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I’m nearly home and then we’re gonna watch spooderverse again, but until then. ….

Domestic fluff/baby inbox call 👀👀

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how the fuck did she forget to bring a coat? that was just one question simmering through the youngest hampton mind as she rested her head against the seat. luckily enough for her, the uber driver wasn’t one of those one’s who wanted to make small talk. she’d remember the kindness and give him the five-star rating because talking was the last thing she wanted to do. well, with him anyway. guilt and a heavy heart plagued whatever fun she’d set out to have, though it was tainted before her morals had caught up to her. seeing zeke say he could easily get whatever conquest he’d wanted - if he really tried was what prompted her decision in the first place. the femme had spent hours mentally trying to brace herself to let go. to say what she wanted to say, set the record straight before she swallowed whatever pride she had left and plunged her feelings for the man she’d spent the last five years envisioning herself with. though the idea seemed almost impossible, she’d put him, their memories, all the promises they’d made back in the small box they needed to go in, and keep it tucked safely away in their rightful spot in her heart. it’d become abundantly clear, getting over isaac king, what they had, that wasn’t an option - even if things were done and she had to put the face on to the rest of the world that she had. there would always be that part of her that belonged to him, the loved him. pulled from her thoughts as she looked out the window and saw she’d made it to her destination, the blonde thanked the driver, opened the car door, and slowly made her way up to his doorway. more uncharted territory. to knock? or did just walk in as she’d done a million times before? nicole was clueless at this point so she rested her head against the door for a second, sniffling as she drew herself together enough to work up the heart to let herself in. ❛ zeke? ❜ nikki called out, poking her head around the corner and setting her purse down on the table. her voice wasn’t exactly a whisper, but soft enough that she wouldn’t wake either little king. his sight coming to view was enough to drain whatever buzz she had, leaving her completely sober and all too aware of the ache she’d gotten whenever he was near because she missed him. seeing him. talking to him. just his presence in general. swallowing the all too expected lump in her throat, her fingers worked nervously through her hair, pushing it from her face. ❛ i hope you don’t mind, i didn’t wanna wake the kids up. ❜


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Okay, dear anon I am not sure what you’re talking about? Honestly, even I’m curious now lool

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If I remember your name, feel honored, cause I don’t remember shit so that must mean I like you.

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