srdiecko a day ago
the wedding song made me laugh SO hard god who even cares if theyre baiting us with nandermo laszlo and nadja are the most characters of all time
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daily-mewmew a month ago
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yawpanderson a month ago
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miraculoous 5 months ago
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happy valentine鈥檚 day or happy 1st ladynoir kiss
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shuffley 4 months ago
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evelxtus 6 months ago
*slides into your inbox again today bc of another brainrot*
HI, KOI SANNNN!! here am i again i hope u dont mind me wrecking your asks again lmaoo. I just thought of this while im washing the dishes like...馃檮馃檮馃馃馃馃槀馃槀馃槀
It goes like this...character is famous (i mean that is obvious ig shsjs) and yk how...fans write fanfics of famous ppl rite xD then one day, s/o and character found out that ppl tend to write fanfics about them lmaooo. maybe even nsf* LOL
who do u think will be the "WHAT THE FLIPPING FCK IS THIS ATROCITY-" gang
the "*obviously screeching and embarassed gang who just wanted to burn every piece of fanfic there is" gang
and...whatever gang is there really xD
ugh...i have so many brainrot i dont even know where they coming from ehsjs
- 馃惁 birb anon / raven
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warnings鈹 飧濃笣 gn! reader with no pronouns specified, stablished relationship, suggestive content, implied having sex. dni minors or if you're uncomfortable with this type of content.
note鈹 飧濃笣 lmaoo you never miss with your random brainrots馃槶 ty for sharing it!!
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They are so scared when they see these things written on various social networks. They don't know how they came to read something like that, the only thing they know is that they were better minutes before, when they didn't know about the existence of those fanfics so... hot about them and you. Poor boys are so nervous when they want to tell you, that you end up with more doubts than before. They are too shy to talk about it out loud鈥oo flushed to even think or form proper sentences.
鈹 飧濃笣 diluc, GOROU, teppei, dainsleif.
They are surprised. Literally speechless, their minds go blank processing what their eyes have been lucky to read. Everything is so graphic that they can imagine it perfectly, every feeling or touch that the author writes. Every position he makes you get into, or how every part of your body reacts. And what to say, reading that causes great amusement to them, especially if they can use it against you to make you blush.
鈹 飧濃笣 kaedehara kazuha, tartaglia, venti, arataki itto, KAEYA, baizhu, KAMISATO AYATO, tomo, scaramouche.
They don't want to know anything about those topics or fanfics written about you or him. If they could erase everything they read about it, they would certainly stay calmer. The boys have read them, unfortunately, and they wouldn't want you to go through that too, in case it makes you uncomfortable or scares you, or changes something between you two. They will act as if nothing happened, but inside there is a feeling of uncertainty if one day you will find those fanfics... But sometimes it is better to stay silent, so they can protect you and your pretty pure mind.
鈹 飧濃笣 ZHONGLI, xiao, thoma, albedo.
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miserecarni 9 months ago
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Twins, Bari Wood
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ethereal-venusian-illusion 2 months ago
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srdiecko 7 hours ago
put who will come first on the wedding night on spotify
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clouffy 3 months ago
hiii im syd / eve / val + !! she/they/blush鉁 <3
鈾 carrd - pronouny 鈾
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art tag #cloud poofs
face tag #cutie pie
aesthetic tag #馃挅 + #馃寛 + #馃寣
lmk if i need to tag anything!! like if u read 馃挅馃挅鉁
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leave a little note on my wall of text :3c
鈾 I NOW HAVE COMMISSIONS OPEN AS WELL AS AN INPRNT!! it would be a great way to support me and my art :3聽鈾
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hosgeldinhuzun a month ago
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Arad谋臒谋m romantiklik :)馃挏
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catcostume 2 months ago
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collectively call us solar or salem
馃挆 聽(s)he 鈽 they 鈽 fae
馃挆聽 23 yrs 鈽 tme 鈽 white
馃挆 read our聽carrd聽byf
馃挆 prev urls: t4tpride, t4tyaoi
馃挆 art comissions | artfight
馃挆 pfp by @shinyeternatus :D
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hanedan 2 months ago
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陌nsan谋n memleketi, girebildi臒i g枚n眉ld眉r; orada yatar, orada uyur; buz gibi sular谋ndan kana kana yudumlar, o 莽ay谋rda ko艧u艧ur.
Bahar orada gelir, ilk 莽i莽ekler hep orada a莽ar.
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