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e-102 · 3 months ago
i despise comics.
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sabertoothwalrus · 2 days ago
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he finally got some jammies!!!!!!
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finalgirldeanwinchester · 4 months ago
if we’re energized enough to be angry over city of austin using its tax dollars to give a grant to jared padalecki & copaganda show walker then we’re energized enough to be helpful to the people being hurt the most by this.
Austin funds:
Casa Marianella is an Austin shelter solely dedicated to immigrants
Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas  is an organization for trans latinas in texas
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) Austin shelters
RAICES community funds
Black Trans Leadership Austin
Austin Mutual Aid
Austin Workers Defense Project is a community organization for low-wage immigrant workers in the Texas construction industry fighting for the right to be paid a living wage and protected in their work.
Inside Books Project is an Austin-based volunteer organization that sends free books and educational materials to prisoners in Texas. Works to promote reading, literacy, and education among incarcerated individuals and to educate the general public on issues of incarceration
related funds:
Detention Watch Network is a national coalition set on abolishing immigration detention in the united states
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee is a prisoner-led committee with allies and supporters devoted to abolishing prison slavery
Help the Quileute Tribe move to higher ground
Help the Blackfeet Nation in acquiring resources and namely food during COVID-19
Please reblog. additions with more resources are encouraged and people of color are welcome to link individual funds.
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orionsbelts · a year ago
I was born in the wrong biome
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apelcini · a year ago
Tumblr media
the ape theory is racist pseudoscience stop reblogging it
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that-little-leaf · 3 months ago
inktober is trending once again this year so just a heads up for anyone unaware: please do NOT support Jake Parker (creator of inktober) and do not use the official inktober prompt list!
Jake Parker plagiarised the work of black artist Alphonso Dunn without any sort of credit whatsoever
you can still do a drawing challenge, just don’t use the official inktober prompts! also avoid using the name inktober too as it is still associated with him
drawtober, goretober, OCtober, etc are all totally fine, just please don’t support inktober
please reblog to help spread the word!
(and please do NOT send hate to artists participating in inktober - they most likely have no idea about this, so please just politely inform them if they’re unaware, ty!)
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halorocks1214 · 4 months ago
oh boy our buddy eret says they have a surprise for us that will help lmanberg out in the war! surely with this extra help we’ll be able to win in no time 
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bromantically · a day ago
ableists will see a post discussing memory issues and in a fit of unbearable rage they will yell and cry and scream "but ur not trying hard enough!!! but if u cared u would have remembered!! if u forgot something its ur fault!! u should have done something to remember!! u should have just written it down!! u didnt even try to remember!!" and all of us with memory issues are just sitting here with our 20 daily alarms, calendars fills with reminders, notes weve written for ourselves, and countless personal techniques for trying to remember things like 😐
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bee-nice-to-bees · a year ago
richard siken poems but they’re about clowns
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despisydraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pov you're about to get smited by the Ceaseless Watcher's special little boy👀
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veethecat3666 · a month ago
found family in general is great but found siblings specifically 💯💯👌👌
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estroniaid · 20 days ago
reminder for this January to support Indigenous Australians! the 26th of January is Invasion Day, or Survival Day, or a Day of Mourning so why don’t we give a little extra back to the indigenous communities this month who have to endure another year of that not being recognised xoxo Givit Black Rainbow BlaQ Masterlist 1 Masterlist 2
if any first nations peoples have donation posts they want to bump don’t be afraid to add it on <3
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sabertoothwalrus · a year ago
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I wonder if Lio would be glad to finally have a daughter that shares his hair texture, and if Wolf would let Kipo pick out all her hair accessories
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liloinkoink · 17 days ago
what fucks me up most abt tommy betraying techno at the green festival is that i’ve always felt like part of tommy switching sides comes from the fact tommy’s got so much faith in techno that he didn’t consider techno would actually be in any danger or feel abandoned if left to fend for himself.
sure, techno might’ve been outnumbered and alone, not nearly as prepared for a fight as he would have liked and far from home, but he’s technoblade, of course he’ll make it out okay!
which is just tragic to me, that tommy holding techno so highly is part of what caused techno to believe tommy didn’t care for him at all
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star-allos · 7 months ago
Fun fact: Not all aros want a qpp.
Another fun fact: You're not doing aromanticism wrong if you don't want a qpp.
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regicide1997 · 4 months ago
Things I am NOT:
A girl in a boy way
A boy in a girl way
Things that I am:
A girl in a not-girl way
A boy in a not-boy way
Hope that clears things up.
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northern-passage · a month ago
so with this being the Hot Topic of the week i wanted to make a post talking about fat characters and body diversity in IF. if we’re going to talk about it, let’s actually talk about it. and as a fat person myself, i want to talk about it.
i don’t think i really need to say that fat bodies are neglected in media in general - we all are aware of this. in interactive fiction specifically, there is definitely a notable absence of fat characters, but especially fat romance options. and when there are fat romance options, they tend to be stereotyped, or sidelined, or seen as “undesirable” to the average reader. more mainstream IF games don’t even have any body diversity at all, with all romance options being described as conventionally attractive (euro-centric) and skinny, or “super model-esque” which is usually just another way of saying conventionally attractive and skinny. on the other hand, a lot of IF leaves characters more vague and up for interpretation, simply because that is the nature of IF and it is designed for people to be able to fill in the gaps with what they want to see.
unfortunately, this may lead to people automatically defaulting to “skinny.” which, it’s already been said: that says a lot more than i ever could about how society views fat people. though, i do think it’s important for authors to be specific in their descriptions and identities when it comes to representing marginalized groups, not just with fat people but all across the board.
this lack of fat representation does feel particularly malicious when it comes to romance, with fat people very rarely, if ever, getting to see ourselves depicted as the person that is desirable, or the person that gets to be in love, and receive love, be deserving of love. fat people are mocked and shamed and fetishized from a very young age, with no positive depictions of people like us in media to look up to, and it can be extremely cruel and alienating. 
and society is actively hostile towards fat people. the BMI is used to shame us, despite being fake science. doctors actively ignore our problems and reduce all of it to “you need to lose weight.” there is no standardized sizing when it comes to clothing, and fat people are almost always left out. fat bodies, when they are represented, are reduced to negative stereotypes and “cautionary tales”, a thing to avoid and fear. only in recent years has there been any kind of push back against this, but we still have a long way to go.
and then there’s the word fat itself. there can be a lot said about the word “fat” and what exactly it means. it’s something that i think every fat person has strong feelings about. and i know a lot of people have a complicated relationship with the word, myself included. a lot of times people avoid that word to describe their characters - i know i tend to, because as a fat person it’s been used against me all my life and i’m still trying to unlearn that. it’s a word with a lot of stigma around it, and for some people it can be really personal. but ultimately, it’s a neutral word, a descriptor. it took me a long time to realize this, but fat is not a bad word.
i wanted to write all of this out because i do think this is an important conversation to be had, and i think the first step is just making people realize that fat is not bad. skinny is not the default. if you find yourself constantly interpreting characters as thin unless they are explicitly stated otherwise, challenge yourself about that. if you’re an artist, start drawing more fat bodies. if you’re a writer, think about what you can do to normalize fat people through your stories, and help destigmatize the word fat.
here are two articles i want to share:
Fat is Not a Bad Word
Creating Fuller Stories About Fat People
And the Health At Every Size website, which has its own page of resources.
finally, i wanted to highlight some authors & games that do include fat ROs. this is by no means an exhaustive list, but simply the games that i’m familiar with, and i think it’s important to show support to the people that are already doing the work and making strides to turn IF into a more inclusive community. (i also want to note that all of these games are WIPs, and may not yet explicitly state in game the description of their characters. however all have been portrayed and confirmed to be fat by the author on their blogs)
The Unknown One in The Moonless by @moonless-if (demo tba)
Bautista and Devin in Greenwarden by @fiddles-ifs
Florrie in Body Count by @bodycountgame
Hekate in Fields of Asphodel by @asphodelgame
Charlie in You Live and Fern by @beetlebethwrites
Nico in When It Hungers by @roast-ifs (currently undergoing edits)
Aja and Luc in Magician’s Voyage by @magiciansvoyage
Jabberywocky in Rabbit Hole by @if-rabbithole (demo tba)
Blake and Carmen in Off Script by @offscriptif (demo tba)
W in Witches of Ferngrove by @witchesofferngrove (demo tba)
James in Inner Demons by @innerdemons-if
C in The Heir Quest by @theuwriting
Roselyna and JM (as crush options) in Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! by @mwcaph-game​
Greta and Galeon from Trails Lead Home by @trailshome
Azalea from Speaker by @speakergame
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eileenleahy · 2 months ago
dean watching an entire social media platform celebrate one of the most devastating days of his life
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spielzeugkaiser · 5 months ago
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PART 01 - PART 03 [Upon leaving the land of death, Hades set one condition: both Orpheus and Eurydice were forbidden to look back. If he broke his word, she would descend once again into Hell.]
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tincanopus · a month ago
the problem with modern feminist spaces is that they are obsessed with their own oppression. 
white feminism, the rise of TERF logic, corporate girlboss feminism - a lot of these very racist, trans-exclusionary, puritanical, theory-based spaces have an addiction to subjugation. it’s this idea that female suffering is moral, a hangover from suffragette-era christian culture of absolution where the suffering of classically feminine saints is idolised. “radical feminism”... it isn't at all radical to believe that women are invariably predestined to misery from birth when you think about what the church taught. This martyrdom is something ingrained in first wave feminism, focused on suffrage but never equality, because the pseudoscience of a “fundamental difference between the sexes”, meant that women saw themselves as inherently more emotional, compassionate, and righteous than the men around them. that by virtue of the suffering they had not yet been born into, unborn daughters were more righteous than unborn sons. that oppression is what defines women, and that the more oppressed a woman is, the closer she is to womanhood. you can see this is a problem, right? - because these types of feminism have no actual desire to see justice delivered. if they are no longer oppressed, their boundaries of “womanhood” start to dissolve. The closer we come to equality, the blurrier their own identities become, because what is a woman if not oppressed by men? 
This is the crux of it all - transgender women disgust them precisely because they undermine the TERF idea that women are biologically destined to be oppressed by men, and this is the definition of a woman, the definition they have shaped their lives around. Women of colour are more oppressed than white women, and these white woman despise this because their whole idea of feminism hinges on an all-encompassing victimisation. they have no desire to see communities of women in healthy relationships with men, no desire for gender-diverse people to achieve equality, for women of colour to be free from oppression, because this fucks up their victim-complex binary. subjugation is so ingrained into their idea of womanhood that being oppressed is the only experience they can have in common with other women. they cannot see people assigned male at birth as deserving of a voice because they genuinely believe the pseudoscience that is “women are born more virtuous”. TERF theory is a perversion of feminism because their only definition of womanhood is, as Simone de Beauvoir put it, “the second sex” - a classification that exists solely in opposition to men. when steps towards a better future are made- whether that is by uplifting our trans sisters, our trans siblings, by not exhibiting classically feminine traits, by having healthy friendships with men, their belief systems crumble, because they are fixated on these bioessentialist ideas of gender, the very same ideas that have oppressed women and girls for centuries.
I am a cis lesbian. I love my female friends. I also love my male best friend. I love my transgender sisters. you have to free your identity from victimhood, end your obsession with self-pity and fate, and see other women as people rather than just sisters in suffering. that’s the only way we can go forward. 
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