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#🌙 anon


MANNNNN. GOOD THOUGHT, BUT HURTY… it would be deserved, you get me??? techno wouldn’t even have to help you do anything but hold back, really— it’s the justified rage that that hits the strongest. and in the end revenge might not bring him back or heal your heart, but it’s certainly a start that techno will be right there with you to witness.

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he’s saving us from potentially getting heart attacks (/j)

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me too love 😌 i really love getting to see her shine, and how a lot of the episode was framed from her pov (like we really got to see tk in a different light and that was pretty cool) she’s such a great character and i’m really hoping that she will be a main in season 3!!

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m m i think kittys hav sharp teef not sweet ones

like dis


a ,, aa scawy . (⌯ ˃̣̣̥᷄ㅿก̀⌯) too cawy i wan papa - 💜

Aw, my sensitive little angel! 😭💞 I think it’s time for a “bipa” change! And we can watch Iggle Piggle for a while, then I’ll put her down to nap in her crib.

Oh gosh, it just makes my heart swell when I think about how much of a tiny baby Vee is! 💘 Maybe a bottle of warm milk too, just to help faer feel extra teeny tiny! 🍼 - 🐶

e etra teny timy (。˃̶᷄ ༝ ก̀。) m m - 💜

That’s right, my sweet little kitten! My baby is gonna be extra teeny tiny tonight 💖 - 🐶

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honestly the fact that the wandavision finale is on friday, and then the winter finale is on monday, i’m just going to Die. (but i think the chicago shows are coming back on that wednesday so??? maybe that will revive me) anyway yeah i Need this carlos content and i just really hope we’re not all clowning when it turns out he’s really not that involved lmao.

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m no spicy !! mama said im sweet ! ฅ⁽͑ ≧ ༝ ≦ ⁾̉ฅ canot be be a a a spicy toof ! - 💜

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hap birthdai minty !! mm i think theyr 2

! o oh no minty iz older than me …. - 💜

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yesss that scene was just so soft and pure and i have not stopped thinking about it 🥺

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Are you sure? I didn’t mean to lose it at you but when I got back and you were gone, I panicked.

- Poe

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hi moon !!

and absolutely not sexual at all !!! roman and vees dynamic with the teasing and tickling is 100% sfw, vee is sex repulsed, roman has a boyfriend, and neither of them would ever want to have that kind of relationship with each other

i understand some people can see it as like blurring the lines because obviously theres a lot of physical touching and vulnerability and the teasing can be misconstrued as flirting, and tbh those two are aware of the connotations and while vee is a lil embarrassed and tries not to think about what other people would think, roman just doesnt care because he KNOWS its not like that for them

theres a lot of trust between them for them to be happy with this dynamic and not cross the lines between friendly sibling stuff and bordering florty suggestive stuff, and loads of trust on vees end to trust that roman wont cross her boundaries, and hinestly i just think its a really sweet show of just how comfortable they are with each other

thank u for asking so i could clarify ! I’m gonna reblog this to babyvirge too just in case anyone was thi kin along these lines

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Sorry I kinda waited til everyone was like in bed to answer this - they all sleep super early lol

I dunno if I feel better about what I was actually worried about. Y'know like… like about, I dunno, being little a lot or acting extra little, I guess?

But Logan kinda made like, a plan. Like “this is the set time you have to be adult because of work/commitments” and it’s honestly not a lot. Like 20 hours a week or something? And the rule is in the other 148 hours… I can be as little or as big as I want.

It actualy really helped seeing it like that? Like not as a weird idea in my brain that kinda felt I guess clouded by feelings, but like on a whiteboard, this is the exact number of hours I can be little and there’s no bad thing about being little.

Yeah, and Dad and Mom just reminded me that literally in those hours they would be perfectly happy if I was little for the whole 148 hours… I dunno if that’s true tbh but it felt good hearing them say that and seeing that number like. Like okay wow they really do like looking after me woah

Oh and that too… Yeah I was, um, kinda super little on Saturday night and uh yeah. Lots of like, lots of them taking care of me. So yeah… I dunno if I’m cured of the bad thoughts and feelings but I guess I feel confident that they’re gonna go away because there’s this plan and the reassurance and my caregivers really love taking care of me just as much as they love looking after Vee. So yeah…

I dunno if that made sense - 👑

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Oh hi, uh yeah I think so… Thank you everyone for idk being patient and helpful and stuff. I like talked to Logan and patton about stuff and yeah, feel a bit better after that I think… - 👑

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mm littl vee .. thas me - 💜

Little itty bitty pretty kitty Vee. - ⭐️

m amaa (●ฅ́∽ฅ̀●) - 💜

I hear we are babying/teasing Vee. Fantastic. - ⭐️

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*punches wall and whispers* I love you too.

- Poe

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I would like to add that I did not see the heated blanket discourse before sending that last ask. Apparently there’s a mood going around today 😂

- 🌙

Okay but I live for this 🥺 He’d be so soft and warm and his big hands would be on your back and he’d be so warm and now I’m yearning and I’d like to order one of those please 🥺😭

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yay!!!!! SO proud of you for being so productive and amazing!!!!!! u are truly T H R I V I N G 😌😌😌

my weekend was nice! it was very relaxing and full of kitty snuggles and sunshine ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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the link didn’t send!!

tsumiki is the one giving orders!!! can you imagine this 4′5 child giving gojo orders bc he has no idea what to do 😭

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