juansendizon 5 months ago
One day I鈥檒l buy you all the paperback books you wanna have, and I鈥檒l read them with you, or you can read them alone, or I can read them first and tell you how they made me feel. I鈥檒l go to a bookstore every Tuesday and ask for any poetry book about hope and love, for that鈥檚 what you always make me feel like I am being loved by a poet who can show me how wonderful existence can be when it is expressed with the right words. I鈥檓 going to write about you when no book can explain how precious you are to my heart and when I pass away I鈥檒l give you all my books then I鈥檒l always be a part of you, and when I鈥檓 always a part of you, then I鈥檒l never get to say goodbye for every time you read a book there was a time when it was my whole universe. You are my library, my every page, and my entire heart.
Juansen Ryne Dizon, Paperback Books
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ilydead 9 months ago
didn鈥檛 mean to become overly obsessed with u like that my bad
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tuskenraidermemes a month ago
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Thank you for all the asks and submissions, I feel so appreciated! 馃挄馃挆
I haven鈥檛 been posting much recently but I鈥檒l be back for sure 馃槑
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yellowmotorola 2 months ago
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via suckernailz on instagram
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zaaalima 11 days ago
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hobidreams 3 months ago
Nox | Teaser
Tumblr media
It has been centuries since the noble vampire Taehyung has allowed himself to want another. He had thought his emotions under control, his chilled heart far from susceptible to such human fallacies. Really鈥揌ow many times has he borne witness to the lethal consequences of desire for a warm body, a soft kiss? But when he happens upon you, injured on the side of the road, bathed in the darkness of a long-settled evening鈥 He finds himself unable to move on without at least ensuring your safety, all the while denying the fervent need budding in his damned soul.
pairing: taehyung x reader genre:聽romance words: ~10k? release date:聽october 30th, 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST contains:聽bram stoker dracula/vampire au, historical au, blood (duh), violence, animal death, taehyung is in a cravat, a fic from HIS pov!, did someone say sexual tension? part of a halloween collab聽馃巸 preview:聽鈥淓xcuse me, miss.鈥
The rumble of his deep voice sliced through the serenity of the night. And when you raised your head, when you turned towards him, he found himself struck by a pair of the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. With his own enhanced vision, he could see you clearly despite the lack of moonlight and for a moment, he could only stare. Drawn in by something inexplicable. Unfathomable.
With a small cough, he squeezed his hand tightly around the carved raven head of his walking staff to bring himself back to reality. 鈥溾o you require assistance, miss?鈥 He asked again, careful to hide his sharpest teeth from view.
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鈥楥an鈥檛 sleep?鈥
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rememberwhyyoustarted-study 4 months ago
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slowly turning into the kind of person who reads poetry in their free time
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lovelylou a month ago
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parasiteicons 3 months ago
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like or reblog
for interview mag, taken by liam hart
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favoritejohn 2 months ago
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he's got the most beautiful smile 馃ズ
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juansendizon 6 months ago
I hope you find a best friend who chooses to love the parts of you where you are most misunderstood so your wounds can blossom into spring. I hope you find a best friend who encourages you to be your fullest and most authentic self and admires the way you see existence in a unique and weird way. I hope you find a best friend who will always be by your side when you鈥檙e tormented by your depression and demons. I hope you find a best friend who truly wishes for your betterment and healing. I hope you find a best friend who will grow strong with you despite everything.
Juansen Dizon, Best Friend
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ilydead 9 months ago
it鈥檚 okay to admit that ur obsessed w me and fantasize about me
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i-like-hockey-a-latte 27 days ago
As the year is ending, I decided to do this thing again: people who made my year better 馃挄
If I didn't mention you, I still love you and wish that the new year treats you well 鉁 Happy New Year lovelies! 馃挏
Just a little warning, I got a bit emotional while writing these so they might be a bit weird. These aren't in any order, I love you all 馃挄
@reedskz I am so so so glad we started talking and I'm also sorry for not being the best at messaging but know that I adore you and wish that next year brings you many Felix pcs because you deserve it 馃挐 annnnd your gifs are amazing like you 馃挅 it makes me a bit emotional to think that you're my first stay friend, ily 馃ズ
@yjbg Ellu my beloved, I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that I sent you some memes to start a conversation (because I can't be normal <3) and overall I'm just so glad you exist!!! I love to have someone who I can spam tag in things! 馃挐 Like what are the odds that you like 1D (even just a little bit), hockey AND kpop, like me? And that we have the same nickname? Also I'm proud of you and you'll do great in your studies, I will be your personal cheerleader, I love you!! *insert Jin sending flying kisses here* p.s. you're pretty 馃挊
@diazactually okay, where to start... If you're a friend of my friend, you're automatically my friend, and even if we haven't talked that much, just know that you're amazing and I laugh at your jokes a bit too much 馃挄 I also think it's kinda funny how similar interests we have, but it's also very nice to be able to compare favorite characters etc because it can tell about the person somehow (when will I send you messages about analyzing some characters or scenes who knows) thank you for making my dash filled with buddie and 9-1-1, you're amazing鉂o笍 + you can psychoanalyze me and my ask game replies anytime I promise
@firefighter-diaz my dear Elisa, we haven't seen in ages (it sucks) but I love to hear about the 9-1-1 episodes in dms and yell with you 馃挀 I'm telling you all, if I ask one (1) question I get 5 gifsets and 8 messages explaining what happened or what lead to it. You made me listen to Taylor's new albums because I saw you enjoying them, also you're an amazing gifmaker and you're so warm like you radiate warmth and comfort! 鈽 I am amazed by your skills and I'm proud of you, and everything you do
@sepastian-ahoey Iina, the Sepe to my Teukka, why haven't we seen (it's because of me I'm just at home and never moving) anyways you're always there for me and I will be there for you. You may know this (or not) but I was super worried about your workload this past year because you seemed to have so much stuff going on, I may not have said it but I'm amazed at how you managed to survive. And I'm super proud of you!! I adore you! 馃挅
@juhollamago ah Tiia my almost-alarm-clock-for-wjc (before they canceled the whole thing) because I couldn't remember when team Finland played and I missed a game doing all kinds of nonsense instead. Is it time for me to yell now? Because I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. My friend is a hockey journalist everyone!!!! You're so awesome and funny and I admire you because you seem like the type who isn't afraid to say what you think or want. Let's pretend this heart is a burnt gingerbread, made with love for you 馃枻
@ahoontheshelf Kinga, my sweet dear friend 馃挄 you're like a warm hug, you brighten up my days a lot with sweet messages!! Like if I treat tumblr as my diary and you send me a message I get so happy... You fill my dash with all kinds of aesthetic posts and your edits are cool and you're very cool and pretty. I wish all the best for you, always鉂o笍
@fangirlinglikealoon & @heiskasmiro my dear gc friends who are very pretty and make my days better when being crazy in the gc, I couldn't separate you because you both are inspiring and amazing and funny and I love your pets too 馃挐 one of the best choices in my life was to press like on the post that was about making a gc, I will never stop saying it, ily 馃挊 I love it how we can talk about some random things like how meme is Mikko and then suddenly things take a wild turn and we have deep conversations about things. Just know that I adore you 馃挄
@punkrockmutiny I think you're one of the sweetest people ever, and when you asked for a Christmas card from me I was jumping around in happiness (I hope the card didn't get lost...) because it was the first time I sent a card abroad and it made me feel so special lolol anyways I adore you and you're so pretty and cool which makes you pretty cool 馃挏
@suklaakuppikakku my dear amazing friend we haven't seen in ages but you know I'm sending you the biggest hug and squeezing you tightly 馃挄 I'm really hoping that we'll be able to go see games in summer without being anxious about getting sick!! I don't say this enough but I really admire you 鉂o笍 I wish next year will be gentle for you
@joel-farabee we don't really talk but I'm so happy to be mutuals with you and I smile so much when I see you in my notes!! And when you said that I made your day once by sending you flower emojis I almost cried at it because it was so sweet of you 馃尭
@hibernating-heart I have to mention how happy I got to see that a fellow Finn likes hockey/canes and kpop and I was like omg a friend!! And you're a great content creator! That said, I like the Finnish sayings and Canes posts the most 馃き You seem cool I wish I knew how to talk to people because I'd like to get to know you 馃ズ
Mentioning some people I have been mutuals with for some time and saying thank you for tolerating my changing obsessions, you make my dash full of fun content and make me smile when your urls are in my notes, you deserve all the good things 馃挄
@caixxa 馃挆
@tonyhawkpr0skater2 馃挒
@coffeeandgunpowder 馃挐
@finnishhockeyelf 鉂わ笍
@prettyboyroope 馃挅
@nikolajehlers 馃挌
@lily-blue-blue-lily 馃挍
@c-hartwriteshockey 馃А
@thewestishharpooners 馃挀
@bortuzzzzin 馃挋
@thehockeytrashkingdom 馃挒
@pyotranatolevichkochetkov 鉂o笍
@matthewlillard 馃挊
@fairylightslt 馃挄
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yellowmotorola 2 months ago
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via ivoryxwoods on instagram
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bolly--quinn 14 days ago
happy birthday!!! have you seen the south park post covid specials yet? if so, you should draw your favorite future design! (also the new meet the artist looks so prettyyy 馃ズ)
thank you!! I have and we now have scientific evidence that Kyle and girls who kinda had a thing for Kyle once (like me) grow up to be pretty hot
Tumblr media
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sweethe4rt 2 months ago
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soooooo h*rny today. wish i had someone to lick my t*tties all over. still looking for a daddy 馃ズ
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na-page 4 months ago
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DarrenCriss: Take care foolish mortals cuz I鈥檓 care-takin鈥 with @TheMuppets for their Halloween special, The Muppets Haunted Mansion coming soon to @disneyplus. Check this grim grinning bro out to socialize鈥
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myessentialpoetry 10 days ago
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Mark Rothko, pink on pink
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princesunghoon a month ago
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211223 | Jake via Instagram Update
Pink is hot馃敟 #JAKE #Ad
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