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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#❣️ xoxoxoxo

LMAOOOOO 😂😂😂 I mean, I guess I do sound older… 😂😂😂 like, an old crazy woman or smthg- 😂😂😂 Doesn’t matter! Ur card is still one of my fav card to use for bsd mayoi! :3 Akutagawa is just too cute-

I wish I could list all of the cards that always had helped me but YALL are just too many wi5 talented cards-

Thank you UwU

So like, should I call you Sis Euri or smthg- 😂❤️

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anyway thats enough serious writing for today. i have my ‘flapping my arms and screaming on top of my roof as a territorial display’ task starting in 15 mins.

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gerard way i hope this email finds you well. i know you have a studio in your house and i know you have nothing to do. we are in a pandemic. here are some ideas for what you can do to pass the time: kid nothing studio version kid nothing studio version kid nothing studio version ki

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‘i have a degree in ____ ___’ doesn’t excuse toxic behavior & roleplaying as passed individuals who lived, have their own stories, families, & never signed up for you to fucking write your own ships & headcanons about the life they led with no permission isn’t okay. xo. 

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ahh I totally get that! I think the most important thing is to focus on any victories, no matter how small! even if you just read a couple pages, or work out for 5 minutes, or just practice one song, those are all still good steps and it’s all better than nothing!! when I’m struggling with something, I try to break it down into small increments that I do every day, so it feels more manageable and I can feel like I’m making progress!

also if it would help, take pics/vids of your progress so you can see! it’s easy to feel like you’re not improving because you have such high goals for yourself, but once you compare it to the old you and realize how much better you sound or how much stronger you are, it’ll be easy to see!!! I know it’s hard, but you got this, and just remember that baby steps are still steps!! going two steps forward and one step back still means you’re moving forward!! they’re cliches but they’re true :) you got this!!!

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ZOMG THANK YOU SO MUCH, CLAIRE!!!! You are such a sweetheart!! I appreciate you <3 <3 <3 Also, I would concur that you are adorable. Periodt. 

I ship you with Officer Ronnie Peterson.


Originally posted by talesfromthecrypts

It’s really not his fault–you can’t just dance around in the kitchen looking so damn cute like that without him wanting to pinch your butt. And if he’s gonna pinch your butt, he’s gonna want a handful of that ass. And if he’s got a handful of that ass, he’s gonna want to smooch ya. And if he’s smooching ya, well… Things devolve quickly. You see where I’m going. It’s the modern-day version of ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.’ You and Ronnie often enjoy having ‘nerd-offs,’ seeing which one of you can earn the title of Nerdiest of the Nerds by recounting obscure details of your favorite fandoms. Winner gets–you guessed it–more smooches. 

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Oh, dear friend, DEAR FRIEND! Thank you SO MUCH and I am SOSOSOSO happy to hear. You WILL make me cry.

Ya know, right now, the world is kind of like this:


But when we’ve got all the wonderful peeps and friendships in this community it’s more like this:


So thanks for being you, thanks for being here, thanks for being a pal xoxoxo 💘💘💘

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I ship you with Clyde Logan.


Originally posted by adam-gifted-driver

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl! Clyde would love your sass and your wicked sense of humor–you always keep him on his toes. He may be a gentle giant, but he does love a partner with some spunk. The two’a love putting on your favorite records and dancing in the living room, and if you’re baking, you better hide whatever portion you want to eat–otherwise, Clyde’s already wolfed it down!

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My darling B! You are just the coziest gal I could imagine! Save a spot for me in your book nook?

I ship you with Charlie Barber.


Originally posted by driverdaily

If there’s anyone who understands the value of comfortable silences, it’s Charlie. There’s no substitute in the world for the companionship of someone you love and trust who encourages you to be as you are, to follow your passions and interests. You two spend many an afternoon snuggled up on either end of the couch, an oversized blanket connecting you–him buried in scripts and papers, and you with your sketchpads and novels. For him, home is wherever you are.

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