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“Welcome Home Murochin~”

(Murochin isn’t crying, or if he does it’s not out of sadness despite the odd pose. Boys are actually ecstatics to be reunited o/)

Again it was supposed to remain as a simple sketch =x (again the reference was a picture of two cute girls cuddling found on pinterest, and again the photo was on without credit -__-) (And yes I found a lightning effect that I like and will abuse it like a noob :[ )

- Do Not Repost / Re-upload -

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Well… It all started as a simple “quick pose study” from a photo of two cute girls I found on pinterest and I got carried away somehow ^^’

Quite happy with the final result ‘cause I wanted to try different light flows and anatomy after experiencing a lot of struggle with it lately.

Warning : Years ago, when I wasn’t into that ship as much as I am now, I found some amazing MuraHimu arts on tumblr/pinterest which were obviously reposted and I never get to find the original artist. I’m 99% positive they are Japanese, cause some artworks feature texts but no signature… I checked pixiv and nothing came up. The way they were drawing them is mind-blowing, especially their profile so I feel a bit bad cause after using it as references it turns out the profile I drew are VERY similar, I tried to get out of this copycat thingy but ended up unhappy with the result. I’ll try to work hard in the following month to come with something more personal =< (I won’t display the following artworks because I do no wish to take part of this uncredited repost hell).


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お誕生日おめでとう室ちん  ! ! HBD to Murochin, the most handsome, cunning, hardworking, kind-hearted, funny, babysitter senpai o/

(Sadly no time to work on a full Murochin centered illustration for his bday. So here’s one of my AT AU one)

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Adventure Time AU MuraHimu ~

I don’t know why it took so long to come  up with that idea… Atsushi’s just perfect as an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom o__o

For Murochin it was trickier since Marceline/Marshall Lee’ designs are pretty awesome but their personalities don’t really fit Murochin’s.

Anyway, he really looks good like that, plus he can now float around which is soooo convenient to get to Atsushi’s level.

I’ll probably be obsessed with them as AT folks for a while…                        Can’t wait to draw more of them in this AU…


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