batwritings 6 months ago
Techno: First rule of exploring, always check out distress beacons. 9 out of 10 times it's a bunch of dead people with cool shit.
Techno: The other 1 out of 10 is usually an ambush, but I'm willing to roll the dice for cool shit.
Big mood, honestly? Those are pretty good chances of getting cool shit!
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smutty-ki113r 3 months ago
for my subtle clown makeup I just use red lipstick for everything and blend it A LOT. looks nice but my mom hates it... whenever I go out with her she makes me remove it cuz she doesn't wanna be seen with a clown.
hmm I am trying to think if anything new has happened that I can tell u... i don't think so :< sorry <3
I hope u have an amazing day ^^ stay hydrated
Red lipstick everywhere??!! Like eyes too?? Or just your lips??
Anyways, don鈥檛 be sorry. I don鈥檛 want u to feel forced to talk to me.
I love you so much babes!!! Muah muah! Treat yourself
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bbygirldahyun 6 months ago
you guys talking about albums makes me afraid bc im planning on buying a loona one and it's literally 12 girls 馃槶馃槶 i love all of them but it's gonna be impossible to pull pcs of my bias
- 馃儚
ahhh yes i don鈥檛 have any loona albums yet but i thought about that when i get around to collecting them 馃槶 how many pcs typically come in a loona album?
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222barbie 3 months ago
hey girl, could I possibly be the 馃儚 anon? trying to manifest my dream job and college acceptance! thank u babe!!!!!!
sure ! ywww <333
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winters-witch-bitch 4 months ago
i think you should totally do the multi chapter fic idea; i鈥檇 definitely read it :)
- 馃儚
Okie I got you馃槍
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glorifiedsins 2 months ago
How about child brutality fucking innocent trusting male reader while they are doped up on sleep medicine that childe slip into their tea so they won鈥檛 wake up from how hard he is fucking them.
what the reader doesn鈥檛 know won鈥檛 hurt him; childe can鈥檛 help but breed the reader鈥檚 ass. he looks too cute and that鈥檚 the reader鈥檚 damn fault for being so vulnerable and defenseless around him
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉁 AUTHOR鈥橲 NOTES: working on requests more; thank you anon for sending this one.
TW: bottom!male!reader, top!childe, drugging, dubcon/noncon, barebacking, breeding, somnophilia, victim blaming, pet names, violently rough sex, little to no prep, facials, degrading
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Name) had no one to blame but himself. It wasn鈥檛 Childe鈥檚 fault that he was so defenseless and helpless around the Fauti Harbinger. (Name) shouldn鈥檛 have known better鈥攕houldn鈥檛 have been so trusting around him. Oh well, that just meant easy access for Childe, especially after slipping a few pills in (Name)鈥檚 drink.
鈥淚鈥檓 tired,鈥 (Name) slurred, eyes dropping as Childe rubbed his head, cooing gently.
鈥淲e can get you to your room. You probably had a lot to drink,鈥 Childe said in a soothing voice. It was rich like honey and (Name) felt compelled to trust the harbinger, especially when the ginger offered his arm, escorting him to his hotel room. 鈥淵ou probably want to lay down, right?鈥
(Name) nodded, half-awake as Childe stroked his lower back. 鈥淢mm, yeah. Would like that a lot. Childe is so kind to meeee,鈥 he dragged out his words, giggling and laughing as the ginger rubbed circles into his lower back. 鈥淐hilde is soooooo pretty,鈥 he added with a sleepy laugh, curling up against the pillow and looking at the Harbinger with those pretty eyes.
Childe was almost tempted to stuff (Name)鈥檚 throat right there. God, (Name) was just so goddamn beautiful and it didn鈥檛 help that he was being so cute in his drugged state.
Stroking the side of his face, Childe cooed. 鈥淣ow, now. Just sleep for me. You鈥檙e all tired and uttering nonsense, (Name). I鈥檓 sure your friends will want to see you tomorrow,鈥 he voiced, sitting beside (Name).
He waited like a predator鈥攍ike a spider in its web, watching (Name) with hungry eyes as he faded in and out of sleep. Those pretty eyes finally closed and Childe let out the breath he didn鈥檛 realize he was holding in. God, he was almost drooling, staring at (Name)鈥檚 pretty form as he stood up, moving the pillow away from (Name)鈥檚 face.
Rolling (Name) onto his back, Childe wasted no time tearing away his pants and shirt, running his hand across the supple flesh before his eyes, curling his hand around (Name)鈥檚 cock. It was soft and warm鈥 Childe tasted the droplet of cum that dribbled out of the slit, relaxing his throat to deepthroat (Name), hearing him cry out in his sleep. The fucking bitch was enjoying it; Childe knew that (Name) was a glutton for sex.
(Name) was just asking for Childe to ruin him at this point. He had no one else but himself to blame, walking around with that virgin ass, and seducing Childe with those playful eyes. (Name) was a tease by nature鈥攁 forbidden fruit, and Childe was going to consume him without hesitation. He was going to devour (Name) and ruin that pitiful innocence that (Name) fruitlessly clung onto.
With a gapped mouth, Childe traced the outline of (Name)鈥檚 chest, flicking one of his puffy nipples and hearing him whimper. Good, that meant the drugs were doing its job. Leaning down, Childe suckled on (Name)鈥檚 chest, hearing him cry and whine in his drugged state while he pulled and pinched the other nipple. He rolled the stuff bud between his fingers, rutting against (Name)鈥檚 leg.
鈥淕onna stuff you鈥攂reed you until you鈥檙e all fat and swollen with my cum,鈥 Childe huffed, rutting his cock against the bed. He wanted to fuck (Name) now without any preparation, but he wasn鈥檛 that cruel. No, he wanted to enjoy the bliss and the pure euphoria between the two of them; he was going to fuck (Name) until he was sore in the morning.
Deciding that he had edged himself enough, Childe pulled himself off the bed and dragged (Name)鈥檚 lower end to the edge of the bed. There, he rubbed his cock across the warm cheeks of (Name)鈥檚 ass, pulling them apart to see that untouched hole. God, he was going to reshape that hole once he was done fucking the life out of (Name). He was so damn hungry鈥攕tarving at this point, and he couldn鈥檛 wait a second long. Precum was oozing from the slit and Childe needed to curb this voracious appetite in any way possible.
The only prep Childe offered was a fat glob of spit, rubbing his cock on the fluttering hole. He slowly sank himself into (Name)鈥檚 ass, groaning as he gripped those pretty hips. 鈥淥h God鈥攐h fuck. Your ass feels so good; you鈥檙e gonna be pretty taking my cock,鈥 Childe hissed, balls slapping against those pretty cheeks with each brutal thrusts.
He cried out with each thrust, caging (Name)鈥檚 limp form between his body, pressing him against the bed as he desperately fucked him against the mattress. The sound of skin on skin was loud, reverberating against the walls, but Childe didn鈥檛 care. It didn鈥檛 matter if anyone heard them; he could just make a white lie, tell (Name) that they both got stupidly drunk and Childe fucked him until he couldn鈥檛 tell left from right anymore.
(Name)鈥檚 hole was gripping Childe鈥檚 cock, never wanting to let go, it seems as Childe increased the tempo of his thrusts, giving (Name)鈥檚 ass a nice slap. The skin bounced from the force and Childe choked on a moan; fuck, he was cumming so soon. He whimpered, pressing his face into the crock of (Name)鈥檚 neck as his hips stuttered.
Liquid pleasure filled his insides as he emptied himself into that lovely hole. Cum filled and stuffed every inch of (Name)鈥檚 ass, leaking down his thighs as Childe started fucking him post-orgasm. He wanted to keep all that cum stuffed in (Name)鈥檚 pretty ass, wanted him to wake up and shiver as the cum poured out of him.
Fuck, Childe really wanted to see that sight when (Name) came to. He truly wanted to see (Name) whimper and cry as he pushed on his stomach to get all that hot spunk pour out of his hole.
Riding out the rest of his orgasm, Childe didn鈥檛 even bother cleaning (Name) up. He tucked himself back in his pants and glanced over at (Name). Such a pretty boy with his ass hanging off the bed, still stuffed with hot cum. He smiled to himself, standing up and gave (Name) a brief smack on the ass.
Oh did he have more plans for (Name).
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flwrem a month ago
I see it鈥檚 horny for Itto hours鈥. What鈥檚 his favorite kinks?
genshin impact
this is the top 3 i could thing of
鈫 NSFW, just a drabble
鈫 Arataki Itto x gn!reader
Tumblr media
鈥 definitely breeding kink, he wants to make his gang bigger and whose better than you to carry his children? even if either it鈥檚 not physical possible or because he can鈥檛 breed a human he won鈥檛 stop, filling you up to the brim all night
鈥 size kink, he鈥檚 huge and he knows it, he loves to see your smaller body squirming underneath him, trying to take his fat cock with tears pooling in your eyes
鈥 praise kink, he鈥檚 selfish, he loves to hear you praise his good looks and how good he makes you feel, digging your nails in his muscular arms while you whine at how big he feels it鈥檚 a huge boost for his ego, it makes him go feral and you won鈥檛 get any sleep that night and day too!
i鈥檓 also thinking about manhandling if that鈥檚 a kink, and sensory deprivation
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mitsuxii a month ago
head empty, just dazai ordering you to hold in your mouth the load he just shot past your lips while you ride him. your hands gripping his shoulders, his eyes scrutinizing the internal struggle flashing in your eyes and the slow dissolving of your concentration to keep your mouth closed as he guides you up and down his cock. it isn鈥檛 until he slams you down completely to rest against his hips that you finally break, lips parting in a gasped moan that ends in sputtering and soft whining as his cum drips down your chin and spatters onto your heaving chest. he stops immediately and removes his hands, clicking his tongue in feigned disappointment to conceal the twisted satisfaction glimmering in his eyes. he squeezes your cheeks between his fingers, eyes focused on the milky bead heading between your puckered lips.
he hums, 鈥渨ell, that鈥檚 no good. it was a perfectly simple instruction, belladonna鈥攜ou aren鈥檛 even listening to me, are you?鈥 truthfully, you want to, but you鈥檙e sapped of energy and trembling with both fatigue and overstimulation on his lap, eyes just as hazy as your brain. his voice rings out in the distance, yet it鈥檚 muddled and quiet and incapable of penetrating the thick fog of euphoria encompassing your mind. he presses a kiss firm enough against your forehead to elicit the slow, pleading drag of your dilated pupils to his face, and coos, 鈥渄on鈥檛 look at me like that. good girls follow instructions. you鈥檙e on your own now, so if you want to cum again, you have to do the work yourself.鈥
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angy-mouse 6 months ago
Hmmm, what about Panda Hybrid! Sapnap 馃 never heard of it before, not even on another blog /j.
What if you make a fic about it? :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
oh my gosh ash i dont know where you come up with these big brained ideas you're so creative /j I asked for pandanap asks and yall really delivered lmao also welcome to two new anons!
Tumblr media
You could feel your boyfriend grinding against you through your unconsciousness, ever so slowly stirring you awake. You honestly could have fallen back asleep but you forced yourself awake, keeping your eyes closed as you slowly ground back against him. For a few minutes the only sounds were both of your sleepy moans and mumbles as your scarcely clothed lower halves lazily ground together, searching for your highs. You whined as you felt him pull away, earning a soft reassurance before he was back, hot and heavy as he slipped himself between your thighs without the barrier of his boxers.
鈥淧retty darlin鈥,鈥 he cooed breathlessly, nuzzling into your hair and letting his dull teeth nip at the shell of your ear. 鈥淢y pretty baby, so soft,鈥
You let out a sleepy giggle, grinding back against him as he tried to press deeper against you, managing to slot himself against your folds through your underwear. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the soft one,鈥 you mumbled, reaching back to thread your fingers through his shaggy hair. You scratched at the base of his fuzzy ears, giggling as it earned you a rumbling purr, feeling his thick arms around you tighten to pull you deeper into his chest. His hips gave a few jerks against you before he desperately grabbed your hips, holding himself firmly against you. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong baby? You don鈥檛 like it when I play with your cute little ears?鈥
He whined against you, trying to hide his face in your neck. 鈥淚 like it, baby, I like it alot,鈥 he whined. 鈥淧ull your panties aside, baby, I wanna feel you,鈥
鈥淥kay, cutie, I鈥檝e got you,鈥 you mumbled back, using your other hand to obey his wishes since you knew how much he鈥檇 whine if you pulled your hand away from his ears. 鈥淢y cute little panda bear,鈥
Sapnap growled into your ear, despite his quiet, 鈥榓m not鈥 as he thrusted against you until his tip caught on your entrance and he slowly pushed inside you. You both melted against each other, giving soft hums of pleasure as you ground your hips together, delighting in the fullness and warmth that almost soothed you both back to sleep.
You let out a gasp when you eventually came without warning, the orgasm building so slowly you鈥檇 barely noticed more than the pleasure that easily took over your sleepy mind. 鈥淭here鈥檚 my good sugar,鈥 Sapnap purred as he continued humping you, lazily chasing his own high. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so sweet for me, baby, just a bit longer alright?鈥 You let out an agreeable hum, feeling like you were ready to fall back asleep and let him keep using you as you rested. You knew he wouldn鈥檛 complain and would probably join you in dreamland after he came, not even bothering to pull out. He鈥檇 use you to keep him warm during the chilly morning and let you use him to keep you plugged up and full.
You heard him groan into your neck and felt his cock jerk inside you, just as lazy as your sleepy boyfriend as he filled you with his cum. He held you tight against his chest until he finished filling you, letting out a deep and long purr into your neck. He kissed the soft skin there with a wide, sleepy grin. 鈥淕鈥檓orning, darlin鈥欌
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thinkingofsimpyboisinc 6 months ago
Simpbur brainrot here.
Reader having a cat and cooing at it giving the animal all their attention while their boyfriend sits on the other end of the sofa moping and looking at them jealously. Reader just babies the cat praising it while petting it and Simpbur just wants that to be him so bad.
The reader can feel his eyes on them and looks over taking gently before waving for him to join their side. At first he鈥檚 resistant but just the simple coo, 鈥渃mere and be my good boy鈥 and he鈥檚 suddenly leaning into them while they play with his hair and give him their attention.
Once the reader goes to get something leaving Simpbur and the cat he gets down low glaring at the cat. 鈥淵ou better watch yourself. If you take up their time I鈥檒l sell you. They are Mine,鈥 and the cat just yawns rolling over for attention
Yours truest馃儚
stop, he totally would.
simpbur is very touch starved and is in need of some loving. so when you come along and shower him in praise, hes gonna be extremely possessive. he doesnt wanna lose you.
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gendermerchant 16 days ago
I read the post of you saying that salamanders have poisonous skin, and that we can't pat them safely...
I'm not exaggerating, I did infact tear up upon receiving this information
They're just slimy friends!!! And I can't pat them???
I am now going to go look into where I can find salamander plushies 嗖モ苦播
i am so sorry , the sweet slimy friends are not pattable :(
but cute salamander plushies do exist ! probably
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batwritings 7 months ago
Hiya! Been awhile since I've sent an ask on Tumblr! So, hear me out. Dom!Eret x GN!Reader x Dom!Techno. Ones a monarch and ones an anarchist, but they're both probably very different in bed. Like Eret would be giving soft praises while Techno would be giving slightly harsher degrading words.
"Aw... Look how pretty they look."
"Yeah, pretty and stuffed full of my cock. Watch yourself monarchy."
"Silence Pig. I was the one who fucked them into oblivion."
JOKER. YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME. ffffffffffu-- this is fucking hot af and aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want this? Please????!
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smutty-ki113r 3 months ago
Hey red,
I am sorry for not writing for a while. I haven't been feeling too well + our wifi was out for the past...4 days?? And that really destroyed me.
But it's back now and yesterday my birthday present arrived (very early...by birthday is on the 2nd November) it's a pc and a monitor. I payed for the pc and my parents r going to be giving me back the money I used to pay for the monitor :>>
I also recently changed my artstyle?? I am super happy with it now. I just don't care abt like concepts anymore. I'll just draw what makes me happy.
Anyways I hope u r happy and well. I feel bad for not writing for so long.
Also I need advice: I kinda wanna delete Instagram... it's so toxic and I never liked it ...i only have it cuz I know it's easier to get a following there. But since it's changing to a video platform it's kinda useless for my art too. Is DeviantArt a good option? I had it once when I was 14. I just wanna share my art. On tumblr it's even harder to make ppl find ur art from what I saw.
Okay that's it for now.
I have been shifting a lot while the wifi was out. If u want some info ask away :>
Oh my lord, I was just so WORRIED. Don鈥檛 ever worry about not writing for a while, I can handle it. Plus, you don鈥檛 have to, but when you do I love hearing from you. Are you feeling ok??? Any better??
My LOVE! I wanted to give u space as well, I have a tendency to cling. Didn鈥檛 wanna disrespect any boundaries鈥
I鈥檓 so so glad that you鈥檙e here now!! How is the girlfriend romance?? And btw so proud! That your art style improved, change is not always bad. Doing what makes u happy overall is always more important, which is why I tend to have a hard time with requests cause it鈥檚 harder to do. DevianArt sounds like a great platform, is it just art related or am I capping?
Instagram is very toxic to me so I agree, and if you don鈥檛 like it then don鈥檛 force yourself to keep it. Don鈥檛 delete the acc in case one day you wanna go back but just delete the app. You鈥檙e a Scorpio?!! OMHGGGG my friend has a pc, she loves it.
Omg heheheh an opportunity to ask shifting questions鈥 don鈥檛 mind if I do鈥 first, how do you feel there?? Since the (slight) drama? You told me about.
you already know what I鈥檓 gonna ask- GTRRR WHY am I such a simp!! 馃グ馃槉 tell me why I had 4 days of consecutive breakdowns over Ben 馃構 JADLIEKXKKJJJJJJ I hate this personality disorder. Now I鈥檓 just dissociating and numb as fuck. Mmmmm鈥︹ I dunno what to ask about him. See cause my mind has a tendency to believe people either 1. Abandoned me or 2. Found someone better than me and left me for them 馃槂馃槂 I put wayyy too much pressure on things that probably don鈥檛 mean as much to others. It鈥檚 ok tho!
Give him a hug for me, tell him I love him and that I鈥檓 proud of him <3 then give another hug to yourself cause I鈥檓 proud of you too!
I adore you dear 馃拰馃馃拰
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bbygirldahyun 6 months ago
hey bunny! i hope youre having a good day!
well, im kinda new to this collecting albums thing so im not certain. i think loona albums come with 2 pcs tho!
- 馃儚
hi anon, i hope you鈥檙e doing well! and thank you for dropping by to tell me, i鈥檒l have to get a loona album it seems to confirm /hj
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birdypendragon 4 months ago
another yan fic bc I can
Mel places his hand on your thigh, you stop breathing.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the issue?鈥
He stares at you, having to look up since you鈥檙e much taller than him. He had imprisoned Elizabeth, saying her love for him was fake and just something the Demon King and Supreme Deity did to hurt him. He鈥檚 found much more peace with you after the rest of Liones was killed after they looked at you. Mel became very protective of you, hoping not to get his father鈥檚 attention however.
鈥淵ou shouldn鈥檛 have put El in prison..鈥
鈥淚 should have killed her.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e thinking about her, not me.鈥
- 馃儚
These are great!
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winters-witch-bitch 3 months ago
Damn did I start an argument on whether squid game is a good show or not? KDIDNSK PLS
- 馃儚
It鈥檚 a weird show馃懟
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technosdarlin 10 months ago
heyyyyy so uh new asker- with a piss kink-
dream not taking you seriously when you're sitting in his lap whining about needing to piss, and just holding you tighter to him, telling you you're an adult and can hold it. degrading you after you accidentally let go, you can decide where to take it from there.
(can I be 馃儚 anon)
of course you can be honey, ill add you now mwahhhhhh!! (there's some dacryphilia in this one!! if that's not your thing I suggest you skip this one!!)
鈥淒-daddy, I can鈥檛 hold it any longer...鈥 You whisper in Dreams ear, clutching at his shirt while he tries to focus on the book he鈥檚 studying, leaning back in his chair and looking at you through his eyelashes.
"You're an adult, hold it." His big hand holds your hip tighter, stopping any squirming and movement. "If you're good, maybe I'll let you cum tonight, despite all your whining."
You whine louder and hide your face in his shoulder, biting at the fabric of his shirt and trying to distract yourself with whatever you can. Eventually, squeezing your thighs together isn't enough so your hands fly down to cup your sex, holding them there firmly and bouncing gently.
"Daddy, I think 'm gonna pee..." You mumble, cheeks warming up against his skin.
"If you piss on me, i swear to god- " Before Dream can finish speaking, your bladder gives out and tears start to roll down your cheeks.
"I-I'm sorry!! I'm so sorry daddy!!" You sob, hands still clutched at your crotch in a failed attempt to hide the wet spot seeping through your pants.
"Are you just too dumb to hold your piss or do you like disobeying me?" Dream says, with an eerily calm tone. One of his hands grabs at the back of your head, tangling his fingers in your hair and yanking it back so he can see your face, smiling at the wet streaks running down your face.
"Get on your knees and lick up your piss."
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flwrem 14 days ago
So, double dick Zhongli? That just makes him twice the sub in my eyes. Time to pound the archon into submission
excuse me is this Tartaglia? lmao
ay but imagine fucking Zhongli and stroking both of his cocks, the stimulation it鈥檚 just too much for him to handle!
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iwouldfuckdarkiplier 3 months ago
Imagine Darkiplier purring in your ear "I want to go down on you, and make you very happy. Then, I want to come back up slowly, and fuck you really hard." - 馃儚
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glorifiedsins 5 months ago
since you wanted ideas for hisoka, what about aftercare w/ him? either male or gender neutral
he is as gentle as he is bloodthirsty; hisoka knows how to take care of his lover despite being a total asshole
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉁 AUTHOR鈥橲 NOTES: brain rot from hisoka; i can just see him being a total dick but being so kind because he doesn鈥檛 want to destroy you yet and wants to rest how far you can go; thank you anon for this request
TW: gender neutral reader, aftercare, drabble fic, degrading, body praise, breeding, pet names
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hisoka loved looking down at (Name), gripping the underside of their thigh as his lover let out the prettiest moans, sniffling and choking on their breath. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it. Such a good pet for me,鈥 he praised, rocking his hips back and forth. The way tears rolled down (Name)鈥檚 fat cheeks had Hisoka humming, pulling their body closer to his, pelvis pressing against (Name)鈥檚 ass. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it; such a good puppy,鈥 he cooed.
(Name) sniffled, wrapping their legs around his tapered waist. 鈥淔uck,鈥 they slurred, pressing their face against his neck. They couldn鈥檛 help but babble and cry, arching their back with each thrust Hisoka made; they could feel him鈥攈e was so deep inside. It was like (Name) couldn鈥檛 breath; they were drowning in indescribable pleasure. 鈥淗isoka, please,鈥 they cried, dragging their nails down his backside.
鈥淧lease what?鈥 the magician cooed, wrapping his hand around their throat. The delight sent shivers rippling down his spine, watching the pleasure light up (Name)鈥檚 face. 鈥淏e a good pet and tell me what you want? I can鈥檛 read your mind, you know,鈥 he taunted.
鈥淚-I want you to fill me up. Cum in me,鈥 (Name) whined, choking when Hisoka applied pleasure.
The magician chuckled, swiping his tongue across his bottom lip. 鈥淵ou know how to ask correctly, pet. Good pets get what they deserve,鈥 he purred, trailing his nail across the slope of (Name)鈥檚 throat. 鈥淕o on and ask me currently, my dear.鈥
Swallowing their pride, (Name) poked out their bottom lip. 鈥淧lease fuck my dumb slutty pussy,鈥 they cried, turning their head to the side.
Hisoka let out a delighted sigh, burying himself in (Name), listening to them squeal and watching them arch their back. 鈥淪uch a good puppy,鈥 he praised, hips stuttering as he started riding out his orgasm. He never stopped, still thrusting and overstimulating (Name). He helped them through an orgasm, drinking in their moans and sobs.
Numb from the pleasure, Hisoka watched (Name) fluster and moan as he pulled out. Their chest rose and fell as he started cleaning them up. 鈥淵ou were so good for me. My pet, my sweet,鈥 he praised, pressing kisses to their nose. 鈥淒id you enjoy yourself, my love?鈥
(Name) nodded their head. 鈥淵es,鈥 they croaked, throat raw from the excessive screaming and moaning. Hisoka wiped up their messes, gingerly dabbing between their legs to clean up the oozing cum and covered them up with the thick blanket.
鈥淪tay here. I鈥檒l make sure to start the bath and get food ready.鈥
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