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i wish tumblr had stories like ig, fb, sc, etc….

i could put my annoying post on there and my more decent ones on the dash 😂

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if i can ask advice ? i trust my darling completely and we're both extremely monogamous and she's so patient with me about it but since my mental health has tanked, my brain has fixated on the ppl she was with before me... i know it's illogical and it doesn't matter but i want her to have only ever been mine. i want her to have these things only with me... i'm getting professional help but.. does anyone else have this ? --☀️

o good lordt i’ve kinda let this one sit i’m sorry

but somethin i may suggest for your thoughts? those people weren’t worthy of your s/o, what matters now is she’s yours and only yours

(tho you are valid, sometimes mental health slips n it takes time to get it back where it was, progress isn’t linear in the realm of mental stuff after all!!)

additionally, talk to her abt it if you haven’t already! do some good ol communication!! if you need reassurance, then get that gucci reassurance!!

i hope at least something of that helped aaaa

~mod sweetpea

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not me cumming so hard my cat got worried and started meowing…

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and they just want to let it all burn
by unova

As Dabi readies another attack - this time aiming for both Hawks and the camera - the Number Two Hero says something that sends a chill straight to Fuyumi’s core.

“Do your worst, Todoroki Touya.”

Words: 1684, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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