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No one - Similar to this set but filter is lesser
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floraheartt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
an anon asked: What is Aerith’s favourite flower? 👀 for science..
ooooo!!  this is a good question and it’s also one that’s really hard to answer because my brain is like “give her ur fav flower” and that’s not how this works.  my favorite flowers are camellias, for the record and aerith really likes them too, but her fav is probably lilies or amaryllis.  it appears to be what we see her carrying around and selling most often and aerith is def the kind of person who would grow more of what she likes.  but i think she probably also likes strelitzias, because they’re symbolic of freedom.  not exactly the kind of flower that you would sell but def one that she has an attachment to.  there’s this... visceral draw that she has to the concept of freedom.  it seems very illusive to her and she’s always desperately chasing it but it’s always just out of her grasp.  
anyway. lilies, amaryllis, and birds of paradise for her.  specifically red amaryllis and yellow / white lillies.  
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lovekorone · 5 months ago
uh tag dump rq
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ciircusbrats · a year ago
pinevalley replied to your post: circus boy!
THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING AHHH!!! The colors are beautiful!!!! HIM!!!!
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floraheart · a month ago
Tumblr media
@cloudvii​ whispered: “ i've been wanting to kiss you for a while. “
               oh-  it comes so suddenly that it cuts into the middle of a sentence, her hands still posed midair where they’d been gesticulating animatedly as she told him an irrelevant story to fill the empty evening air.  for the first time since they met, it seems he’s stunned her into sincere silence - the kind where she doesn’t know what to say rather than the kind where she’s trying to think of a way to change the subject.  eyelashes flutter rapidly, looking for a moment as if she’s been struck, gaze sweeping over him in search of some indication that this is yet another teasing remark or attempt to rile her up.  but it isn’t.  
              her hands drop to her side as she pushes to her feet, brushing dust off her skirt before turning her gaze back towards him.  his back is against a wooden support, his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes locked on her features.  serious as can be.  he’s cutest when he’s serious.  the real, awkward kind of actually trying sort of serious.  not whatever else he pretended to be to keep people at arms length.  she likes this side of him.  maybe even loves it. 
              isn’t that a terrifying thought?
              the patio where they’d settled for the evening is old, made of the same rotting wood as the rickety motel that it wraps around where the rest of their party is sleeping.  aerith walks from where she’d been sitting to where he’s standing in four quick steps, stopping less than a foot in front of him.  ❝ why haven’t you? ❞  it’s an innocent enough question, breathed into the limited space between them, voice low like they’re sharing secrets.  her head cants to the side, breath held as she waits for a response or the courage to break a boundary she hasn’t crossed in years. 
Tumblr media
            the last guy i fell in love with-  if the same thing were to happen with cloud, she’s not sure she’d ever be able to trust again.  her ability to trust people, to really trust them, is already somewhat spotty as it is.  but to give her heart away and have someone run off and vanish with it again?  
            her hands rest on his chest.  she takes another step closer.  when she breathes in, they’re chest to chest.  when she tilts her head back to look at him, the distance between their lips is so miniscule someone could bump her and they might accidentally kiss.  he has to be the one to do it.  the first time, at least.  after-  good luck convincing her to stop kissing him, after.   ❝ i want you to, cloud.  so what’re you waiting for? ❞  
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kaeddehara · a month ago
their test subject
part (1/3)
albedo x reader x copy!albedo
{part two} ~
[ warnings! : nsfw, mdni!!, x afab!reader, threesome, rough sex, cursing, dumbification, blowjob, slapping/spanking, overstimulation, creampie, praising, degrading, nice albedo and mean copy albedo ]
“would you like to try it out?”
Tumblr media
————— ୨୧ —————
albedo ran his gloved hand through your hair as you took more of him into your tight mouth. how adorable you were all sprawled out on the rough floor. goosebumps covering your usually soft skin. it was almost as if all the heat those 2 were producing around was not enough to keep you from the cold.
“stay still”
it truly was an odd evening for you and albedo. even so, all the little details that led up to this didn’t matter at the moment.
and while albedo loved to see your lips wrapped around him, he couldn’t help but feel challenged by the other. the exact copy of himself which had himself buried deep inside your pretty pussy. albedo felt a twinged of regret and hatred for letting him defile you like this in his workspace. but it was a sight to behold for albedo and yet, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the mess he created.
“so good, such a good girl”
the sound of his hips meeting your now reddened ass had drowned out in his ears and he felt suddenly so helpless. those filthy words that spilled from his lips over and over in your ear while your mouth was stuffed full. albedo didn’t know if he was so stunned because of the pleasure or because of seeing you so messy because of someone else. either way, he felt obligated to treat his good girl with the utmost respect.
the copy, however, didn’t care one bit about ‘how you felt’ fuck, he didn’t even know what exactly feelings were. all he cared about was fucking you till you couldn’t move and proving himself more useful than your pathetic excuse of a boyfriend. and even though you knew you were just being used, that only made you even needier to please the two of them.
gripping your supple waist and pulling you closer to him than the real albedo. your mouth fell off his cock, causing it to hit his navel. your usually precious soft moans turned to screams and whimpers of pleasure. there were practically hearts in your eyes and the thought of being filled up. the copied hips now stuttering as he was oh so close to finishing.
“your pussy is just so fucking good, a shame I’m not the one who gets to fuck it every night”
more foul words felt his chapped lips as deep pants came from him, signaling he was close. you were collapsed on the floor of albedos camp from how fucking rough was being with you. only the sounds of your begging are what albedo could hear and you called out for him and even reached out your shaking hand.
even with how good you felt, your poor over sensitive and overstimulated body begged to differ. but the copy didn’t like that one bit. pulling you up by the neck which caused an array of choked moans to leave your throat. albedo couldn’t look away.
even though there were tears of pleasure or pain, he couldn’t tell; and even though the sounds from you sounded nothing like the you he knew. all albedo knew was that he wanted to comfort you. putting a hand to your cheek.
“you’re ok, i’m right here”
he whispered oh so sweetly and for a second you believed him before the copy pulled you hard.
“why even bother comforting her, she doesn’t even deserve an ounce of comfort after putting on a show like this. a real whore like her is too stupid to understand aren’t ya?”
you wanted to cry and shake your head but with his hips harshly roughing up against your ass again. you felt so overwhelmed with pleasure only whimpering in response. finally, after those last painful thrusts, he came inside your fucked out, drooling cunt. you gasped out and albedo stared down at you in awe. you were drooling all over his floor while the copy cursed at how good you felt.
with a cunt like yours he swore you could milk him dry.
pulling out of your messy little pussy and watching his cum dribble out slowly. while he'd love to watch you attempt to push out all his cum, he’d much rather stuff you full. he frowned at this and gathered what was pushed out on two fingers and shoved it right back inside you where it belonged.
“good girls keep in allll inside”
he smirked and rubbed his hand over the red spots his hips caused in a faux comfort. albedo just stared blankly, watching as you sat yourself up a bit on all fours where you originally were. his adorable girlfriend now succumbed to a debauched mess on his own office floor. 
“so are you gonna fuck her throat or am i gonna have to do that too?”
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venussins · a month ago
Genshin Men - Thigh Riding
Tumblr media Tumblr media
୨୧ rating: 18+, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!
୨୧ featured: Kaeya, Diluc, Zhongli, Thoma, Childe, Itto
୨୧ cw/tw: fem!reader, dry humping, thigh riding, making out, dirty talk, implied penetration, hand jobs, teasing, praise, slight dub con for the Childe part, fingering/petting, size kink
Tumblr media
♡ Diluc:
You had invited him into your flat earlier, not wanting to part ways with him yet after the great evening the both of you spent together.
The soft, delighted expression on his face was a clear sign that he had thought the same. The both of you sat down to talk, the moon was already high up in the sky. When he had leaned over to press his lips against yours, everything else happened so fast and that is how you ended up sitting on his lap.
The man’s hands hold onto your waist carefully – firm enough to let you feel their warmth, yet his grip is not tight enough to be considered bold – This isn’t enough for you though.
Your breath is hot against his lips and you start to slowly grind against his thigh, hoping to relieve the ache in your lower region. Diluc opens his eyes, which have been closed in the passionate haze of your kiss when a gasp leaves your lips.
His eyes wander downwards, to see your hips moving along the length of his thigh, the panties you’re wearing underneath your dress the only thing preventing your wet pussy from completely ruining the pants he is wearing.
Ever since he stepped into your flat you’ve been having lascivious thoughts and you could feel yourself get wet with every minute that passed. When he finally leaned over to press a kiss against your lips, it didn’t take long for you to end up on top of him.
The palpable tension between the both of you and the way he is looking at you become too much for you to handle and soon enough you’re eagerly grinding your hips against his muscular thigh. Diluc is a gentleman and you don’t want to take things too fast and immediately end up in bed with him, but… a little action wouldn’t hurt, right?
The feeling of your body pressing down onto his leg causes a shiver to run down Diluc’s spine and he is intent on helping you alleviate that deep ache you’re feeling. His own body feels like it’s overheating – usually any kind of heat wouldn’t bother him in the slightest.
Gloved hands move to sit on top of your hips, firmly grabbing a hold of you and helping you roll your panty-clad pussy over the length of his thigh. Slightly swollen pairs of lips meet again and again in a messy way, while you ride his thigh, the material of your panties and his muscles providing the perfect friction to get yourself off.
“Just like that – hah – you look so good like this. So pretty, just for me,” Diluc praises, his words sending heat into every fiber of your being. Your hips move on their own, your mind too muddled to think about anything else except Diluc’s warm breath against your lips and the way the muscles of his thigh tense underneath you.
He might want to take this slow and cherish you – show you how much he adores and respects you, but…
There’s nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while, right? This much should be fine to temporarily satiate his yearning for you.
Tumblr media
♡ Kaeya:
“So you’re going to be bratty with me in public, yet as soon as we get back home you want to have me ravage you? No, no, that’s not how it works around here, doll,” Kaeya reprimands you, leaning back against the sofa, his arms resting comfortably on the backrest.
You’re sitting in his lap and look down at him, your fingers, that were busy trying to unbutton the buttons of his shirt, stop their movements.
“Then… how can I make it up to you?” playing along, you decide it’s the best move to give him what he wants, feeling a bit guilty about the drama you caused earlier when the both of you went out together.
Nervously, your fingers play with the buttons of his shirt as you risk a glance at him, your tongue darting out to wet your lips. His gaze is calm and his façade of nonchalance seems impenetrable, yet there’s a lascivious glint in his eye.
There’s a moment of silence, the false tranquility on the man’s face almost lulls you into letting your walls down. He finally decides to give you an answer, breaking the silence,
“Then fuck yourself on my thigh.”
Silence surrounds the both of you again, your mind reeling at his suggestion. You regard him quietly and he doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing anything himself, so you relent. It’s not like this was the most outrageous thing he’s ever asked of you, so you decide to follow along.
With practiced movements, you straddle one of his thighs and begin to move your hips along it. Pressing down on it to feel some proper friction, you can feel him flex the muscles of his thigh, and an impish smile tugs at the corners of your lips.
Your fingers grab a hold of his shirt, your hips gliding back and forth along his thigh. An erotic moan works its way through your throat and you close your eyes as you find the perfect rhythm.
“That’s it, that’s a good girl. Look at you, baby. You look so good on top of me, so beautiful when you make a mess for me,” Kaeya praises, his hands moving to dance along the plush of your thighs. Every once in a while he gives an appreciative squeeze.
A whimper drips from your lips and you get more desperate with your movements, picking up speed in hopes of reaching your climax faster.
Your lover picks up on it and leans closer to you, pressing his chest against your own, while he moves to litter kisses against your chest, right where your flowy dress dips down into a risky show of skin.
His fingers finally move from your thighs, one hand moving to rub over your clothed clit while the other dips underneath the material of your panties, right where it covers your hip.
The added stimulations cause you to slump forward against him as you cum for him, making a mess out of your underwear.
A breathless chuckle leaves him and he presses a kiss against your temple, while his fingers greedily dig into the skin of your hip. Even before you get the chance to catch your break, he murmurs softly,
“Come on now. We can work another out of you, right? You still have to pay me back for your little tantrum earlier.”
Tumblr media
♡ Zhongli:
“Zhongli… p-please help me out a little,” you beg, the words resounding in the quiet room and causing the man in question to turn his gaze away from his book and look at you instead.
“I told you I was busy, dearest. You promised you’d entertain yourself. Do I misremember our little talk or are you going against your words?” Zhongli asks, a brow raised quizzically and his gaze so focused on your heated expression, that it sends a hot tingle down your spine.
Your hips stop moving as the feeling of guilt spreads through your body, but it doesn’t last long and your hips slowly start to move over the length of his thigh again. You really didn’t want to disturb him, but you have been yearning for him all week, yet never found some time to spend it with your partner.
Now that you finally had some time to spare, he insisted on finishing his book and you begged him to at least let you subdue the ache by yourself. It didn’t take you long to become so needy for the man. Being so close, yet having none of his attention on you, was pure torture.
Your hips move insistently anyway, even under his scrutinizing gaze – too desperate for friction to care. “’m sorry, please. J-just need you so bad,” you mumble, a shiver running down your spine when Zhongli leans forward, pressing his chest against your own. Hot breath hits your ear when he speaks.
“You want me to help you come undone on my thigh? Is that what you’re asking. How will you compensate me for going against your earlier promise, hm?”
His tone is sharp, intimate, and yet it’s so cold that it stings.
It burns in your ears when his words reach them and the prickling sensation it causes all over your body makes you feel as if there’s poison in your bloodstream. Zhongli seems so unaffected, while you’re a slave to your desires and this fact only serves to rile you up even more.
“I’ll do a-anything. I swear, just please – please, help me out. N-need you so bad,” you plead, grasping onto his shirt as you rock your hips back and forth. You desperately want to be obedient and listen to him, but you could not resist rubbing yourself against him – the friction just too pleasurable to pass up.
His lips graze your ear before his head dips down to press a hot, open-mouthed kiss against the side of your neck. Like this, he speaks carefully, the words hitting your skin in a hot breath laced with a lingering promise.
“Anything? That’s a dangerous offer you’re making my dear,” the archon warns you, his hands settling on your behind to move you over his thigh leisurely.
A hasty nod is your reply, before you arch your back, his fingers slipping between your legs from the back, teasing your folds as you move against him.
“Then make sure you’re ready to accept whatever I choose to give you, love,” he whispers, his words promising a long, sleepless night.
Tumblr media
♡ Childe:
“Now, now. Where do you think you’re running off to, hm?” Childe questions, as he pins your body against the wall, one of his legs between yours, his chest to your back, and your hands pressed against the wall by his own, bigger ones.
“Hngh, let go of me!” comes your reply between gritted teeth as you try to free yourself from his grasp. This only causes the tall man to press himself against you more, your chest touching the cold wall as he lodges his leg between yours more, effectively trapping you.
“I don’t think I should, doll. You’ll just run away again and while I do enjoy the chase, I also enjoy having you right where I want you,” Childe explains, leaning down to nibble on your ear. As a gasp falls from your lips and you can feel him grin before he moves to press a kiss against the skin behind your ear.
Your struggle echoes against the walls of the empty building – not that you expected him to let you go. Regardless, you still put up a fight and try to wriggle out of his hold. His leg pushes up against you and slightly lifts you off the ground, forcing you to stand on your tiptoes.
The sensation of his leg rubbing up against that sensitive place between your legs causes a moan to tumble from your lips and your eyes immediately snap open. It’s quiet for a bit until you can hear a condescending chuckle right behind you.
“I take it you enjoy the chase as well, hm?” he questions and you find yourself unable to deny it.
You’re sure he can feel it too – how fast your heart is beating, how your breath quickens when he’s so close to you, how you shiver when you hear his voice in such proximity, and how you’ve essentially soaked through the material of your panties.
The chase excites you. Clashing with him and fighting to come out on top fills you with so much excitement, you can feel the blood thrumming in your ears and the heat shooting down into your lower body.
So when he moves one hand away from your own to grab on to your hip, you don’t try to free yourself. Instead, you reach back, grabbing a hold of his neck to pull him closer.
His breath against the skin of your neck is hot as he helps you move along the length of his thigh. Every time you move backward, you can feel his clothed bulge pressing into your behind, but you’re too far gone to do something about it on your own.
“P-please, come on – ah – just a little b-bit more;” you plead, not sure what it is exactly that you need from the man. More, more, more. That’s all your mind is screaming at you right now.
A wet stain marks where you’ve been rubbing up against his pants and he gasps when you knock back against his hardened cock and it sends him over the edge. With one swift move, he pulls your panties down your thighs and you hear him pull down his zipper.
“Gotta have you know, baby. Can’t wait anymore. You’ll let me fill you up and claim you, won’t you? I gotta claim my prize, after all. Isn’t that right, sweet doll?”
Tumblr media
♡ Thoma:
A wriggle of your hips to get yourself more comfortable forces Thoma to suppress a groan. Your ministrations cause his thigh to tense underneath your body and you smile at him teasingly.
His hands are resting on your hips and you can feel his fingers squeezing at you, trying to hold back and not move you like he so desperately wants to. The sight of your naked body on top of his own makes him feel like he is slowly losing his mind with the desire to finally touch you.
“Now, now. Don’t try to take control so quickly. You said I can enjoy myself, right? After all, you’ve been away for so long and I had no one to take care of me… I deserve at least this much, don’t I?” you as the man and he nods, his head tilting back slightly as a choked gasp leaves his lips.
He can feel your wetness spreading across his thigh when you start to eagerly roll your hips over the length of his toned leg. A groan works its way out of his throat as he feels your fingers grabbing at his clothed chest.
“Please, princess. Want to help you, make you feel good. Please – ngh,” he groans when one of your hands slides down to palm his bulge over the material of his pants.
“You want to touch me that badly? Imagine how much I craved for your touch while you were gone,” your words leave your lips in a quiet murmur, while your fingers trace over his collarbones, the other hand preoccupied with fondling his hard cock through his clothes.
Your hips move to grind your naked cunt against his leg, delighting in the heated gaze that’s observing your every move. Looking down isn’t something you need to do – you can feel how our wetness drips down from your folds and onto his thigh.
By now you have soaked through the material of his pants and he is able to feel how much you have been yearning for him.
Your hand moves to pull down the zipper of his pants, working his pants and briefs down until you’re able to free his cock from the restrictive clothing. A relieved sigh leaves his lips before it turns into a choked gasp.
Warmth surrounds his length, as you wrap your hand around him, stroking him earnestly and finally ready to allow him some pleasure. Thoma’s head tilts back at the feeling and a shaky breath resounds in the, otherwise, quiet space.
Grinding your hips against his thigh, you work to get yourself off while jerking his hard length. Your free hand moves to grab onto the back of his head. Tilting his head towards you, you press your lips against his own messily.
It’s more a way to share your breath with him than it is a kiss, sounds of pleasure dripping from both of your lips.
His hands grab onto your hips tightly, aiding you in your attempts to reach your peak.
Thoma’s mind is blurry and he isn’t sure if this isn’t enough or if this is way too much, but what he knows is that he needs to make you come undone for him in every way he can possibly manage.
He’s got a lot of lost time to make up for.
Tumblr media
♡ Itto:
Itto dwarfs you in terms of size. You’re acutely aware of this fact.
He always has to be the one to reach the highest shelves in your shared home, he has no problem finding you in a crowd due to his height and you always have to look up at the man when you’re talking to him.
So it’s not surprising to you how big his thigh feels underneath your body. Bulging muscles strain against the material of his pants as he playfully bounces his leg up and down twice to startle you out of your train of thought.
“What are ya thinkin’ about, baby? There’s nothin’ your pretty little head should be busy with when you’re spending time with me, don’t you think so too?” he playfully inquires, a grin spreading over his handsome face at the bashful, stunned expression on your face.
The way his muscles rub against your clothed folds makes your thighs shake and you’re quick to nod your head in agreement, before muttering your reply.
“I’m s-sorry – feels too good, I can’t – ah!”
With a bounce of his leg, he interrupts your answer, pouting at you. “Speak up, sweetheart,” he commands, “I can’t hear ya if you whisper to yourself.”
A choked sob leaves your lips and tears gather in your eyes at the delicious friction. You somehow manage to gasp out an answer, “I’m sorry, Itto. I w-was thinking about you and how you’re s-so big.”
Surprised by your reply, the man’s eyebrows arch up and he is stunned. For a few moments he is unable to say anything and you feel like you’re set aflame by his intense gaze that’s solely focused on you.
After sitting there for a little while, dumbfounded, as he tries to process your words, you cheekily move your hips again. Slowly grinding over the length of his leg as your hands move to rest on his shoulders, you work yourself closer to your climax.
Suddenly Itto puts his hands on your ass, grabbing you firmly, before moving you all by himself.
A hearty, deep chuckle rumbles in his chest and he looks down at you fondly, “That’s something ya noticed just now? I thought it was pretty obvious, especially when you struggle to take me every time I fuck you.”
Unbearable heat floods your senses at the thought of his thick length filling you to the brim and you moan. Writhing in his hold you move your hips faster, Itto aiding you in your endeavors.
You can feel the familiar coil of pleasure winding itself tighter in your lower body and your legs shake, struggling to keep your body upright as you lean forward and against Itto’s muscular chest.
The man has no problem supporting your weight as he moves your hips over his thigh, delighting in the way you shake in his hold as you finally come undone for him.
“Good girl. Look so pretty when you cum for me. We gotta get ya nice and wet before I can properly fill you up, isn’t that right?”
Tumblr media
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movedtomilksxda · a month ago
Headcanons for Bruno Madrigal x reader that likes to make dumb puns/jokes, please!
❱ http:˚♡smiles and laughter !!˚ˑؘ🍙 ·˚
Tumblr media
° └➤ ・゚ˊˎ bruno with a playful s/o headcanons !! *ೃ
˗ˏˋ # an. Sorry for making you wait!! But thank you sm for requesting this cute idea! Sending all my love to you ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ 💚 ˎˊ˗
Tumblr media
꒰୨୧꒱ I feel like bruno having a s/o who is always playful and makes dumb puns/jokes it will just make him smile 24/7. 
꒰୨୧꒱ Lowkey thinks you’re so corny, like whenever you try to flirt with him by giving him a joke, or better yet a compliment...he will shyly just (omg omg omg screaming crying) look you in the eye. He is totally not trying to get a heart attack (yeah totally not me also getting a heart attack) 
꒰୨୧꒱ However despite all the that he really enjoys your company because of how much of a dork you are (don’t worry i’m a dork too-) 
꒰୨୧꒱ Please if ever he feels sad try to comfort him by giving him one of your best jokes even if its so corny or wack, he never had anyone to do that. And this will make his heart explode like bruno.exe stopped working type of thing 
꒰୨୧꒱ please he loves it when you sneak up behind him and you cover his eyes, only to be greeted by you say: “what do olives say when they love someone?” 
꒰୨୧꒱ if he gets it wrong you would rest your hands covering his eyes still
꒰୨୧꒱ “they say olive you!” 
꒰୨୧꒱ cue him turning around to look at you with a confused smile like ‘i love you but what the heck are you say’ kinda look 
꒰୨୧꒱ “olive you bruno!!” you will continue saying that and he will laugh so hard because of it
꒰୨୧꒱ but in all honesty, his family will be surprise by how much bruno glowed like he lowkey not the unsociable man they know. Like he’s smiling so much and every time you are with him you two would just do some silly crap. (please can i also have this?) 
꒰୨୧꒱ you are his sunshine, someone who can brighten up his day and he adores you so so so much! No matter how silly or a dork you are, he absolutely adores you. (gonna cri from the amount of love he needs) 
Tumblr media
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minqci · 4 months ago
♡ genshin boys when you avoid their kisses pt. 1
୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷₊
so, i had help from friends writing these just to make sure i stay on track and don't drift into the fanon personalities of the genshin boys. needed to search some romance prompts too so i could have really cute scenarios. enjoy!!
୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷₊
: ̗̀➛ diluc:
Tumblr media
▪ you wanted to try out this prank with diluc because kaeya told you he's secretly an overthinker, and that sounded adorable to you.
▪ you and diluc both equally were good at initiating kisses. you're one of the only people he's comfortable showing affection to, so he doesn't hold back.
▪ after a long day of wine trading and selling, diluc was eager to head back to the winery and take a rest with you.
▪ he got home and when he saw you lying on the couch so lazily, he smiled just seeing how adorable you were.
▪ he walked over to you, and as he caught your eye you knew this was the time to execute your plan.
▪ "hello, love-" you dodge his attempt to kiss you and he stumbles onto the couch a bit, a little bit confused at what happened.
▪ a million thoughts rush through his head, did he do something wrong? did he forget something important?
▪ he knew that he may have been working a lot lately, and he thought since you never spoke out about it, you were fine.
▪ you see his expressions turn from confused to scared then just sad. you started to feel bad but his pouts were just so cute.
▪ he then stood up from the couch, and you maintained your cold stature, until he came back with some cookies.
▪ he then took a deep breath and said, "love? i know i have been busy lately, and i'm sorry for not giving you attention. i have some cookies here for you, and i'm free today and tomorrow. i promise i'll make up for lost time."
▪ you absolutely melted. diluc has always been the type to apologize quickly, but never like this. i guess it has to do with the fact he didn't know what he did wrong, but it made your heart skip a beat.
▪ "aww diluc! you didn't do anything wrong. i was just playing a prank. kaeya told me about it, and i couldn't resist."
▪ you cupped his face and gave him a kiss. he smiled and cuddled you into the couch.
▪ "normally i would be upset at such things, but my brother probably manipulated you in a way. i'll accept your apology."
▪ you both laugh and joke around until you fall asleep in each other's arms.
: ̗̀➛ kaeya:
Tumblr media
▪ usually, kaeya is the one doing the teasing in this relationship. he's a cocky guy and it's part of what attracted you to him in the first place, so you just let him get away with his teases and flirty nature.
▪ but when some of your friends told you about this prank, you just had to try it with kaeya.
▪ you just finished with training, and kaeya came into your training room to give you some water and food.
▪ "well done, y/n." he said as he placed some chicken-mushroom skewers on a small table.
▪ he then grabbed your waist, and you knew he was initiating a kiss. you quickly dodged and you both fell to the ground.
▪ he grunts and says, "tsk. what was that about, y/n? are you mad me, snowflake?"
▪ you just ignore his question, and then he starts to get worried. he doesn't let you know that, though.
▪ instead he gently tilts your head towards his, and places his other hand on your arms so they're held over your head.
▪ "come on, snowflake. what's wrong?"
▪ you stand up from the ground, ignoring his question once again.
▪ now he starts getting even more worried. he didn't know what he did wrong either which made it even more frustrating.
▪ your back is turned on him, so he slowly walks up to you and gives you a back hug. he knows you love these, so he did it accordingly.
▪ "please, y/n. please tell me? i can't take you not speaking to me."
▪ this was a new side of kaeya. you've had fights but usually you're the one who ends up getting soft first. but now, he just looks vulnerable and cute.
▪ you turn around and give him a long kiss on the lips. the type of kiss you know he likes.
▪ he pulls you in as you try to pull away, and you both make out until jean walks in on you two.
▪ "ehem. professional behavior only, you two."
▪ you both look away from her in embarrassment and quickly rush out of the training room.
▪ you head out of the knights of favonius headquarters and stay over at angel's share the rest of the evening.
: ̗̀➛ childe:
Tumblr media
▪ being a fatui member, childe was very good at knowing when people were deceiving him.
▪ he always initiated kisses, he was clearly confident pretty boy type, so his ego is always big enough to initiate the most intimate things with you.
▪ although, after dating him for a while, you know he also seems to be very touchy with people he cares about. so you decided to try out this prank on him.
▪ you were both on the outskirts of liyue having a battle that childe impulsively challenged you to.
▪ after hours of fighting, he (barely) came out victorious.
▪ "you're good, just not as good as me." he says with his signature smug while clapping his hands.
▪ he takes your arm gently and tries to kiss you, but you dodge it and look away from him.
▪ he worries for a second, but once he sees the look in your eyes he immediately knew you were joking around.
▪ he played along of course, not letting you know he's figured out your little scheme.
▪ "is this your way of saying you want to break up? alright then, there are many other girls who'd been chatting me up anyway. good riddance, comrade!"
▪ he starts walking away to the small crowd of girls who are always watching you and him fight, and you stare at him in shock.
▪ he chuckles to himself, and when he looks behind him to see your reaction, you're just running away back to liyue harbor.
▪ seeing you run, he quickly chases after you worried that he went too far.
▪ he catches up to you and says, "come on, y/n. look at me." while grabbing your waist tight.
▪ you look at him and his heart drops when he sees tears forming up in your eyes.
▪ he was immediately filled with regret. you two have had enough deep talks to know that you were always insecure about being good enough for him.
▪ he pulls you into his chest and whispers into your ear, "i'm sorry, love. i was just kidding around, but you know you're the best partner i could ask for."
▪ you smile, still teary-eyed and wrap your arms around him.
▪ you both end up spending the day lying down on the grass and talking about stupid stuff till' nightfall.
: ̗̀➛ zhongli:
Tumblr media
▪ being an archon who lived almost 4000 years, zhongli has very little knowledge on what pranks are.
▪ so once hu tao told you about this prank, you decided to try it out. mostly to see his reaction toward it.
▪ zhongli was never really someone who initiated kisses to begin with, at most he's initiated a small kiss on your cheek. regardless, you decided to put this prank into action.
▪ you finished with your commissions for the day, so you went over to third-round knockout, the restaurant you and zhongli always meet up in at the end of the day.
▪ you saw him over at the table near the end of the building, and he was drinking some tea as always.
▪ "hello, y/n. i hope your commissions went well." he says with a smile, gesturing for you to take a seat.
▪ as you take your seat, zhongli pours you a cup of tea. you both chat a bit about how both your days went.
▪ so far, zhongli hasn't tried initiating any kisses with you yet. it's been almost 2 hours and you've just been chatting about the most random things.
▪ you finish dinner and head back to your place, before you say your goodbyes, zhongli tries to give you a little peck on your cheek. obviously, you avoid it.
▪ he ends up stumbling a bit, and you chuckle a little.
▪ this ended up giving you away, you never would've laughed if zhongli hadn't taken so long to make a move.
▪ being an employee at wangsheng funeral parlor, zhongli has heard the wide variety of hu tao's pranks.
▪ as well as the ones she sadly cannot execute, like the classic "avoiding kisses prank".
▪ "feeling mischievous, are we dear?"
▪ you let out a deep sigh and say, "how did you know??" in the whiniest tone possible.
▪ "hu tao is my boss, lovely. a talkative one at that, she takes pride in her pranks and tells me all about them."
▪ you both laugh and give each other a (rare) long kiss goodbye. it felt so warm and sweet. you felt a little bit sad once he pulled away from you.
▪ zhongli starts walking off, then you grab his coat. "stay the night?" you ask, with a faint blush on your cheeks.
▪ he gives you a smile and nods his head. you both head into your home, cuddling and chatting next to the fireplace you've set up until the sun sets.
: ̗̀➛ thoma:
Tumblr media
▪ you and thoma were definitely the lovebird type couple. you both loved openly showing affection to one another, and never shy to give the other a kiss here and there.
▪ you were hanging out with yoimiya one day, and she gave you this brilliant idea to try out on thoma.
▪ one day, thoma was heading out of komore teahouse and wanted to go and visit you during work.
▪ you were an employee at ogura textiles & kimonos, so you were pretty close to where he was. he decided to buy some snacks and drinks for you before heading over to your shop.
▪ he finally sees you and calls out your name, 2 tri-colored dangos in hand.
▪ he tries to embrace you and give you a kiss, but you dodge it. nearly forgetting to execute your plan.
▪ he falls into some fabrics, miraculously not dropping the dango he was holding.
▪ once he stands up, he just looks at you with a big pout on his face. he wonders if you were getting upset at how much time he was spending with ayaka.
▪ he has an idea and quickly rushes out of the shop, leaving you confused.
▪ after a few minutes, he comes back with your favorite takeout meal, some clothes from your favorite store and a small little baby seal plushie.
▪ you can't help but scream in excitement after seeing all the items, but then you remember than thoma still thought you were mad at him.
▪ "h-have i been spending too much time at the kamisato residence, baby? i'm really sorry."
▪ you just let out a little, "aw" and give him a big kiss.
▪ he puts down all the items in his hand and gives you a big hug. he was so glad you weren't mad at him. you were really special to him considering what you've done for him to lay low when the vision hunt decree was still set out.
▪ "it was a prank, thoma. i'm sorry that i worried you but i couldn't help it! let's head to the komore teahouse. my treat." you tell him while hugging into his chest.
▪ "only if we can play the hot pot game!" he says happily. you agree and you head off to the teahouse.
: ̗̀➛ albedo:
Tumblr media
▪ albedo was never the type to show affection all the time. he doesn't do it on purpose, he just was never accustomed to those relationship practices.
▪ you have been wanting to do this prank for weeks, but then valentines day finally came around.
▪ since albedo wasn't around much, he always made it a point to visit you on valentine's day.
▪ he would tell you about his research, eat at fancy restaurants with you, and always try to show affection.
▪ he held your hands, hugged you all the time and most especially give you kisses.
▪ you were both at angel's share for the night, since there were bards singing ballads and you both felt like dancing together tonight.
▪ he gently pulled you in by the waist, and you both slow danced together, just admiring each other.
▪ he went in for a kiss, and you were in such a trance that you let him do it.
▪ in the middle of it, you remembered your plan and quickly pulled away from albedo.
▪ "y/n? is something wrong? did i hurt you?"
▪ you just looked away from him, and he got even more confused. he didn't know what was wrong.
▪ after a few minutes, he pulls you into a secluded area of the tavern, your head still turned away from him.
▪ he places his hands on your shoulders and rests his head in the crook of your neck.
▪ he slowly whispers, "please, love. tell me what's wrong."
▪ as expected, you absolutely melted. he continued to kiss your cheeks and rub on your arms in some sort of comforting manner.
▪ you turn around and give him a hug. he was just the sweetest, you were guilty for pulling this prank on him in the first place.
▪ "i'm sorry, albedo. it was a silly prank, i did it for fun but it wasn't worth it."
▪ he laughs and asks, "oh? how so?"
▪ "your reaction wasn't funny, it was just sweet. it made me feel guilty in return instead."
▪ he gave you a kiss on the forehead and ran his fingers through your hair.
▪ "you are absolutely hopeless, lovely."
▪ you just blush and drown your embarrassment in wine for the rest of the night.
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aiiwa · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʚ pairing ɞ iwaizumi hajime x afab pregnant reader.
ʚ synopsis ɞ if you weren’t so concerned with complaining to hajime about why men never had to deal with bloating, maybe you would have realised sooner the cause was a little more than eating one too many burritos. though to be fair, one could never get enough of that goodness.
ʚ warnings ɞ unknown pregnancy, finding out about said unknown pregnancy, mentions of food, slight body comparison (to hajime in good humour), mentions of bloating, cramping, periods, reader is moody, cursing.
ʚ word count ɞ 1.5k
ʚ note ɞ first part of my mini-series! thank you to my bestie @thegetoufather for beta-ing and thank you to @esjoie for requesting hajime. please enjoy ❤︎.
˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗ BABY BOOM MASTERLIST ˗ˋ ୨୧ ˊ˗
Tumblr media
With a loud groan of contended yet painful satisfaction, you lean back into the comfort of your worn leather sofa. The chair itself had seen better and brighter days, but it was loved, used and treasured — and when you sat just off centre with your legs tucked underneath you, side squished and your shoulder digging into the soft cushion — peak relaxation settled and soothed a day’s stress instantly.
Or at least it eased the ache of what felt like gaining twenty pounds in the past fifteen minutes. That was all courtesy of you eating double your body’s capacity in glorious, greasy burritos from your favourite store two blocks away.
“I really think—” hiccup “—I could win that eating contest they’re hosting next month.”
Beside you, the larger and much more sculpted body of your boyfriend nestled deeper into the couch. Finishing off the last few bites of his own meal, he stretched and laid a strong arm behind your shoulders.
“You sure about that, baby?” He raised a dark brow in question, a smirk pulling the corner of his pretty mouth upward.
Rolling your eyes and snuggling closer to his warm body, you tugged at the hem of your shirt until goosebumps rose along your exposed skin. Pressing your palms flat against your bare tum, you caressed the slight pudge fondly — giggling to yourself as a larger, much more loving hand joined in.
“Well, my food baby thinks so.”
“Your food baby?”
You scoffed lightly. “Yes, my food baby.” Placing your hand over his, together you squeezed your smooth stomach gently. “Get with the memo, Hajime.”
Iwaizumi only laughs under his breath, shaking your hand off his and choosing instead to wrap a muscled arm around your torso. The certified cuddle bear practically draped his weight over you; matching that of a grizzly, yet you could hardly ever find yourself denying his adorable teddy behaviour.
“My bad then.” You hear him murmur, muffled he says, “I do love our food baby.”
“Our food baby?” You pinch the underside of his arm and he yelps, jolting back with a whine as he rubs the reddened spot. “This food baby is all mine. I’ve been bloated and cramping for what seems like weeks now, but you?” Poking at his solid stomach and dragging a finger down the toned ridges of his abs. “You don’t even have a clue what it’s like to feel bloated.”
Hajime only sits and stares, blinking blankly at you as you continue your sudden ranting and rambling.
“Why don’t men ever get bloated?”
“No, better yet — why don’t men have periods? You know if…”
He completely gives up on attempting to answer your onslaught of questions, choosing instead to slowly ease himself beside you. Moving in closer as you huff and puff.
“…and I’m so over waiting for my period this month. I’m tired of feeling like a balloon that would sink instead of float.”
At your last comment he is unable to hold back the chuckle that rumbles in his chest.
“It’s not funny, Hajime!”
Grumbling, you cross your arms over your chest. Iwa leans in to kiss the pout off your glossy lips before you have a chance to continue your tirade.
“I know it’s not funny, baby, I’m sorry.”
He presses a gentle kiss at the corner of your twitching mouth, before nuzzling his face into the side of your neck. Your arms relax, wrapping around his wide shoulders while a free hand reaches to run through the dark, silken strands of his short cropped hair.
“You haven’t been feeling well lately, yeah? If I could I would take the pain away, all the bloating and the cramping — shit, even your period — just so you could feel better.”
Warmth settled in your chest at his words, pulling him closer to you. This time it’s you who leans in to kiss him. You can’t help but think about how amazing he really is, even wishing to take your pain away.
‘…I’m so over waiting for my period this month.’
Your loving and sweet boyfriend, who listened to your endless complaints and grouching for the past month.
‘If I could take your pain away…even your period…’
Iwaizumi feels the moment your entire body freezes in his arms, and when you become unresponsive to his kisses, he opens his eyes to find your mouth dropped from silent, bug-eyed shock.
“Hajime…” You manage to rasp, as Iwa caresses your jaw in worry. “Baby…food baby— oh my God!” No matter how many times he calls your name, you still only manage a few words at a time. “Baby…not a food baby, holy fuck— baby!”
It takes Iwaizumi five minutes to calm you enough to speak a full comprehensible sentence.
“Hajime…I think I have more than a food baby…I think I’m pregnant…”
It then takes Iwaizumi another fifteen to get his own shit together. At least enough to be able to run off to the store, pick up ten different pregnancy tests and scare the ever living shit out of the clerk when he’d sprinted off with an armful of boxes without so much as checking if his card had been accepted.
Now the two of you were waiting. With you seated on the edge of the toilet seat, and Iwa between your knees; his forearms resting over your bare thighs. Four used tests by your side and a timer on your boyfriend’s phone ticking away.
30 seconds…29 seconds…tick, tick, tick.
“A baby…” You mumbled in disbelief.
Hajime could barely mimic you. “…A baby.”
Everything had all begun to make sense in your mind — the bloating, cramping, the hectic mood changes that Iwa was too kind to even argue with you about. Hell, even the slight urges to hurl in the mornings. These were things you had brushed off because they were also the symptoms of your approaching period. That was in fact due around what was pushing close to three weeks ago.
Maybe you and Hajime weren’t the most cautious couple. And perhaps you weren’t as diligent with taking that tiny pill every day. And him not as successful with his pull out game. Not that there were any protests in that particular department.
A loud buzzer echoes in the bathroom as the timer rings, signaling the end of your wait.
Iwa shifts around, fingers now working your thighs soothingly, in an attempt to massage the tension from your shaking legs.
“We’re in this together.” He whispers to you softly. “Always.” He swears. A promise.
Nodding your head with a shy, nervous grin; you reach out to swipe the tests in your tight grip. And with bated breaths, you and Iwaizumi both lean in to catch the pending results.
Four sets of two-lines stare back at you. Positive, positive, positive and…positive.
You release a loud breath. Now relaxed and perhaps relieved. Hajime on the other hand, has begun sniffling quietly — hands now holding yours tender and loving.
“My food baby…is now our baby.”
Iwa laughs, a watery chuckle and you join him eagerly.
“We’re gonna have a baby.” You taste the foreign words on your tongue, a fluttering in your chest and a sudden awareness for your tummy.
“A baby, we’re having baby!” Your boyfriend cheers, easily standing and pulling you up into his arms.
You grip onto him tightly, squeezing him. “Holy fuck, Hajime! I’m pregnant!”
“You’re pregnant!”
Spending the next half an hour in the bathroom, a further six positive tests lined along the window pane; you and Iwa share the excitement of what’s to come together. A strange turn of events for what started with your rambling of being bloated, neither of you could deny that the unexpected result was unwelcome.
It just felt right. Perfect.
“You know, you did say you would take my period away from me. Who would have thought?”
Fondly caressing your tummy, and pressing butterfly kisses to your shoulder; Iwaizumi chuckles lowly.
“Well with the way we were going…”
Slapping at his chest, you flail your arms half-heartedly though it does little to deter Hajime from keeping you close to him.
“I’m excited.” He confesses after a second of peace and clarity.
“Me too.” You admit with a soft smile.
He mirrors you with a gentle grin of his own, green eyes glittering joyfully. And as he leans in to kiss you, he pulls up short with a huff and amused sigh as you continue on.
“Now it means I can eat as much burritos as I want, right? And I’m definitely gonna win that eating contest now, no one will know it’s me and our baby against them, ha!”
“Is burritos all you’re thinking about right now, baby?”
“Hey! It’s not me, it’s this baby in my tummy. ”
Shaking his head at you, Iwa replies, “I’ll buy you all the burritos you want if you give me the kiss I’ve been waiting for.” Adjusting his hold on you, he lifts you higher up without any difficulty.
You hold his face in your hands and brush your thumbs over his ears, happy and eager to give Hajime a kiss in celebration. “Well, how could I ever say no to that.”
Tumblr media
© AIIWA, 2021. please do not copy, modify or repost my work.
Tumblr media
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tune-edit-shop · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No one - Dolores wallpapers with the same amount of filter with the previous Isabela wallpapers
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floraheartt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
@battleshot​​ whispered: “ hey! Check it out! I got some’a the pictures developed — remember?? The ones I took outside your setup? Although… this ones my favourite (offering her the photos but pointing to one of aerith smiling… speaking then, quieter to himself..) that’s natural beauty in its finest form…. (Clearing his throat) the flowers — I mean — the flowers!”
               he has her attention the moment he comes bounding into view, the sturdy tin watering can in her hands set gently on the bumper of her truck.  she drags her hands over her apron in a lazy attempt to dry them and leans forward to listen while he talks, nodding when he asks if she remembers the photos in question.  of course she does, time spent with him tends to stand out quiet starkly in comparison to the dreary routine of her day to day.  
Tumblr media
              ❝ hm? ❞  she turns her head towards him when he murmurs about her under his breath, their faces particularly close as she gazes up at him curiously.  natural beauty in it’s finest form.  cute, but she’s not sure she agrees with him.  seems like a prime opportunity to tease him, though, so why not move in for the kill?  ❝ sorry, i didn’t hear you, what was that?  something about natural beauty? ❞
              her lips curl into a smile, almost the same as the one captured in the picture, but with a hint of devilishness laced into it.  she drags her tongue over her lips, plucking the picture in question out of the stack and placing it on top so she can get a better look at it.  ❝ do you think i’m beautiful prompto? ❞
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berryheichou · a month ago
a side of sugar
Tumblr media
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ tags: coffee shop au, !barista levi, afab reader, friends to lovers, mutual pining, fluff, angst, first times, hurt/comfort, childhood trauma, eventual smut, other additional tags to be added
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ word count: 5.6k
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚author’s note: so, ive had brain rot for barista levi for months now and im finally caving it for a fic abt him. pls send help. i love him. also minors/nameless blogs dni.
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ this work is crossposted on my ao3
At twenty two years old, there wasn’t a lot you did.
You don’t date. You don’t hook up. You've never even had a first kiss, and as the cherry on top, you have never been in love.
It was a self sufficient choice to not allow attachment to anyone in a loving way for as long as you can remember. Love itself seemed like an unworldly and cruel phenomenon that would never be worth the while. Why you allow yourself to have this impression of love like this was a mystery to others. But to yourself? You had your speculations.
Doubting love probably started when you’d routinely hold your mother when she was too drunk to get off the floor of your small apartment you lived in with her when you were a kid. And you recognized when you got older, she only got like that after your father decided to leave you both for a younger woman.
A woman who had more money, more success, more sex appeal and drive. She was your dad’s secretary, a tale as old as time.
All the nights you would watch your mother get torn down by man after man after he left made you resent your father. Especially when the pain of her loneliness became so much that she tried to leave this world and take you with.
Your younger self made a pact. It wasn’t necessary for love to be worth those kinds of feelings. Life alone would be okay for you.
He was late.
Your date, the six-foot-two business major with a noisy Mustang that he and his buddies fixed up, was late.
Your co-worker, Hitch, had set the whole thing up. The brunette claimed you didn’t get out enough, and that you’re susceptible to stubborness lately. Realistically speaking, she was just trying to find a nice way to tell you to get laid.
The tendency to be a workaholic was engraved into you as you transitioned to adulthood, though it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It made up for high school you who happened to be a huge slacker. It’s part of the reason you push to work so hard in your adult years.
Since you weren’t in school,—your mother couldn’t afford it—you did have the luxury of working a job at the bar on 6th street. Bartending is not that hard of work, but still, it’s enough to tire you out.
Back to the issue at hand, you only agreed to the date to shut Hitch up. She was yapping like a dog begging for a treat as soon as she came up with the utmost idea to set you up with this said friend. Maybe you would have been more up for it if you were the type of person who frequently— or more so casually— dated.
Yet you weren’t.
While Hitch talked you into the date, you reconciled that he had come into the bar once or twice before. You remember he talked your ear off those nights like it wasn’t a full house and you had time to listen,—but he was interested. He wanted to talk to you. You could appreciate that.
You twiddle your thumbs at your seat in Scout’s, a small tea house located in a quiet part of town. It wasn’t extremely far from the bar you worked at, nor your house. It was a happy medium that Hitch’s friend considerably picked.
Hitch’s friend. You chuckle to yourself; you didn’t even know the guy’s name. Though, you tried not to blame yourself too much. Frankly, you weren’t that interested in trying to remember it.
Realistically, this date would either end up in two outcomes. A one-night stand, or you could come to like the guy under some weird circumstance, maybe even blossom your first real adult relationship. Either way, it would be a firsthand experience to say the least.
Tapping your phone screen on, you watch the number change, marking the 15th minute late. You look outside the big window you sat next to, listening for any sounds of maybe a muffler to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nothing was heard, of course.
With an irate sigh, you easily accept you were stood up. You even shrug at the thought. In actuality, you couldn’t care less if he decided to flake, but you’re more upset to have missed the opportunity to make good money on a Saturday night.
You decide you might as well get a drink for the way home.
You push the worn and wooden chair in quietly, making sure to lift instead of dragging the legs against the floorboards. The sound has always made you cringe, and from your observation, the floors deserved some type of respect for being so well kept.
As you walk up to the coffee bar, there’s a couple of stools of all different shapes and sizes lined up to sit just like a regular bar. It was a charming little getup. You’re sure it’s family owned, as whoever works here clearly puts love into the place. It’s warm and welcoming,— there's candles that protrude the smell of lavender placed strategically around the café. A vintage jukebox is located next to a couple tables to the right. It sings jazz music for now though someone will probably change it later.
There’s a tall wooden bookcase, tilted to the side of a red brick accent wall due to how many books it carries. From a glimpse at the case, you see it holds children's novels, magazines, gardening books, and basically anything else you could find at your local thrift store.
The plants in pots at the corner of the room have seen better days. They’re slightly wilted due to the colder climate, but whoever takes care of them definitely tries their best to keep them up.
As you squint at the menu displayed on the wall behind the counter, you take your first deep breath of the night. You wish you could work in a place like this. Your bar is on the opposite side of the spectrum in terms of chillness. You strongly doubt the employees here perpetually negotiate with drunks that don’t tip after a five hundred dollar tab.
Looking to your flank, you glance at the sullen figure that lays in one of those funky one-off stools. He’s sat by himself,—his hands happen to be preoccupied with his phone. From his side profile, you deem him cute.
You hop up on the seat next to him, resulting in him looking at you with steel-colored eyes.
“Is it okay if I sit here?” You solicit, your head tilting while you pause for him to answer.
He offers you nothing but a faint nod, immediately turning his attention back to his phone. From the looks of it, it seems he’s reading something. His right thumb scrolls slowly while his left pointer finger helps him keep his reading place. He wears black nail polish.
It isn’t until he stops for a handful of seconds that you look at his face looking back at yours. You comprehend now you’re leaned off to the side, obnoxiously sticking your nose into his business.
“Can I help you?” He bitterly consulted, looking you up and down like you were filth on the street.
You back off, nervously chuckling at your idiocy. “Oh, I was—“ Your sights wander for something to help you out here; they land on the menu. “I was going to ask you what was good here.” You nod your head like you’re making an effort to convince yourself that’s why you were being nosey.
“Sticking your nose in people’s personal space isn’t a good way to incite a first impression.” The man looks at the menu, sighs, and on exhale, presses his lips together. “Just get whatever; it’s just a coffee place.” He settles on saying then goes back to his reading.
You think for a second, ignoring his initial comment. “But, I don’t like coffee.”
The man scoffs, eyes still trained on the black text on his screen. “Then why are you at a coffee house?”
“Well, I thought of it more of a tea house..” You rebuttal.
His eyebrow lifts. He analyzes you more, wondering why you’re here and talking to him. The raven looks at you and back at where you sat a couple of seconds ago. He’s contemplating something.
“You get stood up or something?”
Now it’s your turn to scoff. You wonder how he gathered that up so quickly. “Yeah, my heart's ripped into pieces.” You murmur monotonously and roll your eyes.
His lips turn up at the corners of his mouth. “So you were.” He confirms.
You give him a wavering look. Did your humility really entertain him? (As if you were humiliated in the first place because you certainly were not.)
“Tea here is good.” He comments, tucking his phone in his pocket as he gets up from his seat.
You catch him in the corner of your eyes, striding behind the counter in front of you.
He unhooks a green-colored apron from a command strip and ties it around his waist and neck. Then, he picks up a small metal-plated name tag and attaches it to the strap of the apron near his chest. It reads, “Levi.” You eye it; his name fits his face.
“Are you going to order, or did I get up for no reason?” He grumbled and crossed his arms.
You laugh. “Well, aren’t you a ray of sunshine?”
“It’s been a long day, lady.” He rubs his eyes. You catch a better look at the bags under them now that he’s in front of you.
“Likewise.” You sigh. You skim over the menu one last time until you find something of your liking. “I’ll take a hot chocolate.”
He makes a face. “Gross.” He mutters.
“Hot chocolate is not gross.” You reply in defense of your choice of drink. “How do you not like hot chocolate?”
“Well, I’m a grown man, for one.”
You look him up and down, taking note of his doubtful height. “You sure you’re not standing on another kid's shoulders behind that apron?“
He narrows his eyes at you. “Ha. Ha.” He ignores the face you make and presses a couple of buttons on the register.
You knit your lips together, suppressing the laugh that tries to pry its way out as he rings up your beverage. You pay, and he quickly turns around to get to work. You watch him closely.
“Don’t worry. I didn’t poison your drink.” He comments as he passes the steaming cup towards you. “Even though I considered it.” He murmurs.
“Well, I’m grateful.” You smile, taking a whiff of the beverage and sipping. “Oh— can I get some extra sugar?”
“There’s already like half a cup in there.” He protests, furrowing his brows.
“I like it sweet!” You sweetly rebuttal. “Sugar!” You lift one hand open with pride.
Levi shakes his head, bending down, grabbing two pink sugar packets, and handing them to you.
“Hm, guess not.” You hum, ripping both packets open and pouring them into the hot chocolate.
“Oh, I was just saying I guess there’s not another kid under there.” You point to his waist. “You wouldn’t have been able to bend down like that.”
Levi rolls his eyes. “You’re annoying.”
You laugh. “Is that any way to talk to a customer?“ You put your hand to your chest like you’re offended and gasp.
At that moment, you hear the bell of the door ding behind you. Both of you turn on instinct. Levi shouts a quick “Welcome In” and then turns back to you. Yet you’re still looking at the door, cursing under your breath.
It was Hitch’s nameless friend. You remember his glasses, his scruffy beard, and golden blonde hair. He scans the café like a lost puppy until he recognizes you and waves. He hangs his coat on a rack at the front and then strides towards you. You quickly snap around. “Fuck.” You whisper.
“Ah, now you can stop bothering me.” Levi concludes with a smug face.
You squint your eyes at him and sigh. He notices the disappointment in your eyes. He gives you a confused face.
The tall figure approaches you and taps your shoulder. You look at the puppy dog eyes that have found you. “Hey! I’m here.” He starts, stretching his arms out for a hug.
“Yes, you’re here.” You confirm, kickstarting the fake enthusiasm you’ll probably have to keep for the rest of the night. You give him an awkward side hug and resume back to sipping your drink. It burns the tip of your tongue and you swallow it down hard.
“Sorry I’m late, doll. Me and the boys got caught up.” He explains, taking a seat next to you on a lower-sized stool. He notices your drink and frowns. “Ah, you ordered already?”
You stare at him, still processing the pet name (Did he just call you doll?). “Well, yes? You were--” You click on your phone and gawk internally. “25 minutes late.”
You don’t see, but Levi’s eyes widen as he hears the number. He gives your date a disapproving look.
“Or maybe you were just early?” The blonde jokes, pushing your shoulder a little too hard for your liking.
You rub your shoulder, forcing out a fake laugh. “Yeah, I guess.”
“So, how was your day?” He asks, he runs a hand through his golden locks.
“Ah, it was pretty bor--”
“Oh, can I get a latte?” He interrupts, immediately turning to Levi.
The barista looks at him in disbelief, but nonetheless takes his card and rings him up.
“You were saying?” The blonde continues after Levi starts to work on his order.
“It was a long day.” You settle on.
And it seems it’d be a long night as well.
You don’t remember how long you sat at that coffee bar.
Your legs were dead asleep, your butt ached from the lack of cushion and you’d been sitting up straight for hours.
Listening as Zeke, (you finally learned his name as it was written on the side of his mocha latte) rambled on and on about his car, his friends, his weird obsession with monkeys, for hours.
Your stomach rumbled after the first hour, you tried to make a subtle hint you’d be open to leaving the café and going to grab a slice of pizza or something, but Zeke has long shown he does not pick up on body language.
This felt less like a date, and more like a miserable lecture as Zeke bad mouthed about types of cars you had no knowledge of. It bothers you, if you wanted to be berated of topics you didn’t care about by older white men, you would have gone to college.
There’s only one other person in the café as Zeke has no noise filter whatsoever, and spoke at a decibel level that could probably cause hearing loss. It was Levi. The poor barista may as well spent the last two hours also on a date with Zeke.
Levi cringed every time you’d try to speak and the blonde man with his scruffy and pubescent grown beard would interrupt you. If he was given a dollar any time the guy made a stupid Fast and Furious reference, he’d be able to quit his job and pay his tuition in full. Levi wonders how you even met this man, surely it was a blind date because although you were annoying, there’s no way you’d tolerate this fool on a regular basis. There’s no way anyone would tolerate him.
He knew even if you gave him a hassle, anyone would know better. Your face had that written all over it. And he was actually feeling— bad for you?
He glanced at the clock on the wall that ticked five minutes before closing. This Zeke guy may have been able to talk for hours, but Levi was nearing the end of a 7 hour shift. And although watching you suffer was a little entertaining, it kind of got old after the first thirty minutes.
“Hey, we’re closing in five, so.” He says to you two when Zeke finally shuts up for a second. You look at the mug in Levi’s hand; smelling the jasmine tea in the cup from where you stood.
“Ah, we were having so much fun!” Zeke chimes, you half smile.
“Well, all fun must come to an end, right?” You nervously laugh.
He ignores your comment and fixes his glasses. “Did you want a ride home?”
For no particular reason, you glance at Levi before answering Zeke. The barista is leaned up against the metal counter that holds the espresso machines and other mixers. He raises a brow at you, challenging your answer and takes a sip of his tea.
“Uh, I think—“ You shake your head away from Levi. “I think I’m good! I’ve got my car either way.” You explain, taking one last sip of your hot chocolate that has long gone cold, you shiver.
“Another time then.” Zeke replies with a smile. “Well, I’ll get going.” He jumps to his feet and smiles. He stares at you with his grin turning soft and eyes closing as he slowly starts leaning closer to you. You panic as you realize how little space between your faces was getting. Was he going to kiss you?!
On reflex, you turn your head at the right time of impact. Zeke kisses your cheek.
Levi represses the scoff that threatens to exit his mouth by taking a long sip of tea.
Zeke looks at you funny, wondering why you avoided his kiss, but decides against saying anything. He says one last goodbye and leaves the shop.
As soon as the blonde is gone, you sink your head into your arms on the countertop. You hear Levi’s feet shuffling on the sticky floor as he walks over.
“You have great taste in men.” He starts, you could practically hear that stupid smirk on his lips.
You groan into your arms. “I’m going to kick Hitch’s ass.” You look up, briefly sharing eye contact with Levi. I’m sorry for keeping you.”
He shrugs, setting down his mug crossing his arms.
“I didn’t think someone could be so insufferable.” You say, standing up from your seat. Your bottom was still aching, so you leaned on the counter for support and pushed your now cold chocolate away.
Levi scoffs. “Have you met yourself?”
You yawn and sway your hand. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”
“I didn’t see you come in a car.” Levi speaks up. Your eyes darted to him as he elaborates. “And I don’t see any car keys on you.”
You let out a nervous laugh. “Yeah, you’re free to kidnap me or whatever.”
He presses his lips together in a blank face, clearly unimpressed at your dark humor.
You rub your temples and sigh. “Sorry. I guess I think I’d throw myself off the highway if I spent another thirty minutes with that guy.”
Levi hums at your answer. He doesn’t criticize you for lying, but it begs another question.
“How are you getting home?” He asks, watching you rummage in your purse, making sure you have everything with you.
“Ah, it’s not that far. I’ll just walk.” You answer with a shrug.
Levi gapes into his tea, mumbling something incomprehensive under his breath.
“Grab your coat.” He answers back more clearly. He chugs the rest of the liquid in his cup. “I can take you home.”
Your heart scampers a bit. “Oh no no no, it's okay!” You call from behind the counter. Levi has already vanished behind some curtains that probably lead into the employee room. “I can walk, it’s really fine!”
You stare at the curtains waiting for a reply; no answer entails. All that turns up is Levi out of uniform and changing into a black sweater instead. His keys jangle from where they are fastened to on his belt loop.
“It’s fifty degrees out right now and it's 11 pm. You really think anyone sane would let you walk home at this hour?”
You lift your shoulders up and down. “I walk home all the time at this hour.” You persist.
“All the time?” He qualms.
“I— have a car, my mom just borrows it sometimes.” You look down, hoping he wasn’t curious about why.
“Is she borrowing it now?”
Levi sighs. “Then just let me take you home tonight, for peace of mind.”
You bite your lip. “It’s really fine, I couldn’t ask that of someone I just met.”
“You didn’t ask, I’m offer— telling you.” He prevailed.
“Why are you so worried about me anyway?” You interrogate. You’re not so suspicious of him, but you’re also making an effort to be wary.
Levi shrugs. “It’s a saturday night, there’s creeps everywhere.”
You couldn’t argue with that. Having had a weird run-in with some guy last weekend when you walked home, it wasn’t severe but still spooky enough for you to go and buy pepper spray the next day.
You glimpse past Levi and at the clock on the wall behind him. It was past 11 pm now. A huff escapes your pursed lips; you look into your bag one time and observe the pink keychain that holds a relatively zesty spray inside.
“Fine.” You say. “Just know I have pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it.”
Levi rolls his eyes.
2 years later
You sprung out of bed in a hurry as soon as you saw those red numbers in the form of “10 AM” on your bedside table. You’re going to be late for your shift.
Squabbling to get a grasp on being awake, you run down the hall towards your laundry room. It’s bright as you exit your room, making you squint your way to the washer. Your heart beats anxiously. Did you remember to put your clothes in the dryer? You’re shit out of luck if you didn’t, and with no clothes to wear, you’d probably have to call in.
With blurry eyes, you open the lid to the washer and are delighted to see no damp clothes. As your senses wake up, you know you undoubtedly forgot to put your clothes to dry, but you sure as hell know who didn’t. You smile.
Hastily, you dress into clean, still semi-warm clothes and grab whatever other necessities are needed for the workday. As you leave out the door, you tuck your green apron into your bag along with the matching hat you’ve misplaced countless times.
With 10 minutes passed, you make it to your job. Scout’s opened at 8 AM, meaning the morning rush was just coming to an end as college students were in their classes and business people were at their workplaces. There’s only a couple stragglers in the shop for now.
You see no sign of your fellow co-worker behind the counter. Probably in the back, you think.
Reaching the cash register, you clock in and then head to the curtains that hide the employee room.
And of course, there he is. The steel colored eyes meet yours the second you're behind the curtains.
Levi sits at the small table in the small employee room of Scout’s. He’s wearing the required uniform, a green apron, minus the hat that’s placed in front of him on the table.
“You’re late.” He comments. He has a clipboard in hand, probably doing an inventory check.
You smile weakly at him. “I’m sorry, Levi. I guess I slept through my alarm.” You chuck your bag into one of the three lockers in the room. Kenny never had more than two people working the café at a time. It’s probably just going to be you and Levi until five when the highschool students show up for their shifts.
“You always sleep through your alarm.” He snides, narrowing his eyes at you. “Fix your hair, slob.”
“You’re being nice this morning.” You note, grabbing a brush from your bag and untangling your knots. “Has Mr. Onyankopon come by already?”
“Yes, he brought us bagels today. Yours is in the fridge.”
You smile. “Thank the gods for that man.”
Mr. Onyankopon was your favorite customer. As already mentioned, he came by pretty much daily to bring you and Levi treats. He also tipped well, as he was an author for a couple of bestseller novels in the past couple of years.
After brushing out your hair and making it presentable as possible, you turn to Levi. “How do I look?”
Levi glances up at you from behind the clipboard. He pauses for a moment. “Like a pain in the ass.”
A smile forms on your lips. “Just what I was going for.”
The ravenette shakes his head, a small turn at the corner of his mouth catches your attention. It was rare that Levi smiled, you wish he did it more.
“Hey, thanks for throwing my clothes in the dryer.” You continue small talk while pulling on your apron.
“You’re lucky I did. They would have smelled like shit if I didn’t.” He drops the clipboard to the table and kneads his eyes.
“Did you get any sleep last night?” You ask, sitting next to him and watching the camera that displayed the cash register for any new customers entering the store.
“Hardly. It’s fine, nothing new.” He sighs.
“Maybe you should try melatonin. Or weed.” You laugh at the thought of Levi smoked out, eyes hazy and red, crazed with hunger and mouth dry from cotton mouth.
“What do I look like, a degenerate?”
A chuckle leaves your mouth. “Mm,” You observe him. “Nah, you’re too clean.”
Levi scoffs. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” He bops the top of your head with the clipboard.
“Those are your words, not mine.” You reply, rubbing your head.
“Maybe I’ll try it.” Levi goes on, also watching the cameras. “Melatonin, not the weed.” He clarifies.
You giggle. “Good luck.”
As you sit down in this cramped room with your grumpy roommate/co-worker, you have a second to appreciate it all. Whether it was working together, or just sitting on the couch watching whatever you forced him to, time with Levi felt comfortable.
Two years ago when you met him, you didn’t think much of it. He showed genuinity and kindness the night you met in the same place you sat in today. (Even when you acted like a pest just hours before.)
After that initial meeting, you would make rounds every week to Scout’s. It became a routine to get up and then walk down to the shop to bother your favorite barista, Levi.
He knew your order every time you came in. Hot chocolate with two extra sugars, no matter what the degree was outside. He’d scold you every time but somehow that made the beverage all so much sweeter.
No matter how much the two of you bickered, you still found some way to enjoy each other’s company. The more you came in for your hot chocolate, the more you two got to know each other. In time, your trips had you more accustomed to the shop owner, who also happened to be Levi’s uncle, Kenny, along with his husband, Uri.
Kenny explained—In private of course, or else Levi would have his head—that Levi’s childhood friends, Furlan and Isabelle, had just moved up north when the two of you met. Kenny was basically begging you to hang out with his nephew, claiming all he did was mope around the café and study at home. You remember the wholehearted laugh you let out when he said this. There was no need to beg, you wanted to hang with Levi.
Since you weren’t in school, the only new people you’d meet were at the bar and you couldn’t stress enough how it’s not exhilarating to meet someone who wouldn’t even remember your face in the morning. It made you feel disposable.
One day, you finally caught Levi just as he was leaving the shop. You both had nothing better to do, and decided to grab a bite nearby. After exchanging numbers, the two of you hanging out became more frequent.
Returning to the present, now you and the shorty live together. Living with your mother became a little too much to bear sometimes, and Levi was looking for a roommate to get away from Kenny. It all worked out for the better, and Levi became your best friend.
He pushed you in ways no one ever had before. You started working at the café after being fed up at the bar. (Also Kenny said you always had a place here if you wanted it.) Levi encouraged you to start taking introduction classes at Sina Community College. You weren’t sure what to pursue, but it was better to get your recommended classes out of the way first before dedicating to something specific.
Meanwhile, Levi is in the middle of his third year at art school. You occasionally wish you both went to the same school. In a way, you became affixed to him as a younger sibling would be to an older brother. He was only two years older. However, Levi always managed to look out for you, and that was more than enough to ask for.
Life was better with Levi in your life.
What are friends for, right?
Your train of thought is disrupted by the sound of the front door’s bell chiming. Looking at the cameras, a group comes in. They look young.
You sigh. “Am I the only one kind of terrified by people our age now? They’re always so— hit-or-miss-hostile.”
“You want me to take them?” Levi asks, already standing up. Typical Levi, you think to yourself, always looking after you.
“It’s fine, we’ll go together. Looks like a bigger group.” You say, walking back up front with him trailing behind you.
You take a couple of orders at the second cash register, they’re fairly simple. Some regular black coffees and croissants. You get to work, quickly ringing the couple of people that come up and getting them the rest of their orders.
As you work, you notice the lack of help coming from your fellow co-worker. You had nearly cleared out the whole group by yourself, all except one that was taking their sweet time talking to the ravenette.
From the corner of your eyes, you see she’s a pretty girl. With long brown hair, freckles, a cute button nose, doe eyes, it’s almost as if the Gods crafted her.
She was also flirting.
You step back from the counter, now empty as everyone had taken their seats in the corner of the shop. A couple of her friends are giggling and pointing at the brunette, but not in a hostile way. More in a, “there she goes again” type of way.
Levi stands awkwardly at the register, both hands on the screen and looking right at her grinning face. She bats her eyes; her voice is too soft for you to hear the questions she asks your friend.
“Petra! Come here!” You hear a petite girl call from the group that —assumedly— Petra arrived with. She quickly takes some notecards out of her bag and writes something down, hands it to Levi and throws a five in the tip jar. She waves her delicate hand as she walks back to her group.
Levi walks to you, notecard in hand.
“What’s that, stud?”
He makes a small unimpressed noise and flicks the card around to show you. You grab it, and in a pretty pink pen color, a phone number resides on the paper with the name “Petra”, as well as a small smiley face to the side of it.
“Is this the 4th number you received this week?” You tease as you hand him back the paper, grab a rag, and then start wiping down the machines that were just used.
Levi scoffs at your comment. “I think the last person to give me their phone number was you.” He shoves the number into the front pocket of his jeans.
You laugh and look at him with playful eyes. “Well, are you gonna text her?”
He makes a displeased face. “Why would I?”
You peer over the counter, looking at the freckled girl. “She’s cute. Seems nice too.”
“I’m too busy.” He rebuttals, taking the rag from you. “You’re missing spots.” He rubs the rag harder against the machine; his arm muscles stick out.
You roll your eyes and cross your arms as he takes over your dirty work. “Busy with what? Maybe instead of staying up all night, you can hit her up instead. You know, get some human interaction from someone other than me and Mr. Onyankopon?”
“Like, to hook up?” He asks. Levi cringes as the words fall from his mouth.
“I mean, I guess it’s up to you.” You shrug.
Levi looks at Petra for a second, though not long enough for her to notice. Ultimately, he shakes his head.
“You already know how I feel about dating.”
And that you did. It was part of the reason you two were so close to each other, but—
“Maybe it’s time to try something out.” You suggest.
Levi weirdly looks up at you from the coffee machine. You stare at each other for a second until ultimately ending in a scoff from Levi and a laugh from you.
“Okay, or not.” you say.
You decide not to push any further.
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svtcoffeeshop · 2 months ago
𝚂𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚊𝚜 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚌𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚐𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚢𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍 𖡼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧.𖡼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝙷𝚒𝚙 𝚑𝚘𝚙 𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗
Tumblr media
Seungcheol: he would be in his last year when you first meet him, he’d be staying behind chatting to your professor and you’d be slightly shocked and a bit envious of how casual and confident he looked leaning back on your professors desk,exchanging jokes with the usually stern man. He’d notice you on the way out and give you the sexiest lopsided grin and you’d feel as if your knees were about to give out. He’d make himself known the next time he sees you, smiling and asking if you were the person he’d seen creeping around the classroom. His cheeky little joke would have you giggling telling him you were as entitled to be in the room as he was. He’d love how you could joke around so easily and it wouldn’t take long for you both to exchange numbers. You guys would text all the time,even if you’d only met once. He’d drunk text you telling you how pretty you were and you’d beg him to put in a good word with your professor since you flunked your last test. You’d find yourself looking forward to his texts and your heart would jump into your throat everytime your phone screen lit up. You’d obviously run with different crowds but Cheol would find time to grab coffee with you whenever he could, he’d even invite you to study with him.he’d have a habit of staring at you while you study,he can’t help it,you just look so beautiful, the way you scrunch your nose and puff up your cheeks without realising it when you’re struggling to understand something would have his heart beating so fast. It was when you catch him staring at you with the softest smile on his face he would confess, it would be in such a nonchalant and cool way and you’d be nodding your head when he asks if you would be his.
Wonwoo: wonwoo would be the cutest boyfriend. You’d meet him when he trips over your foot in the hallway while he’s got his nose stuck in a book. You’d be so embarrassed as you scrambled to help him pick up his books,holding onto his shoulder to ask if he was okay and to apologise. His ears would be so red and he’d be stammering out his words. You’d try not to smile but he’d just look so cute with his thick framed glasses and blushing cheeks. You’d offer to take him for coffee as an apology and you’d have an instant crush on him as you noticed some of your favourite books among the pile he clutched close to his chest. You’d ask him out not long after hanging out with him and you’d notice how much more comfortable he got with you everytime you saw him. His bashful smile would turn into a beaming grin and his soft giggles would turn into loud chuckles that would never fail to make you smile. You’d have so much in common,you’d love the same books and movies and he’d often show up to your dorm with two copies of a new book for both of you to read. He’d also love to game with you in his room, more often than not you’d spend your Friday nights sat between his legs as he helped you control your character on his tv.
Mingyu: mingyu would be your college crush turned boyfriend. You’d finally get to talk to him when you went to deliver your cheerleader friend her purse while she was at practice,you’d spot him on the soccer field and you’d notice your friend and some other cheerleaders talking to him and the soccer team. You’d make your way over to return her purse that she left at yours and before you knew it you were chatting away to the guy you had a school girl crush on. You’d move pretty fast, making it official after only a few dates but it would be the right decision. He’d treat you like royalty,anything you wanted you got, he’d even dedicate goals to you when he played a match,pointing at you and sending you hearts after he scored. You’d often come home from class to find him curled up in your bed fast asleep after practice, he’d insist that you had a comfier bed but really he just liked how it smelled like you. He’d be so clingy, whining like a big puppy when you had to go to class but you could always count on him to be waiting outside the door with a coffee once your lecture ended. His secret hobby is photography and you’re one of the only people who he shares that with, he loves to take weekend trips away to the next city over and spends the entire time snapping shots of you on his vintage camera.
Vernon: vernon would definitely be your first love, someone you feel 100% yourself around. you’d meet him in some really obscure music society that your friend dragged you to and you’d instantly feel a connection to the boy with the baggy jeans and tousled hair. You’d end up spending all your free time in his dorm,sharing AirPods or watching reruns of old Nickelodeon shows till you fell asleep curled in his arms. Dates with him would be so simple but so enjoyable, one thing you’d do together when you had time was head to your local thrift shops. You’d love to pick out outfits for each other,pushing each other out of your comfort zones when it comes to fashion. Everything you’d do together would always be an adventure, he would be able to make a late night fast food run feel like a 5 star restaurant. You would definitely have to push him with his studies, quizzing him on the floor of his dorm room for his upcoming test, surrounded by snacks and coaxing the right answers out of him with kisses and sweets. All your friends would become his friends and vice versa so you’d spend time all together,planning little get togethers where you all binge watched shows or shared what’s new on your playlists. People would think you were such a cool couple and you’d definitely have a fair few amount of admirers.
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ciircusbrats · a year ago
Tumblr media
‘  i don’t get what’s so great about teddy bears.  ’   she’s better than them.
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soren-mai · 10 days ago
First off no hate to Lily she’s a literal queen. But can you do one where the reader and Timmy are at the met and people are chanting Lily’s name to provoke the reader, like how they did to Justin and Hailey at the met? And when they get home Timotheé just comforts her and cuddles her.
pairing: timothee chalamet x reader
a/n: i didnt even know people did this, this is just horrible :( and ofc no hate to lily here, we love her <3
100 follower celebration
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
timothee's jaw was visibly tense as he heard the sounds of the crowd shout lily's name at the two of you. the two had been broken up for months now. however timothee's fans did not seem to be over it. and then when you came in the picture, everything got worse.
there'd be comments under your and timothees posts saying how he could do better or that timothee should get back together with lily. the same thing happened in your dm's.
"it's ok." you sighed, squeezing timothee's hand to reassure him. as he looked to you with a soft smile he couldn't help but notice the way your eyes had lost their sparkle, replaced by the gloss of brimming tears.
as you continued down the carpet, the chants seemed to get louder every time you smiled, or when timothee held you close. it wa infuriating having to deal with this but you knew as soon as you snapped, they'd attack.
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
timothee pulled you out of the met with everyone, the crowd had dispersed to a thin line of fans. the chanting had stopped to your relief. you were avoiding the after party, timothee knowing you needed to be home after the mess that was the red carpet.
he had pulled you aside once you were off the carpet, and comforted you but he knew it wasn't enough. so when everything was over, he pulled you home with him where you could undress and relax.
you stripped yourself of the outfit you wore to the met, hanging it delicately on the rack in your closet before changing into far more comfortable clothing. your outfit had been comfortable but with the stress of the crowd, you had gotten hot and uncomfortable quick. you changed into one of timothee's hoodies that smelled just like him, and a pair of shorts before flinging yourself into the bed.
timothee joined you soon after taking a shower. he placed his head on your shoulder and wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer.
"i'm sorry." he whispered, his voice in a whisper and raspy.
"it's not your fault." you murmured, turning around so you could bury your head into his chest, inhaling his scent.
"but- drop it timmy, we don't need to focus on that now. let's just relax." you sighed, cutting his impending ramble off.
"you're right." he smiled lightly, pulling you flush against his chest before kissing the top of you head.
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worksby-d · 4 months ago
Congratulations on 4.5k Dest🥳! Could you possibly do something for a Drabble with chrisxreader with the smut prompt “try to stay quiet for me. Can you do that?” and the fluff prompt “keep talking. Your voice helps me sleep”. I was thinking maybe something where reader and chris are staying at a relatives house and in the middle of the night, reader is having horrible cramps so one of them suggests sex since it’s supposed to help relieve that. And then just super comforting, gentle smut 🥺. My cramps are fking killing me rn and keeping me awake. Thank you Dest!
i'm sorry your cramps were being a bitch 😭 i hope you ended up getting some sleep lol thank you for sending these prompts 💕
pairing: chris evans x fem!reader
“try to stay quiet for me. can you do that?” + “keep talking. your voice helps me sleep.”
Tumblr media
warnings: painful period, period sex, unprotected sex, 18+
word count: ~900
•• ┈┈┈┈ ๑ ⋅•⋅ ୨୧ ⋅•⋅ ๑ ┈┈┈┈ ••
“i can't sleep if you keep moving.” his gravelly voice breaking the silence makes you jump a little.
“sorry,” you sigh, taking a break from desperately trying to find a comfortable position. “didn't know you were still awake.”
“what's wrong, sweetie?” as much as he doesn't mind you so close, he can tell the way you’re clinging to him means you're uncomfortable.
“cramps,” you mumble, face pressed against his side. “can't get comfortable.”
“ah…” his arms envelop you, a hand resting on your lower back, the warmth feeling nice, but doing little to make you feel any better. “i'm sorry.”
minutes pass without you saying anything more, in too much pain to think about anything other than wishing it would go away. watching your continued restlessness, chris racks his brain for anything he can do to help.
“roll over.” his suggestion comes seemingly out of nowhere, but you oblige, willing to do pretty much anything at this point if he thinks he has an idea.
he turns with you so your back is flush to his chest. he moves one arm underneath you so your head is resting on his bicep, while his other hand slips beneath your shirt, the heat and pressure on your lower abdomen eliciting a deep exhale from you.
“i have something we can try to help your pain go away,” he murmurs, brushing his lips against your neck. the hand that's rubbing soothing circles against your skin moves just a bit lower, pushing past the waistband of your underwear. he's certainly not subtle when he presses his hips against your ass. “let me help.”
“we don't have to…” everything that could go wrong flashes through your mind. “your family is right down the hall, and– and it would be messy. we're not at home.”
“it'll be fine,” he assures, kissing your neck. “they're dark sheets. i'll wake up early to wash them. and my family being down the hall has never stopped us before,” he teases, beginning to push your underwear down your legs. “there. does that answer all your concerns?” he feels you nod, but he wants to hear you. “hm?”
“yes,” you answer, reaching behind you to push his sweatpants off him.
“good girl,” he hums, and the praise makes you even more eager, letting him take over kicking his pants off the rest of the way so you can drop your hand, searching for his cock.
wrapping your fingers around his length, you begin to move your hand in slow strokes. meanwhile, he nudges his leg between yours and slips his hand back down between them. the first brush of his fingers over your clit has your hips jerking and a small whimper falling from your lips.
“mhm,” he chuckles, continuing to circle your clit slowly with two fingers. “love how sensitive you are.”
feeling you begin to writhe in his arms, he lets up and grasps your wrist to pull your hand away from him. he guides your hand to the backside of your thigh so you can hold your leg up for him while he begins to thrust into you.
just the tip of his cock prodding at your entrance has you sighing in pleasure. “please, baby.”
but his free hand comes up to cover your mouth. “try to stay quiet for me,” he reminds you. “can you do that?”
nodding desperately, exhaling heavily into the palm of his hand, you push your hips back to take more of him.
“fuck,” he groans quietly, letting you do it.
trusting you to stay silent, his hand moves to your breasts, fingers gently pinching and circling your sensitive nipples, while his other hand grasps your hip for leverage. it's slow strokes at first not wanting to make too much noise, but it doesn't stay that way as you get lost in each other.
“chris,” you sigh, letting go of your leg so you can rub your clit. “harder, baby, please.”
so he picks up the pace, fucking into you harder despite the inevitable rustling and creaking of the bed.
“can feel you squeezin’ me, pretty girl,” he breathes out, breath warm behind your ear. “come on, let go.”
knowing you won't be able to keep it in, his hand flies back up to cover your mouth right as you come, muffling the choked moan you let out. the quivering of your pussy and your thighs has him right on the edge with you, his thrusts not faltering as he fucks you through your climax.
his breaths become more erratic, slamming his hips against you one, two, three more times before they stutter, cock pulsing as his release spills inside you. the sensation is enough to send you over the edge again in your oversensitive state, forcing him to bury his face in your neck to muffle his own moan.
once you both calm down, he’s adamant about taking a quick shower together to clean up and so he can change the sheets before laying back down with you.
laying back in the same spooning position, his hand returns to your lower abdomen. “feeling any better?”
“i don't know,” you yawn. “maybe. keep talking though. your voice helps me sleep."
"what do you want me to talk about?"
"something real boring," you answer. "consider this a free pass to talk about football with me or something."
"okay," he snorts. "happily."
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luvvepjm · 24 days ago
⋆୨୧ ₊゚celeb series, idol PAC ˙˖ ୨୧⋆。
━━ how your fans and their fans would react if you had a dating rumor with the idol of your choice? 🎀
Tumblr media
hi :) so in this PAC you will focus, think of the idol of your own choice and pick a photo below :) there are 2 different sections, so you will be choosing from two (its not grouped together) also layout was inspired by my bff @ukiyowi
their fans reaction, 1 — 2 — 3 🐇
your fans reaction, A — B — C ☁️
so you’ll be choosing two piles yay :)
if you’d like to help me out, my ko-fi is ☕️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1 2 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cards: the moon, eight of pentacles rx, king of wands rx
their fans would resort to being pushy about the whole thing — maybe, trying to get intel from sasaengs or even DMING you idk. also, when other fans are like “omg im so happy for them” or “ah they’re kind of cute together” the majority of their fans are going to be like “wtf they could be problematic, stop assuming this is cute” things like that. im seeing they’d try to dig up some past tweets or info on you. yikes. their fans want certain things to be/ STAY a certain way when it comes to their favorite idol, and you possibly dating them ruins it. they’ll try so hard to disrupt but its not going to work which leads to frustration. they’ll make HASTY decisions based on fear when they first hear the news. might be fans who try leaving the fandom due to this rumor.
cards: nine of cups, five of pentacles rx, knight of wands
omg wow, your fans would be so happy for you. they’d feel as if this will be something new for you to experience with this idol ??? either that, or this rumor caused some excitement in the fandom, could’ve been stagnant and you could be someone without ANY scandals and not being in the media much — so fans are getting something juicy here. yeah they’re not even thinking of feelings!!! tbh, this is probably more about them wanting things to happen (for some this is selfish, and wanting drama) but yeah, you dating this idol, to them is just a wish come true omg. THEY’RE PROUD. like idk which idol you chose but woah. so yeah, they’ll feel as if they’re almost living through you. whoever this idol is, — person who has a lot is what they are. your fans feel like you’ll have fun :) (if you are dating this person and its not just a rumor) it makes them feel like they’ll get a lot of content and drama from it.
cards: ten of cups, six of wands rx, six of swords rx
ohh their fans will feel like you guys are dating and that its NOT just a rumor tbh, they feel comforted by this relationship being so real? like im really getting that they’re taking them serious. like — you’re their “ideal couple” here. they feel like their idol found the one with you and that this is a genuine connection, omg there is? almost a longing here. real and genuine (the rumor could’ve been stemmed from family, take this however) but they’re also SAD? i think they think this will turn into something serious and that their idol won’t pay much attention to their fans anymore. they’re sort of just sulking in isolation, hoping this doesn’t change anything. yeah, they’re trying to be happy for their idol but they feel as if — you’ll take them away and that this was forced on them.
cards: the devil, two of wands, five of pentacles
at first it will be quite rough. your fans WILL NOT like the idol 😧 like, it’s to the point where your job/career is at risk. but your fans also feel like they’ll lose you to this person. im getting the feeling this idol doesn’t have a good reputation with some people or can some off a certain way to people. they’re feeling left out. but — yeah, your fans will end up moving forward. they’ll make some big discovery here. stepping out of their comfort zone here. IDK WHY but im getting that they’d take a look into things and figure out that this idol isn’t so bad. like, maybe a few of your fans were like, trying to scope out old videos or tweets but they have none. omg. but yeah, might feel like you’d be trapped with this idol. they just felt like they’d be a bad influence for you. idk.
cards: five of cups rx, eight of swords, ten of pentacles
their fans will not like this rumor at first. im hearing they’ll think you’re fake or the whole thing is a stunt or not true and im seeing they’re quiet protective of this idol so thats why they have some problems with false things when it comes to them. eventually — they’ll be like “whatever ok it’s a thing” and accept it, because im seeing they don’t want their idol to be upset so they can be able to trust them and make music for them, you know? yeah they’ll find some sort of positive here, with you especially. they’ll think you’re cute/pretty/handsome and will look you up more. some of them possibly becoming fans of yours. but yeah at first they’ll feel SO trapped by this. they’d be like “ugh there’s nothing we can do ??” anyways, they do think this has potential to last long after some time. after diving more into you as a person they’ll think you two actually do match lmfao (idk why i felt the need to laugh but)
cards: king of swords, the devil rx, four of pentacles
your fans won’t even believe it. they’ll be like “erm my fav didnt confirm anything so lets look at the facts” you know? nothing is believable without facts for your fans here. im getting they’ll see the whole thing as “useless” a few of your fans might dig deep into things like seeing if you have matching clothes with the idol EVEN looking into the background to see if you took pics at the same places omg. they’d be doing a lot of observations here. they dont get super emotional, some may try to contact your company omg. and in short they’d try to gatekeep you. trying to control the whole situation, your fans will be on the case figuring this out. being so possessive with you tbh. maybe even fighting with the idols fans. but i do see them being self aware if the news comes out that its true and you’re seeing that idol lmao. big wake up call for them.
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syrenavenger · 4 months ago
Therapy || S.R
Tumblr media Tumblr media
word count: 2.2k
Pairing: therapist! Steve Rogers x female reader
Summary: You regularly visit your therapist, Steve. It was just like any other session until Steve decided to twist after hearing how your husband was treating you.
Warning: smut, 18+, minors DNI, creampie, breeding kink, size kink, daddy kink, i’ll add more in the future
+A/N: THANK U SM FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!! I’m starting college in 2 days, which is crazy, so I won’t be able to post as often as i did. However, I will try to upload as often as I can!🥺
Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome. Do not copy, repost, rewrite or translate my work (even if you give me credit.)
Join my taglist
·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇ •๑♡๑•୨୧┈┈┈୨୧•๑♡๑• ·̇·̣̇̇·̣̣̇·̣̇̇·̇
“Is it going to be just like last time?”
“Is it going to be just like last time?”
“Yup. Just like last time.”
As you settled down to your seat, he asked you the same question he had been asking since you first came. “Would you like something to drink? I can get you some tea or water if you want.” You politely declined him as you had eaten just a few hours ago.
“Well, you can get anything from that mini-fridge next to my desk if you change your mind. Feel free to take it anytime.”
“Before we start, would you like this session to be recorded like last time?” He pulled up his papers and got ready for you.
“Yes, I would like that.” You felt safer, perhaps secured from recording your talk with Steve.
He pressed the red recording button on the camera. “Okay… let’s start, shall we.” He started asking you questions from last time.
“How have you been feeling since the last time we were together.” You still felt uncomfortable, uneasy to open up but started talking.
“Good, good. Yes, that’s very good.” He wrote down the things you said and replied every now and then as you spoke to him. “I’m just not sure if this is what I’m supposed to do, you know. I don’t feel like I’m changing that much…” you looked down at your hands, fidgeting your fingers.
“No no no. It is perfectly fine, baby steps, you know?” He made sure to assure you that you were doing fine, that it was okay to be slow.
“You’re still making progress and that is what’s important. There is absolutely no need for you to feel bad about that. You don’t want to push yourself too much out of your comfort zone. It’s always better to test the water instead of diving right in.” You definitely felt comfortable after hearing him say that.
“You can look back and really see how much you’ve grown as a person. It’s those baby steps that are important. It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use them to get better.” He was happy for you. He had been next to you, hearing, seeing, and knowing what you had gone through and how you’ve been able to slowly but surely overcome them.
He decided to change the subject. “How’s everything going on with your work? Anything special going on, any stress more than usual?” Steve was always interested in your personal life as well. How you were doing. “I love my job. I love what I’m doing and I’m happy to be in that position.” He gave you a warm smile while listening to you talking about what you love.
“It’s good to hear that you are enjoying what you’re doing. You can use that to focus on your positive energies instead of looking down on the negative ones. Maybe go out and treat yourself to something nice, out of work.” You couldn’t think of doing anything. Going out and treating yourself? “I’ll try.” Your response was short, but he seemed okay with it.”
“And what about your household? Any changes?”
Your face darkened fast as soon as you heard him asking about your household. You murmured but told him everything.
“I see.” He let out a long, deep sigh, rubbing his eyebrows as he wrote down what I said.
“So other than the minor changes, things are pretty much the same as what you’re saying.” You nodded, looking down.
“How is the relationship, is he helping you through the right path?”
You slowly positioned your head back up, looking into his eyes. You shook your head and tilted your head back down.
“No? Is there any reason for that? Is he… out for work?”
“No, not really.”
“Not really? Hmm… okay.”
He seemed to be thinking about something. For a few minutes, he frowned his brows before opening his mouth. “Forgive me for being… frank… But is he showing you … love?”
“I’m sorry?” You couldn’t believe what he had just asked you. Making love? Shy did he want to know that?
“Is he showing any romantic interest, is what I mean.”
“N-no… not really. H-him and I… we… nevermind…” He looked up to your face while writing as you paused your sentence.
“No no, speak what’s in your mind. This is an open space and there’s only you and me. It’s just for us.”
He made sure that you were okay with what you were about to say. You told him that he had been distant for a couple of weeks and felt your eyes tearing up.
“Oh, no. Sweetheart, come here.” He reached out his hands and placed them on your shoulders.
“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m sorry. You need a hug. That’s okay.” He placed you against his chest and slowly stoked down your back as if he was trying to calm you from crying. You didn’t know that you needed that hug until then. He kept reminding you that it was okay. Telling you to let it out if I needed to. That’s when you broke. Tears were dripping out of your eyes as you hid your face against his chest.
“I’m truly sorry that’s how home is for you. He shouldn't treat you like that. Not giving you not just what you’re wanting, but what you crave. I’m sorry to say this… but this may lead to more heartbreak. If he keeps this up… you are not just a thing in the house. You are a person. Someone with needs.”
“Look at me.” He lifted your chin up with his fingers. You didn’t know where to look so your eyes remained down. “Into my eyes.” His voice was stern as if he was ordering you to do so.
“You have the choice to stop that pain.”
“What do you mean?” You were confused by what he meant to stop.
“What I mean is… I care for you. In a way more than any doctor should. I’ve become more and more curious about you every session, having it be the highlight of the day when you arrive at my office.”
You couldn’t say anything back to him. You had never thought that this was how he was thinking about you, wondering if that’s why he smiled every time you came.
“It breaks my heart as much as yours every time I hear about your romance. But now as you sit here, you have a choice. You can choose to change everything for the better.” His hands gently slid down your back and his hands were now placed on your thigh.
“Be with me and escape from all the negative things in your life. I want to be the light in yours, shining on you, guiding you.”
You were definitely not expecting him to say that. “I-I” You weren’t able to speak.
“I know it’s sudden and if you wish not to be with me, you may leave and I won’t stop you. But I wish I could give you what he could never give you, love and attention. Will you have me?”
You held onto his cheeks and slowly dragged him closer to your lips. He started kissing you as soon as your lips met each others’. His tongue slid into yours, exploring. He kissed you until you couldn’t breathe. You clutched onto his white gown as he split his lips from yours.
“I want to make up for all that time, I want you to feel like a real woman.” He held me closer to him and his lips next to my ears as he whispered.
“You did mention your kinks to me earlier this year… and what you never wanted to be a part of.” You gasped as you started to remember all those early sessions with him until you felt his hand back on your neck.
“How would you like it if daddy took care of this good girl.” You didn't even realize that you let out a slight moan as he whispered in your ears.
“Now spread your legs for me. I’ll take it from here.”
His hand fixed your legs, wide open for him as his face went down to your fold. He kissed them before moving his tongue and licking your pussy. You could feel yourself getting wet as he slid his tongue in you. Your head was thrown back and your hands tickled by his golden hair.
“Even with my tongue, I can feel how tight you are.” He kissed your pussy and you couldn’t hold in anymore. You covered your mouth but he could still hear you.
“That’s it, moan for me. You like daddy’s face between your thighs baby girl?”
All you could do was nod eagerly as your mouth opened, moaning from his touch.
“How about if I… stick a finger in as I lick your clit.”
Your back arched as his fingers entered you. Your walls clenched around his fingers and his moan vibrated on your clit, making you even wetter and almost dripping on his fingers.
“Shhh, don’t be too loud. You don’t want anyone to hear or interrupt us, right?”
You breathed in the air as you tried to stop yourself from moaning. You couldn’t hold in so you eventually had to cover your mouth with your hands as you felt your stomach tingle.
Your walls were tightening around his fingers and your eye rolling back into your head and toes curling. You couldn’t hold it any longer.
“P-please, I-I need to, oh, please.” You were almost begging him and he was sure to make you cum on his fingers
“Cum baby girl, cum for me. That’s it. Yes” His voice was triggering you to explode on his fingers. Making it wet and dripping. You were still trying to catch your breath as you were dazed from the aftershock. You whined as his fingers were gone, making your walls to clench.
“Don’t worry sweetheart. Now, let’s see if your tight pussy is ready for daddy’s thick, hard cock.”
You tensed back as you felt the tip of his cock, rubbing against your sensitive pussy.
“Relax baby girl, I’ll be slow. But once I’m inside, you better hold tight onto my back.” His moan was low and dark. As he pushed himself in, your legs were around his waist and your hands were on his shoulder and back, trying to hold on to him, and also to lower your moan while he was sliding into you. Your husband was nothing compared to Steve. He was filling you up, slowly, even reaching out to the spots that you never knew existed, where your husband was never able to find.
All you could hear in that room was your skin slapping against his. Your and his moan, mixed together and made a sweet, thick noise.
“That’s it baby, that’s it” Once he was fully in you, you could see the stars. Every time he thrusted his hips, he was hitting your g spot.
“Keep moaning for me.” His hand slid under your shirt and grabbed your breast over your bra. His hands tightened every time you moaned.
“You like being daddy’s little fuck slut?” His voice was so erotic it made you clench onto his dick even more. Nodding your head like that was the only form of communication was everything you could do, other than moaning his name, of course.
“That’s daddy's girl” he smirked as he flipped you on your hands and knees.
“You know what? I know how to really make you mine. I’m gonna fucking breed you and fill you up with my seeds. You would like that, yeah?”
“Yes yes yes, please. I-I need to-. Need you to fill me.” At this point, you didn’t know what was coming out of your mouth. You just needed him to release your pleasure that was tingling your stomach.
He started rubbing your clit as he banged from behind you. “That’s right you little whore. Go fucking wild and cum for me.” As your walls were getting tighter and tighter, his thrust became faster and faster until you both came at the same time. You collapsed as you couldn’t support yourself with your arm.
Steve laid down next to you and you tried to back away from him but he had his arms around you. “Stay with me, I want us to feel connected.” You didn't have any energy to go against him so you just stayed next to him.
“God, I can feel it flowing down from you. Are you okay? He kissed your forehead softly. Your head was against his chest when you nodded with a smile.
His hands stroked the back of your hair. “You know that you don’t have to go back home tonight. I only have a few more sessions, then I can treat you out for dinner.”
“Sounds like a date.” You let out a small giggle.
“And don’t worry, I’ll still charge your husband for the sessions.”
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minqci · 2 months ago
So....the If You Dodged Their Kisses series was just adorable!! While I was reading them (second time, admittedly), I came up with a prompt...I think. It might be a little spicy? What if you licked their lips instead?
Stay hydrated and awesome!!
♡ genshin boys reaction when you lick something off their lips pt. 1
୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷
was so excited when i got this request because so many ideas just rushed into my head! hopefully this meets your expectations, @thegayrubberducky ^^ this is part one, by the way so if your faves weren't here they'll be in the others :) enjoy, everyone !!
୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷
: ̗̀➛ diluc:
Tumblr media
➸ when it comes to getting flustered, diluc is definitely not one to show it.
➸ even though he does show affection towards you, he still has never showed his flustered side to you.
➸ until today, that is.
➸ you and diluc were eating lunch together at the tavern, both happy that you could spend time with each other. lately work and commissions has had your dates put to a pause.
➸ diluc ordered some mondstadt hashbrowns and you ordered the same meal you always did.
➸ as you were listening to diluc talk about his daily shenanigans with kaeya, you notice some of the sauce from the hashbrowns near his lips.
➸ a normal person would probably just tell diluc to wipe it off himself, but you were on a constant journey to fluster your stone-faced boyfriend.
➸ "so kaeya just went in and took all the win-" diluc was interrupted by your tongue on his lips.
➸ you definitely took your sweet time taking all the sauce off his mouth, savoring this once-in-a-lifetime moment.
➸ when you finished, what you saw before you was diluc, his face even redder than his hair.
➸ you burst into laughter, even though you found him more adorable than laughable.
➸ although, as you laugh you don't notice your boyfriend standing up from his seat, coming towards you.
➸ he grabs your hand and drags you to an empty storage room in the tavern.
➸ scared for your life, you tightly shut your eyes, getting ready for what's coming to you.
➸ all you feel though is...diluc's head resting on your shoulder.
➸ his arms wrapped around your waist, his soft hair against your face and his face nuzzled into the crook of your neck.
➸ this felt...so comforting to you. you hugged him back and you two stayed like that for a while.
➸ "you're...impossible." diluc finally muttered.
➸ "why can't you just tell me i have sauce on my lips like a normal person, hm?"
➸ you chuckle a bit, then make him face you.
➸ "because..." you lean into his ear, "i love you!"
➸ this makes diluc freeze for a moment, until he pulls you in until his lips are inches away from your ear.
➸ "why don't we head home? i can show you how much i love you."
: ̗̀➛ kaeya:
Tumblr media
➸ kaeya's usually the flirty one when it comes to you two, so you have actually never seen him flustered.
➸ you never made a big deal of it, until your friends gave you a little challenge.
➸ "make kaeya blush, and we'll do your commissions for a month." this stunned you a little, since it was a pretty small request for such a big reward.
➸ then you remembered how kaeya's fangirls would probably KILL for a photo of him blushing, so you agreed.
➸ it was training day at the knights of favonius headquarters, so you had to wait for your cavalry captain to finish up.
➸ it was already around 5pm when the training finished, and kaeya caught sight of you and gave you a little kiss on the forehead.
➸ "hey, snowflake. were you waiting for me? i'm so honored." he teased, putting your hands in his.
➸ you laugh off his absurd comment and you both head to Good Hunter to have a late lunch date.
➸ when you take your seats, you start to put your plan into action.
➸ "hey kaeya, i missed you! give me a kiss." you say, pouting to add more effect.
➸ he smiles and scoots closer to you, planting a kiss on your lips.
➸ it's a long one, which you wanted. you start to feel his tongue enter your mouth, which still gave you butterflies every time he did it.
➸ when he pulls away because he noticed some concerned stares from a few people, you gently pull his face towards yours until his lips are inches away from yours.
➸ "thank you for that, my little cavalry captain," you say with a wink, sticking your tongue out as you lick his lips a little.
➸ instead of blushing, kaeya just smirks and kisses you again. a little too aggressively, might i add.
➸ you were both about to do something but sarah stopped the two of you before things escalated.
➸ you were just about to kick yourself for failing to make kaeya blush, but then you notice a faint shade of red from his cheeks.
➸ "i did it!" you scream, earning a death glare from sarah once again.
➸ "did what, dear?" kaeya asks, putting his hands on yours.
➸ "made you blush, you flirty bastard." you say, with a prideful smile on your lips.
➸ kaeya laughs, but then his grabs your arm and pulls you in as he whispers, "we'll see how long your smart mouth can last when we get home, shall we?"
: ̗̀➛ childe:
Tumblr media
➸ you've flustered childe a couple of times, but if someone were keeping score, he definitely made you blush more.
➸ you never really cared for the fact that he was "winning" but then you had lunch with lumine.
➸ "come on, you have got to have at least one moment where you made him red as a beet!"
➸ you just shake your head and lumine shakes hers in disappointment.
➸ "you've got to do it. make him a flustered mess today!"
➸ you didn't understand why lumine was making such a big deal out of this, but you then remember their endless rivalry.
➸ "are you asking me to do this to get back at childe for winning your last battle?"
➸ lumine pouts and turns her head away, but still nods as a response.
➸ you laugh and say, "ok. for you, i'll give it a try."
➸ you and childe were going to have dinner together today, so you had a chance to fluster him out in public.
➸ childe orders the same thing he always orders, some seafood soup and golden fried shrimp balls from third-round knockout.
➸ "order whatever you want, ok? i want to spoil you." childe said, reassuring you not to be hesitant in ordering.
➸ you smile at him, but you still order something a little on the cheap side because you felt bad enough that you were going to embarrass him out in the open.
➸ "so, how've you been my little adventurer?" childe asks, placing his hands on yours.
➸ you start to tell him about all the things you've discovered and done through the day, and he does the same.
➸ after maybe 30 minutes, your food arrives and you both give thanks before you dig in.
➸ childe continues to talk about his rendezvous, and you just stare at him.
➸ you missed this, the two of you talking and just mentally admiring one another. with so much commissions and work you've both been kind of distant lately.
➸ childe catches your eye and he smiles at you. "what? admiring my beautiful complexion, now are you?"
➸ you pull him in by his arm until his face is a breath away from yours.
➸ "i missed you, my pretty little harbinger." you say, as you pull him into a kiss.
➸ it wasn't anything too explicit, since you were still in public.
➸ as you pull away, his mouth gapes open as if he wants to say something, but you interrupt him by licking his lips.
➸ "uh---!! hey!" he whisper-shouts, trying desperately to hide the growing red shade on his face.
➸ you just chuckle a bit and smile at him.
➸ "i...missed you." you say, which makes childe freeze for a bit.
➸ now you feel your face heating up, as childe shoots you a warm smile.
➸ "so did i, y/n." childe says, combing his fingers through your hair.
➸ let's just say you spent less time eating and more time enjoying each other's presence, laughing and talking, just how you want it to be.
: ̗̀➛ zhongli:
Tumblr media
➸ you and zhongli both flustered each other equally, you were never flirty people but it's more of unintentional flirting that makes the two of you blush.
➸ that changes today, though.
➸ today was your 2-year anniversary with zhongli, and you wanted to give him something he would never forget.
➸ you planned to pretend there was something on his lips, and instead of telling him, you would...lick it off.
➸ it sounded stupid at first glance, but xiangling convinced you otherwise after doing it to xinyan, who became a red mess.
➸ you and zhongli planned to meet up outside of third-round knockout, so you could enjoy the storyteller's tales while enjoying each other's company.
➸ zhongli was already there, so you gave him a little wave and he gave you a soft smile in return.
➸ as you sit down, you give zhongli a little kiss on the forehead, sort of a warmup for the...flirting you'll be doing today.
➸ "hello, y/n. hopefully your commissions weren't too stressful today, i hope?" zhongli asks while pouring you a cup of tea.
➸ "they were fine, zhongli. how about you?"
➸ zhongli laughs and says, "you know i don't do commissions, love. i was at the parlor today...thinking of you."
➸ you freeze. feeling your face heat up you avoid eye contact with zhongli, awkwardly laughing.
➸ "ah--! well, i was thinking of you all day too!"
➸ zhongli smiles and pulls you in closer beside him, keeping his hands intertwined with yours.
➸ this was all very new to you, zhongli always held your hand but he has never said something so blunt before. could he...be trying to fluster you as well?
➸ "hey, zhongli-"
➸ "oh, y/n. some tea is dripping off your lips." zhongli says, gesturing to where the spill is.
➸ you try to wipe it off, but after missing a couple of times, zhongli takes the napkin away and says, "let me, hm?"
➸ he proceeds to lick the edge of your lips, very slowly might i add.
➸ you're redder than ever at this point. why did zhongli do this? was this his plan? did he read your mind?
➸ as he pulls away, he chuckles at the sight of your beet red face.
➸ "how did you...why did you do that?!" you whisper-shout, clearly irritated yet still full of tingles and butterflies.
➸ "i talked with xinyan before our lunch today, and she told me this little trick xiangling did on her. i wanted to give it a try on you."
➸ you scoff, a little bit dumbfounded. xinyan gave him your idea and she probably didn't even know it.
➸ when you make eye contact with each other, all you can both do is laugh at each other.
➸ "oh wow, i guess you win this anniversary?"
➸ "win? oh, y/n this isn't a competition. i just love you." zhongli says, putting your hands in his once again.
➸ "we'll see about that 'not a competition talk' next year, my little consultant." you say, giving him a kiss on the nose.
➸ you both spend the rest of the day together, talking and laughing until nightfall.
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