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Doing your best
by plikki

Adrien comes home to Marinette crying with a glass of orange juice because their children attempted to eat something that shouldn’t be eaten and stuffed grape jelly into the plug sockets.

Words: 1283, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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the journey
by kbots

She slowly looked up to meet his gaze, and god, she felt so small, standing there unmasked and powerless with a broken arm. Chat simply towered over her, cold blue eyes staring down into her very soul. He could kill her if he truly wanted to, right then and there, and she knew that. That knowledge terrified her, it truly did, but part of her also knew that he wouldn’t. No, not her kitty. Not the boy that trimmed the thorns off her roses so she wouldn’t prick her fingers.

Chat Noir is akumatized into Chat Blanc after accidentally discovering his father is Hawkmoth. Marinette cannot transform into Ladybug, but she has to save him.

Words: 4516, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

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You’re not bothering me at all! I’m happy to talk about it! I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts too!

And I know I was absolutely devastated when it was destroyed. I have so many great memories of Teldrassil. My night elf huntress Diily is my first character and so she’s the character I’ve had since vanilla. Night elves (and by extension Teldrassil and Darnassus) hold a very special place in my heart.

Everything about Teldrassil just makes me so nostalgic. The music. Memories of playing with my friends as a kid there. And of course that magical “first time playing wow ever” feeling.

And Teldrassil was just so mysterious and beautiful even then.

I was so pissed when Sylvanas burned it down. (If I as ever come across as having a personal grudge against Sylvanas it’s because I do and this is why. I admit it, I’m biased 😂)

But nelves still play through it as normal up until the quest line where it’s destroyed I think. Unless they’ve changed that in shadowlands. I’m still getting up to date on all the changes 😅

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Write it. Post it. Own that shit.

Write what makes YOU happy. Write what makes YOU proud. Share your art and creativity.

Because no matter how filthy it is, or just pure fluff or angst, whatever it is, as long as you enjoy writing it then that’s all that matters.

And c’mon look at what I write! We love that shit here. In the beginning, when I was extremely rusty with my writing I felt the same way. Don’t let fear hold you back, even for something as small or simple as this.

With that I end with: give the hoes what they want

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@therapardalis liked for a small starter from Win Dameron!

“Hey… would you stay with me for a bit?” He asked quietly but with no shame and little embarrassment. He was still shaken after his nightmare… or vision, rather, and his request for comfort was honest, no other intentions there. “I… your presence helps.”

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Ruhumda yanan ateşe, nîrânıma bakma…

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I‘ve lost Many Friends last year.. but losing you Made me Cry for the First time Since months of Depression. You made my life so much better… i was happy, for the First time since 2016.. because of you..

I never told you that.. i never thought about losing you..

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Well if it’s anxiety or depression or smth, people can be in healthy relationships as long as they know how to manage their mental health. But yeah, I mean, if you know you’re not ready, best to stay away from relationships for now I think

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