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Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes 🦋 Shining just the way I like 🔥⭐
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Enjoying a coffee with the beautiful @feelsnthoughts 💗☕️
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Double Denim ✨
With the gorgeous @sweetnthiccly 💕
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casual-marriage-in-space · a month ago
Spock not wanting to admit to anyone that he didn't actually do kolinahr and just coming back acting extra stiff and like at some point he has a panic attack and Jim's like woah ok and Spock goes yes I am not actually experiencing emotions such as fear my nervous system is just responding to old stimulus by making my heart race and my breathing shallow :| it is only slightly distracting :| but if you held me that would probably be beneficial because my heartbeat will sync up to yours :| purely in the physical sense :| and Jim's like fully aware that he's lying thru his teeth and has been for a while but hasn't found a way to get him to talk yet so he's like of course sweetheart does ur nervous system need to know that you're safe and I'm here and I love u
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gf who likes showing her partner off 🤝 partner who likes being shown off
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ahah I was searching all over trying to see if you write for Scaramouche when the fic I saw was through Scars tags 😀 might be the sleepiness,,but your theme is so satisfying to look at
Scara& Albedo with a s/o that appears cute and/or pretty from afar though has a quick temper - just headcanons of how'd they react at first and probably how they deal with that :D?
𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚎𝚡𝚝𝚛𝚊 𝚜𝚙𝚒𝚌𝚎?! | scaramouche & albedo
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[an]: hey, lovely! first of all, thank you for requesting, mwah! <33 the title was a little not creative but at least i tried my best ToT
summary: who knew that the sweet and adorable y/n would be the next thing everyone fears the most when angered…
pairing: scaramouche & albedo x g/n!reader! [ separated ! ]
genre: fluff!
• so, how did this happen?
• well, scaramouche had always thought you were more on the soft side
• everyone did ! don’t get me wrong
• you were just this optimistic and enthusiastic person, who loves flowers.
• a lot from the fatui also seemed to have a liking towards you because of your kindness and gentleness
• not to mention you were also very pretty
• you were pretty loving, something scaramouche (probably) needed
• scaramouche viewed you as some ball of fluffy sunshine that landed to him unexpectedly
• turned out that you were the opposite from the inside, when you two decided to have your first date on the garden you both visit all the time to meet.
• the garden was wide, it had a variety of different flowers in which every petal was your favorite
• this was where you and scara met for the first time
• you saw him lying on the grass, his hat covering his face and he was napping pretty soundly
• when he started to visit the garden more frequently, that’s when you both become acquaintances, from friends, to becoming a couple once he realizes his feelings for you
• when the two of you decided to visit this place again for him to rest, he lets you off on your own to pick some flowers like you always do to send to your grandmother along with a letter he watches you write
• the afternoon breeze was relaxing, it made scaramouche easier to fall asleep and rest, forgetting about all the stress he felt while working. to which per say, it had been a long time ever since he felt this
• he was awoken when he hears a loud thud from your direction, and he was quick (but irritated) to walk over to see what happened to you
• the next thing he saw was a huge rock landing hard on a tree, almost half of its branches falling off due to the impact of the throw
• he was bewildered, turning over to you, he sees your all adorable and perfect face now retrieved with an angered expression, you fists balling together while a couple of wild animals ran off to the opposite direction
• now this…was something unexpected. of course he was shocked. he never knew somebody like you could get tempered so quickly.
• even though he was confused, he kinda liked this side of you. almost something that related to him. and here he thoughts you both were on the “opposites attract” mode.
• at first scara asked to you what happened of course, and when you replied a couple of foxes and squirrels ruined your lovely flower garden, you just went full rage since it took a long time for you to finish that garden
• new discovery, it also seemed like your quick temper was no exception for animals as well. he was wrong about calling you a fluffy ball of sunshine 🥹
• after the discovery, he was careful with his words a bit, he never knew you could be so scary when you’re mad
• never the less, this discovery made him more in love. of course..
• now this was something what the chief alchemist didn’t expect
• but who was he to blame? what that citizen did was not proper at all
• everyone in the knights of favonius had all agreed that you were the most adorable thing ever next to sucrose and klee.
• you were one of mondstadt’s most prettiest people.
• and when you established to be in a connecting relationship with the knights of favonius’ chief alchemist, it was a shocking discovery.
• everyone knew you as someone who is cheerful, helpful, and attractive.
• however this seemed to change when one day while the knights were celebrating in the tavern, albedo and you decided to come along since the traveler had recently returned from their journey to inazuma, even if you both don’t drink heavily.
• the night was heavy, and you and albedo were laughing of how drunk kaeya and rosaria both were, pissing diluc off of his counter.
• all of a sudden, an unfamiliar individual behind you started to flirt with you, they seemed to be drunk, so you ignored them even though the only reply you had was scooting closer to your boyfriend’s side.
• the person…however…didn’t had any intention to stop their actions, not knowing they were making you…mad. and this caused albedo to fume of course, catching the others’ attention including the bartender.
• when the drunkard didn’t really stop, diluc was ready to walk out of his counter and drag the person out himself, but then…
• kaboom
• the next thing everyone knew was your fists cracking the wall next to you, your face still had a smile plastered on while albedo and including the drunk person backed away a little from your presence.
• even diluc was frozen on his place, barbara was hiding behind her sister while the traveler and paimon both wore surprised looks on their faces with wide eyes and mouths.
• hurriedly the drunk person scattered out of the tavern, and the night continues with the new discovery.
• albedo had never been so surprised ever in his life. and here he thoughts you were somebody so kind, charming, and very alluring. just to know that when tempered you were the complete opposite. even more scarier.
• diluc was a little mad at you for breaking the wall, however he didn’t made you pay for it since “the damage wasn’t that big.” even if the hole you left was so visible. your strength feared the others. paimon added you to her list of people not to make fun of.
• albedo made sure that you were alright at times when you visit his lab.
• extra blankets, winter equipment and some food with water to help warm up one individual were now stacked in his lab supplies just in case you visited.
• he hears that people get easily frustrated when the weather was too cold. now imagine if it was you..he begged to barbatos that he didn’t want any of his supplies breaking.
• even when physical contact, albedo made sure every move he makes is in your comfort in any way to make you feel calm :)
• he still loves you <33 in every aspect of yourself.
a/n: first time writing headcanons with no below scenario ToT
requests: now opened!
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We are not just dragons who have inherited the bloodline! We will fulfill the desire the dragons of the past wanted to fulfill but could not!
❥︎ ᴀᴅᴏʀᴀʙʟᴇ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ ✧༄❀ ᴋɪᴊᴀ ❀༄✧
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for @jiangwanyin // happy birthday, angie!! 💜
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If all you ever do is look down on people, you won't be able to recognize your own weaknesses.
—happy birthday tay! @misakarose ♡
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Mina + Purple + Yes or Yes (for @minayaeon from your Daily Twice secret santa 💜 )
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Greta Garbo in Inspiration (1931) directed by Clarence Brown.
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i’ve been in my uni library trying to study for two hours, and this is what I have to show for it
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some babes tagged me for a selfie over the last looong while, so here’s my silly lil face. @feelsnthoughts @captainamericanidi0t @dis-spoopy-boi @a-snail-on-a-sunflower @fernweh-s (hi, ily, ty)
I’m spending today doing my favourite @ home things, which includes watching all the horror movies I can handle (as if I don’t do this every weekend). I hope you are all having the best Saturday 🤍. If you feel up to it I tag, @grumpiest-ghost @grizzlyhillman @ianvs @bryanmoldrem @devilsinthedetails24 @liftingweights-and-coffeedates @icave-in @queerbabythings
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💌 intertwined valentines
for @shelookedatthestars 💌
thanks to @missmybuddie for organizing this valentine’s exchange!
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I am on my knees....
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Now that's a nice pfp right there.
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ted braided his hair <3
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ANDREW GARFIELD on making it in Hollywood | Vanity Fair. 17 February 2022.
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