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luv4yunjin · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— matching icons for anon ; like/rb + credit if using
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idolexec · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ID: three circle icons showing the Vocaloid V4 Flower. In the first, she is staring at the viewer with her head tilted slightly to the side. In the second, she is laying down on her stomach with a bored expression. In the third, she passionately sings into a microphone. The first and third have warm yellow tones and are set on a purple background (different shades), while the second has purple tones and is set on a yellow background. End ID.]
Reblog and credit when using - No kin tags, this is for a ficliteral | Requested by @burnt-toast-life
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mochiinami · 15 days ago
why is people so nice when requesting smth from my edit blog and in the other blogs (w nicer mods and beautiful edits) the requesters sound like they're ordering from McDonald's?????
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yume-kin · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʚ komamiki fairycore moodboard for anon ! ɞ
please like + rb if saving ^-^
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eonianism · 2 months ago
AYYYYYY BESTIE GOT A HEADCANON IDEA IN MY MIND. So, how would Rook, Jade and a character of your choice react to hearing that their crush had slept with someone else. Their crush is not actually interested in that person and they only slept with him to make said boys jealous but then they felt guilty and decided not to tell them. Too late though. The rumors have already spread and the said boy wants to confirm it. Then their crush screams at them saying that they just wanted their attention
hello ! as stated in my rules, i don’t really accept requests within the premise of cheating. tho the reader is just a crush, im not rlly comfortable writing this still. eitherway, i don’t really think jade or rook would be condoning behavior like this from someone that they like and see romantically. it would just be a betrayal of their trust and feelings.
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satorhime · 26 days ago
How would Gojo Geto Yuji and Choso react to an S/O who doesn’t go to the gym? It can be hcs or imagines!
they are getting bodied daily by curses they don’t care about shit like that
zen’in naoya did you send this to me
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alcremie-mogai-n-kin · 3 months ago
Hi! Can I please request xenogender related to steampunk submarines? Like mysterious depths of oceans and an old sci-fi steampunk related.
I'll wait of course, since you seemed to be on an SCP ride at the moment and I don't want to break your momentum. /gen /pos
- @bens-xenogender-hoard
~ʚ♡ɞ ; Queued!!
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alaskae · 8 months ago
new tags bc i get bored very very easily !! also the last ones were ugly lmao
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xsleepwalkingx-blog · 2 years ago
@jaenv​ hit that ♥ for a starter 
From the very moment that Heiran had sat opposite her friend at one of the cafe’s few spare tables she was left with a feeling of unease and she didn’t know why. Leo was a man she felt comfortable around and while no lover of large crowds and packed places she would never be left feeling quite this uncomfortable. It was so strange but not wishing to draw any attention to it however she forced a smile to her lips and pushed one of the laminated menu’s across the table towards him and took the other for herself. “I heard the foods supposed to be really good here.” She informed him in a mumble as her attention turned to the listed meals.
Pondering her choices the woman’s fingers gently rubbed at her jaw, head turning and eyes looking over the cafe as she tried to decide between the bulgogi and the bibimbap when she finally found the source of discomfort. 
“I mmm...can we go?” She questioned him a little too quickly to sound as calm as she had wanted.
Tumblr media
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kentoangel · 3 months ago
roma i want to join ur event but i wanan give smth in return do u have like a picrew of u as well as a character ud wanna be drawn with 😙❤️❤️❤️
vale you’re so sweet :( i have these picrews :o
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the only difference is that the lil mole is on the other side of my mouth! if you could draw me + atsumu i would kiss you 😞
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luv4yunjin · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— green circle icons for anon ; like/rb + credit if using
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idolexec · 15 days ago
"The Charm of this Wonderful Life..."
Tumblr media
[ID: a banner which shows Yukina Minato from Bandori's trained "Resound, Song of Creation" card. She walks down a staircase, with several blue flower petals falling around her, as she reaches her hand out and sings happily into a microphone. End ID.]
Requests are open! Carrd link for more info about the blog and sources, but in case you can't access it: mainly an edit blog for animanga and games!! We have two mods: Star (✰) and Cherry (✴).
We can do userboxes, icons, headers, stimboards (one of us can), manga colourings, gifs, writing, wallpapers (soon), and replycons.
Please be specific with your requests (to which mod, size, color, theme, etc), and just remember we can deny requests or take a while to finish them. You can also send an ask (off anon) if you wish to be a mod on this blog, with a symbol and name.
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mochiinami · 16 days ago
wait wait wait wait wait how in the world do i already have 86 followers
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yume-kin · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʚ Cassandra edit set for anon ! ɞ
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eonianism · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
         HELLO FHDGJKFHDKG i dropped off the face of the world because i was too busy playing pla......... but idia and azul’s groovy awakened me and dragged me back here. thEY’RE SO PRETTY IM SOBBING ON THE FLOOR KFJDGHKJDHFGDF  
on that note. i would like to know if you guys prefer shorter replies to your requests or if the current length is just fine. since i do know that i have the tendency to write a lot without noticing hhhhhrhrhr i hope you’re all doing well ! ! !  
Tumblr media
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satorhime · 28 days ago
this is so hot & this one too 😳😩 i-im suddenly hot
every time i see these i start sweating like a whore in church
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alcremie-mogai-n-kin · 3 months ago
Could you maybe make a gender related to bumblesweet/honeybuzz from mlp? Specifically gen3 version (orxngecrxsh made a gender related to the gen4 toy but I dont resonate w/ that one so much...just the general character altogether OR the gen3 version specifically best suit me :)) also thank you! 💛
~ʚ♡ɞ ; Queued!!! Thank you for requesting!!
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alaskae · 6 months ago
how about some bi baal icons?
here are your icons!! i messed around a bit with the colouring so it doesn’t really look as Aesthetic™️ as it normally does but i hope you still like it!
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chrisevansredbelt · 2 months ago
Fight and Fuck
Tumblr media
pairing: frank castle x reader
warnings: SMUT. 18+ ONLY PLEASE. gunplay, sex, PIV, hatefucking. enemies to lovers but like still enemies. spanking, rough, BDSM i guess, manhandling, slapping, marking, choking, spitting. kinda degrading on both parts but frank does it more bc he’s mean.
summary: you’re some anti-government spy idk anything you want. but you’re a criminal in franks eyes. and what does the big, bad punisher do with criminals? he fucks them of course! well, only the pretty ones with a smart mouth, nice tits and a great ass… aka you.
a/n: this and all of my frank works are just self indulgent as fuck like YALL send requests bc it’s just not safe for anyone to see what my brain is like.
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*・゚☆
You knew he was in your house the second you entered through the doorway. You would go as far to say that you swore you smelt him out in the hallway but that had to be pushing it.
You knew he was in your house because of the way your rug had shifted place. What was once flat against the ground now had a small bump that could have only occurred if someone’s big, dumb feet had tripped over it.
You smiled to yourself softly, both excited and finding humour in how easy Frank was.
As much as it triggered you, you kept your shoes on, figuring they would come in handy if you had to run for your life or kick him in the face.
With a purposefully audible sigh, you set your bags down onto the counter top of your kitchen. You’d put them away later. For now, you wanted to play with Frankie.
You took your coat off, throwing it blindly into your bathroom, hoping it landed in the hamper. Also hoping it scared Frank if he was in there. You took off a few more layers you had on until you were left in a slim fitting tank. If you couldn’t fight him, you’d seduce him instead.
You purposely continued to turn your back on obvious hiding spots around your apartment. Closets, doors. He was yet to pounce, but you knew he was coming. It’s just a matter of where from.
Your apartment wasn’t too large. The run-down top floor above a ballet studio. Top floor, technically meaning penthouse but it was anything but one of those penthouses.
The wallpaper was peeling, the windows shook in even the smallest gust of wind, it leaked, the lights buzzed… if they decided to work. But it was cheap and warm- in certain places, and somewhat cozy. Also hidden, barely anyone knew it was even a place someone called home… with the exception of Frank being able to find it, of course.
You hummed to yourself now, growing a little impatient as you began cleaning up a little. You deliberately made yourself vulnerable now, picking up a few stray mugs that you’d left out and bringing them towards the sink.
It was then that you heard it. The creak in the floorboards, in particular the one in your bedroom, closest to the door, the floor board with a particular wood marking that looked like a vagina.
You smiled to yourself again, reaching under one of the cabinets and grabbing the Beretta 92 you had velcro’d underneath.
To disguise the sound, you turned on the sink and cleared your throat, clocking the gun as quiet as you could.
Frank cursed himself for the small creak he made, even if you seemed to not have heard it. Damn boots. They were good for kicking people in the face, but not for espionage work.
The sound of the sink made him smile to himself. Yes. He had you exactly where he wanted. You would mindlessly do the dishes like the dumb, little housewife you were and big bad punisher Frank would come up behind you and knock you out. Or slit your throat, depends on the fight you got in you and the mouth that comes with it.
As he slowly nears the kitchen, the sound of the sink becomes more clear. He can still hear you humming a repetitive tune and steadies his feet even more now that he’s closer.
Finally entering the main part of your living area, Frank furrow his brows as the kitchen appears empty. The sink still runs, a direct stream however straight into the bottom of the porcelain bowl. Your phone sits on the kitchen counter… replaying a voice recording of the tune you had been humming earlier.
He lowers his knife now, blinking dumbly at the empty scene before realising he’d fell for it. Motherfucker.
He doesn’t want to, because he knows how this’ll go. But he does it anyway. He turns on his feet slowly and is met with the barrel of a gun that once pointed to the back of his head.
At the end of it, you. You son of a bitch.
“Gotta be lighter on your feet, baby cakes.” You quirk mockingly, always the one for dramatics.
Too bad you let it catch you off guard.
Frank smiles curtly and before you can even blink, harshly grabs at your gun.
You struggle against him, tightening your grip on the gun, however now allowing Frank to pull you towards him.
He twists your arm so far that you’re surprised it didn’t snap off and you try your very hardest not to groan out in pain. You bring your knee up to connect with his crotch and he mostly flinches rather than buckle over like you’d hoped.
Of course this motherfucker has balls of fucking steel.
With basically all control over you, he shoves you up against the nearest wall, the air basically forced out of your lungs as your back collides with the wall.
“Gotta be quicker than that, baby cakes.” He mocks back.
You struggle against him more, but find yourself stuck. The twist of your arm starts to burn and you’re left no choice but to drop the gun, knowing it’s the only thing that will make him release you.
You feel a pang of defeat as it drops to the floor, but you don’t let that last long. You fake a small sigh of bliss as Frank loosens up on your twisted arm, before opening your eyes and bringing your head against his skull in a painful headbutt. God, note to self, never headbutt someone with a skull as thick as Franks.
You take his moment of distraction to shove him off you, kicking him in the stomach and sending him to the wall. Your vision is too blurred to find the gun so you make a run for it… until, Frank grabs at your ankle and tugs you to the floor.
“Fuckin’ bitch.”
You yelp in surprise as you land against the hardwood. You spin around in Franks grasp and manage to kick away his hand at your ankle, backing away from him in an attempt to regain your footing. When you see the gun in his hand however, you find it almost impossible to be able to stand again. All you can really do is blink at him dumbly, and slide backwards against the hardwood as he clambers toward you.
You quickly look around you and grab any object you can, knocking it over to obstruct his path but it’s barely any use. He just picks them up as if they weigh nothing and throws them across the room.
When your back reaches the side table of your living room, you quickly pull yourself up and grab the candle holder that once resided on the table.
Without even thinking, you swing it in front of you and catch Frank in the cheekbone. His head jerks to the side and the skin turns red in an instant.
He grabs your retreating hand and with all his mighty force, shoves you back against the ground. In an instant, he has all your limbs trapped. Your legs unmoving underneath his hips and your wrist held together by just one of his large hands.
“Fuck, you’re heavy.” You wheeze, feeling the brunt of his weight upon you and wanting to get a rise out of him. Probably not a smart move because of the gun he has now pointed to your temple. His knife dangling in the palm of the same hand, poking slightly at your collarbone.
“God, shut the fuck up for once in your life.” He mutters through gritted teeth, “It’d get you out of a lot trouble-“
“I’ll shut up once you lose some weight.” You throw back.
He just stared down at you as he breathes heavily. Using your wrists, he lifts up your upper body a few inches off the ground before slamming it back down again, your head colliding with the floor and making you go a little dizzy.
Using his forearm to hold down your hands, his hand now goes to your throat. You find yourself tilting your head up, almost giving him more access to your throat as his clammy hand wraps around it.
He instantly adds pressure and you can’t help the way your eyes widen a little at the lack of air able to pass through.
“Give up yet?” He cocks his head slight, gun digging further into your skull.
“Actually,” You swallow, difficult against his hand. You soften your eyes as you wiggle underneath him. Purposely doeing your eyes, but also half an accident with the lack of oxygen already in effect, “I’m more aroused.” You rasp, not breaking the eye contact you hold with him, “I always liked choking, how did you know?”
“Fuck you.” He seethes.
He moves the gun from your temple to the centre of your forehead now. The knife drags across your chest, sharp side down and slices a small cut against your skin. You grunt at the burn, but remain looking up at him. Almost challenging him.
It’s silent now. The only noise is the heavy breathing coming from the both of you.
You would be a big, fat liar if you’d said you weren’t scared. You didn’t know if Frank would really shoot you. You could see why he would, but you could also see why he wouldn’t.
The would outweighed the wouldn’t.
This little cat and mouse game would finally come to an end. All those nights coming home after escaping him. The time he stabbed you in the thigh. Or when he gave you a black eye. When he broke your hand. When you broke his nose. Or when you shot him in the shoulder.
You were more like WWE partners at this point. It was… fun.
You couldn’t help the rush of adrenaline that would course through your body every time you encountered Frank. The way he manhandled you. You liked every second of it. Even when your life was literally in the hands of Frank Castle.
“Stop hesitating and do it.” You whisper, no longer able to find your voice.
He eyes you down as you lay completely at his mercy. The blood from where he cut you trickling down towards his hand. Your cleavage emphasised because of your position on the ground. Your chest heaving in sporadic patterns to accomodate for the hand around your throat.
Slowly, Frank traces the gun down the bridge of your nose. The knife still in hand, gliding down your chest now, towards the depth of your cleavage. It stings, but nothing you haven’t felt before. He nudged the gun against your lips now, their already parted state allowing him to slip it just past your teeth. He keeps it there for a few seconds, focusing on the knife now as he cuts another horizontal line across your chest.
You don’t need to look at it to know what he’s done. As previously mentioned, he’s too predictable and the proud look on his face only adds to it.
He’s marked you with the letter ‘F’. It’s dodgy work and it the blood seeps out of the cuts slowly, igniting the small letter against your skin. Figuring it’s useless without the second initial, he quickly adds a ‘C’ next to it. He eases his grip on the knife now, satisfied with his work and discards it to the floor, next to your head.
He tightens his grip on both the gun and your neck. He continues to move the gun down your body. You don’t miss the way his eyes darkened as the gun drove between the nape of your tits.
Once it passed over your stomach and didn’t stop, you squinted your eyes at Frank. He persisted, now teasing the gun at the waistband of your cargo trousers.
You shifted your hips underneath him but it was no use. He was too strong… and your body wasn’t speaking for your mind. You wanted this. But you couldn’t let him know that.
“Fuck you.” You spit, eye contact never breaking.
All you can do is blink as he shoves the gun further down, underneath your panties now and through your folds.
The ease of the gun against your lips due to your slick makes him raise a brow in curiosity. Mocking curiosity that is. You wanted this. But he already knew that.
It was filthy. That’s what it was. Your opponent fucking you with your own weapon. An insanely intimate act of trust. But that was exactly it.
You trusted Frank.
The insertion of the gun inside you finally caused you to break eye contact with him. Your eyes fluttered closed as he pushed the gun in as far as it would let him.
He gave it a few thrusts, twisting it at certain times that made your hips jerk and his eyes darken, before abruptly taking it out.
The gun shined with your slick coating it and Frank all but shoved into your gaping mouth for you to lick clean.
He observed you closely as you did so, his pants tightening as he swallowed a breath. You felt the strain against your hip and hummed lightly.
He retracted the gun from your mouth and now it was your turn to strike.
Using your leg, you used all the force you could muster to shove him off you. The movement weakened his grip around your neck and further allowed you to take control, switching your positions as you now straddle him.
Your control doesn’t last long however, because he just flips you back around and you resume your position on the bottom. Your hands are now pinned on either side of your head and Franks face is a lot closer than you remember it once being.
You bring your legs up, not to attack, but to wrap around his torso. You unintentionally bring his crotch towards your own and feel him grunt in restrained pleasure at the contact.
You look from his lips to eyes as he hovers above you.
You’d be another big, fat liar if you said he wasn’t handsome. He just had that face. It was strong and set. The nose, the jaw, the eyes. It didn’t help that it was bruised half the time either, you believe that only heightened his attractiveness. Whether or not he wore blood would just be the cherry on top of the cake.
You flutter your eyes close as he finally brings his lips down to yours. God, how long you’ve waited to do that.
He tastes exactly like you thought he would. Like absolute shit. It’s bitter, like there’s hints of blood and probably alcohol. Maybe coffee. But you fuckign love it.
Your tongues fight, similar to the way the two of you do. You moan in his mouth, toes curling slightly when you feel his hand graze down your arm.
You use your now free hand to come up around his neck, to pull him closer, if possible. You want more. His hand travels down your waist and under your back to pull you up into him even closer, if possible. He wants more.
The kiss quickly escalates, more heated and more desperate than ever.
With your legs tightly wrapped around his waist and his hand securing your back, he lifts the both of you off the floor and stands. Lips never leaving yours, he first shoves you up against the wall.
You bite his lip in retaliation, hard enough to draw blood and you feel a bit of arousal at the site. He winced in pain when you did so, but you just bring him back to your lips and kiss it better.
You run your hands through his hair sensually, before going down to his warm neck. His hands also travel down to your ass, gripping onto the soft flesh and squeezing harshly, making you moan in his mouth.
He removes you from the wall now, learning his lesson and taking you into the bedroom. He tosses you onto the bed as if you weigh nothing, settling between your legs as he hovers over you once more, a position you frequently found yourselves in tonight. Your grip on his hair tightens and he harshly grabs your chin.
He looks at you for a second and it’s hard to decipher what he’s thinking. From the outside, it would seem as if he hated you, he sneered down at you as you continued to catch your breath from before. You, on the other hand, held a softer, more amused gaze. Because you knew. You knew that, though he did hate you, he wanted you more.
You trail your hand down from his neck, to his chest, then to his stomach. You tug on his shirt and he lifts it over his head easily. You take a little time to admire his body. Just a quick glance in all the lovely places so as to not inflate his ego even more. Nothing you hadn’t seen before, strong pecs, pebbled abs, scars adorning every few inches of surface.
Tumblr media
[a/n: girl lets go to the club and pop out pussies]
Remembering the task at hand, you sit up but pause hesitantly over the belt buckle. Fingers grazing over his very prominent v-line that made you hitch a breath in your throat. His hand softly grips onto your hand, and you look up at him through your lashes now.
It was a strange interaction. The first, kind of soft, experience you had with Frank. Granted, his calloused hand wasn’t so soft, but he wasn’t squeezing the blood out of your hand.
As you notice his pants tighten even more over his length, you quickly get back to work undoing his belt buckle.
Frank scoffed, wanting to make a comment on how easily you undid the belt- probably because you’d done it a million times before like the fucking whore you were. But he just quirked a brow down at you, “Eager?”
You chuck the belt somewhere on the bed and now undo the button and fly of his pants. The pants drop around to his thighs and it’s now, as he strains painfully against his boxers that you send him a glare for his comment. Without mercy, you grip onto his length through his boxers- smiling on the inside when you see his stomach suck in a breath. Once you pull him free from his boxers, a firm grip on the hard length, you mockingly raise a brow back at him, “Unsatisfied.” To answer his question.
Using your thumb, you smear the precum that’s leaking out of his tip across the head. Further unsatisfied with the lubrication, you gather a load of spit to drip onto it.
You let the saliva free fall from your lips, landing on his dick at an antagonising pace. You hear him groan, but ignore it as you use your hand to spread your spit all over him.
All of a sudden, Franks hand takes over where yours once was, and you look up at him in slight confusion.
“Lay back.” He nods.
As much as he wanted nothing more than to put your mouth to good use for once in your life and face fuck you into place, he wanted to be inside you more.
You lay back against the mattress, and he makes quick work in removing your clothes until you’re fully bare beneath him.
You spread your legs as he hovers closer and expectantly wait for him to thrust into you without warning. He brings his face closer, forehead resting against yours as he grips his cock in his hand.
Your heart picks up as you literally feel the heat radiating from his cock straight to your pussy. He’s oh-so close to making contact, until he halts all movements.
You look up at him painfully, and he just stares you down with an evil smirk on his face.
“Beg.” He orders.
You feel your blood literally boil beneath your skin at his request. Who the fuck did he think you were?
“Get fucked.” You spit back in response.
Sighing to himself, he nods with that stupid ‘okay’ frown of his. He sits back on his knees, slowly jerking his dick in his hand.
You feel more vulnerable than ever now. Your legs spread open before him with your aching cunt on full display. You’ve upset him and he’s suddenly got ahold of his belt that you’d discarded.
You swallow thickly as he wraps it securely around his hand, leaving a loose loop at the end of his hand, a makeshift whip. He slaps it against your thigh a few times, only softly though and it makes you nervous at how calm he is.
“Go on.” He encourages and you curse yourself for letting it show how apprehensive you were.
When you’re silent, he drags the leather down across your pussy, making you clench around nothing. For fucks sake.
“Fuck me,” You half-ass beg, “Please.”
He lets out a genuine scoff, before bringing the belt down against your pussy in a vigorous motion, causing you to gasp in shock, “I said beg, not use your fucking manners you dumb, fucking slut.”
You almost cum from his words alone. But you just roll your eyes in disdain and throw your head against the pillows, a hand travelling down to play with your clit to tease him.
“Please, God! Fuck me, Frank.” You basically scream, rubbing at the swollen nub. You lift your head a little now to make eye contact with Frank- who quickly engages with your eyes instead of your pussy that he almost drooled over, “Fuck me with your thick cock, please,” You whine, “Want it so bad.” You take the liberty of shoving two fingers inside your whole and that’s when Frank fucking loses it.
He pulls your hand away from your cunt and slaps the shit out of your pussy. You moan and let out a hearty laugh as you gasp mockingly at his manhandling, “Fuckin’ slut.” He pushes you further into the mattress, taking your leg and resting it against his shoulder as he slaps the head of his cock over your clit a few times before shoving into you without warning, “God, such a tight cunt.”
You gasp genuinely now, the sheer feeling of his cock filling you up so quickly a little shocking to you. After sheathing himself to the hilt of his balls, he began a quick and aggressive pace.
Your hand fisted the sheets before coming up to his neck and pulling him down. His head nested in the crook of your neck, sucking harshly on the skin and for sure leaving hickies.
You rolled your eyes again, both at the pleasure of him fucking into you so hard and nice, and at the thought of this immature grown ass man leaving hickies on you like you were teens.
He removes himself from your neck and straightens back up on his knees. He grabs both of your legs now, spreading them further and holding them in place as he fucks into you.
He grunts with almost every thrust, hitching a breath every time you clench around him too.
You bring both hands up to palm at your tits as he continued to fuck you. The action gives you an idea and you bring one hand down to Franks cock. He doesn’t falter in his thrusts, just stares down at your breathlessly as you move your hand around to fondle with his balls. You give a light squeeze and smile wickedly when he jerks a thrust.
In retaliation, he brings a hand to your tits and pinches a nipple. You just smile up at him even wider, enjoying the sensation it gives you. He just shakes his head and goes for the touchdown now. He brings a rough hand down to your pussy, slapping it harshly, knowing the impact it had on you.
You arch your back in response, eyes fluttering close at the feeling. Something about it was just so feral to you.
But he doesn’t stop there. He rubs hard and fast over your clit, so fast it almost feels like a vibrator. You moan out loud, your hand coming to grip his wrist, half stopping him, half encouraging him to keep going.
You feel the burn in your stomach and your heart skips a little beat. Fuck, yes.
You clench around him sporadically and he scoffs at your reaction, “Cummin’ already?“ He teases, slowing down his rubs against your clit, “What was that about unsatisfied?” You whine as he only goes slower and slower, coming to a complete stop.
“I fucking hate you.” You whisper as your high slowly dissolves. You were so fucking close. Now you’re fucking close to crying, you needed to cum so fucking bad.
He just leans down again, trailing kisses up your stomach, sucking on each tit with a few kitten licks to your nipples before reaching your lips, “The feelings mutual.” He says against your lips, pecking them gently before he’s literally flipping you around so that you now sit on top of him.
He doesn’t even let you adjust or set a pace as you should being on top. No, he grabs your hips, fingers digging into the skin, and fucks up into you so hard it’s fucking abuse.
You fall forward, and catch yourself on his pecks. You’re literally incapable of doing anything else but let him fuck you. You love hate to admit it, you’re his fuck doll.
“Fuck, Frank.” You whine, scratching at his chest a little- payback for what he did to you earlier with the knife.
He pounds up into you mercilessly, the harsh sound of slapping skin filling your room- probably the entire apartment.
His hands move to your ass and spreads them apart, allowing him to hit deeper and deeper, even though you’re sure there’s no possible way he can go any further.
You’re a whimpering mess and the coil in your stomach starts to build. It catches you by surprise, never having occurred without you actually having to stimulate it yourself.
Frank could never know about that.
You test it out, resisting the urge to reach down and just rub at your pussy for a few seconds until you felt the explosion. No, you wanted to experience an orgasm solely from penetration.
“Please,” You genuinely beg now, the knot only getting tighter and tighter, “Don’t stop. Right there.” You gasp.
His pace turns ruthless, yet sloppy. It’s barbarous, almost inhumane if you will.
You’re so close. So fucking close.
“Cum on my cock,” Your ears prick up at Frank’s voice, “Make a fucking mess-“ He cuts himself off, reaching the edge himself as he encourages you to cum.
So you do. You cum and you cum fucking hard.
You moan a guteral moan, straight from your throat. Dare you say, the heart. The pussy, even.
He continues to pound into you though, still not yet reached his own high. You figure it’s only fair for a little give and take.
“Cum inside me.” You encourage in sultry whisper/whine, “Want you to fill me up so bad.” You lean down now to press a few kisses to his chest, working in time with him and circling your hips, “Want your cum, Frankie.”
He throws his head back against the pillows and stills his hips, cock throbbing inside you as he shoots hot, white spurts of cum inside you.
His chest rises and falls as he catches his breath, his cock twitching inside you ever so slightly and you squeeze around him one last time to milk him completely.
Once you catch your own breath, you go to remove yourself from his cock, but Frank firmly grabs your hips and keeps you still, “Don’t move.” He sighs, chest still heaving. He blindly grabs the blanket at the end of your bed and throws it over the two of you. Despite the literal workout session you both endured, this was New York and you’re apartment was cheap, “Just stay.”
You debate making a snarky comment, riling him up one last time, commenting on the sex, or just plain bringing up the fact that he now has you cock warming him.
But you save it for another time. Hopeful that there will be another time.
His chest was warm and hard… yet still so soft to lay your head on. The arm that had wrapped around your waist made you feel so safe and… secure. You hadn’t felt like that in a long time.
You wouldn’t mind doing this again. And again, and again and again.
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*・゚☆
i think i literally wrote this in like 2 days omg slay period moment
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atzsslut · 3 months ago
ateez and their filthiest kinks
requested by anon here !
warnings | covering kinks and scenarios with those said kinks, fem/afab reader, touches on bdsm, and disclaimer: vanilla sex is enjoyable too please remember that! consent is extremely important too, let alone in bdsm !! and everything is lowercase for one because i typed this on mobile :/
pure smut | (omg how do i even start) underwear fetish, degradation, slapping, corruption kink, kinks under bdsm category, cum play, exhibitionism/voyeurism (fully con), use of sex toys, etc.
smut under the cut, minors do not interact
Tumblr media
Kim Hongjoong — brat taming, writing on body, orgasm control
—୨୧ ⌒* brat taming : when someone loves a bratty, feisty sub as much as joong, best believe they’d have to have the ability to put them in their place. in this case, hongjoong loves to make it known to you that he’s the one on top. he’s the type of dom to keep calm throughout the whole day, or throughout most of the time you two would spend together, up until the moment you two were completely alome and he had mentally listed everything bratty/bad you did that day. — “… and for all those things i just listed, those will be the amount of times i take your orgasm away from you.”
—୨୧ ⌒* writing on body : this was a form of degradation that strictly stayed in the bedroom. whether it be with lipstick, or sometimes a non-toxic marker, joong likes to write things on your body, or draw cute symbols as if he was tattooing you, but it was all with sexual purpose. maybe it was because he loves drawing, but when he’d write “mine” on your ass before fucking you doggystyle, it got him sinfully harder. not to mention, you fueled this kink the one time you wrote on the inside of your thighs, one side saying “hong” and the other saying “joong’s”, while arrows directed him to your sopping cunt. — “fuck, you’re so fucking hot with my name written all over your body. you’re mine and only mine.”
—୨୧ ⌒* orgasm control : giving ! either you hate him or love him for this. and it definitely correlates with his brat taming kink. he does both edging and overstimulation, and often combines both in one night. satisfaction is painted all over his face whenever you get wet enough to leak onto the sheets, your face showing an expression only be explained by lust, and your whimpering begging him to “too much” even though you didn’t want him to stop. — “atta girl. that’s right, cum all over me. i know, sweetheart. feels so good to finally get to cum, hm?”
Park Seonghwa — exhibitionism, humiliation, breeding kink
—୨୧ ⌒* exhibitionism : oh, park seonghwa has an unexpected kink for public sex. and not basic shit like fingering you under the table—he likes to pound into you against a crisp clean window (he cleaned it, little shit) that’s potentially visible to whoever passes. well, he does enjoy the classic “under the table” oral sex, or fingering you, or you palm him, but his favorite is when friends are over to watch a movie together, and his hands are under the blanket playing with your body parts as you try not to make any noises or show any look of pleasure on your face. he also gets more riled up when you swear “fuck you” at him, while clearly spreading your legs a little more — “Y/N, wooyoung asked you a question. it’s a little rude not to respond. but, what’s wrong with your face, sweetie? why do you look so flushed?”
—୨୧ ⌒* humiliation : giving ! this just goes with seonghwa’s degradation kink. it was sometimes strange to see how “normal boyfriend mode” hwa was the sweetest, and most gentle partner ever. but the second you two were in the bedroom, “dominant mode” hwa could tell you that you looked like a slut coming out of the house using a certain piece of clothing for him, knowing damn well you loved it. he specifically likes to have you make you tie your hair into a ponytail, have you kneel down on the floor while he’s sitting on the edge of the bed, doing this game of “push and pull” when you wanted to give him head. if it seemed like you were too desperate, he’d pull you away and smirk — “aw, you want sir’s cock? you want it? want sir to fuck your mouth until you can’t think of anything else?”
—୨୧ ⌒* creampie kink : (only if you’re on birth control, because liking to cum inside doesn’t equal a breeding kink) seonghwa is very into releasing inside you. whenever he’s rutting inside you, his moans breathy and low as he gets closer, he gets so lost in the feeling of your walls caving around him, and your own moans also layering over his, that it all feels too good to not cum inside — “shit, shit, shit—m’gonna cum inside you, sweetheart. m’gonna fill you to the fucking brim.”
Jung Yunho — cum play, size kink, orgasm control
—୨୧ ⌒* cum play : yunho’s the kinda guy who’s not afraid to get messy, so this means he doesn’t mind it whether you cum loads, squirt, or whatever all over him. frankly, “doesn’t mind” is an understatement—he absolutely loves it. most of all, he loves it when after he’s done fingering you, he makes you lick your own arousal off his fingers, and then kisses you. OR, after he eats you out, he collects as much as he can on his tongue and lips, and drips it onto your tongue, kissing you right after. he finds it to be something intimate, and he just loves how you taste — “fuck, how do you taste so good every damn time? you’re better than candy, my love.”
—୨୧ ⌒* size kink : everyone knows yunho takes pride in the fact he’s like 190cm, so of course he has a size kink for his height. he also likes it when his shoulders, or overall upper physique, shadows over you as he’s on top, in missionary and fucking you as your legs desperately wrapped around his waist. he also has exceptionally long legs, so when you’re kneeling to give him a blowjob, he finds it extremely hot when you need to straighten your back a little more to reach his cock. — “aw, my princess. is it too hard for you to get my cock? need daddy to sit down so that you can take it, hm?”
—୨୧ ⌒* orgasm control : giving ! so … is no one going to talk about how yunho’s a little shit when he does this? he’s a connoisseur in teasing and foreplay, but that also means he has every right to control your orgasms (or at least that’s what he believes, and you take it anyways). he finds it so attractive when you’re saying his name, pleading for him to either stop stimulating you or let you cum. however, yunho likes edging you more because it’s more pleasure than it is an irritating feeling, because when you cum after lots of edging, it’s euphoric and he wants to see your eyes roll back out of being overwhelmed with satisfaction. — “oh, you wanna cum? your sopping cunt can’t handle it anymore? well, i’m sorry, baby. i can’t help but pull my hand away.”
Kang Yeosang — biting, cybersex, manhandling
—୨୧ ⌒* biting : giving and receiving ! not just marking, but biting in specific is something he loves to do, and loves when you do it to him. though he is a bit of a sadist (not as much as san), biting somehow makes things more intimate for him. especially when he’s fucking you doggystyle and bites your shoulder to mark you OR when you’re riding him and you bite down on his shoulder to stop your moans from getting too loud. though, he also particularly likes biting your thighs when he’s fingering you, or about to eat you out — “pretty bite marks for my pretty girl. might as well just show that when someone asks who’s you are.”
—୨୧ ⌒* cybersex : particularly phone sex, yeosang loves it. he likes when you send him things, but he loves it more when he gets to hear you on the other line, whimpering and moaning as you keep up with his instructions. really, it was like he was doing audio porn, but you didn’t mind at all. he really liked when you’d text him out of nowhere, late at night, asking desperately if he could guide you. of course, he’d say yes, take out his laptop, and have you give him a little show through a zoom call, or something — “i think i might need to buy you a webcam, princess. i want the quality to feel like i’m watching my personal camgirl.”
—୨୧ ⌒* manhandling : so.. i am not staying silent about the fact my bias yeosang has managed to get beefy in less than a fucking year. and you best believe he uses it in sex. so everyone knows the 69 position, right? well, yeosang likes to do it sitting on a chair or the couch instead of laying down. even when you protest that you’re scared you’re too heavy, he pins you against a wall and asks if you think he’s weak. so, you two eventually end up doing said position on the couch and he’s gripping you like you’re falling (you’re not, he’s fucking strong), devouring your pussy like he hadn’t before. oh, trust that also likes fucking you into the mattress, moans muffled because you’re face down with his hand in your hair — “my dirty slut, you like being manhandled like this so much. i can fucking tell by the way you’re clenching around my cock.”
Choi San — bondage, sadism/masochism, clothed sex (specific)
—୨୧ ⌒* bondage : he safely took his time to learn about shibari, as he values intimacy and the artistry of bondage to increase both his, and your pleasure. his focus with doing shibari doesn’t only go to restraining you, but the details and knots that prove that he is your rigger. his favorite method in particular is doing a dragonfly sleeve, as restrained as possible, while you’re on your back and with a leg separator (maybe a ball gag is added). however, san also likes making you use (more moveable) bondage underneath your clothing as punishment, and vibrating panties — “if you keep squirming like that, people might start questioning why it looks like you have two bra straps, pretty girl.”
—୨୧ ⌒* sadism/masochism : trust and believe that choi san is a switch, but this isn’t why that’s here. san, strangely enough, likes to receive a little pain back. let’s say he slaps you while you’re riding him, best believe he’d get even more turned on if you put your hands around his throat while you moaned “daddy, harder”, your nails even digging into his skin. he’d go fucking feral. maybe you felt a little freakier and slapped him back, he’d definitely just chuckle and smirk, knowing he’d love to fuck the brat out of you and permanently mold your pussy for his cock — “my, my. you’re that big of a whore for me that you get wetter when i slap your cunt, huh?”
—୨୧ ⌒* clothed sex : skirts, tight clothing, or basically any item that makes him accessible to your body parts—he wants to fuck you in. you may ask, wouldn’t it be easier to just take them off? well, san likes the look of pulling your shirt up to your chest to reveal your tits, or your skirt hiking up your thighs while he fingers you, or slipping your panties aside to still soil them (obviously evident in my fanfic “sharing is caring”) — “can you wear that black dress again, sweetie? you know, the one that has a slit i can put my hand through?”
Song Mingi — voyeurism, bondage, underwear fetish
—୨୧ ⌒* voyeurism : receiving ! mingi likes to watch you masturbate for him, under his command. after kissing you, touching you all over underneath your clothes, he’d ask for you to move towards the edge of the bed while he sat on the chair he had taken earlier right across from you—the perfect view, as he would call it. he’d instruct you for every little step. whether it be to not make any sounds, to add another finger, or to even start using a vibrator he suddenly had. he also loves the look of your back arching, legs quivering as your muscles convulsed, trying to hold back an orgasm if mingi hadn’t said you could cum. — “mmm, you know what would be a good move now? if you stimulated your clit by rubbing it against my cock. i’m sure you’d like to know how hard you got me.”
—୨୧ ⌒* bondage : giving ! though mingi’s a bit clumsy, he’s just like san and took his time to carefully learn shibari and the intricate knotting techniques in the culture (they bought the same book, but we won’t talk about that). he thinks of bondage as something intimate, and stimulating for not only you, but him as well. he takes his time, and you enjoy that he does so. the touches, grazing of the rope, and slight squish on your body turns you on more than you expect. and mingi tends to tie you up while he’s shirtless. he also likes using ribbon or cotton ropes the most, and doesn’t have a favorite method/technique because they all look pretty on you. — “tell me if it’s too tight, okay? i still want a little bit of room to pull on them to fuck you properly.”
—୨୧ ⌒* underwear fetish : seemingly similar to san’s clothing fetish, mingi’s is more specific. for the most part, mingi gave of a very “vanilla” vibe to his friends and yours, but would gladly act up if it meant he could pocket your underwear after you’ve used them. not only that, but he likes seeing glimpses of your underwear when you’re in a skirt/loose shorts, likes jacking himself off with your underwear around the base his cock, and he also likes to rip them right where your cunt was and fuck you in them (he could just buy you the crotchless kind, but he liked ripping them — “you know, if you’re thinking of getting that blue lace underwear from that store, i’ll buy it for you.”
Jung Wooyoung — asphyxiation, filming, corruption kink
—୨୧ ⌒* asphyxiation : giving and receiving ! woo has no room for toxic masculinity and likes you choking him just as much as when he chokes you. BUT! trust and believe that he stays the one in charge. he also likes using other objects to choke you, perhaps like his shirt or his belt, often used to put you in your place. however, when it comes to you asphyxiating him, he only likes the simple things; getting his throat choked, having your thighs suffocate him while he’s eating you out, purposely holding you down while you’re sitting on his face — “such a good girl, choking on my cock with my belt around your cute little neck.”
—୨୧ ⌒* filming : has lewd pictures and videos of you (alone and with him having sex) not only in the hidden folder of his iphone, but also in polaroids, good quality camera recordings (all saved in a USB), and even from disposable cameras. he hides them well and in a locked box, but loves to live through every sinful memory in his hands, whether he’s rewatching himself stretch your cunt out, or looking at a polaroid of your face after sex — “babe, look at this one! you look so pretty with your mascara and lipstick smeared!”
—୨୧ ⌒* corruption kink : the idea that he’s the one making you know about all these new kinks, having you diminish your inexperience with him, and follow his lead sexually—god, he’s already aroused at the thought. but when it’s actually happening, he’s already rock hard and guiding you threw a slow, sultry handjob. — “that’s it, baby. you’re making me feel so good. doing so well for your first time, darling.”
Choi Jongho — manhandling, marking, voyeurism
—୨୧ ⌒* manhandling : as if you didn’t expect this to be here, of course it would be. choi jongho values his upper body strength and will use it to assert dominance (when it’s necessary). he especially enjoyed holding your wrists with one hand while he was fucking you standing up, showing off the fact that there was no way he’d drop you on the floor (would also serve his marking kink if his grip left a little bruising, only if you wanted). he would also love to fuck you against walls or doors, fully supporting you by effortlessly holding your thighs, hearing you say “harder, please” — “harder? you want me to go harder? if you say so. you better take it well, baby.”
—୨୧ ⌒* marking : giving and receiving ! hickeys, on hickeys, on even more hickeys. jongho is the type to leave one faint hickey on your neck that’s visible to everyone. however, when you take your clothes off, that’s when ten, maybe even up to twenty-something are much more visible, purple, and abundant. strangely enough, it’s almost the opposite when it comes to him. he wants you to mark him on his neck and collarbone, visible to whoever. and, he also likes it when you scratch down his back while he’s thrusting into you with his back against the headboard. — “fuck, you’re my slut. my fucking slut covered in the hickeys i made. these will last for—fuck—weeks on your body.”
—୨୧ ⌒* voyeurism : similar to mingi’s voyeurism kink, but there’s something specific he likes; when he asks you “who’s pussy are you playing with, hm?”, the only correct answer you can give is “yours”. to him, having you play with yourself while he watches boosts his ego knowing that you’d only do this for him, and that he was the only person who could see you this way. — “you look so beautiful, baby. come on, rub your clit a little more.”
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