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theaterism · 2 months ago
!! hello hello, i’m slowly working on replies today bc i can finally Think, but in the meantime, here are some real-life faceclaims for background characters here (bc i doubt i’ll ever find manga ones for them)! i’m Indecisive and never quite settled on how i picture them, and these aren’t the only ones i associate with these characters, but !!! they’re definitely some main ones and they do feel pretty accurate in most ways, specifically as they appear in the following pictures:
CASTOR FLETCHER — tony h.ale
Tumblr media Tumblr media
VELANOVA CHAMBERS — l.upita n.yong’o
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CERISE FONTAINE — sa.mara we.aving (also ni.cole kidman, as she appears in this post!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
EDWARD HUGHES — sh.aun evans
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rat-hand · 7 days ago
Sea shanty about a crew disappearing at sea but as it’s sung fewer and fewer people are singing until it’s just one person left.
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adelicioustragedy · 18 days ago
Murray looking at Eddie and Steve while they shamelessly flirt: Jesus Christ another one
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bprdeeznuts · a month ago
Tumblr media
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fxvixen · 7 months ago
goddd i just want spider-man's identity to be his own worst but new york city's best kept secret. like i want him unthinkingly taking off his mask and like 20 people see, but if you ask them if they did? no they didn't.
the rule is unwritten, but very enforced. like, there are online communities dedicated to erasing any trace of the spread of his identity. a tourist takes a photo of him and posts it online? it's gone in minutes, and people send DMs to the poster anywhere from "hey, i'm sure you were just excited, but...." to "ill kill u if i evr c you, fuckin bitch".
any information on spider-man is only spread via word of mouth, and only spoken in hushed, awed voices. after several years of spider-man, everyone knows someone who encountered him:
"he saved my cousin. caught a falling billboard from underneath with his bare hands..."
"wow... i've never seen him myself, but he talked to my coworker's daughter for an hour after he stopped a guy from getting a little too handsy. apparently, his smile is 'dreamy'."
these secrets are freely given if you're kind, trustworthy, and show respect for the little guy. but the moment you demand information on him... "i don't know what you're talking about, buddy. he's just an urban legend the news likes to blame the city's problems on so we don't unionize or worse"
so as many times as spider-man ends up with out a mask, or accidentally introduces himself with a name that starts with 'p' and rhymes with 'meter'... on the record, they don't know a thing. because he does his best to help as many people as he can, so it's only fair if they help him a little in return.
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sugardells · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Just a Wise Girl and a Seaweed Brain 🔱
Fanart by Sugardells
Follow me on:
IG: sugar_dells
Twt: sugardells1
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ilya-boltagon · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
This flashback in ATLA, Azulon becoming enraged with Ozai for disrespecting Iroh and the recently deceased Lu Ten, is usually interpreted as Azulon then ordering Ozai to kill Zuko. I disagree with this for two reasons. 1: We don’t actually hear Azulon say that, it’s only referred to by Azula (who was around seven or eight at the time and might have misunderstood what she heard) and by Ozai, years later, when he is taunting Zuko on the Day of Black Sun. Neither Azula nor Ozai are reliable narrators. 2: Azulon is, at the time of this flashback, the ruler of the Fire Nation who has just lost one of his only two grandsons and heirs. What kind of monarch loses one heir and then turns around and demands the death of another, especially when losing Zuko would hardly bother Ozai? My interpretation of this situation is Azulon ordered Ozai to give Zuko into Iroh’s care, replacing Lu Ten as Iroh’s heir, neatly removing any argument Ozai had about Iroh’s line having ended. Ozai of course would never accept this. He either lied to Ursa, claiming Azulon wished Zuko dead, or outright told his wife he’d kill Zuko before seeing him get ahead of him in the line of succession, thus manipulating Ursa to help him assassinate Azulon. I think this theory makes far more logical sense than ‘Azulon ordered the murder of his nine-year-old grandson’.
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theaterism · 4 months ago
i mentioned parasitic magic about a week ago in relation to an architect. there are several reasons nathaniel’s magic eventually became parasitic and turned on him as well. these are the major ones.
1) like edward’s magic, nathaniel’s magic persisted when he put it into the world. it existed in jars and vials. it only faded when he dispelled it or when it was allowed to escape from its confinement. magic that persists is more likely to drain its user’s energy. it is also more likely to gain a will of its own (in a manner of speaking) under the right circumstances.
2) nathaniel spent his whole life mastering his magic. he sharpened it, twisted it, pushed it to its limits and well beyond. his ambitions and merciless curiosity drove him to improve his skill in sound manipulation and to seek more and more knowledge on what his magic could achieve. he wanted wealth and power. he also simply wanted to know what would happen if he contorted his magic in various ways, regardless of any discomfort he endured in the process.
(something else drove him as well, though he disliked admitting its presence and control over him.)
3) he began using his magic almost constantly to meet the demands of those he did business with (and to satisfy his own curiosity, to collect samples to experiment on). collecting voices became a habit, and he always carried vials to gather them. he could spend hours sorting sounds, splitting them, slicing them, and stitching them together. he suppressed inconvenient feelings on instinct, but it became rather difficult to ignore how the strain of overusing his magic weighed upon him. still, he didn’t stop.
(also, the more nathaniel overworked his magic and twisted it to satisfy his curiosity, the more distorted it naturally became. something about his magic felt wrong. something about it felt sharp and stretched much too thin, threads of it splintering beyond his control and fraying like electrical wires.)
4) he was restless, facing both debts and his own desire for more. he felt caught in an inescapable cycle. this was the game, and though it had lost its charm over time, he couldn’t stop playing. he grew bitter. he grew exhausted. he grew desperate. more and more desperate. eventually, he reached a breaking point. something in him snapped.
he made an internal deal. he told his magic, ‘take as much as you want from me, as long as you give me enough in return.’ and his magic — which he had mistreated for years and which was already warped from his experiments — was all too eager to oblige.
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lilacletter · 6 days ago
𝙬𝙧𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧
Tumblr media
eddie munson x female!reader
word count: 7k words
summary: when you see something you weren’t supposed to jealously pays you a visit. eddie can’t believe what’s gotten into his usually quiet girlfriend, but he has no problem reminding you that he’s yours.
warnings: established relationship, shy/quiet reader (i say this rather loosely, its more of reader being embarrassed about being jealous), porn with a plot, heavy mentions of jealousy, eddie enjoying said jealously, teasing, smut, kissing, dirty talk, oral sex (f receiving), finger sucking, p in v sex, unprotected sex.
authors note: i had this idea a while ago and finally decided to bring it to life. it’s different from what i’ve written for eddie thus far but i hope it’s just as good. my editing job might not have been the greatest so i apologize. i really really hope you all like it, im very nervous about this one so yeah! take it easy on me!
Tumblr media
You were unfamiliar with the feeling that had settled in your chest as you watched the scene in front of you. Your mouth was suddenly tainted with a bitter taste, like biting into a berry that was not yet ripe enough to enjoy. A taste that made your face scrunch up, swallowing thickly in hopes of getting the acrid flavour out of your mouth.
Your hands were clammy as you pushed down the fabric of your skirt, smoothing it out against your skin. You were unable to tear your eyes away, watching every movement from inside the classroom closely.
Eddie was sitting on top of one of the desks, his face was contorted in annoyance and pain. His mounds of hair sat low on the back of his head in a messy bun. A bun that was held together by a bright green scrunchie.
One section of hair was left out and it was currently in the hands of Chrissy Cunningham. She was carefully combing through it, a disgusted look on her face as she pulled out bits of what looked to be chewed up gum.
On one hand you were curious, wondering how the hell Eddie had managed to get gum in his hair. More importantly wondering who had been stupif enough to help get him in this situation.
On the other hand there was a burning sensation making its way through your body. A surge of mixed emotions, a monster inside you rearing its ugly head.
You were aware that jealousy was one of the many emotions that the human psyche was capable of. It was normal, a common thing people experienced but you couldn’t help but be utterly embarrassed that it was happening to you.
“Jesus!” Eddie yelped loudly, grabbing the back of his neck after his hair was tugged on rather harshly. Chrissy winced softly, muttering a string of apologies as she took the piece of hair back in her hands, working some water through it.
She was just helping him. You tried to rationalise, taking a deep breath as an attempt to calm your anxious state. Part of you felt ashamed for feeling how you did. You knew Eddie loved you and you didn’t need to worry about someone touching him innocently. Especially not Chrissy, the girl who sat beside you in English. She was painfully sweet and couldn’t harm a fly even if she wanted to.
It was when she placed a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it soothingly, your calm thoughts slipped away. The intrusive thoughts that were intertwined with jealousy and possessiveness returned like an evil whisper in your ear.
Did she need to touch him so much? You squinted in their direction, your jaw clenching ever so slightly. Eddie never let anyone touch his hair, it took him weeks to be fully comfortable with you touching it and here she was, running her fingers through it repeatedly.
You felt your face heating, your entire body tensing as he nodded his head, reaching over to tap her hand a few times.
You knew he was only thanking her, the whole situation was completely harmless but there was still a stabbing feeling pressing against your heart. You swallowed thickly as you tried to compose yourself, knowing you would never actually find it in you to enter the room.
You weren’t even supposed to be here yet. You thought to yourself, knowing you had only come to search for Eddie in a fit of excitement.
You had finally finished your article for the school's newspaper and wanted to let Eddie read it. Instead you were greeted by a sight that extinguished your excitement like a gust of wind to the flame of a candle.
As if the universe was listening to your pathetic cry for help, the bell rang signalling the end of the second period. You quickly turned on your heel, rushing to get out of the doorway before Eddie could see you. He could read you like a book and you weren’t quite ready to face what he would be like if he knew how you were feeling.
Eddie watched as you stood there in bewilderment, your face flustered as you nearly tripped on your own feet walking out of the room. He felt a bit guilty not seeing you sooner, wondering where you were going in such a hurry.
You sat through your third period, nervously tapping your foot the whole time. You could barely focus on what the teacher was saying, your mind replaying what you saw over and over. Anxiety found a home in the pit of your stomach, curling up there with no intentions of leaving.
You avoided Eddie at lunch, not even entering the cafeteria once the whole lunch period. You thought it would be better to just see him after school, hoping your feelings would subside by then.
The only problem with your plan was that it didn’t go unnoticed by Eddie. He was worried, staring at your empty seat next to him as he wondered where you were. You always ate lunch with them, he can’t remember the last time you didn’t.
Eddie didn’t like this, he couldn’t let go of the idea that something was wrong. He knew the only way to know for sure was by finding you and asking you what he did to make you not wanna see him.
As he stood and gathered his things the table of boys in front of him exchanged puzzled looks and whispers, wondering what had Eddie revved up today. He walked away from the table, pushing the doors of the cafeteria open as he began searching for you.
He walked down the hall where your locker was and he saw you standing behind the open metal door. He was smiling before he even got to you, happy to see that you were physically okay from what he could tell.
You were grabbing your notebook for your next class, a sigh leaving you as you put it into your bag. You were startled as you closed the door of the locker, not expecting to see your boyfriend standing there.
“You avoiding me, sweetheart?” He leaned his head on the locker beside yours, arms crossed over his chest.
He was handsome. There was no denying it no matter how upset you were. You had never seen him with his hair up like this, his bangs laying messily on his forehead, strands of hair flying out of the bun. It only made you burn with jealousy more, knowing that you weren’t the first person to see him like this. Knowing that you weren’t the one to put it up like this.
Your eyebrows knit across your forehead as you gently shake your head. “No, of course not.” Your voice was nerve filled, trembling in a barely noticeable way.
He mimics your movement and shakes his own head, “No? Are you sure?” His voice is smooth like honey as he quiets his voice slightly. “Didn’t see you at lunch.”
Shaking your head again you cross your own arms over your chest, looking down as you avoid his heavy gaze.
He looks up and down the hall before closing the space between you both, knowing you don’t like being too affectionate with other people around. Taking your hands in his he bends down, leaving you no choice but to look at him.
“You can tell me if I upset you.” He whispers, his brown irises stare into your own softly, glimmering with comfort. Eddie’s learnt to be patient with you, it wasn’t easy at first but he’s gotten used to letting you take your time when telling him things.
“You didn’t, Eddie.” You give him a small smile. “I was editing my article for the paper.” You lie, trying not to choke on your untruthful words.
You can tell by the look on his face he doesn’t believe you, looking at you through his thick eyelashes, his eyebrows pressed up as he presses his tongue against his top lip.
Letting out a soft sigh you give him a faint smile. “I came to show you during second period, but you seemed preoccupied.” Your voice came out more pointed than you intended it to, causing you to clear your throat in the hopes that Eddie didn’t notice.
But of course he did. He always notices.
Eddie bites his tongue in his mouth, eyes staring at you knowingly. Normally he would comfort you, apologise and hug you, kissing your forehead in the way he knows you love, the way that makes you melt into him.
But this wasn’t normal, not for you at least. You had been with Eddie for sometime now and yet he had never seen you get even a little bit jealous.
It wasn’t like he did it on purpose, he had no intentions of making you jealous when he got the sticky pink gum in his hair. He didn’t think anything good would come from it.
He had to admit he felt a bit guilty, the little angel on his shoulder reminding him that he should feel bad for you, he should feel bad for accidently making you jealous, for making you worry like that.
However, the little devil on his other shoulder made him feel far from bad. He didn’t feel that bad because the thought of you standing in that doorway flustered and angry that someone was touching him didn’t make him feel guilty, it made his cock strain against his pants.
Before he can open his mouth to speak you squeeze his hand and pull your bag higher on your shoulder. “I’ve gotta run.” You smile weakly. “I’ll come by after school.”
Eddie stood to his full height and kissed your temple as he watched you run off. He was bouncing with amusement and couldn’t wait for the day to be over.
Tumblr media
When you arrived at Eddie’s, Wayne was pulling out of the gravel road and heading to work. You waved him goodbye as you walked up the steps to the front door of the trailer. Tapping on the screen door lightly you waited as Eddie came out to open it for you.
He smiled when he saw you, closing the door behind you. “You know you’re allowed to let yourself in, it’s just me here.”
He leans on the closed door, his black ‘Iron Maiden’ tee riding up to expose his happy trail slightly.
You bring your eyes back up to his, setting your bag down on the couch. “I don’t wanna be rude and it’s no big deal.” You mutter innocently, shrugging your shoulders.
“Right, my quiet girl doesn’t wanna be rude.” He playfully smirks, “That would be a big deal, maybe even the end of the world.” He waves his hands dramatically, deepening his voice before chuckling softly.
You nod in agreement, softly giggling at his dramatics. “How was your day?” Eddie mutters, heading looking over his shoulder for a moment before heading for his room.
Crossing your arms over your chest, you lean against the table that sits by his front door. When his back turns to you you’re met with the sight of the silk green fabric in his hair once again.
The fabric that you had somewhat managed to forget about.
“It was okay.” You called out softly, the sour look from before is back on your face, your fingers gripping the table behind you.
“Only okay?” He asked as he came out of his room, tossing his blanket onto the couch. You nod your head, looking at him intently before waving him towards you.
“Come here, please.” You request, standing up straighter.
Eddie smiled at your small ‘please’, always taken aback by your manners. When he comes to stand in front of you, you help him manoeuvre his body so his back is facing you.
“What happened?” You question as you pull the green scrunchie from his hair, throwing it somewhere on the kitchen counter. Eddie jerked his head back slightly, a small hiss leaving his lips, the tangles in his hair being pulled at.
“What’d you mean, sweetheart?” He asked, attempting to turn his head around but you pushed his face forward so he couldn’t.
“To your hair.” You reply softly, trying to hide the slightly annoyed tone in your voice. Gathering the stray hairs back into the bun, you smoothed it out the best you could.
Eddie knows what you’re getting at, he knows you know what happened but you want to hear him say it, you want him to confirm that what you say was real.
“Got some gum in my hair sometime during class, pretty sure it was stuck to the damn chair I was sitting on.” He tells you, listening as you hum in acknowledgement.
“Chrissy saw it and put my hair up, tried to get as much of it out as she could.” He noticed the way you tugged on his hair harder, a small ‘sorry’ falling from your lips.
You took a small hair band from your own pocket, tying it around the thick bun and securing it to the back of his head. You ran your hands along his shoulder before leaning back and sitting on the small table behind you.
Eddie’s lips curled up into an almost arrogant grin, he tried his best to wipe it off his face before turning to you.
He was met with the sight of you wearing a bashful look, like you had been slapped on the hand for doing something you weren't supposed to.
“Is that what this is about?” He whispers, looking down at you with a tilted head.
Crossing his arms over his chest he smiles softly at you, trying to find it in himself to be patient with you and to not accidentally make you upset.
“What are you talking about?” You decide to play coy, shrugging your shoulders, your eyes finding the ground a lot more interesting than it was a moment ago. There’s a soft weight seated on your chest and you can’t quite make out what it is.
“How did you know something was wrong with my hair?” He tests the waters, now being the one wanting to hear you admit to it.
“I was talking about your hair being up.” You conceal, playing with the end of your skirt in a poor attempt to make it seem like you had a reason to look down.
“I saw you.” He admits, “Second period. When Chrissy was helping me.”
He says, “I saw you standing there for god knows how long.” He raised his eyebrows at you before moving closer.
When you first entered the trailer you would have said it was a touch too cold, that the AC might have been on too high. Now you would argue it wasn’t working at all, the space around you suddenly becoming warm, making it harder to breathe.
He nudged your legs open with his knee, moving to stand between them. He brought a hand to your face, the tip of his knuckle brushing against your jaw before pushing your head up to look at him.
His touch was comforting, but you were still burning with embarrassment, knowing what was about to come.
You take a deep breath before slouching, looking at him with a pout. “Eddie..”
He huffs out a laugh and shakes his head, “Don’t look at me like that, babe.” He moves his face closer to yours.
“Tell me the truth, tell me what’s got my girl all worked up.” The mocking tone in his voice makes your stomach burn with excitement.
Your eyes close as he moves his hands to your upper arms, rubbing them comfortingly. Your hands are playing with the edge of his shirt, pulling at a loose thread.
“It’s stupid.” You say, your voice barely above a whisper.
“It’s not stupid.” He replies, still unable to wipe the smile from his face. “It’s..kinda cute.”
“Being jealous is cute to you?” You deadpan, eyes opening hesitantly just in time to watch him laugh again.
“So you are jealous then?” He teases, earning an annoyed sigh from you. Your pout is stained to your face now, voice whiny as you look up at him.
“I was coming to show you the paper.” You say, talking faster than usual.
“But when I got there Chrissy was helping you with your hair and, and I just stood there staring at the two of you and I couldn’t look away.”
You were rambling now, admitting to everything all at once. Eddie was beyond entertained, his eyes watching you closely as you ranted. He really thought you were cute now, an interaction worth a few minutes leaving you so flustered.
“You never let anyone touch your hair, let alone put it up and-“ You’re struck by the way your boyfriend looks right now.
Standing between your legs, nodding along with what you’re saying. He’s wearing a dark look, teasing you with his eyes as he watches you stop. He’s turned on.
“And?” He teases, he brings your hands to his lips, kissing them softly. He kisses each knuckle before flipping them over, gently running his plump lips along your palm.
“A-and.” You stammer, watching as he brings his eyes up to yours, lips still pressing into your skin. Your eyes feel heavy as you watch him, head becoming cloudy and before you know it you blurt out loudly.
“You’re mine, Eddie!” Your face burns hot again, that weight in your chest makes you feel like you’re drowning. Eddie smiles against the skin of your hand, nodding his head as he kisses the tips of your fingers.
“I’m yours.” He confirms, moving to the next finger.
“You’re right, sweetheart.” He hums, “I’m yours and no one else should be able to touch me, is that it?” His pupils grow as he looks at you, you can barely see the brown in his eyes anymore.
You swallow as you slowly nod your head, your confidence growing at his words. Eddie drags the tip of your pointer finger along his lips.
“Need to remind you, don’t I?” He says lowly, letting you take control as you pull down on his bottom lip gently, watching it fall back in place as you let it go.
When you nod, Eddie’s lips curl up into an implying smirk. His thick fingers wrap around your wrist, bringing your hand back to his mouth.
He takes your pointer finger between his lips, sucking on it slowly. You feel his soft tongue drag along your digit, his teeth then going to graze over the same spot. He repeats the motion a few times, not tearing his eyes from yours.
Your breath gets caught in your throat, choking you as if someone had their hand tightly wrapped around your throat. You feel yourself growing wet, small bursts of excitement running from your stomach down to your core.
Your finger is glistening when Eddie removes it from his mouth, leaning over so his mouth is beside your ear.
“I would never be this sweet on anyone but you, baby.” He practically moans, his hot whisper travelling down your spine, leaving tingles in its wake.
“Such a pretty girl…always so sweet, so gentle.” He presses a kiss under your ear. “And I belong to you, I’ve belonged to you since the day I saw you.”
His laugh makes you moan, you don’t mean to but you can help when the soft sound leaves your chest. “Got me wrapped around your finger, Y/n.”
His lips move down, warm kisses being dragged along your neck. “It is cute.” He murmurs between kisses, “You being jealous, all flustered cause someone else was touching what’s yours.” He kisses to the other side of your face, lips trailing up to your other ear.
Leaning into your other ear he hushes his voice, “Had no idea my quiet girl was so greedy, sweetheart.”
He knows what he’s doing. He loves teasing you like this and you knew he would get a kick out of your jealousy. You knew he’d be bursting at the seams to taunt you with this new found information, to make you squirm and whine for him.
“Is that it?” He asks, pulling away from your ear to look into your eyes again. “You don’t like sharing what’s yours?”
You shake your head as you look at him, moving your hands up to hold his face. “I don’t wanna share.” You whisper, brushing his bangs back.
His smile is the most stunning thing you had ever seen. His pretty teeth peaked out as it grew, little wrinkles forming around his eyes.
An outsider looking in wouldn’t expect Eddie to have such a pretty smile, but behind the dark clothes and the metal music there was a smile that was like a ray of sunshine beaming through the window of a dark room. It was all yours to enjoy.
“You don’t have to share.” He says matter of factly, shrugging his shoulders. “I love being yours, Y/n.”
You pull his face towards you, kissing him feverishly. Eddie tastes faintly of cigarettes, a taste you have grown to love, a taste that is completely and undeniably, Eddie. The kiss is one filled with passion, it’s hungry yet filled with love, it’s needy but you both take your time with it wanting to feel each other.
Pulling away from him your chest heaves, pushing his face up as you kiss down his neck. You feel his adam’s apple bob as he swallows, a silent encouragement for you to kiss the skin there harder.
You suck on the skin that covers the hard spot harshly, your teeth sliding against it as you purposely try to leave a bruise on his skin.
“Jesus Christ, babe.” Eddie groans, his hands make their way to your bare thighs, pushing up underneath your skirt. Feeling satisfied with yourself you let go of his skin, kissing the area where his skin is now bright red.
He chuckles as he looks back down at you again, “Did you just mark me?” He asks, voice laced with that teasing tone again.
You nod your head, biting your lip before you smile widely, “Mine.” You whisper.
“Yours.” He confirms, his voice a soft whisper.
“Show me, Eddie.” You nearly whimper, “Please.”
Eddie couldn’t fathom how perfect you are. He never saw himself ending up with someone so sweet, so beautiful, he was never that lucky.
Yet here you were, sitting beneath him looking up at him with those eyes that made him melt, giving into you with the slightest gaze into them.
“Here you go with those manners again.” He says, “Always a good girl, huh?”
You moan again, it’s whiny and loud this time. You’re growing impatient and just want his hands on you.
As always, he knows.
Eddie hooks his hands under your thighs, pulling you to the edge of the small table. He pushes your skirt up to your waist, letting the material scrunch up there before pulling your panties down with two fingers.
“These are pretty.” He hums, “Might have to hold onto them for a while.” He looks at the pink cotton before subtly sliding them into the pocket of his jeans, causing you to giggle and let out a soft ‘mhm’.
Your eyes widen as you watch Eddie slowly bend down until he’s kneeling in front of you. You tilt your head down further, watching him closely.
You had never seen him this eager, kneeling in front of you, his eyes focused on your cunt like it was the most interesting thing he had ever had the pleasure of seeing.
He opens your thighs further, planting kisses on the doughy skin. His fingers dig into your flesh deeply, squeezing it as his lips get closer and closer to where you want him.
Eddie coos as he pulls your pussy apart, seeing your slick glisten near your entrance. He licks his lips before looking back up at you with gentle eyes, a silent way of making sure this was still okay with you. You don’t say anything, opting to place your hand over his hand, the one that holds your leg open.
He places a chaste kiss on your clit, letting you feel his warmth against you. You push into him when you feel his tongue dragging from your entrance back up to where he left that first kiss. Eddie can’t help but moan against you, the taste of your sweet nectar never failing to drive him to the edge, making him need more.
He repeats his motion a few times, spreading your slick and his spit all over your throbbing cunt. His licks come to a stop as he turns his focus to the sensitive skin of your clit. He sucks it softly, in the way he knows you love. Repeated little motions, his tongue gently pushing into your wet skin.
Your hand finds his hair, pushing your fingers through the tied back mane to pull his head closer to you. Your hips begin pushing into his face involuntarily, chasing after more pleasure, not that it can get much better than this.
“Eds..” Your breathy whimpers are music to his ears, causing him to hum around your sensitive bud. The vibrations only adding to your pleasure. He laps his skilled tongue through your folds again, going back and forth between motions.
Eddie is good at making you cum like this. Maybe it was all the practice you’ve let him have, his only incentive was being able to hear you like this. Letting out breathless moans, whimpering uncontrollably as his name leaves your mouth like a prayer. He loved the feeling of you cumming on his tongue, trusting him enough to witness this intimate act up close.
Your tiny hole is clenching around nothing, Eddie can feel your body twitching into him and his only focus is on keeping his rhythm. You're holding his head in place now, your hips found a steady pace to push into him long ago. You feel the buildup coming to a near end, your eyes screwing shut as you chase it.
Your core is burning hot, feeling like it’s on fire but nearly about to explode. Your moans are consistent now, a repeated whimper leaving your lips.
“Shit, Eddie.” You’re nearly breathless, fingers gripping the table for dear life. “R-right there.”
Eddie squeezes your thigh, a silent sign of encouragement, one that your boyfriend knows you need in order to obtain the reward you so badly deserve. Especially after the day you had.
Your head grows foggy as your orgasm blooms, exploding in the depths of your stomach and taking over the rest of your body. Your body shakes with pleasure, one final scream of pleasure leaving your chest as your grip on Eddie’s head loosens completely.
He helps you ride the wave, his actions coming to a stop slowly. He moves to kiss your thighs again, soft kisses being peppered along as he mutters soft praises. You tap his hand a few times, a plea for him to come up to you, and so he does.
His thick palms still rubbing your legs soothingly as he stands, smiling at the sight of the lazy smile on your face.
“Look so pretty right now, sweetheart.” He smiles, bringing his head down, he kisses you, his lips taste of you now, another mark you’ve left on him momentarily.
You pull away from him, pushing on his chest as you wrap your legs around his middle. Your arms do the same, wrapping around his neck as you whisper. “Can you sit on the couch? Please, Eds.”
Eddie doesn’t waste a second, lifting you up and taking a few steps to the couch. He slowly sits down while still holding you, not wanting to hurt you by accident.
“Can we take this off?” He asks, fingers already holding the hem of your shirt. You nod eagerly, putting your arms up to help him.
He throws your shirt somewhere, hands moving to rub across your tummy and up your waist. The coolness of his rings gives you goosebumps, the sensation was nice but unexpected.
“Yours.” You say, biting your lip as you watch him remove his own shirt. Eddie’s pale skin is littered with small splotches of black ink, the sight of them never failing to make your lips fall apart is delight. Your fingers come up to trace the one near his shoulder, delicate fingers running over it.
Eddie’s hands go back to your waist, massaging your hips as he lets you admire him. “Was thinkin’ of getting a few more soon.” He mutters, not missing how your eyes look up at him, eyebrows raised with what he makes out to be excitement.
“Don’t tell me anymore.” You smile, running your fingers along the bats that fly upon his skin. “I want it to be a surprise.”
He pulls you into him further, a smile tugging at his pink lips. “Okay, babe.” His hands pressed into the small of your back, “But you can’t be mad if you hate them. They might be a little-”
You cut him off by grabbing his face, an attempt to bring his rambling to an end. You loved hearing him get excited, listening to Eddie talk was one of your favourite things but right now it wasn’t what you needed.
You needed him inside you, needed to feel him stretching you out as you sank further and further on him.
“Eddie.” You say sweetly, “I wanna ride you.” You confess, face heating at the sound of your words rolling off your tongue. “Is that okay?”
The noise that leaves him is a borderline growl, his hands coming to rest on top of yours on his face. “I’m yours, remember?” His eyes are dark again, studying you. “Take what you want from me, baby.”
You playfully push his chest, prompting him to lay back on the couch and so he does. He puts an arm up on the back of the couch, watching you as you begin to unbuckle the metal belt clip that adorns his hips.
Finally getting the buckle unclipped you unbutton his jeans. Eddie lifts his hips, his hands coming back down to help you pull the rough fabric down just enough for you to get his cock out. You take the time to take your bra off, letting it fall to the ground under you.
You can see his cock pressed against his boxers, the sight of the outline of his hard shaft making you whimper with excitement. Pulling his boxers down you take his cock into your hand, there's a few drops of precum oozing from his red tip. You rub your thumb over it, spreading the milky liquid all over.
Stroking his cock you kneel further into the couch, hovering over him. Eddie brings his hand to your hips, helping you remain steady. You press his cock into your entrance, taking in a shaky breath as you slowly sink down onto it.
Your gummy walls accommodate his size, stretching around his girth with a dull ache. Your mouth hangs open, the burning sensation dissipating more and more as you slide down further.
Small whimpers leave your mouth as you sink down on him, they are whiny but soft. Eddie hisses as you slide down further, his head thrown back more than before as he feels your tight walls wrap around him snuggly.
“Fuck, sweetheart.” He groans once you’re fully seated on him, your palms pressing on his bare chest.
Eddie loves this more than he thought he would. You’re just about as close as you can be, your two bodies connecting so deeply it fogs his vision.
You take a moment, staring into his chocolate eyes as you let the burning fade away completely. Eddie doesn’t rush you, he never rushes you. Giving you all the time you need to get used to his size. He’s in no hurry anyway, he’d stay like this forever it it meant getting to be inside you.
He rubs your hips soothingly, small whispers of praise pouring out of him. “There you go, baby. So beautiful with my cock in you.”
You whine in agreement, your hips beginning to move against his. You only grind at first, enjoying the way Eddie’s length sits inside you. His neatly trimmed curls brush against your clit teasingly, making you push against them harder.
Your slick has spread all around your thighs, the sticky feeling becoming apparent as you lean into Eddie. Your pussy slides up his length slowly before you push back down on it again. It takes you a moment to find a good pace, but once you do you stick with it, steadily bouncing on him.
“Good girl, that’s it.” He moans as he hears the wet sounds of your pussy sliding up and down on him.
Eddie’s eyes are trained on where your bodies connect, focusing on the sight of his cock disappearing into your warm walls. He loved watching your pretty cunt open up for him, your lips wrapping around him with ease, like he was made to be inside you.
“You’re so deep.” You moan, your hands moving up to grip his shoulders. There are tears brimming your eyes, you're not in pain rather overloaded with pleasure.
“I know, baby. You’re taking me so so well. ” He coos gently, his nails raking down your back.
Eddie discovered long ago you like when he scratches you like this, his nails digging into your skin showing you how good you feel around him.
You forgot why you were jealous in the first place.
With his cock filling you to the brim, his hands all over your body. The only noises in the room were moans and whines of pleasure followed by the dirty sounding squelches of your pussy.
There was no need to be jealous when you got to have him like this, all to yourself.
Eddie slides down the couch slightly, pulling you closer to him as he decides to take control. Your breasts press to his bare chest, your skin moulding together as Eddie begins slamming his hips up into you. The sounds of skin slapping together fills the room, a sinful mewl pours from deep within you as you push your head into his neck.
“You’re all mine too, sweetheart. Don’t you forget that.” He groans into your ear, his knuckles have gone white as he grips your ass firmly.
You’re both turning into sloppy messes, sweat dripping down your bodies as he continues to plough into you with all that he can. This is what you both wanted. It’s what you both needed. To show one another you belong to them, through and through.
No one else could ever fill the spot in Eddie’s heart that you had created. Eddie needed you constantly, he craved you every second of every day and he hoped that this would make that clear to you. You were all he ever wanted, and all he would ever need.
Your second orgasm begins forming out of nowhere, it creeps up on you through all the intense pleasure you were feeling. Your nerves were on fire, body growing weak as all your energy was being put into pushing your hips into him. You were growing hazy, a brain fog taking over as Eddie filled your every sense.
“Eddie, I love you.” You whimper, lifting your head to hold his face again.
There’s a nearly fucked out grin on your face. A vulnerable state taking you over as you pour your heart out to the handsome man below you.
Your heart flutters as he reaches one hand up for a moment, rubbing your cheek with a few soft strokes.
“I love you too, baby.” He smiles, a groan leaving him as he feels your walls clench around him.
He moves that same hand down to rub slow circles on your bundle of nerves, helping you reach that high he so desperately wants you too. You’re both chasing the same thing, no one has to say it aloud for you to both know it. You both want to cum together, want to be vulnerable together because as Eddie once said, ‘It doesn’t get much better than that.’
The dull ache in your tummy becomes unbearable, your nails scratch down his chest as a pathetic moan exits you.
“I know, Sweetheart. I know.” He comforts you, letting you feel the sensitive drag of his cock inside you a few more times.
Your brush some hairs that escaped the bun from his sticky face, feeling the twitch of his cock slightly as his thrusts grow sloppy. He’s close, you know from the strangled groans he’s letting out that he needs to cum.
“Show me that you’re mine.” You whine, “Wanna cum with you, need you to fill me up, Eddie.” Your voice breaks at the end of your plea, Eddie grips onto you as tight as he can.
“Gonna give it to you, all of it, baby.” Eddie groans. “Have your tight cunt so full of me.”
There’s only a few more thrusts before you feel the coil in your stomach snapping. White hot pleasure pulses through you, your body falling on his weakly as your tight muscles clench around him completely.
Eddie gives you one final hard thrust before he’s gone rigid, coming undone underneath you. He paints your walls with his seed, your cunt draining everything he had left in him.
Repeated noises leave him as he pulls you close to him, whiny moans, repeated whispers of your name as his chest heaves up and down.
You remain like that for a moment, until the world slows down again and you both catch your breath.
Eddie rubs your back soothingly, whispering sweet nothings to you as you rest on him. Your thighs ache and you don’t think you’re gonna be able to stand, feeling small vibrations in your legs.
You groan softly as you sit up, looking down at Eddie. You’re about to attempt and get up but he grabs you.
“Let me help, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” He mutters, aiding you as you wince, pulling his cock out of you. He sighs as you do, his cock twitching at the movement from being so sensitive.
He places you beside him, pulling your legs over his bare lap. He traces his fingers along your calves, rubbing your skin over and over.
You watch him intently, taking in these few moments of peace. Nothing else matters right now, it’s just you and him soaking up eachothers company.
“You okay, sweetheart?” He asks, tilting his head to look at you. You nod weakly, letting out a quiet giggle.
“Your hair looks good like that.” You whisper, admiring him once more. “Makes you look really pretty.”
There's a soft pink creeping up on his cheeks as he reaches to feel the bun on his head. “It’s comfortable, hairs not in my face so much.”
“You’ll have to let me do it for you more often.” You say, resting your head on the rough material of the seat. Eddie laughs, slapping your thigh playfully.
“Only you, I know.” He whispers, pulling you closer before kissing your lips a few times.
“Hey.” You pout, “Remember how you got jealous when you saw Steve cleaning my hand when I cut it?”
Eddie makes a puzzled face, bringing his head back.
“Me? Jealous of Harrington?” He scoffs dramatically, “That sounds unlikely.”
You roll your eyes and tug on his arm, “If I remember correctly you took off all the bandages when we got home and put new ones on yourself.”
He shakes his head, “You got it all wrong, babe.” He defends, “I had to kiss your cut better, otherwise it wouldn’t have healed properly.” He brings the spot with the small scar to his mouth, kissing it again.
“Had nothing to do with Harrington.”
You shake your head and laugh loudly, making him grin widely. You were content like this, happy even. You knew Eddie was only yours to love.
But a little jealously never hurt anyone, right?
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artsybookworms · 3 months ago
I think the PJO Disney+ series should keep the “overcoming the blonde stereotype” subplot except with Percy and it’s a recurring gag throughout the season
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carlaerosie · 6 months ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴 (part 3)
alpargatas - the shoes that Mirabel and other women in Encanto wear
Tumblr media
COLOMBIA (obvious one and not that small but I love it, also it’s in the colors of Colombian flag)
Tumblr media
capibaras - animals native to Colombia
Tumblr media
mochilas - bags that Mirabel and other villagers carry
Tumblr media
Día de las velitas (Day of the Little Candles)
Tumblr media
wax palms - the palms that grow in Encanto are national trees of Colombia (they are also the highest palms)
Tumblr media
Agustín playing En Barranquilla Me Quedo
Tumblr media
there is so much more cultural and Colombian details in Encanto but I am not able to show them all in gifs unfortunately
the flowers that grow on Isabela’s balcony are bugambilias - you can see them mostly in Cartagena de Indias. all of the flora and fauna showed in Encanto is typical for Colombia
all of the villagers (Madrigals also) are catholic - you can see the church and the priest - it’s an important part of our culture and traditions
there is a song called Colombia, Mi Encanto sung by Carlos Vives (I refuse to believe there can be Colombians who don’t know who he is)
so yeah that would be it
I think I won’t be doing more of this because it takes a lot of time and phone storage but I’m really grateful I was able to share those cultural facts about Encanto with more people
thank you for reading! <3
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smashy-headcanons · 2 months ago
Between Steve and Alex, Alex is the one more suited to combat
Tumblr media
Steve, meanwhile is
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well Steve is just me
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snake-titan · 17 days ago
toji doesn't understand the concept of personal space.
it was cute at first, he was big and thick and brutish and yet he clung to you like a magnet to steel. but the practicality of it was another story.
he'd keep you hugged to his chest through an entire movie despite you sweating from his stifling body heat, kiss you until you couldn't breathe while his hands lifted your hips to meet his thrusts, and despite your literal king sized bed, he chooses to fall asleep with his full weight on top of you, arms firmly wrapped around your waist making it impossible to wriggle from his grasp.
you groan as the rays of light peek through your blinds and illuminate the broad shoulders that block your line of sight.
"toji." you mutter, patting the familiar mass on top of you. he grunts and makes no effort to roll over to his side of the bed.
"toji, move i've gotta pee." you say, writhing against the mattress and attempting to shove him away. his sigh tickles the skin of your neck, but he relents and shifts to his side, allowing you to slide off of the bed and make a beeline to the bathroom.
after you've relieved yourself, you go through your skincare routine and load up your toothbrush with toothpaste. the flouride doesn't even get the chance to coat your enamel before the door’s opening and toji’s heavy footsteps hault behind you-- right behind you in fact, your back hitting his chest when you straighten up from rinsing your mouth. you don't acknowledge him as he rests his forehead on your shoulder, continuing to brush your teeth. he pokes at your ribs, making you jolt and swat him away with your free hand.
all of 30 seconds later his large hands are snaking under your-- his overiszed shirt and pawing at your chest, his hoarse voice telling you to "come back t' bed."
"oh my god you child, can you gimme a second?" you garble through the foam in your mouth. his hands have slithered down to your hips by the time you've put your toothbrush back and given your mouth a final swish of water.
"okay, c'mon, i'm do--" your words are replaced by a yelp as he throws you over his shoulder in one swift motion. kicking your legs proves useless as one of his arms covers the back of your knees to lock them in place. you can't help but laugh when he slaps your ass that's perched on his shoulder.
"put me down you barbarian!" you shriek as he carries you back to the bedroom like a ragdoll, smirking and turning his head to sink his teeth into the meat of your thigh.
you're still laughing when he collapses onto the bed and hovers over you, using his arms to cage you in and spattering your face with kisses. he only stops his attack when you pull him in by the neck to connect your lips. it's sweet and chaste and has you sighing against him. he pulls away a fraction to meet your eyes, lids heavy as his words fan over your lips.
"wanna go back to sleep." he mutters.
you raise a brow at him. "okay?"
you're met with silience, verdant eyes boring into yours as his unsung request hangs in the air.
a scoff escapes you and you roll your eyes, opening your arms and gesturing for him to embrace you. his low hum of satisfaction vibrates through his chest and sinks into your skin, passes through flesh and bone and nestles into the beating muscle in your chest. his head finds its rightful place in the crook of your neck and your fingers toy with the silky hair at his nape.
maybe it's because you're so used to it, but you can't imagine life without your little routine. the comforting pressure from his body pressed into you, the subtle scent of rosewood that seems to be embeded into his skin, and the shallow puffs of air that skim your pulse as his breathing evens out, easing you into peaceful sleep.
its far from perfect, but it's yours, and you wouldn't change a thing. <3
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cosmicbrowniefan · 2 months ago
i am a big fan of the idea that as soon as eddie munson meets will byers he is absolutely going to become will’s biggest fan and fiercest protector
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