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Daniel Ricciardo : No Brakes Ep 1 presented by Thorne (⏯)
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deis-beloved · 4 months ago
I need you more than i could ever imagine.
I don't want to live without you.
I could never do that.
I need you.
I need you.
I need you.
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daddywantstospoilyou · 9 days ago
Sit on my face and lets see how fast your legs shake, eyes roll and tap out. Lets see how much and how many times you squirt and drench me with your juices
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unfortunate-development · 9 months ago
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ask-bolin · a month ago
I know I literally just sent a request but now I’m thinking of a little Mover premiere moment where Bolin asks the princess to go but she says she can’t but she’ll listen from the radio. But then she shows up anyway and he’s all excited and the press is SHOOK by the famous couple? Up to you love 💕 -☀️
Author: Ooh I like it!
"No, I totally understand," Bolin said sincerely, making sure you knew he wasn't offended "Mover premieres can be a little hectic but I can't even imagine how some of your duties are when it comes to dealing with world leaders."
"I'll go to the next one," you assured, "I wish I could go to this one, but I promise I'll listen to the premiere on the radio while I work."
Bolin gave you a kiss, then left to get ready for the night. You went to your room at the Republic City Fire Nation embassy and changed into some comfy pajamas. If you were going to have to work tonight, you were at least going to be comfortable. You walked over to your office, switched the radio to the broadcast of the Mover premiere, and started on your paperwork.
As the broadcast, and your work, went on, you heard the announcer say, "And here comes another star, Bolin! Famous for his character, Nuktuk! And wowee look at what he's wear-peeeewooooo..."
You looked at the radio in confusion, wondering what the announcer was trying to say. Then you realized that funny sound was the last breath of your radio before it died.
"Oh no. No no no!" You tried shaking the radio back to life, but no luck. You ran around the embassy looking for another radio, but each one was being used for official business. You ran out the front door, "I promised Bolin!" You made it down the embassy steps, then turned right around and ran back up the steps. "I can't go in pajamas!" So you hurried to your room and found a proper outfit that you could also put on in a hurry.
Once dressed, you found a ride to the premiere and hoped to make it with enough time to actually show support for Bolin.
Of course, it was so crowded around the premiere that your ride could not find a safe place to stop, so when they slowed down enough, you jumped out and made your way to the entrance. Camera flashes started going off around you, and you could hear the crowd murmur their surprise about seeing the princess. You politely yet firmly made your way through the crowd to the entrance of the premiere.
Inside, it was even busier. Between the people and the decorations, it seemed like it would be impossible to find Bolin. Then you felt a tugging at your leg, you looked down and said, "Pabu! I'm so glad to see you!" Pabu squeaked a response, then ran into the crowd. "Pabu, wait for me!" and you followed.
"Hey, I wondered where you went off to," you heard from a familiar voice. Bolin was listening intently to what Pabu had to say. "Really? Where?" Bolin looked around, then found you, "Princess! You're here!"
The whole crowd turned to look at you and Bolin. Again, cameras flashed as you and Bolin ran to each other. Bolin held you and spun you around. "I'm so glad you could make it! What happened?"
You laughed, "It's a long story."
The rest of the night was filled with you and Bolin in each other's arms, being asked by everybody about your relationship. In between kisses, you both answered as much as you could.
The next day, the newspapers were filled with pictures of you and Bolin embracing and having a wonderful time.
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divisiblecloud · a month ago
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Working from home during this monster heatwave. It's actually not too bad indoors. The residents on the upper floors can't say the same, though. Air conditioned coffee shops in the city are rammed today.
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rolitasalv · 6 months ago
Música [ Free ] 🔆Just Breathing NEFFEX lml 🎼(NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC)✅
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xumoonhao · 2 months ago
actually you know what life is indescribably beautiful and we will all one day experience he happiness we so rightfully deserve and we will get to live the life we always had in mind for ourselves!!!
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rinna0017 · 8 months ago
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spanish gp 2016|Manuel Goria
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nazenderr · 9 months ago
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Bazen beni bu diyardan alıp kaçırayım diyorum, ama ondan güzeleni bulamıyorum.. Evet evet İstanbuldan bahsediyorum..
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horrifically · 2 months ago
hii im currently at trial against the man who sa'd me, can i get like ten dollars so i can get smth to eat after this
c//sh//pp: noirefilm
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lovesick-culture-is · 3 months ago
intro i guess
standard x-culture-is blog but for people who are lovesick, obsessed with someone, etc
inspired by all the other culture blogs
run by currently only the divine sys, we'll mark off who posted in the tags
all tags are tagged here so you can filter through them!
collectively, we use Angel and they/it!
queue is twice a day
dni: basic dni criteria. racists, lgbtqia+phobic, bigots in general, z00ph1l3s, p3d0/nomap/map/proship/comship (all the same fucking thing /neg), sysmed, nsfw, anti-kin, ill add more to this later idk
pronouns n signoffs below the cut
you may have a new mod soon!! mr riddler has been requested to be a mod, but we have no fucking idea how to have him accept the mod invite please help
there's a lot i'm sorry
coyote: he/they/[]/:)/:( (any are fine w me) "🥩"
ghostbur: they/he/blue (they/blue preferred) "🐑"
sun: he/they/sol/it (he/sol preferred) "☀"
moon: they/nova/luna/it (they/them preferred) "🌙"
monty: he/scale (either) "🐊"
roxy: she/bark (she/her preferred) "🐺"
mike: he/him (he/him duh (/lh)) "🦊"
vanny: she/her (^ but she/her) "🐰"
chica: she/they/trash (she/trash) "🐔"
freddy: any pronouns (he/him and star/starry are his favorites though) "🐻"
rev: literally anything, im chill. "💥"
wil: he/she/it (shes chill w anything too) "🎸"
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deis-beloved · 5 months ago
Please disappear with me forever.
It'll only be us. <3.
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lestafinn · 7 months ago
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conservative-riot · 10 days ago
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ask-bolin · a month ago
Could I possibly request a little Bolin x Reader where reader is the fire nation princess (not that one girl because I know you don’t do ocs). But basically it’s the first time he’s meeting her family for a dinner or something? Like she’s invited him to the palace to eat? Your last few asks got me inspired. -☀️
Author: Coming right up! Bolin x Fire Nation Princess reader!
"You look fine," you said to a fidgety Bolin. "Plus, we have plenty of time to make sure you're ready for dinner." Bolin was pacing back and forth, stopping to check his suit in the mirror occasionally, then pacing even faster.
"That's easy for you to say! You're always beautiful!" Bolin described your beauty almost like a mystery. "But I never realized that I only have the one fancy suit! Your family probably already saw me wear it for the ten millionth time when I was going to Korra's ten millionth award ceremony! What am I going to do??"
"Well..." you thought of a plan because you wanted to make sure you were seeing things from Bolin's point of view. You knew your family was excited to meet Bolin, they already liked him from hearing about his achievements, even before you had described Bolin. "We have plenty of suits you can borrow for tonight, if you want?"
"Really?" Bolin asked, "Your family wouldn't mind? I feel like I would look like some guy that's already asking for such a huge favor from a family I haven't even met yet..."
"That's what this whole dressing room is for," you gestured to the room you were in, "the closet is full of clothes that were kind of meant as back up. You wouldn't believe how messy diplomacy can be. I bet we even have Earth Kingdom clothes!" You ran to the closet, thinking this would be kind of a fun dress up time before dinner.
As you pulled out suits, Bolin changed in the little area of the dressing room meant for changing. You assured Bolin he looked handsome in each suit, but you suggested the next suit based on Bolin's worries about the last suit. Bolin started to enjoy the dressing up as much as you did, and it even got silly at times. He looked pretty silly when he mixed and matched clothes from different parts of the world. When it got closer to dinner time, Bolin was looking very sophisticated and confident in the suit you both had agreed on. Bolin was ready.
Knowing your family, and how nervous Bolin was, you told Bolin that the plan was that you would both come into the dining room after your family had taken their seats. It was a large table, you and Bolin saw your family seated around the table, but Bolin also saw them as some of the most powerful people in the world. You guided Bolin to the two empty chairs waiting for you. Or... you thought you were guiding Bolin until you looked back and saw that Bolin was no longer follwing you.
In a hushed and quickened tone, you called Bolin to come back to your side. Bolin was too nervous to hear you, he was making his way around the table, shaking everyones hand, personally introducing himself to each person sitting at the table.
"Bolin, no," you couldn't help but giggle, "they know who you are. Come sit down."
"Oh, okay. Sure thing," Bolin replied while frozen mid-handshake with one of your family members. "Excuse me," he said to your family, then followed you to your seats. Once seated, you reminded Bolin to take a deep breath, and to be himself.
After that awkward entrance, the dinner started to go smoothly. Your family asked Bolin questions that were easy to answer, not trick questions like he irrationally expected. Bolin didn't mind being the center of attention in other events, and after realizing how nice your family is, Bolin was again comfortable speaking to an audience.
Bolin told them about his own newly discovered family, spoke about all the wonderful friends he made around the world, and even answered questions about the adventures in living with a fire ferret.
The night ended up being being full of fun and laughs for evreyone! Bolin even made friends with the chefs that brought out the delicious food. Your family's expectations of Bolin being a wonderful person were easily exceeded. After dessert, Bolin hugged every member that was a hugger, and shook the hand of everyone else.
While taking Bolin back to the dressing room, he was beaming telling you about how much fun he had. Before he could finish changing, he asked you when you think the next dinner would be.
After a kiss good night, you and Bolin had shared how successful the night was for both of you. Bolin thanked you for all of your help and gave you one last, deep kiss good night.
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unfortunate-development · 9 months ago
shoutout to my robot mutuals being cooler than everyone else btw
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