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theaterism · 27 days ago
re: OC feedback:
ok HI ik we haven't actually interacted in donkey's years (my bad, I'm tired) but hey I think you're neat, you obviously put a lot of work into fleshing out your OCs and their story and setting!! there's a lot of detail there, like the theatre is a whole breathing Place, and I like how the magic is just. casually integrated into the universe
Also hm I appreciate the way the triplets are shaped by their Backstory and the way you've sort of. I think deliberately kept some mystery and gradually revealed more about it over the course of the time I've been following you. Feel like you do a good job of conveying the florist's… fae-ness. + I'm a fan of Olive's uh Tired Retail Spirit and how that interacts with the aforementioned. also already quite endeared / intrigued by Edward based on what I know of him, his power and his relationship with it is such a concept
tldr keep doing your thing <3
oc comments/feedback - always accepting!
reusing the same image i used in the last ask reply bc it’s absolutely a mood for this one as well agsgd
Tumblr media
BUT YES HELLO THANK YOU SO MUCH!! absolutely no worries abt not interacting in a while, i am also Tired so that rlly is a mood, there’s never any rush with anything! but gosh this is so sweet, i’m glad you still enjoy these characters and their story!! i love thinking abt magic a bunch and it makes me happy to know you like the way i’ve incorporated it! and tbh i’m actually surprised i’ve managed to keep any secrets abt these muses bc i appreciate mysteries but i am also Awful at not sharing everything at once agdgdh but yeah i’m glad revealing things over time has worked out! and i’m happy you like the florist and olive too!! they’re fun muses to think about and write agdgd and edward as well!! i loved developing his magic and his relationship with it a bunch and i rlly am happy to know you find it interesting too!
and !!!!! okay yes we haven’t interacted in a while but i still love seeing your writing and headcanons on the dash!! kalmar is such an interesting character and i adore the chaotic vibes. you call him cartoonishly sinister in your pinned post and that comes across so well in your writing in the best possible way agdgd at the same time i like the little details you’ve shared abt his upbringing so far!! it really adds a lot of depth to his character and meaning behind the way he acts, and i love to see it! i also love your writing style a bunch, your dialogue feels so natural and the pacing/flow is wonderful. the way you incorporate kal’s thoughts and inner reasoning into your writing is also super cool!! also i’m always HERE for the way you write magic!! i know i’ve spotted it in some of your threads, but the jewelry chart you drew was amazing as well!! i liked reading abt the purposes behind the rings and other bangles kal wears!
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SEND THIS!! it really does mean a lot to me! and thank you for sticking around in general! i’m always up for interacting again if you ever feel like it and have more energy, but absolutely no pressure or rush!! i love just seeing your stuff on the dash too!
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elytrians · 3 months ago
denying yourself enjoyment of things because you don't want to be 'cringe' is the most cringe thing you can do actually. like what are you, catholic?
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bramstokersdracula · a month ago
Tumblr media
if you see a beautiful sunset or a perfectly cooked filet mignon with a red wine reduction do you want to fuck it
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birf · 2 months ago
I was watching spy x family with friends and one of them went “if this is propaganda to have children and work for a government agency it’s working” and we all laughed but the more we watched we were like “…….oh my god is this propaganda to have children?”
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tsurumyaru · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
did u know u can send images in asks now
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evilwizard · 5 months ago
What is your favorite EVIL spell
it’s a tie between Greater Colonoscopy and Instantaneous Gnome Attack
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hegurgurk · 5 months ago
hiii how do you make friends on this app can we be friends hiiii im corvid
L+ No Mutual
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Instagram user
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genshin impact player
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reposted my posts on insta
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you kin reigen mp 100 AND that fucked up circus rabbit thing AND micheal meyers
Tumblr media
this line on your carrd
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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justpastryvideos · 10 months ago
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fvckingguy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm dyingggg 🥲
Edit: I posted this because I thought the jokes were funny, not really to announce that Misha's bisexual but that seems to be what this post is being used as. So since everyone's here I guess I'm gonna have to be the one to post this and inform you all about misha's recent thread of tweets:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm personally really sorry you guys. If you found out about "misha being bisexual" (or as many tags have been saying, thought he already was) and it made you happy for obvious reasons I'm holding your hands and offering a warm drink and a blanket (and a virtual hug if you want one). I'm really really sorry.
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exitwound · 7 months ago
U good?
the beasts are here
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theaterism · 4 months ago
wishlist ideas - accepting!
okay so like !! we never quite finished the sonthi and babie lyles thread, which is absolutely 100% okay, but if u ever want to write a tiny continuation thread so adeline can show her magic trick, i would be so down for it bc her magic as a kid was very sweet and wild and she was thrilled to have a chance to show it to such a talented magician, she just ran away bc she needed to fetch crayons first AGSGDGH or we could just discuss it briefly over messages sometime!!
we also super briefly talked abt estella potentially meeting one of the lyles bc their Telepathy Thing gives them weird mental barriers and they do not appreciate people picking at their minds, and like,,, i’m definitely up for writing that so if u ever want to discuss it more, i’m totally here for it!! fox has been wanting to thank estella for the dream-catcher tbh,,,,
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aurosoul · a month ago
Tumblr media
so I took a screenshot of this cuz I thought it was funny BUT THEN I GO TO MY INBOX AND
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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willowcrowned · 11 months ago
reader LIKED the fic? reader left thoughtful comment because they thought there was something worth analyzing? oh! oh! love for reader! love for reader for one thousand years!
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kkoct-ik · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
1st batch of 3rd life pairing drawings for a super lovely anonymous requester!
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goreador · 7 months ago
testosterone is available in needle because it is bouba and estrogen is available in pill because it is kiki hope this helps
#edit dec. 28: if you tag this with a booba joke i will block you#do you see how many notes this has? your joke is not original and it is not funny.#edit dec. 28: i got an angry anon over this#edit dec. 29: im still thinking about that. they called me a dingus. you hear me?#a dingus. im so hurt. they couldve just called me a slur.#edit dec. 30: to all of you who see these tags and laugh at my misery...thank you#i made this post 2.5 hours into a car trip while stuck with my entire family#this was not a post of joy#the post is also not funny. but im happy my misery gave you some enjoyment i guess#edit dec. 30: OH SOMEONE CAME INTO MY INBOX AND CALLED ME A BOZO#im assuming its because of this post because no one really sends me anons except for the person talking about circumcision divorce#but no one really insults me with words made for vitriolic 10 year olds so im assuming people got really bent#over a kiki bouba hrt shitpost ? idk. im just the messenger#edit dec. 31: happy new years eve#because of the constant attention this post is getting im opting to use this as a to-do list#edit jan 2: happy belated new year#the post is currently at ~14.7k notes and someone finally got the initial joke i was trying to make#i am not reinventing gender roles i am just...consonants are sharp and vowels are round#and needles are sharp and pills are round#edit jan 2: THERES A TAG LIMIT?#ill stop when this is filled. thats when i will stop.#ive always been this annoying but its in the tags of my own post so......if you dislike it get over it lmao#'why do you keep updating the tags' its not like they work for any search functions#this was initially a blank shitpost anyways i could just delete it if i wanted to stop getting notifs#edit jan 3: today we broke 15k notes. we are slowing down 🎉#edit jan 4: no fun allowed#EDIT JAN 4 THIS IS IT THIS IS THE TAG LIMIT!!!! BYE#edit feb 20: its picking up again. i thought i was safe#edit jul 19: people keep reblogging this let my shitpost die please crying & begging
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bebx · a month ago
It says rest in mischief under the broken heart symbol under the loki helmet tattoo btw lol XD
Tumblr media
This makes it even better omg
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heartvouge · 2 months ago
eddie giving head in his van
a/n: like i said he’s addicted to giving head, he can do it till his jaw falls off.
warning: fem receiving head, mentions of being high
Tumblr media
slumped in the back of eddie’s van with your feet up on the seat, and knees scrunched up. he’s high out of his mind just brain dead while eating your pussy. his head is bobbing and  circulating, the sound of his sucking and smacking is the only thing that’s filling your ears.
his lids are heavy with euphoria and lust, this is all he’s been fixated on for the past 20 minutes. you’re both thoroughly enjoying it. it’s not even intense just just a super focused and intimate moment yall having in his van right now.
with the way he’s moving his head around, he’s practically smearing your wetness on his face. his dick is pulsating, begging to be let out. but the longer he holds off the better it feels, that pinned up sensation just making the pleasure better.
both his lips and your pussy are sore and swollen, he’s got lockjaw damn there but he can’t stop.
he doesn’t want too.
the tugging on his hair, and digging your ankle in his back is doing nothing but encouraging him. your dripping down onto his leather seats, when he realizes he pulls off you with a pop and laps up the mess you made. he doesn’t wanna waste a drop. he’s giving you full eye contact, tongue cleaning up after you.
he watches as you clench over nothing, indicating that as a sign to continue. he’s mindlessly groaning into your cunt, the vibration giving you after shock. feeling you jump again this mouth, eggs him on more.
the pressure of you grinding into his face is making his head bob more. he’s looking up at you with heavy, red eyes, so in love.
he genuinely just enjoys it, almost like a hobby for him.
his lips are puckered, latching around your delicate nub, repeatedly sucking the same spot. unlike before we’re he was sort of everywhere.
your grip on his hair tightens, fingers curling closer, tightening your fist. “fuck my face.” is weakly muffled into your folds.
you’re brain dead, you feel like jello. your state of mind is hazy, and the only thing you can focus on is cumming. the build up triggers your eyes to roll, feeling yourself getting close.
his big, brown eyes watch you with fascination, absolutely captivated by you. feeling they way you push and pull, the way you squirm, and twitch from already being overstimulated. the way your body naturally reacts to such intense and intimate pleasure. the fact that he’s capable of doing that to you, makes him fall in love more and more.
the ending is MAD corny but idk how to end it lol
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