thesweetnessandsarcasm a month ago
endlessly impressed by everyone in this fandom who calls the storylines so well
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junkobato 3 months ago
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valar-did-me-wrong 7 months ago
Just heard some Youtuber say "I'm God's least favourite Sim" ... and I have NOT vibed with a sentence harder!
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potatoes-tomatoes 8 months ago
if he鈥檚 your love interest then why are we always paired together on merchandise
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brettsiexcasey 2 months ago
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鈥淗ow long do you plan on punishing yourself for, and wallowing in such misery ?鈥
ANTHONY BRIDGERTON in Bridgerton Season 2
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evenstarsinthesky 9 days ago
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What wouldn't you do for Louis Tomlinson?!
Outside Louis' hotel, Mexico City, 16 June 2022 x
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foolishalex 4 months ago
Syndicate undercover mission but Techno wears this:
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lovebecomeshim a month ago
I love those moments where peetas just doing his thing and you actually see katniss鈥 heart turning towards him without any effort on his part like she just stares with soft, surprised adoration and my guy has no clue it鈥檚 happening
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onlyhereforangst 3 months ago
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#one of these is not like the other
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directorate-fr a month ago
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Emry for Movieless!
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patprans 3 months ago
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鈥 聽random bad buddy screen caps 17/? [requested by @patspran]
want one? requests are now closed
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kylostantrums 21 days ago
ofmd throwaway line where lucius is learning to fish and black pete leans over his shoulder and says 鈥渢hat鈥檚 some queer bait you鈥檙e using there, what is that?鈥
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grandpa-sweaters 3 months ago
Okay but how great is it that Mary didn't just become a bitter, weepy, dowdy widow but fucking rocked the shit out of her life without Stede and was prepared to murder him to go back to said life, but leveled with him instead and wound up quietly supporting his newly realized love for a man, then ceremonially helping him fake his elaborate death? She could've easily been an afterthought, but no! Mary (and her feelings and her art and her life) is important too, and Stede really fucked her over!This show doesn't feature many women, but the ones it does it gets fucking right.
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loving-ricciardo 5 months ago
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this picture is my mind鈥檚 background pic
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pinkwoolart 4 months ago
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Some octogoblin. But in space. Don鈥檛 ask. Just let me make whatever dumb ideas pop into my noggin.
I just loved their whole dynamic and dialogue between Doc Ock and Green Goblin in NWH. You can鈥檛 tell me they didn鈥檛 have some kind of history together 馃憖 plus a ship of crazy old science dudes is just fun.
I also made a custom brush in Krita for Ock鈥檚 actuators (or at least all but the clawed ends of them) It鈥檚 far from perfect, but I finished it AND I experimented with a slightly different shading style than usual. Also played with the Instagram filters again on the second two 馃槄
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julek 6 months ago
inspired by this post by @penandinkprincess || post season 2 yennskier || read on ao3
It鈥檇 been raining all morning.
Jaskier had begrudgingly awakened at the pit-patter of raindrops against the brittle glass of his room, had narrowed his sleep-heavy eyes at the slivers of grey light coming through the holes in the curtains. He鈥檇 wrapped his blanket around himself and got up to close the blinds, plunge the room into darkness once more 鈥 but then there were sounds coming from the kitchen, and chatter in the halls, and even though his bed was warm and enticing, guilt started wrapping itself around his heart.
So he鈥檇 gotten up.
He鈥檇 dressed himself in his warmest clothes 鈥 the few to his name, after everything 鈥 and headed down to the main hall for breakfast. He鈥檇 found dirty plates and used cups but no trace of their owners, as it appeared everyone had already cleared out in favor or tending to their tasks. (He hadn鈥檛 been given any 鈥 had timidly asked Vesemir what he could help with, only to get a frown and no reply, and he doubted the remaining Witchers remembered he was there at all).
So he鈥檇 been left to his own devices, after a bowl of porridge and a glass of goat milk, snowed peaks making for distant company. After wandering around aimlessly, half afraid of getting lost 鈥 no one had been kind enough to show him around yet 鈥 and half afraid of getting scolded for putting his nose where it didn鈥檛 belong, he found himself in front of Yennefer鈥檚 door.
The room she鈥檇 picked was three doors down from his. Her magic was still paper-thin, still fickle and unpredictable, but she鈥檇 managed to transform the room into something a bit more cozy, homey. Her fire was always stoked and her walls didn鈥檛 have any holes in them, her bedspread brand new, goose feathers heavenly to the touch.
Yen was decidedly not a morning person, he鈥檇 learned. Now that her guard was down 鈥 as low as it could go 鈥 being among people she trusted, it seemed like the ever-present need to be alert at all times receded a bit. Jaskier would see her at noon, impeccably dressed and not a single hair out of place, but never earlier than that. Not that he was a morning person by any means 鈥 especially not now, not when waking up made dread sit heavy on his chest, made his heart ache with longing for the present he鈥檇 lost, for the future that would never be.
Her scent had faded, over time. Lilac and gooseberries, Geralt had mentioned a handful of times, the scent of her magic and her soul intertwined. It wasn鈥檛 entirely gone, now; it had evolved into something else. Something softer. Less all-consuming.
That new scent of warmth and tender feathers of hope greeted Jaskier at her door.
She was sleeping.
It never ceased to amaze him, the way she slept. In a way, it was obvious 鈥 she slept the way she did everything else: with passion, fire, drive. With a clear objective in mind and a delimited pathway to get to it. With calculated loss and gain, with stone-cold decision.
But also, looking at her sleeping form: messy, unpredictable. Unique. Her bed was a nest of furs placed there without reason or rhyme, pillows strewn across the floor and her mattress as she laid in the middle of it, arms and legs stretched out as if trying to prove she did need a queen-sized bed, for all her long limbs and whatnot, thank you very much.
As he walked closer, he could see her face peeking out from under the covers. Calling her hair a rat鈥檚 nest would be doing rats a disservice; it was tousled beyond recognition. Jaskier smiled at the drool drying on her chin and the way there were at least half a dozen furs resting on top of her, but her feet were firmly stretched out from under them.
It surprised him still, how much love he had for her.
Noon was still hours away. The rain kept falling over the valley, pit-pattering against Yennefer鈥檚 slightly sturdier window, her maroon-colored curtain painting the grey light pink, bathing the room in a soft glow.
It wasn鈥檛 magic, he knew.
鈥淵en,鈥 he said.
鈥淯rgh,鈥 came from under the covers.
He smiled. 鈥淒鈥檡a wanna wake up? Have breakfast?鈥
A pillow hit him in the face.
(It was magic).
鈥淚 agree,鈥 he said, because he did, because without words Yennefer had said It鈥檚 too cold, it will rain until evening, there鈥檚 no use.
Because he understood.
鈥淚鈥檒l leave you to it, then,鈥 he said softly, softer than he鈥檇 meant to.
A blanket-covered hand lifted the furs.
Come here, she meant.
Jaskier hesitated. He didn鈥檛 want to impose, didn鈥檛 want to bother. He didn鈥檛 want to intrude in the only moment of solitude and peace she would probably get. Not after everything.
Not for nothing.
The blanket-covered hand shook the furs twice.
Don鈥檛 make me come over there, she meant.
Jaskier smiled. 鈥淥kay.鈥
He set his boots beneath her bed and took off his breeches, folding them over a nearby chair. His long underclothes would do just fine.
Slowly, gently, he climbed into the bed, stepping into the space she鈥檇 carved out for him. Under the covers, the cold air of the keep was replaced by an embracing warmth, the sheets no longer stiff and half-frozen, but buttery soft and well-loved instead. Yen鈥檚 hand dropped back into the bed, and the furs fell over them both, encasing them in a universe where no snow could ever reach them.
Her eyes were closed, her breathing steady. There was a decent amount of empty space between them, which Jaskier decided would be prudent to keep.
Yen seemed to disagree.
In a swift movement unattributable to a woman who seemed dead to the world, she wrapped herself around him like a growing vine. Her arms gently placed him close to her chest, the grounding pressure holding him there, his head tucked beneath her chin, her too-human heartbeat under his warm cheek.
(Her feet still peeked out of the furs). (She took thermal regulation very seriously).
And Jaskier curled up against her, his hands resting on her stomach, his legs bent at the knees, seeking the warmth that came not from the covers, but from within her core.
A glaciar, he鈥檇 said once. The woman that bleeds ice.
How wrong he鈥檇 been.
Let鈥檚 sleep in today, he heard in his mind, Yennefer鈥檚 voice a honey-sweet echo.
He pressed a kiss to her hand.
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bergoozter 4 months ago
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i just wanna look at him respectfully
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malleypoo 14 days ago
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ofalltheginjoints 6 months ago
fall out boy when they see a starry-eyed kid:
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howlingmusketeers a day ago
Vegas really speedran through the stages of grief but like his own stages which are:
- cry pathetically on the ground over Khun Sonic (rip my king you will be sorely missed 馃様馃挃)
- have a funeral for Khun Sonic with your twice-escaped torture victim as witness to your spiral
- talk about your sad pathetic life to said victim/witness/unwilling therapist
- make sexual advances on victim but leave him hanging last second when he doesn't act up like the Brat you prefer
- enthusiastically reciprocate when said brat becomes willing participant in this little devil's tango
- eat ass
- profit
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