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rowansparrow · 4 hours ago
One half STEALS the others jacket
Listen, half my wardrobe is made up of other people's stolen clothes, so I adore this prompt.
Echo x Reader: Stealing Clothes
Since it's Bad Batch Eve, I'm going to do my beloved boy Echo for this one.
Words: 489
Warnings: None! Just fluff. :)
Tumblr media
You grumbled to yourself, digging through the tiny footlocker you'd been allotted when you joined the Bad Batch as their resident medic. There wasn't much space aboard the small shuttle, so how on earth had you managed to lose your favorite hoodie?
"What're you looking for?" Omega asked, peeking around you as you fumbled through your belongings.
"My hoodie, the big blue one with the Bolo-Ball championship cup on it." You said, rocking back on your heels and sighing. "I swear I left it on my bunk last night, but -."
"I've seen it!" Omega grinned. "But you'll have to go looking for it."
"That's not very helpful of you." You teased, poking her side gently. "Alright kid, fess up. Don't make me tattle on you to Hunter."
Omega just shrugged innocently. "Maybe you should try looking below deck." She offered. Without another word, she skipped back towards the cockpit to chat with Tech.
You frowned, but listened to her, dropping below into the tiny cargo hold space. You looked around for a few moments before spotting a scrap of blue fabric sticking out from behind a few crates of ammo.
You rounded the corner, about to snatch up your hoodie, when you realized it was attached to someone.
Echo was asleep on the floor, back against the wall, hood pulled over his head and arms wrapped around himself, looking at peace for the first time in weeks.
You smiled, kneeling down to his level and touching his arm gently. The trooper jolted, eyes snapping awake as his metal limb jerked towards you defensively before recognizing you.
"Stars," He mumbled, sleep still half-clogging his voice. "Lucky you don't get killed, sneaking up on people like that."
"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." You said, sitting down beside him. "That can't be very comfortable, why not sleep in a bunk?"
"I uh..." Echo hesitated. "I didn't want you to see I took this." He mumbled, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I didn't - it just gets kriffin' cold up there and I can't stay warm like I used to, I was just going to sit here for a minute but I guess I fell asleep."
You smiled, finding his flesh hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. "You don't have to apologize." You told him. "Why don't you keep it? If it helps you sleep, I want you to have it."
"No, no I can't do that -."
"Yes you can." You insisted, patting his knee gently and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "It's all yours. Now, go get some sleep in a real bunk before you throw out your back."
"Not sure I've got much spine left to throw out." Echo quipped, his cheeks flushed slightly from your kiss. You knocked him playfully on the arm, leading him back up from below deck.
Your clothes looked nice on him, you decided. He looked comfortable. Cozy. At peace.
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pallanophblargh · 2 hours ago
I saw your post about the demonization of snakes on pipeline art.
I just wanted to clarify (in case you didn't already know) that there are native prophecies that state a black snake would come and destroy the land by poisoning it.
The native (anishinaabe at least) have interpreted pipelines to be the black snake of that prophecy. Which is why so much art surrounding the pipeline are of things attacking a black snake.
I wanted to inform you because it comes off as insensitive and ignorant to put down native prophecies because you don't like/understand the symbolism being used. And I'm sure that's not your intent as you clearly care.
The snake can't be swapped out for another animal. The snake carries sacred symbolism. If you change the snake you may as well change the art completely.
I was unaware of the black snake prophecy/symbolism up until this point. And I do apologize if my lamentations regarding snakes came across as ignorant. I can only speak with authority regarding my own background and cultural exposure (white, ex-catholic, etc.) , and welcome those from differing cultures to offer their voices and feedback, if they are willing to share.
Just to go on record: I have zero qualms with native-made art featuring the black snake/pipeline and all its symbolism; my thoughts were more surrounding the tendency for white artists to portray certain animals in extremely negative light, which in many circumstances have concrete repercussions. I also acknowledge my viewpoints do not pertain to cultural expressions outside of my own, and I do respect that.
All in all, this is good to know, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“He was stubborn to the very end --- Though I can understand and respect wanting to face one’s end head on instead of wasting away on a deathbed. I still don’t know how or why his physical form stuck around long after he was technically rendered ‘dead’. Most other nations completely fade away after suffering a ‘true death’ but not him.
I suppose it doesn’t matter so much now. They may share the same body but Karl and Ludwig are two completely different people. How that came to be is another mystery in and of itself.”
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alchemivich · 4 hours ago
Hi! could you do the regular makeup of the Octavinelle boys? i would really appreciate it! oh, and call me 🐍 Anon please!
sure!! do these work? <3
Tumblr media
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exilethegame · 5 hours ago
I've been wondering if we'll be able to hold the fact that instead of helping us stop the war Syfyn basically had a hand in forcing us to fight when we tried talking both sides down against her? Kinda like "When I wanted to stop the bloodshed instead of being by my side you held your sword against me like the ones who kept us chained in that sense your part of the problem." If not what would the general reactions be to a statement similar?
You'll be able to directly choose how you feel about it-- whether you're angry about it, sad, betrayed, etc, discover why she did it, and personally decide whether or not you agree with her methods before exile.
Your opinions on it can change when you meet again after the exile, too, if that’s something you’d want to do.
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danskjavlarna · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
"I don't care who's calling, do you?"  From The Addams Family, 1965.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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navybrat817 · 19 minutes ago
Soldat spotting his prey. 😏
Tumblr media
Oh, our beautiful Soldat.😭 Headcanon below the cut. Unplanned part to the Soldat and Sparrow Universe. Takes place between Winter and Fire and Soldat and Sparrow. I’m just glad I finally had the time to write something this week!!!
War and Peace
Pairing: Winter Soldier x Female Reader, Bucky Barnes x Female Reader Word Count: Over 800 Warnings: Explicit sexual content, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, violence, Captain America AU
Not beta read and written on my phone, so any and all mistakes are my own. Do not repost repost to any third party site.18+ please. Minors DNI. Please comment or reblog if you desire!
You were always in the back of his mind. It confused him. It wasn't part of his… programming.
But… He had nothing and no one else. And he meant what he said… your fire was meant to burn for him. 
It was your first mission together. While he was power and force, you were agility and defense. His path was destruction and war and you did your best to soothe with peace.
But peace had no place in Hydra.
He lifted his head to watch you. All you had to do was complete the mission: Eliminate the target. 
It was a test to see if you would follow orders. 
For a moment, you faltered. You didn't want your hands to bring death to the undeserving. A target was a target though. You didn't get to choose.
The moment the target took aim at him, all hesitation was gone. 
The man's death was quick. That was the only mercy you spared.
You didn't say anything on the way back to the base, pointedly avoiding the Soldat's gaze. It bothered him. He wanted you to look at him.
"Good work," was all you were told once you returned.
You went to your room the moment the report was finished.
He followed, agitated that you were avoiding him. You were the only one who didn't treat him like a machine or an animal. Why were you acting like this?
"Sparrow," he said in a low voice, shutting your door before the guard could argue.
Your back was to him, but he saw the tremble in your shoulders.
"...What if he was innocent?" you asked. "We were innocent."
He slowly approached, even though you didn't turn around. His hands slipped around your waist, pulling you back against him. 
"You hesitated. You can't do that again," he warned you, avoiding your words. He would never be innocent again. But… he still had you.
"I know," you whispered. "We can't be free if I make mistakes. I just… still feel death on my hands."
He closed his eyes, seeing flashes of people he eliminated over the years.
"But I wasn't going to let him hurt you."
He turned you in his arms, unable to take it any longer. He had to see your gaze on him. Maybe it was love in your eyes. 
"Fire often brings death, Sparrow. But it also brings warmth and light."
Your eyes were soft before you kissed him. It was just as he said… warm and light. It quickly gave way to hunger.
You were against the wall before he could stop himself, his tongue exploring the wet heat of your inviting mouth. 
You made a noise against his lips as he tore through your clothes. He had to be inside you, if only to make you forget about the mission. For a short time, he could take that away. He'd make your fire burn again. 
He didn't tease or prep you as he took his cock out. He knew you were ready for him. His Sparrow always was.
He took possession of your mouth again as he lifted you, giving you a moment to grip his shoulders before he thrust deep.
Your cry was lost against his tongue, swallowing the embers from your flames. He wanted you to burn him from the inside out as he drove into your tight wetness.
"Mine, Sparrow," his words were spoken against your lips as he let you breathe, your cunt gripping his cock eagerly at his possessive tone.
"Yours, Soldat," you whined, practically clawing at his shoulders.
He dragged his cock in and out of you, wanting to hit the deepest parts of you. The ones no one else got to have, but him.
"You may not be able to fly, Sparrow," he grunted, feeling you get closer to your release by how hard you clenched around him. "But you don't have to. I'll catch you."
He swore in Russian as you let out a broken moan, driving hard into you as you fell apart. The quivering grip around his cock always brought his own pleasure forward like a maelstrom.
He felt a lingering kiss on one of his scars as he burst, groaning as he flooded you. You tightened around him again, as if your first orgasm never ended.
He stayed upright as he caught his breath, letting you sag in his hold as he pulled you against his chest. He would never let you fall.
"Will you still burn for me?"
He wouldn't let you sleep tonight. He would keep you full of his cock, filling you until you begged him to stop. Until they dragged him away from you. 
Tonight, you'd give him peace.
Because he didn't see the doctor on the other side of the door.
"He may not let you get close to her," the guard warned.
"I know. It's too soon," the doctor answered.
But one day. You would carry the Soldat's child. Hydra would make sure of it.
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inacatastrophicmind · 47 minutes ago
Do you think it could be a coincidence that Misha and Darius got divorced? maybe they divorced to live their relationship more comfortably
I don't want to speculate about any of this, anon. All I hope is that both Misha and Vicki, as well as their kids, are okay and aren't hurting. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this might be for all of them. As well as that I hope they all kind find the love and support they need and deserve.
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Okay but what if Khary Payton is Gilmore?? I think that would be amazing! I hope they got to bring in CR guests to play roles. I'm sure whoever they cast in the NPC roles will be awesome.
I hope he's involved with the project! I love Khary!!
I'm ITCHING for the entire cast list to be released. Like, please CR team. Please. I just want to know. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.
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five-rivers · 4 hours ago
Someone needs to tell Pamela Manson that she has hideous tastes in dresses (that dress she was chasing Sam down the street with, woof)
Wait, did that happen? Which episode?
I have the phandom 'what's canon' disease.... :'D
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archies-litterbox · 5 hours ago
They also took out NotEnrique riding Luug on the way to fight the Titans (they mentioned this when they mentioned Douxie with motorcycle) and that would have been so fun!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inexplicifics · 3 hours ago
For the "memorable scene" question, the first scene that comes to mind is from "The Minting of a Gold-Crowned King", when the Witchers arrive and Griffin goes running out and is ready to die to save his people and it's so sweet and so sad but the Witchers aren't mad at *him* so everything is actually fine. (And then he becomes king whether he wants to be or not.)
Darling Griffin! He's such a good lad! He so desperately does not want to be king!
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I really, really hope Matt will be voicing Gilmore. That’s all I ask for.
Obviously nothing is set in stone, but I feel like based off the way he's talked about it, someone else will probably be voicing Gilmore.
I was so excited at the announcement that he's voicing Sylas, though!
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ssahotchswife · 4 hours ago
just thinking about how gentle hotch would be with a little baby 🥺🥺🥺 it's the middle of the night and he would love to catch up on sleep, but he couldn't ever be upset at your baby crying and waking you both up (he shushes you and tells you to lay back down). he walks down to the nursery and picks up the little baby, asking them if they're hungry, or if they need changing in the softest voice he can muster. and although he knows they'll only answer in little whimpers and cries he understand perfectly what they need. when he finishes changing or feeding them, he holds them close and rocks gently until the little one falls asleep in his warm embrace, pacifier bobbing gently, a little fist clutching his pajama shirt. he places them back into their crib, shushing them softly when they start to wake again (curse the light sleeper trait), and walks back to where you're still laying in bed, sliding in behind you and pressing a kiss to the back of your neck and exposed shoulder before falling asleep, nuzzled into you <3 pls im hhhh :(((
and you could never fall asleep until he’s back in bed with you so you’re laying there listening through the baby monitor to this adorable display of him being a sweet sweet dad and when he comes back and snuggles in he whispers - knowing you’re awake of course - “baby hotchner is exactly like you, stubborn and beautiful, and does that little nose wrinkle you do when you’re sleepy” and just his voice is lulling you back to sleep like it did your itty bitty baby 🥺
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httptamaki · an hour ago
could u share some other kny blogs?
hi anon!! ofc i can🥺
i’m so sorry if you already know them/forgot some but i just woke up
@myrulia - it’s all kokushibou so🏃‍♀️
@kny-aizetsu-muse - for the demons but if you’re uncomfortable with dc, dni
@leon-is-a-hoe-for-muzan - if you like muzan it’s your go to, but if you’re a minor dni
@tengens-bunny - multi fandom but a lot of kny
@knylinphd - pretty much for everyone, manga spoilers on the acc though
@m3gumiis - multi fandom but lot of kny
@aishasbiceps - multi fandom but kny
@thehouseofmaple - very pretty kny art im in love
@carcvaggio - all demon slayer
@spicyyuu - if ur a minor dni though
@akazasbrat - minors dni/if ur uncomfy w dc dni
@akaza-s-bitch - multifandom (only jjk besides kny)
@dudeandduchess - lot of giyuu sanemi & rengoku (not only but-)
@kimetsu-no-yaiba-writings - lots of kny
@chewiedon - multi fanom (kny & genshin)
@serodev - for pretty much anyone
please feel free to add more in the comments but i cant think of others rn:)
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inexplicifics · 3 hours ago
What would the warlord’s army do if both Jaskier and geralt get cursed into trash pandas? (My drawing of how they would look as trash pandas)
Tumblr media
Well, Eskel goes and has a drink and lies down in a dark room with a cold cloth over his eyes.
The Cats, however, have far too much fun encouraging the raccoons to get into everything.
(What delightful art!)
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I am in awe of Aabria Iyengar right now. The way she’s able to explain just enough and yet leave so many questions to answer and so many mysteries to uncover. If she truly is the future of Critical Role then we are in VERY good hands.
Aabria is a magical storyteller. Like. It is obvious with every moment why Matt wanted her to GM this. She's SO GOOD!!!
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