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hinajiki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: obey me! dateables x reader
content warning: 18+ content, humiliation, swearing, mentions of corruption and public sex.
💭: you requested it so, here's part two!!ㅡ hina
Tumblr media
"shh, pretty..." solomon grunted in your ear. "you're being too loud, someone will hear us. you wouldn't want that, would you?"
you choked back a moan when he thrusted into you again from behind, shaking your head at his question. your underwear was pushed to the side and you were leaning forward against the couch, barely able to hold yourself up from the pleasure coursing through your veins. it didn't help that he was radiating magical energy that made your skin buzz with life.
"good puppy.." solomon cooed, biting your earlob. "I bet you are enjoying being fucked where anyone could walk in at anytime, hm?"
before you could moan out a response, the door to the side of the common room opened and you gasped, trying to tell solomon to stop but he didn't notice the intruder, pressing your face into the couch.
this poor, poor angel
he has seen some things before, but he was not prepared to see his innocent dove having sexual intercourse with solomon in the common room
he instantly gasps, covering his eyes and turning away from the sinful act
he can't help the warmth that spreads through him and the tightening of his pants
he imagines what it would be like to have you underneath him instead
he quickly rushes out of the room, cheeks ablaze
he knows it's wrong and he prays to the celestial realm that he hasn't overstepped
he is disgusted with himself for thinking such dirty thoughts about you
but you just looked so pretty like that
he will rush to your room at night when he can't get any sleep; your moans plague his mind
he begs for your touch even though he knows it will corrupt his nature and make him a sinner
all he knows is that he needs you
when he sees you both, he finds it intriguing
two humans, one of them a powerful sorcerer, freely fucking in the common room where anyone, and any demon, could walk in
he chuckles, crossing his arms over his chest and he watches as you both scramble up to get into a less intimate position
you apologise bashfully and he shakes his head, amused "oh no, don't worry, it's okay."
the next day, you receive an invitation to go to diavolo's castle and once you arrive, you are met with the demon prince on his throne, mirroring the same smirk he had on yesterday
there was no one in the hall and once you stood before him, he grabbed your wrist, pulling you onto his lap, a shocked gasp escaping your lips
"I want to try having public sex with a human, would you help?" he whispered in your ear, nipping at your jaw and smirking against your skin "I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to try it out with you ever since yesterday; seeing you like that... wow, you naughty little thing"
I mean, how could you decline him? getting a chance to fuck a prince on his throne?
you knew you had to oblige
probably the only respectful one
just leaves the room and closes the door
as a butler of diavolo, he has walked into the prince having sex many times, so this wasn't an unusual sight to see
he probably won't mention it to you, but he knows you had noticed him that day and have been trying to avoid his presence since
when you go to help him cook, he blatently asks "do you like to feel humiliated?"
you blush, trying to deny his words but you just can't get the words out with him looking at you
he pushes you up against the kitchen counter and smiles, standing between your legs, brushing a gloved finger against your cheek
"don't lie to me, it's not very polite, mc. I know you saw me enter the room that day... did you like knowing that I saw you in such a humiliating position? was it your idea to be so exposed?"
I'm sorry diavolo, dinner was very late that night
Tumblr media
taglist: @i9luc, @tallbrunettehoelovemilfs, @sia00612, @yuckyskies, @moonjellymermaid + @minkarexx
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haitanisangel · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
how they are after finding out you have a crush on them
Tumblr media
𖦹 various tokyo rev x gn! reader
𖦹 warning/s : cursing/use of profanity, mentions of humiliation
𖦹 basically them as my old crushes,,this is how my old crushes reacted when they found out i have a crush on them lmao
Tumblr media
𖦹 Inui, Rindou, Draken, Choji, Kakucho, Takeomi, Taiju, Wakasa
probably didn't know you exist until someone told them that you have a crush on them. will start paying attention to you. small hi's and hello's when you two see each other around, small smiles here and there. shows very little emotions but they still acknowledge your existence
𖦹 Takemichi, Izana, Hakkai, Angry
starts to wonder what made you fall for them, it would even go to the point that they'd ask you what you liked about them. they'd even ask you if you're sure that you like them bc they think you're just using them for either a dare or you want to be close to someone they're close to. would most likely thank you zone you 💀
𖦹 Chifuyu, Baji, Hanma, Ran, Sanzu, Smiley, Mikey, Shion
teases the living crap out of you like "soooo you like me? likeee 'like like' me?" once you say yes, they'd start shouting and laughing like a mad man that makes you regret your decision of confessing to them
𖦹 Hanma (again), Kisaki, Ran (again)
now this guy. this guy is a motherfucking asshole. they're the type to get your hopes up, treat you as if you're their girlfriend/boyfriend then BOOM! they'd just....leave. no notes, messages, calls hell they won't even talk to you in public. (if they're more of an asshole they'd sweet talk you in chat then ignore you in public, act as if you don't exist might humiliate or make fun of you if you try to talk to them saying that they don't even know who you are)
𖦹 Shinichiro, Senju, Mitsuya, Naoto, Takuya, Hina, Emma, Yuzuha, Mikey, Baji & Chifuyu (after teasing you), Draken & Inui (after weeks of small gestures he'd finally talk to you), Kazutora
THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!! they're absolute sweethearts! they'd treat you sooo good that it'd just make you fall for them even moree~ they'd spend majority of their time with you, showering you with affection and taking their time to get to know you. most likely to reciprocate your feelings ♡︎
𖦹 Kokonoi, Kisaki (again), Ran (again), Rindou (again), Shion (again)
the one that would have a crush on you the moment you no longer have a crush on them 💀
Tumblr media
© RAIKIRII on tumblr | do not copy, translate or repost
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haitanifushiguro · 16 days ago
TR Characters + You = Halloween
Tumblr media
cuddles with you all day. The chilly room with the softest blanket + scary and halloween movies all night. gives you back and bum rubs, checks on you once in a while, and kisses your forehead as well just to let you know that they are awake and that they are right there.
↳ shinichiro, mitsuya, chifuyu, hakkai, souya, kazutora, Inui, koko, kakuchou, naoto, yuzuha, hina.
dresses up all day. so many costumes and outfits you can put together so you two just have a mini halloween runway fashion show. you guys decide to take a break after all that changing and walking. you both sit on the ground with candy just all over the floor and laying on top of eachother until you guys get up and try more outfits all over again.
↳ mikey, chifuyu, baji, izana, ran, nahoya, mucho, hina, emma.
who bakes! will go to the store and get almost everything you need to be baking and all that. will make a lot of mess and get will get a mouthful from you. Messes up multiple times but asks you to help and you gladly do. everything you both made taste so good, they will pass out and never wake up.
↳ wakasa, shinichiro, mucho, souya, draken, mikey, hakkai, rindou.
scares you. to be honest, since it’s the spooky season they will get every single chance they gets to spook you out. movies, jump-scares, even scaring you till the point where you almost had to hit them on the head with a pillow. One time they scared you and they had to dodge a frying pan…yeah they got cussed out right after.
↳ hanma, akashi, sanzu, mikey, koko, chifuyu, baji, ran, nahoya.
party time!!! halloween parties are in now so it’s a good time to go out wearing your nicest outfit or costume and just having fun. your house, your friends house, a club? it don’t matter. you both are just gonna stay with each other and most likely get drunk and just have a blast. of course he will stay by with you at all times knowing how people can be on halloween. either way, you both are loving it.
↳ koko, akashi, sanzu, chifuyu, hanma, ran, rindou, kakuchou, izana, yuzuha.
Tumblr media
keisukefushiguro © 2021 all right reserved.
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cashmoneychiyo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Celebrate GSNK's 10th Anniversary... enjoying these colorful survey results from GSNK's 5th Anniversary!! (Be sure to click through each image for better resolution and readability!) ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
In Question 5, the characters in 1st and 10th place have since been named: Hisakawa Hina (Miyako's friend), and Totsuka (Nozaki's friend from Ch.89), respectively!
© Cash Money Chiyo (@Adastra, @Shotty, and @Minthae!)
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haruchiyo · 4 months ago
characters! ryuguji ken, manjiro sano, keisuke baji, nahoya + souya kawata, ft. takemichi and emma + hina
a/n! "but knives they're gang members, they wouldn't be on tiktok" yes they would, listen. (dc stands for dance credits)
Tumblr media
SMILEY + ANGRY! you dont even need to ask these two if they wanna make a video with you, before the sentence leaves your lips, your phone is already propped up and they're scrolling through sounds. DUBSMASH KINGS IDC!!! they know all the dances front and back because smiley forces angry to learn them with him as soon as they come out. they have a joint tiktok account with like 600k and half their videos are captioned "dc: us". all in all, trendsetters fr, give them their credit.
DRAKEN! plays uninterested when you ask but as soon as you put the camera in front of him and explain a trend he goes full out, all for whatever makes you happy. surprisingly really into subtle thirst traps and is way too good at transitions for someone who doesn't care too much about the app. please don't lipsync with him, he doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself and half the videos you record stay in the drafts because community guidelines WILL take them down with speed.
BAJI! doesn't wanna be in any videos, says its "too federal" for him, but it doesn't exactly stop him from making appearances in almost every one you make. He's contantly walking into your frames, interrupting your recording and like the dickhead he is, this is his way of "participating". there's no ass shaking or hip-bumping so long as he's around though, he'll sit back and admire you getting to work, but the moment you turn your back to the camera he's snaking in and dragging you out of frame. He's got a folder in his camera roll for the times you do catch him slipping but there's only 3 videos cause he's too quick with it.
MIKEY! attention span of a goldfish, lives on the app because the videos are the perfect length to keep him interested. that being said, he's usually the one coming to you to show you something cool he'd stumbled on, in specific lots of new restaurants and stuff to do. loves doing food reviews and taking off guard videos from his side of the table. he's really lowkey with it and honestly prefers to do the watching of the videos rather than making them, but if you come to him with something he's more than happy to join.
takemichi manages to fuck up every video you ask him to be in, group videos are a mess with him and everyone ends up yelling at him at least once in the process.
hina and emma are the best hype girls, will comment the nicest things and hina's tiktok is beyond pleasing. she's always in a hassle to find good lighting and prefers to hold the phone because emma cannot hold her recording hand still to save her life.
Tumblr media
©2021 haruchiyo, do not: repost, modify, distribute or transl.
Tumblr media
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fuyuweb · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
you're miserable and they just so happened to have some kisses, what more can I say?
+ warnings. . . none
+ word count . . . 60 :runs:
Tumblr media
"hey! how are you?" "miserable . . . will you kiss me better?"
Tumblr media
shinichiro, CHIFUYU, emma, naoto, MITSUYA, pah-chin
HAKKAI, hina, inui, ANGRY, kakucho, YUZUHA, yamagishi
draken, SANZU, peh-yan, KAZUTORA, takeomi
SMILEY, koko, baji, MIKEY, wakasa, SENJU, ran, izana
Tumblr media
© fuyuweb 2021 . . . do not translate, plagiarize, or heavily reference my works
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reelogy · 2 months ago
how would rindou, darken, Mitsuya, and kokonoi (if you can) react to s/o wanting to elope?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rindo didn't have a problem with marrying you.
even though he didn't know why he needed a piece of paper to show his love but if you wanted it, he'll do it for you.
You and Rindo were watching a reality show, the couple was getting married, "do you want to marry me?" you asked Rindo.
His eyes were fixed on you while you lay on his chest. Answering the question was a bit of a challenge for him.
His goal was to say the right thing without hurting your feelings because he really did love you.
"If you want to get marry, I'll marry you"
In response, you raised an eyebrow. Did he say that to spare your feelings?
Therefore, it wouldn't lead to a big dispute or fuss. You simply left it at that. You knew Rindo would marry you because he loved you and you loved him.
Tumblr media
draken wanted to get married, he just didn't find the right one at the time.
but you wanted to know how serious draken was really.
You and Draken were cleaning the motorcycle shop, and you couldn't help but ask Draken how he really felt about you.
"Draken, how do you feel about marriage?" You asked, Draken stopped cleaning and he turned around and looked at you.
"Um, I think it's a nice memory for couples ... why?" He replied.
You resisted asking Draken if he wanted to marry you out of fear of being humiliated.
"Do you want to get married?" Draken asked you.
Your reply was, "I only want to get married to you." Although you smiled, on the inside you wanted to give up.
"Good to know" Draken smiled and kissed your forehead and it ended like that.
Tumblr media
You and Mitsuya were in his department while he worked on a dress for Hina for her wedding.
You couldn't help but ask him when you two were going to get married.
You laid on the desk in front of you while Mitsuya worked his way around the threads and fabrics, in total concentration.
The dress was so beautiful, you hoped he would make you a dress like that on your wedding day.
"On our wedding day... what kind of dress would you make for me?" You asked, and Mitsuya sat his stuff down and looked at you.
"Do you want to see?" He asked with a smirk.
You were puzzled but curious so you shrugged as you followed Mitsuya to the back room.
It was so overwhelming to see all the dress ideas, fabrics, your eyes widened as you were in shock.
"I knew you were getting curious, this is what I was working on, cause, of course, we are getting married"
Normally you don't cry, but Mitsuya couldn't help but hug and smile at you when it all came out.
Tumblr media
kokonoi never really brought up the conversation of marriage, he never talked about it and neither did you.
but he knew what he'll say if you want to.
You and Kokonoi had a great relationship. He never felt pushed to do something he didn't want to do.
"Kokonoi do you want to marry me, I want to marry you" You just blurted out, Kokonoi stopped typing on his phone and looked at you.
"Only if you're ready" His reply was short and right to the point, he wasn't really bothered about the whole marriage thing.
"But once I feel like we are rock solid, then I'll marry you" Kokonoi gave you a soft smile.
It couldn't have been worse for you, so you weren't too hurt.
Tumblr media
©all rights reserved to reelogy - please do not repost without permission, remake or plagiarize any work, thanks, beloved!
Tumblr media
tags: @mypimpademia , @denjisteeth , @beezebub , @valbedo , @plutosexc , @royalelusts
if your name is crossed out, you couldn't be tagged.
taglist form
Tumblr media
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rousinqscent · 3 months ago
Tokyo revenger characters sex positions?
ooo fun, okay so!! disclaimer, these are just my personal opinions on how I think the characters act as in bed <3
Tumblr media
HARD DOMS: HAITANI RAN, draken, SMILEY, kokonoi, IZANA, hanma, akaashi
SERVICE DOMS: INUI, naoto, CHIFUYU (is a switch in gen tbh), kakucho, MITSUYA, akkun, haitani rindou
SWITCH: mikey, ANGRY (sub leaning), YUZUHA, KAZUTORA (sub leaning), hakkai, TAKEMITCHI (sub leaning), senju
SUB: HINA (she’s a pillow princess<3)
Tumblr media
all content belongs to rousinqscent © 2021.
Tumblr media
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shxyo-sho · 2 months ago
I saw you wanted to write for the tr fandom, can I request a timeskip kazutora x reader fanfic preferably fluff. If not you can totally skip over this
timeskip kazutora relationship hcs
Tumblr media
pairing: kazutora hanemiya x gn!reader
warnings: manga spoilers
genre: fluff, a lil angst
a/n: aaa tysm for requesting babe <3 I wasn’t sure if you wanted headcannons or a drabble so I took the safe route and did headcannons. reblogs are greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoyyy :)
|| tokyorevs m.list ||
Tumblr media
He’s a tad hesitant to get into a relationship at first
He just didn’t feel like he could be the person you needed
But after a while he ends up not being able to stop himself from falling for you
And he falls hard
Not huge on pda, doesn’t mind it
But affection does fluster him pretty badly
Especially public affection
He likes to connect your pinky with his
It’s a subtle action but affective nonetheless
Doesn’t matter if your styling it or washing it
He just loves the feeling of your fingers running through his hair
Is very gentle with you
His hold on you is always so subtle and tender
Doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you
I sure do hope you love animals!
Because he does
Introduces you to his pets and takes the interaction very seriously
It’s a test of character in some sense
Doesn’t like to cry around you
He feels like it’s a bothersome thing and would rather not burden you with it
Please let him know that it’s okay to cry and show emotion
He does slowly start to open up to you
Telling you about his nightmares and ranting about his regretted past
Also introduces you to takemichi
Platonic partner meets romantic partner
Instant friends
You help Hina with the marriage preparations
Speaking of marriage!
He knows your the person he wants to marry
But despite knowing that, he still holds off on proposing
He has some trauma tied to marriage due to his parents
That added onto him being insecure and nervous
Yeahh it takes him a while to actually pop the question
Don’t even get me started on having kids with him 💀
Tumblr media
shxyo-sho © 2021 | all content and its rights belong to me. please do not modify or repost on any other websites.
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smycc · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre. Fluff, Comfort
Warning. Bruises, Grammatical Error.
A/n. 0.5k in really sorry for not posting gojo X reader but I'm sure I'm gonna post it tomorrow, if you ever saw this story on Wattpad that's my old Wattpad acc and I made it my own, so I have the rights to post it on other social platform, I abandoned the whole Wattpad app since some of the stories there are made by minors,which is inappropriate.
Tumblr media
You and mikey are dating for one and half year right now you know mikey for a very long time, you two are childhood friends, you know about the tokyo manji, how he likes to eat when his kiddie meal has a flag, you know everything about him.
one day he come to your apartment
*Doorbell ring*
"Who's there" you asked
"Its me, mikey"
his tone is more low than usual
"Ahhh, mikey-kun wait im gonna open the door I've miss you"
And when you opened the door, you saw his lips bleeding, half face beaten up, black eye.
"Mikey-kun what happened?!enter my apartment let me bandage your face" you said panicking
"Y/n, im sorry to bring you trouble"
"Your not a trouble, always remember that!why are you beaten up anyway?"
"I will explain to you later but ken-chin is on the hospital right now, his operation just ended"
"What?!your not a trouble but trouble likes you, is he fine now?!why didn't you call me?huh?come in right now."
He sits on the couch, while you grabbed the first aid kit(ofc you would have an kit your boyfriend is from a gang its incase of Emergency).
Your cleaning his wound while talking to him
"Hah your not a trouble but i think trouble just likes you, im not saying your a burden don't ever think of that way! But you must always remember you better take care of yourself, and you always know im here but selfcare is different, calm yourself down first before starting a fi.."
words are cut off by mikey himself
"...are you against by tokyo manji?"
"You completely misunderstood, im not against your gang what im saying is that you need to take everything easy, don't stress yourself out, im gonna support you whatever you do im not going against it, its for your own future i know its connected to mine but supporting you is the best decision to make, being against it can destroy your come from the hospital right?"
"Yeah i did"
"Then why didn't you tell the doctor to treat your wounds?"
"Well i saw hina treating takemichy's wound, and i thought of you"
You laugh
"Does my baby wants cuddles?" You asked
You suddenly hugged him
"Im sure that ofcourse would be the answer. What happened to draken-kun?"
"He got stabbed?
He answered like nothing bad happened
"How can you say that like nothing happened aren't you worried?!"
"Im worried but emma is there so.... let's just cuddle here in the couch and visit them tomorrow"
"Why can't draken just appreciate emma's feeling, i ship them badly that i wanted them to kiss but sure lets visit them,lets just cuddle here until we both fall asleep"
Tumblr media
©smycc. Do not repost - re-blogs are appreciated<3
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dasomlimie · 3 months ago
may i request a part 2 of baji as your boyfriend. maybe including the dates he’d take you on, him introducing you to the gang, when you guys sleep over? yata yata yk!
a/n ; im having fun writing this !! ONDKSHXKSBXK i love this man sm IM SORRY IDK ANYTHING ABOUT SLEEP OVER KKWNDSKCBSKDJSINS i have strict asian parents what did u expect
Tumblr media
dates w him was lowkey yet highkey chaotic one time the both of were all lovey dovey then the second he would try to beat someone up when they look at you wrongly
date w him would be either a picnic [ seems like out of character but actually Chifuyu was the one who suggest it and he took it to the heart ] or amusement park near the both of you or just regular date its sweets and cute thought
another one if he have enough money he would bring you to a dinner date like yk the expensive one LWNDLWNIDNWOD HE WOULD LOOK GOOD IN SUIT LIKE IMAGINE BAJI KEISUKE IN SUIT OMG HE WOULD LOOK LIKE A GOD OMG
anyways if your date was at a amusement park he would make sure the both of you ride every ride but stop if you were afraid of it he was worried what is his babie got hurt :((
anyways he always ask his bestfriend about date idea because have noooo fucking idea but Chifuyu and suprisingly Pah-chin gave him the best idea the others have risk and he dont want you to feel like you go to the worse date ever and break up w him :(
he would plan like he really plan and would be lowkey disappointed of himself if his plan didn't go as he planned :(
ok this is the most important thing for him he was lowkey super nervous his friend wouldn't like you
like this mf didn't talk about you in the gc literally everyday hell he even send thousands photo of your dates [ Chifuyu want to make sure he didn't mess up ]
when he bring you to meet his friend damn..... this mf was sweating bullet then when his friend and you were getting he let out a relief sigh
Chifuyu and Kazutora just look at him w the "why are you nervous? we literally know everything about her and she make you happy why are you nervous?" look
all of you would hangout together in including Emma and Hina
would lowkey get jealous if you were a little too closer to one of his friend but also happy?!??
sleep over w him would be chaotic also every about him was lowkey chaotic but we love him anyways ;)
ok so he would be the type of boyfriend that ask you about skin care landksnxksbx
oh oh you would be watching some of his fav movie [ it was all lowkey about animal ]
and he would bring snack y'all wont sleep because both of were high on sugar LWNDKSNXKDNO
what else....
idk anything about sleep over tbh
that type of boyfriend that trust you with his phone like "here's my phone" then just go away like most people would yk be afraid to left their phone to others but him well he put his trust on you and he did not expect you to do the same because he know how hard? it was
its canon he's a very good boyfriend so :)
type of bf that hug you then slip his hand under your shirt ;)
Tumblr media
!%! © HNEULWH— i did not allow my work to be used or adapted in any form without my permission !#//
Tumblr media
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hinajiki · 4 months ago
The brothers' reaction to walking into your room while you and Solomon are doing the do
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐈𝐍 𝐎𝐍 𝐘𝐎𝐔 & 𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐍 ft. the brothers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: obey me! brothers x reader
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, violence, dubcon, possessive behaviour and a threesome insinuated.
💭: hopefully you guys enjoy it! thank you for the request! I also changed it up to the common room because I'm pretty sure solomon would have made a magical barrier on your door if he wanted to keep things private haha ㅡ hina
Tumblr media
"shh, pretty..." solomon grunted in your ear. "you're being too loud, someone will hear us. you wouldn't want that, would you?"
you choked back a moan when he thrusted into you again from behind, shaking your head at his question. your underwear was pushed to the side and you were leaning forward against the couch, barely able to hold yourself up from the pleasure coursing through your veins. it didn't help that he was radiating magical energy that made your skin buzz with life.
"good puppy.." solomon cooed, biting your earlob. "I bet you are enjoying being fucked where anyone could walk in at anytime, hm?"
before you could moan out a response, the door to the side of the common room opened and you gasped, trying to tell solomon to stop but he didn't notice the intruder, pressing your face into the couch.
when he sees you bent over the couch, solomon fucking you from behind, he freezes where he stands in the doorway
his eyes trail from the spot between your legs all the way up to your glistening eyes and it makes his cock twitch in his dress pants
he coughs, crossing his arms with a frown on his face and watches as solomon pulls away from you, shocked from the sudden noise
"mc, you better have a good reason why you're allowing solomon to defile you in a public space such as this. I better see you in my office when I come back from my meeting with diavolo."
he watches as your eyes fill with fear and he turns to leave, a smug smirk on his face
let's just say, you didn't leave his office until you could barely walk back to your room
oh boy, he gets so jealous
how could his beloved mc, HIS human, have sex with a mere HUMAN when they could have the GREAT MAMMON: the 2nd strongest demon in the student council, your first pact and your first man?!
he rushes forward, a blush on his cheeks and he throws solomon off you, lifting you up and hanging you over his shoulder
you punch at his back and yell at him to put you down but he ignores it, stomping out of the room with you
"y-you're mine, damn it!"
"why him?! why didn't you come to me!?"
"you're my human, remember!?"
he'll whine to you all the way to his room where he shows you how good he can make you feel
it was like out of the anime leviathan watched called a demon finds his master sleeping with a sorcerer and he nearly passes out from the sight
"m-mc.." he stutters over his words, eyes fixated on solomon's cock thrusting into you
solomon stills his movements and looks back over his shoulder to see the demon behind him and swears under his breath
you push solomon off you gently and fix your clothes, cheeks red from embarrassment
you mumble shyly, fingers playing with the hem of your blazer, "um, levi, could you maybe.."
before you could finish your sentence, leviathan transforms into his demon form, eyes filled with envy and you gasp moving to stand behind solomon, but levi's tail wraps around you, lifting you into the air to stop you
"w-we're going to my room, mc, now!" he hisses, his cock straining against his pants and he leaves with you in his tail's grasp
wow, poor solomon
satan usually is able to hold himself together but when it comes to you with solomon, his rage seeps through the cracks of his demeanour
he growls, stalking over to you and ripping the sorcerer off of you to the floor
all he can see is red and he beats solomon until you have to stop him from killing him
"please! satan, stop! down!"
satan spins around, grabs your wrist and drags you to his room, roughly throwing you against a bookcase and trapping you with his arms
he hisses, leaning down to leave possessive bite marks on your neck "are you really that naive that you need to go to a human when you have seven demons just waiting for you to let them fuck you?!"
you whine, tears pooling at the corners of your eyes and lucifer has to come into the room to stop him from taking his anger out on you
after a few hours, satan comes back to apologise, a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a promise to read you your favourite book until you fall into a comfortable sleep snuggled up to him
"well, well, look what we have here."
asmodeus giggles, fanning his face at the sight of his two masters fucking in the common room
his cheeks were red from arousal
"how come I wasn't invited?"
you blush, feeling solomon pull out of you, and you stand up off the couch, unable to meet the eye of the 5th oldest demon brother
"aw, come on now, don't be shy.. I'm sure you wouldn't mind me joining you? I am extremely gorgeous, after all."
you watch as admodeus stalks towards you and you find yourself pressed up against the chest of solomon, admodeus' hand caressing your cheek and his body against your front
you were trapped in between their bodies and your head turns to look up at solomon, noticing a smirk on his face
that's when you knew you were in for a long night and you weren't complaining
beelzebub walks into the common room with his head filled with only the thoughts of food
he glances at you both and walks over to grab the cookies he left on the coffee table
the smell of your arousal makes his tummy grumble, but he is too distracted to care
he shrugs at you and leaves the room, munching on a the cookies in his hand
you and solomon are both in shock from the strange encounter, stopping your actions
you were surprised by the way he acted, you'd think he would've been a tad bit jealous
when you go back to your room, you find yourself pressed against your bed and a head of orange hair drooling between your legs
you were correct, he was a tad bit jealous and he was ravenous for a taste of his master
honestly, belphie doesn't notice at first
it's probably because he's sleepy, hands rubbing his eyes as he moves into the common room
but when he hears your whine, his eyes snap open and he notices the position you're in
he grimaces, finding it slightly disgusting
he doesn't exactly like the idea of solomon fucking you instead of it being him
he leaves the room silently so solomon doesn't notice, but when you come to sleep with him at night, he will press himself up against you, begging to touch you better
how could you say no?
he'll tease you, smirking against your skin when he leaves wet, open-mouthed kisses there
"mmm, are you really still needy, kitten?"
you'll be a blushing mess by the end of it all
Tumblr media
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jenijae · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Concept: Their Ideal Date
Characters: Hina, Yuzuha, Senju, Emma
Content Warnings: None!
Tumblr media
# Hina— Picnic In The Park
Hina prepares the sweetest arrangement for a picnic in the park— Tasty side dishes, refreshing drinks, sweet treats… even a bouquet of flowers. She’s got an aptitude for beauty, and once she’s finished setting up, you’re taken aback by how lovely everything looks. She chooses the most perfect spot to settle down on, with lots of greenery nearby to isolate you from everyone else. You chat and take in the scenery while you enjoy the food. It turns into the two of you sharing what’s on your plate, playfully feeding each other by plopping the small portions into one another’s mouth. Given the seclusion, you are more inclined to share sweet pecks on the lips and snuggle up together on the cozy picnic blanket sprawled out.
Tumblr media
# Yuzuha— Art Gallery
Yuzuha surprises you with two tickets to the art gallery. She leads you through the exhibits, as you take in everything. Though, it seems she’s more interested in you and your expressions than the actual pieces in front of her, but she is simply enamored by you. She listens to you ramble for hours on end about…who knows what? It doesn’t matter, she just enjoys listening to you talk about that which you’re passionate about. At the gift shop you insist on purchasing matching charms for the two of you, and Yuzuha just can’t seem to say no to you. Truthfully, she finds the gesture very endearing and she knows she’ll cherish that charm till the end of her days. Because it’s something you picked out together, and it will remind her of the lovely time she had with you that day.
Tumblr media
# Senju— Roll Arena
Senju is more than thrilled to let loose with you at the roll arena. She opts for a pair of rollerblades—as she’s better able to maneuver herself and perform tricks—while you lace up in some roller skates. As soon as you set foot on the wooden floor, she’s already twirling and making figure eights, meanwhile you’re holding onto the edge for dear life. She notices you struggling and offers to guide you, lacing her fingers in yours to slowly glide around the outskirts of the arena with you. She helps you up when you fall and offers you a kiss to soothe the pain, to which you accept. You apologize for being a hindrance and taking away from her fun, but she assures you that she’s already enjoying her time, as she gets to be close with you.
Tumblr media
# Emma— Spa Night
Emma arranges an impressive at-home spa night for the two of you to indulge in. You start off with mani-pedis, each of you picking out a color to paint on the other’s nails. Emma helps you put on the face mask she prepared for you, which is honestly really soothing— despite your previous reservations. And then you both unwind in the bath, basking in the heat of the lavender bath-salt scented water, which clears your senses. You end the night off with a movie in the comfy matching robes Emma had picked out for you. Your heart melts at the thought of how much thought and care she put into your date. You can’t help but give her a plethora of kisses, which has her cheeks growing flushed.
Tumblr media
Network(s): @our-love-club
Tag-List: @rousinqscent @mysunvy @sunshinedragonofthewest + Form!
Tumblr media
JENIJAE © 2021. All content belongs to jenijae. Do not copy, modify, or repost my work. Please do not share my work on any other platforms, especially TikTok.
Tumblr media
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periodic-lu · a month ago
︎ ̸̳/̸͆̿͞ ̎̎̕ ͆̿͞။​͆̚ ̿` · ࣪ ⭒ ⋆ ࣪.* ࣪ We'll protect You !
synopsis — how the Tokyo revengers characters (selective) will fall in love with a self depricate fem!nagito reader
warnings — misspelling errors, bad grammar, self degradation (?
characters — mikey, draken, baji, mitsuya, chifuyu, hina, senju, kazutora, emma, haitani, takemichi, angry, kisaki & smiley.
Tumblr media
they will protect you with their life about your self degradation everytime they hear you, BUT will not say anything else
— MIKEY, draken, mitsuya, ANGRY
the ones who will actually make you feel better with a entire biography about the good things you have
— EMMA, HINA, takemichi, SENJU
this ones will cry saying that you deserve the word and that they dont understad why do you hate yourself
this one would say that you are stupid for hating yourself because you are such a good person
— DRAKEN, kisaki, smiley, baji
this ones actually will compliment you every time they see you after they realize
They are going to find out as much as they can to try to help you.
— TAKEMICHI, SENJU, emma, draken, HINA, kisaki
© all content belongs to amanegoth please dont repost/translate without my permission
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mattsunbae · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
thank u guys so much for 1.2k like ???? i’m so happy u guys like my writing THAT much 😁 shoutout to my mutuals i love y’all even tho i bully u guys much more than needed 🚶🏾‍♀️
also also i wanna use this event as an opportunity to see how i do with writing for other fandoms (bnha, tokyo rev) 😁☝🏾 so sorry if it sucks, i’m still learning 💔
᠉ haikyuu [all characters minus coaches]
᠉ bnha [all 1a students + shinsou minus m*neta]
᠉ tokyo revengers [all characters minus kisaki, hina and emma]
Tumblr media
name + prounouns + preferred gender + fandom
platonic or romantic relationship
an emoji or alias to mark your ask if you’re on anon
favorite things (food , books, etc)
a long or short explanation of yourself + love language[s]
a match from your preferred fandom
a shortish scenario with you and your match
the items above along with a mini playlist + a mini moodboard cus i love y’all <3
Tumblr media
timestamp + fandom + character
pronouns used [female or gn!reader]
a song if ur feeling jolly [optional]
a timestamp drabble featuring your character of choice along with elements of the song if provided
Tumblr media
my first real event whattttt 😧 anyways, i might add more slots if needed but it’s gonna stay at this number for now so i don’t get overwhelmed </3 but thank y’all so so so much for 1.2k <33333
Tumblr media
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rousinqscent · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
cw + tags ‣ mentions of squirting and overstimulation notes ‣ I FOUND IT WHEEW OKAY. so I think this ask was pertaining to this post I made a while back but I’m here now (finally) to give you a proper- more well deserved elaboration on why I personally think ms. Hinata Tachibana is the perfect embodiment of a “pillow princess.” also hi this is self indulgent because I’m honestly whipped for tr women
Tumblr media
to put it in simplest terms, hinata is a major pillow princess. there’s nothing hina loves more than to lie down on the bed with her slender legs spread nice and wide open for you to dive into the wet wonderland between her plush thighs. she doesn’t seem like it but she definitely bottles her emotions. it happens frequently- which leads to a lot of pent up stress and frustration (given how being a teacher is a rather demanding occupation, believe it or not).
with that being said, hina will most likely have a difficult time trying to let loose. but that’s where you come in. you’re there to help her relax- take her mind off of those outstanding report cards she still has yet to mark and hina couldn’t feel more grateful.
call her selfish all you want but could you blame her for wanting to indulge in your mouth? especially when your tongue is just so fucking addicting that hina can’t help but want more of it?
the way you run that sweet wet muscle over her puffy folds- desperately trying to slurp the delicious juices that stream out of her wet cunny. how the tip of your tongue prods at her entrance- teasing her until she’s crying and begging for you to fuck her senseless with your tongue. to the point where her mind is nothing but pure mush. not to mention, hina is incredibly so sensitive :(( cums way too fast and even apologizes for doing so, sweet thing.
but it’s not an issue, no. you’re there to give her the reward she deserves for being such a remarkable teacher so making her cum as much as she wants (and as much as you want because you live to see her fall apart) is the true way to go about things. and god, she also sounds so angelic, you can’t help but hump the mattress as you eat hina out. her adorable moans from when you suck on her clit and those gorgeous cries of “I can’t- can’t hold it anymore!! stop— d-don’t wanna make a mess!” when you overdo your magic and make her squirt again and again and again until her legs go limp.
despite all that, hina supposes this was truly the perfect getaway from work.
Tumblr media
all content belongs to rousinqscent © 2021.
Tumblr media
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anandafvs · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hina yoshihara messy headers.
◟ like or reblog if you save !
© hinacrente on twitter.
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Tumblr media
And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only de houtos eimi ho aiōnios zōē hina ginōskō sy ho monos
true God, and Jesus Christ whom you sent. alēthinos theos kai Iēsous Christos hos apostellō — John 17:3 | Mounce Reverse Interlinear New Testament (MOUNCE) The Mounce Reverse Interlinear™ New Testament Copyright © 2011 by William D. Mounce. All rights reserved worldwide. Cross References: Proverbs 8:35; John 3:17; John 5:44; John 17:8; John 17:18; John 17:21; John 17:23
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hinajiki · 6 months ago
Hello! Can I have headcons of Gojo, Sukuna and Nanami(separately if possible) coming back home finding their Chubby S/O(any gender you wish to write 👀) wearing their clothes while touching themselves and did not realise that they were home?👉🏻👈🏻 Thank you and sorry for the trouble 🌚
Tumblr media
💭: omg, I loved writing this, thank you for requesting it !!! (also sorry I didn't do headcanons, I thought drabbles would be better)
content warning: 18+ content, fem!reader, masturbation, humiliation, swearing, praising, teasing, cunnilingus, pet names, fingering.
Tumblr media
“mmm, gojo, pls!”
you moan, fingers curling inside of your tight cunt and chubby thighs rubbing together desperately for every bit of friction you could grasp. no matter how much you tried, it just wasn’t enough. it had been weeks since you had last seen your significant other and you were at the point where you were wearing his clothes just to remind you of his smell. he was addictive and he knew this. that confident bastard.
so here you were, lying spread eagle while your fingers tried to reach the spots that only gojo could. before you could let out another cry of desperation for your lover, the door to the bedroom swung wide open to unveil the cocky devil himself, hands shoved in his pockets and a twisted smirk etched into his features. he lifted his blindfold up slightly and you could see his magnificent eyes gazing down at your vulnerable form. you gasped from the sudden intrusion, pulling the blankets up quickly to hide your lower half. you were humiliated. he had just caught you masturbating.
“well, looks like someone missed me.” gojo teased, licking his lips and moving closer to the edge of the bed with desire apparent in his orbs. “did my baby get desperate while i was gone?”
he was not fair. all you could do was pout from his teasing, but it was soon wiped off from your face when he pulled the blankets off your lower body and he moved onto the bed to lie between your legs.
“since you look so pretty for me like this in my clothes, i’m going to reward you, okay, princess?” he grinned, eyes still locked with yours, his breath fanning against your heat, sending shivers up your spine.
before you could respond to him, his lips wrapped around your clit and he sucked. your head fell back onto the pillow with a moan and your fingers made their way into his hair, tugging from the abrupt pleasure. you bucked your hips upwards and he held them down with your hands, sliding them up your body and feeling at your flesh under the shirt of his that you were wearing with a content grin.
“i’m going to make you cum so many times that you’re creaming against my face,” he groaned against you, lapping greedily at your sopping hole. “you deserve it after how long i’ve been gone...”
Tumblr media
you never thought you'd find yourself with your fingers stroking your clit while you sat on sukuna's throne, wearing one of his loose kimonos and nothing else underneath. yet, here you were, all worries cast aside like trash.
sukuna had been absent for a while now and it was the perfect time to try out your idea of masturbating on his throne while trying to not be caught. you knew he'd eventually find out. you expect that his senses will pick up the scent of your actions even after weeks. the thought of that excited you even more. what you hadn't been expecting was for the king of curses to appear in the room in the middle of you playing out your fantasy.
sukuna looked amused, all four eyes trained on the sight between your legs. but it didn't stop you, hell, it urged you to continue on until you were shaking and moaning for him. the sound of your moans were music to his ears and he stalked closer, kneeling down in front of you to get a better view. it was a peculiar position to be in. to have the dominating and demanding curse kneeling in front of you like this was a power trip for you. you felt like a queen on her throne while her servant kneeled before her, ready to serve and please her.
"look at you.. my little slut thought she wouldn't be caught" he growled deeply, hands moving to touch your thighs and you slapped them away, a blush on your face.
you had never done something like that to him before and you could tell it frustrated him. his eyes glinted with anger, but he kept himself at bay just this once. he knew you were enjoying this and he couldn't complain, after all, you looked sexy. his kimono you wore was parted to reveal your chubby thighs and soft tummy. it made him want to press kisses along your flesh and hear you whine from the embarrassment.
"you've had your fun, now let me touch you.. you look so fucking tasty and I want to eat you right up." sukuna groaned, lifting your foot up and running his tongue from your ankle to your inner thigh where he left a small bite, earning a whimper from you. "now, be a good girl and spread your thighs wider for me, i'm getting a little impatient."
Tumblr media
you wrestled with your panties, tugging them down from under the big, white, button-up shirt you wore which belonged to your lover, nanami. you were hot and needy for him, but he wasn't home. he was probably exorcising some curse, or in some meeting with the higher-ups. you didn't care what it was. you just wanted him home so he could fuck you silly.
you ran your fingers across your perky nipples and you slid them down to your cunt which clenched in anticipation. you were on his desk and you imagined he was fucking you up against it. the thought made you whine and you slid your fingers inside your wet walls, pumping them in and out at a fast pace. you moaned, using your other hand to keep yourself propped upright. the pleasure was intense and it was probably because you were imagining it was nanami instead.
"did i say you could touch yourself?"
you gasped at the sound of your boyfriend's voice and you opened your eyes, fingers leaving your hole with a squelch. nanami was leaning against the door frame, eyeing you up and down with a displeased look. he stood straight, loosening the tie around his neck and he pulled off his glasses, setting them aside on the cabinet next to him. you swallowed thickly, legs pressing together.
"i'm sorry.." you whispered, cheeks red as he came closer to you, spreading your legs and analysing the mess between your thick thighs. "i should have waited.."
"a sorry just isn't enough, princess." he growled, moving to stand between your legs and he captured your lips with his own, biting down harshly. you whimpered, fingers making their way into his hair and he parted from you to continue speaking. "now, get on your knees."
Tumblr media
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