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Credits : @wepashi._ on Instagram
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cmivr · 2 months ago
stuff about the madrigals in my dr! [ 1 / ? ] just wanted to talk about this since i just think the madrigal’s are so cute and cool and quirky and i might turn this into a series-ish thingy idrk
Tumblr media
okay. mirabel does get her own room after the movie events. i know because i helped out with it 🚶‍♀️ it wasn't a surprise or anything because how tf are you gonna keep that a secret from her?? who knows her own house like the back of her hand? it's mainly blue themed with a bunch of butterflies hanging from the ceiling (courtesy of me 🙄), also some new sewing stuff just for her! she was really grateful for it
camilo doesn't flirt a lot! at least not on purpose. you see, i see tons of fics portray him as some super sensual teen who throws compliments at every little lady he sees down the street, which is totally what i expected as well! instead, he's more just really nice, he's not trying to make you flustered or tease you or make you fall for him. it's a genuine compliment with no intention other than to make you smile or state his opinion even though it leaves my face burning most of the time. though yes, he's definitely completely capable of full on flirting, especially when you two are close (as someone who's been a victim) 😭
pepa is a fashionista. she's an icon, she's a legend, she is the moment. no but really though. i come from a family of refined tailors (which is hard to believe due to my clumsy hands) my mami had already done a few orders here and there for pepa before i even formally met the madrigals! i soon found out that the commissioner for the dresses that i cut pieces of yellow tulle for, had to gather and color code a bunch of little sequins for, and even the one where i had to take a break every 5 minutes to stop my hands from shaking from the precise cuts i had to make, all of those fancy and intricate dresses were for none other than señora pepa 😟
casita has preferences and a personality! i visit la casa madrigal a lot and my favorite part of being there has always been communicating with the lovely house. i remember holding up flowers once for a crown i was making in the nursery with mirabel, asking casita if it prefered marigolds or daisies! to which it replied with forming a small lump in the floor, pointing up to my left hand with the daisies. it also rumbles the floor a bit when me and camilo are being too loud for dolores' liking
mirabel is a cryer. she's really emotional and sensitive. yes, the treatment from her family made her a tough girl, but after casita was rebuilt, she was able to relax a bit more. she cries a lot when you give her gifts cause it makes her feel so special. so you imagine the waterworks when we told her we're giving her her own room
julieta is scary. like she's very sweet! but like i don't know, maybe cause she has that mom energy, but her sweetness makes her so intimidating. i literally love her and i spend a lot of time with her since i like doing the dishes, but me and mira accidentally broke a vase once and all hell broke lose. she didn't yell, she didn't hit us. she was eerily calm, but not a trace of sweetness left in her voice. 💀 and she called bel by her full name. fucking terrifying shit
i'm pretty sure i made a post about this before but camilo can cook! yes, still very capable of burning down casita 😔 but at least he can make a good meal while at it! what started off with sunny side up eggs, is now natillas, buñuelos, and ugh he makes killer empanadas. when he cooks, he's so.. relaxed. like he's not trying. he looks adorable with a brown apron around his torso and his hair in a bun. i don't know, camilo in the kitchen just looks and feels so.. right? he seems so chill but at the same time, so confident like he knows what he's doing. (no i totally don't hang out in la cocina just to stare at him while he cooks 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️)
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crownin-thestars · 3 months ago
I present me having a disnllecic moment speling my name
Tumblr media
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yandere-smoothie · 2 months ago
𝒀𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝑪𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒐𝒔 & 𝑪𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒐 𝒔𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂 𝑫𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈❁
‗ ❍- '......
A/N: ik some ppl are already over encanto and I wasn't updating my blog for a long time so— also these are from my encanto book on wattpad
Paring: yandere! Camilo × Y/N × yandere! Carlos
Gendere: G/N
This is pretty long so food? 🧀🍓🍇🍰🍕🥪🌭🍅
Tw: violence, yandere, manipulation, stalking, horny shits, dark themes, ect.
‗ ❍- '......
Camilo Madrigal
☆type: the totally obsessive and possessive 'innocent' in this scenario.
☆ Doesn't mind sharing that much but wants you to himself mostly. Might betray Carlos in order to get you to himself only him. But, if Carlos doesn't be a jackass maybe he'll consider sharing. If he's feeling generous of course. (Sharing is caring Camilo 🧐🙄🙄)
☆ is the shoulder to cry on in this stupid toxic relationship.
☆ highkey prays that you develop Stockholm Syndrome.
☆ it's easy to keep him calm not so much for Carlos tho.
(before kidnapping)
★he really does mean well yet, Carlos is feeding him some lies and that's why his obsession is always growing for you. Until he's just tired and wants the real sucks (yall autocorrect put socks 😭)
★ he always tries to help you around the village sometimes it may be overwhelming. Like you  could be doing something that has 0 concern to him, yet he insists that carrying some flowers or some light weight groceries are too heavy for someone so fragile.
★ he's pretty tactical as well,, will try to assist your parents/ guardians around the village to gain a good relationship with them, he'll even ask Carlos to join along with this mischievous act.
★ usually when you're away; he sneaks into your home when you're away of course. He steals little item in your room such as: a pencil, favorite shirt, small pieces of underwear. [No wonder where that went]
★ will most likely use Carlos as an excuse to keep you with him longer. And you're gullible to believe it
★ he really doesn't want to get his hands that dirty but will if required (Carlos deals with that part)
★ eventually this will go 2 ways:
#1 Him and Carlos devide a plan on kidnapping you and making it look like an accident.
#2 you realize that his/their tendencies were only growing at an alarming rate, so you completely distance yourself from them but, get kidnapped with knowing their true intentions.
— either way it sucks :(.
(Being kidnapped)
★ cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. You thought there was an ultimatum? Nope if you don't comply there will be another scary punishment. And we don't want that?
★ he pretends to be the innocent one,, of course we absolutely can't bring himself to hurt you so Carlos take the wheel please. Even if Camilo does punish you it's at least a slap on the face for the most. But with Carlos it's pure hell.
★acts like the biggest creep of all time + is into alot of physical affection so.. have fun ^^
★ You're gonna get Stockholm Syndrome either from being charmed by their actions or just realizing that there is two of them and one of you— giving up
★ Even if you do, he is satisfied but hurt at the same time; what has he done to his princess? Did he really break her that far?! Was he really the monster in the story?
★ mixed emotions: guilty but extremely happy.
"Oh.. was did Carlos go overboard again? Well just listen to me and maybe he'll break one bone next time princess~"
· ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── ·
Carlos Madrigal
■ type: very abusive/sadistic, manipilative,obbsessive one in the scenario.
■ is the bad influence on Camilo. Encourages Camilo to win your heart so it would be easier/a cover up for him to do all his dirty work behind the scenes.
■ he's the killer or more so the evil one in the relationship. Kinda like Ying and yang ☯️ ya know??
■ is gonna probably betray Camilo in the long run. Damn two people with superpowers fighting over each other for your love,, that's dedication 👏 😌
■ one of them is gonna win tho,, place the bets.
■ tries the shape you into the perfect being and Camilo while there to give support  through this journey. It's not like he'll allow you to be around anyone else for that matter Camilo is your only source of human interaction and that itself isn't normal already.
■ wants Stockholm Syndrome to happen already ( twin like twin,, ok I'll stop being cringy)
(before kidnapping)
□ total bitch, asshole, jackass, dipshit, douchebag whatever you prefer, wanker! Ok ok, I need a chill pill. He has the biggest pick me boy vibes of the century kinda like a... Chad! maybe a Kyle? Yh both of those combined
□ like as stated in general Carlos is the bad influence in this love triangle (is it yh I think it is) so he would fuel Camilo's obsession making him also want to go down a deep rabbit hole wanting to know everything about you.
□ STALKER BITCH. May I add more?? He stalks you to put it simple behind every tree, rock, pedestrian(s) even goes out of his way/forgets his responsibilities just to see your wonderful face:)
■ to some of you in the comments typing that your face is ugly— babe I think you haven't looked in a mirror before ok you are magnificent; absolutely stunning 🤩😩
□ takes your underwear/ lingerie cuz he something if you know you know
□ pretends you are literally glass, no you are glass in his eyes. So fragile and small you can easily be hurt! That's why he is here to protect you sweetheart, that's his life goal
□ sometimes with turn into your favorite animal to just spend more time or to get more attention from you.
□ uses Camilo as a reason for you to stay longer with them, "Y/N! Camilo would be sad if you went so soon! Stay a bit long please?"
□ very jealous no,, envious! Absolutely despises others around you. Why can't you fucking see the way others look at you and their disgusting thoughts ugh. You are so smart yet you can't even see something that's right infront of you!? ( yuri-sama take a chill pill)
□ others don't even deserve a single glance from you , far more your presence
□ Will divide a plan with Camilo to eventually kidnap you.
( Being kidnapped)
□ Carlos would deal with most of the punishments and when I mean most I mean all.
□ short ass temper so be careful if you're impulsive or feisty,, cuz he will discipline one way or another whether that's physically or mentally abuse he gives 0 shits.
□ is a manipilative asshole~~ will gaslight you saying that you are the reason he's doing all of this  you made him kill, you made him obsessed, you made him a monster.
□ although being your abuser he worships you like queen/king/royalty babe.
□ is ecstatic when you develop Stockholm Syndrome and will be more affectionate
□ don't even dare try to escape one of them will always be with you. And even if you do Dolores will drag you back, she is assisting her brothers and is a platonic yandere for you too so.. also no one can hear you scream if you were wondering the walls are sound proof.
□ you did this to yourself have fun being with two obbsessive people for the rest of your life
"Ugh after all I have done you do this to me?! How badly do you want to leave my grasp because it ain't happening any time darling~"
· ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── ·
Damn this took me long to write :')
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yaje-ef · 28 days ago
Pink Camilo!💕💗🍓🍬
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Another dtiys that participates! and I love doing it!!!!💗💗💗😳 on instagram
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k0rek1yos · 9 months ago
ーanons & mootie patooties
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you want to be an anon, just ask! And preferably, if you're comfortable with it ofc, give me your pronouns so I refer to you correctly <3
Tumblr media
🖤 anon
🪐 anon a.k.a. spammer anon
💫 anon
🌸 anon (catgender pronouns, she/her, he/him, they/them, it/its)
🌯 anon
🎨 anon
YTTD anon (she/he/they)
♣️ anon
🦋/Shuichi simp/au anon (they/them)
🐰 anon (feminine pronouns)
🍄 anon (she/they)
Joe mama simp anon
🍓 anon
Hiyoko nonnie (she/her)
Red Ribbon anon (he/him)
🍎 anon
💛 anon
🌙 anon
undercover Kokichi appreciator/UKA anon
Tumblr media
@rvchiaki milo!!! <3
@herr-aka-somecutenerd auntie herr <3
@sleepygamerotaku chi <3
@forbidding-souda mod soudaka <3
@kai-benedict kai!!!!!! <3
@rayofsunas frien <3
@cruxdou pls come back bestie :,)
@queen-of-wires petal <3
@real-crayon craycray <3
@i-write-depressing-poetry valllllll!! <3
@onlyitto claude :^O <3
@princess-sonias-castle / @mentally-ell ell!!!! <3
@pekowithabat mod owie <3
@sweetxochaco rikka <3
@1-800-k1n mod techie!!!!!! <3
@legendarytreasurerhighway / @shuichiswritingcorner mama <3
@camilos-skincare / @yoku1so other gay <3
@the-king-of-hearts noelllllll <3
@ohlookitsnormannn pal <3
@hanamura-manami hana <3
@lovelii-ann ann <3
@sips-tea-cutely 🍙 <3
@kurom-i / @cupid22 <3
@keith-khk KEITH WE LOVE KEITH <3
@aqvachxrrm aqua <3
@kantah DASHYYYYY <3
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xstrawberryboyx · 6 months ago
Tbh for the recent yan kids story, it got me thinking. Do those kids even love us? It feels like they full on don’t love us no more. And if we returned I wonder if they’ll still act like our loving kids or if they’ll treat us badly
They absolutely love their daring parent, but once they find that person(or in camilo’s case people) that they fall for it’s like that’s the one who has their whole heart. So if killing their own parent means that they can have that person, they will do it
In this world yandere behavior is a recessive gene, all the kids can turn into a yandere cause their parent have that illness all it takes is the right trigger and boom..yandere.
As far as their darling parent coming back, those affected with the yandere illness has horrible trust issues so once you come back you won’t be leaving ever again.
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constellationcrown-tks · 4 months ago
Uh cough cough hello? Hello hello? Uuuhh
This is an rp blog for members of Constellation Crown (aka us) made by our Tommy because he wanted to rp as himself instead of other characters, but you can expect a few others to use this blog as well. We are real people, please be respectful to all of us
With that out of the way, everything else will be under the cut
Hello! Our system name is Constellation Crown! We are a monoconscious (possible) OSDD-1b system of 16. Our collective name is Juniper and our pronouns are they/sta collectively. This blog will mostly be used for rping! Whether or not they're formal or informal is up to you (when I say 'informal' I mean something like the type of rp I do on our main! - Jam) the most active users of this blog would be Tommy and Jam. We can also use this as a main blog since the other is more of spam. Please keep in mind the body is a minor!
DNI List
Alter emojis!
🧸 - Tommy (he/him, host, symptom holder, trauma holder)
🐝 - Tubbo (he/they/bee, gatekeeper, Tommy's personal protector, co-host)
🦋 - Camilo (he/they, symptom holder)
🍓 - Jam (she/they/pol, core)
🐽 - Cyber (he/they, protector)
💙 - Ghostbur (he/they/ghost, soother, mood lifter)
⚘ - Bloom (they/pol, role unsure)
🎤 - Freddy Fazbear (responds to he/him pronouns, protector and caretaker for littles + regressors)
🌊 - Mer (he/they/bub, d0rmant)
💜 - Lisa (she/her, d0rmant)
All littles and persecutors have been left out for safety reasons
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sir666uwu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
pero cuando pueda lo miraré y veré si tengo razones para que no me caiga bien 🥰🥰
Y muy lindo diseño el de Camilo
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fairlylocaldoubt · 4 months ago
For the system ask game
⭐️- what are everyone’s roles?
Peter - Hi! I’m the host currently. I tend to take care of house hold things, I think. Dishes, cleaning up after the dogs, go to work..! Also saw that Mitten likes Spider-man. So.. Biig proper hello to them! Camilo is our co-host currently. He is kind of the social one. Handles dealing with customers, he’s the one who goes to work our booths at conventions. He’s also really good at helping me take care of the dishes! Alice is our core / body owner. She doesn’t front much anymore, unless there’s some kind of out of hand crisis. Jesper is our financial protector!  Linkynn is mostly clean up and hygiene caretaker!
🍓- do you have any introjects and/or fictives?
As a fictive myself, I can confidently say that yes, we do! A lot of our main fronters are actually fictives of comfort characters to some of the original alters here! We have fictives ranging from DC, to Indie, to Marvel, Games, Disney, TV shows, Movies, it goes on! - Peter
🔥- are there any romantic relationships in your system?
I actually don’t think there are! Which is kind of surprising, now that I think of it, given there’s so many of us. (insert that really cute thinking emoji we have on discord) Thanks for asking! We appreciate the questions!
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when-dxrkness-falls · 4 months ago
OHOHOHO, BOY am i gonna enjoy this.
- despite initially seeming shy and quiet at first, she can actually be very outspoken and outgoing once she gets to know or can get comfortable with the people around her.
- her nickname is mari, but is pronounced like how marie is pronounced (so ma-r-ee.)
- sorta spoilers for later on in the fic, but bruno nicknames her marigold (he's the only one who does and who gets to because he can.)
- she's half venezuelan, half puerto-rican, but her family moved to america when she was three.
- tends to put on a baby voice whenever speaking to antonio's jaguar, parce, because she loves cats (and therefore gets teased by camilo a lot because of it; they have a continuous back and forth banter, and he is therefore her most favourite madrigal. aside from bruno.)
- hates getting treated younger than she actually is just because she's short (she's 4'11.)
- is an albino but instead of red eyes, they're a golden yellow sort of colour, and has light brown hair instead of white.
- she’s terrified of fireworks, and ends up hiding in some of the most ridiculous places because she has a size advantage. bruno’s the only one who can coax her down/calm her, but on some rare occasions camilo has been able to do the same.
thanks for the ask! <3
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merymikey · a month ago
*finds a cool encanto artist on Twitter*
Me : Holy shit!! That’s a lot of Camilo fanart!
*follows them*
Me : … wow.. that’s a lot of, Camilo fanart…
*scrolls again*
Me : … they’re a proshipper…..
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cmivr · 3 months ago
in my dr, characters actually DON'T wear the same thing everyday, which i thought was really cool and also just,, logical?? but here's my opinion on the grandkids
Tumblr media
camilo has different colored ruanas, and a few sweatpants. my favorite look is the one w this peach colored button down shirt that looked really good on him istg i died on the spot-
dolores has the best fashion sense out of all of them tbh. her dresses and skirts are always so BEAUTIFUL 😭😭 she has this cream colored flowy skirt with flower patterns that i wanted to steal ngl. also has different chokers with a cloud, a sun, and a raindrop which is super wholesome
ugh i adore tonito so much. doesn't really have a sense of style yet since hes 5?? but dolores always puts him in cute baggy stuff. boy could wear a white sack and he'd still be the familia's top model
luisa wears pants pretty often because she says they're comfier for her, but she fucking kills in the skirts mira makes for her. likes to keep it simple, because she's moving around a lot but damn she's attractive 🚶‍♀️
isabela has different dresses of different lengths with varying colors and flowers on them. she also has new hair color like every other day?!? girl's just wilding and i love her sm
and mirabel!!! omg 🤩 she's the cutest thing ever. her clothes are always such a beautiful mess?? in almost all of her clothing, there has to be something that represents her family some way and it's so sweet. she has this blue ish - lilac skirt with water lilies and white and yellow butterflies sewn onto it for her and isabela and it's like the prettiest thing ive ever seen
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crownin-thestars · 3 months ago
Hola!! Our system name is Constellation Crown! Our collective name and pronouns are Juniper (we respond to the original name as well which is Jam) and we use they/sta. We are a Monoconscious non-diagnosed system of 56. We don't like any sort of syscoarse, so we avoid bringing up origin terms, and we will not disclose what origin we are either. If you ask us, the most we will say is that we are praesigenic. Discussions of system origins are strictly not allowed. The reason being we do not pick sides and don’t like to identify as both ‘anti’ or ‘pro’ insert system origin. It's also one of our biggest triggers systemwide, so it would be appreciated if system origins just were not mentioned whatsoever (including just mentioning the origin name). We don't care if you interact as anti-nontraumagenic pro-nontraumagenic or are nontraumagenic, just don't bring up any sort of discourse here and you're good in our books.
And now to keep this looking short the rest will be under the cut
DNI list
Yes we do own @inclusysboxes :]
Warning for system d word in the next part!!
Alter emojis!
Names in bold are our most frequent fronsters!
💎 - Vegas (he/vwoop/ve/pearl/voi, host, anger holder, socializor, secretary)
🧸 - Tommy (he/him, symptom holder, trauma holder)
🦋 - Camilo (he/him, role unsure)
🐝 - Tubbo (he/they/bee, gatekeeper, Tommy's caretaker, symptom holder) [Taken]
🌈 - Charlie (he/him, symptom holder) [Taken]
🧋 - Tao (he/him, Charlie's token straight friend /nsrs) [Taken]
💘 - Tara (she/her, role unsure) [Taken]
💖 - Ben (he/him, hyperfix host, sexual protector)
🌺 - Celandine (he/him, trauma holder)
🍎 - Digit/Twig/Pebble (?, possible trauma holder)
🪄 - Honee (he/they, role unsure)
🗨 - Chat (they/them, mood lifter)
🥂 - Wilbur (he/him, role unsure)
🚨 - Red Panda (he/him, gatekeeper, protector)
🌃 - Kronen Katze (he/they, protector)
💣 - Yellow Jacket (he/they, protector)
🍓 - Jam (she/they/pol/dragon, core)
🍾 - Datdat (he/him, symptom holder)
🐽 - Cyber (he/they, protector, placeholder)
🥪 - Squish (he/bun/squeak/quack, soother)
🔥 - Tatsuya (he/sun, role unsure)
🎶 - Taro/Tommyinnit (he/him, mood lifter)
🎵 - Toby/Tubbo (he/him, gatekeeper, Taro's protector)
🎼 - Rain/Ranboo/Mark (he/him, Taro's protector, meme maker /hsrs)
🧨 - Dynamite (he/boom/bang, prosecutor)
💙 - Ghostbur (he/they/ghost, soother, mood lifter)
🕸 - Spidey (he/him, protector)
⚘ - Bloom (they/pol, role unsure)
🎤 - Freddy Fazbear (responds to he/him, protector, caretaker)
🚬 - Papyrus/Cheeto (he/him, gatekeeper, symptom holder)
🌫 - Haze (he/they, gatekeeper, reformed persecutor)
🌊 - Mer (he/they/bub, d0rmant)
💜 - Lisa (she/her, d0rmant)
🍃 - Nix (he/him, d0rmant)
Subsystem: Moonlit Valley •🌙🌾•
🌼 - Thomas (he/him, subsystem host, mood lifter, protector)
🌔 - Marcus (he/him, protector)
💀 - Bill (he/him, avenger)
The 'who am I help' tag will be for when blurred
Posts made by littles will be tagged as 'little at front'
Regressed alters will have 🍼 next to their emoji
All littles and persecutors names have been left out for safety reasons
The RP list thingy from before
So those who still want to RP still can ^
The anon list is also there ^w^
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dalkom-han · 4 months ago
Tht sounds like a whole hassle 😭 but when I have time I probably will tbh. I just dk what to change it to, but I do want to change it one of these days.
FELT WHEN U SAID U RELATED TO ALL THE CHARACTERS AT ONE POINT LIKE LITERALLY. I think Camilo and Dolores were just 👌🏽 asf characters it sucks that they didn’t get more screentime 😭 but true I agree bout him being a relatable teenager omg.
Purgatory on earth is literally a good and accurate way to describe uni wth. I’ll def try listening to classical music this sem! I remember trying it once with this YouTube playlist and it was actually good! BUT AYO MOM ?! 🤨 lmaooo I think we’re the same age
But hmmm maybe, maybe not 🤭
– 🍓
hahaha good luck with that when u change ur url 🤣
disney really said what if make a funky quirky family with emotional trauma??? and yk what they were right for doing that. yooo right 😭 i love camilo and dolores they're so adorable. absolutely loved their character designs 💓
yes purgatory on earth amirite 👉😎👉 i am accepting prayers for the salvation of my soul from uni. oooh a playlist. i just go for the 2 hour long videos on youtube 🤣
ohhh we are??? 🤨 depends when ur birthday is exactly tho hshshs jk 😂
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cmivr · 2 months ago
[ HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE SPOILERS ]⠀hhhi i shifted to camilo's moving castle last night so that was pog have a storytime of the first day i was there <333 - @merymikey @madrigl @fgdsshgsdf @tyngluv @fluffy-the-satyr
Tumblr media
♡⠀( i scripted that my dr would take place over the span of a few weeks rather than like a few days in the original movie- i also scripted that like,, i wouldn't remember what i scripted?? so everything would be a surprise for me in my dr, and i could act of my own accord )
♡⠀i woke up in the hat shop!! it was really cute and pretty, damn, i was also really cute and pretty JNSJNAJAN it was really cool, i could smell the smoke from the train and the fabrics and the strong ass perfume of my adoptive mom and co-workers outside,, the whole chit chatting scene from the movie happened and a few mins later i walked home
♡⠀two douches approached me and started flirting with me, i got really uncomfy, blah blah blah, then wowowjosjijwojw an arm wraps around my shoulders
♡⠀he wasn't soft-spoken like howl was in the movie 😔. was not graceful or subtle in the slightest, mf literally stumbled forward, and put almost all his weight on me, and was super fucking LOUD ANAJAN
"heyyy!! lay off on the pretty little lady guys!" the guards quirked a brow at the young man, the redhead speaking up; "who are you-" he let out a giggle "none of your business, now be on your merry way!"
♡⠀HE WAS SO PRETTY SJAAJNAAA his hair was a bit longer? he looked the same- but like,,, ugh,,, the black skinny jeans(??),, the rings,,, the tiny heart earrings,,, the really fuckin oversized white shirt JHSNDE!?!?!?!? and then i was interrupted with a "like what you see?" smh 💀👊
♡⠀the big black blob guys started chasing us and he rolled his eyes like "oh my fucking GOD it's them again, let's go" and i was just confused as fuck like TANGINA NADAMAY PA AKO?? he took me to an intersection in the alleyway, they were coming from all directions and WOOSH!!! HE TOOK ME UP INTO THE SKY AND I ALMOST CRIED
♡⠀he helped me calm down and walk in the air properly, and he was very gentle ajnsjdne he had an arm wrapped around my waist and the wind was lightly blowing through his hair ack ang pogi shet 🤤. he was like "you're doing great, good job" and my heart was going JNUHSIJIJ019u91i!(U!((!)(@!>
♡⠀and then he dropped me off in the balcony of my family's bakery / mansion,, and he gave me this BIG TOOTHY GRIN UGHFHDH AND was like
"i'll draw em off, don't worry! though you might wanna wait a little before heading back out" his thumb caressed over the back of my hand in a soothing manner "o...okay.. thank you.." "that's my girl" he flashed me a smirk, and with a swish of his cape, he was out of sight
♡⠀i just stood there for a good 2 minutes,,,, like,, crying,,,, 🤩🤩🤩
♡⠀anyways i spoke with my sister lettie and she was,, blonde,, pretty,, really neat and wearing pink poofy clothes, basically the opposite of me, but she was really nice to me!! she genuinely cared and kept fussing about the guy who walked me through the sky to my balcony, and saying like if it were camilo, i might've been dead--
♡⠀blah blah blah, we had a nice talk- i went back to my lil hat shop,, it was like 10pm by then and some LADY!?!?!? BREAKS INTO MY SHOP. i was scared. like really fuckin scared she was belittling me, insulting me, and then saying something about camilo paying her a visit and then SHE DID STH TO ME, and next thing i know she was gone and i'm an old fucking hag 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️
♡⠀i considered like,, running away or spending the night at my shop,, but like idk how long the spell would last, i had no money, no food, i couldn't hide from them forever!! so i HAD TO WALK HOME IN A BIG ASS BLANKET TO HIDE MYSELF FROM MY FAMILY JANJANJAA IT WAS PATHETIC
♡⠀took me about an hour and a half to get back home, and by the time i was there i already like, started packing because i knew i needed to like break the curse and shit because i am an independent woman / senior citizen 💀💀💀💥 and yes i fell alseep crying bc wow lowkey traumatic shit
jnajasnjasnj do i do another part,, i don't really have too much to share from that dr since i only spent a week there so far 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
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cmivr · 2 months ago
modern dr cami informationojweojw yes yes YES @joleneswriting @merymikey @r0ck3n1buk11 @fluffy-the-satyr
Tumblr media
♡⠀besties with isabela and mirabel, literally the fashion trio. isabela has the best outfits. mirabel has amazing, colorful funky style, and camilo is literally a pinterest kid
♡⠀WEARS "feminine" CLOTHING TOO!??!!? camcam in a cute fucking skirt i was deceased bro
♡⠀he has a shit ton of diy crafts, im talking like, minecraft swords, and stuffed knitted minecraft bees, also papercrafts of an enderman and a mooshroom that i helped him with a few months back which resulted to many many casualties
♡⠀him and i have matching little minecraft flower bracelets ( cami has a pink tulip, i have a blue tulip )
♡⠀cami owns LED lights and has fake azalea vines framing his mirror and all that gen z shit
♡⠀lots of polaroids, lots of them, very fucking chaotic and blurry ones too. he has one polaroid of him and me at the sunflower field from when we were both 13, we looked swag as fuck
♡⠀he also has some posters of the al-fucking-mighty kaeya from genshin impact
♡⠀uses tone tags ugh i love him
♡⠀can do the wepa what the fuck JNSJANJAS
♡⠀literally worships doja cat
♡⠀has amazing grades in everything except for chemistry bc according to him "the only chemistry i need is between you and me, princesa *wink*" which resulted in a pillow being graciously thrown at his face
♡⠀a gamer, if you couldnt tell, he loves minecraft a lot, and also plays animal crossing new horizons and genshin. he has a cute mousepad of isa from acnh
♡⠀also watches some anime and kdrama here and there. worships ali from squid game. he also claims to kin alois trancy from black butler, which i believe because this bitch keeps spinning around and faking a british accent to be dramatic
♡⠀messily organized??? like his room is clean, but everything is so colorful and wild that it looks messy?? its always so him though, and i love it
♡⠀he can shapeshift into fictional characters!!! welllike, characters that are fictional in our universe. he can shapeshift into them and they basically look like an encanto animated version of the character which is kinda cool
♡⠀is not afraid to bust it down to perfect world by twice
♡⠀me and him both know the full fucking choreography to every single one of blackpinks songs, including the unoffical choreos on youtube
♡⠀has amazing taste in music by the way; chase atlantic, loona, cavetown, tate mcrae, seori, HES ALSO A MUSICAL NERD LIKE ME
♡⠀were both in the schools theater club along with some other extracurricular activities because me and him are active and social and shit in school BAHAHAHA
♡⠀anyways we both like sing our hearts out at like 12am to the be more chill soundtrack, and maybe some mean girls too
♡⠀is the class clown, but like, in a good way. HE'S LIKE, THE "IT" BOY. in a friend group of like, the more popular kids, and though they're not really mean to me or to anyone just really well-known
♡⠀camilo's role is the funny one. he would crack jokes in class, make the atmosphere lighter, but also participates a lot, and is a very smart boy!!! he also charms the teachers a lot, and no not to like get attention or better grades. he genuinely appreciates and wants to reward them for having to deal with these chaotic teens every week, so he brings flowers and snacks to the staff room every other day, and i come with him!!!! the teachers love us
♡⠀he also helps me with my homework, LIKE, NOT CHEATING, HE DOESN'T GIVE ME THE ANSWERS. he actually helps me, like, guides me through it so that in the future, ill be able to handle it on my own :(((
♡⠀uses :))) :((( :3 :> :< :/ :] :[ :D D: <3 and [email protected]*!&**!(!!)(!(!*@*)!
♡⠀has great fashion sense, very colorful closet with jeans, skirts, cardigans, jackets, hoodies, is great at mixing and matching up clothing, everytime he walks in a room at school all eyes are on him, the girls and guys are fucking whipped as much as i am
♡⠀calls me mi vida, gatita, muneca, mi luna, mi belleza, princesa
♡⠀he BAKES!!!! amateur at it ngl, but he makes some fucking epic red velvet cookies
♡⠀also,,,, his lounging clothes,,,, like when he comes home,,, he changes out of his day clothes into like a comfy sweater,, its like baggy around the arms but shows off his torso really well,,,, and sweatpants,,,, fucking sweatpants,,,,, ugh
♡⠀GOING BACK TO MY GAMER POINT!! we play minecraft a lot with his friends. is decent at parkour. A FUCKING BOSS AT PVP THOUGH!! this mf sucks at like bridging and strategies in bedwars but hey, he can fucking beat ur ass in like 5 secs
♡⠀our normal strat is like, for me to do the bridging and bed breaking while he distracts them and holds them off by fucking wrecking them as soon as they respawn
♡⠀very aesthetic lil boy, even recreated modern casita in minecraft!!!! also has basic knowledge in coding and stuff, he made a cute pink themed minecraft texture pack for me and him to use, it has strawberry cows!! :O
♡⠀loves self care, literally forces me to join him like meditating, and affirming shit. and we do face masks together HSBJNJDNJS hes basically my personal alarm or sth. always reminds me about my journalling and skincare. also recommends me so many lotions and conditioners and good clothing stores, and all the shit he recommends are so effective and amazing
♡⠀paints his nails sometimes, his favorite colors to do are blue, pink, and white
♡⠀he does!! in fact!!! have a pet chameleon!!! he got him from antonio and fell absolutely in love!!
♡⠀his name is rumba!! he takes such good care of him, and rumba is so gentle and lovable and a sweetheart like his papa jasnjanjdn
♡⠀cami is also rly sensitive despite being like, the it boy, sure, he expects that people will have a lot of opinions on him, but he comes to me in tears when someone calls him weird or sth
♡⠀and of course i pick a fucking fight with them because HELLO!?!?!? how dare you hurt my camis feelings bitchass
♡⠀fortunately, he doesnt bottle up his emotions, he lets them out as soon as he can because he knows its unhealthy to keep it in
♡⠀loves cuddles and praises, whenever i stroke his hair and call him a pretty boy he just PURRS and melts gosh he loves it so much and sometimes even cries
♡⠀one time he cried while i praised him and i panicked and he sniffed like "nono, im just really happy, thank u so much eli, i love u :("
♡⠀btw he believes in crystals and stuff, he bought both of us matching crystal necklaces for good luck and good vibes jsnajsnj
♡⠀bias in blackpink is rose, bias in bts is jin, bias in itzy is yeji, bias in stray kids is lee know, bias in red velvet is seulgi, bias in loona is yves, bias in twice is nayeon, bias in enhypen is sunoo
♡⠀his favorite shows are rick and morty, midnight gospel, south park, modern family, adventure time, and the office
♡⠀also,,, again,,, sweatpants
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cmivr · 2 months ago
omg camilo dr stuff [ 1 / ? ] 😭😭 i'm sorry i just have a fat crush on him and i can't help but wanna rant about him and the things we do together and just how he acts to me and sknNJSNDJDNJDNJ
Tumblr media
♡⠀has a chest of stacked papers and colored pencils under his bed. whenever he pranks someone or sees something he's not supposed to see, he comes running to me and drags me to his room. he always gets the orange pencil and i get the blue one, and he spills the tea to me through writing so his hermana won't hear us
♡⠀is very nice, literally can't turn any gifts down from his admirers, but never pursues them- whenever he receives stuff of appreciation, like chocolates and stuffies, he always hands them to me instead. including love letters
"here ya go, just pretend like this is me writing to you" he winked, handing me the letter he just got from lea barely even 20 seconds ago
♡⠀we don't see each other everyday due to us having separate chores and in different areas as well, but he loves to stop by my house and leave something, just to let me know he was there and that he was thinking of me. most of the time it's loose thread from his ruana, sometimes even a strand of his hair, one time he even left a little chicken feather, which concerned me slightly-
♡⠀we're so close, we treat each other's family like family. he calls my parents ma and pa, and i do the same with him! he also bonds with my tio victor a lot! tio, as scary as he seems, actually loves knitting sweaters for the kids in town, and camilo helps! i see them talking and vibing together at parties, and it's honestly so funny seeing a big muscly guy laughing with my scrawny fifteen-year-old best friend
♡⠀ he's a big goofball who flirts with his friends a lot. i wouldn't call him a flirt, because i mentioned before, he doesn't go around teasing and flustering every girl he sees. when camilo says something about you, he wants to mean it... unless you're super close of course, then he starts doing stupid shit in order to mess with your head
♡⠀of course i have to face the sharper end of this stick since i am quite literally camilo's longest friend. this boy's got a little bit too comfortable with me. especially since we alternate between being at each other's throats to the bestest of friends
"camilo, what the fU-" i yelp as he sticks out his foot in front of me, making trip and fall into his arms. "be more careful, princesa" he grinned and i flicked his forehead "fuck you, asshole"
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cmivr · 2 months ago
Whoa, you shifted after the events of the movie?? That's cool- I've always wanted to shift before that so I could experience it in not-memory form. Actually, that kind of leads to another question, but what was your first day in Encanto like? (I think I remember you saying you'd answer this eventually, so if you don't want to right now, that's obviously fine, I'm just curious!)
honestly it's about time i do a storytime about that 😭 so here we are! my very first, confusing, and chaotic day in my encanto dr!
Tumblr media
♡⠀i woke up at around 7:30-ish? my room smelled like vanilla and apple pie like i scripted! though, i actually didn't script what my room looked like, so that was a surprise to me! it looked like a vintage version of those aesthetic rooms on pinterest, with the warm yellows and plants hanging off the mirrors and organized desks. i have a bunch of plushies too!
♡⠀anyways i was really anxious and scared, i mean i knew i was going to shift, but being there really just freaked me the fuck out. so my first instinct was to pinch myself. i felt it. okay, weird. then i did this thing, so in my dreams, whenever i lean forward, i don't fall, instead i end up floating? that's normally how i can tell i'm dreaming. and so i did that. bam. fell flat on my face. okay so by then i knew i wasn't dreaming
♡⠀i was so.. overwhelmed? like my hands were animated. i looked in the mirror nearby and i didn't look like myself. i'm in a room in god knows where. i was excited but also really lost so i sat on the floor crying my eyes out. and then this big muscly guy walked in, kinda like the big guy from luca. he called me in a gruff voice "time for breakfast, ella"
♡⠀another thing i didn't script was actually my family. so that was a complete surprise as well- my first thought was that it must me my papa. so i wiped my tears and went "o-okay, coming pa" and he looked at me like 🤨 "sobrina, estás bien?" and i was like oh shit. i scratched my head and nodded saying i was fine!!
♡⠀i went downstairs, my house was so lovely and it smelled so nice! paintings and brown, faded pictures on the walls. it was so surreal! i got a little lost in the hallways but eventually found the kitchen, and my parents, they were both so kind and so warm. my mama is so beautiful, she kinda looks like isabela but lighter skin and short, wavy hair. i def got my smile from her. and my papa has my hair color and my light freckles! we had a nice chat at breakfast eating fresh apple pie :D
♡⠀mama asked me to go out and buy vegetables since we were running out. and me being a good kid ofc obliged. she gave me a torn piece of paper with stuff i needed to get (her handwriting is so pretty) and with my woven grocery bag, i walked out. i learned that my house was sort of on the left side of the main road in the center of encanto. at the center of the hill, so like not too far up but also not too far down!
♡⠀as i stood there, i realized. i didn't know where the fuck to go 🚶‍♀️ i hadn't scripted me getting any of my dr memories, i didn't script any navigation skills, nothing. i was completely unprepared. so i went by my gut and trudged down the hill
♡⠀people were waving and smiling at me and i didn't know any of them and i was sorta panicked but i waved and nodded back because i didn't want to be rude-
♡⠀there i ran into camilo for the first time! i saw him playing with the kids, shape shifting and all. i literally froze. i just stood there, eyes wide, looking at him with, clutching my bag. and i had an inner mental breakdown when our eyes met. and he started walking towards me i swore i almost cried
♡⠀the kids he was entertaining also pointed and giggled "elle!" "it's eli!" "hi eli!" and camilo did a little spin and grabbed my left hand and kissed the back of it. he lifted his head and tilted it a bit, smiling. ""pues si no es la luna~ glad to see you're finally awake, eli"
♡⠀i squeaked and grabbed his hand, like the one that was holding my hand up. and i just looked at him and he got so worried but i wasn't saying anything. "elle? you okay? i'm sorry, did i make you uncomfortable?" he was gently rubbing circles into my hand and it was so soothing i was legit gonna cry
♡⠀my bitchass was like "ah- no- i- i- its- i- just- uh- uhm- its- i-" GIRL I COULD NOT SPEAK
♡⠀camilo is not stupid. especially since we've been friends almost our entire lives. this boy knows when he's affecting me and so he went from concerned to smug real quick, he was like "oh? oh" and i smacked him "ay stoppp" he just bursts out laughing (damn he looked pretty when he laughed) and ruffled my hair
♡⠀"ay just kidding, luna" he wiped a fake tear from his eye. "anyways, whatchu doing down here hm?" and i said "oh just- just buying vegetables, mhm" and he gave me a 🤨 look and that's when i knew i fucked up again "... señora alondra's stall is up the hill" i laughed nervously "yeah! yeah.. haha, i knew that.. just wanted to see my.. best friend!"
♡⠀and he stared at me for a few seconds before giving me the WARMEST FUCKING SMILE EVER OMG. i could've melted right there- he threw his arm around my shoulders "oh, you're such a sweetiepie!" basically just accompanied me to run errands
♡⠀i also met mirabel! she was the one to entertain the kids while camilo went with me. all three of us goofed around and i was slowly getting more and more comfortable in this reality! camilo would often say the names of villagers when we passed by them, so i took mental notes in my head of who's who. he'd be like "hi jose!" "g'afternoon vanessa" and in my mind im like 'write that down write that down'
♡⠀he took me home at around 10:40 AM and i spent the rest of my day helping my mami iron some clothes and assort fabrics and just sighing dreamily everytime i thought about camilo JSNJDNJDANJNJ
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dalkom-han · 4 months ago
*whispers* “I fuked up” 😂 I wanna know if there’s an easier way to do tht. I rly do wanna change my user one of these days but we shall see.
Yo have fun watching the movie with you’re family! My family rly enjoyed it :))
Ohhh 😂 I rly thought it was like in person and she was taking a video of u oh my g. Still the same energy probably esp with ur typos.
Oh shiteee but I guess tht sounds a lot better than doing a class in a whole week. I think tht sounds a lot more doable and it gives u something to do even when it’s not a normal school year.
Yeah 😭 But it’s fine, ig this is the student life rip. Thank u so much, I wish u luck too! Hoping I won’t procrastinate like I always do lmao. Don’t forget to follow your own words toooo.
Anyways I MIGHT just drop my @ one of these days 😂 got any guesses
– 🍓
"it was in this moment he knew he fucked up" the way i was customizing every link and having to do the <a href thing everytime. oh well at least I'm satisfied with my new user now so i doubt I'll ever be changing it again. ooooh do it 👁️👁️ i'm gonna be that devil on ur shoulder telling u to go and follow ur dreams 😈
oh yeah i just watched it last night!! i loved it omg. the way it hits too close to home. damn i felt that. why do i feel like i relate to all the characters at some point omg. like luisa having to shoulder everything, isabella struggling to keep the perfect image, mirabel just wanting to be acknowledged... bruh i am in pain 😔🤚 i absolutely love camilo tho 😭 like they gave us a wholesome character with barely any screentime like come onnn. and not to mention how he's such a realistic and relatable teenager 🤣 like i laughed so hard when he went "we don't have a house" and started rambling when his dad elbowed him and he goes "what is that? not a house." LIKE I DEADASS LAUGHED SO HARD I WAS WHEEZING 😭
student life do be stressed and depressing 😩 uni is just purgatory on earth. omg if u wanna be productive listen to classical music! i know i know, it's common knowledge but like damn i listened to it while writing for an hour and i didnt know i could focus for that long with my nearly non existent attention span. omg yes mom i will 🙄 jkjkjk yes yes im going to 😂 tyty
OOOOOH OMG IM EXCITED 🤩 okok i have a guess but idk im quite embarrassed to just go and guess but i'm gonna sayyyy uhhh jishyucks?? lol i kinda wanna be wrong so I'll be surprised 🤣
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