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wnters · 3 months ago
all right! then, who do you think your mutuals were written by?
okay okay its gonna be fun 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
Tumblr media
─ @rinsbunny ,, was written by a teenage boy who lives in a small town w a small group of loyal friends. when he's not hanging out with them, he writes, draws in his notebook, just doing something that makes his artistic side happy. the boy took liking to grunge aesthetic, but he knew if he started to dress like that, his parents wouldn't support his choice. so he wrote lan u just give me grunge vibes bae 😮
─ @ghostymouse ,, was written by a fairy who lived somewhere in a cottage w a small garden. they wrote casper as their 'mini me' but w some changes, like they were writing a diary and everything that's happening to casper already happened to them. yk those books where famous people write ab their life, well that's what the fairy is writing w casp as a mc
─ @shoyotopia ,, was written by a young woman who lives in an apartment in a big city. you can find her drawing in her bedroom where she has rlly pretty view of some busy streets or talking to the mirror in her bathroom bc her dream job is voice acting. the woman wrote mia in her free time as an example of what she wants to be bc she believes mia can do big things in their life
─ @maipxilia ,, was written by a little girl who didn't have a lot of friends and even some of them were toxic. she wrote maia as a "what my best friend would be like if she existed" that's why she wrote maia so friendly & kind. an easy to talk to person with a great humour would make a pleasant and happy company to the lonely girl
─ @igyus ,, was written by a woman who didn't have a childhood she wished for. all she did was doing chores around the house from a young age which led to her not enjoying much of her life. she placed ky in her role and gave her teen years full of happy moments while trying to not leave the standards of real life. the woman wrote ky in what she imagined to be like teenage years
─ @disartrous ,, was written by a single dad who was in his late 30s. he wrote eva in his free time when he wasn't spending time with his newborn daughter, who was everything for him after his now ex wife left him. eva was written strong & kindhearted, while the man silently hoped for his daughter to be just like eva is
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saccharine-darling · a month ago
I’m hella thirsting for Levi teaching Eren how to fuck you dumb 🤤
minors and ageless blogs dni
Two Is Better Than One | Levi Ackerman x fem reader x Eren Yeager
‣ genre; 18+ explicit smut
‣ word count; 4.1k
‣ notes; this took me a bit because this is my top self-ship and it quickly turned into something very self-indulging. I was going to go to canonverse but I’m more into modern au’s, they might be ooc and I almost want to write a part two.
‣ tags; college au! RA! Levi, mmf threesome, established relationship between Eren and you, teasing, fingering, cunnilingus, consensual voyeurism, girlfriend sharing, fellatio, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, creampie, edging, handjob, spitting, fluff, dom! Levi, sub! reader, not beta read.
“Did you two not get enough sleep last night or was it another disappointing night?” Levi asked when you and Eren walked out of his room passing by Levi’s room hand in hand. Instantly your boyfriend’s cheeks were ruby red hearing the comment of the resident advisor who leaned back in his chair looking at you first then Eren.
“Maybe if you minded your own business you would’ve got some sleep yourself,” you told him rolling your eyes walking down the hallway. Eren followed you trying to muster up the courage to say something, lately, he knows that he hasn’t been able to pleasure you but you always reassured him it was okay with sweet kisses and hugs and while sex wasn’t the most important thing to you it was still frustrating nonetheless.
“I can’t believe you talked to him like that. He could write you up.”
You laughed and walked outside with him, “I’m not scared of him, others might but he’s all bark and no bite. Don’t listen to him baby, he’s just jealous.”
Eren scoffed softly, “Of what? It’s not like your screaming because I’m making you-” you slapped your hand over his mouth as a group of people walked by before pulling him into a small alleyway that led to the middle of campus, sometimes people took the shortcut but today it was deserted.
“We’ll work this out, ok? After class let’s get lunch together or something. It’s Friday so it’s my turn to stay the night with you. Don’t worry. I love you and practice makes perfect, right?” you asked kissing him while cupping one cheek.
Eren nodded resting his forehead against yours holding your waist sighing, “I know but I want you to feel good too, I’ll do whatever I need to do. I love you too and I’ll see you after.”
With that, you went your separate ways running into your friends who shared the same class with, your best friend Mikasa stayed by the front door waiting for you instantly noticing the look on your face, “What’s up?” she asked walking in the room with you.
How do you tell someone that your boyfriend can’t get you off no matter how much he tried? You didn’t want to embarrass him any further but deep down you knew you could confine in her, clearing your throat you sat in the back with her away from the other students, “If I tell you this please don’t tell anyone. So, ever since Eren and I started know? I can never cum. Not once have I and people are starting to make comments to him about it.”
Mikasa stared at you listening intently not once holding an ounce of judgment as she nodded her head, “Have you thought about bringing someone else in the bedroom?” she asked casually.
“What?” you sputtered taken back that she suggested that, you shook your head playing with the corner of your notebook.
“I think that would be even more of a blow to Eren’s ego. That would crush him if I asked that, like what if Jean asked you that? To bring someone else in?” you asked looking at your friend who shrugged her shoulders.
“We trust and love each other enough to do it, I just want to see you happy is all. Just think about it and maybe talk to him, you’ve been together for how long now? Almost three years. Love can only go so far before you start subconsciously looking for someone else. That physical connection is just as important.”
You opened your mouth to say something before shutting it knowing she’s right. Sighing you leaned back in your chair, “I guess, and you’re right. When did you get so smart?” you teased.
Mikasa rolled her eyes and opened her notebook, “I pay attention in class instead of drawing hearts with Eren’s name in the middle of them.” she said pointing to your papers that indeed have the doodles of a middle schooler who got their first boyfriend.
“Oh, whatever,” you laughed, “I love him more than anything. I hate seeing him so torn up over this.”
She nodded her head understanding. You were always grateful for the friendship between you both, “I know, just think about it.”
Class soon came and ended. Like clockwork Eren stood by the door watching everyone pour out hurrying to go get something to eat before the next class or whatever they had planned, he smiled big and opened his arms when he saw you.
“Hi, how was class?” he asked giving you a tight hug before pulling away holding your hand.
“It was alright, how about yours?”
He cleared his throat not wanting to recall the conversation he, Jean and Armin had about how Jean made Mikasa squirt and how good their sex life was while he had no choice but to sit back thinking of you and the disappointment every time. Armin even joined in talking about past experiences that made the hole in his chest bigger.
“Same, are you hungry? I’m starving. I figured we could grab something and then head back to my dorm and settle in for the night? There’s supposed to be a huge thunderstorm later.”
Nodding your head in agreement you both walked to the small cafe on campus as you thought of how to bring the topic out, you know it would be better to just tell him almost like ripping a bandaid off instead of slowly pulling it. Get it over with or slowly let it ruin the relationship? Either way, something was bound to happen and before it ended you decided to wait until you were sat across from him.
“I think we should bring someone else in,” you began watching his eyes grow with half of his sandwich in his mouth as he blinked a few times processing what you just said, “the bedroom I mean to teach you? I don’t know. Never mind, I’m sorry for bringing it up.” you blurted trying to cover your tracks and the uncomfortable silence that now hung over the table.
Eren cleared his throat setting his food down, “Is that something you want to do?” he asked curiously. He was willing to do whatever it was he needed to do to finally make you cum.
You shrugged your shoulders hiding your face in your hands feeling awful for him, “I don’t know. Yes. No. I’m not sure. I can only imagine how you feel, Mikasa actually brought it up but how do you feel about it?” you asked reaching over holding his hand.
He stared at you then nodded his head, “I can agree to that. But who are we going to ask? I don’t want to ask Armin or Connie because they’re our friends and that’s weird.”
“You agree?”
He nodded again taking another bite watching you chew on your bottom lip bouncing between people running through a mental list, “Levi?” you asked.
Eren choked on his food hearing you name the person you weren’t a big fan of.
“As in Levi Ackerman? Our RA? You two don’t even get along. Always bickering, and what makes you think he would even be down for that?”
“Yes, Levi Ackerman and I know which is why I think it should work. I can separate sex and feelings, I still don’t like him or his callous attitude but I think he can help and finally get some peace and quiet or something.”
“O-okay, well do you want to ask him then? I have a feeling he might punch me or something.”
You leaned over the table kissing him while grabbing his bun that he threw his hair in every morning, “Whatever happens we’ll make it work because I love you dearly.” you murmured against his lips, hearing that made his heart swell and break a little knowing that there was a real possibility of you leaving him for Levi even though you two went at each other’s throats like wild dogs.
“And I love you more,” Eren smiled.
Later that night Eren laid in his bed holding the remote not paying attention to what played on his TV with you curled up next to him playing with the soft hair on his stomach, “Do you want to go and ask him?” he asked wanting to get this over and done with.
You sat up kissing his forehead throwing the blanket off of you before getting off the bed, “We don’t have to do this.” you told him again.
“I know but I want to, and of course, I’m not a big fan of some guy fucking my girlfriend while I watch but I want you to feel good too,” Eren replied grabbing your hand, kissing each knuckle staring at you.
“We talked about it and have our rules set in place, if you ever want to stop just say red and it’s done and over with. We’re strong and secure in our relationship and I would never want to hurt you in any way. Please know we don’t have to go forward with this.” you reminded him once more. Eren sat up pulling you back in his lap.
“I know and I trust you with everything I have, this is just new and different. I don’t care that we do I just want you happy and comfortable, maybe he won’t even want to fuck you or anything. Just give us pointers, although it’s weird to have someone watching us have sex.”
You laughed softly peppering his face in kisses before pulling away, “I know, let’s just see where this goes.” you told him.
Several minutes later you stood at Levi’s door, knocking hearing soft classical music play while you were sure he was studying. You couldn’t help but snort as he opened the door, silver eyes bore into your forehead trying to intimidate you.
“What?” he asked coolly.
“I need to ask you something.” you began unsure how to ask him.
He raised an eyebrow crossing his arms over his chest, “Go on, I’m busy and I’d like to get some studying done before Eren tries and fails miserably to get you off.”
“Fu-” you snapped your mouth shut trying to push the anger down, “Listen. As much as I hate to ask for your help you smug little bastard I need you to do something and obviously feel free to say no but would you join us?”
He furrowed his eyebrows leaning against the door frame, “Join you? As in a threesome?”
Levi smirked as he looked at you up and down like you were his prey or something, “Is he that pathetic? Why don’t you just masturbate or something?”
“I’m not going to stand here and let you make fun of him. It’s a simple yes or no.” You weren’t going to back down from him or his ways of trying to make it seem like he’s alpha.
“On one condition I’ll do it. I’m not going to kiss your boyfriend or anything though, it’s all about you. All I gotta do is show him to please you. Yeah?”
You nodded your head, “Yes, what’s your condition?”
“Obey me. Listen to what I say. I’d like to see you on your knees, for the last two years you’ve been doing nothing but talking shit about me and I think it’s time I teach that mouth of yours a lesson. If you’re uncomfortable with anything I won’t push but I want you to give it a go.”
Your hand never itched to slap someone more than now, the pompous look on his face made you want to stomp on his toes but it was too late now, “Fine, whatever.”
“Good. Let’s go and get this over with so I can come back.” He said before walking back into his room grabbing his keys.
You walked next to him to Eren’s room with your heart in your throat, this was actually happening. All sorts of thoughts bounced around when you and he stepped inside.
“Yeager you have until the end of the week to clean this pigsty up or I’ll write you up,” Levi murmured looking around the cluttered floor with books and clothes.
Eren sat up looking at him then you, “Got it. So, where do we start?” He asked.
“Eager for me to fuck your girlfriend?” Levi asked, leaning against his desk.
You elbowed him then sat on the bed, “I suppose you can watch first, give us pointers and stuff.”
Levi shook his head, “Oh, no princess. That’s not how this is going to go, I have to teach him how to do this properly and he’s going to be the one to sit back and watch then he can join. Sound good?”
You watched him unbutton his shirt casually like this was some sort of business deal, you glanced at Eren who looked at his hands then stood up to face his chair at the bed then sat down staring at you nodding your head, “I guess, but if she says anything you stop and our safe word is red. If at anytime anyone uses that then it’s all over.” he told Levi who shrugged his shoulders.
“I can agree to that of course, I would never do anything to make her uncomfortable. Instead, I’m going to give her what she’s been wanting.”
Scooting back you watched Levi walk over to you with his shirt open then did you realize he was muscular and very attractive, shaking your head at the insane thought of finding him good-looking made you angry and you knew he could tell what you were thinking as he smirked sitting next to you before grabbing your cheeks in one hand looking at your lips squished together, “Are you thinking about how you might actually like me?” he asked brushing his thumb along your lower lip.
You shook your head afraid to trust your voice and not wanting to hurt your boyfriend who watched Levi lean forward kissing you while laying you down settling himself between your legs, he let go of your face and reached down to grab the hem of your shirt lifting it up while kissing your neck nipping softly at the flesh feeling you respond to his touch.
“Soft touches and light kisses are a good way to start off, the point is to get her dripping wet for you,” Levi murmured turning his head to watch Eren staring at him, a mixture of jealously and anger boil through him until he saw it too.
You arching your back and fingers tangled in Levi’s hair as he continued the trail of wet kisses down to your chest, he stopped for a split second to take your shirt off tossing it off the bed. Groaning in his throat he bent his head down to capture a nipple in his mouth suckling sweetly drawing pleasure from you, “Feel good?” he asked looking up at you.
“Yes,” you murmured scared to look at Eren who kept watching as he leaned back, crossing his legs hearing you moan, and as much as he tried to hide his dick that hardened you knew it was affecting him seeing you half-naked and those sounds even though it was from a different man.
Levi chuckled sliding his hand in your shorts and panties to rub your clit in small circles moving to your other bud sucking while thrusting two fingers inside curling finding the spot that had your toes curling, “Does Yeager ever do this? Tell me.” he demanded.
“He does yes but if you-”
“That’s all I asked.”
Rolling your eyes you felt him kiss his way down to the band of your shorts as he kept fingering you with slow motions grinding the heel of his palm on your clit while his other hand took the rest of your clothes off throwing it down to join your shirt. Now you laid naked on Eren’s bed with Levi on top of you as your hands explored his chest running them up and down his back before shucking his shirt off as well.
It was annoying how he was already pulling the strings, “Are you watching?” Levi asked looking at Eren who of course kept his eyes trained on you the entire time.
You couldn’t bear the thought of looking at him so you kept your eyes on the ceiling when Levi flicked your clit with his tongue before sucking on it drawing while keeping the pace of his fingers slow, your hands found purchase in Eren’s sheets as you fisted them spreading your legs wider for him, something you never did with Eren.
Part of you hated yourself for liking this so much but your body was on fire, the foreign feeling of an upcoming orgasm has your eyes rolling to the back of your head while you humped Levi’s mouth and fingers moaning profusely so close until he pulled back to beckon Eren over, “Make yourself useful and come here. Why don’t you pay attention to her?”
Standing up nervously he wiped his hands on his pants before making his way over to you sitting on the bed as it dipped with his weight, he bent down and kissed you while Levi continued keeping you on edge, it was obvious when you clenched around him you were going to cum so each time he stilled his movements watching your pussy flutter and try to suck him back in.
Eren let you pour your moans in his mouth as you ground down on Levi’s hand so close to cumming when he finally let you, your muscles burned with how hard they contracted, your fingers gripped Eren’s hair riding it out as you panted heavily throwing your head back, “Fuck! Oh my god!” you whimpered.
Both of them watched as you sat up, eyes blown with lust as you leaned in kissing Eren cupping his cheeks before looking at Levi, “You’re still smug.” you told him before kissing him too tasting yourself on his lips.
“I did make you cum, didn’t I? Now, remember what I told you earlier?”
“Obey me. Listen to what I say. I’d like to see you on your knees, for the last two years you’ve been doing nothing but talking shit about me and I think it’s time I teach that mouth of yours a lesson. If you’re uncomfortable with anything I won’t push but I want you to give it a go.”
That’s what he said earlier and it only seemed right to slide off the bed and onto your knees in front of him, “Wait-what are you doing?” Eren asked watching Levi pull his shorts down, you looked up at your boyfriend with furrowed eyebrows.
“Since I’m here to help she has to obey me, isn’t that right princess?” Levi asked smoothing his hand over your hair before stopping to cup your cheek which now burned hot as you looked down feeling guilty.
“You’re supposed to be teaching me not getting a blowjob from her.” Eren spit standing up.
Levi leaned back on his hands rolling his eyes, “Don’t be such a crybaby Yeager, why don’t you fuck her while she does it? I’ll teach you that way or I can fuck her first, better yet let me go then you can observe, but make her cum with your fingers to see if you can do that.”
“Are you kidding me? That’s supposed to make this all better?” Eren asked growing frustrated.
It didn’t help that you were naked either as you grabbed his blanket pulling it over you still kneeling on the floor, “Baby, if you want to use the safe word go ahead. I won’t be mad.” you told him as he dropped to his knees kissing you deeply before positioning himself behind you helping to get on your hands and knees.
“Fine,” Eren replied looking down intent on making you cum himself, he slowly stroked your back trailing the tips of his fingers down over the curve of your ass as he bent at the waist peppering your shoulders and neck in light kisses while he cupped your pussy rubbing one finger between your lips then your clit listening to Levi.
“You like being touched like this? I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough but I promise to be better. I don’t want to lose you.” Eren whispered in your ear while you pumped your hand up and down Levi’s cock who heard him.
You shook your head turning to kiss Eren, “You’re good enough for me and I love you no matter what.”
It was different for you both as you licked and sucked Levi’s dick giving him the same treatment as you did Eren even though you hate him you were grateful he was here helping Eren who kept his fingers pumping in and out of you biting down on your shoulder softly rubbing his thumb on your clit drawing you near your orgasm, he could feel you fluttering around him as you deepthroated Levi gagging obscenely while moaning pushing back against Eren.
“Are you about to cum?” he asked going faster pulling you into a second climax of the night, his eyes grew wide and bright feeling you stop your motions to throw your head back whining his name.
“There you go, wasn’t that hard was it?” Levi asked, “now I want you to lay on the bed for me and Yeager sit on the chair.”
With his brain buzzing, almost high that he did what’s been wanting to do for so long he obliged watching Levi help you on the bed with your legs now thrown over his shoulder, “Do you want me to wear a condom?” he asked looking down at you while grabbing a pillow placing it under your ass.
You opened your mouth then shook your head, “We never do and I’m on birth control.”
He smirked before spitting on his hand smearing it on your cunt then slowly thrust in groaning, it’s been a long time since he’s been with anyone, and as much as he doesn’t like you either part of him still wanted to put you in your place, have you crying and begging for him to cum in you.
Dropping down he slid your legs to hook over his arms putting you in the mating press slowly pulling out to snap his hips forward bottoming out both of you letting out a collective moan as he found a rough and fast pace, his balls slapped against you in heavy pats. Levi buried his face in your neck kissing and nipping going harder than you’ve ever had it before.
Eren has always been such a sweet gentle lover and having Levi fuck you almost like an animal did you realize something about yourself while you wrapped your arms around his neck lifting your hips off the pillow to meet his thrusts whimpering and moaning his name almost forgetting for a split second Eren sat in the corner watching helplessly as he fucked you dumb, reducing you to nothing but a babbling mess.
You felt awful for him but the sensation Levi gave you was undeniable when the hand that wasn’t cradling your head drifted down to rub your clit again adding to the pleasure that was radiating through you, pumping hard, almost as hard as he fucked you, “Are you going to keep talking about me and acting like a brat? You’re so fucking disrespectful but I will say you have the best pussy.” Levi grunted in your ear.
You wanted to say something back but all your mouth did was hang open hearing the bed creak from his thrusts. Your cunt pulsed as he slowed the pace relishing in the way you hugged him perfectly, you could feel every ridge, edge, and vein of his cock as he buried himself to the hilt only to pull out halfway slamming back in switching his movements to keep you on edge again.
“You like it rough, don’t you? That’s his problem. He wasn’t fucking you like you needed to be.” he moaned stroking himself in and out when the last snap of his hips broke open his climax filling your pussy as it leaked around him dripping on the sheets.
Levi pulled out sweaty and panty as he stood up pulling his boxers and shorts up, “I think my job is done. Unless you want me to stay?” he asked sitting back down rubbing your arm drawing small circles suddenly feeling soft after everything.
“I think you can leave so I can spend time with my girlfriend now,” Eren told him as he stood up walking over to you sitting on the bed pulling you into his arms.
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cupids-crystals · a month ago
Your wolfstar thoughts made my night, do you have any for polymarauders x reader?
Ooh absolutely!!
- Sirius and James bicker over every decision, no matter the topic. You and Remus have to act as tie breakers when you’re not busy giggling at their antics
- everyone has a spot in the house that they’ve made their own. Remus filled the library with old books, Sirius turned the bedroom into a sanctuary, and James filled the shed in the backyard with enough quidditch gear for a whole team
- speaking of quidditch, Sirius and James have drunken one on one matches in the backyard on weekend nights, you’re James’ cheerleader and Remus is Sirius’ (and Sirius complains that he loses because his cheerleader isn’t “cheery enough”)
- honestly it would be such an amazing relationship. You would spend your days surrounded by the best people on the planet, and it would be a jumbled mess of unconditional, wholehearted love <3
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winslowat3am · 11 days ago
will you make another one of these for winter? And can you do a fall skincare routine??
Tumblr media
I could do that, I was going to do some winter/Christmas home decor & baking anyway so I'll just add that to my list. I have several skincare routines up, there are also a lot of hygiene & skincare products I recommend on Insta. 🖤
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technosdarlin · 5 months ago
schlatt and dacryphilia. that’s it. -💌
“Cry for me little slut.” Schlatt sneers as his hips slap against your own, a hand moving to slap you across your cheek roughly. The force of the slap mixed with the intense pleasure has your eyes watering and glossing over, small tears leaking from the corners of your eyes.
“That’s it… cry like a pathetic fucking whore. Show me how it feels to be my little bitch.”
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solaxena · 10 hours ago
hey hey ooh ship your moots but with characters that aren’t their favs!
doin’ only some of my moots so if ur not here i apologize, it’s nothing personal <3
@melsun : sakusa
@okkatsudon : terushima
@tobibam : kyoutani
@uxavity : kendo
@animated-moon : terushima
@discountkiyoko : makki
@shirari : kenma
@crimsonchxins : akaashi
@hajik0ko : bokkun
@escapenightmare : uraraka
@mysterystarz : sakusa
@ugh-tsumu : tsumu
@kiyelle : tsukki
@sunkeiji : hirugami
@uravichii : denki
@shoyotime : kuroo
@sugamintchocochip : yaku
@katsuphobic : kirishima
@paperd0llz : suna
@mitsuyaya : ran
@veenxys : dabi (...shigaraki)
@shotorozu : shinso
@eleiwitch : deku
@0jiro : samu
@bat-mlm-blog : shindo
@melin-oe : mina
@ittosfav : not sure bc im not into obey me but u look like u can go w leviathan
@rintya : toto
@katsdni : monoma
@saturnmich : sakusa
@atsuvu : yaku
@sarose : ino (naruto)
@luvguji : machi (hxh)
@darlingacacia : yamaguchi
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thyming · 2 months ago
You told me once that one of your favourite animals is the fox, so I drew you one :D
Hope you like it ✨✨
Tumblr media
This is so wonderful, oh my! Thank you really much, I totally love illustrations in general and this made me really happy! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this, oh my. It really is SO pretty, and looks very, very cute! I also really love that flowers! 𝐿𝑜𝑡𝑠 𝑜𝑓 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒, 𝐿𝑜𝑢. ♡
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inarizahki · 5 months ago
hehe im here to simp
Just imagining Kita coming home from a really, really grueling day in the fields. He's almost angry he's so frustrated that things weren't working out today. First, the tractor broke down, so he had to get the small hand planter out. But then the wheel on that was locking up so he had to plant by hand.
All he wants to do is just relax, but he's so worked up and frustrated that he ends up with you in between his legs, forcing your throat around the base of his cock, making you choke and gag until your eyes are full of tears.
He won't even let himself cum in your mouth because he wants to fuck you hard and slow, just like how his day was. He folds you into a deep mating press and each stroke is hard and forceful even though they aren't fast. He's got you crying for him, wanting for friction but he takes his frustrations out slowly, that way his release is that much better.
FDKJDKJFDF he can absolutely use me like that i'm but a hoLE for this man
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girlwerewolf · 2 days ago
stop calling tom a faggot :/ it hurts his feelings
Tumblr media
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titsuya · 4 months ago
I’m sorry I saw your mommy kink post just now, I like it especially if the character you wrote for calls you mommy in a mocking sense if that makes sense?
For example: Do I make you feel good, mommy?
If I misinterpreted the ask tho lmk and please feel free to ignore this!! Also you aren’t intimidating bby, you’re super kind and I love seeing you on the dash!!🤍
i read something abt suna doing that somewhere and i think abt it constantly and lately ive been thinking abt kiyoomi or choso being like:
“yeah, you wanna be called mommy?” and “im such a good boy, right, mommy? fucking my slutty mommy’s pussy full of cum?” and then FINALLY, “if you wanna be called mommy that bad, i’ll make you a fuckin’ mommy,”
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wnters · a month ago
BAE HI <33
HI SEV <33
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saccharine-darling · a month ago
minors and ageless blogs dni
Glowing | Levi Ackerman x fem reader
‣ genre; 18+ explicit smut
‣ word count; 2.8k
‣ notes; this was a request- i have a v long request, IF YOU DONT MIND CAN WE HAVE LEVI WITH BREEDING KINK w/o the illfuck ababy into u AND LIKE DEGRADING KINK, DUMBIFICATION idk if i spelt that right help IMPACT PLAY, MAYBE LIKE FACE FUCKING TOO. i feel so filthy. AND THEN LIKE LEVIS REALLY ROUGH SO AFTER THEYRE DONE HE GIVES THE BEST AFTERCARE AND HES ALL CUTE AND CUDDLY. been dying for one and honestly ur levi works>> and again this is another fic where I heavily incorporated myself in. I hope I lived up to what you were looking for 🥺💗
‣ tags; arguing, rough makeup sex, breeding kink, rough! Levi, face/throat fucking, spit, cum/play, impact play, dumbification, alcohol but no one is intoxicated, unprotected sex, creampie, fingering, dirty talking, degradation, finger sucking, dom! Levi, sub! reader, crying, overstimulation, preestablished relationship, praising, not beta read.
Levi m.list
Your fingers danced over Erwin’s arm giving it a light squeeze and a small laugh something about how he met your husband Levi who normally was never jealous, the feeling was heavy like a rock in his gut as he watched from the other side of the ballroom holding the plastic cup of water in his hand as you barely dangled the flute in your hands before taking a sip looking at the tall blonde man with ocean eyes.
Somehow he found himself standing at the edge of the patio watching you and Erwin dance around the floor holding hands, his free one on your waist pulling you closer only to dip you hearing you giggle, “Something bothering you?” Hanji asked pushing their glasses up looking at Levi who turned to look at them raising an eyebrow.
“She’s dancing with shitty brows acting like he’s her husband instead of me,”
“Oh,” Hanji murmured elbowing her friend following gaze, sure enough, it looked like you and Erwin were long-lost lovers who finally found each other after years of being apart scared to let go of one another in fear you’d just disappear again from his life and in some way it was true.
Erwin has always loved you long before Levi who ironically introduced you to him, “want to dance with Petra? She’s your friend.”
Levi shrugged his shoulders glancing at the orange-haired woman who smiled and waved at him, he looked back at Hanji and shook his head.
“She is my friend, yes, but I don’t want to dance.”
“Maybe that’s why she’s down there with him instead.”
Before he could open his mouth to say something they were already walking away to join Mobilt in on the dancing, “Stupid four-eyes,” Levi grumbled before downing his water before throwing away the cup walking over to you and Erwin who was twirling you in a circle away from him giving Levi the perfect chance to grab your hand pulling you into him.
“Hi,” you panted softly cupping the back of his neck, the smell of the sweet wine fanned over his face.
“Looks like you’re both having a lot of fun.” Levi murmured staring daggers at Erwin who backed away in search of another glass of champagne and to get away from the heartbreak of watching Levi ghost his hand down to the small of your back pulling you closer to him.
“We were yes, but there’s no reason to get jealous baby.” you murmured threading your fingers through his hair as he stared at you with an aloof look, his silver eyes intense as he fought the urge to say something to Erwin, instead he kept you close to him as he danced awkwardly around the floor replaying Hanji’s words over and over in his head.
“Do you think I’m a good husband?” he blurted squeezing your hand fearing the worst answer possible.
“What? Of course, I do Levi, you’re so caring, sweet, attentive, smart and you know me like the back of your hand. You’re the shoulder I know I can always lean on, the person who always has my back no matter what even if I’m in the wrong. I can count on you for anything and everything, I mean we have fights and sometimes you do close yourself off but you’re still a trophy husband.”
His heart softened as he felt his cheeks grow warm leaning in to kiss you deeply, “A trophy husband?” he asked noticing Erwin still stealing glances even as he talked to Mike and Hanji about something, his eyes lingering longer than what he liked.
The feeling of jealously was new and foreign, why should he care when you were the one to marry him and not Erwin who asked you not once but twice?
“Yes, a trophy husband,” you leaned in whispering in his ear, “I hear the women in the neighborhood talk about you, or when we’re in the grocery store I can hear them whispering about how handsome you are and how cute your ass is.” he felt you grab both cheeks giving them a firm squeeze earning a small grunt from him.
“And do not get me started on when you wear those button-up shirts with the sleeves rolled to your elbows,” you added with a mischievous smile.
Levi rolled his eyes clicking his tongue. He’s used to your open display of affection and really doesn’t mind usually, opening his mouth to say something Erwin walked up to you both holding another flute looking at you with a warm soft smile as he gestured it to you, “Oh, I’m good thank you.” you told hi keeping one arm still wrapped around Levi’s waist.
“Ah, well looks like Mike gets another one,” Erwin chuckled, “could I steal another dance before I head home?” he asked.
You looked at Levi then at him, “I actually think we’re going to head out right now. It was nice seeing you again Erwin.” you patted his shoulder and walked off the dance floor with Levi behind you.
“Aren’t we going to say goodbye?” he asked following you confused about the sudden change of pace, you shook your head laughing as you turned to look at him.
“We’re not leaving just yet, there’s one thing I want to do before we go and Hanji told me it was okay, they’ll keep watch over everything and it was their idea really.”
Levi raised an eyebrow wondering the hell you two were up to but knowing you and them it was something probably far-fetched and crazy. You glanced around before walking into the lobby of the hotel to the elevator, using your free hand you dug in your purse producing a card to a room, showing Levi he looked at it then you.
“What are we doing?” he asked as you pulled him into the elevator pushing him against the wall as the doors closed, your lips found his kissing him so needy and desperate like it was the last one you’d share together. Wrapping his arms around your waist he kissed you back before pulling away to look at you, his features softened while cupping your cheek.
“We-well, I got a room for us. I’ve been staring at you all night and I couldn’t wait until we got home,” you whispered popping the first two buttons of his shirt before grabbing the lapels of his jackets.
“You looked too busy staring at Erwin to even look at me,” he said not meaning for it to come out so nasty but the damage was already done, stepping back you gripped the card in your hand turning to face the doors.
“A lot of things look good on you but jealousy doesn’t,” you replied before walking out towards the room with him following close behind you, the apology on the tip of his tongue but wasn’t sure how to word it.
Unlocking the door you walked inside letting Levi shut the door before grabbing your wrist gently to stop you, “Listen I didn’t mean for that to come out so harsh.” you looked at his hand then at him furrowing your eyebrows.
“Really? I know you like the back of my hand too. Our dancing doesn’t mean anything, he’s nothing but a friend.”
You both stared at each other, his stubbornness coming to a head as he let you go taking his jacket off laying it over the back of the chair neatly watching you sit on the bed kicking your shoes off rolling your eyes, “You might want to tell him that. Asking for one more dance before he goes home and supplying you with more to drink?” he asked voice thick with irritation.
“You do know that my last name is Ackerman and not Smith? I was having fun and he wasn’t the only one I danced with. If I recall you told me you didn’t want to dance so why should I just stand around with my hands in my pockets watching everyone have fun?”
It was his turn to roll his eyes sitting down in the chair facing you crossing one leg over the other folding his hands in his lap, any time you and he had some sort of argument he was hell-bent on fixing it because the passing thought of you leaving him never left the back of his mind but he never pushed especially when it was heated like now, usually he waited until everything calmed down before figuring out a way to talk it out.
“I never said you had to do that but are you really that blind not to see the look in his eyes? Like you were something he could eat.” Levi mumbled.
You stood up and set your purse on the table walking over to him grabbing the armrests bending down to look at him dead in the eyes, “I’m not interested in him,” you told him moving your hands to his belt unbuckling it before pulling it off throwing it on the bed, “I only have eyes for you and while I admit jealousy can cause a lot of heartaches there’s something about seeing you so riled up makes me hot. I’m all yours and your mine, we made vows to stay together forever and I meant them.”
Levi watched you sink to your knees tugging on his black slacks to palm his growing cock before pulling the band of his boxers down grasping the base softly looking up at him, “If you ever thought for even a second that I was thinking about someone else it’s not true.” you murmured peppering small kitten kisses to his head watching his head loll back resting on the back of the seat bringing one hand to the back of your head as you opened your mouth taking him in.
“I know, I’m sorry I let my jealousy get the best of me.” he gasped when you deepthroated him fondling his balls softly bobbing your head up and down, watching you like this set a fire in his chest as you kept working up and down, judging from the way you didn’t care at how he was thrusting his hips up he knew the kind of mood you were in, with both hands on either side of your head he kept you still fucking your throat with harsh snaps of his hips.
Gagging could be heard from outside the door as you drooled over his dick making it easier for him to slide in and out, his bottom lip was tugged between his teeth losing himself in the warmth of your throat, “Reminds me of our wedding night, you couldn’t keep my cock out of your mouth, could you? Or bounce yourself on it begging for me to cum in you.” he growled moving his hand to the back of your head now.
You gripped his legs letting him take control hearing him moan so beautifully thinking of the night he was talking about, the truth of it had your pussy dripping at this point and clit throbbing. After saying goodbye to everyone you nor Levi could keep each others hands off one another, fingers removing your clothes until bare skin whispered against bare skin as your legs wrapped around his waist then later over his shoulder only for you to end up on top of him nails digging in shoulders.
The moment you met Levi you knew that you were two were destined to end up together and seven years later here you were with him replaying the night you two were husband and wife, with one final snap he came shooting his load down your throat, “Don’t swallow.” he demanded as you pulled away keeping your mouth open showing him the creamy white essence coating your tongue.
He slid two fingers in depressing the muscle before smearing it around pulling out wiping some on your lips groaning, “Good girl, now get on the bed face down and ass up.”
You were quick to get off the carpet getting on the bed getting into position as he stepped behind you resting his knees against the mattress leaning over to grab his belt looping it as he trailed it over your back then ass using his free hand to yank your dress up and panties down ripping the fabric making you gasp, “I know you love me but the way shitty brows was looking at you made me want to jab in the eyes.” he said rearing his hand back cracking the leather over your bare ass, his free fingers stroked your cunt circling your clit as he slapped you again.
If it was any other night Levi would have you in his office or in the bedroom bent over his desk or knees with your panties his palm striking your ass, the stinging sensation something you felt many times before mixing in with the hot pleasure that pumped through your blood which roared in your ears as you fisted the blanket looking out the window of the high rise hotel.
A gasp escaped your parted lips when he slid two fingers inside you curling and stroking while keeping his thumb on your clit, dropping the belt he bent down kissing away the bites of his belt massaging the soft skin.
“You know as much as I love cumming in that pretty mouth of yours I love watching it drip from your used cunt which I'm going to breed, don’t you love it when I do that?” he asked trailing his kisses up to your shoulder ghosting his free hand up to rest on the side of your neck barely resting his fingers on your throat.
“I do! I do!” you whined grinding on his fingers that kept pumping in and out making your toes curl, Levi chuckled to himself watching your eyes roll to the back of your head on the verge of orgasm as pulled out he joined you on the bed helping you on your back to bury his face between your legs placing tender and sweet kisses on your pussy sliding his arms under and around your thighs pulling you closer.
“You taste so fucking good I could stay here forever,” Levi moaned into your skin lapping at you softly at first sucking and flicking your clit with great care that you were sure a bright light was dancing behind your eyes as he kept it up as you grabbed two handfuls of his hair humping his face wildly arching your back and moaning his name loudly over and over, you were sure there was going to be complaints.
He didn’t stop until your thighs were shaking from the third orgasm he gave you that left your eyes watering as you panted heavily looking at him with wet eyelashes taking in his beautiful naked body, once what was hardened muscles have turned softer and to you sexier as you sat up grabbing his arms pulling him down on top of you engaging in heavy teeth clacking kiss feeling his cock slide against your swollen and soft cunt, finally he pressed in until he was buried to the hilt.
“Can’t get enough of me, huh? Don’t worry sweetheart I can’t get enough of your sweet pussy either the way you pull me back in, my own personal fleshlight aren’t you?”
Both of you let moaned when he began a perfect pace of pulling out slowly only to snap his hips hard against you fucking you slow, rough, and deep while cradling your head with one hand, the other found purchase on your breast staring at you, noses pressed together.
“My cute little cock slut.” he whispered kissing you roughly before fisting your hair only to pull out completely putting you back on your hands and knees wincing from the loss of him.
“I hope I’m your favorite cock slut.” you giggled high of the three toe-curling climaxes he gave you with just his tongue.
“Of course, you are my dear. I love praising you for being such a good girl but the way your pussy is trying to milk me already, have I fucked you stupid yet?” he asked grabbing your shoulders pulling your back flush against his chest as he held the back of your neck kissing the sides of it while thrusting in and out slowly.
All you could do was slur unintelligible words as you held his arm whining and moaning something about how good only he could make you feel like this, his teeth nipped your skin as he grunted against your shoulder feeling his own orgasm uncurl stilling his hips he came hard shooting thick ropes of cum in you panting.
Several minutes later you found yourself between his legs in the bathtub in the warm water as he lathered his hands up to massage your shoulders, “You did amazing, you always do. You’re glowing.” he whispered kissing your cheek as you settled between against him sighing in content.
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cupids-crystals · a month ago
Lydia, do have any wolfstar x reader thoughts? They're taking over my mind tonight hehe
I’m always thinking wolfstar x reader thoughts <3
- Sirius always sleeps in the middle of the bed, he makes a big deal about being cold and needing you and Remus to keep him warm
- Remus likes to have subtly matching clothes, like if you wore a burgundy sweater, he would wear burgundy socks as a way to carry you with him throughout the day
- Speaking of matching, Sirius would paint his nails the same color as yours (or at least one nail) for the same reason that Remus likes to wear matching clothes
- Remus never wants to get out of bed in the mornings and would lay himself over you and Sirius to keep you both in bed for five more minutes
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winslowat3am · 24 days ago
I was wondering about your veggie garden; what's the trees with the black dots all over them? They look scary 👉🏼👈🏼
I assume you mean this type of tree:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These are called Jabuticaba (Ja-boo-chi-ka-ba) trees. They're native to Brazil. The "black dots" are fruit, we harvest them for wine, jelly & juice. They're about the size of a grape. The only big difference between this fruit tree & any common fruit tree is the fruit grows on the tree bark. They have medicinal properties, too. Scary looking for sure at first, but very healthy, plentiful & delicious. We have quite a few foreign veggies & fruits growing here year round. ☺️
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lovewasted · 3 months ago
💐 Tom Holland dating Harrison’s sister and getting her pregnant
tw: sister!osterfield, dad to be!tom
the dating aspect doesn’t bother harrison much because he’s known tom long enough to know that he adores his sister. i don’t think tom would genuinely fuck it up, so harrison doesn’t have anything to worry about.
“what if i was to tell you i got her pregnant mate?”
harrison would be elated, glad that his sister is lucky enough to be have a future of raising a child with someone that has deeply dreamed of it.
join my 1.5 k celebration
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forestial123 · 3 months ago
(Not an ask, Pure and happy feedback.)
Respected Yenshu,
Greeting's from my side of the 🌏👋🏻🙏🏻
      Firstly, Thank you so much for your precious time and powerful energy.⭐🌌🙏🏻
     I'm so happy that the respective vibe and assumptions resonates accurately.😊
     I like how you radiates this pure healthy "Confident & loving" Vibe. And when you said, "I prefer to walk away in peace at the right time." This just hit me. There is so much to learn from such a precious soul..💗
About my energy. :-
      Amazing energy.😊, blue and green aura, kind of like a peacock 😍🥰with an empath’s heart.💜
Omg! This ➡️ "Royal yet not unkind. Pure yet not naive. Wise yet not cunning." My heart just 💥
Very ethereal vibes.😍🥰
You see so much blue for me. Omg!
Omg! This ➡️ "You feel like an expanse of ocean made of stardust. You feel like the Aurora Borealis slipping through my fingers." And this ➡️ "Ethereal & untainted is your vibe." Wow! My heart just 💥😭
My personality. :-
       friendly and try to spread positivity and love each day Yes!, heart centred person, little sensitive 😭🎯 cause yes! i take things to heart quickly.
cares about all things, Talent of healing. Yes!🎯 , love to lose yourself in nature and just roam around in a forest.😳🤯🎯
Yes! I want atleast 3 - 4 cats.😊💗
super intellectual. Omg! Thank you I love hearing compliment about my intelligence.🙈
Love learning new thing's. Yes! My soul crave for knowledge! 😊,quite talkative.(when I'm comfortable around person then I love talking about different topics from galaxies to animals to history.)
Yes! 🎯 difficulty connecting with people around me.
Omg! This ➡️ "You’re definitely going to be a home for many. A safe space for quite a few people in the future." This made me cry. I needed to hear this.💜
Sweet voice 😊,  elegant - the way i handle myself. 😊💜
You felt energised while doing my reading?
And, This has never happened to you before? Omg! Wow! I'm so happy that my energy made you comfortable and energised.😊💗
I'm from higher realms?. Yes! I strongly felt that and your confirmation makes me happy. Cause I felt it was all in my head! 😅
Possibly my first incarnation on earth.😳
This ➡️ "You’re here to raise the vibration of the planet (and we appreciate u)." Omg! Now I feel like I have to fullfill this huge responsibility withing such a short lifespan.
This ➡️ "You definitely have celestial or Star DNA in your blood." This is so powerful.😳⭐🌌
Yes! I attract a lot of energy vampires 😞and in the past I was unaware of these and interracting with them always left me extremely drained. But now, I'm learning and improving how to protect my soul from such beings. ✊🏻💪🏻
I feel extremely lucky and happy that you allowed me to participate.🙏🏻
You hit accuracy.⭐
Thank you so much for your precious time and energy.🙏🏻
Thank you so much for such a powerful and positive reading.⭐🌌🙏🏻
Stay Safe and healthy.🌻
Sending loads of love,light, happiness and positivity.🌸💗
I’m so touched by this long ass feedback. You & your energy are blessing my blog, ma’am. I literally feel so good interacting with you. I’m super happy it resonated. Thank you for this. I truly truly truly appreciate it <3
Tumblr media
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solaxena · 8 days ago
Hi <3 its Cia time <3
So, aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?
actually, i’m a house wife ! to be more specific, your house wife <3
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inarizahki · 4 months ago
sunny you were taking about thigh fucking right? so I give you this... *slides twt porn cutely in your dash* it gives me very very yamaguchi vibes the way he moans and grabs her, so desperate and needy but also,,,, I could see bokuto in this position don't you think? you suggested a little game one night knowing exactly what to do to make him come undone without your hands and he's so curious and intricate that his subby princess decides to take the lead. she obviously has a nice pair of tight rights too and he doesn't even has to do much to indulge her, it's natural and easy the way he gives himself up, lost in the feelings of her soft skin and how she's encouraging him to cum all over her <333
OHFNEJIFJD that’s yams right there 😩 anD bokuto
yamaguchi thrusting so desperately up into you, moaning and whining, biting his lip, hands on your ass, gripping the flesh there so hard it’s almost painful, the way he’s kneading it. but he has to because it’s too much for him and he just wants to cum so badly, so you help him, squeezing your thighs together and rolling your hips and soon he’s shaking and twitching and spilling his load all over the curve of your ass, arms flopping to the side, boneless and exhausted from the exertion as you kiss his cheek proudly.
bokuto at the 1:00 timestamp, fucking up so hard your body’s bouncing on his. he’s vocal, gasping how he’s so close, how he’s going to cum so hard, how he wishes he were balls deep in your cunt but this is good enough for now. he cums with a shout when your thighs all but milk his cock dry, chest heaving when he comes down from his high, dick softening between your legs as you pepper his face with kisses.
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msmarvelwrites · 4 months ago
What's your favourite dark au fic?
Hey babe! Thanks for the ask 💕 here are 3 of my FAVS.
Daddy Lessons By @sweetersficlibrary
Divided We Fall By @navybrat817
Happy To Help By @whateveriwant
ALL of these fucked. me. up. I will never be the same.
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saintgojo · 4 months ago
gojobob decorates his pineapple under the sea very nicely, probably has some expensive furnishings. it’s a lonely life for him, he’s the strongest sponge under the sea after all, not even getoustar could beat him, not when he’s so perfectly in his element. when he invites you to his pineapple for the first time, he fucks you on the pricey gucci couch he stole from one of his escapades on land. his skin means that you stay clean even after all the fucking, all the sweat n cum just gets scrubbed away by his sponge skin. but he can’t cum inside you, he’s a sponge, ma’am. so instead his asexual reproduction kicks in and a cloned gojobob pops out of him. and now you’re one big happy family. sponges also don’t cheat, so there’s no sera for you to worry about.
🧿👄🧿 ‼️
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