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#🍃 anon
thegoodbatch · 28 minutes ago
Break his dick?
sogndrhljdnjd Y’ALL CHOSE VIOLENCE TODAY ok but i do have a juicy story about a real dude drjgdrrlgj i asked my friend to find me a dude to become my fwb and this guy texted me without any info on how he got my # or who he is....for me to come over.....i ignored it ok until he said “yo our friend said u wanted an fwb” and i went uhhhh ok
y’all.......u need to see the screenshots.....this man was using a FAKE name to text me because he’s in a relationship!!!!!! No Thank You
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koushiberries · 8 hours ago
🥺 thank you, that made me feel really nice
I know I need to appreciate my body more, but it’s hard when you’re taught not to
But thanks for saying those things if made me really happy :)
i understand! and it’s totally ok! the path toward loving yourself is a long one! i started appreciating my body only some months ago! and it’s hard! and it’s ok! loving yourself isn’t something that happens overnight - it’s gonna take some time! and again; it’s totally alright! but i’m sure you’re super beautiful! <3
and of course! <3 i wanna make people feel attractive and pretty and beautiful and cute and sexy and hot because everyone deserves to feel like that! <3
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koushiberries · 8 hours ago
I have a hate hate relationship with my tiddies
They way to big so I feel you
yeah :( but! i bet they’re so pretty <3 in a respectful way <3 i used to hate hate mine, too, but then i was like … you know what? they’re hot as fuck. they are so pretty. i love them because they’re my tiddies! i love myself! i’m not gonna say anything negative about my boobs or my body because i’m beautiful!
and i want ya to know that you’re beautiful, too :)
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bozowrites · 11 hours ago
my mom now got the iphone 12 and her iphone 11 is just... there. like. just. there. out in the open, not used like?? plz donate it to your child </3 it will come in handy in flexing to the non-exist and group of friends they have 🙁. also someone called me an 8 y/o for using ;w; in the comment section so i spammed it all over their page uwu. anyways, don’t forget to take care of yourself, stay hydrated and eat if you haven’t yet love!!! - 🍃
I myself use a Samsung, so I don't understand the coolness of iPhones but eh
That's very rude of them!! ;w; all you want, dearie <3 and take care of yourself too!!
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depraved-empress · 12 hours ago
Okay we can add Bunny Tsuki and Bunny Kuroo who came looking for his friends too.
Tsuki being forced by Kuroo to come looking with him.
and when they meet you BAM mind control at the instant.
Now they're hapoy bouncing on your cock and on their friends cocks
🍃 anon
Well your puppies definitely spotted them and your cute little fox alerted you because he caught sight of them
And now you have two more pets, this time in your house. Since they're now bunnies, well all their thoughts are just breed
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depraved-empress · 13 hours ago
okay this is weird but imagine if you got the hypnosis powers in jjk
and hypnotize Toji and Megumi and make them belive that Megumi is the father and Toji the baby
🍃 anon
I mean if you think about their personalities it kinda fits. Megumi is so much like Toji but he's more mature of the two while Toji has a certain childishness to him but like not really?
But knowing Megumi he would honestly be babying Toji a bit while Toji is pretty quiet he'd be a brat to anyone that isn't you or Megumi
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depraved-empress · 13 hours ago
great minds think the same and we're the proof
🍃 anon
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koushiberries · 13 hours ago
ur recent tsumu fic... just. so. pretty. 🥺 n it makes my heart flutter sm sighs
how were you able to write so so exquisitely?? any advice for a struggling writer? :(
thank you so much! >.<
although i don’t think that one was one of my most exquisite pieces, i really appreciate your kind words! i’m not too good with advice, but here are a few tips that help me when i struggle:
try to imagine yourself in the moment! even if you’re not writing in second person! and it may be obvious, but how would the character feel? remember to show, not tell! if you’re descriptive with your words and all, it is probable that it’ll lead to something else!
if you’re really in the zone whenever you’re writing, try to finish whatever you’re doing before leaving! one time i wrote like, 6k+ words in a sitting ‘cause i was so fuckin’ excited to write that piece!
(only if you want/feel comfortable doing this) be poetic with your writing! even if your poetry sucks! try to envision the scene - how would the sun look like if it streamed through the curtains? what would the character do if the sun hit ‘em in the face? would they scrunch up their nose and squint their eyes? would they lean their head back and calmly close their eyes ‘cause the sun doesn’t bother them? envision the scene and write it out how you picture it, we’re trying to show the reader our minds, after all!
and i’m sorry if this doesn’t help! but continue your writing and i’m sure it’ll turn out how you want it to be! my writing was really ugly at first, so you complimenting that it’s pretty makes my heart swell!
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depraved-empress · 16 hours ago
🍃 anon
Hypnotizing Nurse Yuuji to be a fucking bimbo and adding the lactation kink, making him think that he's always been able to produce milk and that it does have healing powers and make his patients feel better!
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depraved-empress · 16 hours ago
i think 🍤 say it once bit i say it again.
Hypnotizing Yuuji thinking he's a girl and making him think that he wants to get pregnant.
His body will start lactating soon but his baby never came. So he keeps begging every night for you to breed him
🍃 anon
"Please!" Yuuji sobbed, tugging you above him. "I want a baby! Your baby! Please!"
You cooed, sliding your cock in his hole. "Don't worry baby girl, I'm gonna make you pregnant and so full of our babies. Gonna breed my little girl so good. You want that baby?"
"Yes! Please!" He begged.
You heeded his request and thrust inside his hole in a brutal pace.
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depraved-empress · 16 hours ago
🍃 anon
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depraved-empress · 17 hours ago
Congratulations your hypno Farm is almost complete!!!
you know what misses?
And what better puppies than our lovely Nishinoya and Hinata.
Also you found a stray boy named Kita but now you have a domestic fox.
🍃 anon
i love the concept of hypnosis in this blog
BAHAHAHAHA please same!
Well now looks like you've got a farm going on!
You got your four dumb little cows who you always milk because they can be so loud if you missed even a single milking.
Then you got your cute feisty little kittens who help you milk said cows and of course as a reward for helping you they get their fill of cow milk.
Then your newly acquired puppies guard your house and barn so they could inform you if somebody came in and of course as a reward you play with them.
And finally, your cute little fox who likes to wander the house and barn to make sure everything is okay and do his own things and play with the rest but at night he loves going to your bed and ask you to play with him before cuddling right back on the bed
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depraved-empress · 17 hours ago
Naga reader fucking Yuuji and in the middle of it she bites him inserting her aphrodisiac
🍃 anon
good morning babies
Good morning!
Yuuji became so fucking sensitive at your bite and every little movements just get him closer to his orgasm. He came very quickly but he's still begging for more because of the aphrodisiacs.
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depraved-empress · 23 hours ago
Imagine a your a villan with bimbo quirk that makes whoever that target a bimbo for you.
And you hit Endeavor.
He don't know how to think and just know that his titties makes you feel good so he wants to show you them.
Then you hit Aizawa and make him a sucker for your cock. He doesn't think he needs everything else, also he doesn't think at all.
And finally you hit All Might who is such a bimbo, he puts his skirts now and shows you his boy pussy sucker for your cock and your praises.
🍃 anon
And since you've corrupted three of the influential heroes, you're now set so that you won't get caught.
And oh how amusing it is for them to crave you and your cock, to be fucked and just be your toy forever.
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depraved-empress · 23 hours ago
I will continue with this Mind Control Farmer AU cause I'm bored.
Now that you have your best cows you find yourself alone. Yes, you have four boys that think they're your cows and do what you say. But you want more.
Akaashi, who is looking for Bokuto, and Sugawara ,who is looking for Daichi, find your farm. And they find their friends being used and degraded but they look happy. They're mooing and doing everything just like a cow does.
They're just so confused and horrified about what happened to their friends.
And then you enter the farm, you were about to go fucking your cows, and find those boys looking at you with rage and confusion.
So you pull them and hypnotize them to belive they're your good and pretty kitties.
Now they're happy not thinking just laying there meowing at you like please fuck them, and helping you milk your pretty cows.
🍃 anon
please tumblr don't delate my thirsts
It didn't!
Just imagine your cute little kitties helping you and wanting milk too!
So you let Akaashi and Suga have a taste of Bokuto and Daichi while you fuck the twins.
Your kitties are on fours on the ground and sucking the two's cock and when they came they're satisfied with their fill before going to you.
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depraved-empress · a day ago
Also i forgot before to mention how much I LOVE THE KAMINARI ONE SHOT YOU DID WITH MY REQUEST
will you do a part 2 ?is that possible?
🍃 anon
I probably will but like not in request just me writing it for my own
I mean I already set up the premise for the next part anyway.
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koushiberries · a day ago
the tulips!
ty <3 i’m honestly liking that one more, too >.<
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bozowrites · a day ago
bozo my beloved <3 how are you ? hopefully you’re doing well!! i’m doing fine :D my dad bought dairy queen ice cream cake and it was really good ^^ anyways that’s all!! ilysm /p - 🍃
Hi!! I'm doing okay, little headache but okay otherwise ^^
Ice cream cake is the only cake I'll eat so he has good great taste :D ILYT ❤
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depraved-empress · a day ago
i must confess i was the onr that send the kaminari request, but at that time i wasn't 🍃 anon yet
🍃 anon
Oh the one I just wrote? Well, yeah I can see that actually sksksksksks
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depraved-empress · a day ago
🍃 anon
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