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"Never on life I had to make something so fast.....Hope that the glue dried out already."
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20 Incorrect Pokemon Quotes
Info: These are not mine, I just altered the characters in them, I got them from tumgir.com. Still, was a lot of fun making these, and especially because I could put a lot of Paul into it, am so hyped right now for 10th of June. Maybe I’ll even push myself to get the next chapter for the Lambda Core ready a little bit earlier.
Ash: I lost my girlfriend, Misty. Can you help me find them?
Random stranger: What do they look like?
Ash, Banging on the door: Paul, open up!
Paul: It all started when I was a little boy...
Ash: No, I meant-
Dawn: Let him finish.
Paul: I've never been in a snowball fight before.
Dawn: Really?
Paul: So is there a point system or is it to the death?
*Paul walks into the house, covered in mud and probably blood, has some small cuts and bruises on his body and face*
Maylene: *Stops talking with Reggie and looks at Paul* What did you do?
Paul: Ok you have to promise me you won't get mad.
Reggie: Paul, what. Did. You. Do.
Paul: So I was minding my own business-
Reggie, Slams hands down onto the table: BULLSHIT!
Paul: I WAS!?
Barry: Hey did it hurt?
Dawn: ...? When I fell from heaven?
Barry: No, when you fell from the vending machine.
Dawn, Confused: ...
Barry: Cause you're a snacc~
Reggie: You're awfully quiet today.
Paul: No one plans a murder out loud.
Dawn, Eating a cinnamon roll: *Munch*
Conway: Cannibalism.
Dawn: *Confused chewing noises*
Paul: wHO AtE mY gODDaMN FrIeS?! You wanna go-
Dawn: I did.
Paul: -On a date with me? We can get more fries if you want?
Paul: Do you have the time?
Reggie: For you, Paul? Are you joking? Paul, I would always make time for you. My time is precious but you are more so. Paul, you... are a shining pearl in a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you. *Wipes tear*
Paul: Thanks, but like what time is it?
Paul: I'm really into dark humour.
Ash, Turning off the light: Hey, do you wanna hear a joke?
Ash: *SLAPS the whiteboard*
Whiteboard: Cockle.
Ash: Cockle.
Paul: Mhm.
Paul: Gee, Ash, I wonder why that could possibly be your favourite word?
Ash: It means-
Barry: U do NOT care about the meaning. It's got cock in it.
Ash: ...
Ash: ...
Ash:'To bugle out in certain places'.
Paul: *Puts his head in his hands*
Barry: ...
Gary: ...
Gary: Like a COCK-
Ash: Like a COCK-
Ash: You think just because you ask for my attention that I'm going to give it to you?
Misty: Damn straight!
Ash: 'Sleepy' is so much better & cuter than 'Tired' everyone needs to stop using 'Tired' and start saying 'Sleepy' instead.
Paul: I'm sleepy of your shit.
Reggie: *Knock knock*
Maylene, sniffing: Who is it?
Reggie: Uh *Looks back at Paul* Who is it?
Paul: Say it's the tax people.
Reggie: The taxes.
Maylene: You can't come in.
Paul: Tell them we gonna fucking kill their entire family if they don't let us in!
Reggie: We have cookies~
Conway: What's the time?
Ash: Lemme check.
Ash: *Pulls out saxophone*
Ash: It's 2!
Conway: Uhh... Thanks Ash!
Ash: No problem~
Reggie: Ask me why I love you.
Maylene: Why do you love me?
Reggie, Opening a 200 slide Powerpoint: I'm glad you asked.
Dawn: Is there a word that's a mix between sad and mad?
Ash: ...Smad?
Paul: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
Brock: No, It's smad!?
Paul: I invited you back to the living world because I crave the deadliest game.
Ash: Knife monopoly?
Paul: I was actually gonna hunt you down for sport, but now I'm really interested in whatever knife monopoly is.
Reggie: Paul, I know you think you're helping but stop it.
Paul: I don't think I'm helping.
Barry: Rules are made to be broken.
Paul: Rules are made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Ash: Uh, pinatas?
Conway: Glow sticks.
Dawn: Karate boards!
Misty: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Barry: Rules!
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Jaune looked down at himself. Man, when was the last time he had worn a suit and tie? he knew that he did so a lot when he was with his family, one for every event at a family friend’s house. But now?
It felt weird now. The light grey coat blended with Jaune’s Senal, a traditional waist flag. Jaunes was a flag pulled from The Dream. the flag itself was a grey brown color with three colorful stripes on jaunes right. The one furthest to the edge was an orange stripe pointing down, not quite making past the 3/4ths mark. next to it was a sky blue stripe that ran the height of the flag, and furthest in was a pasty green stripe, heading from the down upwards, mirroring the first orange stripe. The Sanar's backer was a similarly colored to his suit. Matching pants to the suit top and brown shoes tried to tie the outfit together.
A black shirt with a much brighter moon white tie laid undone as jaune struggled in the mirror. his face was marred in a frown as he grumbled, rebuttoning the shirt up for what felt like the tenth time.
“Need some help there, buddy?” A familiar voice rang from behind him. Jaune turned to see his teammate in a spectacular gold and platinum white dress. Jaune’s brain short circuited for a moment. Arslan looked at him, trying to discern why smoke was coming out of his ears.
“jaune, you all there?” Jaune shook his head, snapping out of his revelry.
With a non, Jaune answered. “yeah, I am. you look spectacular, by the way.” Arslan flushed as she played with the hem of the cloth.
“aww, thanks. Ilia helped me with it.” Arslan admitted, as she went to brush her hair.
ilia’s voice rang from the other room. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT HAIRDO, ARSLAN ALTAN! IT TOOK ME HOURS TO DO THAT AND GOD BE DAMNED IF I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!” her voice rang like the wrath of thunder. jaune’s eyes widened as every cell in his body went into flight or fight mode. It took him a moment to make himself calm again.
“She reminds me of The Mother.” Jaune shook his head, remembering the Monastery of the Sleeping Lords.
Jaune forced his way through the seemingly endless Eternal City. The ashen sky and grey plaster walls made for a dull world indeed. jaune wasn't sure what led him to The Dream, but he was not a fan. A world he would visit, without fail in his sleep. A dangerous one too, if his repeated deaths were anything to go by.
Oh yes, Jaune had died more times than he could count at this point, each one waking him with a terrible swiftness. There were other ways to exit the dream, Jaune had discovered. Falling asleep at a gravesite would sent him both back into the real world, and return him to his resting spot upon his return. Sometimes Jaune would take things in-between the worlds, like his Senal or his knife. Never with any intention on his part, they just kind of appeared on his person.
A gurgling groaning sound came from Jaunes left, causing the plate mailed dreamer to turn. A thing crawled from between the collasping buildings. They were once human, Jaune understood. or at least, the closest thing to human The Dream had.
But they were twisted, corrupted and broken by the Spirits. The jury was still out on what kind of spirit it was. Jaune thought it was like the liquor, due to the various mentions of being intoxicated on the spirits and the like.
Jaune looked at the creature. Pale bone like skin that was caked with ashen mud. it reeked of alcohol, and shambled in a gangrenous way. it's left shoulder had become filled with overfull pustules and boils. it's long arms seemed to almost scrape the ground, it's fingers being replaced with lengthy bony spurs. Jaune sighed, lifting up his heavy war saw. A massive ax like blade with serrated edges. Jaune hefted the shaft on his shoulder.
the drunkard stumbled forward, as Jaune gave a grunt as slammed the pole arm into the drunkard. it fell dead with a groan. Jaune sighed, looking around for any more threats. Jaune clanked forward, getting up the stairs of the cathedral. Two gargoyles flew down to stop him.
Jaune remembered how brutally these gargoyles killed him the last time he wandered up these stairs. A chain and leather clad man with a dagger and shield was impaled on a trident and smashed into the ground.
well, that would not be the case this time. Jaunes warsaw swung a wide arc, catching the two of them. the left one's trident stabbed at him with a furious roar. Jaune activated one of his spells, feeling the power drain away and shape itself. The pole arm made contact with Jaunes gut, who exploded like a pinata of dust.
A swirl of the grey ash blew behind the gargoyle, and Jaune stepped out of it. The heavy warsaw slammed down into the stone constructions back. it cried out in pain as the two turned to the Hunter. Jaune pulled out a paper wrapped wad of... something. The Vending machine called it Fire wax, and it did set things on fire.
Jaune just wasn't sure it was wax. Smearing the gunk on the blade, the weapon suddenly heated up to furnace like temperatures, making Jaune sweat from the heat. Jaune made his advancement through the gargoyles with large heavy swings, occasionally having to roll or 'jump' out of the way.
Jaune pushed the one sacred doors of the great cathedral open, the two corpses' of the statues behind him, broken and slumped on the stairway.
The inside of the cathedral would have been spectacular, had anyone cleaned it in any relevant time. but the ages of dust and grime had taken their toll on the beauty of this place.
Drunken priestesses and nuns shambled forward, disgusted at the unholy strangers entrance. They threw holy miracles at him, beams of corrupted light that he had to move and roll out of the way as he moved forward. Jaune muttered his own incantation, throwing a ball of arcing fire at the nuns. It caught several of them in the inferno. He could hear their screams as he passed them, rushing to the end of the cathedral.
several floors of death traps, drunken nuns, twisted and corrupted flesh and tortured monsters led Jaune to the final room. A massive hall full of pews, the back wall covered with the pipes of a pipe organ. Five priestesses were huddled in an alchemical circle, finishing a ritual.
From the depths of the shadows came a massive draped humanoid figure. A porcelain mask set to imitate a beautiful woman was the only thing besides the bony gnarled claws that was not covered in the shredding robes. It let out a terrible shriek as Jaune readied his war saw. The Mother of the Sleeping Lords glared down at him, ready to smite his heathen ass down.
"Jaune! Jaune! Back to earth, buddy." Arslan said, giving jaune a hesitant shake. Jaune returned to her, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry. I got-"
"lost in your dreams, I know." Arslan finished his sentence. She gave Jaune's chest a judgmental look. "As much as everyone loves seeing your lean physique, Jaune, I am not having you go to this dance as a cheap Sun impersonator." Arslan said, finishing the buttons on the shirt. "you need help with the tie as well?"
Jaune blushed, but gave an embarrassed nod. Arslan gave a well meaning tisk as she grabbed the two ends. "men I swear. you to would be hopeless without me." Arslan joked.
Jaune smiled. "You're right. I don't know where I'd be without you in my life." he admitted, missing Arslan's blush. Arslan took a step back, admiring her handy work. Jaune looked good, filling the suit well in his developed lanky frame. "The gray looks good on you."
Jaune smiled with that blinding, heartwarming smile that made Arslan's heart beat. "Thanks Arslan, you look stunning as well." His face fell in relapse for a moment. "Kriasa Wait, I've already said that." Jaune said. Arslan laughed.
Somethings never changed. Jaune came into her life a strange, complex dichotomy between a blundering blonde himbo to a chilling lean tactical killing machine that put fear in the hearts of absolutely everyone. But as Arslan got to know the cold, silent and dangerous blonde ranger, she started to understand Jaune a little more.
he was a simple man that had been isolated from everyone for a long long time, both in the dream and outside of it. When the only person you have to care for is you, you start to develop a certain kind of mindset.
But Jaune had come to them, and he had taken them deep into his heart. Arslan didn't think that she could have asked for a better partner- teammate. Jaune is a teammate Arslan. The lioness reminded herself. The attempt was futile to quell the source of the thoughts, but it was the effort that counted.
"We should probably get going. don't want to keep the rest of AAACS waiting." Jaune chuckled, adjusting his tie.
The two exited the room and walked down the hallway, making some amount of small talk along the way. They entered the main hall of their accommodation, where Reese, Ilia and Nadir were waiting. Reese and Ilia were wearing complementary outfits. A suit top and a surprisingly fluffy Spanish style of skirt. When they would spin, it would flare out into an impressive circle. Their suits were a wine red color, and their skirts matched. Nadir went basic bitch black suite and tie, an odd combination with his pink hair.
Jaune looked around, seeing that everyone was presentable. "So, we all ready to go?" He asked.
"I'm ready."
"Ready to go, dad."
jaune turned to look at the green nymph with a flat and unamused look. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?" He grumbled. Reese just laughed as she turned, grabbing Ilia by the hand. The chameleon's scales turned a pink red color as she let herself be dragged along.
"Come on dad! would hate for you to miss my first dance!" Reese snickered as she dragged her girlfriend to the door.
Jaune let out a withered sign. "What am I going to do with that girl?"
nadir laughed. "Watch it, Mirha, lest you start sounding like a father."
The three of them strolled after the two, taking the moment to enjoy the beautiful beacon night.
"man, it's been so long since I've been here. it's strange, you know?" Jaune started, banishing away the silence softly. His voice had changed in the long time it had been since his travels. He supposed that those several decapitations and throat slits had done a metaphysical number on his vocal chords, as his voice now had a lower raspy undertone to it now. Arslan described it as a flute in a canyon wind, and Jaune guessed it was accurate. he never was one for poetry.
"Oh? how so?" Arslan asked, her hand resting on his arm. jaune instinctively held it aloft. His mother had installed good manners into him after all.
"I remember it being greener, i guess. And the air smells different than I remember. It doesn't have that bright, kind of fresh rain quality. maybe it never did." Jaune said, looking up at the shattered moon wistfully. Arslan followed his gaze up to it.
"So, What are you thinking about?" She asked
Jaune considered his words for a moment. "it's whole in The Dream" He said simply. Arslan nodded, about to question that, but they had arrived to the doors. Loud music boomed behind the doors as one of the staff members, Jerry the janitor, if Jaune remembered correctly, was acting as the Usher. Arslan tensed as they approached.
jaune's head tilted. "What's wrong?" he asked. Arslan gulped, fiddling with her done up hair.
"I'll be honest, I feel a little ridiculous in this thing." Arslan admitted, embarrassed at the confession. She was a grown huntsman who could kill grimm and men with her bare hands, but wearing a dress? Way, way, way out of her comfort zone.
"Would you like to go unnoticed?" Jaune offered. Arslan was about to ask how, but then remembered. "is this more of your dream magic semblance?" jaune nodded before closing his eyes. Something akin to a breeze passed through them, and Arslan felt strange. It was like all her senses had moved slightly to the left, so to speak. If Arslan was a particularly lucid dreamer, which she was not, she would equate the feeling with walking through a dream, just more vividly. Jaune and Arslan passed by Jerry, who gave Jaune a nod and a kindly greeting. Not a single eye landed on Arslan, as though she was invisible. There were some whispered from the Beacon students as Jaune entered though. The Fraud had returned.
Jaune guided Arslan to a corner in the room, where their rather colorful group resided. "So, some party huh?" Jaune asked, looking around at the rave dance floor and pulsing music.
Reese agreed, pulling Ilia to the dance floor. Jaune smiled as they started to sway to the music.
the three remaining members of chatted in the corner, enjoying each others compony. "I'm going to get some drinks. you guys want anything?" Jaune asked.
"Sure, I could do with something." Arslan accepted. Nadir shook his head, watching Jaune gracefully waded his way through the crowds.
Jaune made it to the drink stand, grabbing two glasses of sparkleing punch. As he turned, he saw a familer face staring at him just a couple feet away.
"Ah, Pyrrha Nikos." he said, polite but coldly. Jaune glanced at her red dress. it was attractive, jaune would admit. "What brings you here?"
Pyrrha gave him a flat look. "The dance. you?" She said sarcastically. jaune laughed at the jab.
This fraud, as Pyrrha had come to know, had the gall to laugh.
"What's so funny?" The champion snipped.
"you should stick to nice girl facade." jaune chortled, downing his flute glass in one go. "it suits you better." He looked down at his glass. "It just isn't the same without the rum." He sighed, putting his empty glass down. He strode past Pyrrha, not even bothering to look at her.
"Jaune." Pyrrha called after him, causing him to turn, an almost bored look on his face.
"yes, Ms. Nikos?" Jaune sighed. it felt like an ice pick was stabbed into Pyrrha's heart. She remembered how Jaune used to say her name. he would call out "Pyr!" with a big smile on his face, as though it had made his day to see her. The way he was so... disinterested, bored, tired of her, as though she was some inevitable pest that would come to annoy him. She acting in his best interest! he had no business being a huntsman, and he was going to get himself hurt.
this wasn't how it was supposed to be. Pyrrha thought bitterly. Jaune was supposed to get a job in Vale, where she could visit him. he would eventually agree that it was for the best that he not be a huntsman and instead act to support her and the rest of the team. They would then get married after she graduated, and have some kids that Jaune would take care off while Pyrrha trained them.
That is how it was supposed to be. But no, jaune was far too stubborn to just put his silly fantasies aside. And now here he was, standing in front of her once more, more a stranger than a friend.
Pyrrha froze for a moment, not sure what to say. there was so much that she wanted to do. yell at him, accuse him, blast him for ruining all her plans.
"Why?" She ended up asking him. Jaune's head tilted, his face tilting to a pondering frown.
"It is not The Machine that maketh man, Nor the world that shapeth Spirits." He answered, quoting the scribbling of a drunken madman, long dead and ashes in The Dream. "It is the essence of the world that we peel back, only to reveal the simplest elements of Self."
Pyrrha looked confused for a moment. "And that means, exactly?"
jaune tilted his head up slightly, looking her in the eye. His gaze pierced her soul and sent shivers down her spine. "i'll do as I damn please." he uttered, the words having crushing weight. Jaune was about to leave, but stopped to deliver one last crushing blow.
"And Pyrrha?" he said, turning his head to look over his shoulder. "That last night we had together. it was such a waste of a lovely night."
and with that, the Dreamer disappeared into the crowd. he reappered next to that Marital artist that Pyrrha had fought several times in her fighting career. Arslan, was her name? that sounded right.
"You took your time." Arslan snickered, accepting the offered glass of punch. "i saw your spat with the Pyrrha Nikos."
jaune winced at that, ready to be admonished. "I know, I know. It was below me."
Arslan laughed, shaking her head. "nah, bitch needed to be dragged down a couple pegs. You intent on running into anyone else that has a vendetta against you?" Arslan joked. jaune laughed, shaking his head.
"not if I have anything to say about it." jaune said, before reaching into his pocket to finger something.
"Say, care for a dance, Myro Leones?" Jaune asked, giving a bow and offering a hand. Arslan giggled, accepting it.
"I should warn you, I only know the Traditional Old Minstral style of dance." She admitted before looking at the current dancing style of the students. "I don't think it's quite appropriate here."
Jaune gave a smile. "you don't worry about that." he said as they started to stroll toward the dance floor, passing by one Flynt Coal and his partner, Neon Katt, talking to Nadir. Jaune tossed Flynt a gold coin, catching his eye. He fumbled catching it, in shock at the gift. he gave jaune a confused look. He knew jaune to an extent, but not to just get fucking gold from him.
"Give us something snappy, my friend. Blanco Swing, eight by four." Jaune instructed, getting a nod from the three. They walked up to the stage, Nadir stopping at the DJ's booth. The music stopped shortly after as a set of drums and a guitar were brought to the stage.
Flynt took center stage. "I apologize for the interruption ladies and gentlemen, but we have a special request from a good friend of mine." Flynt smiled, pulling his weapon out. Neon smacked her sticks together. "five, six seven eight!" And the music began. It could be best described as a mix between jazz, brass, and disco. Flynt and his three clones made the brass section, Nadir accompanying the dominant brass on the Guitar, and Neon on the drums keeping beat
Jaune grabbed Arslan hand as the dancefloor started to clear out. Not everyone was ready to dance to the fast paced brass beat. The two made an experimental spin, ending in a two step. gaining confidence, they started to swiftly enter a well oiled stepped dance. A beautiful combination of steps, dips and twists, the two started to leave behind sparks as they twirled around the dance floor.
"You want to give them a show?" Jaune asked his partner, the wind whistling in his ears with a rush. Arslan gave him a practically feral grin.
"Oh do I?" She rhetorically asked, and the two kicked it up a notch. Their spinning and dancing became faster and faster, moving to match the crescendo of the song. As it reached it's apex, the two started to just spin in place, the sparks flying in a tornado around them. When the music stopped, the sparks died off, as the two dancers that were making them had vanished.
Arslan stumbled as Jaune transported them into the beacon garden courtyard. jaune caught her in his arms. jaune looked down at her, her face framed in the moonlight, giving it a soft look. "You were magnificent, Leones." He whispered reverently. Arlsan blushed, the tone sending shivered up her spine.
"Come on, Loverman." Arslan said, gripping his wrist and stepping up to him, her face only inches away from his own. "you still owe me a dance."
jaune smiled. "Of course." he said, resting his hand on hers, his other finding her waist. the two started to sway and step softly, a quiet lullaby drifting through the air. And Jaune wouldn't have changed a thing.
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Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenario List
I noticed that no one really did this, so I decided to make my own. I hope it can help someone who is making these type of books.
Probably will add some more later on.
Characters unlocked | Character introduction
Keys, Guide, Rules, Facts, And some extra info
1.first date & first kiss
2.After the first date & first kiss
3.The first 'I love you' | Who said the first 'I love you'
4.How they kiss you | How you kiss them
5.How they cuddle/hug you | How you cuddle/hug them
6.They turn into a chibi
7.How you act around each other
9.You watch a horror movie together
10.You play with their hair | They play with your hair
12.Cute things you do together
13.Their favourite place to kiss you | Your favourite place to kiss them
14.When you're at the hospital | When they're at the hospital
15.They turn into a vampire | You turn into a vampire
16.When they turn into a mythical creature
17.They try to impress you
18.Their favourite thing about you | Your favourite thing about them
19.When they use a pick-up line
20.When they use a pun/joke
21.Contact names
22.Their theme song from you
23.Rainy day | When they visit you on a rainy day
24.Their ringtone for you | Your ringtone for them
27.Painting nails
28.They do your makeup
29.Their best friend/friends | Your best friend/friends
30.You move in together
31.Waking up next to them
33.Grocery shopping
34.When you make stupid puns/jokes together
35.Favourite hero|villian|second/side character
36.You read for them | They read for you
38.Teaching each other how to do something
39.Top or bottom
40.PDA | How they are about PDA
41.When you're sick | When they're sick
42.They find out about your job
43.They attempt to cook/bake for you | You attempt to cook/bake for them
44.They get drunk
45.They have a hangover
46.Big spoon, little spoon
47.Meeting their family/friends | Meeting your family/friends
48.They try to play guitar
49.You wear glasses | They wear glasses
50.When they want your attention | What they do to gain your attention
51.when they say you're cute | When you say they're cute
52.Baby pictures/videos
53.They do something cute | You do something cute
54.How you two sleep
55.Random dancing
56.When you clean together
57.Buying plushies for each other | Making plushies for each other
58.You play an instrument | They play an instrument
59.Your pets + Spending some quality time with your pets
60.Morning walks/exercises
61.Taking a shower/bath together
62.They want to cuddle
63.Saying goodbye at an airport
64.They miss you
65.They come back
66.Favourite Disney movie you like to watch together
67.Thunderstorm | Who is more scared of them
68.When they see you draw | When you see them draw
69.Lazy mornings | Lazy nights
70.When you sing together
71.Matching shirts
72.Them with a puppy/kitten/other animals
73.Things that remind them of you | Things that remind you of them
74.They turn into a kid
75.What kind of books you guys like to read
76.You are leaving
77.They cry while you skype
78.You come back
79.Poems they write for you | Poems you write for them
80.They find out about your talent | You find out about their talent
81.When they're clingy/overprotective
82.When they try out your hobbies | When you try out their hobbies
83.Matching pillows
84.Matching plushies
85.Pillow forts
86.It's your birthday | It's their birthday + Birthday presents
87.They protect you | You protect them
88.You can't sleep | They can't sleep
89.Beach time
90.Small things they do to show you how much they love you
91.Their 3 cheesy/sweet pick-up lines
92.They're jealous of your pet
93.They find out your ticklish spot | You find out their ticklish spot
94.When they cry | When you cry || What you do when you see each other crying
95.When they see you upset | When you see them upset || What you do to make each other feel better
96.Favourite moments together
97.When they give you flowers | When you give them flowers
98.What you two do on your spare time
99.Your daily routine
100.Who is more responsible
101.Greek God/Goddess au
102.Japanese mythology/legends au
103.You convince them to play a horror game
104.What type of shoes they buy you
105.They pick out your outfit | You pick out their outfit
106.When you use old slang
107.When they hear you speak in a different language
108.When you hear them speak in their sleep | When they hear you speak in your sleep
110.Pocky game
111.What anime you watch together
112.When you ignore them | When they ignore you || Why do you ignore one another & How you deal it with
113.Outfit switch
114.Watching the sunrise/sunset
115. Video game competition
116.Reenacting a movie scene
117.Impressions of each other
118.Sharing a drink
119.Knitting/stitching together
120.Valentine's day special
|1.Love bug
2.Bouquet of roses
3.Love letter
4.Box of chocolates
5.Sweet as a cupcake
6.Love birds
7.Your own jar of hearts
8.Bee 'mine'
9.Love potion
10.Milk & cookies
11.My teddy bear
12.Chocolate covered strawberries
13.Bubble bath
14.Pinkish for a day
16.Romantic dinner
17.Last dance
19.Candy hearts filled with strawberry jam
20.Heart balloons
21.Valentine's day cards, presents, and roses
22.Love song
23.Valentine's day themed onesies + pyjamas
24.Blanket fort & warm cuddles with a hint of chocolate & sweets
25.Your knight in shining armour
26.Disney prince and princess
27.Home spa day
28.Watercolour hearts
29.Truly madly deeply falling in love with you
30.I hold you in my heart, all ways and forever|
121.April fool's special
|1.Make random pranks
2.Scare one another|
122.Easter day special
|1.Buying one of those easy-dye egg kits at a store and proceeding to make an enormous mess in the kitchen
2.Egg hunting
3.Bunny ears + Cute easter pictures
4.Handmade baskets of chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and sweets
5.Painting easter eggs
7.Matching easter outfits
8.Making easter sweets
9.Easter bunny
10.Egg and spoon race
11.Jellybean guessing game
12.Reading easter and spring books
13.Planting flowers
14.Decorating an Easter egg tree
15.Make chocolate fondue
16.Create easter crafts together
17.Beautiful bluebells
18.Easter bunny napkins
19.Easter decorations
20.Making easter special
21.Make some chocolate nests
22.Play bunny, bunny, RABBIT
23.Making easter cards
24.Making an easter pinata
25.Reading easter classics
26.Easter movies
27.Telling easter jokes
28.Making fingerprint bunnies
29.Attending an Easter parade
30.Easter themed pillow forts, warm cuddles, sweets & a warm cup of tea|
123.Halloween special
|1.Jack o' lantern
2.Ghost stories
3.Baking Halloween sweets and treats
4.Treak or treat
5.You scare them | They scare you
6.What you two dress up for Halloween
7.You watch a horror movie
8.They turn into a Horror movie monster
9.Decorating the house
10.Binge-watching American horror story
11.Carve pumpkins
12.Go bobbing for apples
13.Haunted house
14.Set up a spooky dinner
15.Making Halloween themed drinks
16.Making Halloween themed plushies
17.Halloween scavenger hunt
18.Make your own wicked Halloween decorations
19.Halloween themed cards
20.Creepy-crawly hairdo
21.Eyeball punch
22.Crafting Halloween themed bookmarks
23.Visiting a pumpkin patch
24.Watching the nightmare before Christmas
25.Halloween masks
26.Halloween themed paper lanterns
27.Cooking Halloween themed foods
28.Turning your house into a haunted house
29.Halloween bingo
30.Halloween marathon, cuddles, sweets, and warm drinks with cosy blankets|
124.Christmas special
|1.First snowfall
2.Decorating the house
3.Making Christmas cards
4.Hot chocolate, blankets, and warm cuddles by the fire
5.Wrapping up Christmas gifts
6.Decorating the Christmas tree
7.Mistletoe kisses
8.Making a snowman
9.Ugly Christmas jumpers/sweaters
10.Baking holiday treats
11.Watching holiday movies
12.Singing Christmas songs
14.Snowball fight
15.Sharing a scarf/coat
16.Making s'mores
17.Drinking egg nog
18.Gingerbread house
19.Hanging the stockings
20.Snow angels
21.Matching Christmas themed outfits
22.Making Christmas decorations
23.Making watercolour ornaments
24.Christmas naps
25.Christmas outfits for your pets
26.Christmas time with your family/friends
27.Singing Christmas songs with family/friends
28.Christmas dinner
29.Sneaking up at night to put the gifts under the tree
30.Christmas morning, unwrapping Christmas presents|
125.New years | Chinese new year special
New years =
|1.Making a memory board of your fav 202x moments
2.Dance the night away
3.Polaroid picture capturing
4.Cooking a new year's amazing meal
5.Short video of good memories, watching it afterwards with family and friends
6.Small treasure hunt
7.Dressing up in a new year's themed outfit
8.Small game of board games
9.Making hot cocoa while talking and joking around with family and loved ones
10.New year's themed plushies
11.Trip down memory land
12.Taking some small pictures while waiting for the count down
13.Giving small gift to each other
14.Eating dinner with family and loved ones
15.Singing your lungs out
16.New year's pyjamas
Chinese new year = {Most of these I found out from friends who celebrate it, but if I am wrong with something then feel free to correct me}
17.Sweeping the house
18.New year's shopping
19.Decorating the house
20.Making new year's meal
21.Singing some small songs
22.Brighten up with some colours
23.Watching a traditional dance
24.Visiting the market
25.Praying at the temple
26.Spending some time with family
27.Eating dinner
29.Firecrackers and fireworks
30.Count down, fireworks, new year's resolutions, new year's kiss, and a sip of champagne|
126.They fall asleep on you | You fall asleep on them
127.They have a nightmare | You have a nightmare
128.You wear their clothes | They wear your clothes
129.They catch you singing/dancing | You catch them singing/dancing
132.Omega/Alpha/Beta verse
133.Cute pictures of them
134.Snowy days
135.When you dress like them
136.Monster au
137.They turn into a Neko/Inu/Usagi/etc
138.Harry Potter au
139.Mermaid/Merman au
140.Accidental kiss
141.Haunted house
142.Trampoline park
143.Game night
146.Napping together
147.Old record player + Bad dancing
148.Complimenting each other in their native languages
149.Putting sticky notes around the house with compliments, just to remind each other how beautiful/handsome they are
150.Rubbing noses
152.Coffee dates
153.Different types of kisses
|1. Normal kiss/Kiss on the lips
2.Jawline kiss
3.Hand kiss
4.Shoulder kiss
5.Cheek kiss
6.Eyelid kiss
7.Top of the head kiss
8.Good morning/Good night kiss
9.Forehead kiss
10.Nose kiss
11.Ear kiss
12. Neck kiss
13. Back kiss
14.Fingertip kiss
15.Thigh kiss
16.Hip kiss
17.Stomach kiss|
154.Wresting or play fighting
155.Making a Spotify playlist together
156.Listing each other's best features
157.Bike ride
159.Making T-shirts together
160.Nerf gun war
161. Walking around Ikea
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punkscowardschampions · a year ago
Liam & Edie
Liam: get out of work early, I need your help Edie: alright Edie: what are we doing? Liam: I finished a 🎬📽🎞 & it has to be screened tonight at a specific time Edie: do you know what cinema you wanna infiltrate Edie: like, max capacity blockbuster moment or a more independent arthouse style? Edie: I have ideas for both, if you don't already Liam: gotta be sold out seats for max exposure Edie: looking up whatever dumb superhero shit is on right now Liam: put the word out for me too, yeah? 📢 you've got more 👀 on you Edie: of course Edie: keep it vague but intriguing? Edie: what's the angle Liam: my sister is Edie: your sister? Liam: she's 16, would've been Liam: today Edie: the film is for her Edie: not a hard sell Edie: every twat loves a party Liam: every twat's forgotten about her already Liam: I have to do something Edie: I'll get all the people there I can Edie: 16 is a big one Liam: I'm looking for a cake to blow up Liam: big enough to splatter lots of rows but not too huge to sneak in Edie: really do need a pram Edie: if you do wanna go big, my ma has a kiln, easy to bake in and quicker Edie: I could put it in a backpack or some ridiculously oversized handbag my sister has Liam: you're amazing Edie: you or the audience haven't tasted the cake yet Liam: be more fitting if it tastes bad Liam: like we're shoving bittersweet down everyone's throats Liam: & in their faces Edie: that's easily done Edie: toxic hazard here we come Edie: how long have you been working on the vid? Liam: a while Edie: are you happy with it? Liam: there's no more time left to do edits Liam: I gotta get it out there, like I said Liam: 18 is gonna need something bigger Edie: timing is key Edie: did you talk about it Edie: what she'd want to do Liam: looking that far ahead wasn't something she let herself do Edie: that's fair Edie: I haven't looked that far ahead before Edie: we'll make it special Edie: something she'd approve of Liam: there has to be some way to throw a party after that's not the standard gay shit Edie: an anti-party Liam: yeah, without being ☢️ & barcode tattoos about it Edie: so a disgusting cake, what else can we fuck up Edie: bastardized 🎈s are almost a given Edie: maybe we can play some party games Liam: use your talents on the happy birthday song Edie: I'll do my best for you both Edie: did she believe anything happened after you die? Liam: she wanted to come back as someone else, show up back in my life just when she reckoned it'd gotten settled & boring Liam: but I don't think she really believed that, just didn't want me to turn into one of those twats Edie: yeah, most people want to believe something like that Edie: some continuation Edie: but the percentage who genuinely do, I don't know Liam: a lot of shit she said was for my benefit of my ma's, I don't know if she knew I knew that but I did Edie: Yeah Edie: but through reassuring you, she was probably trying to give herself that same comfort Edie: again, whether it worked is unlikely, but we keep going 'til we don't Liam: yeah Liam: I have certainty in her not wanting everyone to act as if she was never here this fast, I'm going with that Liam: her friends, a lad she liked, they're supposed to give more of a shit Edie: we'll make them remember Edie: I was thinking Edie: she'd be in transition year now Edie: they're always having bollocks seminars and lectures Edie: that would be easy to hijack Edie: well, not easy, but we could Liam: you're so fucking smart Liam: I didn't even think Edie: it'd be a way to get the ones who won't hear our call tonight Edie: which are arguably the ones who need a lesson in caring more so Liam: keep it going like pass the parcel Edie: a project worth the waste of time that whole year is Liam: then a holiday, me & you Liam: where we won't waste any time Edie: are we going to find a holiday home? Liam: did you like living with me? Edie: so much Edie: I wanna live with you properly Edie: all the time Liam: then yeah, we'll find a holiday home & when we get back you can move into mine Edie: really? Liam: our mas will both have shit to say about it but so do we Edie: if they're really going to object to that degree Edie: we'll work for enough money to rent our own place Liam: & sleep wherever else we have to until we've got that Edie: as long as I'm with you Edie: I miss you when I'm not Liam: I wanna be with you all the time too Edie: maybe if we split our time between mine and yours, they wouldn't even notice Liam: they can tell themselves they're keeping a better 👀 on us if we do Edie: yeah, and it's not 'as serious' as moving in together Edie: in their minds Edie: guess it'd be better if we were going 'round sleeping with anyone and everyone Liam: I've had more offers since I got a girlfriend than before Liam: must be a shared view between our parents & lots of the girls at school Edie: 😡 Edie: adds to them feeling something if they get to fuck someone over at the same time as, I guess Liam: I'll never hurt you or let anyone else do it Edie: I know you won't Liam: I love you Edie: I love you Edie: no one is gonna stop us from living the life we want Liam: [a pic of a pram he has stolen for her to fill with stuff and there's a birthday pinata in there currently like oh hi] Liam: I found this for you Edie: 😍 Edie: Baby! Edie: you got me wheels Liam: I couldn't stop thinking about you struggling with a heavy backpack Edie: You're so sweet and I'm so excited Edie: is what's going in the pinata a surprise? Liam: I was gonna tell you but lets keep the excitement going Edie: is it 🕷s Edie: or 🦷 Liam: do you know where I can get that many 🦷? Liam: that'd be a great idea Edie: 🤔 Edie: maybe a vet's dumpster Edie: think people dentists study 'em Liam: maybe my ma kept our 👶 teeth Liam: I'll have a look Edie: Mine kept hers Edie: you'd need quite a few to make an impression Liam: the fake blood I'm gonna add will help Liam: but you're right Edie: there's loads of roadkill around mine Edie: could get that for the 🦴🦴 Liam: I don't know if I want you touching it though Liam: you could get sick or something Edie: I've got gloves Edie: the only illness they had was potentially bad eyesight 🚗 Liam: you've gotta be careful, baby Edie: okay Edie: for you Edie: how else can I help you though? Edie: the cake is in Liam: keep thinking, all your ideas are perfect Edie: I wanna be Edie: what about spiking the drinks, but not in a fun way Edie: or is that too 👿 Edie: just a laxative or something, nothing mad Liam: it don't matter, we won't drink it Edie: I definitely won't Edie: don't even miss any of it Liam: we need something that'll make them 🤮 she did lots of that Liam: only fair Edie: what does that 💊🧪 wise Edie: too much salt is a dead giveaway with one sip Liam: charcoal is probably too big a giveaway too Liam: & you can't get ipecac no more Edie: 😕 ugh Liam: we'll have to settle for the laxatives Edie: they'll make themselves sick all on their own Liam: you did make a fucking disgusting cake Edie: you don't even wanna know what I put in it 😏 Liam: I want all your secrets Edie: you can have everything Edie: [a gruesome list of god knows what] Edie: it smells so gross cooking right now Liam: don't make yourself 🤮 Edie: I'm getting some fresh air Liam: what can you 👀? Edie: from here, the pond Edie: which also smells, so I might need to go look at the 🍅🥔s growing instead Liam: go decide on your outfit Edie: what do you want me to look like? Liam: beautiful Edie: nothing more specific? Liam: nah, not until I've seen what you come up with Liam: you test well Edie: 🤞 Liam: 😍 Edie: that's what I want Edie: always Liam: I want you Edie: I can't wait to go away with you Edie: are we going to the sea Liam: we can Liam: we can go anywhere you like Edie: I just wanna watch the sun go down under the waves with you Liam: you watch that, I'll watch your face while it does Edie: You're so Edie: you make me feel like a person Edie: a real one, that matters Liam: you matter to me, Eds Edie: I'm not used to this feeling Liam: you know I'm not either Liam: we'll get used to it Edie: it's like I believe you but I can't believe it Edie: if that makes sense Liam: I get it Liam: I do need you to believe me though Edie: I do Edie: you're just perfect Liam: nah, I'm not Edie: to me then Liam: whatever's wrong with me, we're good together Edie: we're going to make a perfect baby Edie: that always feels like a person Liam: I'm gonna love it even if things go wrong Liam: I need you to know that too Edie: I know you will Edie: and I believe that Edie: I wouldn't have agreed if I didn't Edie: you won't be able to not love your own child Edie: even if it's hard Liam: & I'll wanna be with you, perfect or not Liam: whatever else happens Edie: we can do it Edie: I love you and I want it to work Edie: I wanna be a good mum and give the baby all the love and attention and everything it could ever want and need Edie: that is so much more than most people have Liam: the baby is so fortunate to have you for its ma Liam: you've done everything right already & its not even here yet Edie: I wanna do it right Edie: I can't imagine doing it wrong Liam: I know you will Liam: you set your mind on shit & it gets done, that's how you are Edie: makes me sound like an assassin Edie: don't hate that Liam: I don't hate thinking about you holding a 🔪 Edie: next video Liam: it'll be on my mind until then Edie: I can give you a preview Edie: if you show me the fake blood Liam: [does obviously] Edie: 🤤 Liam: I made extra for you knowing you'd be into it Edie: That's just one of the reasons we work Liam: are you gonna give me the rest of them? Edie: I'll start on the list but I don't know if it'll ever be done enough to be conclusive Edie: and I'd hate for you to think I'm not serious Liam: that's another reason why we work Edie: see, they keep adding up Edie: good thing I didn't commit to tattooing it on me Edie: run out of space so quick Liam: I don't think her video is done enough Liam: I don't know what to do Edie: You'll regret it if you miss her birthday, I think Edie: you'll have chances to add to it and improve on it every year if you want Edie: it's a tough one to know what's enough on, yeah Edie: 'cos what could be Liam: if it's shit I'll have ruined her birthday Edie: do you think it's shit? Liam: I can't tell Liam: I can't feel anything Edie: I can watch it before you show it Edie: or you can just do it Edie: they aren't going to forget it though, regardless, and that's what you want, yeah Edie: for them to remember her Liam: you've gotta watch it on a big screen Liam: I'll watch you & I'll know if it's good or not Edie: okay Edie: I won't tell you I know it'll be good Edie: cheapen my actual reaction Liam: 👌 what do you wanna tell me instead? Edie: another reason we work is you're talented and creative too Liam: I have to try to bring something to the table if we want a perfect baby Edie: you mean aside from how insanely hot you are Liam: its gonna look like you so that don't count Edie: maybe it'll get to be tall like you Edie: my 10 year old sister is already taller than me Liam: you only wanna be taller for kissing me Liam: there'll be a no dating rule until they're like old enough to properly move out Edie: might save your back, that's all Edie: they won't need to, they'll be happy with us Liam: I've already saved yours with this pram, I'm not bothered about mine Edie: but I am Edie: I'll invest in some stilts Liam: & have you snatched up by the circus, nah Liam: don't matter if its twins in there, I'll pick you all up Edie: 🥰 Edie: you make me look and feel like that emoji, legitimately Liam: [a picture of some random people he's sneakily taken a photo of while he's out and about and changed so they have no eyes because he misses and wants to see her rn] Edie: ooh baby Edie: 👁s would be a great pinata filling Liam: have we got time to turn 🍇 or some gay shit into 👀 like a ma on halloween? Edie: OH Edie: speaking of mas Edie: just had a 💡 Liam: what? Edie: she has mealworms to feed the 🐦🦅s Edie: too late for the cake but how perfect Liam: genius Edie: my next idea was going to get some caviar but I don't think my wage is stretching that far Liam: I could steal some Liam: dunno where the fuck from though Edie: bet they don't have any at the spar Edie: there are tadpoles in the pond but I'm not murdering them Liam: the worms will work Liam: I'm on my way to yours, how long til the cake is cooked? Edie: you're coming here Edie: 😄😄😄 the excitement is only going ↗️ Edie: about 10 minutes, though a bit of burning can't hurt Liam: I thought you'd like a hand with decorating Edie: I'd like to see you Liam: you miss me too Edie: so bad Liam: I know Edie: come see me Liam: I kept the secret for as long as I could but I'm nearly there now Edie: no secrets, right Liam: I don't want there to be Edie: I'll tell you everything you wanna know Liam: tell me what we're doing tomorrow Liam: after this Edie: we're gonna get in the car and drive 'til we get somewhre we want to stop Edie: and we'll get fish and chips and ice cream and play on the beach and then we can talk about bringing the baby back and doing it all again Liam: the baby's face when it eats ice cream for the first time Liam: & feels what sand is like Liam: we'll film it all Edie: 🥺 Edie: I feel like I might cry? Liam: everything we don't remember any more we'll do again with our 👶 Edie: there's so much good stuff to relive Edie: stuff we didn't get to do too Liam: yeah, there's lots of shit I've not done Liam: I used to feel properly awkward about it Edie: just 'cos my childhood was weird in an 'exotic' way doesn't mean it weren't too Edie: there's loads of Irish childhood staples that we didn't have Edie: we'll make that list too, for the 👶 Liam: I can't think of a better way to start the baby book Edie: I'm gonna do it for your birthday Liam: yeah? Edie: I've got a feeling Liam: that might be knowing that I'm outside Edie: [dramatic run out] Liam: [we know he's as extra and would immediately stop whatever he's doing/ drop whatever he's holding so they can kiss dramatically, don't get a hole in that pinata yet sir] Edie: [ah you crazy kids, dunno where the rest of the fam is tbh] Liam: [100% gonna say he puts her in the pram and pushes her into this gaff like a giant nerd, so imagine her just squished in there please] Edie: [LOL adorable, try not to break it already] Liam: [you probably don't have time to do pram repairs on top of everything else lads] Edie: [we got schemes honey] Liam: [if you don't draw on each other with icing pens when you're decorating this cake I don't wanna know either of you] Edie: [my boo has put her foot down] Liam: [all the tattoo practice and ideas in any possible artistic medium thank you] Liam: [we all know what saucy behaviour you'll be getting up to as soon as he gets there though] Edie: [but the softest ever tbh 'cos a tough day and you just wanna make sure he's okay] Liam: [honestly there's only so busy you can keep yourself boy, we all see you] Edie: [not gonna force you to talk on it but also gonna be clear it's an option] Liam: [he's just trying to get today over with as if tomorrow and on any other day he won't think about it, oh hun] Edie: [mood] Liam: [where is his mother? what is she doing rn? those are my real questions] Edie: [sad things don't think about it Liam: [anyway we know the vibe so is there anything else you wanna make a point of happening rn before we skip to the aftermath?] Edie: [hmhmhmmm we can probably skip] Liam: [everyone gonna be cross at you lads] Edie: [I like to think the fam was there earlier so they were already moody, but then you come back with the police and you're gonna skip town tomorrow so lol] Liam: [his poor mum having to go down the garda station when she's already living her best life, likewise gonna be in a great mood] Edie: [safe to say you will not be invited back tonight gal] Liam: [Rio is gonna tear Liam a new one cos he was all I'm gonna look after her it's chill when they last talked haha] Edie: [oh lordy] Liam: [I just hope they got to do all their creepy plans before the police ruined it] Edie: [or at least the important ones, and that it went well in that people are talking about it] Liam: [gotta let you have that] Edie: [tis important and a mood] Edie: how's your ma now Liam: she's still going Edie: I thought she'd like it Edie: if you explained what you did Liam: she likes what we did but not how Liam: she don't understand that playing it in the sitting room wouldn't work Edie: she wants to keep it all private Edie: if people feel uncomfortable it's only because they should Liam: we know that Edie: is she more 😭 or 😤 Edie: one is easier to deal with Liam: it's both, at the same time for a while Edie: that must be so exhausting Liam: it's just what she's like Edie: you've not really known her any different? Liam: I must have, but I don't remember Liam: not clear enough Edie: I'm sorry Edie: if I could've taken the blame harder, I would've Liam: I don't want you to take any of it Edie: I don't care about getting into trouble Liam: you will if it sticks next time & you maybe can't earn as much cash Liam: be the perfect ma you've set your heart on Edie: not at the sake of you though Edie: it's so unfair I couldn't take my fair share Liam: you did, you weren't there for the shit I did before that got me my talking to from the 🐷 Liam: it's about her not you Edie: yeah, I know Edie: wish we'd saved the pinata for them though 🐷🤮☠ Liam: we'll make a 🎬📹 I've still got the rave masks Edie: Yes Edie: it's the least we can do Liam: you'll feel a bit better at least Edie: no, it's not about me Edie: how do you think it went, before they showed Liam: you thought it went decently I could see it in your 👀 Edie: it did Edie: it was beautiful Edie: but did you like it? Liam: I reckon she would've Edie: she'd be proud, for sure Liam: yeah Edie: but I am, whilst I can't guarantee that Edie: I can this Edie: are we still going tomorrow Liam: I'll show up, if you can't get out send me a 6 Edie: I'll get out Liam: safely Liam: I'm not gonna watch you fall out your window Edie: I won't, babe Edie: no guard dogs here Edie: they can't keep permanent watch Liam: no 🔥🌉 either though Liam: your ma must already hate me Edie: I'm not staying though Edie: I'll pretend to listen to them Liam: I understand baby, I don't want to be here Edie: I want to take you to the beach Liam: we'll go then Liam: smooth it over after if we have to Edie: I don't know how to care about making them happy, never mind doing it Liam: all you need to do is say what they wanna hear Edie: wait 'til they hear about the baby Liam: we just won't tell them until your 🤰 makes us Edie: but 'til then Edie: literally who knows what they want Liam: we know what your sister wants, she told me Liam: we'll base it off that, be good Edie: 🙄 Edie: she's a fine one to talk Liam: don't you wanna behave with me & for me? Edie: for you, not them Liam: I'm only asking you to do it for me Liam: so they won't be getting in our way Edie: what do you want me to do now then? Edie: tell me Liam: explain why we did it but pretend you're sorry that it got out of hand Edie: alright Edie: I'll hate every second of it but I'll do it Liam: I'll make it up to you Edie: tell me how Liam: 💍 Liam: I'll get you one Edie: you already got me a pram Liam: that was for the 👶 too, I wanna give you something that's just yours Edie: oh Edie: will I have to hide it too though Liam: as long as you don't bury it Edie: we could pretend it's not THE 💍 Edie: put it on a different finger Liam: you've still got great ideas after earlier Liam: you really are a genius Edie: Hardly Edie: I'm just trying very hard to be very good for you Liam: you don't even have to try Edie: I do when it means having to hide how I feel about you Liam: nobody can say shit about me promising to marry you one day Edie: they say all kinds of shit Liam: you don't have to hide that we're in love whatever they say Edie: I never will Edie: they know I am, that they can't change that Liam: if you don't wanna be good we can leave tonight Edie: you're right that it'll make shit easier Edie: I can ignore them Liam: I don't care about shit being easier if you're not happy Edie: I am happy Edie: they might not be happy with the way it's come about but they can't harp on it too hard without making me miserable Liam: I couldn't have done everything today without you Edie: I'm glad I could do that for you Edie: that's how it should be Edie: is going to Edie: I've got your back, you've got mine Liam: yeah, like a family Liam: me & you are, however long this baby takes to show up Edie: there's nothing you could ask that was too much of me, seriously Liam: not a test this time Edie: can handle it either way Liam: I know 👀 Liam: but I can't handle missing you more than I do, if you wanna like be a huge bitch to me or something like Edie: I could try if you wanna be less loveable for a sec too Liam: one sec I'll have to try & stop thinking about how alive you were tonight first Liam: & find a less gay way to say it than that while I'm working on it Edie: you say gay, I say workable lyric or tat inspo Liam: when you've filtered it through your 🧠 it'll be right Liam: all I know is beautiful wouldn't be good enough Liam: 🎇🎆 Liam: either Liam: I think the closest would be when you get a puddle of petrol, all those colours, that kinda bullshit Edie: I wish I could tattoo that onto me Edie: a bruise would be closest to that Edie: but I wish I could see me how you see me more Liam: I'll start filming, see what I can do Edie: you have a year 'til my birthday too Liam: lots of chances to get footage then Edie: be good for the baby too, when it grows up Edie: see we loved them before they even got here Liam: we'll record as much as we can Liam: starting at the beach tomorrow Edie: we'll make a sandcastle dreamhouse Edie: and find the perfect shell to start a collection for them Liam: I don't think I've ever made one Edie: 1/8 ratio water to sand is a good start Edie: then it depends if you want the castle buckets, or a plain one so you can sculpt it yourself Edie: add seaweed, shells and pebbles, et voila Liam: I'm gonna look for enough shells to make a mobile too Edie: 🌌🧠💡 Liam: maybe we can make it sound on top of looking nice Edie: if we find some driftwood too, that would be 🔝 Liam: we'll go back if we don't Liam: until we do Edie: if we like it we can move there Liam: what kind of 🏠 do you want? Edie: one that's the perfect size for just us three Edie: and always feels cosy and like a home and is the place you actually always wanna come back to because it's that comforting Liam: 🗺❌ Liam: I'll take you hunting Edie: maybe we'll find another to takeover when we're down there Liam: lots of them are holiday homes now summer's over they'll be empty Edie: and not everyone invests in good security, even though they're rich enough to Liam: pick the one you like best, I'll get us in Liam: most people don't bother changing their alarm codes from the default Edie: right Edie: they kinda deserve it Liam: if you're not gonna treat your shit like you want it, someone else will take it Liam: why not us Edie: 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ Liam: how long can we stay this time without your ma calling that number herself? Edie: when we're on our way, I could tell her we've gone Edie: rude of her to stifle our creativity 📹🎞📼 Edie: but if we give her something, she might freak less Liam: you got any 🎁 in mind? Edie: you mean getting her a stick of rock or? Liam: whatever works Liam: you know I'll do it Edie: It's not even you, they admit they don't know you Edie: maybe we give them the chance, when we do come back? Liam: 🎲 Liam: alright Edie: it might be totally unbearable Edie: I make no promises to the contrary Liam: you don't have to, you'll be there Liam: unbearable is when you're not Liam: like now Edie: I know Edie: it hurts my heart not being with you right now Liam: if my ma decides to stop, I'll call you Edie: do Edie: I'll get out of here as soon as I'm physically able Liam: me too Liam: even if it means I'm waiting outside for you 👀 Liam: 🛰🌏 Edie: You can wait outside my window any time Liam: 📹🎞📼 Liam: 🤫 Edie: 😳 Edie: everything you do is hot Liam: I'm thinking about you whenever I do anything, maybe that's why Edie: I won't dispute that Edie: even though you definitely deserve more credit Liam: you can give it to me when the credits roll on your film & you realise what you look like to me Liam: & that everything I do is to turn you on or make you smile, laugh, all that happy shit Edie: I don't know what I ever did to deserve you Edie: but I'll be a better person from now if it means I get to keep you forever Liam: nah, don't change a single thing Edie: 🤏 😈 🤏 😇 Edie: got it Liam: we won't show every 🎬🎞 to the 👶 Liam: or every 🎤🎧 either come to think of it Edie: got to have things to protect them from Edie: may as well be us, not actually a threat Liam: [sending her all the cute baby videos such as when they eat a 🍋 etc like this will be us because we can't be dealing with our mother popping off anymore] Edie: [sending her stuff of the twins 'cos that big sister evidently lol] Edie: him* soz babe Liam: [Grace would die if she knew] Edie: [when you are 10 and MORTIFIED honey] Liam: [when his ma is having a breakdown and he's just spamming the bae with random adorable baby content from the internet casually] Edie: [so sorry to your ma but also not sorry we did] Liam: [he can't handle all your emotions gal I'm soz, we're living our best fantasy life here instead] Liam: [I vote this happens until he can actually call her and thus end the convo cos we know they highkey enough to do that]
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rinnnyxr · a year ago
Today you: visited a psychologist peed your pants were denied an entry to a club played video games wished for something bad to happen to someone you knew took a shower with someone else hurt an animal lied on this survey lost your virginity shaved your chest watched a movie/series you haven’s seen before puked were happy went to a store didn’t shower yet listened to one song on repeat finished someone else’s food or drink made fun of someone logged into Facebook drank coffee
This week, you: fell asleep in class/at work got bullied shoplifted fooled around with someone at a party wore a push-up bra broke up with someone saw someone naked got a ticket drank tea donated found a new song you like told a joke that no one liked had to repress your feelings towards someone got drunk with a family member were in a love triangle felt jealous ate meat sang in the shower slept in a car smoked
This month, you: felt like killing someone peed outside wore UGG boots got drunk had a surgery lost a family member pranked someone went to a protest rode a motorcycle clogged a toilet had a surprise party danced were in a car accident experienced something paranormal owned an iPhone saw someone in need of help peed in the shower were in a relationship lasting longer than a year had a bloody nose peed while standing up
This year, have you: pulled an all-nighter lied about your age stolen from a friend cried yourself to sleep wore new clothes slept in until 5 pm streaked been a good person fantasized about someone read the Bible been bitten by a dog been afraid of bugs snoozed your alarm more than 2 times eaten at McDonald’s made new friends gotten into a relationship had nightmares drunk coffee lied to get a job stolen money from your family swum in the ocean been suspended from school been to a funeral had a trainer or a mentor been fired from a job gone to the gym told a racist joke seen Frozen been to a church uploaded something funny been in a band gotten a new car felt sick gone public without a bra shot a gun wore skinny jeans had intimate relationship with someone fallen asleep in the cinema stolen cried
This year so far, have you broken up with someone via text message been allergic to something played spin the bottle put makeup on found money on the floor been a bully been scared at a horror movie gotten hit by a car seen my best friend naked played the same song on repeat a few times played with a hula hoop flashed your boobs at a concert hated Mondays been broken up with gone to a club seen your father read your significant other’s text messages farted in public seen The Titanic locked yourself out of your house had a homosexual experience lost your virginity had a teacher you liked worn a thong bribed someone lost your contact lenses/glasses meditated been to Disneyland slept with someone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend had a boyfriend prank called anyone touched an electric fence aced a test driven an automatic had a friend who betrayed you gotten fooled on April Fools given someone a fake phone number played with LEGO had a sibling smoked a cigarette been called a tease been on TV or radio kept an ex’s underwear changed clothes in a vehicle peed in a sink stayed a night in a hospital witnessed something paranormal made fun of feminism been to a wedding worn underwear from someone of the opposite sex smoked a cigar broken a pinata laughed so hard you peed walked for more than six hours tried to get your crush drunk tried lucid dreaming been to a concert seen The Lion King had a discussion with a teacher traveled alone aced a test without studying had sex cheated on a test or exam played paintball sung karaoke read a whole Harry Potter book used discount coupons secretly read someone’s diary wanted to get married listened to pop music knitted got punched in the face been clinically depressed had surgery sleepwalked tripped in public gotten asked if I had some drugs to sell walked a moonlit beach gambled been in a church tried to guess someone’s password had a gaming console had a romantic relationship with two different people at the same time had a girlfriend broken a bone forgotten my friend’s birthday
Bold all of the awkward situations you've been in:
Asked someone to repeat something more than two times... and still didn't understand what they said
While doing a test, your stomach began to growl loudly over and over again
Called your teacher mom/dad
Froze while talking to your crush
Laughed at what someone said because you didn't hear them
Made eye contact with someone you kind of knew in public and didn't say anything
Waved at someone only to find out they weren't waving at you
Gave someone a high five even though they were giving you props, or vice versa
Went to the bathroom and walked in on someone by accident
Said something behind someone's back only to find them behind you
Made eye contact with a stranger and didn't look away
Said a joke and laughed at it while everyone else remained silent
Farted loudly in public
Said goodbye to someone then proceeded to walk in the same direction as them
Kept interrupting someone by accident and repeated "no, you go ahead" over and over
Walked into the wrong class
Made small talk then sat in awkward silence
Was forced to work on a project with someone you hated and had to pretend you didn't hate them
Watched a movie with your parents and had to pretend you didn't notice the sex scenes
Got caught staring at someone you liked... more than once
Had a waiter say to you "enjoy the food" and responded with "thanks, you too"
Pushed a door that said "pull" or vice versa
Got caught masturbating
Had to do ice breaker games and said something uninteresting
Placed a dish in the sink while someone was doing the dishes
Had to respond to the dentist's small talk even though you had tools in your mouth
Went to an event and found someone wearing the same/almost the same outfit as you
Accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom
Had to quickly put your change away because there was people waiting in line
Had a waiter ask you "how is the food" and you couldn't respond because you were eating
Clogged the toilet in someone else's bathroom
Tried a new food and didn't like it, but didn't want to be rude so you pretended to enjoy eating it
Had your phone ring during a movie at the theatre
Sent a text to the wrong person
Stalked someone's account and accidentally liked an old post
Had someone hold a door for you then had to speed walk so they wouldn't have to wait that long
Bumped into your ex
Had a bad first kiss
Went in for a hug when the person was only going to give you a hand shake or vice versa
Was the last person picked for a team
Had a boner while doing a presentation
Doubled texted and got left on read
Tripped on air
You always have the most fire outfits You're always hyping up your friends You've never the first one to make a move Your instagram feed is very aesthetically pleasing You give out compliments like candy In fact, you rarely have a bad thing to say about anyone You always tell people right away if they have something stuck in their teeth You love stuffed animals You love real animals, too, and have rescued one You have great table manners You're wildly skilled when it comes to TikTok dances You have a butterfly emoji next to your name on Instagram or Snapchat You use the sparkle ✨emoji pretty frequently You've planned at least part of your life via Pinterest board You love watching clothing hauls and makeup tutorials on YouTube You're a big fan of hugging and hand holding You tend to be pretty quiet at social gatherings Your laptop case and water bottle are covered in stickers Your go-to Starbucks order is a refresher or iced tea You always look cute at the gym The group chat sees your selfies before social media does You love calling people by nicknames or pet names You're very diligent about your skincare regimen You always write out your schedule in a planner or bullet journal Your star sign is Libra, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, or Cancer You doodle in the margins of your notes a lot in class You're the peacemaker of your friend group You have a large scented candle collection You look forward to sweater weather all year long You use a lot of exclamation points in texts and emails
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ksyescribe · 2 years ago
𝐵𝑜𝑦𝑠 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑎 𝐿𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑛𝑥 𝑆/𝑂 (𝑖.𝑒. 𝐿𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑛 𝐾𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠) ♡
Tumblr media
Featuring: Nishinoya, Tanaka, Bokuto A/N: I started these headcanons a few days back when I was in the middle of a rest/writer slump and just finished them today. They’re hella messy but I really enjoyed writing them and I hope that you guys enjoy reading them :))
Y’all we’ve known that Noya is a Latin King himself like cmon now? Do y’all see his energy??
Anyways he would 1000% have a latina girlfriend like I just KNOW IT IN MY SOUL
You never have to feel embarrassed about your family with him because he’s just as loud as they are!!!
He literally vibes with EVERYONE in your family
The loud ass fuck drunk uncles? He’s vibing
Ladies in the kitchen making the traditional food? Vibing. He even offers to help!!!
Little kids playing the weirdest games with a bunch of chairs at the back of the party? Vibing. 
Noya would just fit so perfectly in those loud as hell hispanic parties like I can just imagine him being a visual learner and seeing everyone dance like bachata, salsa, and all the other dances 
AND THEN he grabs you and just starts pulling you to the dance floor to dance with him
He’s actually so good??? Like he literally watched for a few minutes and just started moving?? This mans hips? Wow they’re out here swaying from side to side be prepared
Wow I went off on the party but like, Noya would just be so happy to be dating you
He really doesn’t care that you’re a foreigner and what not, he just knows your personality, heart, and whole being are beautiful and that he’s so lucky to have you
I think the whole relationship would be filled with so much happiness and excitement because you’re both learning about each other’s cultures and stuff without even trying
Like you invite him over to meet your family one day and it just happens to be the day your mom is making Pan Dulce and like the most traditional plate of food from your country
And when he sits down to eat he just loves it so much!! Literally will not stop eating, your mom’s about to cry because no one’s ever eaten her food with that much gusto before
Idk bout y’all but my parents love to take pictures from ALL our family trips and we have hats and stuff from all that so pops would probably sit down with noya and show them all of that and noya just loves it!! Like so much his eyes are starry eyes (perhaps what inspires him to travel the world hmmm)
If you have siblings he definitely will play with them when he comes over.
Will probably do that plane thing that adults do where they’re just making the kids fly all around (your siblings love him so much it’s crazy)
Never one for giving too many lessons but if you ask him about something in Japanese culture he’ll probably look a place he can take you to show you more
His favorite times are when you ask about anything food related because it means he can take you on dates to restaurants where he gets to see your reactions
He loves taking you to like the Shonen Jump shops or anything similar because just watching you go through all the parts of the store and seeing all these things catch your attention would make him so soft
Probably grabs your hand and gives you a quick cheek kiss when he’s watching you
Would be 1000% down to go back to your home country
Loves you, your culture, and even tries to learn some Spanish for you
(but his accents so thick you laugh every time he tries to speak, it’s okay you give him a kiss and some sweets from your country as a thank you for trying)
Right so
I don’t even know where to begin with Tanaka because I literally have like 75000 thoughts of him at a bull riding event going through my mind
BUT he’s a soft boy I know for a fact, loud on the outside but very soft.
With Tanaka I do see him wilding out at parties
Like imagine him seeing a pinata for the first time? 
Better have a separate pinata for him because he’ll go crazy swinging on that thing
Is even more surprised that there’s candy inside!!!! Like what?? He thought hitting it was super fun but now this?
Loves it, immediately wants to break open another one
But I also see Tanaka being super soft with your family
Like have you seen the manga panel of him floating around in an apron? 
Your grandma would probably give him one of her aprons and she’ll be teaching him how to make tortillas in such a soft spanish
And he looks so panicked?? Just glancing at you every single second, trying to figure out if he’s doing it right or not. 
Constantly asking you “What is she saying? Am I doin it right? Can you please tell her I’m trying my best?” 
God I’m so soft like I just love him so much
Your grandma loves him always rubbing his head and pinching his cheeks
He always blushes super hard when she does that and turns even more red when you tell him that she likes him and calls him “Mijo” now
She actually tells him stories about the olden days back home and Tanaka listens so intently even though he doesn’t understand but then turns to you as you translate the story
Warms up to the affectionate side of hispanic families really quick, like he kisses you on the cheek when he meets your family like second nature. He even did it to you one morning and then got all red when he remembered that they don’t really be doing that shiz in Japan
I feel like Tanaka would really really like the traditions hispanic families do or how much emphasis they put on holidays and family together
Like he’ll probably come over on the 24th for Noche Buena and just loves the atmosphere of the holiday and the connection with family (and of course the food) 
It’s a really big contrast to the quieter Christmas his family will be celebrating the next day
Will definitely bring a Japanese Christmas Cake from the fanciest store he can afford as his own gift to the potluck
I know we see Tanaka as wild as hell sometimes but I feel like in a hispanic setting he’ll just go soft, or maybe I’m just soft for him who knows
So for all my POC do y’all know when you’re at the store with your immigrant parents and they see a cute boy and they’re like “You see him, I want you to find someone as handsome as him.” (my mom says this to me literally all the time god damn bro pls im trynna live)
This is what every hispanic mother says when they see Bokuto
All the ladies in your family will literally get FLUSTERED when you bring him home
“Ay Mija he’s so handsome why didn’t you tell us”
(This happened to me once never brought a boy home ever again smh)
Anyways he gets the approval from your male relatives when he helps them lug all the heavy shit they work with with no problem
Like he just grabs something that’s 50 pounds and he’s like , “Yeah where do you guys need this?”
He’s so versatile, like I feel like he can vibe with any setting your family’s at
Loud party type? Vibing. Gossiping in the kitchen with your aunts and cousins? Man’s is INVESTED in the chisme! The guys in your family working on home renovations or on any other project? He’s helping them hands down.
Is the type to eat ALL the food that your family offers him. He will literally have a bite of everything even before you tell him what it is. Your mom is beaming when he eats her Arroz Con Leche
Cannot bake for ANYTHING!!! But he somehow cooks meat perfectly?? I’m so?? He literally cannot make any sweets but if you gave him some slabs of meat or a pork shoulder to roast he has that down perfectly.
Your mom actually asks him to come over and help her make the Pernil for special occasions because he’s the only one who can manage to make the skin as crisp as he does. The only one who knows how to do it better is your grandma
Will beg for you to bring him stuff back to your home country. He wants it all: souvenirs, shirts, candy, chips. He even tries to give you money but you brush him off.
Of all three of these boys I feel like he’s the most likely to actually go visit your home country with you!! Like he’s so excited to go out there and see the place where your family comes from
When he gets there EVERYONE will love him.
Somehow makes friends with strangers on the street (something that I’ve done irl when I go back home lmaooo)
He wants to try every single food cart around the area.
Falls in love with the people and food of your country. You’ll probably be on your first trip and he’s already asking you when you can go back. 
If you ever take him to all the nature filled areas or just like a random river that runs through a certain area he’ll be enamored!
Loves the country, loves the culture, loves you :)
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join-the-joywrite · 2 years ago
Hamish & Vera soulmate au headcannons
Sometimes I'm like a red traffic light and sometimes I'm like the Flash of writing. Would you look at that, another one for the collection! Seriously, please write these and tag/link me I'm begging--
For today's rambling, we have what you write on your skin appears on your soulmate's. I'm aiming for a little happiness, given I'm still upset about the colours one and the first/last words one. Allons-y!
Vera and Hamish were best friends as soon as Hamish finally learned how to write. They shared all their stories with one another and for the most part, told each other everything.
Their parents got them washable markers when they were 10 and 6 respectively because it was getting a little hard to stop children from writing on their arms with pens that were stubborn or toxic markers.
Strange thing was that they never actually introduces themselves and they never really noticed that they didn't know each other's names. It never mattered. This was the one person in the whole world that knew them better than anyone else -- and they had no idea who the other was. It was kind of special.
Hamish wrote about how he got bullied for wearing sweaters. They called him a nerd and teacher's pet in tones that said it was the most hateful thing to be.
Vera wrote back the most cunning ways to get back at the bullies until Hamish ended up being almost a poster boy for his school while still maintaining some kind of commanding aura. At age 8.
Hamish was the first person to learn that Vera was pregnant.
"WHAT? But -- but you are a child!!" "We are leading very different lives."
"I asked my mom and she said children shouldn't be having kids but I think you'll be okay. You're stronger than anyone I know and I think your kid's gonna love you lots." Vera never tells anyone that she finds the most support in a little twelve year old kid whose name she isn't really inclined to learn.
When Vera's baby dies, Hamish is the only person she speaks -- or writes -- to. He's the only person she's never afraid to spill all her secrets to.
"If you got invited to join a secret society that could possibly be a cult of murderers, would you do it?" "What do they offer, though?" "Free drinks and magic." "I'd say go for it."
Hamish thinks it's a joke and Vera knows a 14 year old kid isn't gonna know any better but she listens to him anyway and powers through initiation, catching the eyes of her Temple Magus and the then Grand Magus.
"Hey, remember that cult I was telling you about? I accidentally got the leader killed but I got a promotion." "I'm so proud of you! Hey, what do you think about law school?" "Absolutely not." "For me?" "Oh. Go for it. I believe in you."
And it's that message from Vera that makes Hamish push through his first year at Belgrave, despite being turned into a werewolf somewhere in the third month.
Vera is the most respected Adeptii in the entire Order. She has her eyes set on Temple Magus. Most would think she was after power, but Vera just wants to set things straight. She just wants to make the Order everything it promises to be.
She's staying late at the temple one night. She feels a light tapping on her arm and rolls up her sleeves. Had she imagined it or was she starting to feel her soulmate's thinking stage?
"Remember that girl I told you about from that club I joined?" "Yeah. Did you finally ask her to be your girlfriend?"
Vera's teasing smile vanishes when she sees "she's dead" printed on her arm. The ink starts to run. She knows he's crying. She waves her hand over her arm and the ink vanishes. If he notices and asks her about the sudden disappearance, she'll say it was just a wet cloth.
"Do you want to talk about it or do you want me to distract you?" There is a long pause and Vera feels her heart beat faster. He wouldn't do anything irrational, right? "Distract me, please."
Vera tells him all about her day. She tells him how she's mastering all the skills the cult (she only ever calls it a cult on her arm) requires and she's almost at the top of the food chain. She tells him she wants to get a job at the university and she tells him she's afraid she won't be able to make a change in the world.
Despite his grief, Hamish manages to slowly write to Vera how he truly believes in her and that he knows she can do anything she puts her mind to.
Years pass. Hamish tells Vera about two new family members he's found. Vera tells Hamish about how she's got the job of her dreams. Hamish tells Vera that if they met by chance one day, he'd ring her into the family. Vera tells Hamish that she would induct him into her cult. They laugh but still, they don't reveal themselves. The anonymity of it gives them a sense of security and strangely enough, safety.
With the entrance of Jack Morton comes a whirlwind of drama and action to both of them. Their stories are filled with tales of this new member and all the strange things he does.
"I'm his boss! I'm his boss and he just does not listen to a word I say! Today, I found out he's been practicing skills only for professionals. It's like giving a kid a gun for a pinata. He is driving me insane."
"You're telling me. Our 'gender-neutral collective's new member is having a severe mental breakdown and I'm pretty sure I saw him talking to a coat rack earlier. I gave him a drink and he took it like a shot so I gave him a shot to see what he'd do and. He. Sipped. At. It."
Neither of them are aware that they're talking about the same person.
"I think I have a soft spot for the screw-up."
"I know the feeling, we call ours the family screw-up. Affectionately, of course."
"Of course."
After the burning of the Vade Maecum, Vera lies awake in bed, unable to find rest. So she grabs her marker, only to find a message waiting for her.
"Dear Diary, today I met a girl unlike any other. She's sharp, strong, brave and powerful. She reminds me of you. She helped me defend my dumbass family from some pretentious assholes. Honestly, she's a force of nature on her own. I wouldn't want her to hate me because I'm pretty sure she'd kill me if she did."
Vera smiles. "Sounds like someone has a crush."
"Gross, don't be so middle school."
Vera manages to find peaceful rest after a few more minutes of talking.
A few days later, Vera asks about the girl. "What girl?" "Nothing. How was your day?"
Vera doesn't understand why she no longer hears stories about the family of oddballs.
Vera doesn't make the connection.
She tells him she's head of the cult. Hamish draws party streamers and balloons. They're absolutely terrible but they make Vera laugh. "I'm proud of you." "Thank you."
"Dear diary, today I joined a secret club." "What, like a book club?" "Well . . . there are a lot of books here."
Vera finds a welcome sense of familairty and faintly, home, when the stories start pouring in about the family again.
"So today I had to pull a thorn out of a baby's foot. Said baby is turning 19 this year."
"Oh, you poor soul. A couple of new members drank the entire cult's worth of booze last night. Who even drinks that much and can still walk well enough to leave?" Hamish thinks about the welcome party at the temple. "You'd be surprised."
"I almost died today." For a second, neither of them realise they've written the same sentence. They make the connection to Belgrave and Rogwan. Neither are sure that other is saying that because they met the demon and did stupidly dangerous things or because they knew about the Excidium. Neither asks that question. "I almost died today and one of the biggest regrets I would've had was that I never got to see the face behind all the stories I've come to adore." "I know." "We should try to find each other." "We should."
But they don't. Anonymity protects them, it keeps them safe and it keeps their soulmates away from the dangers of the Order and the Knights -- so they think.
Instead, Hamish talks about losing Lilith. He calls her his feisty, brash, smart and loving little sister. He cries. Vera watches the ink run. Vera thinks about Lilith, about the sacrifice she made so that the Vera wouldn't perform the Excidium. Vera's sure that Lilith didn't do it for her or for Belgrave, but for the Knight down in the corridor with her and the knights running around Belgrave with no fear. Regardless, Lilith is what stopped the Excidium and a great deal of people owe her their lives -- Vera included. Vera thinks about Jack watching the portal swallow Lilith up whole. Vera thinks about Hamish having to carry her loss. Vera thinks about Randall having to soldier on without one of the few people who have never judged him about anything. The ink runs on their arms, but not just from Hamish's tears.
Late one night, Hamish can't sleep and watches the words write themselves om his arm. "I thought about her today. But it was so so powerful. Like being physically hit with those memories. You'd think by now I'd have come to terms with it--" "You can't keep blaming yourself." "Knowing that doesn't change the fact that I do and I will." "I know. Do you want to talk about her?" And Vera talks about her daughter until she falls asleep. Hamish reads the words filled with love and loss and adoration and joy until he falls asleep too.
When Foley and Salvador attack, behind thinking about what the hell will happen to the Knights and the Order without them, Vera and Hamish keep hoping that their soulmate doesn't start panicking. Vera recovers from Foley first and leaves a message. She needs someone to talk to, someone who won't feel the consequences of knowing and someone she knows will never turn her weaknesses against her. Hours later, she tries again when there's no response. As time ticks by, she starts getting restless. Not only is Hamish missing, but now so is her soulmate.
Once Jack and Randall break Hamish out, to keep himself from storming up and tearing Foley apart, he lifts his sleeve. Shit. "Randall do you have a pen?"
"Why would I have a -- yeah, okay, I do. Here."
"Sorry," he writes, "got a little held up and I lost my marker. Are you okay?"
Vera is slightly relieved. One of them is okay. But Hamish is still missing. "Waiting on someone. He's not supposed to be gone this long."
In her worrisome state, Vera doesn't notice that the pen ink is vanishing just as fast as thr washable marker. If she had been paying it any attention, she would have come to the conclusion that Order member or not, her soulmate was a practitioner.
"Is everyone okay?" She stares at Hamish, relief flooding her body. Damnit, she wasn't supposed to get attached to someone. She didn't think she could do that. But what was there to do now?
"Hey, I've got something to tell you." "Go on." "Remember that girl I told you about last year?" "Yes." "I think" Vera waits for the rest of the sentence. "You think?" "I really like her."
Vers suddenly doesn't feel guilty about Hamish anymore. She sits up in her bed. "Tell me all about her." "You sure you won't get jealous?" Vera laughs to herself. "I won't if you don't." "Oh! Someone has a new boyfriend!" "Maybe. Now tell me about this girl."
And Hamish starts. And Hamish cannot stop. Vera's watched his wipe his arm already three times and he still hasn't stopped. When he pauses, Vera takes the chance to write "You don't like her." "I do, though." "No, you don't. You LOOOVE her!" Vera can't shake the image that if they were sitting together and speaking, she would have sprinted away by now to avoid the attacks her teasing would bring. It makes her smile.
"Shut up! Tell me about your new boyfriend." "He's not my boyfriend." "Yet." Vera pauses. "We'll see." "Tell me about him."
Vera starts. And Vera cannot stop. Hamish watches the words appear and can't help falling in love with the way she loves this man. "Someone's in luuurve!" "Am not." "Are too." "Whatever."
He thinks about Vera. You don't like her, you love her. Maybe. Yeah, maybe he does.
"I lost her. I could've helped her and I didn't." "I don't think there was anything you could've done more. You said she was attacked." "I drove her away. I pushed her into leaving the one place that could've prevented the attack. And I couldn't save her. I just I can't keep losing people. This cult is poison. I thought I could make it better. I thought I could take it by the reigns and guide it. Instead I keep getting the younger ones killed." "It's not your fault." "I could honestly really use a drink right now but I already sent the boyfriend home. He's gone some stuff to deal with too. His family is . . . hinging on broken."
Vera wonders if he fell asleep when there's no response. She lays her head on her upper arm, looking at the words on her forearm. And then they vanish. Like . . . like magic. How the hell had she never noticed before?? Very slowly, new letters form
V . . . e . . . r . . . a . . . ?
Vera shoots up and sits straight, holding her arm. What the fuck? What the fuck did I say that gave me away?? And who the fuck knows me well enough to figure me out based on something I said??
Vera is grateful for the distraction her phone brings as it lights up with a text -- from Hamish. "I heard you could use a drink."
Vera tiptoes downstairs warily, relieved to find Hamish behind her counter with a drink in front of him. A drink for her.
"I thought I sent you to the den. The knights--"
"Are all asleep. You, on the other hand, aren't."
Vera takes a seat at the counter, hands around the glass. As Hamish tidies up, she catches sight of his bare forearm, where her name is written in the same hand writing as on her own arm. When his back is turned, she uncaps the marker and writes, Hamish?
He laughs softly to himself. Then, "Do you want to talk about it?"
"About what?"
"Do you want to talk about Lilith?"
"You're right, a distraction would be better."
And distract each other, they did.
I might write this one out oop
See other soulmate aus I've attacked
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tacojisung · 2 years ago
Being His Latina Girlfriend | G Dragon
Tumblr media
 At first when he met you he would be hounding you whenever you entered the room
 And I mean hounding you as in; stares at you with no shame, winks at you even if people are looking, lip biting, etc.
You only knew him because Taeyang had introduced you both and regretted it after
“G, can you stop drooling over her for just one minute and pay attention to the keys you’re pushing on the control panel!”
You would just be visiting them one day, while bringing them some food to eat since Taeyang had texted you saying he missed your delicious -tortas- food.
So you being the kind ass would bring the most you could carry with you.
Once Jiyong saw you walk through their studio doors with bags full of food and drinks, uff, heart eyes and thirst yo
“(y/n)! Here let me help you!” 
Would push Daesung out of the way to help you
Taeyang and Seunghyun would only shake their heads and laugh 
Once he had taken all the bags from your hands he would just smile at you, eyes sparkling
“Gracias Jiyong!”
His heart would just kick his chest at you thanking him in your native tongue
“Anything for you baby”
“Yah, who let their dog off their leash?” 
Meanwhile Seunghyun would high five Taeyang as Daesung would laugh with them making Jiyong scowl at them
Once he had asked you to be his girlfriend and you said yes, oh boy
Little kisses here, little hugs there
He would not let you out of his sight
Would cherish you to the bone
Calling you jagi, mamacita, baby, princesa
And IF you are younger than him -96 liner or something- uff, would make you call him “oppa”
“Hey Ji, can you-”
“Nu uh, princesa.”
“Yes, baby?”
Would ask you to cook together your traditional dishes of your culture
Probably would let something burn because he becomes all touchy with you
“Can you stop kissing me? The food’s going to burn.”
“Let it burn. Right now I just want your ass in that bedroom in five seconds.”
“I’m not letting my house burn because of your horny ass!”
A lot of spanish arguing from your part about something stupid that you both are fighting about
Would highkey find it hot af
Wouldn’t know what you are saying but would argue back with you just for fun
“You sound so fucking hot when you talk Spanish to me”
Would ask you after to teach him some curse words to use them against the guys
Then the following day he would walk into the studio with a grin on his face while the others are just thinking he got laid like usual
“Hey putos!”
Daesung, Seunghyun and Taeyang would just turn to look at him like “wtf did you just say to us”
But Taeyang would probably already know what he meant since he is your best friend and you had taught him some spanish by now
“Tú puto, pendejo.”
Jiyong would just stand and try to remember something else you had taught him as Taeyang would just be smug
“Eres…” would start to panic lowkey
“Ya cállate la boca, and help us you idiot”
Pouty boy all day 
Honestly I just think he would be so into you and would want to meet your family even if they might not be able to talk to one another comfortably, he would try his hardest to get along with them for you
“I think your dad likes me” he would say with a smug smile
“Oh really? What makes you say that?”
Would point to his tattoo on the back of his neck, “He said he liked my tattoo and asked for info on who did it”
Your mom would probably love him because he knows how to make ponche just the way she likes it
“Ya casense!”
“What did your mom say?”
Taeyang would just walk into the kitchen and grab some ponche before saying “She said to get married already.”
You death glare at him meanwhile Jiyong would smile so wide my god that gummy smile
Taeyang is basically your mom’s favorite Korean son she wished she had
Basically spends his free time there because of your mom’s amazing food and your dad’s stash of tequila 
Ji loves how you guys have huge parties for anyones birthday
Could be Taeyang’s birthday and they would have a taquero, mariachi, hella candy for the kids, pinatas, lots and lots of food, even the neighbors would be there along with the guys (Daesung, Seunghyun and Seungri)
Loves how everyone is so friendly and how your uncles and aunts are getting down crazy with the banda and alcohol
“And I thought we got crazy with so much alcohol”
He would have a blast seeing kids trying to break open the pinata, that he would help the little ones try to break it
That’s when you realize you want kids with him because he’s so loving with kids and he just looks like a natural dad with them
He would turn to you smiling with one of your nephew’s in his arms with a bag full of candy for him
In the end, just get yourself a Kwon “G Dragon” Jiyong as a boyfriend
Tumblr media
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stahlop · 2 years ago
Not all Treasure is Silver and Gold (sometimes it’s chocolate)
Tumblr media
Summary: Killian takes his children on a trick or treat treasure hunt to learn about the town’s history and reflects on his own in the process.
Here is my CS Role Reversal collaboration. Thank you @allons-y-to-hogwarts-713​ for the artwork! It is amazing and inspired the fluffiest story I think you’ll ever read.
A big shout out to @profdanglaisstuff​ for being my beta.
This is probably the fluffiest, sweetest thing I've ever written in my life. Enjoy!
Rated G
A03 link
They turned on to Main Street, the witch and two pirates, carrying with them some of the loot they had already discovered. The witch, though small, was the de facto leader of the group, instructing the small band of characters where to go with the map in her hand.
“The last clue said that we would find the fruit of the Evil Queen where the werewolves lie. That’s at Granny’s and we’re looking for apples,” the witch said matter of factly, as if that were the most straightforward answer. The smaller of the two pirates looked a little wary.
“You don’t agree with the lass?” the larger of the pirates asked. “Do you have a different idea?” He prodded the other pirate. The small pirate looked pensive, as if he had a question he wanted to ask but wasn’t sure how to with his limited vocabulary. The witch put her hands on her hips in a perfect imitation of her mother, not liking that they had to wait when she clearly knew she was correct.
“Daddy?” The small pirate finally asked in a small voice, his green eyes opened unnaturally wide. “The apples won’t put us to sleep will they?” Killian Jones gulped. Oops.
“Of course not, DL. It’s just a game!” Hope Jones, 7-years-old and knower of everything there was to know (obviously), huffed at her little brother. Killian tried not to laugh for DL’s sake. Dylan Liam Jones was only three and couldn’t always distinguish between fiction and reality, or in this case, the past and the present.
Killian got down on one knee to talk with his son, not a small feat as he was in his full pirate regalia, something he only brought out for Halloween nowadays. And they were in the middle of Main Street with swarms of other trick or treaters around them. “You know I would never do anything to hurt you, right DL? The clues are both to help you understand our history and to get candies, sweets, and treasure!” He said reassuringly. The boy nodded, his pirate hat a little too big for his head and falling forward on each nod. Snow had tried to make the costume as close to Killian’s pirate ensemble as she could, but the hat they’d had to buy from a costume shop in town (even after all these years, Emma didn’t quite trust Jefferson to help her out, even though he’d apologized profusely to her once the curse had been lifted and he was reunited with his daughter). Even though Killian didn’t wear a pirate hat, DL had seen Peter Pan quite a few times and wanted a hat similar to that of Captain Hook. Killian had been horrified.
“Can we go now?” Hope said in an annoyed tone. She was impatient when it came to DL and also had the attitude of a teenager, or so Emma had told Killian.
“Are we ready, lad?” Killian asked DL. The little boy nodded. Killian took his hand.
“Finally!” Hope exclaimed starting to run ahead.
“Hope Alice Jones,” Killian said firmly. Hope stopped in her tracks. She knew she wasn’t supposed to run ahead. She turned around and headed back to her father and brother. “Good lass. Now, we have a whole row of houses to procure candy from before we get to Granny’s. Are we ready?” Killian asked.
“We’re ready!” the Jones children shouted.
“Onward then!”
Granny’s boasted all sorts of candied apples. Regular candied, caramel, some with nuts and some with sprinkles, whatever the kind the children were in heaven. Granny was nice enough to cut them into slices to make them easier for the children to eat.
“Might I bother you for a bit of pumpkin pie?” Killian asked Granny as she brought the sugary treats to their booth. Granny nodded and gave him a smile. She still had a soft spot for the pirate and denied him nothing. Even when there were children swarming all around.
The apples came with their next clue. Killian had to hand it to the Storybrooke Town Council, they knew how to get the town involved. The Storybrooke Historical Scavenger/Treasure Hunt had become a town staple over the past five years. It was a fun, yet educational, way to introduce the children to the town’s fairytale past while getting treats and sweets at the same time.
Killian took the card they had been given and read the next clue. “Fill me up with candy and I might explode when you say boo! But don’t feed any chocolate to the cats and dogs that might be around you.” Killian paused and looked at the kids. They looked at him expectantly, caramel and sprinkles clinging to their faces. “Any ideas?” He asked them.
DL scrunched his face up and thought over the clue. “Fill me up with candy and...what was the next part daddy?” he asked. Hope huffed again, annoyed that her little brother couldn’t remember something so simple.
“I might explode when you say boo. It’s a ghost pinata!” She exclaimed. “Like the unicorn one I had at my last birthday party. Remember, we hit it with a stick until candy came out?” Her tone of voice had changed midway through to excited. “But where is the pinata, daddy?” Hope asked.
Killian reread the last part of the clue again. “But don’t feed any chocolate to the cats and dogs that might be around you. Know of any place that might have cats and dogs, little loves?” Hope and DL put their heads together and discussed where they thought it might be.
“The Storybrooke Animal Shelter!” they proclaimed.
After cleaning up their sticky hands and faces, they trick or treated their way over to the animal shelter. Sure enough there were several ghost pinatas waiting for children to come and take a whack at them. The shelter was now owned by Ruby and her girlfriend, Dorothy, who were also running the pinata stations and telling their stories. Ruby talking about how she discovered she was a werewolf and Dorothy telling about her adventures in Oz, both dressed up in Red Riding Hood and Dorothy costumes, respectively. The two also had cats and dogs up for adoption.
Hope and DL delighted in hitting the ghost pinata along with several other children until it finally broke. They gathered up many different types of candy into their pumpkin baskets.
“Can we get a cat? Please, please, please?” both kids whined. Killian and Emma had discussed it this year. Hope had been asking for a cat for the past few years, and of course, since big sis wanted a cat, DL did too.
“I think your mum and I have decided we can get one this year. Why don’t you two pick one out and we’ll pick it up in a few days after it’s had all its shots and everything,” he said, smiling. Killian had never seen bigger grins on his kids’ faces.
The children came out a little while later having picked out the most ‘perfect cat’ in the entire world. Ruby told him to come by the next day to fill out the paperwork and once the cat was fixed, she would be all theirs.
“There is one final clue,” Dorothy said, handing Killian a card. They all thanked Ruby and Dorothy and walked over to a nearby bench to look at the clue.
“When the Savior came and broke the curse, time started to move and things got worse.
But the curse was broken with True Love’s Kiss, come read about these tales if there were any you missed.” Killian paused for effect looking at his two children to see if they understood the clue. He could see Hope recognized where they needed to go in an instant, but DL wasn’t quite sure.
“Good Witch Hope, do you know where we need to go?” Killian asked, so the pressure would be off DL.
Hope gave a sly smile that matched her father’s. She might be the spitting image of her mother, but she had his eyes and his smile. “It’s the library!” she announced.
DL’s eyes lit up wide. “We go to see Auntie Belle?” he asked hopefully. For only being three, DL already had his first crush on Belle the librarian.
“Yes, DL, we go see Auntie Belle. Lead us onward fair witch!” Killian cried.
The trio passed by a few shops that had workers passing candy out front that Hope and DL got to add to their loot. The kids were getting excited the closer they got to the library, DL going on and on about Auntie Belle and Hope running through what the final prize or candy would be once they reached their intended destination.
“I just hope it’s actual candy and not a book. Not that I don’t love reading, Father, but books just aren’t appropriate for Halloween,” Hope said knowingly. She had also inherited his language skills and had recently taken to calling him Father because it sounded more ‘grown up’.
“I’m sure Aunt Belle will have sweets for all of you,” Killian said rolling his eyes and smiling at his precocious daughter.
Belle had completely outdone herself when it came to the library and clocktower. For a place that had once held torturous memories for Killian (fighting an undead Maleficent in the caves, Rumplestiltskin literally holding his heart and almost killing him, leaving Emma in the elevator in the Underbrooke version), it was now a magical place. Happy Halloween banners were posted at the front entrance and on several walls inside, plastic skeletons were hanging everywhere, fall leaf garlands decorated every shelved surface available, and scarecrows that jumped out at you guarded each doorway. In the center of the library was a large craft table that had hundreds of mini pumpkins on it. Next to them were small cups of paint for the children to paint them. Another table in the room next door had a pumpkin carving station for the adults. Belle was in the reading nook where she usually did storytime for the town’s children, wearing a gold dress, reminiscent of this world’s version of Belle (although she told Killian once that she had a dress very similar to that back in the Enchanted Forest, so maybe Disney wasn’t completely off on all their stories), and telling her own tale of Beauty and the Beast.
Belle and Rumplestiltskin’s son, Gideon, and Snow and David’s son, Neal, were running the children’s mini pumpkin area. Killian thought that was pretty much the blind leading the blind (as they were 10 and 13 respectively), but the other kids seemed to be having a good time. A sign at the circulation desk let them know that to get their final treat for the night they needed to paint a pumpkin and have it examined by the official Pumpkin Inspectors, which also seemed to be Gideon and Neal.
“Ready to paint some pumpkins?” Killian said to both his children. Hope didn’t even answer, just ran off to the station delighted at getting to paint. DL nodded his head and took Killian’s hook (something he liked to do when he wanted to feel calm) and led him over to the station. As much as Killian would like to do the pumpkin carving (he’d won that contest the past two years in a row), he knew DL would get overwhelmed easily with too many paint options. Emma often worried that he was overly sensitive about things, but Killian was sure he’d eventually grow out of it. The town did tend to go overboard with everything and it was a lot to handle for most adults, let alone a 3-year-old.
Hope had already grabbed an apron so she wouldn’t stain her costume and started painting her pumpkin an array of colors. Killian had DL pick out three colors (one for each year he was) that he would use and got him into an apron as well.
When they all finished (Hope having painted a unicorn with the stem as a horn, and DL having made a bunch of purple, green, and black splotches all over his pumpkin), Gideon and Neal, the Pumpkin Inspectors, came over and declared them wonderful pumpkins. All pumpkins would be displayed throughout the library for the rest of fall. They headed over to Belle to hear her story and get their final prize.
Killian had to admit, listening to Belle’s retelling of her love story with Rumplestiltskin made it sound like an epic adventure and not the abusive tale that it had been throughout much of their time in Storybrooke. Even 10 years later, Rumplestiltskin and Killian avoided each other whenever possible, even if Rumplestiltskin was considered a more upstanding member of the town now.
“And now,” Belle drawled with a big smile on her face,” your final treat of the night!” The children started to clap and cheer. She then put her finger to her lips and the children immediately went quiet. Everyone knew to listen to Librarian Belle. “There are actually two treats tonight.” The children waited with bated breath. “You will get to pick out your own Halloween or fall themed book,” she paused before the big reveal, Killian already noticing the look of disappointment on Hope’s face, “And you will also get a scoop of loot from our treasure chest!” Belle moved the pillow off the large box she’d been sitting on to reveal a very large pirate’s chest. She opened it to show it filled with (chocolate) gold coins and candy jewelry. A large cheer went up from the children as they got up and filed into a line to get their treasure, Belle giving them each a large scoop as they walked past. Killian noticed that the scoop pretty much filled up the rest of their trick or treat bags. Then they got to choose a book from the table set up near the back exit.
The small witch and two pirates made their way back to their beautiful seaside home. The denizens of their town were dwindling in number at the (somewhat) late hour of 8:15 (late for most of the trick or treaters anyway). The witch was content to read her book under the street lamps while sucking on a Ring Pop liberated from her loot. The smaller pirate was passed out on the larger pirate’s shoulder, as he’d barely made it out of the library with his eyes open. On the front porch, a beautiful blonde was handing out candy to the last few stragglers. She wore a black dress decorated with pumpkins and a black cat mask.  As the last trick or treaters left the porch, she gingerly collapsed into her rocking chair.
“Mommy, Mommy!” Hope yelled excitedly as she ran up the porch steps. She was not too grown up to continue calling Emma Mommy. “Look at everything we got!” She ran up to Emma and showed her all the spoils from the night. Emma smiled and removed the mask from her face.
“It looks like the town will be having a candy shortage in the coming weeks,” she said, laughing a bit. Then she put on a serious tone. “Are you prepared to pay the candy tax?” She held her hand out for payment. Hope looked up at Killian and he nodded that, yes, she needed to give her mother some of her candy. Hope reluctantly gave her two chocolate coins and skipped into the house.
“I see this one barely made it home?” Emma said, softly patting DL’s arm that was hanging down near her.
“Aye, Swan, passed out right as we were leaving the library.” He shifted DL slightly. “Let me get him into his night clothes and then I’ll come out with you.” Emma nodded in agreement.
It took Killian a little longer than he anticipated to get DL out of his costume. He eventually just kept him in his muslin shirt and forwent trying to wrestle pajama pants onto him, letting him sleep in his underwear. He folded the parts of his costume he was able to get off and placed them on his dresser. He then gave him a kiss before turning on the nightlight DL needed to sleep, and closed the door.
Killian checked in on Hope who had already changed out of her witch costume and put on a nightgown. She was still reading the book she’d received from Belle.
“Did you brush your teeth, little love?” he asked. She gave her patented Emma eye roll.
“Yes, Father,” she said not even looking up from her book. Emma said they were going to hate the teenage years if she was already this dramatic. Killian walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t stay up too late, there is still school tomorrow,” he told her. She grunted an acknowledgment as he left.
He walked outside and joined Emma on the other rocking chair that was out on the porch. Yes, they were a two-rocking-chair-on-the-porch-type people now. Emma had already eaten her candy tax and was now working on one of the fun size bags of Peanut M&M’s that she had been passing out to trick or treaters.
“And how many of those did you eat tonight, Swan?” he asked, snagging a bag for himself from the bowl next to Emma’s rocking chair.
She blushed a little at his question. “There’s peanuts in it. That counts as protein, right?” she asked.
“Ah, is that the excuse you’re using then. Peanuts for the peanut, aye?” He reached over and rubbed her swollen belly. “We missed you tonight,” he said, reaching over to grab her hand and kiss her knuckles.
“Yeah, well, being on modified bed rest for this little one takes priority, I guess.” She took back her hand and put both of them on her belly. “At least it’s only two more months until this little peanut graces us with their presence.”
Killian reached his hand back out for hers, admiring the wedding band that graced his ring finger and the engagement ring and wedding band that adorned hers. It was amazing to think that it had been nine years since that whole ordeal, and here they were, about to welcome their fourth child (and the fact that Henry was married and expecting a babe of his own was a lot scarier to Killian than adding another to their brood). Killian just thanked his lucky stars that life had consented to let this old pirate settle down and be blessed with the greatest treasure one could ever find.
“Let’s go to bed, love,” he said, standing and pulling her up with him. Emma smiled and gave him a peck on the lips.
“Let’s go to bed.”
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honey--autumn · a year ago
List of 100 random Incorrect Quotes/Vines Part 3
A: I lost my girlfriend/boyfriend, B. Can you help me find them?
Random stranger: What do they look like?
A, Banging on the door: B, open up!
B: It all started when I was a little girl/boy...
A: No, I meant-
C: Let them finish.
A: I've never been in a snowball fight before.
B: Really?
A: So is there a point system or is it to the death?
*A walks into the house, covered in mud and probably blood, has some small cuts and bruises on his body and face*
B: *Stops talking with C and looks at A* What did you do?
A: Ok you have to promise me you won't get mad.
C: A, what. Did. You. Do.
A: So I was minding my own business-
C, Slams hands down onto the table: BULLSHIT!
A: I WAS!?
A: Hey did it hurt?
B: ...? When I fell from heaven?
A: No, when you fell from the vending machine.
B, Confused: ...
A: Cause you're a snacc~
A: You're awfully quiet today.
B: No one plans a murder out loud.
A, Eating a cinnamon roll: *Munch*
B: Cannibalism.
A: *Confused chewing noises*
A: wHO AtE mY gODDaMN FrIeS?! You wanna go-
B: I did.
A: -On a date with me? We can get more fries if you want?
A: Do you have the time?
B: For you, B? Are you joking? B, I would always make time for you. My time is precious but you are more so. B, you... are a shining pearl in a sea of mediocrity. I would do anything for you. *Wipes tear*
A: Thanks, but like what time is it?
A: I'm really into dark humour.
B, Turning off the light: Hey, do you wanna hear a joke?
A: *SLAPS the whiteboard*
Whiteboard: Cockle.
A: Cockle.
B: Mhm.
B: Gee, A, I wonder why that could possibly be your favourite word?
A: It means-
D: U do NOT care about the meaning. It's got cock in it.
A: ...
A: ...
A:'To bugle out in certain places'.
B: *Puts his head in his hands*
D: ...
C: ...
C: Like a COCK-
A: Like a COCK-
A: You think just because you ask for my attention that I'm going to give it to you?
B: Damn straight!
A: 'Sleepy' is so much better & cuter than 'Tired' everyone needs to stop using 'Tired' and start saying 'Sleepy' instead.
B: I'm sleepy of your shit.
A: *Knock knock*
B: Who is it?
A: Uh *Looks back at C* Who is it?
C: Say it's the tax people.
A: The taxes.
B: You can't come in.
C: Tell them we gonna fucking kill their entire family if they don't let us in!
B: We have cookies~
A: What's the time?
B: Lemme check.
B: *Pulls out saxophone*
B: It's 2!
A: Uhh... Thanks B!
B: No problem~
A: Ask me why I love you.
B: Why do you love me?
A, Opening a 200 slide Powerpoint: I'm glad you asked.
A: Is there a word that's a mix between sad and mad?
B: ...Smad?
C: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
D: No, It's smad!?
A: I invited you back to the living world because I crave the deadliest game.
B: Knife monopoly?
A: I was actually gonna hunt you down for sport, but now I'm really interested in whatever knife monopoly is.
A: B, I know you think you're helping but stop it.
B: I don't think I'm helping.
A: Rules are made to be broken.
B: Rules are made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
C: Uh, pinatas?
D: Glow sticks.
E: Karate boards!
F: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
A: Rules!
A: *Is choking*
B: Help! I need to all 911 but the 9 button isn't working!
C: Just turn it upside down and use the 6 instead.
B: Genius!
A: *Stops choking momentarily* What the fuck?!
A: What are you going to be for Halloween?
B: Gay.
A: You're gay every day?! That doesn't count!
A: There are spiritual guides above, look up and see 'em!
B: Uuuhhh...
C: *Crawling on the ceiling like a spider* You should steal stop signs!
A To the camera: This is how I enter my house!
A: *Kicks down the door* WHA'S UP FUCKERS!
B: Why do you have my phone?
A: I wish I was a dinosaur.
B: Why? Cause they're big and scary? Cause they're-
A: Because they're all dead.
B, Softly: A we talked about this-
A: Lasagna is just spaghetti flavoured cake.
B: That is acceptable.
C: I agree.
A: *Happy noises*
A: You know, pizza rolls are just spaghetti flavoured tide pods?
B: *Questioning his existence*
A: What's it like being friends with B?
C: Once I asked him for a glass of water while he was pissed at me and he brought me a glass full of ice and said 'Wait'.
A: *Chuckles lightly*
A: The 3 stages of man: He believes in Santa Claus. He doesn't believe in Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus!
A, Circling B: What'cha reading?
B: Homework.
A, Eats it: What homework?
B: Thanks.
A: You know, deers have one major design flaw. They can't walk on ice, that's dangerous. We should give all the deers little ice cleats for their hooves.
B: Why would you want to weaponize deers?!
A, Mouthing: Weaponize?
A: You're like a cat. Cute, snuggly, stinky, and bastardous. I love you~
B: Then give me money.
A: Well, if it isn't B?
B: But it is me?
A: No, it's an expression-
B: Your villain tricks won't work on me.
A: *Draws a circle around themself*
A: B! It's a pentagram!
B: A pentagram needs to have a star in the middle.
A: Bitch, I am the star!
A: I request for you not to be a Bitch.
B: Request denied.
A: *Gets a paper cut*
B: *Under their breath* Hasn't he been through enough already!
A: Did you drink all my Caprisuns?
B: *Currently drinking one and sitting in a pile of about six others* First of all, I don't appreciate the accusations...
A: If you put 'Violently' in front of everything to describe your actions, it becomes funnier.
B: Violently studies.
C: Violently bakes.
D: Violently trains.
E: Violently murders people.
F: Violently worries about that previous statement.
A: There's only one race. The human race-
B: What about NASCAR???
A: I just made a pot of kool-aid.
B: You don't make a pot of kool-aid.
A: Well, I did.
B: Is it hot?
A: Yeah!
B: I'm not gonna drink it.
A: I made this FOR YOU!?
B: Why don't you grow up?
A: I hate being touched. The last time I touched another human was when I was 14. It was during hand to hand combat.
B: C is literally hugging you right now.
A: This means nothing.
A: Come on now, I wasn't that drunk.
B: You tried to colour my face with a highlighter because you said I was important.
A: *Tearing up* But you are!
A: *T-posing* Whomst'd've consumed my ice juice?
B: Should I call the exorcist?
C: *T-posing* I hath consumed the ocean sauce!
D: Call the exorcist.
A: I relate to Belle because she loves books and likes people for who they are.
B: I relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies.
A: B, B, calm down... Do you want a cookie?
B: You have a cookie?
A: Good morning.
B: Good morning!
C: You guys sound like robots. Spice it up a little!
D, Kicking down the door: Horrible morning, Dipshits!?
C: *Smiling a little* That's what i meant.
A: Treat spiders the way you want to be treated.B
B, Nodding: Killed without hesitation!
A: What state do you live in?
B: Constant anxiety.
C: Denial.
D: Perfection!
E: *Concerned* Random state.
A: At my funeral, I'm going to have a Kahoot game with 1000 questions about my life and whoever wins, gets my entire will!
B: Bold of you to assume I'm ever letting you die.
A: If you insult me again I'll eat your shower curtains.
B: I have... glass doors?
A: Well crunchity munchity! You think that will stop me?!
A: *Trying to reach something on a shelf* B, I need a boost.
B: Alright *Claps* Go for it, you can do it, you're the best! Woo-hoo!
A: You challenged me to a fight six times since we started talking.
B: Make it seven!
C: Hell, make it eight with my own.
B: *Chuckles* Fine make it eight.
A, Showing up at the house in roller skates and a Hawaiian shirt after being gone for a month: B ur NOT gonna fuckin believe this!?
A, Meditating with the whole gang: Release all the sounds that are trapped in your mind.
B: *Looking around before screaming* aaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!??
A: Are you okay?
A: C! B and I reprogrammed my old Furby together, look!
Furby: Your mortal souls will be trophies of the harvest.
C: *Life drained out of him* Okokokokokokokokokokokokok-
A: I'm 39 Cheetos tall.
B: Why did you measure yourself in Cheetos?
A: Because we're all out of Doritos.
A: I'm going to make a coffee just like you.
B: Bitter, dark, tasteless. Not up to societies standards.
C: *Distraught* I'm pretty sure D was going to say something else.
D: *Also distraught* I was going to say sweet.
A: Why are you sitting in the dryer?
B: Because I can fit and you can't.
A: Are you still mad at me because I can reach the top shelf and you can't?
B: *Closes dryer door*
A: On a scale from lamppost to chupacabra, what is your favourite colour of the alphabet?
B: Blenders or applesauce.
C: Wha-
A: *Screams*
B: *Screams louder to establish dominance*
C: Aren't you going to stop them??
D: I kinda wanna see who wins.
A: Why is my hand shaking?
B: Your skeleton is ready to hatch.
A: W h a t?!
C: *Hugging A* NO. She just had too much coffee!
A: B sneezed earlier and I accidentally said "Shut the fuck up" Instead of "Bless you"
C: *Laughing hysterically* ...How does that even happen?
A: I don't know!
A: *Traps a wasp under a cup*
B: *Puts two more cups down*
A: Please, no-
B: *Starts shuffling the cups*
A: I'm gay and confused.
A: Not about being gay.
A: *Gestures to her math homework* I just want to know what the fuck is going on.
A: But strength isn't your strength. Adorable cuteness is!
B: *Angry* Can I use it to control others.
A: Um... yeah, sure! Just be righteous about it.
A: B, where are you going?
B: Well, that depends, A. When I die, probably hell! But right now, I'm going to the kitchen.
A: Let me rephrase. Did you do anything productive today?
B: *Offended* I fail to see how my pillow fort is not productive. There's room for me and my cats in here!
A: *Encountering a Roomba for the first time and being baffled but also wildly amused* What is this funny little ground disk and what does it do?
B: His names DJ Roomba and he's my only friend.
A: *Kicks the Roomba and is insulted* I thought I WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND...
A: Your full power will only amount to 2% of Shaggy's.
B: *Nods solemnly*
C: What the fuck is going on?!
A: Hoe did this happen?
B, Stuck in a trash can: How does anything happen? Move past it.
A: I may be short but that doesn't mean I'm innocent!
A: *Aggressively tries to open a Caprisun*
B: ...
B: Would you like me to open it for you?
A: *Voice cracking* Yes please.
A: Did you know that when you break a bone it typically will heal back stronger than before?
B: So what you're saying is I should break every bone in my body until I become invincible?
C: *Distressed* B DO NOT!?
A: B, you deserve a reward for putting up with me.
B: You're my reward, A!
C: B, you deserve a reward for putting up with me.
B: Yeah, you're a real Bitch sometimes.
A: You have no idea what I'm capable of.
B: No offence Sweetie, but I feel like I'm being threatened by a cupcake.
A: B? It's 4am, why are you baking a cake? And what's with the party decorations and sweets?
B: I'm celebrating the death of my sleep schedule and sanity. Want a cookie?
A: Come on B, I will take you back to bed.
A: I will even make you some green tea, it will help you fall asleep.
B: Eh, I don't know, the cake sounds better than anything else.
A: Come on now, we are going back to bed.
A: C's at that party, isn't she? Good for her, getting out and socializing.
B: I agree. She's not holed up in her room anymore.
C, Hiding upstairs in her room, with D: Okay okay, do you think I can eat fifty of those chocolate bars in one minute.
D: Make it sixty and you have my bet.
A, Enters room carrying a green plastic lightsaber: All women are queens.
B, Walks through a wall into the opposite side of the room, holding a red plastic lightsaber: If she breaths, SHE'S A THOOOOOOOT!
C: *Watching it all happen with a bowl of popcorn*
*Everyone is in the car, driving on the highway in the rain*
A: B, you've been staring out the window for the past hour and you haven't said anything. Are you okay?
B: Shhh... We're almost to the chorus.
A: What? But there's no music playing??
C: She's in a music video.
A: We're in this together. You were there too.
B: *Waves hand over her face* Or was I?
A: The Jedi mind trick doesn't work in real life, Dick.
B: ...
B: *Tries again* Or does it?
A: What do you guys say when you answer the phone?
B: What's up?
C: Who dis be?
D: No, she's dead, this is her daughter.
A: I am living in PJs. What about you?
B: I am living in pain.
C: *Highly concerned for his health* B, are you okay?
A: *Aggressively playing the trumpet*
B: *Aggressively playing the violin*
C: *Panicking* They're wiggle-battling again!?
D: *Cowering in fear under a table* We haven't slept in a week!?
A: Hey B, wanna hear a joke?
B: Sure?
A: Okay, knock knock.
B: Who's there?
A: Interrupting idiot.
B: Interrupting idiot who-
C, Appearing behind her, eyes full of tears: What do you mean, 'Interrupting idiot'?
A: Damn the power went out.
B: Don't worry I got this!
B: *Shakes rapidly and light up*
A: What-?
B: I swallowed a glowstick!
A, On the verge of tears: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!
B: Y O T E!!!
C: Please, you two...
D: Just tell us who threw the coffee maker!?
A: C, guess what's for dinner??? Pasketti!
B: A, she's a teenager, I doubt she'll be happy to call spaghetti 'Pasketti' at the age-
C, Jumping up and down with delight: We're having pasketti!!!!!?????
A: "Ladies and gentlemen" Is unnecessarily gendered, overly formal, lenghtly, and honestly I'm already dozing off.
A: "Cowards" On the other hand, is inclusive to all gender, casual and fun, short and to the point, exciting, and dramatic.
B: *Taking notes*
A, Knocking on B's door: B, are you having a depressive episode?
B: Depressive episode? I've been having a depressive series and I'm on season five right now!?
A: Can I ask you a question?
B: You just did.
A: Ha ha, very funny. Then can I ask two?
B: You already did.
A: ...
A: ...Can I ask four questions?
B: You just did.
A: When???
B: Just now.
A: I hate you...
B: Aww! I hate you too! *Boops him on the nose*
A: *not amused*
A: *Sipping coffee* Pfffpt this coffee taste horrid, who brewed it?
B: Well, I thought that D should learn how to use the coffee maker.
A: In what universe of yours, did that come up as a good idea?
C: *Walking out with a mug of coffee* I suggested it. I wanted to know the true meaning of a depressed but deadly coffee.
A: Hey B, you up?
B: *Grumbling* Yes.
A: Okay cool, so I was thinking-
B: No- I mean I'm up because of you.
A: ...
B: ...
A: Well since you're up, I was thinking we should hide C's stuff.
B: You son of a Bitch... I'm in!
A: What's going on with you and C? Like are you dating or-
B: No, no, we're just friends.
A: I've caught you making out five times.
C, Walking in: Actually, it was six times.
A: *Has been laying on the ground for 15 minutes*
B: What's wrong, A?
A: I'm a little overwhelmed.
B: Why?
A: C smiled at me.
A, Squishing C's face between two pieces of bread 'idiot sandwich style': What are you?!?
B, in the distance: A SNACK!!
A: *Scandalized gasp* NO!
A: *Yawns*
B: Yeah, being pretty/cute must be tiring.
A: *Tils his head* Then you must be exhausted.
B: *Blushes furiously*
A: *Hugs B*
B: Aww, are you hugging me because you love me?
A: No, it's because I'm fucking clingy.
A: Such beautiful scenery... Silence... Only you and me.
A: You really are that romantic, huh?
B: ...We're on a chairlift.
A: Avenge my death.
B: You're not dying, A.
A: {Can easily hold the high note in "Say Amen" by P!ATD}
B: {Kinda tries, but ends up laughing and admits defeat halfway through}
C: {Doesn't even try, even though A begs them}
D: {Can do it, but messes it up on purpose to be crazy}
E: {Can 100% do it, but doesn't want to seem like a show-off}
F: {Tries so fucking hard but for some reason sounds like a dying goose}
A: So I have made the decision to trust you.
B: A horrible decision, really.
A: B, what do you think the meaning of life is?
B: Hmm, now that's a tricky one. I'd guess it would be-
B: Or having a family! It's pretty much the same!
A: *Slowly backs away*
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fanfics4all · 3 years ago
Protection: Part 5
Request: Yes / No
Request are closed <3 Have a nice day/night
Sweet Pea x Fem!Reader
Word count: 1137
Warnings: Talk of rape
Y/N: Your Name
Summary: After being raped by the Ghoulies Sweet Pea helps you through it.
If you want to be on the tag list for anything (My series fics, specific character fics, or just all of them) All you have to do is send me an ask and I will add you!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
(Not my photo, credit to whoever made it!)
Tumblr media
Sweet Pea’s POV
It’s been months since Y/N told me she was pregnant and since I kicked her out… The Serpents wouldn’t talk to me anymore and FPp took my jacket. He said if he ever saw my face at the Wyrm again he’d beat the hell out of me. I lost all my friends, hell my family! I lost my world…
I wanted to get her back but I fucked up big time. Nothing I could do would make up what I said or did. I just wanted to hold her… I wanted to take care of her and her child. I wanted it to be our child. I’m so stupid! How could I say it wasn’t a child!? She’s so caring, of course she’d want to keep it…
I was now eight months pregnant and as promised I let Cheryl throw a party. Her and Toni decorated the Wyrm for the baby shower. They had a table in front of the stage, perfectly in the middle. Half the table was pink and said girl while the other half was blue and said boy. There were pink sweets on the girls side and blue sweets on the boys side. Each half of the bar was decorated for each gender. When you walked in you had to vote on what each twins gender was. So far most of the Serpents wanted two little boys while the girls wanted two little girls, a few of my friends voted on one of each. Of course there needed to be alcohol so Veronica suggested a mimosa bar. They set it up on the bar and it was kind of funny seeing a tough biker gang drinking mimosas.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a great party and everyone was having a great time but I still just wanted Sweet Pea to talk through those doors… I invited him without anyone else knowing and I really hoped he’d come because I still loved him. I was sitting in a chair opening gifts when the doors opened. Everyone looked up and there he was, the love of my life. My face lit up and tears distorted my vision.
“What the hell are you doing here!?” Cheryl growled getting up and walking over with her arms crossed.
“Um… I was invited…” He said standing there awkwardly.
“No you weren’t.” Toni said getting up and stood next to her girlfriend. The rest of the Serpents got up and followed the two girls.
“Get out of here you asshole!” My brother growled.
“Enough!” I shouted standing up and walking over to the group.
“I invited him.” I said and everyone looked at me shocked.
“You invited him? Why?” Jughead asked. Instead of answering him I grabbed Sweet Pea’s hand and walked outside with him.
“Before you hit me or yell at me or whatever can I please say something?” He asked once we were outside. I nodded and waited for him to speak.
“I am so, so, so, sorry about what I said. I’m an asshole and I shouldn’t have said the child wasn’t a child, or that it wasn’t yours, or that you shouldn’t keep it because it’s from a rape. I should have known you’d want to keep it, you’re the most caring person in the world and you’ve always wanted to be a mother…” He said with a sigh.
“I know you won’t let me back in your life but I miss you so much…You’re my world and I just want you back. I want to take care of this child, I want to be apart of this. I love you and I’ll love this child, I promise you.” He said with tears in his eyes. I gently placed my hand on his arm and he looked down at me. I smiled at him and placed my lips on his.
“I’m not totally forgiving you but god did I miss you.” I said once I pulled away. He looked at me shocked but placed his hands on my waist.
“Sweets, I love you and I want you to be part of this life. That’s all I ever wanted…” I said and a few tears fell from my eyes.
“I’ll take care of you and this child.” He said and gently placed a hand on my large belly.
“I’ll do everything I can to make up for what an asshole I am.” He said and kissed my head.
“Let’s go enjoy the party.” I said with a smiled and grabbed his hand. The two of us walked in and everyone gave him an angry look.
“Calm down everyone, everything is fine.” I said with a smile.
“What!? You’re just forgiving him? Just like that?” Fangs asked.
“He’s not entirely forgiven but I want Sweet Pea in my life.” I answered and they all just looked at me.
“Look, I love him and if you can accept that I want him in my life and my child’s life then the two of us can leave.” I said and everyone sighed but nodded. We sat down and finished opening gifts then it was time to revel the genders. Betty and Jughead had gotten a heart shaped blue and pink pinata. Toni and Cheryl filled it the colored candies. FP set it up in the middle of the bar, they moved all the tables and stuff out of the way and handed me a bat to hit it with. Everyone had their phones out ready to record it and see who was right. I was getting ready to hit it when I saw Sweet Pea standing off to the side awkwardly.
Tumblr media
“Hold on a sec.” I said and then walked over to him, he looked at me and I smiled up at him.
“Come here.” I said grabbing his hand and pulling him back to the pinata with me. I handed him the bat and a few people groaned, aka Cheryl. Sweet Pea looked at me confused and I just smiled.
“Go on, don’t keep everyone waiting.” I said and he gave me a small smile. He still didn’t realize it was twins so this was going to be a great surprise for him. He took the bat and smashed it into the pinata a few times. Pink and blue fell from the heart and everyone cheered. Sweet Pea dropped the bat and looked at me.
“What?” He asked shocked.
“I’m having twins, a boy and a girl.” I said with a huge smile.
“Wait, twins?” he asked with wide eyes. I nodded and he picked me up twirling me around.
“Careful!” I laughed and he put me down.
“Right…sorry.” He said putting me down and scratched the back of his neck.
“We’re having twins?” He asked nervously. I nodded with a smile.
“We’re having twins.”
Tag list: @polskii-darria @drw0301bieber @aframeofbones @blueberry-lipgloss @rachel-mcn @mari-cross @citizenofmars @hey-garrett-shut-up @atequila @itsall-inmy-head @tashy-bear @fly-slytherin-queen @hollie-blogs @chipster-21 @serpent-stan @southsidememes @beginningstofandom @xdontxcare @ahopelessshipper @falling-stars-never-cry @papayapagan @valiantdreamerauthorcalzone @holysweetpea @alykatv  @les-bio-lie  @cuddlememerrick @xrosesareredx @herokyolachan  @blueandgoldaus @southsidefandoms @emo-godess-loves-you @hiya-imthatgirl @answer-the-sirens @mindsetjupiter @averysinclaire @mittelerde1999  @widowsgirl  @staygoldsquatchling02 @wanderlust-and-poetry @hiighdeex3
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bellatrixobsessed1 · 3 years ago
Wan High Weeping (Chapter 28)
Katara wished that she hadn’t let Aang run off, in retrospect it would be her fault if things went unwell for both she and him. They should have just stuck together. She should have known that Sokka would get wrapped up in the party and forget about her. Frankly she didn’t understand why spin the bottle appealed to him at all, considering he had a pregnant girlfriend. In equal part, she didn’t understand why Suki didn’t have a problem with it. The more she thought about it the more frustrated she got. With nothing better to do, she flipped through the pages of her book.
She heard footsteps behind her and jerked. "Wow there, it's just me."
 Giving the book a good slam she exclaimed, "well gee, thanks, Sokka!" She was growing more frustrated by the second. He knew very well that she was on edge and he was going out of his way to bother her. Just like everything else, this whole thing was a joke.
 She noticed him rising his hands, the gesture only irked her more. "You're jumpy tonight."
 "I know right, it's almost like I have a stalker or something who just so happens to be at this party. It's not like I came here because my older brother said that he'd hang out with me." And now came the part where she blamed herself. Because, really, who else was to blame. "Wow. I'm such an idiot. I can't believe I thought that this would go well…" She knew very well that it was going to be an awful time but she took the optimistic route and went against her gut.
 "Come on, Kat. Now you're making me feel bad."
 "You should feel bad." Suki said for her. "We told her that we'd make sure she had a good time tonight and we decided to play spin the bottle instead."
 Katara thought that she muttered an apology as well but she was pretty much done listening. She was at her wits end. She was really only a finger’s length away from snapping at one or both of them. Why, oh, why had she let Aang leave?
Sokka sat down next to her and she made a point of ignoring him. Though she didn’t know if that was a good idea. He and Suki were pretty much her only line of defense at this crazy party. This crazy party that was sending her anxiety soaring through the roof. She should have stayed home and carved pumpkins with Hakoda and watched Halloween specials with Kya. Spending the night at home with her parents like the dork she was, would have been the wiser choice.
 “Want to have a go at the pinata?” Suki tried.
“Might help you let out some of that tension.” Sokka added
 The only things she wanted to take a bat to right then were Jet’s kneecaps. But she didn’t protest and allowed the couple to lead her over to the pinata. She offered it a good swing but barely put a dent in it so she passed it to Suki, opting to look over her shoulder again.
There he was.
Watching her.
But only until he met her gaze, then he was back in the crowed again, probably off to harass someone else for a moment.
 She stepped to the side for a swarm of people to pick up the candy that flowed from the pinata. At least now she could do something else, she didn’t see the point in breaking the pinata only to have to fight for the prize.
 "The baby wants to take a trip to the concessions stand."
 "The baby or Suki?" Sokka asked.
 Apparently, that was their new thing, asking if Suki wanted to do something or if it was the baby. Katara supposed that it didn’t matter who was asking, she was getting kind of hungry anyways. She gave her approval of their new activity idea and they were on their way, but not before Sokka could make another one of his needlessly sexual jokes, “but the real snack is right here." That kind of humor never struck her fancy and it certainly wasn’t earning him any brownie points that night."Eww, gross." She swatted him. "Not in front of your little sister."
 Katara didn’t really know what she had expected. But the pair, though they sat with her, basically ignored her to flirt with each other and give bedroom eyes. She whipped out her book again, she might as well be in the safety of her home doing that. But no, she had taken Sokka’s word. Sokka and Suki’s…she might just find a seat a Teo’s lunch table on Monday.
 "Oh, hi Katara!" TyLee’s voice was the first pleasing sound that she had heard all night. She didn’t know how she had forgotten about TyLee! Maybe Aang was busy with Moo-Chee and maybe her brother and Suki were busy with each other. But it looked like Mai had ran off too. They were in the same dismal boat and in the same dangerous waters.
 Katara set her book down and wrapped her arm around the girl. “Where’s Mai?”
 TyLee shrugged. “She’s not in a good mood tonight.”
 “Is she ever?” Katara asked.
 TyLee thought for a moment. “She used to smile more. Anyways she kind of just snuck off after she saw the whole Azula thing...”
 The Azula thing? Katara wondered.
 “I feel kind of bad, ya know? I was going to say something but Usha kind of beat me to it and then Azula left. I don’t think she even noticed me.”
 “What Azula thing?” Katara asked. “What happened.” She didn’t care for gossip, but she’d probably hear about it anyways, she might as well get it from a more reliable source.
 “To be honest, I don’t exactly know what happened. She was eating a lot though.”
 Katara furrowed her brows. “Teo mentioned something like that to me.”  Azula was the last person that she wanted to sympathize with, but she was making a tad too easy. Before she could really put any pieces together she was interrupted by a sharp and jesting wail.
 "You better not!"
 But Sokka was already licking Suki’s face.
 The entirety of Katara’s own bunched up in disgust. "Really, Sokka?"
 She watched Suki smash a brownie into his face.
 "That's fair."
 TyLee was rather gleeful. "You guys are funny."
 "I do my best." Sokka replied with as stupid half bow.
 But Katara wasn’t amused in the slightest. "You two need to get a room, that's what you need to do." She fixed him with her best angry glare. She barely listened to his equally as idiotic joke. "Ya know what, Sokka? Sure. It's whatever you want it to be.” She picked up her book, hopped off of her chair, and stomped…well, she didn’t know which direction she was stomping in, but she was stomping.
 "Katara!" She almost didn’t hear TyLee. Even though she did, she kept walking, she didn’t want Sokka nor Suki to follow her. It was only when she gained a safe distance that she slowed her pace.
 “Are you okay?” TyLee asked.
 “Just perfect!” Katara threw her hands up.
 “What’s going on?”
 “I only came to this ridiculous party because Sokka said that we’d be hanging out, but all he wants to do is flirt with Suki. I swear he’s probably the horniest idiot alive!”
 TyLee laughed softly, rubbing at her bicep. “I know what you’re feeling. I’m only here because Mai said that she wanted to hang out.” Her face fell. “People have been really…distant lately and I don’t know if it’s me or them or all of us.”
 Katara tried to think of a response.
 “I think that it might be me. I’ve been kind of a downer lately. I pulled away from Azula.”
 “I was kind of getting tired of watching her pick on you and other people. She wanted me to join her like usual and I just don’t like making people sad.” TyLee replied.
 That cheered Katara up some. “That means a lot TyLee.”
 “But I pushed Mai away and the girls on my poms team too.” She sighed. “Everyone is so used to peppy, happy TyLee, that when she’s gone, they leave too.” She paused. “I can’t be happy all the time…”
 “Why aren’t you happy?”
 “It starts with a J and its dressed like a zombie.”
 “I wish he was a zombie. Then we could take him down and no one would care.” Katara agreed. She tired to smile but she partly blamed herself for TyLee’s problems. She had a hunch that Jet had used TyLee as a rebound. If only she hadn’t broken up with him…
Now she was thinking all crazy. Of course she had to break up with him.
She just wished that she knew how to be rid of him entirely.
 She wished that he wasn’t leering at her from his spot by the punch bowl.
 She turned back to TyLee, trying her hardest to ignore him and the vibes that he was sending. She finished off the lollipop she was holding and took a sip of apple cider. She looked back in Jet’s direction but she had lost sight of him.
Maybe it would be a good idea to stare him down all night.
 Uneasily she asked TyLee if she knew which direction he had went in. Katara set her cup down and beckoned for TyLee to follow her. She did a decent sweep of the areas closest to them before returning to her seat with know insight as to where Jet had disappeared too.
 She decided that it was indeed, much worse when she couldn’t see him.
 Katara just wanted to go home. TyLee or not the party was taking a massive toll. The room was getting stuffy and her glittery make up was starting to feel scratchy. Evidently, she was feeling a little dizzy so she took another sip of her drink. There were way too many bodies in that room and they were only making the temperature rise. She never did do good in the heat. She drank another sip. Evidently the whole party scene was making her feel nauseous.
 She wanted to call Sokka so badly, but she also wanted to stay mad and let him know that she was furious. The best way to accomplished that, she had found over the years, was to ignore him and his childish antics.
Lord, her stubbornness was going to be the death of her.
 “I have to go to the bathroom.” TyLee noted. “Come with?”
 “Yeah, sure.” Katara nodded. She didn’t exactly have to go, but she didn’t want to be alone either so she followed TyLee passed the kitchen and into a hallway. It was easy to forget how many of these parties TyLee probably attended, until she watched her navigate the house with ease.
 TyLee found the correct door and slipped in with an, “I’ll be quick.”
 Katara nodded, thinking that she had made the right call. She was still a little fuzzy but with some distance from the pounding music and the disorientation of the flashing strobe lights, she was starting to feel a little better.
Better but sleepy.
 She checked her phone for the time. Nearly 12:30. She groaned, she should have been in bed an hour ago at most. Ideally, she would have been in bed three hours ago. This party, if not her stubbornness, was going to be the death of her.
 “Hey kitty Kat.”
 The slow drawl sent a chill down her spine.
 “I was hoping we could have a one on one conversation.” Jet smirked.
 She looked at the bathroom door. She really didn’t want to ditch TyLee. But she had to get away from Jet. She was certain that TyLee would understand. Hell, TyLee might even thank her for leading Jet away from her. So she made a run for it.
 It was hard to text Sokka while running. It was harder still with her head spinning. It was too hot. There were too many people. Yet Jet was the only person she could see. She had to find someone, anyone. Oh, where was Aang?
 Hell, she’d take help from Mai if she could pick her out in the crowd.
 She spied Moo-Chee striding triumphantly back towards his corner. That meant that Aang had to be nearby! Relief coursed through her as she spotted a bald head in the crowd. “Aang!”
 From the look of it, he hadn’t heard her. So Katara cried out again, this time with more power and desperation. “Aang, please!”
 An arm snaked around hers. Her heart raced. She was going to have to fight. She hadn’t hit or shoved anyone since the elementary school playground. She gave Jet a good knee to the stomach. She heard the air woosh from his lungs, but his grip on her arm only tightened. So she clawed at his arm. She was feeling so faint and oh so hot. “Aang!” She called out again, knowing very well that he wasn’t there. Why wasn’t Sokka answering her?
Was he that mad?
She should have texted Suki and TyLee too.
 She was such a fool.
A fool for coming to this party.
And a fool for doing so with no plan in mind.
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punkbitchv101 · 4 years ago
Patch x Leafos fanfiction: The Festival
Hello people, I finally finished this fanfic, after like two weeks or so. I must say, I’m really proud of this ^^; Reblogs and likes are really appreaciated.
Tumblr media
It's been a good couple of months since Leafos decided to be Doc Patchingo's assistant. Patch wouldn't really admit it to anyone but he really liked her, she is an excellent assistant but she can say things that make the poor doctor blush and sweat from embarrassment. But one very thing that Patch was grateful for was whenever Dastardos would show up, she would help him stand up for himself when Dastardos was taunting, teasing or trying to cause him bodily harm and that got on Dastardos' nerves.
Today, Patch had a day off and that meant Leafos had a day off as well, and usually Patch slept the entire day but not this time. Today there was a festival organised by the one and only Eddie Lizard one of the richest people on Pinata Island and a good friend of Patch as well and that's why Patch was invited and he could bring someone with him but only one person. Patch didn't had many people that he trusted, Maxime was always a bit loud and she would tease him a bit besides Eddie likes her a lot and she is probably already invited, he would invite Eddie but its Eddie's party in the first place so he didn't need an invitation, the only person for him to bring with him was Leafos.
Patch isn't the best with talking to girls and he wasn't especially good with talking to cute girls like Leafos, so he would have to invite without fainting from embarrassment or making a complete moron of himself.
He walked up to Leafos' house, hoping he would see Jardinero. He knocked on the door twice, he then looked at the ground while fiddling with his fingers. Finally Leafos opened the door and looked at the doctor with a soft smile, "Hello Patch! I didn't expect to see, I though you would be sleeping." she said in her usually Irish accent. Patch blushed a bit and gave her an invitation for Eddie's festival, "I-I just wanted to ask y-you, er if you w-want to go t-to the festival with m-m-me that Eddie organised..." he stuttered as he avoided eye contact with her. Leafos put her hand on her mouth, and took the invitation, her cheeks went a bit pink, she then smiled at the doctor and nodded, "Oh of course, I'll come with you! I see you at 8pm at the festival then." she said as she gave him a warm smile and closed the the door. Patch laughed in triumph, he then happily walked back to his clinic.
As soon as Patch arrived at his clinic, he began to get ready for the festival, he put on his tux and his blue bow tie, he kept his money helmet on. Finally when it 6:30pm, Patch stared to make his way to the festival.
The festival was very lively and colourful, and there was a lot of people, like Maxime, Storkos, Seedos, Petual, just to name a few since there is more people at the festival. As soon as Patch stepped a foot where the festival was, he good a friendly hug from Eddie, "Hello Patch! I'm glad to see you pal! So tell me, did you bring anyone else?" asked the rich boy dressed in a nice colorful tux and a feathery flashy mask. Patch suddenly clapped his hands on his head, he forgot to bring Leafos with him. He frantically looked around, "I-I...er...uh..." he stuttered, he then felt someone touching his shoulder gently, he turned around to see Leafos, she had a beautiful blue dress, sky blue gloves and a delicate blue mask with darker patches of blue on it. "I need did brought someone with him." said Leafos in happy voice, as she looked at Patch who was blushing and sweating like crazy. Eddie laughed and bowed elegantly, "Alrighty then! I welcome you to my festival, have fun you two!" he exclaimed in his charming tone of voice, he then quickly got next to Patch and nudged him with his elbow, "I'm glad you found a girlfriend." whispered Eddie, he giggled as he saw Patch blush.
So far so good was going for both Patch and Leafos, there was plenty of food, drinks and even some small shops. Finally there was a karaoke machine, right now Gretchen was singing, her voice was phenomenal and pleasing to hear. There were couples dancing around, the song. that Gretchen was singing was slow and calm. Leafos suddenly looked at Patch with a smile on her face, she then grabbed his arm and pulled him where everybody was dancing or at least where couples where dancing. Patch started to sweat like crazy, he doesn't know how to dance, "L-Leafos...I-I don't know how to dance..." he spluttered as he looked at Leafos with worry under his bangs, "Don't worry Patch, just repeat what I'm doing and you'll be fine." she assured him gently as she looked at him and smiled.
But up there in one of trees, Dastardos sitting and looking down at Patch and Leafos, who where dancing, Leafos was smiling while Patch blushing and nervously smiling at Leafos. Right next to him was Seedos who decided to take a small break, he looked at his brother, "Relax...I'm sure they are just having fun..." he said quietly, Dastardos just made a sour expression "This moron shouldn't even think about doing anything to her." he hissed spitefully as he squinted his eyes at Patch. Seedos sighed, his brother was clearly overreacting, "Well, it could've been worse you know..." he mumbled as he looked down at his sister and the doc.
Things were okay for Patch so far, he hadn't done anything stupid which was good at least it was good for him. Leafos' eyes shone and she smiled at Patch, she then stopped dancing and Patch stopped as well. "Patch...I want to show you something...promise me that you'll never forget it." she whispered to him, Patch shuddered and looked at Leafos, one of his eyes exposed to look at her directly. "A-alright, s-s-show me." he whispered back to her, before he knew it Leafos gently put her lips against his and embraced him in the process. Patch's eyes widen under his bangs, and his face became red from embarrassment, Leafos then broke the kiss and looked at Patch, "I think I've been your assistant for a very long time now...don't you think we should take a step further? What do you say, do you want to be...my boyfriend?" she asked him as he looked at Patch who had his jaw wide open from shock. The doc looked at Leafos and nervously nodded as he smiled at her, "I...would love to..." he said to her without stuttering and Leafos found that impressive. Both of them hugged each other as the night sky was covered in beautiful shiny stars, and the moonlight covered the whole festival.
Dastardos obviously saw all of this and he was about to scream but thankfully Seedos covered his mouth in time. "Shh! Be quiet!" he nervously whispered as he looked at his brother with worry. "This-bastard! He is dating-! My little sister!" Dastardos whispered furiously as if he was about to explode and give away his location where he was hiding, Leafos' lips touched Patch's filthy lips, ugh!
He reached out to his hair to pull out his whacking stick, "Next time I see him! I will break his spine!" he hissed with wrath and venom in his voice, Seedos just sighed and shook his head, his brother's temper was quite thin, wasn't it?
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