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catte-kins · 9 months ago
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୨♡୧ catte-kins 200+ celebration! ꒱
welcome to catte-kins’ 200+ followers celebration! thank you to everybody who’s followed and supported me, whether it be from seele-impact or catte-kins. i truly appreciate it, and every ask, note, reblog, and more motivates me to continue! 
so without further ado, let’s begin!
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୨♡୧ edit contest ꒱
since this was the most voted-for option on the poll, i’ll be hosting an edit contest! the prizes are as follows:
1st place: 6 edits of choice
2nd place: 4 edits of choice
3rd place: 3 edits of choice
edit contest prizes include all types of edits in my sources list as well as moodboard matchups and drabbles (one matchup and/or two drabbles per person). drabbles will be posted on my writing blog miikonyan. i’d prefer if it the drabble prompt was a sentence or just a quick summary.
୨୧ ! contest rules ꒱
- everybody is allowed 3 entries each! 
- the contest ends on september 4th.
- tag me in your entries! you can also use the tag #mello200 if you want.
- do not enter if you are in my dni.
- you cannot submit anything that contains items in my dni or blacklist. in addition, i will only allow edits from my sources.
୨୧ ! whitelists ꒱
whitelist: genshin impact, honkai impact 3rd, pastel pink, soft edits, stimboards (favorites are slime, drink pouring, food, & anything fluffy), layouts, webcore, anything else listed in my favorite edits! i’d also really like to see wallpapers (1242 x 2208) but i know those take a lot of time so don’t feel pressured to do that dgkdg /g 
characters: kazuha, herrscher of sentience, seele, theresa (especially starlit astrologos), rozaliya and liliya, hu tao, keqing, venti, and diona!
ofc you can edit characters/things outside of these whitelists (as long as they aren’t in my blacklist)! i’d just like to see those things the most. i appreciate every entry no matter what it is!
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୨♡୧ smol raffle ꒱
i’ll be doing a small raffle as well! the prizes are smaller because i don’t have as much time and energy atm ahaha
i’ll be choosing 1 winner that will get 2 edits of choice, and 4 winners that will get 1 edit of choice! 
you can also ask for a drabble and/or a text matchup for these prizes. text matchups will be posted on miikonyan!
୨୧ ! raffle rules ꒱
- two entries per person allowed– a like and reblog on this post. if you’re liking and reblogging with two different accounts, please indicate your main in the tags of the reblog.
- please indicate in the tags of your reblog if you’re promoing or entering the event! 
- i will dm the winners after the raffle winners are announced. if you don’t claim your prize within 2 days i’ll give your prize to someone else.
- the same rules in my edit contest apply. if you match my dni please do not enter.
- winners will be picked on august 28th!
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୨♡୧ thank you! ꒱
i hope everyone enjoys the event! please note that i may have to close regular requests while i work on the winners’ prizes, but i hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless <3 i look forward to everyone’s entries!
୨♡୧ tags ꒱
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