saturdaysky · 18 days ago
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exu: calamity mosaic portrait for essek! he would have made a great age of arcanum wizard (affectionate, derogatory)
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hermoonlitworld · 6 months ago
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paper-lilypie · a month ago
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since I have nothing to show for chapter three so far, have this messy thing from chapter seven lmao
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multiversalmurder · 4 months ago
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Subject File | MAKKARI
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mostlyfate · 6 months ago
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KDRAMASPACE 2021 YEAR IN REVIEW CHALLENGE: December 25: Stocking Stuffers | Tag a friend or someone you’re thankful for/admire to spread the holiday spirit and create a gift of some of their favorite — But why am I so worried? It’s like you’re a little kid. I’m a grown man. You don’t need to worry. No, you’re not. RUN ON (2020 - 2021) = for the kindest and talented, @jaehwany*:・゚✧
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mattiaznoceda · 5 months ago
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El dibujo no es mio :]
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supermaks · a month ago
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Spain, 2022. The WDC Leader. By Lars Baron.
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khinesthetic · 7 months ago
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The Frustration of Team Leaders everywhere
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keelifallen · 3 months ago
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gothteddies · 4 months ago
Reasons I wear a belt:
🔲 to keep my pants up
☑️ because I like the way you look up at me on your knees unbuckling it
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saturdaysky · 6 days ago
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exu: calamity mosaic portrait for caleb! he, too, would have made a great age of arcanum hubris wizard, which is why he is my favorite
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queenoftherodeoo · 7 months ago
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Victoria Monét at Day N Vegas Festival
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paper-lilypie · 3 months ago
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motherfucker-from-the-fog · 4 months ago
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I propose this as a piece of a new cosmetic, BHVR think about it.
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l-tora-l · a month ago
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Cr:@AOInaning on twitter
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maradigma · a month ago
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SessKik Weekend Day 3: Family / Guardians of Children
For the last one I wanted to give them some chill domestic family days + tired babysitter Jaken 🤠, with a cute little kiddo too! He’s a boy and his name is Hayataro, and there was a team effort of the discord members to decide on what he’d look like and his name, and this is more or less what we figured! Personally, I think any child of SessKik would be so darn beautiful they might look kinda androgynous, until they hit puberty and then it’s a bit more clear. But yeah, they’re gonna be ridiculously pretty either way.
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lovemeorlovemycloset · 7 months ago
Before doing anything that scares you just stop for a second and say this out loud or in your mind:
And so it is. ✨✨✨
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gilded-ghosts · a month ago
This late 1890s collection is getting out of hand…🫢🫢🫢
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lejoursobre · 9 months ago
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I'm testing some new glittering and colors shifting watercolors ✨✨✨ but it's hard to take pict so here a crappy gif ✨😂✨
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pinkuberii · 4 months ago
but on a different note, the zhongli brainrot is strong rn so have some of my incessant ideas…
imagine zhongli being a plant lover and buying a new plant for your home every week. like, you just come home from work to see yet another small potted plant on the kitchen windowsill. said man’s face is glowing with a proud and excited grin.
“welcome home, dearest. you’ve arrived just in time. i’ve placed your dinner on the table but before we share our meal, might i introduce you to-”
you cut him off with a tired yet amused huff before he could continue. “another addition to your green family?”
the proud-turned-sheepish smile he now wears warms your heart, and you find that you don’t have it in you to be mad at him for spending more of your hard-earned mora on more plants.
“apologies, my dearest, but i couldn’t have left this little one behind… it was on the brink of drying out, and so the florist kindly sold it to me for less than half the price. with enough care and attention it will surely flourish once more. you’re not upset with me, are you…?” he fumbles. it was clear that he was trying to appease you, possibly worried that you’d scold him for another silly purchase.
a quick glance at the aforementioned baby succulent on the windowsill and your partner’s hopeful expression is enough to give you an answer. honestly, this man had you wrapped around his finger and it was, bluntly put, rather shameful.
you shake your head softly. “no, zhongli, it’s okay. it’s actually kinda cute. have you found a name for it already?”
he visibly relaxes at your calm tone and smiles excitedly once again. taking a step towards you, he gently reaches out for your hand and clasps it with his warm one. “i was actually hoping to name it with you, dearest. why don’t we have this discussion over our meal? i’ve made your favourite.”
with a growing smile matching his own you followed him as he guided you to the dining room. the pair of you shared your day with each other in the presence of your newest family addition. however, the act of naming this newest member proved to be quite difficult and the rest of the night was spent arguing over the perfect name.
after carrying you up to your shared bed he tucked you under the blanket and shuffled himself snug by your side, sliding a heavy and warm arm comfortably around your waist.
“oh! how about ‘deez’?”
“yeah, ‘deez nutz’!” you wheezed.
you were promptly smothered to his chest.
Thank you for sharing your Zhongli brainrot with me because this man is living in both of our minds… rent free 😔😔
Feel free to send ur future brainrots to me because they’re *chef kiss* 🤌✨
But your home would look so good with all those plants… and the fact you’re naming every plant with him… I’m so soft 🥺🥺🥺
It would be such a great activity to water them together- 😼
Like there’s a plant that’s placed too high??? No worries he’s on his way to pick you up like the strong man he is <33
Also you sent me two requests,, do you mind if I did both?? 👉👈
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