claudes-daughter · 22 days ago
Camilo with a S/O who’s Japanese
Tumblr media
. Camilo thinks your absolutely adorable
. He thinks your so pretty cute and that your a goddess
. If you met his family they’d ask you to cook some food from you culture Miso Soup, Tempura , Curry Rice , etc
. You were hopeful they’d at least say the food is good
. They happily ate everything you served without hesitation
. you were over the moon when you saw a rainbow over pepa’s head
Tumblr media
𐚱 you were over in the marigals house alma was talking about grand children and Dolores’s wedding you just sat there next to Camilo your adoring boyfriend who begged for you to be present next to him while they talked claiming it was too boring and with Alma’s approval and your family’s you were eating dinner at their house Camilo kept talking about how he wanted to eat lunch with you tomorrow before he got interrupted by his mother
𐚱 “ Y/N you cook?” She asked almost amused wondering what dishes you can cook sense well the whole town knows your culture is different and they wanted to give the food a taste “ well a li-” “ A little that’s fine how about you cook lunch for us tomorrow”
𐚱 at first you were hesitant but after they told you that they’ll make extra food so all you had to do was cook some well not some just the portion of the Whole family which you gladly agreed to do
𐚱 When they tasted the food you were nervous sweating hoping they liked it a little maybe just at least one thing from the food? You worked so hard on it
𐚱 luckily there were some stuff they didn’t like but were more willing to eat all of it
Tumblr media Tumblr media
if anyone feels uncomfortable with this post contact me and I will take it down!
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danistrawberry-blog · 6 days ago
Happy Encanto Headcannon
Imagine young Mirabel and Camilo being like partners in crime cause they're super close in age so just sneaking out of the nursery to the kitchen when they're supposed go be asleep and Dolores hearing them but not saying anything cause she loves them and won't intervene unless she thinks they're in danger (plus they always bring her back something as a thank you). Bruno sometimes catches them when he's also out for a midnight snack but he would never snitch on his favourite niece and nephew, thank you very much, so he usually just gives them something light and hurries them along to bed. Cut to Mirabel and Camilo back in bed, hiding under the covers and giggling hysterically while nibbling arepas, and casita always cleans up the crumbs, so there's no evidence other than them being asleep in the same bed the next morning, and Julieta conveniently missing three arepas.
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i4mikan · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ıllı﹒winter camilo icons for anon﹚🍓៹
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xstrawberryboyx · 2 months ago
Tbh for the recent yan kids story, it got me thinking. Do those kids even love us? It feels like they full on don’t love us no more. And if we returned I wonder if they’ll still act like our loving kids or if they’ll treat us badly
They absolutely love their daring parent, but once they find that person(or in camilo’s case people) that they fall for it’s like that’s the one who has their whole heart. So if killing their own parent means that they can have that person, they will do it
In this world yandere behavior is a recessive gene, all the kids can turn into a yandere cause their parent have that illness all it takes is the right trigger and boom..yandere.
As far as their darling parent coming back, those affected with the yandere illness has horrible trust issues so once you come back you won’t be leaving ever again.
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fairlylocaldoubt · 12 hours ago
For the system ask game
⭐️- what are everyone’s roles?
Peter - Hi! I’m the host currently. I tend to take care of house hold things, I think. Dishes, cleaning up after the dogs, go to work..! Also saw that Mitten likes Spider-man. So.. Biig proper hello to them! Camilo is our co-host currently. He is kind of the social one. Handles dealing with customers, he’s the one who goes to work our booths at conventions. He’s also really good at helping me take care of the dishes! Alice is our core / body owner. She doesn’t front much anymore, unless there’s some kind of out of hand crisis. Jesper is our financial protector!  Linkynn is mostly clean up and hygiene caretaker!
🍓- do you have any introjects and/or fictives?
As a fictive myself, I can confidently say that yes, we do! A lot of our main fronters are actually fictives of comfort characters to some of the original alters here! We have fictives ranging from DC, to Indie, to Marvel, Games, Disney, TV shows, Movies, it goes on! - Peter
🔥- are there any romantic relationships in your system?
I actually don’t think there are! Which is kind of surprising, now that I think of it, given there’s so many of us. (insert that really cute thinking emoji we have on discord) Thanks for asking! We appreciate the questions!
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k0rek1yos · 5 months ago
ーanons & mootie patooties
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you want to be an anon, just ask! And preferably, if you're comfortable with it ofc, give me your pronouns so I refer to you correctly <3 no asking to be mooties bc I’m awkward!!!
Tumblr media
🖤 anon
🪐 anon a.k.a. spammer anon
💫 anon
🌸 anon (catgender pronouns, she/her, he/him, they/them, it/its)
🌯 anon
🎨 anon
YTTD anon (she/he/they)
♣️ anon
🦋/Shuichi simp/au anon (they/them)
🐰 anon (feminine pronouns)
🍄 anon (she/they)
Joe mama simp anon
🍓 anon
Hiyoko nonnie (she/her)
Red Ribbon anon (he/him)
🍎 anon
💛 anon
🌙 anon
undercover Kokichi appreciator/UKA anon
Tumblr media
@karukaru / @kusunali starshine <3
@rvchiaki milo!!! <3
@herr-aka-somecutenerd auntie herr <3
@sleepygamerotaku chi <3
@forbidding-souda mod soudaka <3
@kai-benedict kai!!!!!! <3
@rayofsunas frien <3
@cruxdou pls come back bestie :,)
@queen-of-wires petal <3
@real-crayon craycray <3
@i-write-depressing-poetry valllllll!! <3
@onlyitto claude :^O <3
@princess-sonias-castle / @ells-crying-corner mod soniyasss <3
@pekowithabat mod owie <3
@sweetxochaco rikka <3
@1-800-k1n mod techie!!!!!! <3
@legendarytreasurerhighway / @shuichiswritingcorner mama <3
@people-pleaser7 🥧 <3
@camilos-skincare other gay <3
@the-king-of-hearts noelllllll <3
@ohlookitsnormannn pal <3
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misty--skies · 16 days ago
OHOHOHO, BOY am i gonna enjoy this.
- despite initially seeming shy and quiet at first, she can actually be very outspoken and outgoing once she gets to know or can get comfortable with the people around her.
- her nickname is mari, but is pronounced like how marie is pronounced (so ma-r-ee.)
- sorta spoilers for later on in the fic, but bruno nicknames her marigold (he's the only one who does and who gets to because he can.)
- she's half venezuelan, half puerto-rican, but her family moved to america when she was three.
- tends to put on a baby voice whenever speaking to antonio's jaguar, parce, because she loves cats (and therefore gets teased by camilo a lot because of it; they have a continuous back and forth banter, and he is therefore her most favourite madrigal. aside from bruno.)
- hates getting treated younger than she actually is just because she's short (she's 4'11.)
- is an albino but instead of red eyes, they're a golden yellow sort of colour, and has light brown hair instead of white.
- she’s terrified of fireworks, and ends up hiding in some of the most ridiculous places because she has a size advantage. bruno’s the only one who can coax her down/calm her, but on some rare occasions camilo has been able to do the same.
thanks for the ask! <3
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dalkom-han · 13 days ago
Tht sounds like a whole hassle 😭 but when I have time I probably will tbh. I just dk what to change it to, but I do want to change it one of these days.
FELT WHEN U SAID U RELATED TO ALL THE CHARACTERS AT ONE POINT LIKE LITERALLY. I think Camilo and Dolores were just 👌🏽 asf characters it sucks that they didn’t get more screentime 😭 but true I agree bout him being a relatable teenager omg.
Purgatory on earth is literally a good and accurate way to describe uni wth. I’ll def try listening to classical music this sem! I remember trying it once with this YouTube playlist and it was actually good! BUT AYO MOM ?! 🤨 lmaooo I think we’re the same age
But hmmm maybe, maybe not 🤭
– 🍓
hahaha good luck with that when u change ur url 🤣
disney really said what if make a funky quirky family with emotional trauma??? and yk what they were right for doing that. yooo right 😭 i love camilo and dolores they're so adorable. absolutely loved their character designs 💓
yes purgatory on earth amirite 👉😎👉 i am accepting prayers for the salvation of my soul from uni. oooh a playlist. i just go for the 2 hour long videos on youtube 🤣
ohhh we are??? 🤨 depends when ur birthday is exactly tho hshshs jk 😂
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claudes-daughter · 23 days ago
Camilo with a S/O who is great at cooking!
Tumblr media
.Camilo. Absolutely loves your cooking!
. He adores you your cooking everything about you
. So if you were mad at him you won’t see him ignore him and won’t cook him
Tumblr media
𖦹 ONE day after an argument with Camilo man knew he messed up because whenever he lashes out on you or both of you have a fight you ignore him and make him jealous by feeding his little brother instead of him 😔 man’s down bad at this point he’s mad he’s lashing out at this point he’s ignoring Antonio he’s ignoring pepa he’s ignoring the whole family then they realize ‘man they got into a fight’ while antonio is completely oblivious telling Camilo how your acting around him playing w him making him a lot of food
𖦹 He was livid really really livid Dolores had to physically hold him from not zooming to your house and beg for forgiveness
𖦹 After a week Y/N finally talked to Camilo man tackled you to the ground and kept apologizing
𖦹 All he wanted was to hold you taste your cooking and cuddle you 🧍‍♀️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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claudes-daughter · 19 days ago
Hello! Hope you're taking requests i think?? I would like to request Camilo Madrigal with an S/O that is Brazilian and knows how to Cook(Brazilian food) and has a portuguese accent and is a real chill person!
Thank Chu:))💕
A/N: ofc! Thank you for requesting 💖
Tumblr media
. Camilo loves that you know how to cook!
. And like not just the food that they eat but food from like your where you lived in!
. He loves it when you cook fold for him! Half the family knows how happy Camilo gets when you cook food for him!
. Sometimes the other family members do ask for you to make some food for them
. And as for your accent
. He wasn’t used to it at first but came familiar to it
.it wasn’t like he was weirded out by your accent
. He just hasn’t heard anything like your voice?
. But he still loves it!
. And he kinda takes like takes over the fact your a like a chill person I guess?
. Man probably hates it when people tells him he’s taking advantage of you
Tumblr media
⿻ Camilo keeps bragging about your food like ‘ oh Y/Ns food is like the bestttt’ Then Antonio asked ‘ Oh how about Y/N makes some food for me!’ Camilo starred at Antonio like 😐 ‘ Antonio that wasn’t a funny joke’
⿻ Camilo probably gets mad when someone makes fun of your accent he’d attack a person if they try to like correct you
⿻ i don’t have much on how your like a chill person he probably does stuff like “ oh y/n did it so it’s okay for me to do it” then regrets it and just goes to your house and just tells you that it’s your fault then starts getting on his knees apologizing saying he’s sorry
⿻ dont worrrrrrryyyy if you accept it he’ll bring you some of his aunts food also the town knows abt your relationship
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t good I’m trying to finish the request at the moment
Tumblr media
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claudes-daughter · 8 days ago
Have some angst while I finish off some of my requests :]
camilo x reader angst
Tumblr media
Camilo was heart broken
nobody knew why he just looked sad and was out of it all the time recently he stopped talking about you or anything he wouldn’t even get seconds when he comes to eating and he stopped shapeshifting everyone noticed
nobdoy knew why till they saw you hand in hand with another man 😟 and most of them probably understood or something sense well you and Camilo never dated he never confessed you waited 5 years for him but he never confessed so you decided to move on to the second opinion
he didn’t know until the second opinion announced it the two was so surprised because they thought that you and Camilo were together
yet he really wanted to tell you but he didn’t want to get rejected
he should have said it sooner
oh how he regretted it
but here you are now in Your wedding dress the wedding where he was supposed to be the groom where he was supposed to spend his whole life with you
but he wasn’t the groom he wasn’t the one spending his whole life with you you were spending it with another you will forever be with him
Tumblr media
Omg I haven’t been updating I’m sorry I’m busy 🥲
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claudes-daughter · 19 days ago
Hi there! I was wondering if you could write about Camilo with an Indian (South Asian) s/o, y’know, desi girl ‘n all
Thanks and love your work so far, you’re amazing <3
A/N💖: Sweetheart tysm! For requesting <33333 also I’m really sorry if this is not quite like you imagined I’m not really cultured with Indian or south Asian culture but I’m trying I’m so so so sorry if this post offended you
Tumblr media
.Camilo Loves how you look how you dress he thinks your so pretty!
. He tried so hard to impress you
. And when he did it was with food?
. He still love show you dress and your culture often try’s learning new stuff about your culture
Tumblr media
﹌Camilo tried really really hard to impress your parents doing everything people told him and strictly told himself that he WONT shape shift
﹌ But if like did and they did like them they’d probably serve him like a ton of food literally showing that they like approve of your relationship then he comes at the end while you two were walking and asked ‘ Do you think your parents liked me’ you just stared at him like 😧
Tumblr media
This took too long to finish I’m sorry <33 also I’m sorry if it’s short I’m really busy at the moment and have two other requests im trying to finish
Tumblr media
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claudes-daughter · 8 days ago
can you write camilo with a black reader
A/N: hii sweetheart I’m really sorry if this is bad I was going to decline this sense I’m not black myself and don’t want to offend anyone so anyone who’s annoyed with this post please tell me! If you don’t like it I can try rewriting it
Tumblr media
.Camilo thinks your hair is like so fluffy he says your his lover from another life
. Definitely if your like feeling insecure or sm would transfer into you and tell you that’s your so pretty and would just hold your face till you like kick him or sm
. If Your like rude or that’s just your personality he somehow will forever be able to deal with you
. Safe to say you both are soulmates I guess
. Would invite you to try food w him alot
. Also defend you a lot if it’s like a Modern AU
. Still he’d love you no matter what sense Youll always be his S/O :]
.Also would probably shapeshifter into a person that was rude to you and ruin they’re life lmfao
. Also if you have a skincare routine would probably do it w you to show he loves you
. Also a secodn after removing the face mask would say it’s working while you laugh at him
. Even if you guys grew old together thinks ur the best thing that happened to his life
Tumblr media Tumblr media
again I’m not black myself if this offended anyone or if the request or doesn’t like they’re request please contact me!!
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danistrawberry-blog · 3 days ago
Encanto Character Analysis pt 1: Luisa
So what I love about Surface Pressure is how beautifully Luisa's story is told, and how Mirabel is suddenly struck by the realisation that Luisa is not okay. She's constantly classified as "the strong one", even within her own family, and constantly undervalued as they take her gift for granted. She spends the whole song protecting Mirabel from various dangers, pushing her out of harm's way at every oppurtunity, and doing things that should've been impossible but aren't because of the miracle. We also see that Luisa is barely holding on by a thread, mentally. She is in desparate need of a break but feels undeserving of one which adds to the weight she carries (literally and figuratively). People only come to her when they need help with something, and no one asks how she is, because they expect her to be able to handle it. They see her only for her gift, not for who she is, and while this can be said for most of the Madrigals, Luisa is the literal mule of the family (ironic considering her backup dancers are donkeys, although nothing is unintentional with Disney), always carrying the heaviest brudens, both literally and figuratively. Despite the challenges she faces she always accepts the work she is given, and is scared to decline because she measures her worth by how much she can do for others, so things like self care simply arent on her agenda. She does so much for others without expecting anything in return, because she feels guilty to ask, almost as though taking a break would make her ungrateful for her gift, and she doesn't know who she is without it.
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dalkom-han · 15 days ago
*whispers* “I fuked up” 😂 I wanna know if there’s an easier way to do tht. I rly do wanna change my user one of these days but we shall see.
Yo have fun watching the movie with you’re family! My family rly enjoyed it :))
Ohhh 😂 I rly thought it was like in person and she was taking a video of u oh my g. Still the same energy probably esp with ur typos.
Oh shiteee but I guess tht sounds a lot better than doing a class in a whole week. I think tht sounds a lot more doable and it gives u something to do even when it’s not a normal school year.
Yeah 😭 But it’s fine, ig this is the student life rip. Thank u so much, I wish u luck too! Hoping I won’t procrastinate like I always do lmao. Don’t forget to follow your own words toooo.
Anyways I MIGHT just drop my @ one of these days 😂 got any guesses
– 🍓
"it was in this moment he knew he fucked up" the way i was customizing every link and having to do the <a href thing everytime. oh well at least I'm satisfied with my new user now so i doubt I'll ever be changing it again. ooooh do it 👁️👁️ i'm gonna be that devil on ur shoulder telling u to go and follow ur dreams 😈
oh yeah i just watched it last night!! i loved it omg. the way it hits too close to home. damn i felt that. why do i feel like i relate to all the characters at some point omg. like luisa having to shoulder everything, isabella struggling to keep the perfect image, mirabel just wanting to be acknowledged... bruh i am in pain 😔🤚 i absolutely love camilo tho 😭 like they gave us a wholesome character with barely any screentime like come onnn. and not to mention how he's such a realistic and relatable teenager 🤣 like i laughed so hard when he went "we don't have a house" and started rambling when his dad elbowed him and he goes "what is that? not a house." LIKE I DEADASS LAUGHED SO HARD I WAS WHEEZING 😭
student life do be stressed and depressing 😩 uni is just purgatory on earth. omg if u wanna be productive listen to classical music! i know i know, it's common knowledge but like damn i listened to it while writing for an hour and i didnt know i could focus for that long with my nearly non existent attention span. omg yes mom i will 🙄 jkjkjk yes yes im going to 😂 tyty
OOOOOH OMG IM EXCITED 🤩 okok i have a guess but idk im quite embarrassed to just go and guess but i'm gonna sayyyy uhhh jishyucks?? lol i kinda wanna be wrong so I'll be surprised 🤣
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