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satanhalsey · 6 months ago
If you are accepting requests I was wondering if you could write something about the reader being Harry’s girlfriend and she really wants to say something in response to Candace Owens comments about Harry on the cover of Vogue. Maybe make it like really sweet or have angst in the beginning. Idk I just think it could be really cute.
Tumblr media
You and Harry were cuddled on the couch when the news reached you.
Just a day ago, the photoshoot for Vogue was out, and you couldn't be more proud of all that he had accomplished. Harry took your compliments blushing and shy, without leaving you for a second as if he were a little puppy, he was so happy to see how proud you were, leaving kisses all over your face and telling you how much he loved you.
He was all giggles and bright green orbs, until his phone vibrated on the coffee table, lighting up and revealing a message from his sister.
Harry raised his head from your chest and reached out to grasp the device, unlocking it.
'Have you seen the tweet?'
Your boyfriend frowned and you complained when he pulled away from you completely, sitting up straight on the expensive couch with his phone in hand.
He doesn't respond to his sister and just opens that app he's trying to stay away from, looking for trends to see what they're talking about.
"CANDACE OWENS" it's trending, so he clicks on her name and reads the first tweet.
Harry is silent, reading everything that woman has to say, and when he finishes, he locks the phone and rests it on his stomach, pretending to continue watching television.
For the first time in his life, that episode of Friends no longer seemed interesting to him.
You sigh, accommodating yourself next to him and wrap your arms around him, resting your head on his shoulder.
"Harry" you say, and he just makes a noise saying he hears you, his eyes still on the screen and his body stiff. "What's wrong?"
He grabs his phone that seems to burn him, and passes it to you.
You easily unlock it with your fingerprint, and read the tweet that was open. When you're done, anger runs through your body like coffee on a cold morning.
"What a fucking stupid bitch." You say, and for the first time, Harry looks at you. "Oh, lovie."
Tears run down his cheeks, and his precious green eyes are red and crystalline. You want to go seriously talk to that Candace Owens, but you also want to hug and protect the love of your life from the outside world.
"I'm- I'm sorry." He says, wiping his nose with his hoodie. "I shouldn't be crying because I've lived half my life with people hating me, but... Y/N, I just really, really wanted to wear that dress."
Your eyes fill with tears, but you try to stay strong and hold them back, for him. You approach and hug him, letting him rest his head on your chest, and caress his already quite long curls.
"She's just hurt because her husband cheated on her with a man." you say, and you hear him laugh against your neck, the sound sending electrical currents throughout your body. "H, look at me."
"I don't want to, I'm all teary." He answers, and you sigh falling in love once more with all of his little things.
"Harry, do you know how many people love to see you in that dress?" you ask to the air, knowing that he'll not answer. "Do you know how many people love to see you happy, using what you like and not what they force you to?"
The silence remains, but you can feel the hot tears continue to wet your clothes, and him sniffing to prevent his snot from staining you as well.
You don't care though, he could stain all your clothes and you would still love him.
"Please, honey. You have to understand that what that woman said doesn't compare with all the precious words that you have received." you keep stroking his hair. "You have to understand what that meant to you, and to me."
For the first time, Harry lifts his head from your chest, and the sight in front of you destroys you.
You've seen him countless times like this or worse, but every time you do it, it seems like a little piece of your heart is ripped out and stepped on.
"How?" He asks, his voice raspy from crying.
"Seeing you in a dress after you've confessed to me that it was what you wanted made me happier than anything." You keep talking. "I'm not happy if you aren't, Harry. And when I saw you come out of the dressing room, carrying your big dress across the lawn, that's when I knew that if it makes you happy, your fans and I are too."
You caress his bearded cheek and he lets out more tears that wet your fingers.
"I love you." He murmurs, and leans over to place a chaste kiss on your lips. "I love you more than anything." He puts an arm around your waist, and squeezes you against his body. "You're so good to me, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you."
"I don't know either." You smile sincerely, leaving a kiss on his forehead. "Why do you keep crying?"
"They're happy tears, angel." He smiles in embarrassment, and you wipe off the drops with your thumb. "Fuck Candace Owens."
"Yeah, fuck her." You laugh with him. "Plus you looked very hot in that dress, you should wear it at home."
"Yup, i definitely love you."
Hours later, Harry is asleep next to you, and you, with your phone in hand, decide to give something to talk about. You look for a photo that you took of him with the dress, smiling like a child at christmas and you write sincere words from the bottom of your heart.
"do what makes you happy, use what makes you happy, but never waste your life insulting others. always treat people with kindness as a person we all know taught us <3."
You post the photo and turn to see him, he's so relaxed next to you despite the uncomfortable position on the sofa that it doesn't seem that today he cried, but he did and in your arms.
And you want to be there whenever it happens again.
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zire-in-space · 4 months ago
Stop And Read Please
This is a serious post.
For a long time I have been meaning to talk about the recent surge I have seen in MCYT youtuber controversies. Shit that really doesn't bother a normal person, but neo-liberals and conservatives get high off of anger from.
As a kid - a literal high schooler - the amount of hatred and thirst to just bust someone for being homophobic, a cheater, a anti-semite-
It is just so unbearable to try and fit all of these quotas, everything someone could get offended from, into one person. And this shit is being pedastaled onto 20-something year old and literal minor-aged youtubers?
To the point that I find it both impossible and inhumane and outright abusive to demand a person with millions of people watching their every digital move to suddenly just KNOW everything that could ever be "offensive".
Ranboo had to have a serious stream where he apologized for his "lesbophobic" tweets, which is funny considering the idk 19 closest lesbian friends all have read to me and repeated in a jokingly manner. Who all literally responded to this to me by saying they didn't even get offended, but rather thought it was a joke? And I am seeing this streamer. A fucking minor. Say he didn't even know it was offensive.
Meaning he was literally joking, he wasn't trying to offend anyone. His tweets were meant to make people laugh.
So seeing this streamer have to go through this shit made me realize that it isn't just about these youtube channels that milk views off of mcyt clout. It's actual people abusing their "moral" onto people that genuinely want good and slapping them with "responsibility" - a new word they use instead of outright saying "Hey, just like an abusive parent I am going to watch your every move and if I see you do something slightly "offensive" or "wrong" to me, just me, I will punish you by making you say 200 times that it was wrong and then I'm going to make 12 videos on it."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And people are going around arguing that no, they SHOULD abuse literal young adults and fucking minors because YES these people should know about every fucking offensive thing on the planet. And "dismissing these actions".
Dismissing what I ask? Dismissing your abusive nature to try to make a human your pure fucking molding of a being? Is that it? Because that is EXACTLY what I am seeing nowadays.
Nobody is pure, and EVERYONE - you hear me? Everyone - makes mistakes. It doesn't fucking matter if your a minor or an old person or if you are lgbtq+ or colored, it doesn't matter.
What actually matters is the message you tried to send. Whether you are trying to be a good person or not. If you are learning about how to be a person and accepting it or not.
And learning doesn't mean speedrunning through constant apologies for "controversies" that don't even matter to the majority of human beings. It means learning slowly about both yourself, how you want to treat others, how you want other people to treat others, and how you try to fix your past mistakes.
So pressuring the fuck out of youtubers who have to constantly be careful about what they say, what they do etc to now gain more weight onto their shoulders by apologizing for every possible scenario that they were being offensive to a few degenerates? Sounds like what my abusive mom does to my brother and I.
I'm tired out of my mind so I will reblog this later on and add more. Goodnight.
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mono-dot-jpeg · 5 months ago
aaitl hcs - zhongli
Tumblr media
summary; i ramble about hcs i thought of while writing "another adeptus in the line".
a/n; will i make a series out of this? idk. i would love to don't get it twisted, i strongly enjoy writing found family and child reader bc i lack family affection. however, i just think it would be hard for me to write conflict to keep it interesting.
i thought about making it an open tag for those who like this and wants to write about it. making it like a cute wholesome community thing!
but also i thought just not making the series tbh. idk if my braincell can handle making another series and keep up with my other series.
here's a poll,,, so feel free to help my indecisive ass decide
Tumblr media
so,,, you're a dragon hybrid!! you took on a form similar to zhongli's dragon form
you have small horns growing in from the top of your head, once they grow out, they become a really brown to pretty amber orange ombre
you also have a tail! it's sort of wide at the base and then thinner at the end
it looks like an axlotl tail!! it matches the color of your hair and it also has a pretty orange ombre at the end
anyways, the story of how you became a child to zhongli
you were merely just a protector of mingyun village, meant to protect those who mined late into the night to bring riches to their family
you had no physical form but rather a spiritual one. similar to venti and his past form of an wind spirit, you took the form of dust spirit. but you didn't have any sight.
it's not like you needed sight, you could feel and hear the world around you
but it was bitter. you heard everyone in the village be happy but then, the mining village was empty
no one lived in it anymore
you were tied to the village, unable to explore the world.
while you lived as long as some other gods or immortals (though you could be considered very much younger than those gods), you knew nothing of the world you stayed in and longed for knowledge.
you wanted to see the world.
zhongli had remembered your presence in mingyun village even after all these years. he visited you.
you had told him of your struggles and your longing to really see and experience everything
"i can help you with that, little one."
he offered a contract. you would live alongside him as a hybrid, but you would have to protect liyue as you become of age to do so
you were more than happy to accept, one small problem, you didnt know what he meant by living alongside him as a hybrid
and before you knew it, you were a small dragon hybrid, not even close to 1/4 of zhongli's height and with a sudden urge to chew on something.
at first your mind was much more mature than it was in the present, but you succumbed to the child urges within you and now here you are as small child with bonking urges
yeah, when your mind was much more mature, he explained how he had transferred your age into much more simplified human years
turns out you were only 300 in spirit years, soon changing to 3 years old once the deal was made
your love language is bonks, i do not take any criticism
you just bonk your forehead against whatever you want
it gets zhongli very concerned when you just keep bonking your head against his chest sometimes
like do you want his attention? do you have a headache? he never knows
when you grow up, you become as tall as zhongli, maybe a little bit taller and it makes xiao so mad bc you tease him for it
when you first you met azhdaha and you both have this weird staring contest before you shout "big puppy!" both him and zhongli are very much confused until you start trying to climb him
please give the old man a break, he lost his gnosis, that's enough for him 😔
you get zoomies like a cat or dog and you just run around the house, trying to sound like a scary dragon yelling "roar!!" in like tiny font bc you lack the ability to be loud
not only bc you're a child, but bc you never learned how to talk as a spirit, you're really bad at speaking or articulating your words
it's really cute to zhongli when you try to say some words
hutao fucking LOVES YOU SO MUCH
she always tries to make it bring your kid to work day, just to make zhongli bring you over but he doesn't do it often
he dreads having you learn the concept of death
you never knew much about it when you were a spirit, but even if you did know, your mind was regressed into that of a child, so you barely remember your memories as a spirit.
xiao is always ready to square up with you. pls he does not care if you're a child
he calls you brat, demon, troublemaker all affectionately
you always love playing with his necklace but you have really sharp teeth once you get past the terrible twos phase, and xiao keeps a close eye on you in hopes to have you not break any beads or the blunt arrowhead on the necklace
zhongli has bite marks on his clothes bc of you
he does have some bites on his ankles too bc of you
people think he has a dog, no it's just you
ganyu can never say no to you
you want to play with her? she has the toys ready. you want her to read a bedtime story? which one, she'll even make one up if you want.
ganyu best sister. send tweet.
you have the biggest fear of the dark. child mind you doesn't understand why, but zhongli understands. you can remember the feeling of loneliness and emptiness of not having eyes to see. but of course human you has not connected those dots
you literally speed run to zhongli the moment you get scared
he's always glad to help you during those times, letting you sleep on his bed with him, telling you a story, humming a lullaby even.
you and qiqi are best friends
when you meet childe, you are like an abrasive cat to him
you literally hiss at him
he is completely scared of you
"they don't bite."
childe was right on that.
anyways, eventually you bond with childe. he starts to see you as his own kin often buying you some presents whenever he can
overall there's a lot sweet hcs i could talk about all day if i wanted to, but alas, this is all i could think of
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hannie-dul-set · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
“i'll take your word for it and no one else's.” [lee jeno]
SUMMARY | maybe snooping through your friend’s phone wasn’t that much of a good idea. or maybe it was. either way, you didn’t regret it. PAIRING | lee jeno x reader GENRE | friends to something, fluff, lots of bickering JHDFJ WARNINGS | swearing, invasion of privacy (LMAO idk) WORD COUNT | 2.1k TAGLIST | @danishmiilk​ @lucyinthesunshinee​ @sehunniepot​ @nct-writers​ @czennienet​ @neowritingsnet​
a/n: i didn’t think i’d turn another one of my dreams into a fic, but here we are HAHHAHA i tweaked a few bits and pieces to make it work (setting + added some dialogue + changed the ending because i WOKE UP before it could finish hmph) but please enjoy this unscheduled fic!! <3
Tumblr media
early summer afternoons were warm.
bright rays of the sun were showering on your skin as you lounged on the park bench, hot enough to make you feel the season but not too hot to singe your skin. it was the perfect weather to waste the day outside, and your younger brother and cousin decided to haul you outside so they can play basketball at the park.
but you didn't know why your friend jeno decided to come along.
"your brother messaged me," he grinned at you, plopping down beside you with a long, refreshed sigh. a towel was slung around his neck and he used it to wipe the sweat on his face. "what? why are you staring at me like that?"
"since when were you close with my brother?"
"am i not allowed to be friends with the little guy?" he joked, but apparently he took the unamused look on your face completely the wrong way. "oh my god, are you afraid that he'll take all my attention away from you?" to further tease, he brought his smug face closer to yours that was dumbfounded in shock, his stupidly irritating smile moving in closer.
sometimes you wondered if this was the same boy who helped you cross the street the first time you met.
but you loved him nonetheless.
"like hell i want your attention," you sneered, lightly shoving him away with a glare. he only laughed at your display of annoyance. "go back to playing with the kids or something, you goof."
the never leaving grin in his face seemed brighter against the sun, and he playfully ruffled your hair before running off to disappear into the court.
"as you wish, m'lady."
you let out a huff of air, rolling your eyes as your cheeks were involuntary tugged upwards, prompting a smile to form on your lips. you brought your hands to your hair, fixing the mess that jeno left with, and your gaze landed on the phone he left beside you. the screen flashed on. someone was calling him.
brows knitted together, you picked up the ringing phone, unable to recognize the caller id. you brought the device to your ear, standing up walking towards the court— you figured that you'd just answer whoever that was now and just pass it on to jeno once he was at reach.
"oh, hello there!" there was a pause from the caller "is lee jeno around, miss? would you mind giving the phone to him?"
the voice was that of a middle aged woman's, but it wasn't someone that you recognized. you assumed it was a relative of his or something because you'd know that this was his mom if it were her. "ah, give me a moment! i'll just look for him."
your feet stopped at the edge of the court, the sound of a ball bouncing into the concrete jarring against your ears. not bothering to look at the scene in front if you, you covered the mic with your hand before deciding to shout.
"jeno! someone's calling you!"
there was no usual prompt answer from your friend.
"he's not here!"
the loud voice of your brother answered instead, causing you to narrow your eyes into the court scene with a tinge of confusion masking your expression. there was indeed no mop of blue hair within the area, and you were only confused even further.
"where did he— aish, nevermind."
scratching your head, you swiveled your heels and decided to just head back to the bench. "hi, sorry. i'm not sure where he is right now. so if it's fine with you, can you call him again later? or maybe i could just tell him to call you back when he returns?"
"oh, then can you just relay this to him? it won't take that long, i promise."
you inwardly sighed, but agreed nevertheless. oh, you were definitely gonna ask him to treat you and the kids dinner later. why the fuck did he just disappear like that? now you were responsible for memorizing whatever this woman was telling you (apparently it was about an architecture summer program he was interested in— the lady was a head from his department and she was just calling to tell him that he was accepted. she says she'll be forwarding more details later through text).
"alright, thank you! i'll be sure to inform him when he gets back."
the call ended, and you groaned. you were about to close the phone, but then all of a sudden a notification appeared with a quiet ding!
[haechan 🌟 liked your retweet.]
[ohhh shit why do i feel like i know who this is.]
you knew that you shouldn't be snooping inside your friend's phone. you knew that you shouldn't be invading his privacy no matter how enticingly juicy the bait was. you knew that it was flat out wrong. but—
"ah, just a peek," you clicked on the notification. "payback for making me deal with his stuff."
a hint of excitement rushed through you. jeno never told you his twitter. actually, you didn't even know he had one. he was always buried with studies, sports, and friends so you didn't expect him to keep up with social media— this fact enough was surprising, but the moment the screen finally loaded the tweet
you were even more surprised than you were a few seconds ago.
[@markly tweeted: "it's kind of funny how sometimes we just meet random people at the most random of moments and you don't expect it but they just end up sticking by your side until now"]
[@leejeno quoted: "yeah. a few years back, i saw this girl while i was walking. it wasn't the usual path that i took to school. i saw her having trouble crossing the street because there was a dog hanging around (she's scared of them) so i decided to help her. she couldn't even look at my face back then out of embarrassment but earlier we were calling until four in the morning. if i took a different path that day or if i didn't help her, i don't know how i'd be like right now because she's become one of the most important people in my life."]
your heart skipped a beat. two beats. three. it was running a mile a minute and you could barely even breathe to catch up.
[@do0 replied: how are you two right now?]
[@leejeno replied: "we're good haha. i'm going with her and her brother to the park later. we're still really good friends.]
[@leejeno replied: but i'm not sure if i want things to stop there."]
"hey, sorry for running off there. i went to get some— whoa. whats up?"
oh my fucking god.
you shot up, eyes wide, and you automatically turned off the phone. broken stutters left your lips, as the leaping of your heart to your throat prevented you from saying even a semblance of a coherent sentence. all you could think of when you met his worried gaze, the way he rushed to your side to check on you, was the last thing you read. your grip on his phone tightened.
but i'm not sure if i want things to stop there
you were gonna fucking lose it.
"hey, are you okay?"
quick, gentle hands landed on your cheeks, fingers brushing against your skin like a match igniting a flame. you nearly got lost and tongue-tied all over again, but you quickly slapped his hands away in a scolding fit. "jesus christ, i'm fine. you just surprised me. are you a ghost or something?" you glared at jeno, but it only lasted one second because you couldn't bear to look at him without your insides going crazy. because of that, your eyes flicked to the plastic bag he dropped onto the bench. he brought you something to eat.
"a-and before you ask—" you defended yourself indignantly when he didn't even accuse you of anything. "i wasn't snooping. the school called. it was about your summer program. you got in."
"oh? they called already?" you nodded. "ah, let's talk while walking— the kids are mad because i only got you food. they're asking me to buy the entire store for them to compensate," he released an airy laugh. you mentally scolded yourself.
keep it cool. you repeated the mantra inside your head as you strided beside jeno, your brother and cousin racing ahead of you. street lights were lighting up and the sky was fading into the night. cool cool cool cool cool. keep it cool.
the walk to the store felt way too gruelling than it normally would. it wasn't even that far. you told jeno everything the lady had told you, including the more detailed texts that she'd be sending later on. you thought that he'd be a lot more excited after hearing— he was interested, after all. but to you, he just seemed dismissive. "should i go?" he mindlessly asked.
"what are you talking about?" your brows furrowed. "yeah, of course. you wanted to, right?"
"but it's gonna last an entire month this summer," he yawed, stretching out his arms and hooking you by the neck, causing you to halt and stumble into him. you held back a squeak, and he looked at you, eyes gleaming with curious anticipation. a car sped by. "you still want me to go?"
those damned words that you read echoed inside your head again. you wondered if it resonated into the fucking nerves of your heart, as well.
"i—i mean," you stammered. "it's only one month. and it would also help you a lot in the future, right? you'd make a lot of connections during the camp. so yeah, i do want you to go."
he blinked at you. a hum sounded from his closed lips. he let go of you and resumed walking. you gaped when he left you behind.
was this karma?
"hey, what the hell?" quickly, you caught up to him, grabbing onto the sleeve of his shirt so that you could hang on to him. "why are you being sulky? i didn't do anything wrong!" technically you did do something wrong, but he didn't have to know that.
"you said you wanted me to go."
"you're a baby," you scrunched your nose is disapproval. "i only said that because you said you wanted to go."
jeno abruptly stopped. maybe you were causing a scene in front of all the passersby, but you really didn't give a fuck anymore when your head was in a looped up mess. all thanks to your extremely difficult friend who apparently doesn't want to just be your friend. you swore that he was driving you insane on purpose.
he pulled out his phone and faced the screen to you. your sweat dropped.
[@leejeno replied: but i'm not sure if i want things to stop there."]
"even after reading this," he started. "you still want me to go?"
he just had to be so fucking sharp. well, you weren't exactly slick either. maybe he saw a glimpse of the screen before you got to turn it off earlier. heat started to rise from your neck into your face, a grinding mixture of embarrassment and desire to be hit by a moving truck afflicting your nerves. why were you the one suffering? shouldn't it be him?
he hummed, turning off his phone and shoving the device into his pocket. arms crossed, he leaned in to your face, bearing a look of feigned innocence. "but you said i'd make a lot of useful connections."
"you can make those anywhere."
"and it's only a month, right?"
"that's thirty days too long."
"oh, come on!" you exclaimed, balling your fists in vexation. another car sped by with an accompanied honk. jeno simply wore a look of faint amusement at your little outburst. "i don't want you to join your stupid summer program. happy now?"
"well, if you say so."
you stared at him. he patted your head, eyes disappearing into a pair of crescents with a smile.
"i'll take your word for it and no one else's."
you were left frozen and dumbfounded in the middle of the sidewalk as jeno brazenly spun his heels to chase after the runaway kids that went before you— literally leaving you behind. letting a curse slip past your breath, you also went after them. he was definitely driving you insane on purpose.
sometimes you wondered if this was the same boy who helped you cross the street the first time you met.
this was one of those times.
"you said you weren't gonna go, you asshole!"
"payback for snooping through my phone!"
but you could still love him nonetheless.
Tumblr media
© hannie-dul-set, 2020.
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decayinglover13 · 3 months ago
Corpse Husband x reader -Fans Are Freaking Amateurs With Mics
This is for Todorokis_toes
Y/N's Pov
Oh my god!!!  I was scrolling through Twitter and Corpse Husband is doing a Halloween special.  He tweeted, "Tonight I'm doing a live stream for Halloween, and I will be on call with fans and then the fans can also connect with my fellow creators...  So if you are an interested fan, maybe tweet at me."  So immediately I tweeted about how I wanted to be in the special, I used his @ and the hashtags to get a shot at being noticed.  
Hour later...
Okay so after I cooked up some lunch I started looking through my Twitter messages since I saw one in my inbox.  I usually don't chat with anyone through Twitter, so I wonder what's up.  I saw that the Dm had been from CORPSE HUSBAND!?!  This is the best moment of my goddamn life!!!  Quickly I opened the DM to see that Corpse had sent me, "Friend me on discord with CorpseHusband#1232(AN: let's just say that because IDK)."
So after I added him to my discord he quickly accepted the friend request.  Honestly, I was too chicken to message him first, so I just waited to see what would happen.  Luckily he sent a simple, "hey." to me.  We ended up having a very short and bland conversation that at 5:30 my time, he would invite me into a discord server with Valkyrae, Sykunno, Dream, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye.  
For a while, I've just been laying in bed.  Then I remember I needed dinner.  I was kinda feeling lazy at the moment though.  I just heated up some noodles and cracked an egg into it.  I was waiting for everything to heat up, so I checked my phone again.  I saw another message from Corpse, so I of course clicked right on it.  "Hey just curious, do you have Instagram?"  Okay, I'm not sure why Corpse would want my Instagram, but whatever, so I gave him my Instagram username quickly, before realizing the water was boiling in the pot.  Before my kitchen burned down to the ground I turned down the heat and put everything together.  
I finally finished my dinner and it was 5:25.  I was right on time for the call tonight.  I checked on my discord and found that Corpse had sent the message, "Oh you're really pretty BTW..."  My heart absolutely melted at that message, I gotta admit, I may kinda have a thing for Corpse and his voice.  I replied very quickly, "Oh gosh thanks!"  Just as I hit send I got the invite to the group server with his friends, so I guess he won't see my reply until later, but maybe that's good.  
Once I joined I heard Corpse talking already, telling them how he had invited me.  I nervously sat there waiting for what was about to happen.  Man, I didn't anticipate the fact I'm basically on Corpse Husband's live stream right now.  "Hey Y/N wanna introduce yourself to everyone." I heard Corpse actually talking to me.  At first, I was shocked he knew my name, but then I remember my Twitter has my name, as well as my Instagram.  "Yeah! Hi, I'm Y/N, thanks for letting me be here..."  I then heard Corpse chuckle into his mic for a second then he told me how it was all a pleasure to have me.  I was blushing so hard, thank god I wasn't on camera.  My face was smiling so hard at the moment.  After Corpse messaged me the code for the game real quick, I was in and ready with my little character being lime and with a dum sticky note stuck onto my forehead.  As I almost got very distracted with the situation, Valkyrae suggested we start the among us game.  
Once we started and were at the emergency button to start as always.  Since I was muted I couldn't help but scream, "OH MY LORD HE IS SO CUTE, CORPSE IS JUST TOO HOT HONESTLYYY, GOD THAT FUCKING VOICE GETS ME EVERY TIME!!!"  Once I stopped ranting about my love for Corpse to catch my breath because of how passionate I truly was, I heard everyone start to talk.  Oh fuck, this is bad, very bad.  "Uhhh Y/N your mic was on..." I could hear them all tell me.  I got so red, I could barely speak, but I did. "Oh, I was? heh..." It was a little bit silent before I could hear Corpse's comforting chuckle and he said, "Well you're pretty cute too..."  After that, I and Corpse went quiet.  I was nervous as hell, so I just ran away in the game, down to admin to do card swipe, since it seems there's always a card swipe task.  Then I realized that I was an imposter...
After the stream...
In that game I was an imposter, I'm pretty sure Corpse caught me slaughter Jack, but he's just so nice, he kept vouching for me, so I won the game.  Everyone was calling him a simp, it was funny though, he didn't seem offended.  
After the live stream was over we all left the server and went on with our nights.  It was actually pretty late, around 11:30 my time.  Corpse asked me for my number on discord, just so we could keep in touch later on, so I was super happy.  Once we exchanged numbers, we ended up chatting about random stuff for about 30 minutes.  Apparently, we are both in San Diego.  I had already brushed my teeth so I was about ready to fall asleep.  I was about to text Corpse that I was gonna get some sleep before I saw, "Uh, so when I said you were cute, I wasn't lying..."  I was so flustered that I passed out...
3:30 Am
My eyes opened as I felt my phone continuously buzzing my chest since I guess someone was texting me.  I unlocked my phone to see I and Corpses messages since I had earlier passed out.  I passed out so fast that I couldn't even reply, but now I was reading through the texts he had been sending me.  Corpse sent me a bunch of texts saying stuff like, "Oh god, I'm so sorry if that creeped you out or made you uncomfortable, I just think I kinda like you and I just- I'm sorry..."  I felt so bad that I didn't reply or something because obviously, it stressed him out.  I texted him back finally, "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I passed out after reading that because I was tired, but I kinda like you too..."  The last part was nerve-wracking to type for me, but you know, he said he kinda liked me already, so how bad could this go.  "I mean we both live in San Diego, I could take you out to dinner and see a movie tonight... Would you wanna do that?" He replied to me... HELL, YES, I THOUGHT!  
"Of course, I'd love that."
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rintarous · a year ago
as if! — twenty nine ( what are you doing here? )
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↬ what you want is what you get. thats how its always been for you growing up. but the one time you let time and destiny do it’s thing, surprise, surprise! it’s not how you want it to be. maybe you‘re just clueless on how things should play out without having it your way.
a/n: get u a mans who’d travel just to see you HSFHDAKJDA + bonus shit under the cut lols p.s idk how trains work (ranpo who) so pls bear w me haha
[ taglist: @therealwalmartjesus​​ @90s-belladonna​​ @babybluebisexual​​ @o-o0613​ @thenezuko​​ @kuroos-babie​​ @clowninfortodoroki​ @dorkyama​ @iikiag​ @wakaitoshi​ @svtbitch​ @reogou​ @whalien52dreams​ @akaarin​ @floralprintedsheets​ @kisskeiji​ @preparingtofall​ @kaffulatte​ @akaaaashit​ @imuziawi​ @shoutobabyboy​ @issalilmessy​ @agaassi​ @k-gada​ @jimilogy​ @ai-writes​​ @terriblejob-sam​​ @kuryusmu​ @miyuswriting​ @kritiiiii​ @verbluehte​ @krxstynnn​ @ravioliplease​ @miyayassy​ @sakusakymi​ @kinkenma​ @rinnieee​ @rollingthundaa​ @writersdarkworld​ @pperapear​ @slfmint​ @idiot-juice-enthusiast​ @kitakure​ @howis​ @sugawsites​ @stardustanni​ @noya-sannnn​ @yeehawnana​ @kalegria​ @whippedforhaikyuu​ 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you poke your head out the window to see suna near the school gates in his casual clothes with flowers on hand. he was on his phone probably trying to text you or to tweet his whereabouts.
“kei why is suna here?!” you whip your head towards your brother who had no interest in the situation whatsoever. “he asked, i delivered” he shrugs, plugging in his headphones. you groaned and rushed downstairs to confront him.
“where is y/n going?” “is she going to meet that good looking dude down there? holy shit is that her boyfriend?” whispers circulated as they watch you from the windows approaching the mystery guy just outside of school.
“what are you doing here?!” you hushed, lowering your head to avoid the curious and envious stares you’ve been getting. “to see you” suna says, putting his phone in his pocket. “when.. how.. what?” you spluttered, trying to process everything all at once. he came here to see you? all the way from hyogo?
“i got you these..” he mutters, shyly handing you the bouquet of flowers he bought prior going to karasuno. “i still don’t get it, why are you here?” you say as you accept the flowers. suna coughs before scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “because i hurt you and you weren’t replying to me” he admits, puffing the air he’s been holding in.
you felt yourself blush furiously at his confession. you held the bouquet close to your chest as you smiled up at him. “looks like you’ve finally caved in to me huh?” suna rolls his eyes and looks away but his red face says it all. “shut up” he murmurs. you giggled as you witnessed suna flustered right now.
“don’t you have school today?” you asked after a moment of silence has passed. suna nods, grabbing his phone. probably to check if the twins or anyone in inarizaki were checking up on him. “yep. i left hyogo around 5 in the morning? took the bullet train and now i’m here” he explains. “i’ll probably head back to the station around 4 pm so i won’t miss the last ride home” suna adds.
“ayo y/n~ what are doing- oh” hinata stops his sentence mid way after he sees the middle blocker he faced earlier this year. suna gives him a small salute as you smiled ear to ear. “tsukishima y/n you’ve done it again!” hinata exclaims as he drags kageyama away from the two of you to give you some privacy; despite the whole school was watching you right now.
“hinata can you please tell kei to bring my things with him when he goes home? i’m skipping” you called over to hinata who sent you thumbs up. suna looks down at you in surprise. “you’re skipping?” you rolled your eyes and slapped his arm. “well we aren’t going to let you waste your expensive ass ticket to see me right?” you suddenly grab his hand, “c’mon, i’ll show you around”
suna smiles faintly, intertwining his fingers with yours. “i like the sound of that” 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“order anything you want, it’s on me” you say to suna as you two sat down at a table in your favorite cafe. suna looks at you with a look of bewilderment. “no i should pay for it, i’m the man here” suna declines your offer but you held your hand up in front of his face. 
“no buts. you took the bullet train here and that shit’s costly. at least let me treat you for coming all the way to see me” you argued. suna clamps his mouth shut and nods, grabbing the menu. “damn” he thinks to himself, secretly eyeing you as you were busy pointing to different things in the menu to the waitress
after your small date at your favorite cafe, you two were just now aimlessly walking around the streets of sendai hand in hand. going shopping or just looking around stores that caught your interests. 
“i kind of want to buy matching necklaces or bracelets for us” you say out loud, staring at the display window at pandora’s. “can we even afford them” you hear suna comment under his breath. “i have a credit card with me” you smirked as suna’s eyes widened when you start dragging him inside the store. 
in the end you got yourself and suna matching necklaces. the typical lock and key. 
now you two were sitting at a park bench, admiring the pretty view in front of you. “you didn’t have to buy me something” suna blushes, scratching the back of his head. “i should be the one buying you shit like that” 
“i don’t really mind” you shrug like it was nothing. suna continues to observe you from behind before mustering up all the courage he had in him. “hey” he calls, suddenly holding your hand. “yeah?” you gave him a look of confusion. 
“will you be my girlfriend?” he asked so nonchalantly you thought he was joking around. “what?” you blurt out, totally caught off guard. suna cringes at himself for being too blunt but tries again nevertheless. 
“will you, tsukishima y/n, be my girlfriend?” he asks one more time, fiddling with your tiny fingers and completely avoiding eye contact with you. “yes” you hummed. suna’s eyes almost pops out of their sockets at your answer almost as if he never expected it. “you didn’t have to react that way you fucking dick!” you cried out loud, smacking his chest making him laugh
your day with suna finally comes to an end as you two were now at the train station, ready to send him home. you accompanied suna to purchase his ticket and now you two were just waiting for the time to pass by for him to board the train. 
“so this is it hmm?” suna chuckles, looking down at you who was hugging his left arm. “look i’m already crying” you looked up at him with teary eyes. suna rolls his eyes and pokes your cheek. “you’re so dramatic” 
“you tell me then, when will be the next time i’ll see you?” you sassed, already getting upset at the thought of the distance between the two of you. “like i said, i’ll try to make a way remember? plus facetime exists” he reasons rationally like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 
"hmmph” you puff your cheeks, a habit you have when you don’t get it your way. suna looks at his phone and realizes it was almost time for him to go. he gently pats your thigh and you looked up at him with a sad face. 
you two stood up from the chairs and walked towards the gates. “i hope you had fun today” suna smiles softly as he tried to read your unreadable expression. “i’ll come visit you again okay? i’m so happy i finally got to ask you to be mine” he giggles, grabbing a hold of your hand, trying to shake the sad feeling from being away from his lover for a while.
without saying another word, you latched yourself onto him. suna was stunned and freezes. not being used to these kind of things. “hug me too dipshit” you murmured against his chest making it vibrate. suna finally comes back to his senses and returns the hug awkwardly due to his height. 
suna pulls away from the hug and suddenly kisses your forehead. shocking both himself and you. you let out a small gasp as suna realizes what the fuck he just did. “oh shit— i took things too far i’m sorry-” his little panic moment got cut off by you pulling his coat to bring his face close to yours and gave him a kiss on his lips. 
for suna, it felt like time stopped for real. as much as he would like to continue this lil activity you two are having in public, you pulled away to catch your breath. your face was full on red by now. “i’ll miss you” you admit, looking at your feet instead of meeting suna’s eyes. 
suna tucks your stray hairs away from your cheek. “i’ll miss you too. i’ll see you again soon” he cups both of your cheeks and gave you one final kiss. “stay safe on the way home” the way he looks at you was just filled with adoration causing you to blush harder than before.
how did you get so lucky to get him?
suna finally inputs his train ticket onto the machine and before you know it, he already boarded in. suna sat by the window seat and right before the train announces that they were about to leave, you sent him a flying kiss. suna waves shyly as he grabs his phone to send you a message.
🤍 :  i love you 
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angeloncewas · 4 months ago
id love to hear your thoughts on the twt stuff if you're up for it!! no pressure though :] you always have really good takes on these sort of things, and well, what's happening sure is... a lot, unfortunately. (hello btw >:D im usually on anon but i can't send images on anon and this image was too good not to include)
Tumblr media
Aw thank you :p + nice to hear from one of you !! I'm never sure if there's tons of anons hidden in the woodwork or the same couple (love the images btw, that sums up my feelings better than I ever could verbally ajdnrkdk)
Let me think about how to phrase this.
I understand that Dream is a white man (ha, great start). With that status (and his social class) comes a unique kind of privilege that allows him to stand to the side and say things that - while not necessarily racist - are pretty decidedly ignorant and don't cover the full scope of things.
That being said, I don't quite understand the notion that the solution to his problem is to follow more black stans. Some of them, I'm sure, have a very good hold on social issues/the oppression they face systemically/on a smaller scale and can offer Dream an often otherwise ignored perspective. But some people are teenagers on Twitter, no matter their race. And I don't think relying on them for education is the best path forward, no matter how much they may know and how much lived experience they may have. (And I say that as a minority often impacted by ccs ignorance, past and present.)
It feels a little too /parasocial when I go on Twitter and see them thanking him for "bettering himself" while the action that led them to say that was him following some black fans. We don't even know if he doesn't mute stans like Tommy does (or used to, idk). Like I'm a fan of his, I think that's pretty obvious, but this doesn't feel like the solution they're taking it for.
There's a level of difficultly with this because at its root a big part of my problem is that fandom is not activism. People on Twitter seem to think that if you like watching people play block game, and you don't speak on every tragedy and social issue, you are a terrible human being who's probably a slew of -ists and -phobics. I don't particularly like that shift.
It is a different when it comes to the way black fans are treated in the community and at large. It is. I understand that. People are suffering. But then we again get to the gap between creator and fan; how much responsibility does he, as some white guy playing minecraft, have to pick apart the inherent racism that exists within fandom spaces. Most fandoms don't see their creator so close, so there's this weird gap. And I'm struggling to explain how racism is a problem and it needs to be combated exists in my mind alongside at this point, Twitter is just steering him around.
For someone to grow they need to understand not that what they did was bad, but how and why. They need to come to their own personal conclusions about the world, because anyone can tell you any number of things and you can smile and nod for the camera, but it won't really have sunk in. Over and over it seems like this fandom finds itself satisfied with the prettiest picture instead of whatever kind-of-rough truth exists underneath it.
(Sorry this is getting long.) But that's not even the case here, because people are still upset. I guess I just don't understand what the people want. And I don't think they often do either.
So Dream apologized and only the people effected are allowed to accept it (a concept I have thoughts on, but I'll spare you). He followed black fans as requested, he linked a thread of ccs, the whole nine yards. Now what? What's next? Because I've already seen Tweets saying "I'm hyperfixated on Dream, so-" (don't even get me started) - and people are trying to doxx him (are they fans, do they hate him, I can't even tell at this point) - what comes next?
There comes a point where "education" turns into "here's the correct opinion" (someone save me I sound like Jawsh) and the thing is - oftentimes it is correct. "Don't be racist" isn't some revolutionary idea; we need to be allies to black people in this community and outside of it. But this push, these Twitter threads, this "you said something that hurt us so apologize and shut up" - I can't help but wonder where it gets us.
I don't even know if that's the conclusion I wanted to make. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I have a lot of tangled opinions + if anything I said is out of line, feel free to tell me. This is a much more sensitive issue than others.
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copperpieceharlot · 6 months ago
Bud I’m sorry to swing into your inbox uninvited like this but my soul is having an OOTS renaissance thanks to your content in the tag and did you say Leverage AU
haha holy SHIT this got Long. but yes. i’ve been. Thinking. (also literally Never feel like you have to apologize for sending me messages. i was Hoping someone would ask me about this. now i have an Excuse to share EVERYTHING ive written abt it :3)
Obviously, Roy is the leader/brains of the outfit. He grew up having some Strong Opinions abt what’s Legal versus what’s Right due to tragic backstory involving the death of his little brother which was definitely SOMEONE’S fault for negligence but since there technically wasn’t any illegal behavior, there were no consequences for it. Also he’s still angry at his dad bc he thinks his dad is also partly culpable (and also also just a dick). He’s the Moral Backbone of the team (alongside Durkon, more on that later) in basically the same way Nate was in og Leverage. He’s actually not the best at figuring out what people want (that’s Haley and, shockingly, occasionally Elan), but once he has that info, he is the absolute best at figuring out the ideal plan of attack to use in any given case.
Haley is still a thief. I mean she maps to Parker almost PERFECTLY. Her dad was a thief & a conman, her mom wasn’t but knew about it and mostly accepted it, but she died tragically in a mugging gone wrong or smth, which made Ian crank the paranoia WAY up and taught Haley to do the same in the name of “safety”. Let’s keep the “Ian is in Trouble and Haley needs money, Fast” which is why she signs on to the first job in the first place. She’s less acrobatic than Parker, tending towards finding (or making) weak spots in security, but she can still make a tumble check when she needs to.
Elan is the grifter who is somehow an Idiot but also not???? It baffles everyone. When he’s playing a part for a con, he’s FLAWLESS, but then the rest of the time he’s just. No Thoughts Head Empty. He probably gets lured in initially because he’s decided to try his hand at being part of a full team, rather than the two-man cons he’s been running that invariably end w his partner conning him as well and stealing half of his take. Also he likes the idea of being Crime Friends. He’s that tweet where it’s like, Roy: “after the heist is over, we split up and never communicate again” / Elan: [about to unveil his Crime Buddies Forever Friendship Quilt Puppets]: “never?”
Vaarsuvius is the hacker/gadget person. They have a Vaguely Snobby Yet Unidentifiable accent, dyed(?) purple hair (nobody has ever seen their roots) and nobody knows who they “really” are or where they came from, but they’re good at what they do so everyone just accepts the mystery. They probably got suckered into the team by their initial employer (who I’ll get to Eventually, lol) framing it as a challenge to their intellect, like, “oh, I see, you’re not smart enough to make this team work for you...” to which they were like Fucking Watch Me and also melted his computer. Anyways. They are joined (digitally) by their Intrepid Friend And Co-Conspirator (his words, not theirs), a fellow hacker known only as Blackwing, or, on certain forums, Blackwing_Bird. (In the first season, V only occasionally references him when saying they’re “calling in extra help” or smth for a particularly complex hack job. He starts showing up a little more in s2 and eventually by the start of s4 is a regular & established presence, but only appears as actions in a computer interface or output.) Elan is convinced he’s an AI, Belkar doesn’t think he actually exists, Haley pretends she doesn’t think he exists, and Durkon and Roy try not to think about it too hard, as long as B and V still get the job done.
Belkar is the hitter. He is on the team bc their initial employer got him out of jail for it. He doesn’t have a tragic backstory, he just likes doing violent crimes. As the series progresses, he grows some empathy & stuff, but really only for people who actually deserve it. Assholes still get decked. It’s all very touching. (Also he has dwarfism caused by achondroplasia. It doesn’t actually bother him and is useful in fights bc his opponents frequently have no fucking clue how to approach him, but he likes Pretending to take offense at stupid things just to see how far he can go with it.)
Aaaand last but not least, Durkon is the least involved member of the team. He’s actually a career criminal and Roy’s mentor, and wasn’t a member of the initial team that [redacted, I’ll tell you later, PROMISE] put together for a couple of reasons, the main one being that he’s Officially retired in order to spend more time with his family, which consists of his mom, his friend (not girlfriend) Hilgya, baby Kudzu, and a truly stunning number of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Roy frequently calls or visits him for advice and he Occasionally shows up to help out on local jobs, but generally he avoids doing crime if he can (as part of a deal with Hilgya, who is also a career criminal; basically, they’ve both cut back on the crime in order to provide a more stable home environment for Kudzu. But sometimes, you gotta do a little crime, and in those cases, Sigdi enjoys spending time w her grandson.)
NOW. THE BIG REVEAL YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Who got the team together in the first place?!
The answer: Lord Shojo (or whatever Normal Person Name you want to assign him). Now this is where it gets tricky: he had them do a thing that they thought was good, THEN they thought it was BAD, but then when they confronted him he revealed that it Appearing to be bad was actually a test of character and would they consider working as basically internal investigators for him? But then he had a heart attack, so, rip. But THEN it turned out that he’d left them a bunch of money anyway and they were all feeling kind of Inspired so they formed the Order of the Stick, LLC (which, no, i am not coming up with a new name, actually, because I just don’t care. someone else can come up w a justification for that name, tho, i’m sure it’s possible). Also Miko was there and was unhappy abt their actions, and also their general existence.
Moving on. Villains!
Redcloak is the Sterling replacement, because that DEEPLY amuses me.
Xykon is a season-long main villain, probably one that Redcloak finds himself working for but then “teams up with” (read: blackmails) the Order to bring him down bc even Redcloak finds Xykon distasteful. That’s season 3, let’s say.
Tarquin is another season villain, say season 2. Nale probably shows up pretty early in s1, actually, as another recurring antagonist like Sterling but uh. Less good at it. Anyways the s2 final 3 eps deal with them (accidentally) discovering that Tarquin runs some Evil Empire Company, then trying to outplay him and take him down. Idk if Nale still dies in this version tbh.
Tsukiko is a one-off s1 villain who returns briefly in s4 alongside Miko, who has gone well and truly off the rails.
Season 1 finale has to do w Roy finally getting Vengeance for his little brother.
The vampire squad is the s4 finale villain who do smth terrible to Durkon and then get the Mother Of All Revenge served up to them by the Order.
I envision the show as being 5 seasons (like og Leverage) but I’m not going to sketch out s5 because I think it should be based off whatever happens in the current story arc, possibly involving some legacy of the OotSquiggle.
Other stuff!
The Order of the Squiggle is a legendary criminal team from the 60s who stole a BUNCH of famous shit & then proceeded to legendarily implode. This has no bearing on the plot I’ve sketched out, I just think it’s fun.
The Sapphire Guard members should probably be reworked as FBI. I don’t care about most of them but I do think that Lien and O-Chul could be like, FBI agents who Choose to look the other way while the Order does their very-much-not-legal-but-still-fair Justice Crime, and maybe even help them out on occasion.
So, the Final season-by-season outline, based on everything I’ve written so far:
s1 e1: getting the team together, doing a con for Shojo, then at the end he dies and the gang is like “dang what now?" and intend to split up except then they Don’t.
mid-s1: Nale shows up and tries to trick the Order, but then gets beat like a drum.
late s1: Tsukiko is an underling of the Villain Of The Week, winds up in police custody. But She’ll Be Back.
s1 finale: Roy’s Vengeance: The Vengeaning. also we meet Redcloak as an antagonist.
s2 e1: the truth abt Haley’s father comes out
early s2: The Two Live Crews Job but it’s the Order vs the Linear Guild and the Linear Guild ARE all bad guys.
mid-s2: Redcloak returns. ugh.
late s2: the sapphire guard FBI makes its first appearance, hello O-Chul and Lien.
s2 pre-finale: once again they’re in conflict w Nale over smth, he spends the whole episodes making Cryptic Remarks, they basically beat him (like a drum!) but then the stinger at the end is that Tarquin reveals himself and Elan is like “Dad?!”, roll credits.
s2 finale, part 1: Elan is hanging out w Tarquin bc he’s DEEP in Denial, the Rest of the team tries to take Tarquin down, but it doesn’t work.
s2 finale, part 2: Elan finally gets a clue and they manage to beat Tarquin. still haven’t decided if Nale dies or not, but I’m leaning towards yes. also they rescue Haley’s dad.
s3 e1: fuck dude idk.
early s3: Redcloak shows up, AGAIN, everyone groans. he has blackmail on them, he wants them to take Xykon down.
mid s3: The Rashomon Job but it’s about stealing the Talisman of Dorukan and it turns out that Nale was there too (“oh!” Elan says. “I was wondering why I looked so weird in all those mirrors! But it wasn’t my reflection, it was Nale’s!” “Sweetie, that wasn’t Nale’s reflection,” says Haley. “Huh,” says Elan, “so the mirrors were broken?”, cue eye rolling from everyone else.), and the Successful thief was Hilgya, who’d nabbed it from the owner before it even went on display.
s3 finale: they beat Xykon, actually factually, because he deserves to get his ass Thoroughly kicked, even if only in AU form. Lien and O-Chul are there, so are some other less helpful FBI people. There’s a bit where O-Chul Exact Wordses his way out of telling his superiors about the Order’s less legal activities without technically lying. King shit.
s4 e1: doesn’t really matter. maybe smth to do w some legacy of Tarquin’s company to set up the drama w Malack & Durkon later.
early s4: Durkon gets SENT TO PRISON. Malack approaches the Order abt this because sure they have Different Ethics but they’re still Friends. (Roy is surprised and a little hurt that he’s never heard of Malack, but he ignores that in favor of Let’s Get Whatever Fuckers Did This To Our Friend.)
immediately after that: Miko and Tsukiko return as a Team, preventing the Order from working on the Durkon situation
mid s4: Redcloak makes another unexpected & unwelcome appearance but he’s maybe a little less of a dick? the Order collaborates with Malack & his Crime Buddies (hello, Vector Legion) to pull one over on him tho, because “less of a dick” does not mean “a pleasant or decent person”, and also he was mean abt Durkon being in jail, so he totally deserved it. he still gets whatever he wanted tho, just takes a blow to his pride. also prevents the Order from helping Durkon. they’re having a LOT of setbacks wonder why that could be, not to make sure the season fills its whole length or anything, no sirree
s4 finale: something something taking down the organization, headed by Hel (yes that’s her real name), which framed Durkon for their Big Crime. Durkon goes free and Extra Firmly retires, For Good, He Swears, but says he “met someone new” who might be an asset.
s5 e1: minrah joins the team! and the episode is set in like, somewhere really snowy. that’s all i got.
the rest of s5: don’t know, don’t care, it’s open-ended until the comic finishes up.
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hellev8or · 5 months ago
man... ik im not special for this lol but,
I Miss Hyunjin !!!!!!
...and it’s a tricky scenario, i know.
it’s just that i feel like we should be able to talk about the situation (and others like it) with a lot more nuance and humanity than we are currently.
it sucks when i see people trying to say he did “absolutely nothing wrong” and that “all the allegations are 100% false !!!!!!” bc like, no? :
first of all, we don’t know that, like at all lmao? idk why, as fans, we can read a few tweets and statements and feel like an authority on the issue??? the truth is, situations like this aren’t always so cut-and-dry to even the people involved in it, much less strangers overseas.
further, why do they NEED to be 100% false for him to be shown any grace or forgiveness? the stories are from middle school - i know i personally said and did things im not proud of back then, and im sure many others feel similarly. no one has ever been perfect, no matter what we want to think! and honestly? that’s ok! while it doesn’t automatically excuse any and all actions, it’s part of growing up and learning how to coexist with people. but reflexively denying any possible wrongdoing is not only inaccurate (bc he is Literally Human), it’s also inconsiderate of people that may have been hurt.
we need to start getting comfortable with moral grey areas ! our idols are normal people, and they cannot be perfect. and when they mess up, you are going to have to make a judgment about whether or not YOU can personally continue to support them - have they apologized sincerely? have they shown growth and learned from it? was it something you feel can be forgiven? see, no one else can answer these for you. and i think that makes us kinda scared. we’re scared of being wrong, being ignorant... being imperfect. we feel safest in a crowd, where we’ll never have to fear defending our thoughts by ourselves, and we will collectively adopt either one extreme opinion or the other and share it as loudly as we need to, so long as it means guaranteeing our group safety. but the truth is, neither side will ever be right, because no one will ever be 100% angel or 100% evil - and in our desperate fear of fucking up, we lose sight of this truth along the way.
all that said, i personally believe he’s a good person, AND i believe hurt others in middle school. these things can coexist! i feel like his apology was sincere and he has apparently met with the victim who accepted it. i believe he is sweet, loving, and kind because i see it with his members, staff, and Stays. i think he’s also dramatic, sassy, snarky, and sarcastic, which i love about him, but can imagine could have easily gotten him in trouble at some point! but i think he’s learning and growing as a person every day, and i am excited to see him again someday because i believe in him.
with this in mind, i really don’t understand the thought process of the indefinite hiatus and open-endedness of everything rn... it doesn’t feel fair to the group, to Hyunjin, or to Stays. if they’re just going to kick him from the group (which i desperately hope doesn’t happen) then leading us all on for months like this really sucks. if he will be returning, then at what point will he be allowed back? what will be different in a month from now or more?? it just doesn’t make sense and it feels so awful.
anyway,, im SO sorry if you read all that bc it was Long Boi, but:
i hope you’re doing well, and i hope to see you soon, Hyunjin! sending lots of love <3
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angeltiddies · 10 months ago
Hello :) It is the person who jumped onto that Dean tweets out “now accepting boyfriend applications” idea and I posted it yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that you can find on my tumblr if you want to read it (If you already saw (idk how reliable the tumblr tagging thing is), sorry for being annoying :) I just wanted to make sure that it didn't get drowned out by yesterdays excitement over the script thing!) Anyway, have a nice day :D
also!!! never ever apologize for sending me such BEAUTY 💖💖💖💖
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corseque · a year ago
Solas meta cause I just read a shallow take I didn’t like—For someone who explained in great detail how he learned ALL of his information about the world and the various peoples in it through a literal magical funhouse dream mirror that reflected his own prejudices and amplified them, Solas is pretty damn good at questioning his assumptions and admitting he’s wrong or prejudiced, to a degree I would never in 1000 years expect from a Thandruil character type like him.
He had never met a human or a Qunari or talked to a dwarf or a non-magic elf in person before. Think about that. Not ever, not once. He’d watched everything through the Fade, where “it is all real” — whatever your perception is, that’s what you’ll see. So he watched, but of course his assumptions colored what he was seeing.
He asks for new information, constantly. And he completely changes his mind. He has the capability to go (in a very, very short amount of time) from thinking nobody is even real to thinking that everyone is. and he gets better at accepting his misconceptions the more time he spends awake, and the more time he actually spends around people who aren’t his race (again, he had not met humans or Qunari etc before, and genuinely came from a society where there’s only the People, so he has no in-person experience with this).
And he did all of this searching for new info while working (failing to work?) through his own massive trauma and survivor’s guilt and massive, unbelievable sadness and regret. All the different, new, changed people were all constant reminders that he could have just doubled-down in hatred toward because their reality is too painful to think about (and actually that’s what he does at low approval). So it’s amazing that he would be open at all to new info about them.
there were real, hard, magical limitations to his initial perception of what was going on—he could 1) watch the funhouse mirror of reality reflected in the Fade shaped by his own feelings (and the feelings of the people who had those memories) or he could 2) listen to reports from his awake and prejudiced agents. Those were his options. “I was not misinformed!” he protests irritatedly at one point. But he was misinformed.
So idk like... what was he supposed to do, just somehow know what Qunari were like? And not see them even a little as terrifying uncontrolled beasts, when they themselves think they are savage without the Qun? And when the memories of terrified humans, say, would also portray Qunari as terrifying brutes? He describes how hard it is to understand what is and isn’t real from the Fade. (He specifically talks about how hard it was to know anything at all about dwarves, who don’t dream). He hopes he knows shit, but he has no idea.
He’s obnoxious while working through his prejudices, but like... I mean, at least he does work through them? That’s his whole... thing, that’s all he does if you’re his friend. “You showed me I was wrong, again.” “I would treasure the chance to be wrong once again, my friend” (Meanwhile the other characters don’t work through their shit, but they’re given a pass cause idk)
The accepting and valuing and extremely open-minded way he is with spirits, that’s how I assume he would eventually end up with all people. He’s just too interested in learning and challenging his understanding that he wouldn’t stop until he figured it all out, and gathered all the wisdom he could about it. I think the tragedy of the story is that he can’t just stop and do that.
Anyway he feels real and I like the complexity going on here, and I also like stories about people slowly realizing something foundational in their life isn’t true, and coming to grips with that realization, and changing their minds and their life. Because being strong enough to do that is one of the things I hope to be able to do send tweet.
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cloveroctobers · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
IG Info/bio: @/justjenw1n | 220k followers | Fashion | just a LUVer who owns a lovely blog that you’re more than welcome to check out here... 🪞🛍🪄
22 (24) (25 in 2021) years of age
From London, England
Her family has French origins
Tends to visit once a year mainly with her family
For her 18th bday, her parents also sent her to Paris with her bf that she’s been dating since she was 14
they broke up since he wanted to stay in Paris to pursue his dreams and she felt like she needed to be back home...which she felt Paris was not
Extremely close to her parents, some may say a little TOO close...
See, I feel like jen comes from a family that spoils her where her parents did everything and took care of everything for her. She had the privilege and didn’t have to work too hard to get things she wanted so that made her a little bit different than a few of her friends, hell—even her bf
Didn’t have to work until she reached her twenties
She also didn’t have too many friends because her parents felt like her cousins and/or her sibs were really only allowed to hold that title
However her parents had some sort of a soft spot for her when they allowed her to date her bf at 14 since he came from a nice background...
And to have at least 1-2 best friends...
I can’t decide if I see her having 3 other sibs with her being the second eldest, or her being the eldest with a younger sister? I can also see her being a only child too? Idk y’all can decide
Because her family is a tight knit one, she values everything they say and do...which is canon/evident
She got her thigh tattoo in Paris and even thought about asking her parents permission but her bf talked her out of it
she later showed them that night while he was in the shower. Her mother openly disapproved saying it was, “unladylike or unclean” while her father was more lenient towards it 
Her mother even scheduled her for laser appointments but this was one of the things jen was sure of, she loved her tattoo and she didn’t want to erase it from her body which led to her mother not speaking to her for about a month—even tho they live in the same household
I feel like she looks more like her dad with her mom’s hair and smile
Got into fashion due to her maternal grandmother who seemed to live a extravagant life as a old time actress, she always had and owned the finest of things
Jen loved having sleepovers there, it felt like she had her own personal Liz Taylor inside of her nan...but better!
Definitely found inspiration through Liz Taylor, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, and Naomi Campbell
she had no clue what she wanted to do in life (she never had to think too hard about it until now, it’s true what they say about your twenties) and she made the choice not to continue thru with uni & I’m not going to make her out to be the stereotypical “dumb blonde” I think she did well in school—so she kinda just chilled after it was all over
Her first job at 20 was probably working in retail where she learned all about the bs you put up with but she loved clothes! That never changed
So she decided 6 months into her job that she was going to make a fashion blog
she made one separate from her tumblr but kept it under construction since she needed to brain storm what exactly this blog would entail
It didn’t take too long to her to figure it out by how she wanted the blog to look then discussing pieces from celebs/models then slowly discussing her own wardrobe + advice
She didn’t immediately gain success for it —altho she did have a good 1k people follow her thru her tumblr where she also provided the link to her separate blog... but she worked/works hard at it, hoping one day it’ll get her somewhere and that maybe she can get paid for it too?
Retail fucking sucks and people are horrible twats so when she was approaching 21 she deff quit with her parents still hammering...more so her dad on what she needs to do with her life but she found happiness in her blog and no one was going to take that away from her —not even her parents
‘What’s the use of working if it doesn’t make you happy?’ She thinks but again! she has the privilege of living under her parents roof and not having to pay bills so she didn’t have to worry too much rn she knows they’d never kick her out right?
she has two bunnies named “bugsy” and “Lola”—u know the reference right?
I feel like she values the flinstones & jetsons because it was something her dad loved watching as a kid and still does , probably has the dvds showcased in her room that she watches when she feels sad
Seems like a smiley person but when she’s sad? It kinda sucks to see cause she turns into a whole different person and she always seems happy with a smile so wide that turns her eyes squinty
If she disagrees with something, she’s 100% giving her opinion whether you like it or not? Wrong is wrong. But when the shoe is on the other foot? She hates being wrong LOL or doesn’t view herself being wrong. Doesn’t take accountability all!
She’s also showed her ass by being a gossiper and fake as hell with Allegra about mc with the whole, “let’s pretend like we’re there for her” if you’re not fucking with somebody just say that or SHOW it sis cause that snakey shit will come back to bite you in the ass (I forgot about this lol as I’m replaying)
she’s all “mega resting bitch face” until she breaks out into a large smile
Libra sun? + Virgo moon? + Gemini rising?
I feel like she only knows what she wants when it comes to relationships but not with the rest of life?
Lol she was very determined with levi in the beginning, explored shit with jake, (I can’t remember if that was after you/mc showed a interest in him or not in that route? I’m doing a talia/Rohan route rn But that’s kinda foul if she’s smiling in ur face and then boom goes and does what she wants but hey that’s the game right? Fck that tho) and then stood by Tim after only some time?
She wasn’t feeling him in the beginning either cause he thought she was too posh for him and snakey which he’s right to some degree but she’s also right if she finds him too immature for her liking
To you jim? Ten? Stans— Idk what their ship name is but it probably wouldn’t have worked out in the long run either because I don’t see both of them wanting to change themselves completely to satisfy the other. (Tim tried) Sure if you’re showing unhealthy behaviors and are open to diminishing that for yourself then trying to work on your relationship then that’s great! But they already started from the jump not liking each other’s personalities/characteristics....
And hey! Ofc I know people grow to like things they might have disliked about you in the beginning but you can also find yourself not fully accepting it in a relationship and that doesn’t mean you didn’t try
+ it’s been hinted at that they’re not endgame & if you love yourself some Tim not platonically then this works in ur favor. if not? Then you can keep them endgame by all means! For me? That endgame shit is a no! For those that don’t gaf about either of them that’s fine too lmao
YES I feel like they were both hurt over the breakup and it probably happened right around the holidays or either a couple of months after Christmas/New Years 2019
Jen is probably the type to keep checking up on her ex, not necessarily talking to them but finding out who they’re with now
and if it’s Tim with mc she’s definitely gossiping about the shit with erikah and Allegra or making shady tweets or posts on IG for sure
“5 outfits to wear when you run into your ex” type posts on her blog looool
She hopes if she runs into Tim, she’s looking her best and she would 80% go up to him & mc/his new girl if not mc and be all huggy with him and holding conversation before she even thinks to acknowledge mc/new girl and when she does it’s a shady convo with fake smiles
Absolutely loves watching housewives so she was prepared for that moment if it ever does come
Her parents openly didn’t like Tim which made him feel like shit since it seemed like jen never defended him in front of them but again, she values her parents opinion and always wants their stamp of approval that’s just the way the girl is/ was brought up
She owes them everything but deep down knows that in her relationship with Tim she could have been a little more understanding of his needs like he was with her love for her parents...but she’ll never admit that
Doesn’t get over breakups as easily as it may seem like her exes do in her opinion.
It sure didn’t take long with Tim to date mc/new girl months after they broke up! Which was like a slap in the face
The ex bf she spent time w in Paris who looks like Matthew Noszka is now engaged, lives in AMERICA—& of all places??? California to be exact, and just released his debut album!! She knows which songs are probably about her, it’s a nice album she screamed about it for hours into her pillow and cried for what felt like weeks
Lost her voice over that breakdown too
Her mother even went as far as sending a nasty letter to this ex bf’s new address...since ya know? jen’s dad is a private investigator & all!!! but dad had no knowledge of this being done
She’s still fond of Levi and jake but not like in love with them? Like she thought/felt she was with Tim but she still considers them her mates
Maybe in 2021 she’ll be open to dating again and hopes erikah and Allegra will be her wingwomen when the time comes BUT she’s focusing on her blog rn and it’s the best it’s ever been!
She had the show to thank for that now that she has a manager and is getting paid for running her blog now! That’s right this girl is officially employed!
“At least one good thing came from the show ;) 🧽🥐🥂” type of tweets
There’s never not a moment where she’s not connecting her posts whether thru ig or Twitter to her blog:!!!
Both erikah and Allegra talk a little shit about that together...WHEN they DO talk, the pair only really socialize when jen initiates it but if one pisses the other off?? they’re going to gossip about it with the other forsure
She doesn’t look that tall to me? Taller than erikah? 5’2-5’5 the 5 is pushing it for me? Maybe? lol I’m still deciding between her and Allegra far as height and I’m too lazy to go back and see what I put for her
Hates straightening her hair, that pin straight look is not cute to her. She loves having waves and body to her hair
Get her eyebrows micro bladed since she doesn’t have much hair up there to begin with
Adores French cuisine, always has since she was a little girl. Bisque used to be her fav back then and all that she would eat
Loves spring season especially pastel colors when it comes to her wardrobe
The type to say one thing and do the complete opposite
I feel like she probably has a little bit of lisp and it’s not really noticeable until she says some words, she’s insecure about it and thought it had something to do with the structure of her teeth and begged her parents to get them fixed but it literally had nothing to do with them
Yet she still got colorful braces in middle school even tho her teeth were pretty straight. She didn’t have to wear them for a whole year, thank goodness
Went to speech therapy to help
Has stacks of fashion magazines even from the early 90s all over her room: her night stand, her vanity, her closet, underneath her bed etc...
Adores the Hadid sisters, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, & Georgia May Jagger
Makes the best white chocolate chip (that’s right, white not just regular chocolate) banana bread but cooking/baking? Isn’t really her thing
Early riser
Loves yellow: yellow phone case, yellow laptop, yellow room, yellow tulips, yellow shades, etc...
Getting Prada shades was probably one of the best things that happened to her, s/o to her nan for granting her this wish
Words of affirmation is her love lanaguage, this girl is a talker and a bit of a thinker too I mean duh? She runs a blog
Likes bright colors on her toes but nude and clear polish on her hands?
Loves a good mascara but she also loves magnetic lashes but is trying her best to grow her lashes out rn! Thanks to erikah for sending her some good ol’ coconut oil!
Smokey eyes? Set her up
Gets a belly ring, and two more tatts one in between her boobs and the last on her ankle & that one she shed a tear over!
Maybe she’ll start changing her physical attributes more so than the way she carries her life at first? (Or ever) She’ll cut her hair below her collarbone to the top of her chest, and maybe she’ll try a light light LIGHT brunette (she loves being a natural blonde) with blonde highlights? Who knows
loves espadrilles and wedge sandals
Loves going wine tasting and visiting vineyards, if she’s vacationing? You can bet ur ass she’s looking for a vineyard to visit
Deff a lightweight
Here’s her unpopular opinions on s2: Thought Felix was a wannabe Tim and hates the fact that he follows her, thought graham was unattractive and said so to Allegra who snickered, thought marisol’s clothing choices were rather boring,
didn’t feel 100% bad for Hannah but disagrees with the way Gary and noah spoke about her + the way Gary tried to slide back over to Hannah on her comeback episode
but doesn’t feel like Lottie is wrong for choosing Gary after Hannah left
isn’t a fan of priya but is glad she’s doing fashion since jen strongly believes in if something isn’t making u happy then u need to let it go
Thinks Hope should have won and cannot tolerate Bobby. Feels he’s WORSE than Felix,
would be open to dating Ibrahim or Carl from that szn
has spoken to Harry from s3 due to his drunkenness and actually made a friend out of him? But low key wants to get to know seb? Take that info as u will 👀
Her anthem: Michelle — SUNRISE
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joshva · a year ago
milo and his melody
Tumblr media
❥ milo and his melody
all your life, you thought you’d have to promise your life to a ukulele. now, a new boy has stolen your heart.
❥ pairing : lee donghyuck x reader
❥ genre : fluff
❥ warnings : love at first sight? idk but other than that, there’s nothing to look out for
❥ word count : 2k+
♡ author’s note : i’m only a beginner uke player (but there’s not many instrumental terms anyway) so just take a note of that! lol i’m not that good yet but i do love milo as much as i say here :]
Tumblr media
You knew the chords to I’m Yours by Jason Mraz like the back of your hand. Someone asked you to perform a short song on your ukulele? I’m Yours. Your neighbor asked you to play a different song for once in your life? I’m Yours. 
It wasn’t that you didn’t know any other songs, but this song had been the first song you had ever played on Milo, the name you gave to your uke. You had become attached to both of them.
Milo was like any other ukulele, pretty ordinary. You called him your best friend. Milo helped you out through thick and thin. Even if you felt yourself on the verge of crying and doing something reckless, you’d just grab Milo from his designated corner of your room and you’d play a few tunes. Automatically smile-worthy.
The only thing was, you weren’t quite confident with your voice. Sure, it wasn’t as horrible as a shrieking koala, but you wouldn’t exactly call it phenomenal either. You could accept that.
Which is why you needed a singer. Immediately.
Your neighbor chuckled at your distress. “I would help you, Y/N, I swear I would, but I have work,” he said as he patted your head in an effort to comfort you. You groaned. “Just when I need you the most, Jeonghyuck. I can’t believe you’d miss out on something like this.”
He frowned. “How was I supposed to know you were going to a busking event?”
“I’m just sad now.” An idea popped into your head. Maybe not a good one. “There’s a large prize of satisfaction from all the smiling people,” you wore a mischievous smile as you tried to convince him. “And I’ll have a large ‘prize’,” he said, with fingers making air quotes, “if I try to skip work.”
You sucked your teeth, shaking your head in distaste. “I’ll never forget this.”
Jeonghyuck’s smile returned. “Sure you won’t. Especially when I buy you madeleines from the bakery near my workplace.” Your eyes widened, sparkling with a certain fondness you only showed around Jeonghyuck. “Maybe you do deserve rights. Plus, you like cats.”
You wrapped your arms around Jeonghyuck’s frame, squishing your face into his chest. “…You smell like oranges, heh.” Jeonghyuck hugged you back, leaning his chin onto your head. “Don’t make it weird,” he spoke with humor laced into his tone.
Tumblr media
You immediately spotted Milo’s light turquoise paint as you rolled onto your bed, covered in the smell of artificial oranges. You played the rhythm to Holiday by SEVENTEEN, one of your favorite summer songs ever. 
After your short jam session, you pulled out your phone from underneath your bedsheets. During the morning (and by morning you meant 3:30 a.m.), you had tweeted about needing a partner for your busking time which started at 6 p.m. It had gotten a lot of engagement considering the number of followers you had.
But still, no one who could fulfill your request.
For a moment, you thought about giving up on the whole thing, but you remembered that giving up was for weak-minded people. And while you were weak sometimes, you wouldn’t be weak right now. For Milo’s sake.
If Milo were a person, he’d be a perfect one. Maybe wide, golden eyes that could hypnotize anyone by staring into them too much. Maybe brown, fluffy locks that would bounce upon any abrupt movement.
You were ripped out of your daydream when Jeonghyuck called you. You answered it without even looking at the name since you recognized the ringtone the second it began ringing. “Hey, pretty boy. I thought you were at work, mmm?”
Noises of laughter and chatter sounded throughout the speaker. “I’m just on my break, calm down. And about your situation… I kind of found someone for you.”
You gasped. “I’ve never cherished anyone more than you right now.” Jeonghyuck laughed. 
“So, who is it? Do I know them? Do they sing well? When can I see them?”
Jeonghyuck cut you off. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill out with the questions. His name is Donghyuck and—”
You let out a very loud cackle you had no idea you had in you. “Donghyuck?! Is this guy like your long lost brother or something? Is being vocally talented somewhere in your blood or something?” Jeonghyuck cleared his throat. 
“As I was saying… no, we’re not related. Donghyuck just works at the same place as I do. He’s actually around your age I think. Maybe a few months or a year younger. Anyway, I was ranting to him about your problem. Since I guess your problems are mine, too. And he said that he’d like to try out for the position.”
You stopped to think for a bit. “Does he actually sing well? I don’t wanna waste my time if he’s not good.”
“Well, a lot of his friends say he’s good. I agree. I could send you a video of him singing if you want,” you could practically hear the smile in his voice, even if you weren’t looking at his face.
You nodded — mostly to yourself — before talking. “Sure. Send it quickly!” Before you hung up, you spoke again. “Enjoy your break!” You heard a small hum, prompting you to finish the call.
You fell back onto your bed, sighing with relief. “And now we wait.”
Milo stared back at you as you scrolled through Instagram on your phone. A ding was heard, followed by a message popping up at the top of your screen. 
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: here’s donghyuck singing exo’s first snow :) [video]
You clicked on the video, the familiar sound of an acoustic guitar filling your senses. The moment you heard singing, you felt like you were in heaven. Did you just die without saying goodbye to Milo? And now you were revisiting all your memories with this beautiful sound in the background?
How was this voice real?
You looked at the video for the first time, your eyes finding the source. A boy playing the guitar and another boy singing. Saying these two were cute would definitely be an understatement. They could possibly even be on the same level as Jeonghyuck.
The boy who was singing gave off a sunny impression, which was a bonus when you found his sunkissed skin so attractive. Suddenly, a thought occurred to you.
Wouldn’t he look so good in turquoise?
You took a short glance at Milo who was leaning on your wall, feeling your cheeks gradually get warm at your genius idea. You felt a squeal crawling up your throat, but you held yourself back before you could receive any sort of noise complaints from your apartment neighbors.
yn the fairy: hyuck!! i have just thought of the Greatest idea known to mankind
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: idk if i should be worried but i am
yn the fairy: dw ur pretty lil head~
yn the fairy: so i was watching the video right?
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: right?
yn the fairy: and i realized
yn the fairy: wowie
yn the fairy: he looks so pretty
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: ok? what do u want me to do about it
yn the fairy: let me finish dummy!
you: and i was like “this other hyuckie looks so adorable, he might just be as cute as milo!”
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: don’t tell me…
yn the fairy: he reminded me of lil milo!
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: how,, the heck did donghyuck remind u of ur ukulele?
yn the fairy: he’s not just a uke, hyuck! he’s my bestie >:(
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: if u say so
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: so what’s ur wonderful idea?
yn the fairy: i was thinking of dressing him in the same color as milo! yk, just so they match when we go busking :]
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: i don’t rlly see how that’s the greatest idea ever created? but sure, go with it
yn the fairy: so when can i meet hyuckie 2.0?
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: is2g PLEASE don’t call him hyuck 2.0 irl
yn the fairy: just tell me when i can see him >:( i’m ready for himmm
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: well u need him for monday right? that’s 2 days from now
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: i guess u can meet him tmr? idk i’ll ask him about it brb
yn the fairy: hmhm :] tell him he’s cute!
yn the fairy: and make sure to tell him to be prepared for me calling milo a cutie
yn the fairy: idk why ppl normally find that weird,, but oh well
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: he said u guys can meet tmr at 2 pm
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: and why would i tell him that
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: let him deal with ur weird self on ur own
yn the fairy: jeonghyuck >:|
yn the fairy: tell baby hyuck i find him cute
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: baby hyuck? why don’t u use pet names with me too :(
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: don’t u find me cute? 
yn the fairy: yea but ur like a brother to me! sorry 4 bro-zoning u :(
yn the fairy: ik i’m irresistible
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: yeah i’m leaving now
yn the fairy: no wait!
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: what?
yn the fairy: send me donghyuck’s number! i need it to plan our meetup :]
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: :|
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: fine
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: it’s 323-405-9947
yn the fairy: thank uuuuuu
yn the fairy: also
yn the fairy: stay safe at work big hyuckie (make sure lil hyuck stays safe too!)
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: i will i will don’t worry
jeonghyuck the donut delivery man <3: ttyl y/n
yn the fairy: byeeeee~
You turned your phone off, planting it face-first into your mattress and taking a brief moment to drag your finger over the tiny blue ukulele sticker you had in the middle of the case. It was like your little portable Milo. A lucky charm of sorts.
You smiled blissfully, letting your feet lead you to your kitchen to make yourself a snack.
Tumblr media
There are many delights in life. Like stuffing your face with madeleines and glazed donuts, just like you were doing right now. Or being able to live next door to the cutest boy ever. But maybe your heart was ready for a new guy.
“I don’t think you should be eating that fast, Y/N…,” Jeonghyuck said, the skin between his eyebrows wrinkled in concern. “You could choke.”
He was right, you nearly did. Multiple times.
All Jeonghyuck did was watch in concern as you scarfed down the remains of sugar in the dessert box. You extended your arms upward, letting your muscles stretch properly. You settled your arms around Jeonghyuck’s neck, the heat radiating off his body giving you tingles.
“Why’re you so happy today, hm?” His question only made you giddier. 
“I’ll be meeting real-life Milo today!” Jeonghyuck raised an eyebrow, giving you a strange look. He could probably throw a million insults in your face and you wouldn’t care right now. You were love-struck. 
“I see. So, where are you guys meeting?”
Right on time. 
You giggled like a youthful schoolgirl, skipping over to the door with a lovely smile on your lips. You opened the door a bit, peaking your eye through the small space to spot the outsider. As soon as you opened the door, Donghyuck came rushing in, hugging you and making both of you tumble to the ground. 
The first time you heard of him, you knew you would adore him. The first time you texted him, he greeted you with a meme, and you caught feelings for him right at that moment. The first time you FaceTimed (which was barely yesterday night), you fell in love. The first time you met him in person, you felt an infinite amount of words rushing in your mind, and yet, you could say none of them and just continued to childishly laugh at Donghyuck’s presence in the room.
Even when you passionately ranted about your ukulele to him, he never once called you weird. Instead, he found it admirable that you had a hobby that you cared so much about. 
It was like you two were in your own different world. You didn’t even notice Jeonghyuck who had already left the room because of the tension in it. 
“Where can I see famous little Milo in action?” You took him by the hand — which was really warm and cozy, just like the feeling of your heart — and led him to your bedroom where Milo was resting. You picked him up by his neck, showing him off to your new companion and crush. “Isn’t he so precious?”
Donghyuck stared at the strings, watching as you fiddled with them. He nodded, his plump lips displaying a tiny smile. “Can we sing a song right now?”
Without even thinking, your dominant hand started strumming the melody of f(x)’s Goodbye Summer. You don’t remember the last time you played this song with Milo, but Donghyuck’s voice brings your attention back to him. 
It was like time stopped, just for you three. Your heart swelled at Donghyuck’s tone as you tried to not erupt into a smiling mess. Two partners and a delicate ukulele. That single thought nearly caused you to mess up the chords, but you regained your composure by focusing on strumming again.
You shouldn’t be this happy, he’s just a boy. Two strangers and a ukulele.
“Goodbye, yeah yeah,” he sang, lowering his voice and finally pausing. You laid your fingers across the fretboard, taking in a large puff of air. Donghyuck looked at you expectantly, stars in his eyes.
“Oh, you’re so good! You’re hired!” Donghyuck poked you in your stomach with a finger, making you scoot away and grin. “I thought I already was, though?”
“No, before you were just a candidate.” He tilted his head in curiosity. “My only one, too,” you mumbled, mostly for yourself. “But now you have the official role of being Milo’s babysitter,” you said, letting out a breathy laugh. 
“Well, I hope Milo accepts me.”
Was there such a concept as a perfect man? No. Or, at least, not before you met Lee Donghyuck.
Donghyuck booped your nose lightly to snap you out of your thoughts. “I asked you if you wanted to go out to eat something after our busking sesh.” You nodded without hesitation. The image of Donghyuck eating a muffin popped into your head, holding it up with sweater paws and crumbs on him, making him look like a tiny baby. You wanted to pinch yourself. This was too good to be real.
“Great! We can go to Peache tomorrow, then.”
Your cheeks were hurting from all the smiling you were doing. You couldn’t stop your happiness.
Tumblr media
Your hand trembled against Milo’s body, your eyes trailing behind movements of the people surrounding you. Donghyuck noticed your worried gaze, reaching for your free hand to lace his fingers with yours. He rubbed his thumb with yours in an effort to calm you down.
The sleeve of his jacket grazed your arm, causing you to look over at it. The color was exactly like Milo’s, just like you wanted. He complied with the outfit decision and he even went out of his way to dye the tips of his hair purple. 
He might not be Milo, but he might be even better.
Donghyuck’s gesture, along with your breathing exercises, slowly calmed your nerves. You were at peace knowing that Donghyuck trusted you and looked after your wellbeing. Oh, and that you had tuned Milo plenty of times before coming to the plaza. 
The busking event was full of many types of entertainers; dancers, singers, musicians, magicians, you name it. The number of people in the area was very impressive bearing in mind that this event was supposed to be kind of unknown. 
Minutes passed by quickly, and at last, it was your turn. You pressed Milo to your abdomen, trying not to look too frazzled in front of all the spectators. 
The day before, you had come to an agreement with Donghyuck that you’d perform instagram by DEAN, but even then, you had to practice the song a bunch. Your conscious mind couldn’t let you embarrass yourself with so many people watching.
Maybe it was Milo, maybe it was Donghyuck, or maybe it was just you, but somehow, you pulled through. When you heard clapping, you looked over at Donghyuck who only smiled. You both bowed, getting pulled away by the boy next to you.
Donghyuck’s cheeks flushed a pretty cherry color as he gushed, “That was amazing!” You praised him in return, not letting go of his hand.
“Oh, they’re such a cute couple…”
The tips of your ears reddened as you heard lots of whispers being thrown around behind you. They seemed to be some of the viewers that witnessed your performance.
Donghyuck probably overheard that too, as his face was getting a darker shade of red as time meekly walked by. “S-should we go to Peache now?” Your mouth couldn’t articulate any comprehensible words, so you simply nodded.
Hand in hand, you could burst with glee at Donghyuck’s snug grasp. Any direct eye contact made you blush. Just the thought of anything beyond handholding made you feel butterflies. Maybe you were twitterpated, but you would never admit it.
Tumblr media
♡ ending note : i didn’t realize until i was writing this that two hyucks would be such a cute concept, so there’s that. listen to jeonghyuck’s (demian) songs, his voice gives me life :] and wish me luck on my adventure with milo!
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sulfurcosmos · 2 months ago
Late night ask #7
Time = 3:17
Firstly, you said I’d have to fight your man to marry you, now I’m not a home wrecker but I might just have to wreck this home, send me the addy and I’ll roll up, I’ll accept the outcome gracefully as long as he does too but I should warn you I am extremely competitive……
Anyways back to the matter at hand………….. Bestie chapter 27???? I have a feeling that sunshine is gonna start pulling away again 😕 is there a tension build up then explosion type situation coming soon? Cause I’m feeling it in the air……..
Bangchan was cute tho🥺 embarrassing himself and shit so y/n didn’t feel uncomfy, I’m melting. I’m still a little on Hans side (I know it’s not an option or a choose your character type buzz don’t worry 😂 I’m just stubborn) but bangchan has been growing on me big time iwl
Hey also have you seen the new stray kids videos??? I’m saving some of them for when I have a proper day off but I watched the family role play one and can I just say I didn’t think wigs could look so good until Minho appeared like that 😳😳 and in true 2minsungjin fashion the content produced was hilarious 😭
Anyways good bye I love you and stay safe, stay hydrated, stay noisy and most importantly stay stay❣️ (I added the stay noisy one did you notice??? I thought chans tweet was really cute and inviting and lowkey inspirational just by mainly those 2 words so I might just keep the stay noisy in there!)
hellooooo my favourite night owl ❤️ hold up i’ll send you his addy right away 😤 he is also competitive though so he WILL put up a fight. but he’s also a giant so hit him in his knee caps and he’ll be on the floor skksksksksk (i am so glad he doesn’t know about this blog pls 💀)
eheheheh yes episode 27 was a big one. and hmm 🤔 inch-resting theory bestie. very inch-resting. it’s almost as if that’s exactly what might happen 👀😶 and uh... tension build up and explosion? i feel like i’ve been building up tension since episode one skskksksksk there will an explosion eventually. whether this particular thing is the cause... idk 🤷🏻‍♀️ might be something else that causes it 👀
and ehehhehe THANK YOU FOR NOTICING OMG EVERYONE JUST CALLED HIM DUMB FOR LYING 😭😭😭 like y’all don’t appreciate how he’s doing the absolute MOST to make sure sunshine isn’t upset??? he just straight up lied about not being in love and still tried to smile and laugh to make sure she didn’t feel uncomfortable with the situation.
shsjsjsksks bestie don’t worry. han himself is gonna convince you that he was never in the running ✋🏻 just wait. or maybe you’d like him even more idk. but i hope you still like the sunny couple as they are ✨
i have nOt seen the videos yet. but i’ve seen clips of baby eshay chris amajsksjssksk. his “i am foive” is the funniest thing. he even sent it on bbl earlier 😭😂 i’ll watch it when i have time~~ and yes minho in a wig puts even gigi hadid to shame 😔
goodnight~ stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy, stay noisy and... stay stay, ma chérie 😉❤️ i hope you have a wonderful rest of your night.
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whenallelsefails-eatpie · 9 months ago
Finally Answering Questions for y’all
Q1: How tall or short do you wish you were?
I used to wish I was taller because I already am tall for an (AGAB)female (5′8 1/2) but then I learned about platforms so. 
4: What was your favorite video game growing up?
Monkey Ball or Sonic Adventure Escape the City...I only had a Gamecube.
6: If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Warning: Uses humor as a defense mechanism but will quickly become extremely invested in you  and give you immense amounts of unending love if they vibe w you
8: What is your Greek personality type? [Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, or Melancholic]
9: Are you ticklish?
extremely, on my back and sides (use this information wisely. I take no responsibility for involuntarily punching anyone who tickles me)
10: Are you allergic to anything?
absolutely nothing, allergies are to weed out the weak. (jkjk no eugenics here sis you slay that epipen)
11: What’s your sexuality?
~ pansexual  ~ (prefer agab [not cis, those are two different things] females)
12: Do you prefer tea, coffee, or cocoa?
tea, then coffee with cocoa. I don’t enjoy cocoa or coffee as much separately.
37: What is your eye color?
38: Introvert or extrovert?
I’m ambiverted but lean toward introversion. 
44: Do you like tattoos and piercings?
oh yeah absolutely, I personally just prefer that the tattoos aren’t on your face.  Or with piercings that they don’t take up so much of your face that I can’t see what you really look like.
54: What color would you like your hair to be right now?
pink, red, or platinum 56: Something that calms you down?
reading, playing instruments, taking a bath, cooking or baking
57: Have any mental disorders?
yessir. ADD, anxiety. and I used to have really bad depression. Now my depression is simply manageable lol. 
73: What is your MBTI type?
INFP (enneagram 4)
86: Can you run a mile within ten minutes?
surprisingly yes, will I come close to passing out? Maybe. But I can.
87: Do your socks always match?
never, I hate matching my socks unless the socks are funky and need to match to give them the biggest bang for their buck. 
92: A store you hate?
Dick’s sporting goods. I have been dragged around that place for hours and absolutely nothing there interests me. (edit: I found a beanie that I liked but my previous opinion still stands)
93: How many cups of coffee can you drink in one day?
start counting and never stop. If you mean in terms of actual measurements like cups/ounces, I can drink 20. What can I say I’m from New England.
94: Would you rather be able to fly or read minds?
Definitely fly because that might help lessen my fear of heights
95: Do you like to wear camo?
literally shoot me if you ever see me wearing camo. please, I beg you. that will be me at my lowest point 
96: Winter or summer?
Autumn. Next question.
97: How long can you hold your breath for?
3-4 minutes. It’s all that breath control from musical theatre.
99: Someone you look up to:
Jughead Jones. Yes I said that, fight me. He is completely himself and he allows the different facets of his personality to shine through to people that he loves and cares about. He is loyal and caring but also unique and resilient. Plus his fave food is burgers which is an instant win for me.
100: A store you love?
Hot Topic, Barnes and Nobles, Savers or any thriftstore 
102: Where do you live?
New England bb (; gettin that dark academia aesthetic straight from the source
104: What is your favorite mineral or gem?
105: Do you drink milk?
You mean out of the glass? Like a psychopath? Like a serial killer? Absolutely not
106: Do you like bugs?
I do! Except for spiders and mosquitoes (although I’m warming up to spiders)
109: Can you draw:
Eh yeah ig, well enough. I draw realistically but I’m not great at animated style. 
111: A question you hate being asked?
“Are you a boy or a girl?” (like why? does it personally affect you? are you planning on boning me? if not then buzz off)
113: Do you like the sound of waves at the beach?
Yes, but only at night when the beach is quiet. I’m not a huge fan of the beach during the day
114: Do you prefer cloudy or sunny days?
Rainy or sunny. Don’t go givin me the clouds with none of the drizzle.
119: Favorite thing about a person: 
Personality first and foremost. Humor and kindness. But physically; their smile and mannerisms. 
120: Fruits or vegetables?
Veggies (or berries i like berries)
121: Something you want to do right now:
Run away... ahah. But in all honesty I would love to go mushroom foraging rn, or possibly go on an adventure. Maybe go put on clothing meant for an entirely different time period and run around Target idk.
123: Sweet or sour foods?
Definitely not sour I hate sour. Spoonfeed me wasabi, that I can handle. But if you make me eat a Warheads I will cry. 
129: What would you want written on your tombstone?
I personally have a lot of problems with the funeral industry, so I would rather not take up space and rot preservation chemicals into the earth. But if I had an interim tombstone with no body underneath, it would read “Live Laugh Love” bc ~irony~
131: What is something you love but also hate about yourself?
that I’m very individualistic and stubborn
132: Do you smile with your teeth showing for pictures?
Yes absolutely, that’s what they’re there for.
134: Do you like roller coasters?
Do I like feeling like I’m about to full send through the crust of the earth and die? No. No I do not. (I am a simple person, I go to carnivals for the food and to feed off terror.) 139: What nicknames do you have/have had?
141: Have you ever seen a therapist/shrink?
OH YEAH absolutely, I am a repressed gen z homosexual raised in a homophobic religious atmosphere, I am practically born with a therapist assigned to me.
142: Would you say you are a good or bad influence to others?
Definitely good -_- unfortunately. Catch me bein the mom friend.
143: Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts/help?
I prefer giving, but I am learning how to recieve. 
144: What makes you angry
People who live their lives in willful ignorance despite the endless resources available to them and let that ignorance hurt others.
146: Do you prefer boys, girls, and/or non-binaries?
All of em. Gimme em all. I don’t like boys as much currently but I would still probably lay my life on the line for some. 
147: Are you androgynous?
Yes. It’s more fluid than it is being in consistent limbo between masc and femme. Usually I’m androgynous but I often swing wildly between both ends of that socially perceived spectrum. 148: Favorite thing about yourself physically?
My hands or smile(product of bracesTM). But I have been told I have nice hands. 
149: Favorite thing about your personality:
I am a very strong blend of wise and class clown. I can do em both, I can do em well, and I can do em whenever. I also care a lot about others but I don’t change myself to be accepted by them. 
150: Name three people you would like to talk to right now in person.
MLK Jr. --> I want to gain perspective on some of the current global issues. Jesus --> I’ve got a lot of questions for that dude. JRR Tolkien bc he’s incredible or Joan of Arc for the same reason
151: If you could go back into time and live in one era, which would you choose?
Ooh well, as a woman not many eras are desirable. But um probably either the 70s or Ancient Greece
154: Do you like to kiss others’ foreheads or hands for platonic reasons?
YES. GIMME UR FINGERS > i meant that to sound much less threatening than it did but my statement still stands. 155: Do you like to play with others’ hair?
Yes it’s literally one of my favorite things to do. I hab empty lap. *pat pat* U may lay your head on it and watch Rilakkuma and Kaoru with me while I play with your hair. pls. 157: Something that makes you nervous/anxious:
Women..... That’s it. That’s the tweet.
158: Biggest lie you have ever told:
That I am not a member of the alphabet mafia. (It’s not currently safe for me to come out) Now tell me *shines light in your face* who are your contacts?
164: Do you have long or short hair?
I have medium hair. It’s around the length of a bisexual bob or a good mullet. 
165: Shortest/Longest your hair has ever been:
Shortest was a pixie cut, almost buzzed, amazing. Longest was to my butt and was literally the worst experience in existence. I shall to this day actively rebel against having hair like that again. 
166: Why do you like, dislike, or have neutral feelings about religion?
Organized religion can suck it. You can’t organize your relationship with God, nor can you stick it into a little manmade box and pretend that you have the ability to create a perfect faith which others have to either follow or perish. It’s arrogant and damaging and hurtful and not at all what Christianity is supposed to mean. 
167: Do you really care how the universe and world was created?
I do. I think it’s important and something we need to think about. I do believe there is something after death, and I like to believe that my life has meaning. I think that questions of creation are important questions to ask and we can’t just ignore them.
168: Do you like to wear makeup?
Yes! It’s fun! Pretty colors!
170: Did you answer the questions you were asked truthfully?
Absolutely. And the ones I didn’t feel like answering I simply omitted.
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d20trashcan · a year ago
It's very weird to know some people consider themselves "staples" of a fandom. To claim you created something in a fandom or be the leader of something is so bizarre to me. Especially when the contribution isnt original?
I dont claim myself to be anyone important in the fandom. I just liveblog, write a few posts and comments and do minimal art. I mostly reblog shit. There other creators, usually artists, that I consider bigger and probably figureheads of the fandom. Not going to name names but you know who they are.
So, when I see someone claim they helped create something or popularize something in a fandom, I kinda question it? Idk, it just seems kinda narcissistic. Especially when the popularization becomes dangerous and controversial.
I havent commented on it cause it's not really my place nor my business to talk about it at its peak but the fandom discourse that had went around like for a few weeks have been interesting to see. I dont mean interesting as in fun but as in an analytical way, blamed my biology background.
Anyways, from what I've seen, I cant help but feel disappointed but also reluctant.
It's one thing to criticize people but it's another to send hate? Death threats and hate mail defeat the purpose of criticism and invalidate the critique of the criticized. There is no chance of learning or accepting fault when all they can think is people are just haters or trolls. I agree with the criticism being made but I dont agree how the degree of backlash that had happened?
Then again, when the criticized do not listen and are adamant about their opinions, it makes it hard to sympathize, especially when it's such a controversial topic? When you take to heart how many people are peacefully standing away from you or feel like people owe you for doing something for a portion of an audience, it feels kinda manipulative? When you dont own up to your mistakes and blame the person who made it evident of your mistakes, its just very hard for me to show empathy.
Cancel culture is weird cause I understand why it's important but the ways of going about it can be dangerous and harsh.
I like to think the best in people but there are just some facts that prevent me from being able to do do. But there comes to a point where my unwillingness to support someone is questioned and interpreted as following the bandwagon or if it's because I see validity in the criticism.
Maybe I'm no better. Maybe I come across as narcissistic or annoying because of my comments on people's posts or tweets, making myself sound buddy buddy with people who I'm not. Maybe I come across as attention seeking or guilt tripping during to my insecurities of my art and my position in the fandom in general. I want to start being known for art but that's really a roll of the dice. Its dependent of my abilities, my time and honestly, my self confident. I dont try to be seen as a selfish person but maybe I am.
But that's why criticism and the willingness to listen to it is so important. If some many people are saying the same thing, telling you something is not right, shouldnt you listen?
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janiedean · a year ago
Hi. I don’t know if you’re aware that J*hn B*yega posted a video on his instagram account showing him fighting against several offensive tweets (with the twitter handles being shown clearly). Apparently some of the tweets came from reylos. As a result, many reylos considered this act as an aggressive move, even equating it to doxxing. However, some film critics opined that John has the right to respond to the attacks, and that actors shouldn’t feel obliged to accept abuse. (1/2)
I’m kind of in the middle. Though I agree that no one should just accept the abuse thrown at them, maybe it’d be better if people stay away from social media during tumultuous times. What do you think? (2/2)
first: guys I love you but pls if it’s this discourse don’t send the asks with the entire names I don’t wanna end up in the dude’s mobile tag thanks XD
that said: I already stated my position on the topic here and it hasn’t changed whatsoever from those basics. 
secondly: j/ohn really needs to quit instagram because that shit isn’t fighting back - most of those tweets aren’t even offensive, at least one of those handles from what I heard is someone underage and sorry but whatever it is that they told him... he has millions of followers and he’s a famous actor. these people are literally no one and by posting their handles in full he’s basically welcomed people to harass them. like. sorry but that doesn’t fly, especially because this specific shitstorm isn’t because of the people who actually tweeted at him racist stuff in the past, it’s at ppl shipping r/eylo.
now: ppl shipping r/eylo have mostly supported him/finn as far as I’ve seen, are mostly women and a lot of them aren’t white/are lgbt. they were pissed a that rey comment and he made it about r/eylo vs finn/rey or whatever and that already was a shit move, and criticizing someone for having expressed a rather crude opinion on a public platform where people could see him is not abuse gdi, especially since most of that criticism was fairly polite in the beginning and it was directed at someone these people actually liked.
now, as I stated in that post: no one should talk online abuse and tbqh I’m a very strong perpetrator of the idea that if actors/content creators and so on receive abuse/death threats/the likes they should go and immediately press charges against that person and be backed up by the studio because it’s not like just because you can’t lose audience then you have to stand social media abuse. I’m 100% for it. but you don’t put anyone on a public platform like that when you are famous and they aren’t, because 99,9% of the cases people will pile on that person. in this case it’s not even racists and the fact that people are falling for it is imvho 1984-like shit, but like... let’s say that he did that with racist people on facebook with name and surname. let’s say those people have children and/or relatives with children who aren’t themselves racist or who aren’t at fault if their parent is a dickhead but people find out idk where their kids go to school and send them death threats or smth because they could. like, one thing is directly pressing charges against the single person harassing you, another is doing something that can damage their relatives or family or whatever and it doesn’t matter how vile a person is, you can’t know if their relatives and whatnot are as vile as them. this is already a bad climate, no one should fuel the fire and send people on even more dogpiling. this is enabling assholes and j/ohn is really not coming out great here. also: I don’t think you should avoid SM because of idiots, but again, if you’re rich and famous you can a) block them, b) press charges, c) ask the studio to back you up. if you’re not, you can’t. and if you’re rich and famous you have the responsibility to not fuel fandom wars, period.
and the fact that john came up with that idiotic vid just after poor joonas tagged him to do the ben s/olo challenge for charity is just... not making him look good.
but tldr: giving your fans the blessing to go after other fans who are in 90% of the cases are a) women, b) nonstraight, c) nonwhite, d) a combination of two or all of these and who have d) been harassed nonstop since 2015 for shipping the canon movies ship is just idiotic and not kingly nor anything we should cheer for. I said what I said.
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eloquent-music · a year ago
Fill out & Repost ♥ This meme definitely favors Canons more, but I hope OC’s still can make it somehow work with their own lore and Lil’ fandom of friends & mutuals. Multimuses pick the muse you are the most invested in atm.
Tagged by: @polyhexianchicken​
Tagging: anyone who wants to do it!! Just go ahead and say I tagged you
> Putting under a read more bc of the length <
MY MUSE IS.   canon / oc / au / canon-divergent / fandomless
* is your character popular in the fandom? YES/NO
* is your character considered hot™ in the fandom?  YES (from what i see from a lot of people in the fandom including myself)/ NO / IDK.
* is your character considered strong in the fandom?  YES / NO / IDK.
* are they underrated?  YES ( I believe there’s more depth to him that some don’t see) / NO.
* were they relevant to the main story?  YES (Sorta?) / NO.
* were they relevant to the main character?  YES (Kinda sorta esp to Megatron) / NO
* are they widely known in their world?  YES / NO.
* how’s their reputation?  GOOD / BAD / NEUTRAL.
I try my best to follow canon as best as possible. I do put in my own twists here and there.  I have added things into his character have been shared later on through Tweets on Twitter from Jro and Milne. I take their portrayals and incorporate them into my Tarn. For example, Milne said that Tarn was Pharma’s new lover and they had a special relationship and since I’m weak for that pairing I really wanted to incorporate that in. Also Red doesn’t help we both feed into each other ilu <3  ALL IN ALL though, I do like to keep him canon and not too much off character to where he isn’t Tarn anymore. I want him to be Tarn not someone else
SELL YOUR MUSE! (aka try to list everything, which makes your muse interesting in your opinion to make them spicy for your mutual.)
I could sell Tarn for hours and a few friends know this very personally. IM SORRY. ANYWAYS. Some may find what I love about Tarn to not what they like but it’s my opinion on him! So here goes.
I love his damaged nature (I’m sorry Tarn muse). I find his addictions interesting, even though they weren’t technically shown in the issues. It’s part of who he is from who he used to be (however they came about). I will always love his flaws and I enjoy showing those sides of him so be aware that I will show his addictive personality (through Transformation, Nuke abuse, and murderous tendencies).
Which brings me to... His murderous/torturous nature. We see killers a dime a dozen in the series but to be a leader of a torturous group? Like that’s pretty rad and completely different from a lot of other characters. Can you tell I like the baddies? sdifhoisdf This brings up this ONE side of him. He doesn’t like killing / taking part in the demises of SOME of their victims. Why? I think I may know the answer to that. Why does a mech like him want to advert his gaze while the others have their way with them. Talk about something deep we never got to understand that.
He has a soft spot for musical pieces, especially classical piano music. I love Chopin the most, so you’ll see me post that all the time!
He apparently loves pineapples and just I LOVE THAT SO MUCH UHG.
He’s a big tank with Daddy (Megatron) Issues! You gotta love it LOL  He’s got biolights literally everywhere. FLASHY
When he’s only around his team, he can be a little bit more calm even though he can drop it at the drop of a dime.
He’s a touch starved mech odifhsodif
NOW THE OPPOSITE! (list everything why your muse could not be so interesting (even if you may not agree, what does the fandom perhaps think?)
Even though I kinda sold him on this I thought I should mention it here too. I don’t think people find him interesting for how dark he is as a mech. Push aside everything and look at how purely evil he can be. He’s cruel. He’s torturous and very sadistic. He will thrive off of every little bit of pain you give him. He can be manipulative at times.
Tarn is a huge hypocrite. It shows so much throughout the comic issues if you really look at it. I show it a lot (he will deny it sometimes but don’t worry I know he’s one) Probably one of the biggest hypocrites in the whole 2005 IDW Series.
Tarn is easily-influenced and persuaded by certain situations (to not look weak) and mechs.
He is very easily angered from the smallest things.
He holds onto grudges
I know I’ve been asked this before and when I’m asked again I forget the GOOD reasons why I was so inspired to write him so I hope i do okay this time around. Even though I know I will leave out the good shit. Idk why I just dont draft on what truly inspired me. Just watch, itll come a day later and I’ll add it in just wait and see
I started rp’ing him on here as soon as he debuted in the MTMTE series (i think it was back in 2013 or 2012?) I did kind of poof for a few years due to being so busy sdiufhs. Anyways, I fell instantly in love with his character. I loved his dark ways and how he was so drastically different of a villain. His musical tendencies. And how he could offline a mech with ONLY his voice? Like damn sing to me all day you Musical Angel. He is dark and mysterious. NOT TO MENTION, black and purple my favorite colors.
His design was flawless and MTMTE #7 sold me on who he was and from then on I just couldn’t stop loving this murderous tank. I love how Jro and Milne have come out later on to answer more questions about him and just I love him that much more. Looking back years later on it, I see a little bit of myself in him.  
He’s pretty easy to flow out honestly. Just like my other muse I have. If he does struggle some, I just pop on some Chopin and he’s good to go. What really does keep me going more than anything is continuously exploring who he is as a mech and as a Decepticon. I want to know so much about him literally everything. Even though I could write headcanons all day and drabbles too, I love making him interact with others to find that personality.  It’s really just my never-ending curiosity for him.
* do you think you give your character justice?  YES / NO. ( i hope I do! )
* do you frequently write headcanons?  YES / NO.
* do you sometimes write drabbles? YES / NO.  ( i love writing drabbles!!!)
* do you think a lot about your muse during the day? YES / NO.
* are you confident in your portrayal?   YES / NO.
* are you confident in your writing?  YES / NO. (Most of the time, I know sometimes I mess up and its honestly just me not seeing it for whatever reason. Im so sorry if my replies come through scattered sidfhfs)
* are you a sensitive person?  YES / NO. (Not really at all. I don’t get offended or anything but certain things can bug me)
Only if its constructive criticism. I love it when friends bounce ideas or talk to me about him. I will take into consideration of changing him slightly from only my close friends and that’s because we’re close. I will not change my character for anyone because they don’t like how I portray him because he is my portrayal of him, not yours.
I love all the questions you all send him, either on anon or not. Even the most awful ones! Tarn may not like them but most I find absolutely hilarious. I think the more personal questions really help for exploring who he is or if I post drabble prompts, go ahead and send me one! Even if I dont send in one and you wanna know more about him I will try my best to respond to it.
This is a hit or miss question. I don’t really want to exactly know why unless if I ask you personally on it (which is usually just between close friends because sometimes I just aint thinkin straight). I don’t mind bouncing off ideas but ishdfoisdfh i really truly don’t know the answer to this one
I honestly don’t care. People won’t like every character out there and that’s just part of being human. I understand why people would hate his character in the series in all honesty. But I love him for all his flaws.
I don’t blame people for hating Tarn but I do not want hate sent to me. That is unacceptable and not okay. You don’t have to like my portrayal but please don’t shove it at me that’s just uncalled for. If your character hates him that’s totally different but don’t come attacking me for any reason.
I think I am. I’m usually fairly quiet. But once you get to know me, I am kinda strong on the goofy/funny side and a bit blunt/straight-forward sdoifhodsf. I tend to be really easy going and laid back. My personality has drastically changed since I’ve gotten into my mid-20s. I don’t like drama and dont wanna be apart of it.
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canaryatlaw · a year ago
alright. well today was a LOT mostly for work reasons which I can talk about the procedural aspects of at least just not the actual cases ofc. I ended up waking up at 9:30 and just kinda staying awake from there. I did some work stuff through the morning and such, made scrambled eggs at some point, and then ended up starting a case at 1:30, which we had to marathon through to get it in by the 3 pm deadline for the case to be heard that day and we did, so I was like okay yay now we just wait for them to call! and then it was 4:40 and they hadn’t called yet so I left them a voicemail and a few minutes later got an email that said our case would be heard tomorrow morning because the judge still had 6 in person petitions to deal with, at which point I flipped a literal shit because that is not what the law says and it is not what the rules of the courthouse say, so I had to send a very aggressive email back saying that wasn’t acceptable because the case needed to be heard today (which it did, for reasons), that we expected the chief judge’s orders to be followed, and how they absolutely cannot prioritize in person petitions over people doing them remotely who are still in dangerous situations???? so I was pissed as heck about that and had to email my boss to loop her in on this now because I knew the email would not be well-received lol, but it was the right choice in advocating for my client. so I emailed my boss and she responded saying she was dealing with a similar issue, to which she had just been informing her boss (aka the head of our whole organization, who has some major pull in the courthouse) in about, so I hung tight for about 10 minutes or so before getting a phone call back saying we could get on the Zoom line and be in their virtual waiting room until the judge was available, so we did that until about 5:30 before getting on with the judge, and that went well thankfully because there was a major potential snag here but we thankfully avoided it. so all of that was good. idk if I made some enemies in the office with my aggressive email but it had to be done.Once I finished with that (well, slightly before I finished with that) friend came over and we got food even though I had defrosted chicken to cook because I was really craving a burger from one of the places we go to, and we watched the new episode of Killing Eve, then the new BTS Run episode, then random music videos on youtube for like half an hour until the new Legends episode was finally on!!! yay!! oh how I missed them. I’m gonna put a giant SPOILER WARNING before I go any further, so if you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to get spoiled you should stop reading here. so, I’ve known Behrad was going to die since like January or so? I forget exactly when I acquired that piece of information, but it’s been commonly discussed with the people I talk to anyway for quite a while. we didn’t know when it was happening though and towards the end of the episode when fate sister lady came to him on the ship I was like OH BOY here we go she gonna kill him. the good news is (if you want to know what happens if not stop reading!) I’m fairly sure he’s being brought back by the end of the season, so like many other Legends related deaths it is not permanent. I almost tweeted something like “when has being dead on Legends actually meant anything” after John and Sara “died” but I had a feeling at that point they were gonna kill Behrad so I resisted lol. also major lol at Sara Lance surviving death once again and being like “what am I? fuck if I know but I’m going to kill you” because that’s just how she does things. Ofc I wasn’t worried for her being “dead” for like, a quarter of a second, because lol that’s a good joke. the episode otherwise was pretty funny, I was dying over the Supernatural stuff, it was so fucking meta but so hilarious. so that was enjoyable. and yeah, after that friend went home and I watched this week’s episode of 9-1-1 and cried like always, then watched the news at 10 into Jimmy Kimmel and then Fallon for a few minutes before getting in the shower and starting to get ready for bed, and now I’m here and I just realized in walking from the bathroom into my bedroom I completely forgot I had to do my pill box for the week and thus haven’t taken any of my pills that I need to fall asleep yet and it’s 1 am, so if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go do that now. Goodnight friends. Hope it was a good one.
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