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Originally posted by saki-yama-hime

Hi there! I’m not sure which fic you’re referring to, but yes technically Wei Ying could develop a new golden core in his second life since he is reborn in Mo Xuanyu’s body, which in canon has not yet developed the golden core yet since MXY’s cultivation wasn’t at high level yet at all. 

It’s described as not yet so I think it should be possible to develop MXY’s golden core but all in all WWX of course has his superb demonic cultivation so maybe he doesn’t need to. Meanwhile he can ride on LWJ’s sword with his husband and train and practice little by little with his help, to form MXY’s golden core^^ But it’s unrelated to his first life’s golden core that was given to Jiang Cheng since he is in a different body now (well, in the novel, not in The Untamed).

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Favorite Moments in the MDZS manhua this week, chap 134:

(spoilers for the novel and The Untamed)

The chapter was mainly a flashback to when Jin Guangyao gained Nie Mingjue’s trust, and then the very start of NMJ’s downfall. (-_-)


Spiritual form Wei Ying (he’s still in the paperman) is so pretty…then again, when is he NOT pretty?


Angry NMJ (“DaGe”) is handsome.


Wei Ying reacting to DaGe’s anger which he even senses thru the flashback


Dage telling A-Yao to follow him. The beginning to the end of everything to DaGe. I just like how fierce DaGe looks and how sweet and innocent A-Yao still seems.


I love Big Bro Xichen’s smile always (he’s talking about staying with his two bros and reuniting with Lan Zhan later).

Please support the official manhua if you can:

Tutorial on how to purchase the chapters:

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Growing up in Lotus Pier


So, I had this scene stuck in my head for days now and I just had to get it out somehow.

It’s the first time I’ve drawn a comic, and I feel like it didn’t turn out half bad ✌️

Even though it took me forever, it was a lot of fun…might do more of this in the future 🤔😊

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Lan Jingyi: I’m so happy Hanguang-Jun has finally been reunited with the love of his life!

Lan Wangji, splutters: We- we are just friends!

Lan Sizhui: Hanguang-Jun, you’ve already broken over a dozen Lan-Sect rules for him. Give it up. We all know.

Wei Wuxian: Over a dozen? Lan Zhan, that’s hot!

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