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moongloss ยท 14 days ago
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Fairytale moodboard
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toukatan ยท a month ago
You read every gojohime fic???? That's amazing!!! What are your favourites?
hello anonie! i guess i can say iโ€™ve read at least a good 80% of all the fics, at least. probably. most likely because the fic tag at the start of the year was tiny and now the communityโ€™s grown so much thereโ€™s almost 600 of them. thatโ€™s insane to me. like hello?
i have a lotta fics that come to mind, that i should honestly make a master post on because i love them all. so here are a few many that came to mind immediately as i typed this up.
gojohime fic recommendations!
Tumblr media
limitations by ohmytheonย 
โ€œParenthood chooses you," her mother used to tell her, but Utahime never understood that saying more than the moment she realized she was pregnant with Gojo Satoru's child. They were never meant to be something serious - never meant to be more than they were - and yet they both suddenly find themselves in a world that doesn't care about their desires - and that brings them closer in a way that no one else can understand. It won't be easy and it won't be kind to either of them, but it appears as if the universe has other plans for them
no one is what they were before by ohmytheonย 
The world broke when Gojo Satoru turned on jujutsu society. It's not the hopeful place it was before, but Utahime has never been one to give up. Until she's placed in a dangerous position directly in his path, and she finds herself trapped in a web that doesn't seem intent on ever letting her go.
and touch me like you never by ohmytheonย 
In public, Gojo is a special grade bastard, especially to Utahime, and has been all their lives. He knows exactly what insults to throw and what buttons to push to drive her up a wall. In private, however, he's got quite a few other things to tell and show her, which only makes things more confusing. It would be easier if she could avoid him entirely, but for some reason, he won't let her go entirely.
gravity by aerfei
This is Utahime, fierce and indomitable, and this is Satoru, who despite holding the worldโ€™s regard, still craves something that Utahime has had all her life. Coming together is sometimes an act of desperation, and sometimes a deliberate choice. Or: An Iori Utahime character study, through the lens of her relationship with Gojo Satoru, starting from the beginning and ending at the Goodwill Event arc. Manga spoilers and (at least 95%) canon-compliant through (at least) chapter 135.
count every single leaf in autumn by florieneofthesea
โ€œI told my family weโ€™re dating.โ€ Utahimeโ€™s hand hovers over the door. โ€œWhat?!โ€ (or: Gojo tells his family that he's dating Utahime to get them off his back, so of course they invite her to the dreaded family dinnerโ„ข)
favourite colour by otherthingsonhold
At 28, Satoru Gojo's responsibilities only start to multiply. With his clan looking to him to lead the family, and the balance of the universe in his hands, Gojo isn't thinking of much else. But when his mother brings something to his attention, the only thing Gojo can do is follow through. But how is Utahime Iori part of all of this?
gojo catoru by ashittywriter
Utahime is tasked to catsit a suspiciously large Persian dollface cat with pristine white hair, the most boop-able nose, and to top it off the cutest cerulean eyes. Too bad the cat also happens to be her idiotic colleague Gojo Satoru.
at the tail-end of spring by florieneofthesea
Utahime doesn't expect to remember her ex's number off by heart but it comes in handy when she's a little less than sober outside a club in a city she's not familiar with and her battery on three percent. She just wishes things turned out differently for them. (Or, post-break up exploration where outer forces refuse to let them have their happy ending.)
aย second chance by onewordmore
In another world, it wasn't Geto who sneered down at humanity, regarding them to be worthless monkeys that deserved to die. In another world, it wasn't Geto who openly defied the Jujutsu Council and brought down terror and fear to all. In another world, it wasn't just Amanai Riko who died that day, amidst the cheers and delighted cries of the insane. And Utahime was going to learn, first hand, the consequences of her own death.
from you to me by onewordmore
A drabble series regarding Gojo and Utahime. From fluff to smut to angst to love. This is going to have it all.
oceansize by aerfei
The marriage is arranged by their families, small clans both, with all their hopes and traditions laid gently upon the shoulders of their only heirs -- and yet, this distance is impassable.
under the cover of darkness by ohmytheon
It takes a little alcohol, early morning hours, and a game of truth or dare for Gojo and Utahime to admit some difficult truths to each other.
risk/reward by ohmytheonย 
No punishment had ever been more effective in making Gojo do his actual job than receiving praise from his secretary - or more grueling than when Utahime withheld it.
like a good roommate by ohmytheon
Utahime has a problem: her bed wasn't delivered to the new apartment. Her ridiculous roommate, Gojo, has a solution - but he's kind of panicking on the inside.
aware of us by halspurย 
โ€œWe did alright, didnโ€™t we?โ€ Gojo put his phone down after taking several dozen photos of Tsumiki walking across the stage, his eyes soft. โ€œI mean, we were just kids, too.โ€
love song by halspur
โ€œBecause youโ€™re weak.โ€ Gojo said, muffled into the thin skin of her throat. โ€œI canโ€™t leave you alone.โ€
tear you apart by halspur
โ€œI donโ€™t want to be mean to you,โ€ Utahimeโ€™s cheek was pressed into his spine, her voice muffled. โ€œI like you.โ€
cuddles are for clean boyfriends by just_trying_my_best_everyday
Utahime finds Gojo Satoru sitting right behind the door, blindfold hanging on his neck, completely soaked in blood and petting her cat with both hands. And he stinks.
honey by florieneofthesea
Gojo Satoru experiences love a decade before he fully realises it.
roots by florieneoftheseaย 
At the start of winter, Utahime starts to cough up blood. She thinks maybe its just the lingering damage from her last mission, but the coughing persists and it starts to scratch her throat, and itch at her lungs and when she finally makes the trip to Tokyo to ask Shoko for her help, she doesn't even get the first word out. Shoko welcomes her at the entrance to Tokyo Metropolitan Technical School and Utahime hacks up a single, pale blue petal, smattered with blood. She stares down at the flora on the ground and wonders if she's been cursed. Utahime looks up, and Shoko's eyes are wide.
to have and to hold by ashittywriter
โ€œMโ€™sorry," Gojo said his voice slurring at the end. "But please go away, I have a girlfriend."ย Utahime blinked in confusion. What the fuck?ย 
souvenir by PrettyKittyLuvsU
โ€œAha!โ€ Gojo tugged something out of his pocket, his long fingers curled around it as he held his hand behind his back. His other hand waved before him, a cheeky grin splitting his lips. โ€œOra, ora! Hold out your hand.โ€ย Utahime stared flatly.ย โ€œOra, ora!โ€ Gojo persisted, continuing to wave his hand as he grinned. โ€œHold out your hand already!โ€ย Utahime scowled at the hand swaying infront of her face.ย She had half a mind to slap the man instead, but her students were closely watching. Even Gojoโ€™s students, the second years mainlyโ€”for Sukunaโ€™s vessel was apologizing profusely as the brown haired girl continued kicking him while the quiet one made no effort to stop herโ€” looked in fascination at whatever ridiculous souvenir Gojo wanted to hand her. Utahime slowly lifted her arm, already planning on throwing the thing back in Gojoโ€™s annoying face.ย Gojo gets Utahime a very special kind of souvenir. Set during the start of the Goodwill arc.
dayum this exposes me huh? i do be reading a lot but what can i say i love to see it. all these fics are amazing, to the writers yโ€™all are doing fantastically like my goodness you be really putting ya girl in a loop with some of these fics with your plot-lines and doing it flawlessly. canโ€™t thank them enough for them, their hard work and time!
be sure to show the writers some love and support with comments, bookmarks and fight that dayum kudos button when it smiles at you because lemme leave moreโ€”
Tumblr media
i think theyโ€™d really really appreciate it when they hear the bing and be sure to check out all of their stories including the ones in the pairing tag! happy readings ๐Ÿ˜™โœจ
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deyphe ยท 14 days ago
Kyle Redraw
โœจSoy simpโœจ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No hay contexto, solo querรญa hacerle un Redraw a mi wawa :(๐Ÿ’•
-โœจ reblogs are appreciated โœจ-
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starfirexl ยท a month ago
tfw youโ€™re a damian wayne stan reading whole-ass fics written by other-character stans who want the entire fucking batfam except for damian to grovel for forgiveness at the other characterโ€™s feet:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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burnedrxses ยท 4 months ago
Obey me boys and my personal headcanons for them because brainrot go brrr
Lucifer editon
A fair warning some are agnsty and nsfw so please if you're a minor skip past the nsfw ones
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sfw and Angst
I feel like Luci is constantly tired
Like this man constantly over works himself please get some sleep hun
He always smells like coffee to not the nasty smell but the really nice and soothing one
But he occasionally smells like sweat cause of that big ass jacket he wears
He let's asmo do his nails and manage all his other health care shit cause lord knows he needs it ๐Ÿ’€
I feel like there are days where he just locks himself away in his room to just have some alone time
Mans definitely has nightmares about the celestial war
Like they aren't about just Lilith like Beel, but about his family as a whole
He feels like as the oldest he should have done better
He shouldn't have been stronger and he regrets those days
His misses his angelic self
The beautiful white wings
The beauty of the celestial realm
Well it's too late to take it all back now
Like he deadass will be the sub and dom in the relationship
Pull his hair its such a turn on for him
Obviously a sadist
If youre the dom the peg/dick this man down
He needs to relax
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moongloss ยท a month ago
Tumblr media
This antique vitrine is fit for a princess ๐Ÿ‘‘ โœจ
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al-albedo ยท a month ago
one on the cheek!
Tumblr media
pairing: xiao x affectionate!reader
word count: ~170+
content warnings: affection, soft but bold reader, reader giving kisses on cheek, xiao being shy, basically cute stuff
Tumblr media
"are you feeling alright?" you look at xiao with concern. with melancholy, xiao was staring out of the balcony of wangshu inn.ย 
you took soft steps towards him and it seems that he hasn't noticed that you were there. his eyebrows were furrowed, making him look tense.
with a deep breath, you gripped his waist gently. xiao finally turned his face slightly to face you, his eyes going softer because of you.
"are you okay?" you ask him and hug him from behind. xiao remains quiet and solemn as he leans into your warming touch.
"please answer me, baby." you held his waist with both of your hands, then proceed to kiss his blushy cheeks. he only purred, like a cat getting pats.
you pulled away suddenly, making him pout but then you started to playfully peck his cheeks.
he giggled bashfully.
left, peck!
right, a peck here!
left, ooh! a peck here too~
boldly, he kissed your lips - full on kissing. you were shocked but you quickly recovered, maybe he was driving you crazy instead of the other way around.
Tumblr media
* sorry about my first thing on this blog being hella short, iโ€™ll try to do better! ^^
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la-petitesophie ยท a month ago
self-care mantras for fairies โœจ๐Ÿงš๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ
โ™ก my wings shall always understand when i must allow myself to rest
โ™ก i am otherworldly, i am unique, i am glorious
โ™ก i am surrounded by fellow lovely beings who support, encourage, and uplift me and my magic
โ™ก i am strong and resilient against those who fail to see my heart and spirit
โ™ก i am a vision of whimsy that sparkles, manifests, and enlightens!
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