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Author: verseau

Length: Oneshot, 12k Words (Completed)

Rating: M

Genre: Modern AU, Online Dating AU, Sugar Daddy AU


Wei Ying wants to rob him, but it wouldn’t even be satisfying, since this guy is just—giving away money. With his nice fingers. Maybe Wei Ying will just bite his fingers, and that will give the same endorphin rush as robbing him. / a day told across five parts.


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Author: wincechesters

Length: Oneshot, 7k Words

Rating: M

Genre: Modern AU, Neighbors AU, Family AU


Lan Wangji’s new neighbor is obnoxiously loud, incredibly ridiculous, and a shameless flirt.

He is also quite possibly the love of Lan Wangji’s life.


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For this ask game; so I’m mainly going by The Untamed, b/c it’s been a while since I read the novel and I’ve only read it once:

How I feel about this character: I love him and also he hurts my heart! I watch the early days and I wish to the depths of my heart that he lived in a softer world that allowed him to focus on the things he really cares about — the birds and the painting and chilling with friends. Not what he got instead — the war and the murder of his brother and 10 years of terror while he hid in plain sight making nice with his brother’s murderer and growing harder and colder inside year after year. It hurts! I don’t like it! And also, I’m angry with him for the way he used people during that time of plotting — I don’t know what happened with Mo Xuanyu (we can’t know, of course), but that was a vulnerable young man who committed suicide when he didn’t have to, when he might not have if he had been given a better life. And I do know what happened with Lan Xichen and I’m miserable about it! Hahaha, turns out there’s a LOT of feelings in me.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: I’m an inveterate multishipper, so the answer is — I can be convinced to ship just about anybody with him (just no one from the older generation, thank you very much). I’m partial to SangCheng, of course. But I also think SangNing would be really nice and we should think about that more often. :3

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Wei Wuxian & Nie Huaisang BFFs! I want way more of that pretty much always. Also the Cloud Recesses Trio (WWX, NHS, and JWY) as a platonic OT3 is excellent.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I’ve made an entire post about this, but it seems to be a popular opinion that Nie Huaisang has spent the time after his brother’s death entirely alone and that he ends up alone post-canon. I disagree. He has an entire sect of devoted disciples, who must have been the ones to help him set his machinations in motion! I think he has a lot of people he cares about back home in Bujing Shi and who care about him. They’re just mostly off-screen, b/c he was keeping them away from the machinations for their safety. But Fatal Journey gives us a glimpse into Nie sect dynamics and I think of it as canon, pretty much.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Two things. 1) OBVIOUSLY DA GE NOT DYING WOULD BE GREAT! 2) During the time when WWX is in the Burial Mounds, I wish Nie Huaisang had been able to go to see him. WWX was his friend! In the drama, NHS specifically shouts to WWX to take care when they’re heading off to Qishan! I want them to spend more time together and for that to maybe change things.

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Author: DrJLecter

Length: 6 Chapters, 17k Words (Completed)

Rating: Teen+

Genre: Modern AU, Neighbors AU, Quarantine AU, Strangers to Lovers


Wei Wuxian is confined to his flat during the quarantine in the Covid-19 pandemic like everyone else and he’s going insane. Thankfully, he discovers his hot neighbour who proves to be a perfect challenge and wonderful distraction.


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Author: chinxe

Length: Oneshot, 6.5k Words (Completed)

Rating: Teen+

Genre: Modern AU, Social Media AU, Supernatural AU, Friends to Lovers


Jiang Cheng thinks that Wei Wuxian would be a much better ghost hunter if he’d stop flirting with the cameraman for more than five minutes.

(The cameraman who may or may not be a demon.)


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