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I hate it here
by SickandSweaty

Basically, this is a college au of the league of villains mostly centering around Dabi and Shigaraki. Dabi is a Todoroki, and Shigaraki was a foster kid. Dabi is a music major: aspiring to have a band, play a sexy bass fuck yeah. Shigaraki is an art major: aspiring to design or even make video games. These mother fuckers are pining and have an eventful college experience.

Words: 1788, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Growing Pain
by IHaveMany

Midoriya is hit with an age quirk, sending him back into his four year old body and mindset. While the pros track down the culprit, looking after little Izuku falls to his childhood friend, Bakugo, who is…well, let’s just say that he’s not thrilled.

Words: 1785, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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As Forged By Fate
by kora356

Shouto wasn’t too excited about meeting his soulmate because he’s convinced they will be just like his father. Then he meets him and everything doesn’t fall into place like Midoriya said it would.

What should a person do when their soulmate lies to their face about not being their soulmate?

Words: 7146, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Bakugou’s Lament

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Destinies Connected (Adrien Agreste X Oc)
by Xayden

A childhood friend of Adrien Agreste returns causing some complicated feelings to rise up within Adrien Agreste. To make matters even more complicated, a mysterious hero by the name of Shiroi Ōkami appears in Paris. How do these two affect the story? Read to find out. (Adrien Agreste x Japanese! Female Oc) (Warning: Slight Yandere Adrien)

Words: 3134, Chapters: 1, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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Self Made Men

Izuku Midoriya used to be a kid who stood on the straight and narrow. A kid whose dream was taken away from him by the cruel hands of destiny. A book, and a couple of new friends change his lease on life. Now, he is off to make his dream come true, regardless of what fate has in mind!
-Izuku Midoriya and a Gang of Familiar Faces
-Mei Hatsume
-Katsuki Bakugo
-And Many more!

Words: 1083, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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I don’t know? Some sort of like... short lived celebration of sorts? Maybe give them both hugs and kisses! Some sort of “Welcome back! We’re so happy you’re safe!!”

Heart will definitly do that, but I don’t care for these things. It’s her responsibility. I will be just glad he is back.

-♤♡♢♧ (♧)

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The UA Quarantine Collection
by Hero DarkyDark

There’s a new version of a old Virus which has caused a pandemic and now all the characters in the MHA world have to quarantine themselves. What this virus do is cause people’s Quirks to go out of control, basically the trigger of their quirks become dysfunctional and they’ll unintentionally be using their quirks at random times. If someone who is quirkless gets it, they’ll only get a fever.

During this time an unnamed person with a Multidimensional seeing Quirk is bored at home because of the quarantine, so they’re using their quirk to see into alternative dimensions for entertainment. Witness with him the multiple shenanigans the MHA will get into in different situations.

Words: 1882, Chapters: 2/31, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of UA Quarantine Collection Collaboration

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