book smacking right into the side of Dazai's head.
"Do that on your own time! We have a schedule!" Kunikida fumed while I quickly turned around to cover my face, simply to muffle down my obnoxious laughter.
"Oh, dude!"
"Kunikida! What was that for!"
"Public indecency!"
Dazai rubbed his head, whining from the pain while I just giggled behind my hands. Dazai almost looked betrayed at me laughing at him and I just shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, that's what you get for trying to play grab ass."
I purposely ignored Dazai's pouty face for the rest of the day, the man clearly upset that he didn't get to kiss me. I shook my head, glaring at him from across the office while threateningly pointing my pen at him.
"Work, dammit."
"I don't wanna! Bella, don't be so mean!"
I fixed him another glare before going back to my work, finishing up the final report for the last case we were on. After going through and making sure it was perfect, I saved and emailed it to the President, just as the door to the office slammed opened.
"He's gone!"
"Keiko?! What the he- Keiko, what's wrong?"
I stood up from my desk, my best friend standing before me in a frazzled state. She looked extremely distressed, tears falling down her face. I rushed to her, the woman collapsing into my arms as we both fell to our knees.
"He's gone!" she exclaimed before she started to sob into my chest. "He's gone! He's gone! He's gone!"
"Keiko..." I looked up at the others with wide eyes, them looking on with alarm. I turned back to Keiko, rubbing on her back as she continued to sob.
Tumblr media
Taichi was killed. He was found in an alleyway with multiple stab wounds. Keiko had received a call from the police after his identity was discovered, the detectives revealing the tragic news to her.
"I'm so sorry, Keiko..." I said to her softly, sitting with her in one of the small areas of the office, separated by simple dividers. "... how the hell did this happen? We just saw him last night when he dropped you off at my place..."
Keiko had finished crying, but the terrible sadness in her eyes was a clear indication of how devastated she was. I clenched my fists, feeling my anger from earlier building up again.
"I'm going to have to make my statement," Keiko said softly, chewing on her bottom lip.
"Do you want me to go with you to the station?" I asked and she shook her head.
"No... it's okay..."
"The thing is, you are also one of the last people to see him alive," Kunikida spoke up, standing by with Dazai and Atsushi. "You'll have to give your account too..."
Sighing deeply, I absentmindedly reached under my skirt, pausing when I didn't feel my knife against my thigh where it usually was. I gritted my teeth, shaking my head to myself before I went back to rubbing on Keiko's back in an attempt to comfort her.
Soon, Keiko and I left the Agency and headed on over to the police station. We gave our accounts of the night before when we last saw Taichi, us talking separately with a different agent.
"Now you know, Mr. Kamiya was in the Port Mafia," the agent said and I nodded. "And they have quite a bit of history with your little organization."
I didn't like the condescending tone in his voice, but I kept my cool. "Of course, but none of us have anything to do with this man's murder, and you have no evidence proving otherwise."
He just rolled his eyes at me. "Well, this is all we need. You're free to go."
I nodded before quietly making my way out of the interview room. I met with Keiko, who looked like she had been crying again and I pulled her into a comforting hug. "It's okay. This will be over soon."
Later on, I found myself back at the Agency, Keiko choosing to go home, despite my protests. My head was buried in my arms, not moving as I felt someone put their hand on my head, lightly scratching my scalp.
"Looks like the police will keep on investigating Taichi's murder," Dazai said and I peeked one eye out to find him leaning against my desk. "Thing is, I'm sure the Port Mafia will also be conducting their own investigation. Ohh, this is gonna get interesting~"
"So is it better if we stay out of this, then?" I asked, sitting up in my chair. "I mean, unless we're asked... we don't have to touch this."
Dazai regarded me for a moment, a mysterious smile growing on his face before he just threw his hands up nonchalantly. "I get it, you were friends with the guy."
"Not really," I corrected him immediately. "Keiko is my friend."
"Ohhhhh," Dazai just hummed, tapping his forefinger on his chin. "Well anywho, the police are gonna have their hands full if the Port Mafia really gets involved! It wouldn't hurt to help, right?"
I hesitated, a small smile soon growing on my face as I nodded. "Sure. Let's start tomorrow."
Tumblr media
"How about tonight instead?!" Dazai asked with a cheerful smile while I just glared at him angrily, the two of us now standing in the middle of the crime scene.
"Why do I even bother believing a word you say?" I hissed at him, attempting to kick the man but he quickly side stepped me. I gritted my teeth. "Ugh, plus it's already dark, Dazai. It's gonna be harder to find any evidence." Indeed, the only light we were getting was from the full moon up ahead, and the shitty lights above the side door of one of the buildings. "Are we even allowed to be here?"
Dazai simply nodded his head. "Of course, we were assigned to this case, afterall."
"... you told me the police were keeping it," I said, eyebrows twitching in annoyance. Was he serious?!
Dazai just smiled and threw his hands up. "Guess I was mistaken," he hummed and I sighed deeply, rubbing my temples.
"Okay so... what now?" I asked, finally looking around the crime scene. It was obviously taped off and Taichi's body was removed. All there was left was a giant stain of blood, which I now looked at with a worried face.
"Just by the nature of the crime alone, we can easily say it was a crime of passion. If this was a local gang or rival, he would have been shot, or even jumped and beaten to death. Official word is, he was stabbed over sixty times," Dazai explained, standing beside me and staring at the blood. "There is no sign of the murder weapon, no other physical evidence besides Taichi's dead body and blood. We'll have to wait for forensics to give us their final word, but I can tell... this might not be so easy to crack."
I nodded solemnly, my fists clenched tightly.
"Or... will it?"
I took in a deep breath before turning and sending Dazai a sheepish smile. "Well, we got our work cut out for us, huh."
Dazai chuckled softly. "Yeah, but that's what makes it fun."
"So Dazai," I started, crossing my arms over my chest. "I have a question."
"I may have an answer."
"Have you ever killed anyone before?"
Silence followed after my question and I turned to look at the man. His hands were in his pockets, a weird smile on his face. "I have. Quite a few."
For some reason, the answer didn't shock me as much as it probably should. "How do you sleep at night?"
More silence, before Dazai stood before me. I looked up at him, heart thudding when I saw that same dim look in his eyes. His lips curled up and he leaned in, making me hold my breath as he whispered.
"Like a baby."
My breath hitched in my throat, eyes going wide. I licked my lips nervously, nodding my head slowly. "I see..." Just... wow.
"You know, I could have gone without seeing your ugly face, Dazai."
A look of distaste grew on Dazai's face as the newcomer came sauntering up to us. He wore black, a familiar hat resting upon a familiar head of red hair. Blue eyes stared daggers into my coworker, mouth curled into a displeased snarl.
"Ah, Chuuya! It is a small world, after all," Dazai sang, the glare in his eyes not meeting the jovial tone of his voice.
Chuuya scoffed. "I thought you'd be fucking dead by now, but of course, you always love to piss me off."
"'Cause it's so much fun!"
The two men clearly didn't like each other, but that was the least of my concerns. All I could do was stare at Chuuya in shock. Of course, Taichi was one of his subordinates, he would want to find out who his killer was and get retribution. That was just how the Port Mafia worked.
I gulped, carefully trying to back away from the two. They could stand there and bicker with each other all they want. I had to get out of here before-
"Oh wait, meet my new friend!" Dazai wrapped his arm around my neck, wrestling me to his side effortlessly as I tried to break free. He knew I was trying to escape and made sure that didn't happen.
"Hey, let me go!" I hissed, not pleased with being pulled into a damn chokehold.
"Not until you meet my old friend!"
Chuuya growled. "We're not friends, damn traitor!"
Traitor? I grew confused, eyebrows pinched even as I fought against Dazai's hold. Chuuya narrowed his eyes when he finally got a good look at me.
"Hey... do I know you?"
Crap. "Uh..." I laughed sheepishly, Dazai now confused as he looked back and forth between the two of us.
"You know each other?"
"We met a few months ago," Chuuya spoke up, his eyes widening in realization before his eyes narrowed and he snarled.  "Knew you couldn't be trusted."
"Wait!" I exclaimed, making it out of Dazai's hold and holding my hands up to Chuuya. "I swear... I didn't even know about the ADA when we met. It was just as I said that night, I lost my job and was there to drink my pain away."
"Tch," Chuuya sounded, his eyes still narrowed. "And now you work with this traitorous bastard. Lucky you."
There was that word again.
"What do you mean by traitor?" I asked, at the same time Dazai spoke up.
"How the hell do you two know each other?"
Chuuya scoffed. "I fucked her."
I squeaked, Dazai's eyebrows raising.
"Interesting. I'm fucking her too."
I squeaked again, waving my hands wildly before either man could respond. "D-don't we have a murder to solve, huh?!"
It fell on deaf ears, the two men staring each other down, all before their eyes were on me and my trembling form.
"You know... I feel like we've been here before, Chuuya."
Said man snorted. "When you fucked my girls?"
"Like you haven't fucked mine?"
Okay, now I was confused. "Um... I don't understand..."
"Oh yeah!" Dazai exclaimed a bit too cheerfully, putting a hand on Chuuya's shoulder, earning a withering glare. "Chuuya and I go way back. Were the best of friends."
"No we weren't."
"We were partners! The best there was!"
"... tch."
Partners? What the hell did Dazai mean by partners? I looked between the two men, lips formed in a thin line. Then, the answer struck and my mouth fell open in shock. There was no fucking way... Dazai? I swallowed thickly, shaking my head for this was not the time or place to be thinking about this.
"Okay... I can only imagine just how deep this shit goes," I started, the men looking at me curiously. "But we have a murder to solve. Whatever... this," I gestured my hand between the two of them. "Is... it can wait. Y'all can make out or whatever later."
That was my attempt at breaking whatever tension there was, but I was the only one cackling when Dazai and Chuuya immediately protested.
"I will kill you!"
"That is not funny, bella!"
"Ugggh, I don't have the time for this. I should have known that the ADA would be investigating this, and that just pisses me off. You two should just stay out of my way," Chuuya said, hands in his coat pocket. "Though you... word is that you were one of the lasts who saw Taichi alive."
My heart dropped when Chuuya looked at me and I frowned. "And I told the police that I saw him when he dropped Keiko off at my apartment. There are cameras in the lobby that will show that I never left the apartment. We even ordered food in."
"Fuck. And there is no other evidence right now. No weapon, no hints of DNA. It's like the killer just vanished," Chuuya said to himself and I glanced at Dazai, seeing the amused look on his face.
"What if it was an ability user?" Dazai suggested. Chuuya gritted his teeth.
"Shut up! I don't need your help!"
"Really? Are you sure?" Dazai taunted the red head, quickly ducking when Chuuya swung his foot in a wide kick. Dazai didn't get hit, but the wall behind him took the damage, large cracks forming on the surface. I swallowed thickly. Just how strong was Chuuya?
"H-hey," I started nervously, foolishly getting between the two men before they could start a fight. "We're after the same goal, right? Why don't we just... work together?" The fierce glares I got made me shrink. "O-o-or! Or not! That's fine! Just don't fight!"
"Bella is right... fighting is so beneath me," Dazai said wistfully and I sighed deeply.
"Dazai, I'm being serious. This man was my best friend's boyfriend. I want to find his killer too."
"Just stay out of it," Chuuya growled. "This has nothing to do with either of you. The Port Mafia will handle this."
"Let's make it a race then." Both Chuuya and I were dumbfounded as we looked at Dazai, waiting for him to continue. "A competition to see who figures this out, the ADA or the Port Mafia."
"Dazai... what the hell?" I asked in disbelief, Chuuya stepped closer to him.
"What's the prize?"
Dazai smirked, raising a bandaged hand and pointing right to me. "Our bella."
My jaw dropped. "You're fucking kidding me?"
"No," Dazai answered rather seriously. "I'm not."
Chuuya is strangely quiet, his unreadable eyes now trained on me. I fidgeted under his gaze, looking away to find Dazai staring at me all the same. I shivered. I hated this; hated being part of such a stupid competition as a prize, and I hated that I fucking loved it. I screwed my eyes shut.
"Deal," Chuuya finally said and I gasped when I felt his familiar leather clad fingers cup my face, him moving my head to make me look at him. "Gotta say, I didn't expect to see you again, but I'm glad our paths have crossed a second time." I became extremely flustered and Chuuya smirked. "Tell me, Dazai. What was it like having my sloppy seconds?"
I gasped sharply with Dazai only laughing darkly, suddenly feeling his presence behind me. "Can't say it was too bad..." he answered and I just completely clocked out, breath hitching as I felt a bit embarrassed. And turned on. They knew exactly what to say to get me riled up.
"Okay, I'm leaving! It's late and I still haven't eaten dinner yet! Bye!" I was frantic trying to rush away from them as fast as I could. I didn't even turn back when Dazai called after me.
"See you tomorrow, bella!" Dazai chuckled softly, watching me disappear, hands stuffed in his pockets.
"A race? Really?" Chuuya asked incredulously, eyes piercing as he stared at his old partner.
"It will just make this all the more fun," Dazai hummed.
"You're a bastard," Chuuya scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Just stay out of my way. Taichi getting himself killed just ruined the investigation we had on him."
"Oh?" Dazai raised his eyebrows, amused. "Was he being a naughty boy?"
"Shut the fuck up, Dazai."
Tumblr media
I have this headcanon that Dazai and Chuuya definitely stole each other's girls and even shared them and had threesomes when they were partners and ya'll CANNOT tell me otherwise.
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shoyotime · 6 months ago
hey bae could I request a tsukishima oneshot , I'm trying to not simp but can't help it lol-
you could make them going stargazing and him being a big softy PLEASE PSPSPSPSPPS I NEED SEROTONIN-
Tumblr media
featuring : tsukishima
genre : fluff
warnings : gn!reader
a/n : omg bestie here's your food i'm sorry for being late skdjfksj also tagging @tsukkisfatsimp for special purposes <3
Tumblr media
You fixed your dress, looking at your reflection in the mirror. You ran your hands through your hair, setting them in a way that suited you. Fairy lights granted a warm golden radiance to your room as the snow outside shone like remnants of the moon under the dim streetlights.
And that marked your first date with Tsukishima.
The bell rang, grabbing your attention as you took a deep breath before opening the door, eyes settling on your boyfriend, his head adorned with tiny snowflakes. Not a single word is shared. Just two souls in love, walking down the snow-covered street as the stars ornamented their presence.
And the next moment, he cracked the ice between you two. "Are you excited?" You bit your lips, looking at his face from your peripheral vision. A slight blush settled on his cheeks as he hesitantly slid his hands in yours, fingers intertwining together.
"Mhm. A lot, might I add." You muttered, gazing at the sky as you took a couple of steps ahead of him.
He snickered. "You're such a simp."
"Hey!" You turned to look at him, a smile dancing on your lips as the blush on your cheeks attained deeper shades of red. "As if you didn't ask me out on a date the day we got together." A pause, just the two of you staring in each other's eyes before you break a chuckle, followed by his.
You both started walking again, your one hand around his arm as the other was busy catching the snowflakes. The two of you chatted endlessly, giggling at each other's comments just like two high schoolers in love— because you were.
Just like two people who're new to the concept of love, anticipating chances to see each other in the school corridors, growing shy every time their friends teased them. For now, your relationship was far from that, considering that you two started dating this noon. But it was just as thrilling.
Time flew faster with Tsukishima and, you realized it as soon as you found yourself on top of a hill before you even knew. 'So, it was stargazing,'— your lips curled into a smile, eyes twinkling at the sight of myriad stars. Tsukishima knew you loved stars and he didn't see a cause why stargazing with you shouldn't be the idea for your first date with him.
"It's pretty." You stated, your eyes shining brighter than the stars themselves. A chuckle escaped his mouth as you directed your head towards him, only to find that he was already looking at you.
"It is." You smiled at his remark, your gaze diverting from his face to the sky again.
"I'm talking about the stars."
Tsukishima scooted closer, eyes still focused on you. "I have my eyes reserved for something even prettier."
You beamed, turning your face away from him as your cheeks radiated deeper shades of red. 'Since when did he become so smooth?!'
"If you're wondering, I, your amazing boyfriend, always good at flirting." He quipped, earning a scoff from you because you knew how good your boyfriend was at flirting. But then you repeated his words in your head.
'Your amazing boyfriend.' That felt new, a different new. Having a crush on someone for almost a year and finally getting to add the tag 'yours' in front of their name was worth all your wait. Juliet gave her life for Romeo and, Orpheus lost Eurydice. If you look back to all the love stories from the past, no one had a good chance at love. And you couldn't be any happier to have him as your boyfriend.
"Yeah, sure." You replied when Tsukishima nudged you with his shoulder, knowing that you were zoning out. You wore a soft smile, gazing at the pale winter moon that looked exceptionally splendid. A chuckle escaped your mouth, your boyfriend looking at you with a confused grimace. A luminous streak of light in the sky, and your eyes widened with realization. "Oh, a shooting star. Make a wish?"
The start was long gone but, it's the thought that counts. At least that's what you both believed. "Hope I get to kiss my girlfriend today."
Now that was unexpected. Not even a day into the relationship and, he was already getting you flustered with his erratic comments and remarks. Without wasting another second, you grabbed his collar, pulling his face closer to yours as his hands circled your waist.
"Woah there, take it easy, princess."
You'd be lying if that nickname didn't make you feel the fireworks inside you as he said that with a teasing smirk. "Well, it was your wish."
"You really are excited, aren't you?"
"Just kiss me already, dumbass."
Tumblr media
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It's Delicate: Part II
Tumblr media
Summary: Spencer Reid finds himself at a gas station at 2:00 am, thinking he’s only leaving with a cup of crappy coffee. But something taped to the door catches his eye. Spencer leaves the gas station with more than he intended: the chance at a friend, and maybe something more along the way.
Word Count: 3.6 k
Author’s Note: Here's the second part in It's Delicate, my first chapter fic. I've planned out kind of where I see this eventually going! Thank you to anyone who reads, likes, comments, and reblogs. It really means the world to me.
Content Warnings: Expletive language (3 uses), mentions of drug use, sexual innuendo
It's Delicate Masterlist
It's Delicate
Sitting on the plane, Spencer looks out from the little window. For hours, there’s been nothing but corn fields and clouds. It’s eerily peaceful, being there high above the clouds. His whole life Spencer has felt this distance between him and everyone else, but nothing makes that feeling more prominent than being strapped in a glorified metal box 35,000 feet off the Earth’s surface. But the thing is, Spencer does need to be flying above the trees to feel lonely. He can do that with two feet on the ground.
Luke sits across Spencer, the table between them and a deck of playing cards are spread out across its surface. He has to nudge Spencer’s leg from under the table, trying to bring him back to reality as he stares out the window.
“Whatcha thinking,” Luke asks, Spencer has been noticing more and more that Luke is one of the few people that actually listens to him.
Spencer, whose mind is racing too fast to even formulate an articulate thought, attempts to dodge Luke’s question with a noncommittal shrug.
“Reid, these cases are hard for all of us, you gotta know that man,” Luke says, laying down a four of a kind.
Spencer narrows his eyes, shocked that it hasn’t clicked yet for the rest of the team. He cracks his neck, preparing to answer Luke.
“We almost locked up an innocent man, Alvez. I almost sent another man to the same fate as myself. What kind of fucked up message is that?” Spencer says, throwing down the cards on the table. He doesn’t wait for Luke to respond.
“I fold,”
Spencer walks off into the small kitchenette to make a cup of coffee. He doesn’t want to think about his increased reliance on coffee, because he knows it’s a hot cup of coffee or a cold needle of Dilaudid in his veins. Spencer checks his watch, it’s 10:17 pm, maybe too late to find a meeting at a church or rec center somewhere.
He sneaks a peak at his phone, which was still unfortunately on Airplane Mode, he hasn’t even gotten a chance to see if Y/N has responded. He doesn’t know much about her, just as much as she knows about him.
It’s a brave new world for Spencer and he’s knee deep into the unknown.
Spencer can feel Luke’s eyes on him. He just knows that the minute he gets home, a certain tech expert will be ringing him. He knows that it’s Luke’s way of caring, but for someone who’s been alone for so long, having people that actually care is almost drowning.
Walking back to his seat, Spencer hands Luke a coffee. He smiles slightly; it’s the awkward smile that he used to make when intimating police chiefs and idiot cops would look him up and down like he’s a TA. It’s a peace offering for Luke, who despite his tough looking exterior, is one of the kindest people Spencer knows.
“Look, Reid. I’m sorry that we didn’t put it together. It’s just that man that we caught, he’s not like you. He’s not innocent of crimes, he’s just innocent of this crime,” Luke says in an attempt to make Spencer feel a little bit better.
“The thing is Luke, I’m exactly like that man,”
Spencer returns to staring out the window. The cards and the coffee on the table are long ignored for the silence that is found when you’re high above the clouds.
Spencer hears Tara and Emily murmur quietly about going out for a round of drinks. Luke accepts, while JJ and Matt decline, eager to get home to their families. Emily looks over at Spencer, her eyes silently scanning him, his body language. Spencer knows that there’s nothing he can hide from Emily, so there’s no use in trying to pretend he’s alright when she can take one look at him and know that nothing is right.
“You guys have fun, I’m going to head home and get some sleep. I plan on visiting my mom tomorrow and mornings are usually better for her,” Spencer says, slinging his go bag around his shoulders and making the trek back to the security to check out.
He walks slowly, enjoying the sound of the crickets chirping as he trudges along. Spencer tries not to think about the man, Richard, who was almost locked up for a crime that he didn’t commit. Spencer is pretty sure that being the person to throw an innocent man in jail is worse than being the innocent man in jail.
Spencer’s phone buzzes loudly, disturbing the silence of his walk. He looks at the phone to see a couple of messages from Y/N. Spencer slides open the lock to his phone and hits the button to read her messages.
Y/N: Spencer...that has a nice ring to it. So tell me a little bit about yourself. Your big three, but as books. Go! 🌞🌙⬆️
Furrowing his brow, Spencer reads the message over again. He does not have a clue what “big three” means, but it seems like some sort of pop culture thing that he’s not skilled in. He wants to text Garcia for a translation, but he’s also not too keen on telling her how he came across Y/N’s number.
Y/N: I assume you’re working, but I'm kind of impatient so I’ll give you mine 🙃 I’m a Little Women sun, an Emma moon, and an In Cold Blood rising.
Y/N: Oh no….I hope my astrology didn’t turn you off
Y/N: Not that I was trying to turn you on
Y/N: omg Y/N please shut the fuck up
Astrology? Spencer isn’t one to judge, but he’s a scientist first and foremost. The idea that there is something written about him in the stars seems like ludicrous. He decided to ignore the other messages, particularly the ones with a little more than slight innuendo.
Spencer: Y/N- I’m sorry I just got out of work. As for my big three, I’m not sure about astrology. I don’t particularly believe in pseudoscience. But those are good choices. In Cold Blood is an excellent choice. Capote spent years researching the case. In fact his prose and technique inspired the entire “Nonfiction novel” genre. The world of journalism and true crime would not be where it is without Capote’s work.
Y/N: Oh my god. You are a total nerd. 🙀
That stops Spencer right in his tracks. He’s only a couple of yards away from the Volvo at this point, but somehow it feels a million miles away. You are a total nerd. The words replay in his mind as the small gray bubbles pop up again. Spencer can feel his heart constrict at Y/N’s words. It’s ridiculous, he’s nearly 34 and is getting upset that a stranger called him a nerd. Spencer unlocks his car and tosses his go bag, phone included onto the passenger seat.
After a couple of minutes his phone buzzes again. He’s half tempted to answer it, but the way his heart seems to beat faster tells him to ignore it.
Y/N: I fucking love it and I think you’ll love this too
Spencer’s entire demeanor changes as he reads the message. He’s always had difficulties reading emotion in writing, especially when he can’t analyze the handwriting. Sometimes, it’s even harder to judge inflection during conversations. Maybe that is why Spencer has spent all this time studying people, studying the way that their minds work. Before he can get too lost in his thoughts, another message pops up.
Y/N: Meet Capote and Second Cat
Tumblr media
Y/N: They are the loves of my life
Spencer: They are very...distinguished looking. Capote is an excellent name choice then. Second Cat is also quite catchy.
Spencer hesitates before sending the message, he notices that Y/N uses what Garcia calls “emojis” quite frequently. He assumes that it’s some sort of “texting lingo” that expresses emotion in small graphics. Great, he thinks. He already has a difficult time deciphering Y/N’s cryptic wording and now he’s got to analyze these emojis.
Maybe he should profile her. He re-reads the message and settles on a “😄” because he figures that he can’t go wrong with offering Y/N a smile.
Spencer: I don’t have a cat, but when I was a kid I always wanted one, they’re quite good companions for those that live several different kinds of lifestyles. From active to sedentary, they are adaptable and independent. Honestly they are the perfect pet.
Y/N: Is this your way of telling you’re a crazy cat man? 😜 🙀
Spencer, still sitting in his car that’s parked in the parking lot, chuckles at Y/N’s response to his message. Maybe it’s just easier to ignore his rambling when it’s done through 1s and 0s and there isn’t a face to the words.
Spencer: I’m actually more of a fish guy
Y/N: Like a “I-like-to-go-fishing-and-post-picture-of-myself-kissing-my-catch-on-Tinder” kind of fish guy or...I can’t think of any other kind of fish men
Spencer, not totally understanding the obvious joke that Y/N is trying to make, settles on something that he hasn’t really ever tried: being himself.
Spencer: Not quite sure what a Tinder is, but I think fishing is terrifying and kissing a fish is something out of nightmares. But his name is Leo
Y/N: DiCaprio?
Spencer: Uhh, Tolstoy
Y/N: Good😉 ⚔️🕊️ 🇷🇺
Spencer glances at his clock on the control panel, it tells him that he’s been messaging with Y/N back and forth for nearly 22 minutes. He nearly forgot how tired he was.
Spencer: Y/N- I’m so sorry but, I just got to my car to drive home from work. I’ll text you tomorrow morning about the book club, maybe we can figure out some things.
Y/N: OMG Spencer!! you should have told me. I’ve been talking ur ear off. sleep well and yes please tomorrow we can talk about the book club
Y/N: Good night, Book Buddy 😴
Spencer wants to respond to Y/N, but he doesn’t know what to say. She seems to text so easily, and judging by that, she must be around Spencer’s age or a little bit younger. Besides JJ and Penelope, Spencer has never had a friend close to his age. It’s a strange new territory for him and he’s walking in head first into No Man’s Land.
He starts his Volvo, the check engine still lights but, reminding him once again to go get it fixed. Driving away from the parking lot, Spencer hands over his ID to Gina, the security guard. She checks his ID and gives him a tired smile. Spencer, as he drives home to his apartment, thinking about what books he and Y/N will read together. He wonders what kind of books are her favorite, if they have any authors that they can obsess over together, or if what she thinks a poet’s prose is.
The summer air rushing in through the window is nowhere as warm and as comforting as thought of Spencer finally having a friend that isn’t able to read the scars of his past in the text bubbles that pop up on her screen.
When Spencer opens his eyes for the first time that morning, he isn’t sure where he is. Sometimes, before he can stop his thoughts from travelling there, Spencer thinks he’s still in jail. He hates the feeling of terror that rushes over him but he hates the idea of being vulnerable a little bit more. But the softness of his pillows and the coolness of his cotton sheets remind him that he’s not sleeping on a hard cot with only a layer of fabric over his body. The light streams in through the half closed blinds, and Spencer judges by how brightly the sun shines in, it must be around 9:45 am.
He supposes that he prefers the way the sun’s rays paint horizontal bars across his face more than the vertical bars that cast gray shadows over his cell at Milburn Penitentiary.
It’s a day off from work, so Spencer didn’t set an alarm, instead allowing his mind and his body to catch up on some much needed rest. The nightmares have been getting better, but his dreams are still haunted by the way that he hardly recognizes himself anymore. Deciding that it will be a day spent in pajamas, Spencer goes to his bookshelf in his bedroom to pick out a couple of novels to read while he drinks his morning coffee and defrosts some of Luke’s strawberry pastries.
Before heading out of his room, Spencer stops himself in the doorway. He replays the events of last night. He declined to go out with the rest of the team, while he walked to his car he thought about the crickets telling the temperature, and he read over Y/N’s messages.
He promised he’d text her back in the morning about their book club. Last night, she didn’t seem to mind Spencer’s long messages and awkward phrasing. He still doesn’t really know how this Book Buddy thing would work, but since he found Y/N’s number on the flyer, he can only assume that she knows what to do. He leaps on his bed, landing with thud on his belly, to grab his phone that charges on his nightstand.
Spencer settles at his kitchen table, a cup of steaming hot Dark Roast coffee in a Captain Spock mug in one hand and, surprisingly, his phone in the other. He scrolls through the messages from last night, Y/N’s cat and emojis tempt a smile to Spencer’s face.
Not entirely sure how to start the conversation again, Spencer looks around for inspiration until his eyes land on a certain fish tank in the corner of his apartment. He snaps a quick picture of Leo and attaches it to the message.
Spencer: Good Morning from Leo & Spencer
Tumblr media
Spencer sets down his phone after a moment when he realizes that Y/N is probably not going to answer him back in a couple of seconds. He takes out a strawberry pastry from his freezer and puts it into the toaster oven on a non-stick baking sheet. His thumbs run across the texture of the book he started on the plane ride after his and Luke’s ill fated poker game. It's a thin book of collected essays on the meaning of life. Camus, to Spencer, is a little pessimistic with his droning on about the meaninglessness of life. Though Spence has seen the absolute worst that humanity has to offer, he still has to believe that there’s a deeper meaning behind it all.
His toaster oven rings, altering him so that his toasted strawberry pastry is cooked. He plates his breakfast and pours himself another cup of coffee- he’ll need it to get through Camus’s section on Absurdism this early in the morning. But the flash of Spencer’s phone screen sends him reaching for his phone. Y/N replied to his message.
Y/N: hi leo!!!
Y/N: and you too Spencer :) Did you get a good night’s sleep. You got back late it seems.
Spencer, taking a bite of the strawberry pastry, ignores the burning sensation in his mouth. He types out a response to Y/N as he washes down the bite with a swing of coffee.
Spencer: I did, thank you. Can you tell me a little bit more about this book buddy thing. From what I gathered from the flyer it’s like a little book club of our own and we meet at the bookstore?
It doesn’t take long for Y/N to respond. The little gray dots pop up almost immediately after Spencer’s message is delivered.
Y/N: That’s about right! Is it okay if I call you? Kinda easier to talk that way 🤷‍♀️
Spencer reads over the message a couple of times. He doesn’t really like to talk on the phone and only does it out of necessity. He’s pretty sure that his voice is grating and his vocal fry is quite irritating. Yet, he finds himself replying “yes” to Y/N. Soon enough, his phone buzzes in his hand and Spencer has to remind himself how to pick up a call.
“Spencer? Um, this is Spencer Reid, right?” the voice says. It’s a woman’s voice and he can only assume that it’s Y/N, considering it is her phone number calling him.
“Y/N, uh hi. This is Dr. Spencer- I mean this is Spencer,” he says, nearly forgetting that Y/N doesn’t know him as Dr. Reid, but as just Spencer. It’s been a long time since someone has known him as Spencer.
“Oh great! It’s wonderful to finally have a voice to your name. So about these buddy reads. You seem to have a good grasp of what they are,” Y/N’s voice trails off a little bit at the end and Spencer finds it natural to fill in the silence.
“Yes, the flyer was quite informative. But I was wondering, do we read the same books or do we read different books?” Spencer asks, trying to restrain himself from scaring Y/N off. But something about her made him think that she didn’t scare easily.
Y/N chuckles lightly in the speaker of her phone, “that’s a good question, uh, I was actually going to ask you what you would rather. We can read the same books, or if it’s okay with you we can choose what the other would read for that week,”
“Oh really?” Spencer says, very much aware how his voice rises a couple of octaves. He can’t trust himself to hold back on rambling over the phone Y/N, so he resorts to using his strained, brittle voice that’s full of hesitation and restraint.
“That’s the plan, so whatcha thinking, Spencer,” Y/N says playfully, like she can sense that phone conversations maybe not make him feel at ease. There’s something so natural and silvery about her voice; it reminds Spencer of an audiobook reader. While he’s not too keen on audiobooks, he’s sure that he’d listen to anything she reads or has to say.
“Um, I think it sounds interesting to pick out books for each other. I tend to gravitate towards more technical books or even books that aren’t in English so, uh, I think it would be interesting to get out of my comfort zone,” Spencer says, cringing internally at using the word “interesting” twice in a couple of sentences.
“Well, as long as you don’t pick out something in physics or anything by Ayn Rand then I’d say we’re good,” Y/N says. Spencer thinks it’s a joke, but he’s not too sure how to respond.
“Will you still be my Book Buddy if I read 1 out of 2 of those?” Spencer asks, hoping she’d get that he is trying to continue the joke.
“Oh no Spencer please don’t tell me you’re an Ayn Rand fanboy,” she says, and by the airy way she laughs, Spencer ventures to guess his joke landed successfully.
“So,” Spencer starts, he never has made plans with people outside of his team, and on top of that, there’s something about Y/N’s quickness that makes him a little nervous to meet her.
“I’m talking your ear off, aren’t I? Please Spencer, if you’re going to be my Book Buddy, you’re going to have to get used to me talking a lot, especially you pick out good books, which, I already have a feeling you’re going to be favorite Book Buddy,”
For once in his life, Spencer doesn’t really know how to respond. He lets out something in between a strangled laughter and a noncommittal chuckle.
“So,” Y/N says, mirroring Spencer’s earlier words, “so are you free tonight, I can meet you at the bookstore..”
Y/N’s voice trails off and Spencer leaps to finish her sentences. It doesn’t feel like his interjecting or interrupting, but like he’s snapping a puzzle piece together.
“Does 7 work?” “7 is great, Spencer. It’s a date,”
Those three little words send Spencer’s eyes flying wide open. He scrambles to come up with answer to louden the silence that falls, but he swears he can hear a string of quiet curses before Y/N manages to squeak out a small “goodbye,”
Y/N’s last words play back in Spencer’s ears. He scolds himself for being so weird and awkward that the very idea of going on a date with him would send Y/N in a tizzy. It’s not a date, because Spencer can’t think about it being a date. It’s not a date because of the looming photo above his mantle that freezes his future in the past. It’s not a date because of the nightmare of vertical bars that haunt his dreams
It’s not a date. It’s so not a date because Spencer would call Luke to come over to help him if it was.
“Hey Luke,” Spencer says, trying to control the nervous waves in his voice, “no man, I’m fine, it’s uh, easier if you just come over. I’m fine, really,”
Y/N: I really hope you're not an Ayn Rand fanboy 😉
It’s so not a date.
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tastesoftamriel · 5 months ago
What are some foods you've experienced in your travels that look like they're gonna be disgusting but are actually Really Good?
That's a great question, because in all honesty, most foods just look questionable unless plated up right (and who has time for that?). Anyway, here are a few contenders. I promise that they all taste better than they sound!
Raw sea urchin is an Altmeri delicacy, and it's best eaten fresh out of the carapace just like an oyster. Yes, it's alive when you eat it. However, it has a rich, creamy umami flavour which is quite popular with raw seafood lovers.  Try it with a dash of yuzu and calamansi sauce!
Oh, the things Argonians eat. Waste not, want not, as the old saying goes in Black Marsh, and this definitely applies to food. Cow tongue and snout are two ingredients in a local salad known as rojak cingur. While the meat can be a little chewy if not cooked correctly, the salad itself is a tasty blend of vegetables and fruit in a sweet and spicy sauce. If you imagine it's beef, it's a lot easier to eat!
Eye know you're going to hate the eye-dea of this one. Alright, enough with the bad jokes and down to the truth: smoked eyeballs are surprisingly tasty. What eyeballs, Talviel? Where do the eyeballs come from?! Calm down, they're usually from cow or goat, but fish eyes are also fairly common. Eye cannot speak of the edible qualities of the eyeballs of Men or Mer, nor do I wish to find out.
Blood in food is always a tricky one, and the Bretons sure love using it in their food. Horse blood pie sounds more horrific than it tastes, but that is literally the main ingredient. Firm chunks of horse blood pudding and vegetables swim in a red wine and blood sauce, packed nicely in a buttery puff pastry. Definitely one for the carnivores.
The Dark Elves are known for their love of edible insects, and the penchant for munching on fried crickets and mealworms is horrifying to most other races (bar the Argonians and Bosmer). Seasoned with herbs and spices in the same way as potato crisps or popcorn, you really won't notice that you're snacking on bugs if you close your eyes. They're surprisingly crunchy and delicious, especially when dipped in scuttle and comberry jam!
We've had blood, eyes, tongue, and nose. How much weirder could things get? Cyrodiil may just top the list with...bull penis. Why? It's perfectly good meat, so why not? I learned to tolerate this specialty during my time in the Imperial City, and it's usually served as a tender casserole with root vegetables. Sometimes the testicles are deep fried in arancini, and served on the side. It's said to be an aphrodisiac, but I haven't needed one of those for a while and can only say that bull penis is an alright food.
Finally, something that isn't related to forbidden meat! The Khajiit really love snacking on a type of fungus called cordyceps, that grows out of the head of live ants. The fungus is left to grow until it engulfs the whole ant's body, which is then dipped in moon sugar and eaten whole. It tastes  like a cross between chanterelle and enoki mushrooms, and is slightly chewy. With the moon sugar dipping, it tastes pleasant enough to make you forget that you're eating a zombified ant.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is nothing wrong with eating frostbite spider legs! In fact, I'm going to argue right now that they're better than mudcrab legs. They're bigger, juicier, and more exciting to kill. Remove the hairs, roast on the fire, and to serve just crack open the carapace and slurp them up! Best eaten hot with herbed cured meats and some wine. Just remember, they're just like mudcrab legs...
Smoked bone marrow soup is much tastier than it sounds, and is a good way to get the most nutrition out of your food as possible. Bone marrow from cow or mammoth is smoked until fragrant, and is then chopped up and tossed into a rich tomato soup. The tomato brings out the smoky flavour and creamy texture of the marrow, and really hits the spot.
In case you weren't aware, the Alik'r is full of giant snakes. Luckily for hungry (and slightly insane) travellers, these snakes are also perfectly edible once the poison gland is removed. The snake is skinned, chopped up into hearty chunks and stewed with okra, string beans, harissa, and onions. It does taste like chicken, and you're doing the desert a favour by getting rid of another pest!
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poes-spilled-ink · 9 days ago
Fragment of My Mind
pairing: dazai x chuuya (soukoku)
tags: light angst?? chuuya drinks wine.
word count: 554
a/n: i'll make this as short as i can but ty to @5vin and @saintsprotecttheghoul for being patient with me adshkj- it only took me about a week or two to start posting. i originally opted for something much.. cooler and better but i guess this is the first fanfic i'm posting here. oh, and did i bother putting names? nope! but im sure you know who i'm talking about (hopefully). anyway, enjoy ig. (feedbacks are appreciated <3)
The crescent moon glimmers in the night sky, it is not alone; the twinkling star dust that hangs all around keeps it company. The crisp late summer air was replaced by a bitter huff of smoke, but soon vanished once a soft breeze whistled and slightly ruffled his hair.
Even with a beautiful sight like this; the buildings of many shapes and sizes under the same sky, the same illumination, and together in the same city, he can't distract himself from the twinging pain on his left thigh where just now, there had been a glass shard belonging to his beloved wine bottle, Petrus.
Not only that, but he can't avoid the things around him either. It wasn't until his apartment, that once had another person to fill in the empty side of his bed, that he realized how much space he had taken up in his life. Everything around him was a constant reminder of the bandaged brunette, the rolls of bandages stacked up in his bathroom cabinets, the faint smell of the cheap cologne he used which never fails to make him bury his nose even deeper to get a glimpse of what he felt when he was still there, or the video game consoles that's kept tucked into a dusty box underneath his bed; they had no reason to do so, yet it felt so special. Like it was their little secret.
He saw this coming. With each day that passed by him, ke knew. Where there was once a face that greeted him when he came back home, was merely an cold, empty home that is filled with nothing but memories of someone who was now a traitor to him.
Another drag of his cigarette, but with a bitter resentment.
It is foolish of him to want a goodbye, or at least a heads-up, but what would he do? Convince him to stay? The thought earns Chuuya a hard laugh, shaking his head slightly. His cigarette continues to grow smaller with each drag and at last, it was nothing but a bud in the end.
Maybe their relationship was nothing but strictly business, but then again, it's not businesslike to put hair dye in each other's shampoo bottles or crack eggs into each other's shoes. It's not business like to throw yourself into danger to save your partner, even if it doesn't give you any sort of real benefit. Or when you softly cup their cheek and let them rest on your thigh, and make you feel more human than anything. Make you feel.
All the good times they've had doesn't add up to this petty episode he's going through, even more so when he had hurt himself with the bottle when he had thrown it at the nearest wall. It didn't make any sense, and it agitates him immensely.
Maybe someday, maybe he'll accept this- move on- and not drink to numb out the pain about the memories they made, and the things they did together.
But for the time being, he'll drink and hallucinate about someone who will now only be a fragment of his mind.
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