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princeofkhaoswritingsa day ago
...Spencer... Fluffy hcs? Maybe? Mayhaps? Possibly? Maybe with a tiny s/o? Very short?
Spencer Reid
soft boi 99% of the time
showers you with kisses everytime yall see eachother
he usually showers with you
makes up a random statistic about how showering with someone prolongs your life or smth (he's lying)
gets flustered really easily
he loves you so much
he would even marry you
and spencer doesnt exactly believe in marriage,,believe it has no purpose.
Head pats
Showers you with affection all the time
Loves you too much
Lovely boy melts when you touch him
Expect back massages
Or anything massages
Kisses you everywhere
Face nuzzles
He's like a cat tbh
More like a puppy idk
Follows you basically everywhere when he can
Please don't hurt this man
He's been hurt enough in his life
He's got extreme abandonment issues
He trusts you
He's stubborn,, usually isn't wrong.
When he is tho he will for sure admit it!
He's not like stupid ass manipulative men
He will absolutely admit he's wrong if he is
You're short???
That's fucking adorable
Increases the amount of headpats drastically
The fact you have to look up to lock eyes with him makes him feel some typa way
(Sorry I can rarely form a sfw thought about this mf)
He's a little too in love with you
He's extremely insecure,,, give him reassurance
He thinks he trusts too easily but he honestly doesn't,,, in fact he rarely trusts anyone.
Don't break his trust or I'll break your fucking knees
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medley2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eli-bunny-girl3 months ago
More people should be thirsting after me, actually
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brxwrvth22 days ago
鉁煂竧bh I don't know how many times I've asked for requests I deeply apologize if I'm annoying but I love the you write micheal! Literally makes me smile! So I'm dropping by today with something I thought about last鉁煂
How would the slashers (you can pick!~鉁) react to their short s/o trying to give them a soft forehead kiss?~馃尭
鉁煂窱f you have already done this then you can throw it away lol but I'm short myself and I wanted to know how they would react? Like I think it's so cute! Plus forehead kisses are literally my favorite!鉁煂葛煡
鉁煂窤nyways I've taken up enough of you're time! Thanks for ready this! Please take care!鉁煂革考锟
Michael, Jason, Bubba, Thomas, & Chromeskull When Their Short S/O Tries To Give Them a Forehead Kiss
You are not annoying at all!! I love your requests so much, they鈥檙e so cute & keep them coming!!馃槶鉂わ笍I added the tallest ones I could think of, if you鈥檇 like me to add any more just let me know!!鈽猴笍Thank you so much!! I hope you like it!!馃挒鉂わ笍
Michael Myers:
Michael is damn stubborn.
We all know this.馃槴
If you try and give him a forehead kiss, he鈥檚 not going to comply.
Damn it, Michael!! Show them some affection for once.馃槨
You鈥檒l try to tell him, 鈥淢ichael lean down, let me give you a forehead kiss!!鈥
And he just stands there and stares at the wall.
Is he even listening??馃え
Try to stand on the couch to reach him? He鈥檒l look to the side and walk away.
(If you CAN even reach him. He鈥檚 too tall for this.馃檮)
Seriously, it鈥檚 so annoying.
He thinks it鈥檚 hilarious. There鈥檚 a glint of amusement in his eyes and a sly smirk under his mask.
You鈥檒l sigh in defeat, deciding to give up for a while.馃槪
Later, however鈥ichael is sitting down watching TV and he鈥檚 at the perfect height for a forehead kiss.
You try to sneak over to him, being as quiet as you possibly can with a smile on your face, and-
You finally managed to kiss Michael on the forehead!!馃コ
Still though, no reaction from him. Give him as many forehead kisses as you鈥檇 like, his eyes are just lazily staring at the TV.
Ahhh finally, Michael!! I knew you would give in eventually!!!馃ぉ鉂わ笍
(Oh, also when you were trying to sneak up on him, he heard you coming. He stayed put because he wanted the forehead kiss, too. He thinks it鈥檚 ADORABLE how persistent you were about it.馃挆)
Jason Voorhees:
Tell Jason you want to give him a forehead kiss?
Omg this man would do anything for you, and that involves letting you give him a forehead kiss whenever you鈥檇 like.
He鈥檚 in the middle of doing something?
He will stop in the middle of it to let you give him a kiss.鉂わ笍
Pam is in his head just GUSHING over this.馃挒
You and Pam always manage to make Jason so flustered, I swear.馃ズ
He thinks it鈥檚 so cute that even when he leans down, you have to still get up on your tip toes to reach him.
One of his absolute favorite things from you is getting forehead kisses, especially with how often they are.馃挄
Whenever he gets back from checking his traps, you always give him a welcome back forehead kiss, and it鈥檚 his favorite part of the day.馃尣
Not to mention when trespassers get to the camp and you give him a good luck kiss.鈽猴笍
This kisses 100% give him good luck!!!
His metaphysical heart MELTS EVERY SINGLE TIME.馃挒馃グ
(So does Pam鈥檚!!!鈽猴笍)
Bubba Sawyer:
Just like Jason, Bubba will let you give him a forehead kiss whenever you鈥檇 like.馃ズ
He leans right down, babbling because it makes him so excited.馃グ
Even when he鈥檚 working or in the middle of something like chopping the meat, Bubba will lean right down and happily let you give him a forehead kiss.
He thinks it鈥檚 so adorable how small you are compared to him.馃槶
The forehead kisses you give him make him feel so, so special.馃挒
Every single one, even if it鈥檚 short, makes his day.
No, not his day,
It makes his YEAR, Y/N!鈽猴笍
He gets so excited whenever you ask if you can give him a quick kiss.馃挆
It calms him down so much, too.
After a long day of Drayton yelling and all of the chaos in the house, Bubba completely relishes in your sweet kisses. It makes him feel so much better and it makes him so happy.鈽猴笍馃挅
Thomas Hewitt:
Like Bubba, your forehead kisses make Tommy feel so special.馃挄
Thomas is so tall, he has to lean down quite a bit for you to be able to reach his forehead, but he does not mind ONE BIT.
The first time you ask, this man actually wants to cry.馃槶
You want to kiss him?? On his skin?? On his forehead??
He鈥檚 so clueless to why you鈥檇 actually want to kiss him. His insecurities are always there, but you calm them down quite a bit with these wonderful kisses.鉂わ笍
Thomas is very busy all the time, and he feels awful when he doesn鈥檛 have any time to lean down and let you give him a kiss.
The SECOND he鈥檚 done, though, he鈥檚 leaning right down, ready for the kiss.馃グ
Your kisses make him feel so validated, Y/N.鈽猴笍
Especially after a long and hectic days, a simple forehead kiss is all Tommy needs to relax.馃挄
Ohhh gosh Y/N, how did he get so lucky to find you.馃ズ馃挆
We all know Jesse is a very, very busy man.
He鈥檚 always working or driving, barely having enough time to spend with you.
But for forehead kisses?
Oh yeah, he鈥檚 got time.馃槍
He will be rushing out the door and you鈥檒l ask to give him a forehead kiss, and he鈥檚 calling up Span saying he鈥檚 going to be late.
Jesse loves you so much and would never want to miss out on any of your forehead kisses.馃ズ
Jesse is the tallest on the list, so he鈥檚 gotta lean down pretty far and even THEN you can鈥檛 100% reach him.
He will pick you up so you can reach his forehead.馃グ
It鈥檚 so cute.馃槶
He loves the contrast between him being so tall and you being so short.馃ぉ
Seriously, Y/N, he would do anything for you and your forehead kisses.鉂わ笍
(Even canceling very important meetings!馃挄)
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emojiturtledaily4 months ago
Tumblr media
Day 165: 馃悽 & 馃尭
Requested by: @sussexualtension
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ukgk18 days ago
Tumblr media
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bun-bun-selfships2 months ago
Hey, your f/o wants you to know something. They don鈥檛 know how to say it so they asked me to.
They want you to know that they see how hard you鈥檙e trying. They see you and all your efforts and know how atrocious things can and have been. They want you to know that they would never give up on you. That you鈥檙e not a lost cause, or a burden, or anything but lovely. You are beautiful and wonderful and bring a smile to their face and so many others faces every single fucking day, even when you don鈥檛 see it. Even when they feel like giving up themself, even when they are so angry and down, you make them grin so big just by existing as yourself. They love you with every fiber of their mind body and soul, and they hope you never ever forget it.
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obeiii-mee2 months ago
MC had a bad day or they鈥檙e dealing with a bad loss from a loved one. So they decide to seek comfort from the Brothers! But they don鈥檛 do it in a normal way, they just barge in the room where the brothers are all relaxing or hanging out at before MC just busts in getting their attention and they go 鈥淚 need a hug 馃ズ鈥. Let鈥檚 see the some fluffy hc鈥檚 of the brothers comforting MC 馃グ
And how could they not want to hug their cute human that is literally 3 seconds away from breaking down into tears?
The Brothers Comforting MC After A Bad Day:
You鈥檙e right, they wouldn鈥檛 be able to resist, they love their human too much 馃槍
*soBS* I want to hug one of them so bad rn
Thank you for the request, I love writing fluffy HCs, it鈥檚 my weak spot and it gives me serotonin. I hope you have a nice day/night!! Uh, it鈥檚 sort of implied that MC is slightly shorter than them so sorry if that鈥檚 a problem-
Notes: Fluff, mentions of loss and dead family members/friends, mostly comfort though, short HCs
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beezlebub and Belphegor.
-He doesn鈥檛 say anything and he doesn鈥檛 really need to because him just being there, arms wrapped around you and hands lightly running up and down your back, is worth more words than any sort of verbal consolation he could鈥檝e given you and because of this, you feel at ease
-His touch is firm but gentle and you relax almost immediately, burying your head against his chest and feeling him press a kiss on top of your hairline, tightening your hold on him
-He already told his brothers to back off because the last thing he wanted was for you you to get overwhelmed by their insensitivity so you two were left in the living room by yourselves
-In a bit of an awkward position though, because you were both standing and after a while, it was clear a hug wasn鈥檛 going to be enough
-That鈥檚 his excuse as to why he picked you up bridal style five minutes later and carried you all the way to his bedroom, a place he knows his siblings won鈥檛 ever trespass without his permission and somewhere he can shield you from any prying eyes while you鈥檙e in this vulnerable state
-At this point, he was basically cradling you like a baby, having you sit on his lap and waiting for you to tire yourself out until you couldn鈥檛 cry anymore and watching you slip into that hiccuping stage you get after a breakdown
-Lucifer is obviously going to ask what happened, but whether you answer him or not is up to you because he鈥檚 not one to push matters if he sees you鈥檙e uncomfortable talking about it
-However, he might insist if he concludes that it鈥檚 affecting you and your well being and that鈥檚 how you know usually know he鈥檚 worried
-His voice is soft though and just listening to it makes you want to tell him everything, whether it鈥檇 be something as annoying as a small inconvenience you stumbled across that day or the death of a relative, you feel welcomed enough to spill everything
-Even if you decide not to, he鈥檒l stay with you until you feel better, until you鈥檙e no longer crying or shaking or anything of the sort. He speaks occasionally, almost soothingly about how important you are to him and how capable you are of overcoming anything in your way. For the most part, however, he remains quiet and allows you to mull over your thoughts, willing to forget about his paperwork just to let you cling to him for a few hours
-Maybe later, when you鈥檙e no longer as distressed, he could get the full story out of you and help you overcome whatever problem you鈥檙e having trouble facing but for now, he understands all you need is for him to be there
鈥淢C?鈥 He calls your name out because he was thinking that maybe you had fallen asleep but he realised that was not the case when you looked up at him, streaks of tears still sliding down your cheeks. When you don鈥檛 respond, he sighs almost contently 鈥淎 bit longer?鈥 You don鈥檛 answer again but this time, he could feel you nod against him and he smiles despite himself as he leaned his head against yours 鈥淎ll right then, just a bit longer.鈥
-Truth be told, he鈥檚 never been the best at comforting someone and normally, he鈥檚 kind of awkward when he wants to show his support because it feels so out of his character
-But it鈥檚 not like he was going to refuse you anyway. Not when you specifically came to him and asked him for help and not when you looked like you were on the verge of crying. He鈥檇 be a monster to deny you >:(
-It upsets him too, you know. He鈥檚 meant to be your protector, guardian even, so the fact that he couldn鈥檛 keep you from getting hurt makes him feel like he failed at keeping his human safe. Actually, it takes a lot of convincing on your part just to tell him that you鈥檙e not actually physically hurt. Just a shitty day鈥
-Mammon, despite the walls he puts up ever now and then, is someone that genuinely cares for you. And he鈥檚 also the type that does almost everything in excess, especially when it comes to you or spending money. That鈥檚 just his personality; he鈥檚 loud and boisterous and even though he wants to deny this, completely transparent with his emotions
-You ask for a hug? He gives you plenty of hugs! He lets you lay on top of him while cuddling so he can hold you!!! He brings you snacks and drinks!!! Shit, he basically cradles you the whole night!!! And he鈥檚 blushing and acting annoyed the entire time, refusing to accept how much he鈥檚 actually enjoying this
-The point is, he tends to coddle you whenever you have a bad day or if you鈥檙e really affected by the loss of a dead loved one. This is probably because he, in turn, likes to be babied and cared for when he鈥檚 feeling down and he subconsciously does that to you because it鈥檚 the only means of comfort he knows how to execute well
-A hug would鈥檝e sufficed, but you鈥檙e his human and let him be damned if he鈥檚 not gonna give you the world on a silver platter if you keep looking at him with those sad eyes of yours
-By now, if you need anything, you just need to ask because even with a bit of grumbling, he鈥檒l get it for you. More snacks? Say less. Wanna watch TV with him for a while? Immediately reaches for the remote? You just want to cuddle? His body is naturally warm for a reason bby, dig in. You want his heart? Give him a moment to surgically get it out of his chest-
-No matter what, he鈥檚 so glad that you trust him enough to talk to him about this sort of stuff and that he鈥檚 the first person you think of when you need consolation
-It makes sense after all, right? He鈥檚 your first pact so your direct happiness is his responsibility while you鈥檙e in DevilDom! It鈥檚 his job to make sure you function again by tomorrow morning and that you鈥檙e no longer troubled by anything
鈥淗ey! What鈥檚 with all the crying huh?鈥 He cups your face in his hands and softly squishes the flesh between his fingers. His thumbs brush over the tears in your eyes and he let鈥檚 out a small 鈥榯sk鈥 as your foreheads touch and his hands drip to your shoulders to keep you steady 鈥淭he Great Mammon is hugging ya right now, ya know? There鈥檚 no reason for you to be upset, not when I鈥檝e got ya in my arms like this, OK? So you can stop with yer water works now.鈥 As noisy as his voice is, there鈥檚 a gentle note behind it when he speaks and embraces you, his cologne spreading everywhere 鈥淚 love you, ya big idiot. So please, stop cryin鈥 and lemme hold ya already! Yer making me worried, ya stupid human.鈥
-You stopping by his room is not unusual. In fact, you do it every day and it鈥檚 just part of the routine you have with him. However, he鈥檚 wasn鈥檛 exactly expecting you to stand there, all shaken up and ask him for a hug!!!
-And he doesn鈥檛 process this request for a second but then he freaks out so badly-
-Yells incomprehensibly about how you鈥檙e 鈥榩ulling your normie tricks on him again鈥 and how he鈥檚 鈥榥ot going to be fooled by them anymore.鈥
-You raise your head to meet his eyes while he鈥檚 still rambling on though and he sees your teary expression and now he feels guilty because you look really upset. Levi鈥檚 kinda scared he made it worse-
-He鈥檚 the type to usher you in his room and lock the door as usual but instead of doing what the two of you always do, you literally stay attached to him because you need comfort damn it!
-Levi鈥.is sort of clueless about these emotional outbursts since he himself doesn鈥檛 deal with them very well. However, he鈥檚 watched enough animes revolving around romance to conclude on the best course of action so-do not fear! (Spoiler, he still doesn鈥檛 know what he鈥檚 doing)
-He鈥檚 really stuck and can either stay as quiet as a nun or start babbling in a language you probably wouldn鈥檛 even understand because he鈥檚 so nervous
-Or actually, he might start crying with you if I鈥檓 being fair; he鈥檚 very in sync with his Henry and your emotions
-Once he calms down, he鈥檚 actually not all that bad at comforting. Levi is a bit stand offish with his hugs at first but he relaxes into them and by now, you鈥檙e both standing by the side of his bed, with you leaning onto him and him holding your hand. He then intertwines your fingers together but subconsciously because he wouldn鈥檛 have the gall otherwise
-Later, he tells you to help yourself with the snacks he has hidden in his room. I guarantee you he has a whole ass mini refrigerator hidden somewhere for his all night gaming session, in case he needs any boosts. No one knows how Beel hasn鈥檛 found the stash yet and there鈥檚 no need to tell him
-Then you watch re runs of old shows together and make fun of the shitty editing and dialogue. He鈥檚 still holding your hand though and he鈥檚 really flustered and wondering if it鈥檚 too sweaty for you but don鈥檛 mention it because he鈥檒l get even more embarrassed
-He glances over to you, every once in a while, whilst you鈥檙e cuddled up against his arm, eyes glued on the TV, to make sure you鈥檙e OK. You almost gave him a seizure or at least that鈥檚 how he felt-so he made it his mission to make you feel better by any means necessary. Fuck today鈥檚 raids, his team can get them done without him!!
鈥淚-I don鈥檛 know why you would want me of all people to hug you but鈥︹ he trailed off in a whisper, having to lean down so you could wrap your arms against his neck and bury your head in his shoulder. He pulled you in closer, a streak of protectiveness coursing through him as he shut the door to his room with his foot 鈥淟ord of the Shadows would never leave Henry all on his own, so I鈥檓 not going to do that either. This is an important character development arc and-just, please don鈥檛 cry. I鈥檒l give you more hugs, OK? Seeing you like this is not good for my heart-鈥 stopped mid sentence after realising what he just said and now he鈥檚 the one burying his head in your shoulder, flushed beyond hell 鈥淔orget I just said that! Holy Lord Diavolo this is embarrassing, why am I like this????鈥
-It troubles him greatly to see you like this and he can sort of feel the world shift out of place, seeing you with tears running down your face and hands balled into fists out of frustration almost immediately makes him fly into a fit of rage because who would dare to hurt you-
-Oh, a hug? If that鈥檚 all you need, he鈥檚 more than happy to oblige but if you鈥檙e as distraught as you seem to be, he wonders if just a small embrace from him would be enough
-Satan鈥檚 hugs are very intimate and even passionate at times. He has one hand on the back of your head and the other supporting your lower back while you bawl your eyes out into his shoulder and getting his uniform wet
-You can鈥檛 really seem to focus on what he鈥檚 trying to tell you because he鈥檚 so warm and welcoming and even though he鈥檚 someone as renowned as the Avatar of Wrath, he鈥檚 shockingly patient with you as you let out the overwhelming emotions that have been consuming you all day
-It鈥檚 hard to not relax when you鈥檙e in Satan鈥檚 presence because he鈥檚 calm and he smells like musty, old books and mahogany wood and cats, meaning he was most likely cuddling strays he found on the street the entire day. The first visual that comes to mind is fire crackling behind a grate in a chimney and someone reading a book while swinging back and forth on an old, rickety chair when you鈥檙e around him
-He will wait until you鈥檙e no longer crying and then, before you know it, you find yourself in the library with him, drinking tea and being handed a plate of biscuits he took from the kitchen to help you regain your strength after all that crying. You鈥檙e still feeling pretty miserable about the day you鈥檝e had but you quickly lose yourself in a conversation with him over a cup of tea
-Sometimes, you two talk for hours on end about nothing important just to hear each other鈥檚 voices and finally have some quality time spent together. Even though he wishes the circumstances were better, he鈥檚 glad to have been able to snatch you away from his brothers for a while and he鈥檚 even happier you chose him to confide in
-Satan practically doesn鈥檛 even mention your outburst and keeps the small talk minimal but he wants you to know that if you do wish to tell him about it, he鈥檚 more than happy to listen and he鈥檚 not so bad at giving advice either
-The topic of the discussion you were having with him changed abruptly by the end of the night and now you鈥檙e reading together from this book he started a while ago, both of you covered with a blanket, your head on his chest and his leaning on yours. He鈥檚 holding the book with both of his hands, but still managed to get his left wrapped around you. And because of this feeling of safety and warmth, you don鈥檛 feel desperate anymore. Tomorrow, you鈥檒l be able to sort out your feelings but now, you鈥檙e content to just listening to Satan read, in his clear, soft voice
鈥淎h MC, could you turn the page for me?鈥 You do as he asked to and you could feel him smiling as he kissed your hairline, sighing before going back to the book and the story within 鈥淭hank you. You truly are amazing, did you know that? I鈥檝e never met someone as caring and as kind as you. Well, I suppose Beel could compete for the title but unlike him, you don鈥檛 really leave us in debt whenever we visit the grocery store.鈥 Hearing you laugh makes him smile even more and he lets you hold the other side of the book while he plays with your hair and now you join in reading with him, out loud and trying to act out voices for the characters. As everything unfolds, Satan feels the world click right back into place.
-It鈥檚 a known fact by now that Asmo is willing to give you any sort of affection at any point in time, whether it鈥檇 be a hug, a kiss, holding your hand-you name it! I mean, whenever he鈥檚 feeling down, you being there to encourage him helps a lot so it鈥檚 only natural it works the other way around too!
-If he notices that you鈥檙e genuinely upset by something, then he would have no problem whatsoever with lavishing you in attention and really, a hug or two from him is the bare minimum in situations like this
-In any case, he always enjoys fussing over you and you having a bad day is the perfect excuse for him to do so! After all, he can鈥檛 disappoint you since you came to him with your troubles and he will do anything in his power to make you feel better. Actually, if he could, he would keep hugging you forever but as miraculous as his charm can be, it鈥檚 not effective against someone with this low of a morale
-His first suggestion is to take a bath! It鈥檚 his way of taking care of you; you鈥檙e tired after such a long day and he feels like you鈥檙e neglecting yourself a little because of it. So you relax in his bathtub with him for a while, him actively trying to get your mind off any bad, lingering thoughts while you splash around in the bubbles
-And obviously after that, you need to have your mandatory spa sessions with him since you need to unwind and what鈥檚 a better way to do that than to let him paint your nails and apply lotion to your skin? Besides, it creates a great opportunity for you to take things off your chest
-He鈥檚 in need to hear gossip constantly so if you don鈥檛 feel like talking, he鈥檚 gonna be a bit bummed out but he still respects your wishes enough to not push you. If your problem is as sensitive as the death of a family member, you鈥檙e not obligated to talk to him about it and he will understand, since people grieve in different ways. He too shut down after the death of Lilith for a while after all
-A bad day is nothing Asmo can鈥檛 handle. He鈥檚 had plenty of those before, mostly because of Mammon and his thievery, they鈥檙e usually common factors. It鈥檚 only natural you experience those yourself and he鈥檚 more than willing to be your support system if you need one. He wants you to know that you can go to him if you need advice or help with anything, or even if you just need to someone to hear you out
-To give a more detailed explanation of his hugs, they are usually really light and you never feel suffocated when you鈥檙e in his arms. He never squeezes you too tight and he always smells amazing, so you feel inclined to stay near him for as long as possible. Despite his overtly loud nature, he gets incredibly soft spoken with you and he traces patterns on your back and arms as you stand there together
-It鈥檚 important to mention, he never pulls away from you first. He lets you decide when you鈥檝e had enough and when you鈥檙e ready to move on or if you require some other means of comfort
-And even if you鈥檙e no longer disgruntled, he鈥檚 still going to pamper you as much as possible the next day with either a shopping spree or another few spa sessions, this time done at a professional institution rather than the privacy of his bedroom
-Asmo is in touch with your emotions and it鈥檚 kinda scary sometimes because of how well he can read you, since he almost always knows what you need
鈥淥h darling, how could I refuse a hug from you?鈥 You can feel his arms embrace you, even with your eyes closed and for some reason, this makes you cry even harder, sobbing as he tries to comfort you. You鈥檙e aware he let go of you at some point and returned with a tissue to dab away at your tears, gently to not hurt your eyes and now he鈥檚 hugging you again, a wry smile on his face 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to worry about a thing, MC. Everything will get sorted out, I promise. In the meantime, come to me if anything troubles you again, OK? No more crying, darling-it鈥檚 bad for your eyes.鈥
-The type to immediately lean in for a hug without even questioning why. As soon as you ask him, you barely have time to finish the question and you already find yourself in his arms. The only exception would be when he鈥檚 eating or maybe in the middle of a work out but the point is he doesn鈥檛 hesitate much when it comes to you. And I mean, he loves hugs just as much as his siblings do
-Beel is not the most observant and he may not realise you鈥檙e in a bad mood unless you tell him outright. It鈥檚 not even that he鈥檚 emotionally distant, it鈥檚 just that if you tell him that you鈥檙e fine, then he鈥檚 gonna take your word for it and believe you since he鈥檚 pretty straightforward with his feelings as well. However, as dense as he may be on occasion, even he鈥檚 bound to notice that you鈥檙e not being your usual self and this is especially true if you start crying out of nowhere while he鈥檚 nearby. Probably assumes the worst and is under the impression that he did something to upset you because shifting the blame onto himself whenever others suffer is his coping mechanism and we鈥檝e seen him to do it before
-If you鈥檝e just had a bad day, he understands that things could鈥檝e been very overwhelming for you and he wishes he had known sooner so he could鈥檝e helped back then, instead of letting it come to this. But he doesn鈥檛 hesitate all that much since he looks like he鈥檚 built for giving hugs on a daily basis. I鈥檓 not even sure this would classify as a hug since you鈥檙e not touching the floor. Rather, you are attached to him like a koala and he鈥檚 carrying you around as if you were a baby strapped to his chest. And he genuinely doesn鈥檛 mind. He鈥檚 been doing it with Belphie for centuries now
-Please, after a while he gets seriously concerned because are humans supposed to cry this much? What if you dehydrate or something? So he makes you stay in bed and just gives you plenty of water. You look so pale and sad, he shares his food with you too because his heart is aching just looking at you like this. He feels like besides being there, he can鈥檛 provide you with much help and he鈥檚 starting to think he鈥檚 hopeless at comforting
-If a family member died then鈥eel is one of the best people you could鈥檝e gone to. Honestly, having dealt with his sister鈥檚 situation, he knows how horrible it is to lose somebody you love dearly (I mean, all the brothers do but I鈥檓 making a point saying Beel, Belphie and Lucifer were especially affected). Now he鈥檚 sad himself since he鈥檚 aware that you鈥檙e going through something similar and his twin might walk in on the two of you being emotional on the floor
-For the most part, Beel makes sure you keep yourself healthy even when you鈥檙e tired and depressed. Continues to bring you food, even if he eats half of it on his way to your room, and just keeps you company in general in case you get lonely. Seeing you upset makes him even more considerate of your feelings and you don鈥檛 have the heart to tell him that he doesn鈥檛 need to stay with you all night. He thinks he does because you鈥檝e always offered to stay with him whenever he鈥檚 had nightmares before so how he鈥檚 gotta return the favour
-Beel gives these bear hugs all the time, since he鈥檚 so big and his hand basically covers your entire back. So, more often than not, you end up cuddling while standing because he鈥檚 a lot taller than you, with him being a demon and all. Despite that, you feel so unbelievably complete when he holds you like this. It鈥檚 hard not to feel protected since his whole body is practically concealing yours so easily all the time and you feel sheltered from the world and it鈥檚鈥.nice
-And Beel enjoys hugging you too, because he knows that as long as he鈥檚 nearby, you鈥檒l be safe and that鈥檚 really all he needs. He wants to be there for you the same way you were there for him when he needed it most and comforting you when you鈥檙e having a shitty day is like his full time job
-You could come to Beel with any problem and he would never judge you, no matter what. He鈥檚 just really unproblematic and he just wants you to go back to your normal self because it hurts him to see you cry your eyes out. Now, not only are hugs mandatory but holding your hand is too. It鈥檚 like hugging鈥ut your hands are doing the hugging
-Definitely even goes to Belphie after a while if he really doesn鈥檛 know what to do and that鈥檚 how you know he鈥檚 desperate to do something. Since the Seventh Born isn鈥檛 exactly someone that yields great advice, more so when it comes to other鈥eople鈥.and his twin knows this-
-Beel鈥檚 best strategy at the moment is to just maintain some kind of physical contact because he discovered that makes you feel better and it calms you down more than him trying to verbally console you. He even invited you to sleep in his room if you鈥檙e comfortable doing so just so you鈥檙e not alone. After that one incident, he鈥檚 trying to coax you to tell him whenever something is wrong so he can jump in and help, because that鈥檚 all he really wants to do ahakenksms
鈥淢C? Did something happen?鈥 He鈥檚 honestly taken aback by how shaky you are and how you鈥檙e hands are trembling as they鈥檙e reaching to connect with his. Without much of a warning, he feels a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach and now he discovers that he doesn鈥檛 like seeing you with tears trailing down your face. And he feels worse the longer you wail in his chest and he doesn鈥檛 know what to do. So, he wraps his arms around you so tight you think you might explode, strangely comforted by the feeling as he speaks again 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry if I鈥檝e done something to upset you. What can I do to help, MC? We can just stay like this for a while if you want鈥 And when he sees you nod, he proceeds to not move an inch almost the entire night. Obviously, hunger overtook him eventually but he shared his stolen goods with you so can you really complain? Doubtful, not when he hasn鈥檛 let go of your hand the whole time.
- Hugging him is a gamble. Realistically speaking, you鈥檙e not going to catch him standing upright long enough for you to give him a hug. He鈥檚 laying on the floor somewhere, asleep so you shouldn鈥檛 expect much from him to begin with. Even if you were to get lucky and stumble upon him while he鈥檚 wide awake, he might slump over and succumb to sleep the moment you embrace him because you鈥檙e so warm
-Cuddling is a different story altogether. He鈥檇 rather shoot himself in the foot than not have you cuddle with him so if you need to be babied for once, he鈥檚 a pretty good option to consider
-As usual, he鈥檚 in the attic and you go to him because it鈥檚 really late and you didn鈥檛 want to wake up any of the other brothers. Actually, Belphie is normally awake by dusk so to see him sleep like a log past midnight was quite surprising. You didn鈥檛 exactly want to interrupt but if you stayed alone for any longer, you would鈥檝e gone insane. So you shook him awake. And he was understandably confused and probably forgot what planet he was on for a minute when you did so
-Technically, he was half awake and from his point of view, everything must鈥檝e been pretty blurry. He did see you; the problem was that because he was still feeling very sleepy, he was basically in a daze and could only squint at you to try and figure out if you were really there or if he was hallucinating. His suspicion was confirmed soon enough because he reached out after a few seconds and poked your cheek just to check. His face the entire time and the action itself was so amusing that, despite tittering on the edge of a breakdown, you burst out laughing
-Once he came to the conclusion that you were, in fact, real and he wasn鈥檛 dreaming, he sighed and opened his arms out for you; a direct invitation to cuddle with him. By now, he likely didn鈥檛 even noticed you looked sad because, as I said, he was all over the place but this little ritual you two have was common enough that it got engraved in his memory. Now he does it out of impulse whenever you鈥檙e around and he wants attention
-So you basically tackled him and threw yourself on top of him so hard, both of you toppled over on the bed and now you were used as a blanket, with his arms wrapped securely around you; preventing you from getting up. Not that you were planning on doing that anytime soon but moving on-
-You thought he had fallen back asleep, because he went really quiet and he stopped squirming to get comfortable. To be exact, the whole room was rather still and the only thing you could really hear was Belphie鈥檚 soft breathing and the rustle of the bedsheets every once in a while. And since it was extremely dark as well, you couldn鈥檛 see a thing either so it felt like the best place to let go of your stress
-It鈥檚 not like you were making much noise but as I said, the seventh born wasn鈥檛 sleeping just yet. And he wouldn鈥檛 be able to because it was obvious to him now that something was wrong. He believed that he was bearing witness to something that should鈥檝e been a lot more private than this so he didn鈥檛 say anything. You should have your moment, let you have a chance to recollect your thoughts and the next day, he might ask you
-It was too much to handle. It鈥檚 not like he was gonna get any sleep unless he knew your problem was solved otherwise he might get nightmares all night. Besides, if you鈥檙e crying this much, then something terrible must鈥檝e happened. You realised he was awake when he gave your entire body a small squeeze, as if to reassure you and you froze because did you just wake him up???? Or worse, did he hear all that sobbing you were doing????
-Hugging him is similar to hugging a pillow. He鈥檚 soft and squishy and warm and it鈥檚 impossible to resist him when rest at a time like this is so tempting. His fingers running over your pact mark once or twice, as if to remind you that he鈥檚 right there and low whispers describing the best dream he ever had about you, hoping to distract you for long enough to help you fall asleep
-To him, it doesn鈥檛 make a difference if a family member died or if you鈥檙e just having a bad day. All he knows is that you鈥檙e having a lot of emotional problems because of either one and as a result, you need a shoulder to lean on. He鈥檚 glad that you trust him enough to let him assist and if it was up to him, he would keep cuddling you forever. You鈥檝e already suffered enough so let him take care of you this time around, OK?
鈥淒umbass, why are you crying?鈥 The gentleness of his words was a clear contrast to that quick insult he shoved at the beginning of his statement, though you couldn鈥檛 hear any malice behind it and the fact that he really cared about what happened to cause you to struggle with your emotions so badly, would鈥檝e made you wail even harder. However, he managed to silence you pretty well because he kept speaking and you wanted to listen; you wanted to hear what he had to say so you reduced your sobs and you sat quietly enough to do just that. Belphie flipped you over, now with him on top and you underneath and he laid there, cheek sloshed against yours as he sleepily mumbled out more praise for you, 鈥淢C, are you tired? You should go to bed, you need to get some sleep. Tomorrow, you can tell me what the problem is and I鈥檒l help. I promise-I鈥檒l even get up early for you. Just鈥lease calm down. I don鈥檛 want to see you crying yourself to sleep ever again. I鈥檒l stay here the entire time, alright? And I鈥檒l make sure you have nice dreams tonight MC鈥ust let me hold you鈥︹
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Tumblr media
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Need You Now
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Contains: timeskip spoilers, Tsukishima Kei, Kenma Kozume, Sakusa Kiyoomi, gn!reader.
Tumblr media
Cuz he my main bae
Last time you talked to him was when you confessed to him after graduation. It was the only time you were prepared for any sort of rejection.
You didn鈥檛 think he has any sort of interests out of what he likes already. A flat out no and a snarky comment was already at the back of your head when you did it.
But you remember him quiet. Unfazed. Blinking down at you.
His best friend was there too dumbfounded as well.
Heat crept up your face and you laugh out your embarrassment. You said sorry, 鈥淚 guess, it鈥檚 not really something you think about鈥 I鈥檒l just get going now.鈥 You turned and walked away quickly.
You heard Yamaguchi call for you but you ignored it and ran away.
The next time you saw him, there was a thin layer of screen from your TV separating you two. You can only sigh and prop your head as you watch him from afar. You鈥檇 say this is enough but you know damn well it鈥檚 not. I can see right through you. Don鈥檛 lie to me.
It was your day off and your best friend kicked you out of your shared apartment so you could do something else other than 鈥渟ulking for a blond man.鈥
What are the places to be if you want a quiet day on your own? Well, you could go to a museum. You鈥檙e not much of a history buff or anything but looking at the things displayed there are nice.
You entered the museum and just aimlessly walked around looking at the displays and occasionally listening to the tour guides when you happen to catch yourself with a tour group. Of course you鈥檙e always the first to leave the section they鈥檙e in.
You always catch yourself sighing. It鈥檚 not that you regret going out it鈥檚 just that 鈥榮ulking over a blond man for years.鈥 I guess it has been years. You finished college and started working. Is it that bad?
鈥淥h,鈥 You heard your name escape someone鈥檚 breath.
You turned and saw that tall blond you鈥檝e confessed to. Confusion and annoyance spilled over your face like paint splattered over an empty canvas. 鈥淭sukishima?鈥
He took off his glasses and wiped it. Of course, he鈥檚 unbothered.
You calmed yourself down with a deep and heavy breath. You tilted your head. 鈥淲hy are you here?鈥
鈥淚 work here.鈥 He put his glasses back on and looked down on you.
鈥淥h, I see.鈥 Somehow the museum turned into something more of a hall of memories as you play back in your mind your days in high school. Then that confession. You put up a cheery front and a smile. 鈥淲ell,鈥 you say as you pat his shoulder, 鈥淚鈥檒l get going now,鈥 and walked away.
What does he mean 鈥榳ait鈥? What else is there to talk about?
鈥淚鈥檝e been meaning to talk to you but I couldn鈥檛 get a hold of you since you changed your number after graduation.鈥
鈥淗uh?鈥 You muttered under your breath and looked back at him.
鈥淚 was about to say something before you ran off like a dumbass.鈥
You held back your tongue and gritted your teeth at his blunt demeanour. You crossed your arms. 鈥淚 knew the answer already. I didn鈥檛 need to stick around and waste my energy.鈥 You grumbled.
鈥淭hen why did you run, idiot?鈥
Heat rose up to your face. You bit and chewed the inside of your cheek to keep you from dying from embarrassment. Wait, why would he want you to stick around?
鈥淚鈥檓 about to leave work. There鈥檚 a caf茅 we could go to. Are you free?鈥
You tilted your head at him, trying to process what鈥檚 going on.
The blond sighed. 鈥淚鈥檓 asking you out on a date, idiot.鈥 His eyes laced with unamusement stabbed you.
鈥淎h-Uh鈥 Eh? Wait鈥 you鈥︹
He put his hand on your head. 鈥淪top thinking. Your brain is starting to fry.鈥
鈥淯gh. If you just flat out say what you mean, then I wouldn鈥檛 have to fry my brain.鈥
鈥淚 like you too, shorty.鈥 He chuckled. 鈥淐鈥檓on. I鈥檓 hungry.鈥 He said and pulled you by the hand.
Tumblr media
You guys had a fight again. But this time it was just you ranting and him being quiet while on his PC.
It stabbed you when you realized that, so you decided to just kept quiet.
You knew it was going to be a bit busy when he started a company. You sigh and went back to your bedroom and started packing your clothes.
You hear the door crack open and saw Kenma looking at you. His face was laced with鈥 I don鈥檛 know鈥 anger, worry - something.
You finished packing and got up. You fidgeted with your luggage鈥檚 handle as you try to think of something to say.
You don鈥檛 want to let him go but you don鈥檛 feel like you鈥檙e needed.
鈥淚 think we need to work on ourselves for a while,鈥 You said softly, trying not to break your voice. 鈥淚 just feel like our relationship points are going down and not being taken care off.鈥
Kenma said your name. His fist was turning white by the way he was gripping the door.
鈥淚鈥檒l come back when the 鈥榓nger buff鈥 is gone.鈥 You say as you walk out.
You stayed with your best friend who was having the time of their life threatening your partner who wasn鈥檛 there. You imagine them having explosions at the palm of their hands.
The next day, Kuroo came to check up on you. He reassured you that everything will work out.
It鈥檚 been a month and more. You only knew how much time passed because Kuroo checks up on you twice every week with gifts from Kenma.
Your friend will have a snarky comment about it but you always defend your love even if you鈥檙e upset about him.
You鈥檙e tired. Maybe it was your friend鈥檚 comments getting to you but maybe Kenma鈥檚 just better off on his own now. Kuroo didn鈥檛 come today鈥
You checked on your friend to see them knocked out on their bed. You went back to the couch and hugged your knees for comfort. You couldn鈥檛 help but cry silently but your heart was breaking. It felt like something out of an anime or a cutscene where the protagonist would realize something and break down.
You looked at the clock on the TV stand and saw that the day was past done. There it was. Game over. The time limit was long gone. The mission failed. It made you cry even more.
鈥淜enma鈥︹ You whispered through your hics. Maybe if you try to keep calling him he鈥檒l appear.
But who you were kidding鈥 unlike the games you and him play, it won鈥檛 work here. You鈥檙e not on discord. But who鈥檚 stopping you from trying?
You snapped out of your misery moment when you heard a soft knock on the door. You wiped everything and breathed in and out until you鈥檝e calmed down.
The soft knock called for you again so you answered. You saw Kenma panting with flowers in his hand. He dropped to his knees and hand, cradling the bouquet with his free hand.
You panicked not knowing what to do. 鈥淪tamina鈥 Stamina鈥︹ You mumbled. What do you do about stamina? There鈥檚 no potion for it here!
You remembered Kuroo saying that a banana helps. You helped Kenma sit on the couch and rushed to get him water and a banana. You鈥檙e not much of a healer but hopefully it helps. You waited for him to finish his water.
Kenma collapsed, leaning his head on the backrest.
鈥淲h-why did you come here so late?!鈥
鈥淚 just felt like it.鈥 He mumbled.
You choke on his nonchalant words. 鈥淏ut it鈥檚 late!鈥 You started scolding him.
He chomped down on the banana. More like murdered it. 鈥淚s it weird that I would need the person I love?!鈥
You pouted at his question and turned your head towards the bouquet with a card saying 鈥業鈥檓 sorry.鈥
鈥淚 only came now because usually your buffs after our arguments lasts over more than a month.鈥
You blush. Your anger lasts for a day or two, then you become pouty for weeks, then your sadness sets in after that. You hug the love of your life and cried. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you say through your sobs.
鈥淣o. I should be saying that. I should have kept track of our relationship. But right now I鈥檓 tired.鈥 He set himself to lie down on the couch and pulled you close. It wasn鈥檛 long until the two of you slept in each others arms like you always should.
Tumblr media
You don鈥檛 know how you did it but you ended up with one of the best players of volleyball of Division One as your partner.
You鈥檝e only talked to Komori since you guys go way back. You鈥檝e only ever smiled at Sakusa and greeted him.
But then he asked you out.
It鈥檚 not like you don鈥檛 have a crush on him. Komori saw that immediately when you met his cousin. It鈥檚 just that you were never expecting him to feel the same.
You weren鈥檛 expecting anything from him since his social anything is almost nonexistent. Except for the people other than you and Komori surrounding him. You thought you could be fine with being his partner.
Wrong! The silence between you two is deafening.
You only ever see him react when someone is flirting with you and he happens to be there. Other than that Komori, Atsumu, Bokuto or Hinata would be there to protect you.
It didn鈥檛 help that the media is throwing gossip around about who you are and why you are so close to the MSBY players. Not to mention the public opinion.
Your boss had to let work from home so the press would stop looking for you in the company building.
Komori was the only one visiting you and bringing you food.
As time went on the frustrations you didn鈥檛 know you had started settling, you unconsciously called for Komori, not knowing what to say. 鈥淎h, can you come over? Bring my favourite please.鈥 You chuckled as cheerfully as you could so he wouldn鈥檛 hear you crying.
You took a break from your work and gave yourself some good old and well-deserved pampering. You finished just before Komori usually arrives at your place so you waited.
And waited鈥
There was loud knocking at the door. It sounded heavier than Komori鈥檚.
鈥淲ho is it?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 me. Open up.鈥 Sakusa knocked on your door demandingly.
You opened the door to see your man standing broodily. His face scared you so you went on instinct and shut the door.
Sakusa knocked on the door again and called for you. 鈥淚鈥檓 not in the mood to play games. Open the door.鈥
You didn鈥檛 mean to shut the door on him. But knowing that he鈥檚 mad now might as well break up. Maybe he came here to do just that. You leaned your head on the door and cried.
There was silence and a door between you two.
鈥淥mi, I鈥檓 sorry. I thought I鈥檓 fine with just being by your side but I don鈥檛 even think I was fit to be yours.鈥 You sobbed and hicced.
鈥淲hat?! Open the door! Open the door right now!鈥 His voice has concern written all over it.
You slowly opened the door and wiped your tears so you could look at him at least properly if this will be the last time.
He put down the bags that you only just know noticed and hugged you.
You should be blushing, but your confusion was greater. 鈥淥mi?鈥
鈥淵ou damn鈥︹ He grumbled, 鈥済erm. If you were having such a hard time why didn鈥檛 you call me first?鈥
You tried to remember if you were done with your vaccines and thanked yourself for taking time to clean up first. You still need to answer your man though. 鈥淥h, I鈥 I thought you don鈥檛 want to deal鈥︹ Right. Why didn鈥檛 you call for him first?
You pulled back from him and wiped your tears. 鈥淚 thought you were too busy.鈥
He clicked his tongue and tucked his mask under his chin. 鈥淓ven if I am if something is hurting you, it鈥檚 my job to help you with it.鈥 He let himself in and closed the door as well. He picked up the bag and set if down the coffee table. He sat down the couch and sighed deeply.
You sat down beside him. You were unsure about the distance until he scooted closer to you and put his arm on the backrest.
You turned on the TV the both of you watched and ate the food he brought together and for the first time in your relationship he took care of you the way you imagined he would.
He was still quiet all through out but words were never his forte. Before you knew it you were sleeping in his arms.
The next morning you woke up to your phone blasting notification after notification. Messages from friends and other things like tags on twitter. You checked the ones from Komori, Hinata, Atsumu, and Bokuto telling you that they were glad everything worked out and that they鈥檒l help you whenever they can.
You were confused by this so you checked twitter thinking that it would answer your question then you saw the media talking about you and Sakusa.
You went to Sakusa鈥檚 twitter and saw his last tweet. 鈥淸Y/n] is mine. Don鈥檛 bother them.鈥
It was out of character of him but at least the bothersome things you dealt with stopped.
As time went on, Sakusa would come unannounced but not unwelcomed because it鈥檚 always during the times when you needed someone the most and the safest place you knew was in his arms.
Tumblr media
taglist: @whie-000
a/n: Thought I鈥檇 make something to show appreciation. I happen to look at those who interacted with my post and saw what you wanted. Not a stalker. Just a lurker. Reply below who you'd want to see next and I'll put you in the taglist 馃槈
Tumblr media
漏 Alfi. Alterations and republications are not allowed. Support the owner.
Tumblr media
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brxwrvtha month ago
Hi! ^^ I hope you鈥檙e doing well! I just wanted to ask (if you鈥檙e still taking requests and if you haven鈥檛 done this already if you have then please ignore!) but how would the slashers (you can choose I鈥檓 not picky ^^) react to their fem s/o getting dressed up for them? Kinda like for date night? I thought it was a cute little idea! Anyways thank you for reading this! Love you鈥檙e writing btw!馃尭^^ take care!~馃尭
How the Slashers Would React to Their Fem S/O Dressing Up for Them for A Date Night
Ahh thank you so much!!馃グthis was such an adorable idea, I got a little carried away with some of these.馃槅鉂わ笍
Michael Myers:
Michael鈥檚 everyday attire doesn鈥檛 change too much from day to day.
He鈥檚 either in a black shirt and black pants (courtesy of you buying them for him) or he鈥檚 in his coveralls.
(His coveralls that get washed WAY too little.)馃槱
Seriously Michael, you smell like metal. It鈥檚 time to wash them for Christ鈥檚 sake.馃檮
That鈥檚 why he鈥檚 surprised when you get all dressed up for him for a stay in dinner date.
Sure, he knows people get dressed up for those things, but he never thought it was that necessary.馃し鈥嶁檧锔
You came down the stairs looking absolutely beautiful, having a new dress on that you just bought that day, cat winged eyeliner, and your hair done in a beautiful style.
His eyes are wide under the mask.
That鈥檚 it.
You鈥檝e done it,
You have shocked Michael Myers.
Part of him feels guilty; you put in all this effort to look amazing, and here he is in his coveralls.
The whole night he is STARING at you, Y/N.
Like, it鈥檚 actually kind of creepy.
Every time you turn around, you can feel his eyes burning into you.馃憖
Even though it鈥檚 creepy, it鈥檚 still so cute.鉂わ笍
And throughout the whole night, his heart is beating a little faster than it usually does.馃グ
Jason Voorhees:
Jason had been out dealing with trespassers all day long.
You wanted to surprise him somehow, but you didn鈥檛 know what to do.馃
You and Jason hadn鈥檛 had a date night in quite a long time, due to him being so busy with taking care of the camp.
A date night!! The perfect way to surprise Jason.
You knew he didn鈥檛 particularly have to eat, so you decided on a quiet night outside under the stars.鉁
You went to your room, getting out one of your old dresses that you don鈥檛 think Jason had seen.
You put it on, did some light makeup and put your hair in a beautiful updo.
You came out into the main part of you & Jason鈥檚 cabin, nerves running high so you decided to straighten the place up a little bit.
After a while, you sat down on the couch, watched the fire and waited for him.
A little bit later, the door opened and Jason walked in.
He saw you and omg馃ズ
His knees were weak and he felt lightheaded.馃槶
Jason, we know your S/O is gorgeous, you don鈥檛 have to pass out on us!!
鈥淚 thought we would have a date night outside, we haven鈥檛 had one in a while.馃グ鈥 you told him.
You led him outside, and you sat down next to the little fire pit outside your cabin.
Jason lit it, and you both sat there for hours just looking at the stars and watching the fire.馃敟
It was one of Jason鈥檚 all time favorite nights with you!馃グ
Bubba Sawyer:
You and Bubba having a date night was always a rare opportunity.
With Drayton, Nubbins, & Chop Top being in the house, things were always hectic.
Not to mention with how busy Bubba always was.馃槱
But one day, something was wrong at the gas station and Drayton, Nubbins, & Chop got in the truck to go see what it was and fix it.
Nubbins & Chop weren鈥檛 exactly the鈥martest when it came to complex repairs, so you know it would take a while.
Bubba was exhausted, having dealt with a lot of victims that day, so Drayton let him stay home.
You and Bubba were sitting on the porch swing together watching the sunset, when an idea came to your head.
You could surprise him with a date night!!鈽猴笍
鈥淚鈥檒l be right back out, stay right here. I have a surprise.馃コ鈥 you told him, rushing inside.
Bubba was confused, but he shrugged and listened to you and stayed put.
You ran up to your shared room, putting on a loose dress that you had taken from one of the victims, put your hair in a quick updo, and rushed down back down the stairs.
You stopped, ran into Chop鈥檚 room and grabbed his radio.馃摶
You knew he wouldn鈥檛 mind!馃槅
You walked outside and Bubba looked at you and omg馃ズ
The love in his eyesss!!!!馃槶馃槶
You put the radio down on the swing and turned it on, scanning until it was on a country station.
You held out your hand so Bubba would dance with you. 馃拑 馃暫
He stood up and his hands were fumbling because he was so nervous.馃ゴ
You looked so pretty and delicate and he didn鈥檛 want to hurt you!!馃グ
You slowly eased him into it & you both danced together until the stars were out.鉁
Thomas Hewitt:
Just like Bubba, you and Thomas usually never have time for date nights.
At the Hewitt house, everyone is always busy all the time, having their own chores to do.馃Ч
Whenever the chores are done for the day, you and Thomas are both so exhausted and aren鈥檛 in the mood to have a nice date night together.
You usually never dressed up either, considering the horrid July Texas heat.馃サ
Thomas was out in the junkyard, making clearings for new cars from new victims.
It involved moving a bunch of stuff, including tires and heavy pieces of metal alone in the heat.
But on this particular day, you were done with your chores early. Finishing up the dishes around 2:00 o鈥檆lock, Luda asked if you could bring some sweet tea out to Thomas.
You quickly agreed, but an idea came to your head.馃槍
You told Luda that you鈥檇 be right back, and ran up to you & Thomas鈥 shared room.
You put on a beautiful new flowy sundress you had bought in town, put on a little bit of makeup, and put your hair up in a pretty but effective-for-the-heat updo.
You put on some cute shoes to go along with your outfit, looked at yourself in the mirror, and headed back downstairs.
You grabbed the tray of sweet tea, and headed out for the junkyard.
Thomas was so surprised to see you.馃ズ
He watched you walk towards him in your beautiful dress, holding the tray while smiling at him.
He could鈥檝e passed out you looked so amazing!!馃槶
鈥淣eed a break?馃グ鈥 you asked him, sitting down on a pice of scrap metal.
Thomas nodded, walking over to you & sitting next to you.
He stared at you with pure love and adoration in his eyes.馃ズ
Y/N, he loves you so much.鉂わ笍
Billy Loomis:
Billy had asked you on a date that morning.
You had of course agreed, you and Billy hadn鈥檛 been on that many dates before.
Your dates usually involved sitting around and talking about horror movies.馃獡
This time however, he had asked you on a dinner date.
And you were ready to take full advantage of it.馃槍
You went out to the mall and bought a new dress, heels, and a new vibrant eyeshadow pallet.
You got back home and got to work, putting on the gorgeous outfit & doing a red colorful eyeshadow look with big eyeliner in the shape of a knife.馃敧
You put your hair in a half-up half-down style, while putting in red hair accessories to match your eyeshadow.
Once you were ready, Billy finally showed up to your house.
He didn鈥檛 pull up with his car though, nope.
He of course climbed up your window and scared the shit out of you.馃獰
鈥淥h my god, Billy you scared the hell out of me!!馃槱鈥 you said as he laughed.
鈥淲hoa, you look amazing.鈥 He told you while pulling you in for a kiss.鈽猴笍
The whole date you could see him staring at you, and any other person who even dare looked at you got a death glare from Billy.
In his eyes, he鈥檚 your man and he鈥檚 the only one allowed to look at you like that.馃槍鉂わ笍
Stu Macher:
Stu is not one for dates.
He鈥檚 one for parties!馃コ
So when he asked you to come to a party with him, you instantly agreed.
You usually didn鈥檛 dress up too much for going to parties with Stu, but today you thought you could change it up and dress up a little.
You dug your favorite form fitting short dress out of your closet, put it on, and paired it with some open-toed heels.
You left your hair down, but decided to experiment with the texture a little bit.
(If your hair is curly, you straightened it. If your hair is straight, you curled it.鈽猴笍)
You put on some darker eyeshadow, and then you were ready to go.
You could hear Stu knocking on your door, here to pick you up馃グ
You sighed nervously, then headed downstairs to open the door.
When Stu saw you, his eyes went WIDE.
鈥淗oly shit, babe!!!馃い馃い鈥
Okay yeah, he鈥檚 practically drooling over you.
The wholeee night he鈥檚 just showing you off to EVERYONE at the party.馃ぉ
What can I say? He鈥檚 proud to be your man!!馃挋
Vincent Sinclair:
Vincent had been holding himself up in the basement for the last few days.
You had tried to go down there to get him to take a break, but he always would shoo you away, intent on finishing his project.
He hadn鈥檛 eaten in a while, and you were getting worried.馃槚
You decided to make him a really special dinner and surprise him with a date night!!
If that doesn鈥檛 get him out of that basement, I don鈥檛 know what will.馃檮
You started early on cooking the dinner, making sure there would be enough time for it to be made.
It was definitely a process, but you got it done at just the right time!
(Not to mention trying to drive Bo out of the kitchen and yelling at him to get his hands OUT of the food goddamnit this was for you and Vin.馃槨)
You went upstairs, digging out a long, form fitting dress out of your closet that you had brought with you when you moved to Ambrose.
You put on some light eyeliner and put your hair up in a beautiful braided bun.馃グ
You put all the food out on the kitchen table, lit some tall, white stick candles that were laying around, and turned off the lights.
The room lit up beautifully, which made you giddy. You did such a good job with everything!! It was perfect.馃槅
(Not to mention you may have paid Bo to stay down at the station.馃き)
You ran your hands over your dress, the last minute nerves kicking in.
You walked to the the basement stairs, slowly descending them, looking down at yourself.
You saw Vincent bent over his new sculpture, not even hearing you come in.
He looked so tired and overworked.馃槴
鈥淗ey, Vin?馃グ鈥 You softly asked, getting his attention.
His head snapped over at you, his eye widening at the sight of you.
You looked absolutely beautiful.馃ズ鉂わ笍
鈥淐ome upstairs, I have a surprise for you!鈥 You said, walking over to him and gently taking his hand.
You led him upstairs, into the candle lit dinner room. You looked over at Vincent to see his reaction, omg he was almost tearing up.馃ズ
He leaned over and hugged you in appreciation.
This was definitely the break he needed.馃枻馃暞
Bo Sinclair:
Frankly, Bo was pissing you off.
He had been in the station all week, going out right when he wakes up, and only coming in when he didn鈥檛 think he could stay awake anymore.
What on earth could he be doing in that damn garage??馃え
You had walked down earlier in the day, looking in through the window to see what he was doing.
Of course, he was working on the truck.
鈥淏o, what鈥檚 wrong with it now?馃檮鈥 You walked in, asking him.
You had told him to just get a new one, that didn鈥檛 break as often, but he refused to listen.
鈥淪omething wrong with the damn engine. Piece of shit.鈥 Bo grunted from under the truck.
You shook your head, turning around and walking back out of the station.
That afternoon, you were sitting in you & Bo鈥檚 room, when an idea came to you.
Bo had been so stressed over his damn truck lately, and you knew he needed something to take his mind off of it.
You decided to go into town with Lester to get some takeout.
Lester drove as you explained the plan to him.馃グ
It wasn鈥檛 that big of a plan, but you thought it would be good enough.馃檹
When you and Lester got back with the takeout, you hopped out of the truck and ran up to the house.
You got dressed up in the dress you know Bo loved the most, put on some light makeup, and did your hair in the fanciest style you knew how to do.
By that time it was nighttime, and you were ready to go.
You grabbed the bag of takeout off of the kitchen table, and headed out towards the station.鉀斤笍
You looked through the window to see Bo covered in oil and grease.
You went in, grabbing a rag and walking over to him.
鈥淚 have a surprise for you.馃グ鈥 you told him.
He turned around, his eyes going wide at the sight of you.
鈥淗oly shit!! You look so hot, babe.鈥 He said, his attention completely switching from the truck to you.
You handed him the rag.
鈥淚 am not letting you near the food until you get all that oil off of your hands.馃え鈥 You said.
He of course obliged, and for the first time that week his attention was finally off that damn truck.鈽猴笍鉂わ笍
Asa Emory:
It was finals week at the university that Asa taught at.
You knew this time was always very stressful for him, most of his nights being filled with grading papers and helping his Entomology students.
You felt bad for him, knowing he was swamped with work and stressed beyond belief.
You were sitting at the kitchen island one day while he was at work, thinking of ways you could help him de-stress.
You decided that surprising him with a date night would be the perfect thing to do.馃グ
You started early on cooking a special dinner, the one you knew was Asa鈥檚 favorite.
As the dinner cooked, you cleaned the place up a little bit. Setting the table, vacuuming, and overall making the house look clean and presentable.
You then went upstairs to get ready.馃拕
You put on your favorite dress, smoked on some eyeshadow, and put on some new bright red lipstick you had bought a few days before.
Asa had texted you that he was on his way back from work.馃槍
You put your hair in a beautiful braided updo, and you were ready once the dinner was ready.
You went downstairs, placing everything on the kitchen table and cleaning up the kitchen.
You sat down on the couch, waiting for Asa to come to the door.
You only had to wait a few minutes before Asa opened the door.
You looked over at him, Asa slowly breaking out into a smile.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 this, butterfly?鈥 Asa would ask you.馃
鈥淎 surprise. I know how stressed you鈥檝e been lately.馃グ鈥 you鈥檇 say, standing up.
He walked over to you, 鈥渢hank you, I needed this.鈥濃潳锔
Chromeskull/Jesse Cromeans:
Jesse had been on yet another long business trip.
You missed him terribly, and he missed you too.
That鈥檚 why you were so excited for the day that he was finally getting back.馃グ
That morning, he had texted you that one of his assistants was bringing over a package for you and that he would be at the house to pick you up that night.
You were so excited to see what the package was!!馃巵
That afternoon, one of Jesse鈥檚 assistants that you hadn鈥檛 met before dropped off a white box with a black ribbon tied on top.
You anxiously brought it in, put it on the kitchen table, and opened it.
It was a beautiful black lacy form fitting dress, with no doubt about it being extremely expensive.馃き
You excitedly put it on, finding out it was exactly your size and fit you perfectly.鈽猴笍
You began on your hair and makeup as nighttime rolled around, making sure everything matched the dress.馃憲
You put on beautiful black stilettos and paired it with a chrome purse with skull accents that Jesse had gotten you some time ago.
You anxiously awaited Jesse, and just as he promised, he pulled into the driveway.
You stepped out of the house as he stepped out of the car.
He walked up to you, taking your hand and guiding you back to the car.
He paused for a moment before opening the passenger side door, texting you.
鈥淵ou look absolutely gorgeous.鈥濔煡
You blushed, telling him the dress he got you was beautiful.馃グ
He opened the car door for you, as you stepped in, he pressed your hands up to his mask teeth, simulating that he was kissing your hand.
Jesse took you to the best restaurant you had ever been to, and it being the best food you鈥檝e ever had.
It was the best way you could reunite with your man.馃枻馃
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