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     “Man, it feels like I’ve been slacking...” He muttered to himself. Although he’s been doing his usual training it just didn’t feel like enough, plus on his down time he’s been lazing about more so than usual. Which in of itself shouldn't have been a bad thing but ever sense he had settled back down in the village he wasn’t use to not traveling around so much.
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Day 1- The Beginning of Us
If you had told me this was the beginning of the end, I would have believed you. 
If you had told me that this was the beginning of us, I wouldn’t believe you. 
I didn’t want to believe you. I didn’t want to believe you because… it would mean that I could have my happy ending. 
And I couldn’t believe that. 
He had done it. He knew that Itachi’s corpse was slowly withering away next to him, but that’s all he saw before his own eyelids shut down. He couldn’t say he was happy. But he wasn’t sad either. If this was the end, then so be it. Let it be the end of the Uchiha Clan. He had avenged his Clan, his parents… and yet… he hadn’t done anything for himself. 
He had avenged the Uchiha in him. But he was Sasuke. His name was Sasuke. Tsk, why did he stress over that? 
Because your name is Sasuke, right? 
Hn. He was going to die here, anyway. This was the end. And he was okay with it. At least he was far away from Hinata. He knew… Sasuke knew that if Hinata had any chance of reaching him she could abandon all else just for him. That was who she was. That was what he knew her for…
That was what he loved her for. 
And he was happy that he, at least, wasn’t going to get in her way anymore and worry her endlessly. 
Hinata… And to think he was going to die, knowing that his name was worth something outside of being an Uchiha. 
~ 9 years ago
Sasuke fiddled with a pebble in his hand. He was sitting at his usual spot by the river stream in Konoha. 
“Uchiha Sasuke. Got nothing but his clan’s name going for him”
“The lone survivor of the Uchiha Clan.” 
“An Uchiha, huh? Tsk, he’s probably full of it.” 
“Uchiha… Sasuke?”“Uchiha Sasuke?! He’s so cute! Everyone knows who Sasuke is, he’s an Uchiha, afterall!” 
He was nothing but a name to them. A name that wasn’t even his. A name that didn’t speak for who Sasuke really was. A name that- Sasuke vehemently shook his head. He was a proud member of the Uchiha Clan. Being a part of the Uchiha Clan was one of the highest honors any shinobi could ask for. And he was one. The Uchiha’s were revered as being one of the most powerful Clans. Their Kekkai Genkei, Clan secrets, clan techniques were all highly sought after by enemies. He was going to restore the pride of the Uchiha Clan, and remind everyone that the Uchihas continue to be a fearful force to be reckoned with!
*Quak, quak, quak* 
Sasuke launched the pebble into the river stream, scaring the ducks away. Tsk, there shouldn’t be any ducks in this snowy weather. He sat down, knees against his chest. 
Sasuke! I’m going to defeat you, dattebayo!
“Sasuke-kun! Erm… I… You know, I… I lo-”
“Sasuke-kun, well done. I expected nothing less from a member of the Uchiha Clan” 
He was nothing but his Clan’s representation for them. His name, his being, his existence was nothing if it weren’t for his Clan’s name. If it weren’t Uchiha, it was (Uchiha) Sasuke. Never Sasuke. 
“You’re nothing but a Hyuuga snob!” 
Huh? Sasuke turned his head in the direction of the voice. Out of curiosity, he followed the cries of a girl in the name direction.
“Look at those eyes! They are so creepy!” One said. 
Sasuke was hiding behind a tree. He peeped his head and spotted 3 boys surrounding a girl on the floor. As he squeezed his eyes to get a better look of her another one spoke.
“I know, right?! Who do the Hyuugas think they are? Parading Konoha as this prestigious clan when they look like this?!” 
“T-That’s not- Ah!” A palm flew across her cheek. 
“Shut up! You are no better than the Uchiha Clan.” 
“Yeah, good riddance to that Clan. They were nothing but a bunch of snobs!” 
“Yeah, your clan should be next.”
The boy closed in on her. Hinata crawled away until she came to a stop thanks to the third boy. 
The boy in front of her threw a malicious grin her way. “To be massacred!” 
Ha ha ha!!
“H-How could you say such-” - “Haaa?! Didn’t I tell you to shut up!-” 
She heard the blows. She heard the fists connect. But she felt nothing. All she felt was an overwhelming presence standing before her. When she opened her eyelids, the first thing she saw was a fan. A fan was all she got to see before the figure poofed in thin air. 
“Was that?...” Hinata looked to both of her sides, but nothing. She stood. Looking behind her, and then in front. 
He wasn’t there. She wanted to thank him. Had it not been for him, she would have been… again. Although premature, she raised her finger to her face. 
Hinata couldn’t explain this desire to thank him. He had just saved her and  she was indebted to him. They would find all types of ways to isolate her and- found him! 
She ran, ran, and ran some more. The closer she got, the more desperate she became. She had heard from her mother about the Uchiha massacre. Though she never spoke to Sasuke, she never saw him hanging with anyone. He left as quickly as he came. He kept to himself during classes, lunch, break, activities - everything. No one, even his pursuers, knew anything about him. All they knew about him was that he was an Uchiha. All the things they said about him were nothing but a false image that his clan pushed to the public. His intelligence, his skills, his demeanour. None of what they said described the boy underneath the ‘Uchiha’ label. 
To be massacred!
[...] good riddance to that Clan.
They were nothing but a bunch of snobs!
As if she wanted to shut her ears out, Hinata’s eyelids dropped. Such cruelty. And to think Sasuke heard that. A part of her couldn’t help but blame herself for this. She… she wanted to apologise. She wanted to thank him and apologise. She- “Sasuke-ku-!” 
Despite the throbbing pain in her knee, and the cold snow singing her face with cold, she scrambled to push herself up. In the moment she raised her head, she saw obsidian eyes staring into hers -- there was nothing. “E-Erm… I’m-”
“Go away.” 
She blinked. “Eh?” 
“If you thought I saved you, then think again. Now, go away.” He turned his heel and took a step forward. 
“W-Wait. I wanted to-”
In an abrasive, yet throbbing tone, he yelled. “Go home!” 
“I said!” Sasuke said. With the twist of a heel, the spin of a body and… rain. Sasuke screamed. 
It had started to rain. Despite his insistence on her leaving. Despite the aggressiveness, sternness and furiness behind his tone. Despite the frown on his face. Despite every single body part that said otherwise, his eyes did not lie. His eyes were wavering, shaking, and defeated. 
Hinata stood. 
“But,” she raised her hand and slid her finger from his chin up to his eyes, “you are crying.” 
In a jittery tone, Sasuke uttered a silent ‘huh?’ 
Hinata wiped another tear from his cheek, and then another one. She didn’t stop until the tears were no more and his face dried with the remnant teardrops. A tiny whimper escaped her petite lips, and before she knew it, her cheeks felt the imminent streams of water flow down. 
“I’m sorry.” She whispered in a low cry. Her fingers were still rubbing his cheeks clean of nothing. 
That had been the beginning. 
~ 6 years ago
At a faraway grassfield, lay an upset Sasuke. Yet another fight with Naruto. Yet another headache from his fangirls.. Yet another day has passed and he wasn’t one step closer to the power thanks to his useless sensei, Iruka. There was no one Sasuke could rely on. No one that wouldn’t run him off with their… way of being! No one. Not even -- No, especially that girl. 
She would always sit a row behind him, stand close to him during lineups, and volunteer to be his sparring partner when the fangirls weren’t looking. And when she wasn’t chosen, she had that look of concern. Why she would go through all this trouble is beyond him. 
Since that winter day, she wouldn’t leave him alone. No matter how many times he had told her to leave, she would just stand there with that look. A look that he couldn’t read no matter how hard he tried. He knew she was always somewhere lurking, and he couldn’t understand why. He never did anything for her. Nothing! 
Who is this ‘she’? Sasuke didn’t know himself. He never bothered remembering her name. Why would  he want to remember her name, anyway? She’s a nobody. She’s nothing to him. She’s a Hyuuga-- Hinata--. She’s weak. She cries too much. She’s, she’s, she’s-!
“Oi, Hinata! Why are you standing over there?” 
~ Moments later 
An exacerbated sigh escaped Sasuke’s lips as he felt every nerve in his body relax- 
“Sasuke-kun, well done. I expected nothing less from a member of the Uchiha Clan” 
Or not. 
“Hinata,” he started.
“What does my name mean to you?” Hinata finished. 
Sasuke threw a sharp look her way. 
A tiny smile arose on Hinata’s face. “You always ask this question when you are upset, Sasuke-kun.” 
One thing he couldn’t stand about Hinata was the simple fact that she knew him well. A little too well. He was angry, or so he thought he was. Actually, he couldn’t be angry. He had never gotten angry at her. He couldn’t get angry at her. No matter how much he tried. She was no different from the fangirls with all the stalking, so why would he open his doors to her? Why was she the only person he could- he didn’t want to finish that sentence.
“Hmph! That wasn’t what I was going to ask.” 
Hinata giggled, bringing her knees to her chest. She closed her eyes, lamenting on the day he saved her from the bullies. Ever since then Hinata has tried to find a way to owe him the favour. But she didn’t know how to… is what she kept telling herself for years. She knew how to owe him back. She could buy him a month's worth of tomatoes. She could cook him all his favorite treats. She could do so much for him, but what she wanted to do- what she wanted to be for him- was a person he could shoulder his burden on. 
Why? Her shoulders shrugged. She didn’t-- her eyes fell on Sasuke whose eyes were closed. Her heart skipped a beat, and she felt her cheeks heating up. 
Hinata’s head fell a tad bit. Who was she kidding? How was she any different from the fangirls that pursued his every move. She was no different from them. She would say she was worse than them because of how persistent she was, but… how couldn’t she think she was different when he--
“You’re blushing again.” 
-- when he is this way! Unlike the others, he would let her stay by his side. Unlike the others, he would let her talk to her and actually listen to what she has to say. She never did anything for him. She has yet to thank him for-- wait! She never even thanked him for saving her that day! She-
“But really,” Sasuke said, sitting up.
This time Sasuke locked his eyes with hers. “What does my name mean to you?” 
“Your name… means a lot to me.” She smiled. Sasuke was taken aback. 
“You saved me. But that’s not the only reason. That day… the day you cried.” Sasuke winced, tightening his fist. “I just couldn’t leave you alone-”
“Why?!” He lashed out. “Everybody is the same, after all! Everybody sees me as nothing more than an Uchiha who needs coddling!” He looked down at Hinata who was getting up herself. 
She closed the distance between them in seconds. He watched as she raised her finger to his cheeks, making her way up to his teary eye. 
“That’s not true.” She whispered. 
“You are no better than the Uchiha Clan.” 
She wiped another tear as another fell. “That’s not true..!.” 
“Yeah, good riddance to that Clan.”
The words were sharp yet voluptuous. More tears kept falling and vision became blurry. “That’s not-!” 
“Hinata.” She felt a warm hand upon hers. “That’s enough.” 
“B-But. What they said was mean!” 
“No!” She shook her head. “I… I… I’m so happy I got to meet you in this lifetime!” 
…..in this lifetime...
….this lifetime…!
“Lifetime, huh?...”
~ 3 years ago 
The night was particularly quiet. But that figures because Sasuke was about to leave her-- Konoha. He was about to leave Konoha. 
The note he held in his hand would do the job, he thought. It didn’t need more. She would understand. Hinata would- 
I’m so happy I got to meet you in this lifetime!
The sleeping princess in front of him was glowing in the moonlight. He knew he owed no one an explanation. He knew that he had to do this. He knew that he couldn’t- Sasuke knelt down and took his time to take in every last detail he could. This would be his last time. This would be the last time he would get to be this close to her. He drew her hair strands away from her face. The knuckles that caressed her cheeks as he did so felt warm against them. 
Hinata. The only one who seemingly cared about Sasuke as a person. The only person who saw him for who he was. Someone that even he didn’t know. This was going to be the last. He gave her small hand with the note a tiny squeeze before standing up. 
“Thank you,” he said as he turned around, “Hinata.” 
Sasuke couldn’t feel anything around him. Not the concrete his back was leaning against. Not the blood dripping from his forehead, not the pouring raindrops on his skin, nothing. He couldn’t hear any of the outside world. That is what he said against the warm source around his chest.
He wasn’t supposed to feel anything with his chakra levels being so low, so why? 
“Sas… kun!”
Why was she here?! 
“Sasuke-kun! Stay with me!”
Why?! He felt the droplets of rain tip against his eyelashes. That damn Hyuuga! He didn’t want to. He didn’t care! He didn’t want to see that face. He had resigned to a void of eternal darkness as his final moment. So, why? Why did his eyes flutter open to find a concerned Hinata desperately wording his name in tears? 
It hurts everywhere. 
“Sasuke-kun, stay with me!” 
Why? Why are you crying? Why do you always do this for me? Did she not read the note? Did the note slip away? Why? Why, why, why?! 
Her eyes hadn’t changed. That same look that she used to give him for years. That look that he couldn’t read in all those years. Why, what were those eyes that were tearing huge drops of water telling him? 
“Hinata… why?” 
“Why?” She repeated with her shoulders trembling. “Because,” she locked her eyes with his, “because…” she bit her lower lip. “Because I love you!” 
Despite his weakening body, Sasuke felt a heavy pump in his heart. 
“Sasuke-kun, you’re mean. What was that note? ‘Don’t come for me’? Why wouldn’t I come for you? When you let me into your world, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be a burden to you! That I wouldn’t make you regret it and yet… you left. I… I…!” 
Sasuke pushed through the aching pain in his arm to reach for cheeks. He wiped as many tears as he could in the moment that was filled with Hinata’s low whimpers. “That’s enough.”
“No, it’s not- I! I-” Her words were cut short by the sudden push she felt from behind her head, and before she knew it her face was pressed against his chest. 
“Thank you.” 
“Thank you.” 
Hinata felt another set of tears stream down her cheeks. She gently wrapped her arms around Sasuke’s back. She began the healing process again. “D-Don’t die, Sasuke-kun. Please… don’t die.” 
He stroked her head. “Hinata...” 
Hinata raised her head to find- a tear from above dropped to her cheek. 
“Thank you.” 
Thank you for reading ^^
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Tumblr media
domini album
Prompt Challenge List
#4 Itachi Uchiha 
#74 “I don’t deserve to be loved.” 
jouska - (n.) a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head
word count: 1,271
When you had first met him, he was the first student in the classroom. You had blinked, looking between him and the clock, and then took your seat at the nearest table. It stayed like that, the two of you keeping silent company before the morning classes started, until he graduated the Academy and disappeared into the ranks of the ANBU and jounin.
You had been eleven years old when you graduated the Academy, and then just shy of twelve when you became a chunin. You had worked tirelessly, throwing shuriken after shuriken, pressing the limits of your chakra and going over strategy after strategy with your teammates before each exam. Some nights, you'd fallen face first into the grass you'd trampled in the woods while you trained, too exhausted to drag yourself home. When you woke up the first time after you'd passed out in the woods, you hadn't known how you had gotten home. When you had asked your mother, she was down your throat within the same beat for being so careless to sleep in the woods.
You'd been thirteen when the ANBU agent with the rat mask pulled you out of the way of a kunai barrage, your attention focused on repelling the fire-style jutsu that had been hurtling your way. In a choice of the lesser of two evils, you'd been more than willing to take a knife to the back than burn in the angry flames of a rouge shinobi. You wouldn't know it was Itachi that had saved you that day until years later, when the broken porcelain of his mask was found in his home.
You were still thirteen years old when Itachi decimated the Uchiha clan, leaving Sasuke as the only survivor. You remembered Sasuke's screams when he woke in the hospital after that night, how he had thrown himself into the Uchiha Compound and fell into a dried pool of blood. The devastating shock of it all - Sasuke's anguish, Itachi's betrayal - had reduced most of Konoha to silence. After that, Sasuke was a child no more, and you tensed each time that you passed him, seeing Itachi first in his brother.
When you were seventeen, you were walking beside Kakashi-sensei. The Third Hokage was buried, and Sasuke Uchiha had a curse mark given to him by Orochimaru. His chakra had turned searing white. The movement had come in such a rapid succession that you hardly had time to react to the man with the bandaged sword before you were blurting out his name. "Itachi!" His eyes flicked to you and then away. It was the first time that you saw him in the robes of the Akatsuki. You didn't realize how much you had been looking for him in Sasuke until he was standing right in front of you.
"He's a kin killer," a ninja snarled, fingers wrapped tightly around the glass in front of him. "He deserves to be hunted down and damned for his sins."
It was hard not to listen to them; they were hardly twenty feet from Sasuke and right beside you.
"Can't believe there's only two Uchiha left, and Itachi is one of them," the other man scoffed. "If I had to pick any two of those Uchiha, it wouldn't be Fugako's sons. One's a bloodthirsty killer and the other is a psychopath."
The first man snorted, raising his glass slightly. "Which is which?" he drawled.
You tasted blood in your mouth - you had bitten through the edge of your tongue.
"A word from the wise," you said slowly, watching the men turn to look at you. You let your chakra unfurl, the vibrancy of your anger searing to any sensory-nin worth their salt. "Speaking of things you don't know of makes you larger fools than one would assume upon first glance."
 You didn't give the men time to answer, walking right to the exit you'd seen Sasuke duck into. He wasn't hard to find, the sound of him choking on his tears and the icy chill of his chakra making it easy to follow him.
When he sensed you, he stiffened, turning abruptly in the hallway towards you. You met his Sharingan-red stare, letting him have the chance to overpower you and leave if he wanted. But he didn't, and you approached.
"I don't have words to comfort you," you told Sasuke, standing in front of him. He was so young, but had a weight on his shoulders that was heavier than a lifetime. "But don't let them say anything about you, Sasuke."
He didn't know you. Maybe in another life, you would have chased after Itachi through the ANBU ranks, and sparred with him in the mornings before volunteering at the hospital and run into him in the market. In another life, you could see him and Sasuke smiling, like you remembered them doing before the massacre.
"Itachi deserves to die," Sasuke forced out angrily, sounding as though he was choking on the words as they came up his throat. "They're right."
You considered him. Uchiha were warriors whose power came from the visual prowess that they carried, yes, but they were also people. It was reported that Sasuke's Sharingan has awakened the night his parents died and Itachi abandoned him, and though you had no doubt that his kekkei genkei was born out of despair, you had seen the little boy that clambered after Itachi with ninja tools, and rode on his aniki's back whenever he could. You had seen the love between them, and the longer you looked at Sasuke, the more you suspected that Itachi had left him alive for a reason. What that was, you did not know, but here was Sasuke, 13 years old and haunted by the ghosts of the clan members he no longer had.
"Make your own decision, Sasuke," you decide to say. You gently put a hand on his shoulder, and he lets you. "You carry the Uchiha name, not anyone else who claims to think one way or another about Itachi. He's your brother, and it's his betrayal to you, not anyone else."
Sasuke hesitantly nodded and then stepped back, pausing before he moved further down the hall, towards the building's exit.
It was silent in the corridor for only moments before you felt his chakra lean against yours. The Akatsuki robes were gone, and he wore a simple black garb that shielded his face from anyone not looking for him. Whatever hedge he'd been using had fallen away.
"He loves you very much, Itachi," you said, turning slightly to look at the shadowy Uchiha. "But I think he also hates you very much too."
Itachi raised a hand towards your face. His ring was gone and his fingers were warm against your cheek. "I don't deserve to be loved."
You smiled ruefully. He was seventeen, and so far gone down the rabbit hole that you no longer saw the brightness that had once burned so vibrantly within him. "Maybe not right now," you said, "but one day, maybe."
Itachi's caress was too brief, his chakra too noticeable to mask for much longer.
"Watch him," Itachi asked, fingers loose in your own.
"Always, Itachi," you nodded, letting his hand fall away from yours. He was gone the moment the contact ended, and you were alone in the hallway.
You were eighteen when Itachi died, and still eighteen when Sasuke told you the full truth of Itachi's life.
Sasuke was seventeen when they erected a statue of his older brother in the cemetery. He visited the Uchiha Clan's graves for the first time after that.
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Hinata Fans: “She selflessly risked her life to defend Naruto!” No, she almost got everyone killed!
Sometimes, I wonder: how many of you have actually read the manga? Honest question. Does Hinata’s breast-size blind people to the obvious issue with her confession? All right, let’s start with her ... terrible confession that only Naruto dude-bros that self-insert into Naruto find cute (they like their anime-wives to have their heads completely empty and chests filled with more fat than it’s needed):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pain’s expression here kills me every time as it’s the expression of every sensible person: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then she gets one-paneled, or less-than-half-a-paneled:
Tumblr media
God, this confession and her take down would never stop being funny. Anyhow, coming back to the topic. A piece of her long and boring confession is important. She said: “And that’s why I’m not afraid to die, defending you!!!” What exactly was she defending? Naruto? All right, but she didn’t touch the rods in any manner. The anime showed her doing that, but I just showed you the entire battle between her and Pain that lasted for less than half the manga panel. Why go at a guy when you know that you don’t have a chance? 
Why do people keep forgetting that Hinata knew since the Sasuke Retrieval Mission that Naruto was a Jinchuriki? 
Tumblr media
Kakashi told K-11 that Naruto was a target for the Akatsuki, and Hinata’s right there in the squad. We also know that Hiashi knew who Naruto was, as well:
Tumblr media
This isn’t surprising as the whole village knew. A decree was passed by the Hokage to simply prevent the knowledge from being talked about openly:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
People talked in hushed whispers around Naruto, but they didn’t talk openly about it:
Tumblr media
Hell, the story of the fearsome Nine-Tails that destroyed the village was famous among the villagers: 
Tumblr media
Do you people actually think that Hinata didn’t know about any of this? So she knew that Naruto was a Jinchurki, that the Biju can escape from their hosts under questionable circumstances, and that they’re volatile; and she still decided to attack Pain, knowing that there were people around? 
Minato had left a last safety-net to save Naruto if the situation ever got out of hand: 
Tumblr media
But Hinata didn’t know about that. No body did! Not even Kakashi and Yamato who were in charge of the seal on Naruto (as Ino’s father states in one of the scans below). She decided to move away from the party that was forming a plan to track the man who was controlling the body as it was common knowledge at that point among key Shinobi that the bodies were corpses:
Tumblr media
They had the whole plan made:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They’re doing all that to make sure that they don’t get in Naruto’s way, harm more people, and unleash Nine-tails on the population of Konoha that’s still alive; but Hinata? No sir! She’s even told by her fellow Hyuga Shinobi to stay put and not get in Naruto’s way:
Tumblr media
So she knew Naruto was a Jinchuriki; knew that Nine-tails had escaped before and killed many; knew that once it gets out, it’s impossible to control it. Then why did she charge at Pain? To accomplish what? She didn’t even touch the rods that had pinned Naruto to the ground! The anime tried showing that, knowing that she just looked duking stupid by going for Pain only.
I mean, she’s so empty-headed that she doesn’t even realize that if Pain wanted to kill Naruto, why’d he pin him to the ground? It’s obvious that he was capturing Naruto, not killing him, as a part of the Sasuke Retrieval Mission was to keep Naruto safe from Akatsuki. Kakashi outright said that and Hinata was right ducking there! My God!
The Team even knows that Naruto has “triggers” for the transformation:
Tumblr media
And for all the fun people poke at Sakura that she was crying during this battle (she wasn’t as she’s shown saving people), she’s the one who comes up with the plan to evacuate the survivors away from the battle as Naruto was out of his damn mind and could attack anyone! She’s also the one who retrieves Hinata’s body; otherwise, she’d just been caught up in the blasts and blown to bits:
Tumblr media
So Sakura’s the one who saved your anime-wife, guys! Also, I find it so funny that when Naruto repelled Pain’s Almighty Push back at him, he sent Pain flying; but Hinata who’s lying close by is completely unaffected by the blow-back that, from Pain’s side, blew up the stones into the air:
Tumblr media
(We can’t have the anime-wife losing her most valuable assets, tits, now can we?)
Anyhow, they got lucky that Nagato made Deva Path move away from this area as Chibaku Tensai can’t be used if Deva Path isn’t close to Nagato:
Tumblr media
Why? Well, Deva uses 90% of Nagato’s power as all of the Paths had to be completely shut off for Nagato to use the bigger Almighty Push or any powerful, chakra-taxing Rinnegan Ninjutsu; it also shortens his life-span:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They also take a large time to recover:
Tumblr media
Naruto knew this as Tsunade gave him the Katsuya with this information:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(This whole fight was rigged in Naruto’s favor; heck, he didn’t even summon the frogs; Ma did; and they all helped him get into the Sage Mode, too; God, this guy is so damn talent-less!)
Now, Hinata didn’t know any of this. No one handed her that Katsuya with Intel. Only Naruto had it. I love Kishimoto’s damage-control in this regard, and her fans are so dull that they bought the whole thing when no one knew that Pain’s paths can be shut off for powerful attacks, that they recover slowly when Deva’s recovering, that Nagato needs to call back Deva close to himself to seal the Nine-Tails. Amazing isn’t it? 
Kishimoto: “dude-bros will go mad if her titties got damaged in any manner. Quick, Kishi, make Nagato call Deva to himself for no reason so that Naruto (in 6-tails form) kills no one ’cause that’ll make Hinata-Chan look like an evil bitch!”
Since Gaara’s arc, every prominent Shinobi from Konoha knew that the Akatsuki were capturing Jinchurikis, not killing them immediately. K-11 were briefed on this so that they could protect Naruto more effectively during their Sasuke Retrieval Mission. The most sound course of action would’ve been to re-group with the veteran Shinobi and device a sensible plan to save Naruto (like the rest of them were doing?); but, no, Hinata decided that all the other Shinobi were morons, and it was totally cool to charge at Pain and rouse the Tailed Beast and kill everyone in the process. Why? Because she loves Naruto, is very nice, and is very much selfless ... brave and shit like that! Doesn’t that just ... melt your heart? (I can’t believe Sakura is attacked here when Hinata deserves all the lumps of fresh turd thrown her way for being a prolapsed anus.)
It’s as if her fangirls think that she’s got this innate knowledge of the manga the readers possess when she knew literally nothing! No, admit it that she condemned every person alive to death just so she could confess her “feelings” to Naruto, knowing fully well that he was a volatile Jinchuriki as the knowledge of Perfect Jinchurikis is literally known to only few people who were shown at the Kage Summit, and Naruto at this point is nowhere near that level!
It’s ridiculous that people think that her confession is selfless. It isn’t. Let’s not talk about this ever again. I find this notion that she was selfless here to be quite irritating as it couldn’t be farthest from the truth. 
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[ @sasuhinabigflash2020​​ || Day Twenty-Six: Starry Nights ] [ Uchiha Sasuke, Hyūga Hinata, Uchiha Fugaku ] [ SasuHina ] [ Verse: When Dead Walk ] [ AO3 Link ]
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One thing he’s noticed since this all started...is just how many stars there are in the sky. For most of his life, Sasuke lived in the big city. Sure, a bit out in the suburbs and a more residential area, but there was still enough light pollution to leave little to no starlight. He knew far more about the glow of street lamps, windows, and signs than constellations.
But that changed when the rumors began, and his family acted quicker than most. Though, in all honesty, they were more prepared than most, too.
People started getting...sick. At first, the ever-logical and practical nation of Japan kept everyone calm. But even with their careful management and focus in science...they could not stop the plague that had begun sneaking its way through humanity.
Within weeks, a full-blown zombie outbreak had consumed the island nation...as well as all others. Cities were overrun, panicked people swallowed up in waves. Tiny pockets of survivors were all that was left, facing a new, horrendously hostile world.
But the Uchiha had taken the warning and run with it. Fugaku’s parents, though passed, had left him their rural home in some foothills. Though no longer fully functioning, it had been a farm at one point. And at the first sign of trouble, the head of the family had packed up his family, and his wife’s, and moved the lot of them out into the country.
It was an..adjustment for them all, but the man insisted on taking no chances. His sons and nephew alongside him, he started fixing the place up and reclaiming it from the growth that had tried to consume it. It wasn’t easy, and beyond a few long-past Summers spent at the farm when they were young, none of them had much practice in the art.
But they kept on, only fueled on as the radio (there was no television there) kept relaying more and more worrying tales from the city they’d left behind.
There was no going back.
And then...the radio waves went dead. The cars that had been fleeing past the property stopped coming. And an eerie silence seemed to fall over the world.
That was about a month ago. And so far?
It’s almost...peaceful. And yet all of them realize just how isolating it all is. How...unnatural. Unnerving. But so far, they’re doing all right. The weather has been mild, the work difficult but rewarding. Things are just about up to snuff, now.
But there’s no telling what time will bring. Winter isn’t far off, and they won’t go unnoticed forever, no matter how well-hidden they feel they are.
Which is why gardening and home repair isn’t all Fugaku has been teaching them.
Being a relic from a time long past, the house is full of secrets. Shisui is given an old tantō. Itachi takes a katana. And Sasuke?
“...a bow?”
“Silent, and at a distance,” his father replies sagely, ignoring the boy’s look of disappointment. “A blade means being close enough to be in danger from an enemy like what you will face. But this? This will leave you unheard, and unseen. Your cousin and brother will not have that advantage.”
But Sasuke is still discouraged. It seems so much less...cool to have a bow than a sword. He’s not scared of the undead ones! Practicing nonetheless, he still can’t help but begrudge every shot he makes, even the good ones.
Once he’s good enough? He decides to give himself a little test.
There haven’t been any undead spotted near the farm, yet. But the further out you go, the better your odds of finding one...or many. Packing up for a journey, Sasuke decides it’s high time he killed his first undead one.
Then maybe he can have a blade, too.
He slips away when scheduled to be doing a solo chore, no one around to spot him. Armed and supplied, he heads east toward town. Hours pass with nothing to show for, and by the time Sasuke’s frustration level gets high enough, it’s getting late.
Later than he planned.
Sun sinking as he swears at the empty expanse around him, Sasuke realizes that it’s going to be dark by the time he gets back. Not only will he have to make his way home at night, but he’s going to be in an unholy amount of trouble.
But before his frustration can rise any higher, a cry sounds to his left that chills his bones. It sounds like...a woman? A shrill, panicked screech that makes it abundantly clear that she’s in danger.
Exactly what he’s been waiting for.
The first stars begin to peek through the sky as he tears through the undergrowth, clinging to his drawn and strung bow. The cries have been intermittent, but enough to follow. Hopefully he gets there in time…
Breaking through a treeline to a road, he skids to a stop. Seems his path was off - he wasn’t expecting to hit it so fast. Puffing for air, he scans the darkening environment.
As he watches, a woman wrenches open the door of an abandoned car, pulling it shut just as a gang of zombies descends upon it. Moans and shrieks sound alongside thumps against the metal frame.
This is it…! Ducking behind another car, Sasuke squints in the twilight. He better make this quick, or it’ll be too dark to see. Nocking an arrow, he stands long enough to line up his shot and let it fly.
With a dull thwack, it lands its mark, and one of them falls. The rest pay it no mind, too focused on the prey trapped in the car.
Another shot, another downed zombie. Then a miss as the bolt instead buries in a shoulder, followed by a kill shot.
In the car, the woman seems to finally notice the thinning of her pursuers, struggling to see where the heroism is coming from.
And by then, Sasuke manages one last shot...and the now-empty street goes unnervingly quiet until the creak of the car door sounds. Shaking like a leaf, a young woman steps out, looking all manner of rough. “H...hello…?”
Sure the coast is clear, Sasuke steps out. “...hey.”
She gawks at him as though he’s some kind of ghost. “You…? How did you -?”
Approaching to grab any arrows left undamaged, Sasuke starts retrieving them and cleaning them off on the undead’s clothes. “Bow and arrows. Silent, and distant.”
...maybe his father had a point.
“That’s amazing…! Oh...f-forgive me, I -. My name is...is Hyūga Hinata. Thank you, for...for saving my life.”
“Uchiha Sasuke,” he replies bluntly. “Are you alone?”
“I -?” At that, she wilts. “...yes. My family and I, we...we fled a few weeks ago. Tried to outrun them, but...we were overrun by a hoard a f-few miles from here. We scattered, I…” Tears build in her eyes. “I d-don’t know if...if anyone else s-survived.”
Sasuke can’t help a small wilt of sympathy. “...well...we can’t look for them in the dark. You’re welcome to come back with me - I know someplace safe. Are you sure there’s no more of those things?”
“I have n-no idea. I just...I just ran…”
“...well, I don’t hear any. Let’s go.” Hefting his things, Sasuke leads the way back down the road - it’ll be faster than fighting through the trees in the dark. Stars shimmer overhead, a nearly-full moon helping to light their way.
Neither of them attempt any small talk. Hinata, clearly too shaken, has no intention of bothering the one person currently keeping her alive.
It’s only once they reach the farm that things get...loud.
Fugaku stalks along the front of the house, looking up as they approach. “...where have you been?”
“I didn’t -!”
“I asked...where. Have. You. Been?” There’s venom in his voice, clearly furious but trying to bite it down.
So, Sasuke tries the truth.
“Without telling anyone where you were going or why?”
“I knew you’d stop me.”
“And for good reason!” His tone jumps in volume. “You could have been killed, and we would be none the wiser!”
“If I hadn’t gone out, she would have been!” Sasuke counters, gesturing to Hinata.
Fugaku glances to her as though only just noticing her. “...who are you?”
“H...Hyūga Hinata, sir.”
A harsh breath exhales through the man’s nose. “...what happened?”
“My...my family was on the run. We stopped to camp, and...were ambushed. We fled, got s-separated. I was being chased, and...Uchiha-san saved me. He -? He must be your...your son?”
“...my fool of a son, yes,” Fugaku mutters in reply. “...it was truly him who saved you?”
“Yes...he k-killed the group of undead chasing me. They never even saw him. It was like...those old tales of a ninja. If it weren’t for him...I’d be trapped in that car until I…”
Fugaku watches her, and then sighs. “...both of you, get inside. We can search for your family come morning. But until then, no one leaves the house.” He gives a pointed look to Sasuke before turning and retreating inside.
Sasuke’s head bows before glancing to Hinata, who looks to him in turn. “...my father, Fugaku,” he then offers flatly.
“You...have family here?”
“Mm. Mother, brother, cousin, and aunt. We all fled together over a month ago. This land was my grandfather’s. Never thought we’d need it, let alone like...this.”
“...I’m glad you have it,” is her soft reply, following as he moves through the door and leads her to a spare room. “I...I owe you my life.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Sasuke insists. “Just...get some rest. We’ll look for the others once it’s light out.”
She hugs herself. “...I doubt I’ll sleep.”
“Then just lie down. Any bit will help. Until then, there’s nothing else we can do.”
Expression sobering, Hinata merely nods, letting him close the door with a soft, “Goodnight…”
Once it clicks shut, Sasuke stands for a moment, thinking...before retreating to his own room.
Maybe he should break the rules more often.
Tumblr media
     This is...really random, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. Also far longer (and later OTL) than I intended. Not gonna get these done any faster if I keep making them too long kjdfhgjfg      ANYWAY, random zombie verse stuff. I dunno. Feels kinda flat to me but I’m worn out from a long couple of days. Hopefully it’s better than I feel it is :’D Either way though, thanks for reading! Just five more to go until I finally catch up and finish this thing, lol
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createdbyinvisibles · 2 years ago
The Chronicles of a bookworm ninja
Tumblr media
Word count:  2829
An episodic series of chapters telling the odd tale of Rin Kikumoto, the last political book carrier and her misadventures in becoming a ninja.
If you’re curious about what the Kikumoto clan is exactly then this bio here should explain everything.
    Rin Kikumoto lived an utterly peculiar existence, she was the type of person to spontaneously do things for the sake of quick and short excitement. As well as the kind of person to just always be around asking questions, a kid, nine years old to be exact, should never be wondering. Living on the only standing house in the crumbled compound of the now-disbanded Kikumoto clan, you could say it was an odd house for an odd girl. But now this odd girl would be attending her first day at the ninja academy, something her older brother was solemnly against. He simply hated the mere thought of having his sister be a part of what he thought to be "another pawn of the military complex." 
But it would get her out of the house, and she argued it would do her more good than the negatives that came with it. She'd have to start late, however, since she was already nine and the rest of the classmates have been at the academy since age six, but she was a fast learner, well... She had to be. The reason being was the very same reason she was well odd, she was what the village called a political book carrier. The position was one of knowledgeable importance, as it was an old position, and it even went back to the first Hokage, this position was one of four now-disbanded positions the Kikumoto clan occupied. 
A position that detailed the tasks of carrying knowledge, secret knowledge, the kind of knowledge that was best left to be forgotten. And Rin had to carry all of it, libraries worth of secrets and information of all types to be stored away within the depths of a large sketchbook. To be sealed by the strength of her soul, to be remembered but never talked about again. For even if she wished to forget the village needed someone to remember, for what if the Hokage required information? If she never remembered then, the Hokage surely wouldn't, and the village would suffer. So cursed with the seal mark of the black chrysanthemum, she for the rest of her life would bear the knowledge of the village by sealing it in the book that was her soul. 
But it didn't matter now, for, with jello-like legs, she stared at the oddly shaped building looming in front of her. As she felt her muscles tense up, it made her realize that she was about to enter an environment in which she could socialize with others. Other people who weren't her brother and other people who all had differing opinions, opinions as well as feelings different from her own, something her brother said was the bane of their existence. But if she was to learn how to understand others and become friends with any of them well, she'd have to try. So with reluctant steps, she walked forward into the building that would become the start of a life she couldn't even begin to think, she'd have. 
"Alright class, today we have a new student who will be joining us..." Iruka Sensei now told the class, to the response of nods and a couple murmurs for who this newcomer could possibly be.
"Excuse me, but you're going to have to enter the classroom first," Iruka Sensei said gently motioning for her to step through the door, so lost in her thought that she forgot to enter the classroom entirely. But with cold feet, she stepped into the classroom, there were a lot of people, too many people. All of which stared down to her on high wooden benches that made everything seem so much more intimidating. "Alright, why don't you tell the class your name?" Iruka Sensei suggested with a smile, and with a nod, Rin complied.
I could walk into that classroom with an identity entirely different to my own, and no one could tell, I'll just say I'm so-so, and everyone will just believe me, and I'll have to live a lie for the rest of my life. Rin gripped her book, a book she should have kept in her back pocket, for the book not only carried libraries of information but her soul as well. But at times like these, it always seemed to calm her down when she held her book close.
"Is there anything you would like to say about yourself? A favourite colour perhaps?" Iruka Sensei suggested yet again breaking her train of thought, for little did she know as all this thinking was going on, she merely stood statue-like.
"Greetings or salutations, my name is Rin Kikumoto…" Rin said with her voice surprisingly steady. Look at the faces, study each one, remember what brother said, everyone feels something and all of it can be displayed on their faces. Perhaps someone is just as nervous as me? I know practically every dark secret in this village, something like this shouldn't scare me at all! It shouldn't scare me at all… Even if everything about this is new and new is a change and change is well, uncomfortable. Rin's obsidian coloured eyes darted back and forth, it made her eyes look like two little kaleidoscopes that seemed to draw you in by pure curiosity. She didn't find anyone, in particular, that was nervous, all except one girl, and she looked plain antsy with her blank pupilless purple eyes, eyes that were the mark of the Hyuga clan. 
Ironically she would have preferred world stumping mind bogglers, she was used to those, her brother would always give her one every week, and at the end of the week, they'd have a debate over it. Those questions were easier in a way since they were always open-ended and allowed room for an answer longer than a sentence. How was she supposed to form a meaningful opinion with a sentence? 
Favourite colour? Well, white reflects the sun and looks really lovely but it also stains easily, black is beautiful but plain dreadful in the summer, purple is majestic, but it's too expensive. Blue is so basic and red is far too strong, green is different enough to make me seem unusual, but the colour itself reminds me of puke. Grey is dull and brown feels like cheating because it's all the colours just mixed together, orange never looks good on me, and yellow makes my eyes hurt. Pink is sweet, but everyone is probably expecting me to say it and big brother always talks about how we have to break the "stereotypes' ', so it's out of the question. And what if someone in the class is colourblind, then I'll just sound like a jerk regardless! Rin was yet again looking towards the floor, typical softball questions that anyone could try and answer seemed like world stumping mind bogglers for her. 
It was only now that she realized she never answered Iruka Sensei, nor did she say anything at all, the realization of which made her sink slightly into herself. "Can I sit at my desk please," Rin asked awkwardly, re-evaluating my life is more like it.
It was then that she noticed the Uchiha insignia on his back, so he's Sasuke Uchiha the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan, well the personality checks out at least… Peas and carrots. Rin felt bad, Even if his personality made her think less of him. Being a book carrier meant she had to know a lot about this village, even tragedies he'd never know, but it weirdly comforted her. It's easy to understand someone she had records on, easier than having to get the information herself anyway. 
"Of course, there is an empty seat near the back where you can sit," Iruka said motioning towards the only free desk available. I guess I'm already the problem child or at least a timid emo kid, please believe me when I say I'm an entertaining and chill person! Wait, they can't hear me. Rin made her way to the back, it wasn't as bad as she thought it was, just well, really far away from the front. Sitting by the window in the seat next to her, was a cantankerous looking boy with short jet black hair in the shape of a duck's butt. "Guess we'll be desk buddies then," Rin joked offering her hand to shake, and telling by the irritated glare he shot her the joke didn't land.
With the proper information, she could empathize and formulate the best way to converse with the person for the best outcome. Even if in the process of knowing their records and files, it had the potential of making Rin feel guilty. But at the end of the day, she didn't know Sasuke, not enough to really care about him anyway. And by the looks of it, Sasuke would rather the world burn then talk to her, so as long as it stayed that way, Rin would never even worry about the potential guilt she might feel.
The rest of the school day wasn't much of note, she tried to talk to people during the break period, but with everyone in their own cliques, it was a pointless endeavour. She couldn't even sulk on the swingset because some other kid was using it, and she couldn't talk to Sasuke because he was being... Well, a total dill weed. She tried to find the antsy girl she noticed previously, but she looked busy as well, for that same girl was staring at the kid on the swingset. Rin believed it was because she wanted a turn on the swingset as well, but she didn't ask. So she spent her break sitting in the shade sketching the other kids in a smaller plain white sketchbook different to her large floral decorated sketchbook. Her goal was to have drawn and made a personal file for every student in her class since baby steps were required if no one wanted to talk to you.
"Um, excuse me," A shy voice called, and as Rin looked over to see who it is, she was surprised to find the same antsy girl who was watching the swingset from before.
"Yes?" Rin called a little louder than expected, happy that someone approached her at all.
"Well um, I don't mean to be rude or forward or anything, but I couldn't help but ask… You just seem really invested in that drawing and well..." The girl fumbled around with her words, in fact, she fumbled so much you might as well call it a literary train wreck. Wait she's really not making any sense, so that means she's nervous… I was nervous earlier today, and it caused me to be embarrassed… Wait is this empathy? Well, sweet dango on a stick, I'm empathizing! God, empathy feels fantastic! Rin was correct, she really was empathizing, but in the process it caused her to stare at the girl. Which caused the girl to become so nervous she simply excused herself and left, leaving Rin alone yet again. 
Before she knew it, it was the end of the day, so with her book in hand, she left to go home skipping as she went, only stopping when she reached a small ridge to the side of the sidewalk, green grass and little white clovers painting a scene of contentment. Taking a slight detour, Rin began to pick the white clovers, tying them into a crown as she went scrutinizing the ridge for more of the prettiest and most delicate of clovers. "Well don't you have great eyes for flower picking?" A rather confident sounding voice called, Rin looked up from her flowers to find a girl with platinum blonde hair tied into a short ponytail. "I'm Ino by the way, and you must be Rin, right?" Ino said, offering her hand to shake.
"Oh, hello Ino… Wait doesn't your family run the flower shop?" Rin asked excitedly, shaking her hand back, she loved to go there and get flowers every Sunday. 
"That's right, my family runs the Yamanaka flower shop, but enough about me, you were recently given a seat next to Sasuke, right?" Ino asked to which Rin nodded.
"Well you don't really seem to like Sasuke, so I was wondering if you'd want to change seats with me?" Ino asked Rin's confusion.
"Wait, do you like Sasuke?!" Rin exclaimed, surprised to which Ino laughed.
"Yeah, and who doesn't?" Ino asked, and when Rin pointed to herself, Ino laughed "And I'm taller than most of the girls in our class."
"Still it doesn't make sense though, I tried talking to him, and he's well very distant, to say the least," Rin responded, confused to Ino squealing.
"But that's what makes him so cool," Ino gushed.
"Cold is more like it," Rin responded, still confused and even more confused to find Ino irritated.
"Well you're still new, so maybe you just don't understand Sasuke at all," Ino huffed, turning around to leave, forgetting about what she was going to ask Rin in the first place. Rin was still confused, what was there to understand about Sasuke, even without records Rin could feel the hatred steaming off the boy. He was rather one-note in that regard, to curse at the rest of the world is to ignore everything else about it, including the complications that make life a greyish mix of exoticness. But she wasn't one to judge, she didn't have the best first impression either, and telling by everyone's reaction to her, she probably wasn't liked either. So for all, she knew he too had socialization problems and wasn't that why she was here in the first place, to understand others? And how could she understand others by writing them off?
Maybe I don't really know Sasuke all that well either, I mean Ino has been in that class since she was little and I've only just joined... Wait, that's it! To properly understand someone I have to befriend them, I mean to call someone a friend is to understand them. That's what I'll do! And with that, Rin got up determined and marched on with a flower crown in hand.
"I'm home!" Rin called as she took off her shoes to find her brother on a chair near the door. "I made this on my way back home," Rin said, giving him the flower crown she made previously.
"Well, doesn't this look nice on me," Her brother said, gently placing the crown on his head as if it was his own personal coronation and with a thumbs up from Rin he ruffled her hair.
“It was…” Rin trailed off, how was her day? She couldn't really put a finger on how she felt about it. It was different to say the least, but it wasn’t a bad difference going there made her feel like a scientist sent to study a different land from her own. “I’m not sure, but I think I want to go tomorrow,” she did want to go back, even if it was odd but where there was oddity, there was a way to understand it. And that’s what she was here to do.
"Maybe one day, you could come with me to pick the flowers?" Rin suggested, trying her best to ignore the slight grimace in his eyes, her brother hated leaving the house. Something he hadn't done since she was six, after that he just came home one day and never left. 
“When the flowers grow in the backyard, we can pick them together,” He suggested a small smile on his face, that was enough for Rin, it was her first day of school and she was simply too tired to get into yet another argument. “How was your day at school?” He asked carefully, Rin found him studying her face, a habit her brother always had when he felt Rin wouldn't tell him the whole story.
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adelha-mathilde · 2 years ago
can be used for rp   &   non-rp blogs to get to know a bit about the person behind the screen   !
1. FIRST NAME:            Megan
       My family has designated animals to them and mine is the Duck
4. A FOOD YOU COULD EAT FOREVER AND NOT GET BORED OF:              Pasta and or rice
5. A FOOD YOU HATE:            anything spicy
6. GUILTY PLEASURE:     Doughnuts, oversleeping, cussing at the walls when I get mad
7. WHAT DO YOU SLEEP IN:           a baggy t-shirt and pj shorts
8. SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS OR FLINGS:            I am a divorced survivor of domestic abuse. I don’t do romance in my personal life. That may change in the future once my cynical tendencies temper out. But I don’t do flings or approve of them at all.
9. IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN THE PAST AND CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOUR LIFE, WOULD YOU AND WHAT WOULD IT BE:             Yes I would. I’d go back to when I was 20 and have a full restart of my life. Which would include never getting married, finding my online friends a LOT sooner, and getting a leg up on my finances and job. But I’d most of all go visit my grandparents as much as I could.
10. ARE YOU AN AFFECTIONATE PERSON:         I used to be. I gave hugs a lot and was a cuddle bug. Now. I avoid people like they have the plague or are going to throw me into a volcano.
11. A MOVIE YOU COULD WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN:          Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro.
12. FAVORITE BOOK:            Winter of Fire by Sheryl Jordan. The Merlin Effect by T.A. Barron. The Argeaneu novels by Lynsay Sands. But my favorite books to date are the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.
14. TOP FIVE FICTIONAL SHIPS [IF YOU ARE AN RP BLOG, YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN SHIPS AS WELL]:  Not in any particular order. This list could go forever, but these are the ones that I never fail to actively search for.
Addy x Jigen (my OC and @the-demon-gunman )
Addy x Dr. Franken Stein (my OC and a muse from my mutual on Facebook)
Kiritsugu Emiya x Irisviel from Fate / ZERO
Shirou Emiya x Sakura Matou from Fate Stay Night series
Archer Emiya x Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night series
15. PIE OR CAKE:            pie
16. FAVORITE SCENT:            Petrichor (the scent after it rains) as well as freshly baked bread
17. CELEBRITY CRUSH:             my very first crush as a child was Brent Spiner.
18. IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD YOU GO:           Ireland. China. Japan. The Netherlands. Hawaii. New York.
19. INTROVERT OR EXTROVERT:            Introvert
20. DO YOU SCARE EASILY:            Not really.
21. IPHONE OR ANDROID:              Android
22. DO YOU PLAY ANY VIDEO GAMES:             Yes. Right now I am playing Story of Seasons and PSO2
23. DREAM JOB:               Being a world renown author. Or a genius painter. Or both.
24. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A MILLION DOLLARS:             Set half aside for savings. Donate some of it to specific charities. Then I going to Japan!
         The first that comes to mind is Captain Kurosutchi from Bleach. Next is Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto. Then Grell from Black Butler. Last I’ll mention is Saber Arturia from Fate.
            Fairy Tail. That fanbase community has proven repeatedly to be highly toxic. Which i find ironic considering the series is so into “friendship” and all.
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I’ve started a multi chaptered ItaIzu fanfic! I’ve wanted to do this forever. I hope you enjoy.
Who Are You?
Rating: M
After Itachi massacres the Uchiha Clan, Izumi takes it upon herself to become Sasuke's guardian. When Itachi returns to Konoha, feelings she'd long kept buried rise to the surface. Throw in an intel gathering mission involving infiltrating the Akatsuki, and Izumi's in one heck of a predicament.
Izumi POV
If Izumi Uchiha were a pessimist, surely she would have noticed something was terribly wrong the moment she walked through Konoha’s gate. As she strolled leisurely towards the welcoming booth, the air seemed much too still and quiet for such a beautiful day. Even the high-pitched songs of the blue jays were nowhere to be found. Despite that, the brunette haired girl shrugged it off, simply happy to be back home.
‘Maybe it’s just one of those days,’ she thought.
She hadn’t expected to be sent out on a mission a few days prior, but Lord Third had insisted that her skillset made her the best girl for the job. While she was sure he was just trying to flatter her, she appreciated his kind words all the same. The mission had been simple enough, and now all she wanted to do was deliver her report so she could relax.
Unfortunately, as she reached the welcoming booth and saw the look on the attendant’s face, she realized relaxation may not be in her immediate future.
The man at the welcoming booth was a chunin who appeared to be in his early twenties. Izumi couldn’t help the feeling of dread that creeped up her spine as he gazed at her with what she could only describe as pity. Putting on an uneasy smile, the brunette gave a polite bow, which the man didn’t return.
“Aa, Izumi-san. Welcome back. Your presence is requested at the hokage tower immediately.”
The Uchiha raised an eyebrow at him. “I was planning on stopping by there right away to give Lord Third my mission report. Is everything okay?”
Coughing uncomfortably, the attendant couldn’t seem to look her in the eye as he said, “I can’t say anymore. Please make your way to the hokage tower. Everything will be explained there.”
Izumi didn’t bother saying anymore, instead opting to break out into a sprint towards the hokage tower. Whatever was going on sounded serious, and she couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on. Why couldn’t the attendant say anything about it? Why’d he have to go and worry her?
As she sprinted through the village square, she couldn’t help but notice the stares and hushed whispers sent her way as the villagers eyed the Uchiha crest on her back.
Perhaps it was nothing serious after all, and she was simply being paranoid. She did have a tendency to work things up in her head, only to have it not be a big deal.
‘Maybe my cat got out again. Or, maybe Mom set the kitchen on fire again. Oh, man. I really hope our house didn’t burn down. That woman never could even boil water without burning it.’ Izumi thought, turning a corner and entering the tower.
Despite wanting to sprint towards the office, Izumi composed herself and calmly walked through the building, looking straight ahead as she did so. She didn’t need anymore weird looks from people making her conjure up ridiculous thoughts.
Stopping outside of the door, the brunette gave a courtesy knock and took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping inside.
The first thing Izumi noticed was that there were numerous members of ANBU present. She glanced between all of them to see if her friend Itachi was among them, but no such luck. Despite the ever present chill she felt, Izumi smiled politely and approached the desk. Lord Third dismissed the ANBU members, though the brunette knew at least a couple of them would likely lurk in the shadows due to protocol.
“Good to see you made it back safely, Izumi. I trust your mission went smoothly?” Lord Third inquired, gesturing for her to take a seat.
Reaching into her shinobi pouch, the brunette retrieved a scroll and placed it on the desk in front of her before taking a seat. “That’s correct. I was able to blend in with the civilians and gather the intel you asked for. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.”
Lord Third reached for the scroll and set it aside, which Izumi assumed meant that he’d go over it later on. An uncomfortable silence overtook the room, making the brunette feel the urge to squirm in her seat. She steeled her nerves and forced herself to look the hokage in the eyes.
“Forgive me for being blunt, Lord Third, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve requested my presence just for a mission report. Is there something else going on here?”
The older man cleared his throat awkwardly, perhaps to stall and figure out what to say. Letting out a sigh, he decided to simply get on with it. There was no easy way to say it.
“Perceptive as usual. You are correct, Izumi. There has been a very unfortunate incident. Last night, the Uchiha clan was slaughtered.”
With those words, her world shattered. Time stood still. She let out a horrified gasp, her eyes wide in alarm. The Uchiha clan, slaughtered? Just what did that mean, exactly? How many had been killed? Who could have done such a thing? Most importantly, was her mother okay? What about her friends Itachi and Sasuke?
“W-What!? How!? Why!? Is my mother okay? What about Itachi-kun and Sasuke-chan!? Oh gosh, please tell me they’re alright!” Izumi exclaimed, completely panicked.
“I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid your mother did not survive. Sasuke is okay. It would seem that the only survivors are Sasuke and yourself. Itachi… was the perpetrator. He massacred the entirety of the clan except for you two, and then left the village. He is now considered a missing-nin. We are not sure where he is.”
Izumi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. There was absolutely no way. She felt hot tears well up in her eyes, threatening to spill over. Her mother was gone, and she’d never see her again. She’d never see most of her clan again. In just a few short moments, her world had been destroyed. Now Lord Third was saying that Itachi was the one who committed such a terrible act? There was absolutely no way. Her friend… No. The boy she loved, would never do such a thing. There had to be some sort of mistake.
“How… How do you know Itachi-kun did this? Were there witnesses? Maybe he escaped!”
The words sounded ridiculous even to her own ears. Itachi was no coward. The Itachi she knew wouldn’t have left Sasuke to fend for himself against a mass murderer. There were only two options as to what could have happened. Either Itachi would have stayed and fought off the attacker, whether he lived or died. Or…
Or, Itachi really was the perpetrator, and spared Sasuke for some reason.
“We haven’t been able to speak with Sasuke in depth yet, but he is the witness. The boy was passed out when he was found. From what we’ve been able to gather, Sasuke found Itachi standing over their parents. It appears he was put under the Tsukuyomi, which being an Uchiha yourself, I’m sure you’ve heard of.”
Izumi felt tears spilling down her cheeks, but she made no move to wipe them. She was simply stunned and heartbroken. It was a good thing she was sitting down, or she likely would have fallen to the ground in despair. She put her head in her hands and let out a choked sob, the weight of everything finally sinking in.
As her body shook with sobs, head still in her hands, she heard Lord Third get up from his chair and walk over to her. He placed a comforting hand on her back, seemingly unsure of what else to do. Honestly, what else could be done in such a situation? Even so, Izumi was grateful for his attempt at comforting her, even if it did next to nothing to ease her pain.
What Izumi didn’t understand was just why someone like Itachi, who detested violence, would carry out such an act. She knew that he’d been stressed out over work, and he’d become distant lately. Not to mention the fact that his best friend Shisui had passed away, and Itachi had been accused of his murder. Back when it’d first happened, Izumi immediately dismissed the thought of the raven having killed Shisui. But now after what just happened, she was beginning to have her doubts. How could she not?
She was broken out of her thoughts by the door swinging open violently, and what appeared to be a nurse running into the room. Izumi looked up as Lord Third removed his hand from her back in order to turn towards the intruder.
“I am very sorry to interrupt, sir. But, Sasuke Uchiha is missing! His hospital bed was empty when we went to conduct our hourly checkup!” the nurse exclaimed, panting from the sprint over from the hospital.
Lord Third let out a tired sigh, but didn’t appear to be surprised by the news. “I see. Thank you for letting me know. I will send someone out to look for him.”
Seemingly satisfied by this, the nurse bowed and left the room.
“Let me go look for him,” Izumi spoke up suddenly, standing up on shaky legs and wiping at her eyes.
“Do you know where he may have gone?” Hiruzen asked.
“I have an idea. I… think Sasuke-chan needs someone he’s familiar with right now. And honestly, so do I. Please let me go talk to him. I’ll bring him back to the hospital after I do,” Izumi pleaded.
The older man nodded in agreement. “I understand. If you need any assistance, please let me know.”
The brunette gave him a grateful look before turning on her heel and running out of the office. Sasuke needed her, and if her hunch was right, she wouldn’t have to look far to find him.
Izumi could only hope she’d be able to handle what awaited her.
As Izumi neared the entrance to the Uchiha compound, her heart sped up so quickly, she could swear it would jump out of her ribcage. Anxiety setting in, the brunette focused on her breathing as she ducked under the police tape lining the entrance. She never imagined coming home to such an awful scene.
If Izumi had to describe the scene in front of her, complete and utter carnage were the only words that seemed accurate.
She took cautious steps forward, a sick feeling settling in her gut as she took in the pathetic attempts of cleaning up the aftermath. Dried blood spatter painted the ground and buildings a gruesome dark red. There were no weapons strewn around, and the brunette assumed they had all been collected as evidence. Even so, the torn lanterns and destroyed vendor booths told their own story. A chill ran up Izumi’s spine, causing her to shake her head and pick up the pace to her destination.
Sasuke would likely be at his home, trying to make sense of everything. Trying to convince himself it was all a dream. She had to find him, had to comfort him.
Now, they were all they’ve got.
Izumi was so focused on finding Sasuke and ignoring the carnage surrounding her, that she almost missed her own home. She stopped in her tracks and gazed at the front porch, a chill running down her spine. It was only then that she allowed her thoughts to wander to her mother. Had she suffered? Was she frightened? Did she beg for her life? Had Itachi cared? Why would Itachi do such a thing?
All sorts of horrible scenarios ran through Izumi’s mind, and she found herself beginning to shake uncontrollably. She tried her very hardest to focus on her breathing, but she simply couldn’t get enough air into her lungs. Images of her mother curled up in a ball, begging for her life invaded the brunette’s mind.
Without warning, Izumi bent forward and emptied the contents of her stomach. She heaved and coughed violently, suddenly feeling exhausted. When she felt a little bit better, she stood upright and wiped at her mouth as best she could. Taking a shaky breath, she continued forward, doing her best to shove all other thoughts from her mind.
It didn’t take long for her to reach Sasuke’s house. As she opened the door, an eerie silence was all that greeted her. No longer was Sasuke’s home or the rest of the Uchiha compound warm and lively. Instead, it was desolate and uninviting. Izumi decided that she hated it.
“Sasuke-chan?” she called out, walking into the kitchen area.
No sign of Sasuke. She continued wandering around the home, until she turned a corner and heard what sounded like faint crying coming from behind a set of closed doors. The brunette frowned and took a deep breath, walking toward the source of the sound. The stopped in front of the doors and gave a quiet knock.
“Sasuke-chan? It’s me, Izumi. I’m coming in.”
Opening the door and stepping into the room, Izumi nearly fell apart at the sight that greeted her.
The young boy knelt in front of a chalk outline, seemingly of two bodies. He was alone in the dark, and though his back was to her, she could see his shoulders shaking with sobs. The brunette immediately rushed to his side and gathered him in her arms, turning away from the chalk outline. It was simply too much.
Sasuke didn’t put up any resistance, and he laid his head on her chest, crying his heart out. If he wanted to say anything, he couldn’t keep his composure long enough to get the words out.
The weight of everything that was happening finally caught up to Izumi as she held the crying boy, and the tears she’d held back on the way to him finally spilled over. It was true, then. Their clan was gone. Itachi was nowhere to be found. Lord Third had told her Itachi was the perpetrator. He’d really committed such an act.
“Sasuke-chan… I-I’m so sorry. We’re… we’re going to g-get through this,” she promised through her own sobs.
Izumi only wished she could believe her own words.
Though if nothing else, she decided then that she would look after the boy in her arms. He needed her. And frankly, she needed him. Neither of them could do it alone.
The two stayed on the floor crying together for who knew how long. They’d figure everything else out later.
For now, the last surviving Uchihas needed to grieve.
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spinneryesteryear · 5 years ago
The KH people are now in naruto. Who does what?
I couldn’t decide whether to treat this as ‘crossover where the KH people end up in the Naruto-verse’ or as an AU along the lines of ‘where the KH people were born in the Naruto-verse’, so I’m gonna go with the second in order to make things simpler. Haha. ‘Simpler’. I must also remind myself not to drag my world-building headcanons into this...
Kairi - Easiest of all. She’s an Uzumaki! The red hair totally fits. Since she’s a Princess of Heart in KH, I’d translate her as an Uzumaki princess, as Mito and Kushina are commonly assumed to have been. She’d have Adamantine Sealing Chains made out of pure light/chakra. Plus, my understanding of the Uzumaki is that they have a great deal of Yang chakra, which is associated with light. *imagines Kairi with chakra chains and seals* Good stuff. Plus, maybe she could be a chakra sensor, like Karin? Chains, seals, sensing - those are some good abilities there. 
Riku - Lol, my first thought is that he would be a successful Uchiha, despite the totally wrong coloring. Bear out with me on this. In KH, he’s goaded into opening the door to darkness and destroying his world, and then into capturing the Princesses of Heart in a deluded quest to save Kairi - does this sound like an Uchiha tantrum or what? You could even argue that Kairi’s ‘loss of her heart’ could have qualified him for a Mangekyou if he had blamed himself. However, Riku actually takes responsibility for his actions and does his best to fix things; he at least never became an international terrorist, and his life change is sincere. In the end, he’d be more like... what the Uchiha should be, if they didn’t all go power-crazy. (*waits for an Uchiha stan to jump on me for saying this*) Anyway. I’d definitely associate Riku with some kind of Yin Release (because darkness!) - genjutsu/illusions? Combined with kenjutsu, it reminds me a little of Shisui’s skillset - another point in the ‘Uchiha Riku’ column. Then again, he doesn’t have to be an Uchiha to be great at genjutsu. Hmm... what if he is, like, actually Xehanort’s grandson in this AU? Depending on the timeline, he might be expected by his family to carry on Xehanort’s master plan. Or, if Xehanort’s shenanigans have become common knowledge and he has fled the village like Orochimaru, Riku might be suspected as a flight risk. Like Sasuke running away to Sound, Riku might initially run away to Xehanort/Akatsuki. Unlike Sasuke, Riku comes back. 
Sora - A kenjutsu user, like Riku, with ninjutsu of various elements under his belt and no real talent at genjutsu. Perhaps he also works hard on taijutsu for when he doesn’t have his sword? He’s not from any big ninja clan and doesn’t have a fancy bloodline; he’s dragged himself to where he is now by following the Rock Lee school of hard work. I’m imagining Sora, Riku, and Kairi on a genin team together; they’ve been friends since they met in the Academy and showed an aptitude for teamwork that practically guaranteed they’d be placed on the same team. If we want to follow the Team 7 format, Riku would be the Rookie of the Year, Kairi would be the Top Kunoichi, and Sora would be the Dead Last (I’m sorry, Sora). However, they’d work together and actually pull that team formation off. Sora would also have issues, much like Naruto, with the school of thought that ninja need to be emotionless dehumanized tools for their village’s purpose. Would he also have epic powers of converting his enemies to his side? Possibly. 
Donald Duck - Okay, if we’re leaving him as a duck, then presumably he’s a summons animal of some sort. A duck summons. With ninjutsu. Water Release, Ice Release? IDK, in KH he has a lot more different types of magic than are common for ninja and animals in the Naruto-verse. As a summons animal, he could be anywhere from the size of a normal duck to person-sized to larger than person-sized. He wouldn’t be a boss summon, though. He’d still get to wear his blue jacket and hat, though, and talk in his squeaky voice. With his aquatic nature and Water Release, it makes me think of Kiri or Uzushio. Perhaps the duck summoning contract was salvaged from Uzushio? Does that mean Kairi is a duck summoner? 
Goofy - Okay, he could be a nin-dog - like, an actual dog, and not the anthropomorphized dog he is in KH. Perhaps he could be Sora’s dog partner, like Kiba and Akamaru? We could have ninja!Sora riding a dog into battle! Inuzuka Sora is... actually a pretty cool idea? If we don’t go that route, Goofy could be some sort of dog summons (was it ever explained whether Kakashi’s dogs were normal dogs he just summoned or summons animals???) and could then have an excuse for being anthropomorphized, walking on two field, and wielding shields or other weapons. I like the idea of Inuzuka Sora and his faithful battle dog more, though.
Mickey - Do I want to keep him as an anthropomorphized mouse or do I make a human AU out of this? If I do a human AU, he could be the jounin sensei of Sora, Kairi, and Riku - an elite jounin, a kenjutsu and ninjutsu expert, an S-rank shinobi who’s considered a viable kage candidate if they could keep him in his office long enough to actually do his paperwork. He probably doesn’t even do his paperwork as it is, always running off on missions. He doesn’t really strike me as former ANBU material, although it remains a possibility. Maybe he could have mouse summons for communication (or giant mouse summons for combat?) if we want to keep the rodent theme going on here. Perhaps his wife, Minnie, is high up in their village’s government, actually running things. She could be the head of T&I or something. 
Yen Sid - Old ninja. Highly respected in his day, and still commands a reputation throughout the Elemental Nations. Possibly known as ‘the Professor’. Mickey’s jounin sensei. Genin teammate of Eraqus and Xehanort. He could be the kage of his village and complete the parallels with Sarutobi Hiruzen/Sandaime Hokage (Yen Sid may not have done much of anything so far and may have hidden information from the main characters, but his only pupil turned out successfully so he’s still ahead of Hiruzen). He strikes me as a sealing master and very knowledgeable about chakra and jutsu theory in general.
Eraqus - Old ninja, kenjutsu master, possibly with a side of ninjutsu. Genin teammate of Yen Side and Xehanort. Had a bit of a falling out with his genin teammates years ago, Yen Sid for his inaction and Xehanort for his creepiness, but they’ve mended some bridges by now. Aqua and Terra are a little too old to still be genin; possibly they are his chuunin apprentices in kenjutsu or something? Huge angst potential here with the idea that Eraqus was their jounin sensei and their third genin teammate died in a mission gone wrong or something. Aqua and Terra made genin and then chuunin nevertheless, but all three of them were affected by the loss and Eraqus became doubly determined not to lose any of his kids by ensuring as well as he can that they’re prepared for the shinobi lifestyle and that they won’t go down a similar path as Xehanort. Extra heartwrenchingly, Ventus comes along as a boy so similar to the genin student he lost and Xehanort possibly gives him to Eraqus to train/raise knowing that. Guilt trip, any one?
Terra - Okay, so I started off this laughing to myself at the thought of Terra in the Tsuchikage hat, but then I had a better idea. Terra’s darkness/evil power inside him that he struggles to keep at bay - this translates really well to him being a jinchuuriki. Terra being the container for an ‘evil’ tailed beast and shunned by society for it would explain some of his self-esteem issues and his desperate need for validation/approval from his teacher. It might also explain his need to get stronger; he has to, in order to control the tailed beast within him for the sake of his entire village, and so he won’t lose anyone else like his dead genin teammate. Eraqus’s light-is-good/darkness-is-evil mentality would play into things here with him preaching to Terra that he has to keep the tailed beast in check, suppress his emotions, and become a good dehumanized tool for the village. Xehanort, on the other hand, would tell Terra that it’s okay to be human, that the tailed beast’s power can be channeled, that the villagers should view him as a hero for his difficult duty - emotionally manipulating him by giving him the validation he craves in order to gain a jinchuuriki and the awesome power of a tailed beast under his control.
...Yikes. That is genuinely frightening. 
No, I do NOT need another fic on my plate no matter how much Xehanort gathering the neglected jinchuuriki and manipulating them into causing the apocalypse so he can revive the Juubi for his own agenda would make an interesting and horrifying fic...
Aqua - The only one out of the ‘kids’ to have it together. She’s probably already made jounin; she holds her own with kenjutsu and ninjutsu. She’s been tasked with watching Terra by Eraqus/the village leaders because they’re afraid that his tailed beast’s seal is weakening/he’s giving into the tailed beast/he’s going to go rogue and leave his village, etc. (When all he actually needs here is some support, dang it.) She’ll have to confront the ‘ninja are tools of their village’ mentality. I’d like to see her on a retrieval mission alongside Sora/Riku/Kairi to bring back Sasuke defecting to Sound Riku leaving for Maleficent/Xehanort or having to deal with a tailed beast rampage and tearfully having to decide whether to try to talk down a possessed Terra or to kill her best friend in order to save the village. Because I enjoy pain.
Ventus - OH MY GOSH Ventus is Tenzou/Yamato. Possibly stolen from his family at a young age? Check. Experimented on by a crazy madman in hopes of reviving a legendary power? Check. Experiment apparently fails and he’s abandoned/the only survivor of said experiments? Check. He ultimately proves able to use/create said legendary power? Check. Ventus, however, lucks out in that he’s taken in by Eraqus and doesn’t fall into the clutches of Danzou and become even more messed up. So, in this Naruto AU, Ventus has the mokuton (magical tree-growing ability). Thus, it would make incredible sense for him to be put with Terra, as the wood-controlling powers of the mokuton suppress tailed beast chakra. Ventus has thus been (unknowingly) trained to be the one to fight and possibly put down his big brother figure if he ever succumbs to the tailed beast within him. Or - what if Ventus knows this might one day be his duty and desperately hopes to avoid it? That might lend an extra flavor of panic to his insistence that Terra isn’t losing himself to the darkness/tailed beast - it can’t be true, because if it’s true Ventus has to fight him and possibly kill him. And Ventus can’t do that, not to one of the few people who’s treated him as a person, as something more than a (failed) science experiment or a fairy tale figure. Thus, in this AU, it wouldn’t be Eraqus threatening to kill Terra. It’d be Eraqus threatening Ventus in order to get Ventus to kill Terra and/or trying to kill Terra himself. D: 
Namine - Possibly another one of Orochimaru’s Xehanort’s science experiments who survived? She has the same cartoons-come-to-life jutsu as Sai. Xehanort and his crew may have used her for villainous purposes (to capture the tailed beasts/their containers?) but Sora acknowledged her as a person and she’s decided to join his fight in the ‘ninja are people not emotionless tools to be used to whatever horrible end by their village’ struggle. Possibly, she and Kairi team up (sealing via drawings + magical chains) to put an end to the tailed beast rampage and save Terra from Xehanort and his minions?
Vanitas - IDK can anyone think of any reason why he would NOT be an Uchiha whom Xehanort is manipulating for his own ends in this AU? If his association with Sora is kept, perhaps he was Sora’s adopted older brother whom Danzou Xehanort stole to become his minion like poor Aburame Torune.
Xehanort - Is basically Orochimaru. Without the snakes. He was the genin teammate of Yen Side and Eraqus and got away with a lot of stuff while they weren’t looking/were unwilling to look. He experimented on Ventus in order to revive the legendary mokuton ability. He may have exploited Namine for her unique drawings-come-to-life ability. He would totally have stolen Vanitas for his abilities and/or experimented on him to give him said abilities. He’s been creeping on Terra and emotionally manipulating or just capturing the other jinchuuriki for their tailed beasts. Unlike most Naruto villains, he has no motivations of wanting to change the world for peace, blah, blah, blah. He just wants to combine the tailed beast into the Juubi monstrosity and potentially cause the apocalypse just to see what will happen. Due to Yen Sid’s passivity and his guilt-tripping of Eraqus, he gets away with a lot of it. By the time Terra goes berserk and the village is at risk of destruction by the tailed beast he carries, Xehanort can sit back and watch Eraqus do his work for him in delivering said tailed beast right to him. 
Organization XIII - Are the Akatsuki, I guess? Xehanort has assembled a team of S-rank shinobi, either missing nin or ones he just stole (*cough Ienzo, Lea, Isa, Roxas, Xion cough*) and raised to work for him without questioning his goals. They even have a uniform! His goal of Norting them all can be carried over by Xehanort killing them and using their corpses in his version of the Six Paths of Pain - the Thirteen Paths of Xehanort, or something like that. Yikes. That is also terrifying. Eventually, all the ninja nations unite against him and he starts the zombie apocalypse to keep them busy while he grabs the last few jinchuuriki and begins the real apocalypse. 
IDK where I’m going with this anymore. The Sora = Inuzuka, Terra = jinchuuriki, and Ventus = mokuton bits are the real genius elements here. 
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kh-fanfic-pavilion · 2 years ago
Fanfic Rec # 88
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Category: Gen Fandoms: Kingdom Hearts, Naruto Relationships: Kairi & Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Kairi & Riku & Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Riku (Kingdom Hearts) & Tenten (Naruto) Characters: Kairi (Kingdom Hearts), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Tenten (Naruto), Donald Duck (Kingdom Hearts), Goofy (Kingdom Hearts), Maleficent (Kingdom Hearts), Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, Background & Cameo Characters, Other Character Tags to Be Added Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Crossover, POV Multiple, Heartless Attacks (Kingdom Hearts), Keyblade Wielder Kairi (Kingdom Hearts), Canon-Typical Violence, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Action Girl Kairi (Kingdom Hearts) Language: English Series: Part 6 of the The Hatake Riku 'verse series Summary: When Heartless attack Destiny Islands, Sora isn't the only survivor to wake up in Traverse Town. Together, he and Kairi will have to figure out what it means to wield the keyblade, how to save the worlds, and how to find Riku when they don't even know where to begin looking.
You see, Riku wasn't on Destiny Islands at the time that world fell. (He's inconvenient like that.)
Meanwhile, Maleficent has a very different apprentice, and more than one plan she's working on...
Best read after the previous stories in the series. Updates twice a month.
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duckbuttsurvivor · 8 months ago
// @xkaekox liked for a starter //
Tumblr media
     Sasuke had opted to stay awake though the night, it had just one of these days where he knew the night wouldn't go well for him if he did end up sleeping. He breathed in the air, it was a lot cooler when dawn started to peak. The Uchiha seemed lost in thought as he watched the sky slowly change color. 
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duckbuttsurvivor · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
     “It’s sinday already? Now it’s my time to shine~”
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duckbuttsurvivor · 5 months ago
Naruto snatched a cookie from the tray Sasuke had and stuffed the entire thing in his mouth. "No clue what they're talking about, these taste fine to me!"
Tumblr media
"Oh for the love of god Naruto, don't talk with your mouth full!" Despite Sasuke scolding him he had a grateful smile, though it was hard to see if you didn't look close enough.
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duckbuttsurvivor · 5 months ago
All 4 Uchihas are here for sweets Sasuke.(Madara Izuna Itachi and adult Sasuke)
Tumblr media
Sasuke couldn't help but stare for a second before handing them each one. "...It's okay if you don't like them."
That's as close as a thank you as the teen was willing to say.
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duckbuttsurvivor · a year ago
{ starter for @quiet-kunoichi​ }
Tumblr media
     It was a quiet day, one where he had to close his shop early. And although that was a bit of a bummer it was nice enough to go or a stroll maybe spot a few new flowers along the way. Expectedly it did, and he couldn’t help himself from getting distracted crouching down to examine them. 
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duckbuttsurvivor · a year ago
Tumblr media
     { Like this post for a starter with Sasuke length and verses will vary unless stated otherwise }
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duckbuttsurvivor · a year ago
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     Sasuke had to wonder if he did the right thing, becoming Hokage was something Naruto wanted to be. However aspirations changed and here he was in charge of an entire village that was in desperate need of change. Of course, he was slowly changing things for the better but it wasn’t changing fast enough for him. The first thing he did was make things ten times better for the kids who were forced to live on the streets by building an orphanage, made sure the staff was up to snuff too.
     A stressed sigh left his lips as he walked out of the office, he was starting to second guess himself. Even though he gained the trust of the village, worked his ass off to gain this position did he really deserve the title of Hokage? 
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