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enchantedimmortals · 2 days ago
A new semester, a new school and back at her old childhood home. Roxanne had just finished moving back into her room with her older brother after making the quick decision to move schools to be closer to her only family. It was only a few weeks ago she had talked to her parents catching up on her school life and now they were gone. Drunk driver the cause of them being torn away so suddenly. With the funeral being the day before she just kept rearranging her things to distract herself before having another breakdown
If it weren’t for her brother and her best friend she would be even more lost in a world of alcohol and meaningless flings to distract herself...except she hadn’t ever had a first fling. A virgin, not because she couldn’t get anyone. No Roxanne’s figure always drew attention of the males and even some female bodies. She just had her sights on someone older, forbidden even. Finally laying on her bed after shutting her blinds to be in the dark to have a moment to just cry again needing one of his hugs. Sadly he was out for the day at work, which she still had no idea what he even did. Muffling her sobs in her pillow she curled up in a ball under her blankets.
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for-lvstfull · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“Yeh, you like that? You’re a fucking cheerleader and a slut. You love my cock owning you, don’t you?”
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babyboydbaby · 5 months ago
Volume 13
( @hardheadedbighearted​ )
Dewey was...conflicted.
On the one hand, it’d been a while since he’d gone on a proper McDuck-family-style adventure. Nothing related to the Cities or Salem or Ozma or anything like that; just a fun adventure seeking out some magical something-or-other.
Heck, it was the first time in a while him and Webby got to do something one-on-one together! Well, not completely one-on-one; it was more than just the two of them joining Della and Scrooge as they soared through the skies.
But as for the kids in the manor, it was just the two of them! Huey was spending the beginning of the day with Boyd and Louie had made plans with Oscar. And while he’d sworn that the two of them were just going to spend their time watching TV, Dewey had a hunch there was more to their plans than Louie was going to tell them.
Either way, it was just him and Webby in terms of household kids, going on their first solo adventure in a while! He should’ve been a-hundred-and-ten percent invested in this adventure!
Unfortunately, there was one thing keeping his interest at a solid seventy-percent and preventing it from rising any further. 
“Mom, can’t we fly any faster?” he griped, sinking lower in his seat. “If we don’t make it back in time for the Battle of the Bands, then Whitley and I are gonna be disqualified!”
Della looked back at him from the pilot’s seat. “Don’t worry, kiddo,” she assured him. “I’ll make sure you’re back in time to compete, even if I have to fly like Launchpad and yell at the contest staff like Donald to do it!”
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mr-tony-stark · 19 days ago
Since Tony had started up his little friends-with-benefits thing with Elliot a year ago, he really couldn’t get enough of the other man.  They seemed to get together just enough to remind Tony he had an itch, but not quite enough to scratch it.  It was somehow both infuriating and intoxicating.  He’d be down in the lab, hyper focused on a project and then the image of the way Elliot’s face contorted in pleasure, or the feel of his fingers in Tony’s hair, would pop into his head, and then he’d just end up frozen and daydreaming about being with him and work would be a complete write off.
No one knew about them.  That had been the deal.  Tony didn’t do relationships and he didn’t want everyone asking when the two of them were going to get married or whatever other bullshit thing people did when they saw a couple together.  Eliot had his own reasons.  Tony never questioned them.
Tony was distracted now.  He’d been working on a new suit and the next thing he knew he was thinking about the sounds Eliot made as he was nearing his climax and that was that.  Work was done for the day.  He decided to make his way to the gym where Elliot was sparring with Steve.
They were something else to watch.  Elliot was smaller than Steve, and he tried to use it against the much larger man.  Tony could see when Steve let him, and when he tried to force Elliot to try harder or reach further, and he could also see when Elliot had truly gotten the better of Cap.  That had been happening more and more lately.  He was definitely an asset to the Avengers.
It didn’t do anything to help with how turned on Tony was right now.
Steve had pinned Elliot to the ground and was just helping him up when he turned his attention on Tony.  “What are you hovering around there for?” he asked.  “I thought you couldn’t come to training because you had important work.”
“I do have important work,” Tony argued.  “I just need to ask Eli something.”
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strawberrysuccubuslover · a year ago
A Demon In Danger (Closed Rp)
After that night with Riku well, she hung around him and Trident when she had the time. They were kinda the only people that wanted to talk to her. She would always come after working at the bar, just not wanting to go to her broken down apartment building as long as possible.
Except...this time she didn't show. It could've been chalked up to just getting a longer shift but Tridents pact mark turned green and started to burn a bit. Meaning she was in danger and in serious trouble. Their only lead being that and knowing where she worked so they could try to find clues.
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sexy-salvatore-brother · 2 months ago
Damon moved down the street towards the pub in a hurried pace, but upon turning the corner he found flashing cars. He stilled, surveying the scene. Was he too late to stop the fire and did Lexi make it out? He knew the originals were heartless but, he didn't think they would burn down an establishment with human lives in the place. Turning around to flee, he bumped into a body and immediately side stepped.
The man had the appearance of a kid. Yet, he had to be no older than 20 - maybe. Damon kept his expression calm and cool, unsure if this was just a resident spying on the scene as he had. "Crazy, huh?"
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scarednotscary · 28 days ago
Starter for @edhellfire
Tumblr media
It had been weeks since she’d last seen Eddie, well, that wasn’t entirely correct, she had seen him around school but she hadn’t spent any time with him. Everything had gone back to the way things were before they had first met at that little forgotten picnic table in the woods behind the school. They were like passing ships in the night; aware and yet made no contact as they walked past one another in the hallway. Sometimes she’d catch herself looking at him across the cafeteria, silently worrying about him because he didn’t look like himself. He looked... tired, but not just tired, he seemed washed out and not present and his conversations at his usual table with the club had become more heated and aggressive.
It wasn’t like him, it wasn’t like him at all.
And though she was loathe to do so Chrissy had to focus on her own problems which involved slipping back into the roll she had so blindly played before. The part of the happy-go-lucky cheerleader, the supportive friend and doting girlfriend. It had been easy before because back then she never knew there was an out, someone she could go to when things got too much or she felt like she was about to break. Keeping it on lock down had been her only option, that and the binge/purge cycle she had gotten herself into. But now she wasn’t eating much of anything at all, using water as her old crutch to make herself feel full so there wasn’t anything she could bring up, though it wasn’t for lack of trying. Even the weight of the water in her stomach made her feel immense guilt and like she wasn’t in control, because the truth was that wasn’t in control. She had chosen the path where all choices would be made for her. But it’d be worth it if Eddie was safe.
“Earth to Chrissy.... helloooo?” Fingers snapped sharply mere inches in front of her face, bringing her back to the here and now. Great. A sort of breathy laugh escaped her and an apology was made though it was insincere at best.
“We’re going out after practise tonight, right? Gotta blow off steam before the big game.” Jason high fived one of his team mates before wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “C’mon, you’ve blown me off enough lately.”
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miraculousenigma · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
( for @rudechickenboy​ )
Tumblr media
To say he was surprised that he ended up hospitalized after only a week-and-a-half of working for Mr. McDuck would be a lie.
But as he lay there in his hospital bed with a bandaged foot and various smaller injuries up along the left side of his body, he couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming surge of guilt and disappointment in himself that always seemed to arise after every failed project nowadays.
Becoming Scrooge McDuck’s new scientist was supposed to be his fresh start. A chance to move on from what had happened in Tokyolk. A chance to get his life back on track.
And now he was here. Temporarily out of commission while his foot healed and sure to be sacked if Mr. McDuck caught wind of his embarrassing failure. Which was more than likely, since said embarrassing failure had left several very-visible scorch marks on the floor of his new lab.
Gyro sighed, pulling himself upright into a sitting position and trying not to let the pressure and anxieties of his situation push him to the point of tears. Again. 
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strawberry-barista · a month ago
Tumblr media
⚅— Starter for @pureposer​ —⚅
— ★ ⚄ ★ —
Hanekoma stood on the street and gazed over his surroundings. It wasn’t too often that he left Shibuya, but he thought he’d come into Shinjuku to find Hazuki today. Hazuki was always making stops in Shibuya, but he likely wasn’t going learn much by only looking at other cities. He needed to take a look at his own every once in a while. Next would only be a matter of finding him. But while Hanekoma was sure he could go around and eventually hunt Hazuki down, he knew that surely the Composer had already noticed his presence. He either wouldn’t recognize him and come to see what kind of entity was invading his city, or he would recognize the music and rush to the side of someone he knew (and hopefully trusted to some extent).
Tumblr media
Still, that didn’t mean he couldn’t wander a bit, and so Hanekoma made his way down the street, letting his eyes drift over the scenery around him and focus on no particular element at all. Rebuilding a city from the ground up was a difficult task, but Hanekoma had to give it to the Shinjuku team for a job well done. He would have never expected that so much work could be accomplished in such little time. That must have been what came from having a team of reapers that were well and truly attached to their city. Now if only he could get Hazuki to feel the same way...
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followrpmadness · 2 months ago
Shisui had as ked him to meet at the edge of town and dress comfortably. So he was waiting for him. He had on a loose button up white shirt, with skinny jeans and comfortable boots. He didn't know exactly where they were going, but form what he could see, it wasn't somewhere in town. Where they going to have a picnic or are they just going for a hike? Either way, it was going to be nice to spend sometime with his friend.
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bonexdaddy · 5 days ago
He didn’t catch Vanessa around his club too often, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued that she was there. “Well, well, didn’t expect to see you here. You enjoying yourself?” Jack leans a little closer. “If you aren’t, I’m sure we could head to my office. Chat about ways to make tonight better for you.”
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scouts-thingsandrps · a month ago
The two golden guards quickly looked around, quickly finding the human and pointing their artificial staffs at her.
“For crimes against the emperor, you are under arrest, human!” Hunter yelled out quickly before noticing that there was someone else nearby.
“Oh come on!” Atalanta muttered, as soon as she noticed the other individuals, rubbing the forehead of the mask.
“I…umm…who are you?” Hunter looked puzzled, facing his staff towards the sky.
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thewheelofrp · 2 months ago
It had been a long night for the Queen but she was use to working at odd hours.  She didn’t mind it at all this time because she was getting the preparations in order for the celebrations when they arrive. Their Monarch had finally found her consort which had her people very excited. When Wilhelmina was happy her people were prosperous so Kelly’s arrival marked an era of great blessings.
Once they were in orbit around the homeworld Wil slipped back into her chambers, shaking off her robes before climbing into bed next to her sleeping lover. Kelly looked so peaceful she couldn’t bring herself to wake her even though she was told she could. After making it clear she didn’t want them disturbed she snuggled in behind Kelly, resting her eyes until her consort woke naturally.
Tumblr media
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babyboydbaby · a year ago
Volume 12
It was about a week after the trip when Boyd offhandedly mentioned to Dr. Ironwoof that he still had a bit more Christmas shopping to finish up. And when his friend had brought up how he still had some to do of his own, plans were made to spend the day doing...well, just that!
Boyd was especially excited about spending the day with Dr. Ironwoof. It felt like with everything that had been happening as of late, spending one-on-one time with one of his oldest Amity buddies (not THE oldest; he’d befriended Winter first!) was growing to be more and more of a rarity.
So plans were set and Boyd set out for the manor pretty early, to maximize the amount of time they’d get to spend together. Although he couldn’t resist making the trip via his glider; that was another thing he didn’t get to do as often anymore.
It was funny, how much had changed over the last few years. Or even over the last year alone! About a year ago, Dr. Gearloose was recovering from losing his arm. And about two years ago, Fenton and Clover had only just hooked up!
No Skittles, or May and June. Hazel, Mercury, and Emerald were all still on Salem’s side, and Roman and Neo were too as far as anyone was concerned. Doofus didn’t talk to him as often as he did now, and his and Dr. Gearloose’s relationship was still so strained. The Cities and Duckburg groups were barely intertwined, with only him as one of the few threads connecting everyone.
It really was funny how quickly time flied by, and how much could change as it did.
He touched down on the grass, immediately shifting the glider into wand mode and tucking it into his little pant loop before hurrying to the front door and knocking excitedly.
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mr-tony-stark · 22 days ago
Tony was in his lab working on designs for a car that could run on its own personal arc when Scott Lang showed up with his friend.  It took Tony a moment to even realize someone was there.  It wasn’t until Scott tapped him on the shoulder, making Tony startle and spin around, with his hands raised ready to strike.
“God damn it, Thumbelina,” he said, relaxing again and letting his hands drop to his sides.  “You should know better than to mess with a guy when he’s in the zone.”
“Sorry, Stark,” Scott said.  “I’m in town visiting my friend.  She’s actually got a job in reception.  I said I’d introduce her to the big wigs.  This is Leslie.”
Tony turned and held out his hand. “Tony Stark,” he said.  “And if Lang has made you believe he has any pull with the bigwigs, he’s sorely mistaken.”
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snowflakes-elf-squad · 6 months ago
Where am I supposed to go from here? I.. Suppose Lila's castle is as good of a place to start as any. Maybe I can see the others again..
Snow sighed and rubbed her eyes, leaving the house to find the castle.
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sentimentalscientia · 4 months ago
She’d been told about this place. Whispers on the wind. A library with a treasure trove information hidden among more typical works. Things even her father hadn’t had a chance to find in his life. The wolf was excited about the prospect. Finding the place with a good bit of difficulty. Stepping in with such curiosity. The place had an air about it. Ancient knowledge not understood by the public. She spotted the man. The one with the scent that had a minor undertone of the grave. “Excuse me, you are the proprietor right?”
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