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Author: azurewaxwing

Length: 8 Chapters, 55.5k Words (Completed)

Rating: M

Genre: Modern AU, Reality Show AU, Secret Relationship


(A talking-head interview. JIN ZIXUN, 36, entrepreneur.)

JZX: Oh, yeah, he’s a f*cking catch, alright. He’s rich, he’s hot, he’s a Lan. Like, he’s been ranked number two among the local bachelors for years, and now that his brother’s seeing someone, he’s number one, right? So, yeah, of course I want to win.

Offscreen voice: Do you know anything else about him, besides that he’s rich and hot?

JZX: (shrugging) What else is there to know?

In which Lan Wangji agrees, reluctantly, to be The Bachelor, only to fall in love with Wei Wuxian, his cameraman/producer. Can the Bachelor find his way to a happy ending? And will The Bachelor: Lan Wangji be a ratings hit?


Note: I absolutely loved this. so much. was shocked it was not in my rec archive yet. so sorry. it’s here now.

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Devil Wuxian to go with Angel Wangji which is posted here: Also due to some personal stuff I’ll be posting less often, not that I was really active! But I thought I’d give a heads up this time.

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all i have is catboy xy from this point onwards so if ur here for something else i am very sorry

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A silly pun based on a Chinese New Year greeting: 年年有余 (nian nian you yu / every year there’s abundance) sounds exactly the same as 年年有鱼 (every year there’s fish) haha

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Author: kuro

Length: 3 Chapters, 17.5k Words (Completed)

Rating: M

Genre: Canon Divergence, Mystery


Rumours had been spreading that a demon was roaming the mountainside of Tanxiangshan.


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by Anonymous

I read this fic a while ago and can’t seem to find it now, but wwx gets cursed by some cave demon (?) on a night hunt while protecting the juniors i believe so and has turned into a child, except he’s dying from the curse and has black spreading all over his tiny body. Lxc and jc go to the cave to ask the demon to release the curse but the demon says that it’s wwx’s soul’s true form and that he’ll be fine if everyone who loves him tells him so

I dont remember who the author is or what the title is, but last i read it was incomplete, and jc had told wwx how much he means to him because he got emotional

If you do happen to know the story lemme know!!! Thank youuuuuu

Words: 127, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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New MDZS Q episode: *WWX praising Sizhui*

Me: *passes out from emotions*

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