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#馃尰 anon

*starts the water, pouring in a few drops of the oil* Well… While that’s filling up… *drops to his knees, rubbing your left foot in his hand* You don’t have too much pain from wearing those all night, right? *kisses your instep* It was so hot when you kept ‘em on. Just wanna make sure you’re okay. *rubs the other foot*


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LEMME BE YOUR FIRST FOLLOWER!!!! Please and thank you🥺


For tips I would just say be consistent. I know fics don’t show up in tags the first few days, but try to keep posting every day or a few times a week until they do. Be patient and just take it easy, no need to rush.

I mean if you’re looking for numbers, hcs with most of the characters gets a lot of notes since everyone’s choice of character is in there (usually only when it’s in tags tho).

Don’t get discouraged. It’s really easy to do that, this is my second blog. My first blog took I think 2 weeks before anyone read anything. It was super discouraging and I actually stopped even looking at for a month. Consistent posts, tell your friends, other blogs, those should help!

I hope this was a little helpful ^w^ I believe in you 🌻 anon!! You can do it💖💖

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Oh sweet jesus.


Also incredible safeword. Oof. I hope my dreams are that good tonight lolol

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  • them are all like oMG *fight pow die* in the first paragraph shjkfjdlsk :,) but also I am vEry scared for the next chapter because if the bus broke then they’re going to have to wALk to the hospital and the city’s going to be like all zombie infested ahhh although they may possibly meet more survivors at the hospital hMm honestly though I feel like the angst is really going to be strong in the second half because Ignis Fatuus means like a deceptive hope I think so why do I feel like the ending
  • may be like the eight of them realize they’re stuck in this zombie apocalypse world forever or something shklfjldk because I felt like most of the first part all the characters were all pretty dang hopeful that things would get better since they’ve already survived this long and for the most part stuff was running smoothly?? Jjklfdjk I feel like my theory is so small-brain though but I sWEAR this Ignis Fatuus thing must come in play somehow/be related to the tHeMe of the fic because this is
  • a ChAna fic and they have like 84902390490 layers of meaning sigh sigh :,) but also since JK and Y/N were alike yEah things will get better and we’ll eventually be able to play baseball again and stuff huhuhurjlkgjls I don’t know sigh I feel like the ending is going to be depressing self realization of the fact that even though they’re alive they’re going to die sooner or later/be stuck in misEry forever >:(( also quick question, for your hiatus later on, will you be active but not posting for
  • the time period, or will it be a complete hiatus where you won’t be active on Tumblr at all? Anyways I’m sorrY for this giant four part ask (and most of it was just me trying to express a single theory on the plot of Ignis Fatuus but rambLing about it very not - concisely lkfjklds) but I hope you have a good day/rest of the day :3 **also your HPxBTS house sorting was so accurate omg Chana sometimes I’m scared at how sharp you are for details and analysis :O

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i am! i don’t stop writing for any of the groups I’ve already started writing for. i just don’t get much requests for them thus the lack of bp content. though i do have one 5th member and then a Lisa scenario in my list

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As tempting as that sounds, I don’t think it’d be very enjoyable if we both became prunes in the tub. *chuckles softly, setting you on the sink* Should we try one of these new bath oils they provided? Might be relaxing.


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also can I be 🌻 anon? 🥺 I’m pretty sure you know who I am anyway 😂


Lmao. Yes you can be 🌻 anon. And the spanking is more for my amusement than hers anyway 😏😏

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I live to serve the people who help me come up with ideas so SIT DOWN AND LET ME WRITE FICS FOR YOU also AGSBDBXN I’m so happy you think it’s chaotic that’s the exact vibe I was going for 💕💕💕 THANK YOU SUNNY 💕💕💕

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Hello Sunflower! I am doing well, it’s been an interesting morning haha! Thank you for the ask!

101. Hugs or kisses?

I enjoy both really any form of affection just gives me a bunch of butterflies 😅 I’m going to say kisses though since I haven’t gotten kisses in so long!

106. Do you flirt a lot?

Maaaaayybe 😏😉 I like to make people blush.

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That sounds heavenly, baby. Let me take care of you, rub your shoulders. *kisses your cheek, lifting you to carry you to the bathroom* You deserve to relax, sweetheart.


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it’s ok!! i hope you were able to rest after having a busy day, but i’m good! currently working on college stuff 😭

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Sorry for the late reply I got motivated to clean my room sdljfiofj

I wish I had as much patience as you. When teasers of my faves drop I must see them immediately. 

I listen to a lot of groups casually, but here are a few:  NU’EST, Block B, ONEUS, ACE, EXID, WayV, NCT U and 2PM. I don’t really listen to girl groups, I check out songs sometimes, but EXID and 2NE1 are the only ggs I am a big fan of! How about you?

Well, the first time I went on exchange to Japan was in 2018 during the Spring/Summer semester. I went on exchange to Kyoto and stayed there for 6 months. Since it was my first time ever in Japan I was very amazed but also very awkward. Since I went during the summer, I had the chance to experience Japanese summer which was…horrible. I also managed to experience an earthquake, which was funny because the region I was in supposedly never experiences earthquakes. So that was just my luck. Overall it was an amazing experience, I had the chance to travel to many places so I did. I visited Hiroshima, Miyajima, Tokyo, Kamakura and Hakone.

The second time I went on exchange was during the autumn/winter period of 2K19 to 2K20. This time I went to Osaka (which is 40 mins away from Kyoto). While I didn’t travel as much as I did the time before, I had as much fun (or even more) by just staying in Osaka. This exchange was definitely wilder than the Kyoto one. A lot of crazy and weird stuff happened and I would love to experience them again. Overall I liked the Osaka exchange a tad bit more due to the difference in experience and also the fact I made more friends this time around than I did in Kyoto. Both exchanged taught me a lot really and I am happy I took the opportunity to do both. I have a lot of pictures if you ever want to see some, you can always hit me up~

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DONT APOLOGIZE THAT WAS AMAZING i love it 😪😪 ok but tbh you are actually really funny thank u for constantly blessing my inbox ✨💖

anime brings everyone together ok they’re buddies now!! 😤😤

awe i hope you also have a lovely day (if you’re seeing this when you wake up 👀 i can’t remember if i’ve asked what time zone you’re in)💖💘💘💕💓💓 jokes on you i’m going to bed after 5am 😼😼 we love homework!!!!!!!!! yay!!!! 🙃🙃 but thank you for the positive vibes it is much appreciated 🥺💓💘 sending them right back at you!!! 🥰

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