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#馃悩 anon

we call that TASTE! A REFINED AND CULTURED PALETTE! mfnfjdhfj dw about it bby i can wait and idm the all caps it’s really cute i can see how excited u are 🥺💘💘💘 also happy birthday angel!!!!! hope this year is good to u and ur surrounded with love and warmth and happiness always mwah!

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hweseung Tinie & Round 🥺 jfjdjd he’s so funny i can’t stop thinking of him saying ‘cool band’ when he was on 2idiots omg wonpil’s stare i 😳 when i saw them i was really close to the barriers and on his side and omg there were so many moments that he would look directly my way and i’d end up messing up the lyrics 😭 then i found out he has bad vision and uhm nvm jrifjdbd the loco song made me laugh omggg when iu started singing 💀 like sorry to loco but that’s her song now lmfaooo i shall rec summertime by my chemical romance, empty crown by yas, touch & go ft 6lack by tinashe aaaand so beautiful by dpr ian 💘hope ur having a good week too angel mwah!

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hey bby ♥️ pls i trust ur taste i knew it’d be worth it hehe omgomg so excited!! i’m really curious :o yeah can u imagine doing that as a living like they do that every few days… crazy… honestly that’s so much better i really hope it helps u and u get to see the benefits asap <3 mgjdnf yeah it’s whatever she’s been like that with everything & i’m used to it at this point lmfao anyways!! so glad u liked the recs i loooove tinashe’s older stuff it’s when i started getting into her music pls don’t hold back hehe jdwnxkdnci i’m so glad my lecturer uses a projector to project his computer screen instead of like a whiteboard i… he marked smth i wrote by hand and to this day i cannot decipher it 💀

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LMDHXKSND it’s pcy…. i had no idea i just saw someone use it as a reaction foto on tweedor and saved it bc u know full round cheeks >>>>> omgg ur so cute jdjdnfjdh he really is like that good well-mannered boy that ur mom would absolutely love though 🥺 but at least u said something memorable!! i just said thank u and see u next time….. but i didn’t even see them the next time they came smh 😔

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hey sweetie hope u’ve been well!! 💕 pls ofc i’d still follow, we have loads of common interests and ur so lovely!! yeah everyone kinda overlooked it though like the man had braids on his head but no one really said anything? at least i don’t remember more than like 1 person saying smth :| thank u sm angel it was reaaaally fun i was absolutely knackered afterwards tho after the adrenaline passed rip and that’s so good!! as it should be like group therapy is just not it, it’s so easy for others to talk over ppl and for those ppl to get neglected. the moving out thing…. so true lmao just last month i helped my younger sister move out for uni to scotland & her relationship w/ our mom was terrible whilst she was living here but for this entire month my mom’s been sending her good morning & good night texts and sending her recipes 💀 it’s so funny seeing this happen like 3 times in a row anyways. i’m glad u liked the intro!! now that we’ve got a (kinda?) official version i want an extended version 😔 as always ur reccs *chef’s kiss* especially loved the kali uchis song!! i’ll recc all night by bree runway, lucid by jida, bated breath by tinashe, this sevdaliza perf it came out today and i looove how she sings in farsi like i can understand it and it sounds good 😍 pls dw about it u can write as much as ur heart desires, i’ll read it all 💘 i’ve been doing okay ty!! jfjdndjd god i feel u… one of my lecturers has a thick irish accent and i am just always lost plus he just assumes that we know everything he’s talking abt including all these technical terms which is… daunting like we’ve only been doing this for just under a month?

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i personally feel like a fellow pisces is his best match in terms of sun, and i actually think virgo, despite being his sun’s sister sign is a good match, too, since he has both mutable sun and moon! runners up are cancer, scorpio, taurus, and capricorn <3

ideal placements for his future s/o in my opinion are

pisces sun

aquarius moon

aries mercury

leo venus

virgo mars


he’s likely most attracted to fire and water risings so any fire or water sign in rising is good :D

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hey bby ❤️❤️❤️ missed u omg hope ur doing well!! dw abt replying u can absolutely take ur time!! 😘 and plsss ur too sweet 😭💕

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i’ve started writing with jj and rafe so it’ll definitely be those two!!

yayyyy, got another anon bby! 🥺

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yeah !!!! i was studying in the library and these two guys came over and handed me a little card that said “take two and a take a break!” (i was in the silent section) and i looked at the little cart they were pushing around and there were packets of chips, pretzels, chocolate, fruit and lots of lollies !!!

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but he’s a deviant and wants you to act like you don’t want it, he wants to coerce it out of you. show you how good it can be so you’re drooling and begging him to do it. say really prettily “please daddy will you please fuck my ass?” and he’s gonna go feral REAL quick

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D r o o l i n g. What I love so much about Iwaizumi is that he is the epitome of “get you a man that can do both”. Like yes, daddy gone fuck you like the baddie that you are, but he’s also going to remind you that you are his everything. Whether it be verbal or not.

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Ushijima ranks at the top of my list and I know that’s gonna throw me into the fire but hear me out. I feel like a lot of people forget that Ushijima lived a relatively sheltered life and he has trouble expressing emotions. His interactions with his friends are already subtle, how much more with romantic interactions? This also applies to Asahi in my mind though it’s uh cause a lot of people are like weirdly afraid of the teddy bear.

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