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Alan during Master And Servant (Live in Hamburg)
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馃馃挌 new items in my shop now 馃馃挌
I love green+white pairingssssss I love greensssssss
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seersallsee-er 7 months ago
Camilo: *standing on a balcony and sneezes*
Y/n: *standing on the roof* Bless you.
Camilo: God?!
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amagicalmoonlight a month ago
I want to let loveless aros know that the world is a better place with them in it and they are whole and complete and they deserve to have a good experience in this earth
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cum on your butch鈥檚 clothed bulge 馃挅
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devil-doms 3 months ago
You should have known you would end up in this situation the moment Asmo said he wanted a 'game night' with you and Solomon in his room.
What else were you expecting from two lust-representing beings?
"The game is simple, MC. We'll blind you and do something and you have to tell whether it's me or Solomon doing it! Sounds simple and fun, right?" Asmo said cheerfully.
"I'm going to temporarily compromise your vision with magic so you can't cheat." Solomon chuckles when you nod.
He murmurs a spell and your vision blurs and darkens. Your heart beats faster. You can already feel their carnal stares burning your skin.
"Guess who's hands are these."
A pair of hands run it's fingers softly up and down your bare arms.
"Well done. Who is it now?"
A pair hands grazes up and down the sides of your thighs, squeezing gently.
"You're good at this, MC! Now let's make it a little harder shall we? Let's strip you down because we need more access to your skin okay?"
You nodded. You couldn't possibly deny yourself this pleasure. What were they going to do next? Your head buzzed with possibilities.
"Could you raise your hands for me, MC?" Solomon said quietly in your ear. You obliged. He pulled off your top with ease.
"Now raise your hips for me, darling." Asmo asked, as he pulled down your shorts next. Oh if only you could see the way they looked at you. Your skin tingled at being exposed like this.
"Now who's this?"
You felt a kisses upon your cheek moving to your neck, heated and slow. A pair of hands hold your waist, slowly moving upwards, coming to rest right on your chest. He presses his fingers against your nipples gently.
"Right you are. And now?"
Now a mouth crashed against yours. You open your lips on instinct, let his tongue invade. It tastes like sweet cherries. His hands squeeze your thighs, but he's too impatient. You feel a hand palming your crotch.
"Asmo! Not there!"
"Sorry MC, you look absolutely adorable like this. I couldn't possibly resist."
Solomon chuckles as he pulls you against him. You feel his bare chest on your back. When did he even take off his shirt?
"Now tell us which belongs to who?"
They both guided youe hands to their crotches. Your palm pressed against two erections. You could feel them grow harder against your touch, aching to be thrust inside you.
"I..I can't tell." You played dumb. You knew they'd like that.
"Then perhaps you should taste us now instead. Or feel us in some other part of your body."
You felt them both moving from their positions. And soon you were trapped between them. They flipped you around.
Asmo grinded against you ruthlessly watching Solomon ease his length into your mouth. This is by far the best game night you had in Devildom.
i am so in love with this oh my god, this is so well written!!!! thank you for sending this to me!!!
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mint-leaves-in-coffee 4 months ago
Can I have the leech brothers x reader (separate)
Where the reader sneak up on them and hug them then run away.
What will be their reaction?
Absolutely my guy
I got you
I'm late bringin home dinner for you I'm sorry y'all the drive thru was insane
Floyd Leech
Word spread like wildfire of Floyd's foul mood
And other students from every dorm all but dove out of his way
The look on his face terrified most people
So they opted to stay as far away from the moody eel as possible
The sound of rapid footsteps was the only warning he recieved before he was struck with the impact of someone jumping onto his back
He didn't budge much aside from leaning forward a bit
The other students froze
waiting with bated breath for Floyd to react
It was dead silence, the surrounding people too anxious to move for fear of pissing him off further
He straightened himself as the offending party hung off of him, arms wrapped around him tightly
The angry frown that adorned his face shifted to a gleeful smile but before he could return their gesture and squeeze them right back, they let go and ran past him, laughing the whole way
"Koebi-chan~ Come back~ Let me give you a squeeze~"
He chased them through the halls childishly, joining in their laughter
Once he caught them he squeezed them tightly, not letting go just holding them there
This became a regular thing before long
The magicless prefect would run up to him from behind and encircle their arms around him, dodge his returned affection and prompt him to chase them through the halls
Never once did they get away successfully
He'd always catch them, cage them in his embrace and squeeze them for as long as he wanted to
Eventually he grew to expect it
He'd hear their footfalls approaching and turn to grab them with a tight squeeze
Hmm He'll let them go when he feels like it
If they were to stop the now daily ritual, he'd grow moody immediately
Jade Leech
Longingly they thought of Jade, missing his presence
It had been a while since they'd last seen one another
With both of their schedules packed to the brim there wasn't much free time aside from in between classes
They hadn't shared any classrooms, nor were their classes close by, however, they had been thinking about meeting him outside his classroom for a small conversation
They hadn't wanted to disturb him at Mostro Lounge because that was where he was busiest
So as they made their way through the crowded halls to his classroom, they smiled in delight
Not only at the thought of seeing Jade but also at the thought of surprising him
They made their way through the flooded halls, waiting for him to emerge from his classroom
And after they saw him step out, they slid their arms tightly around his waist
But just as quickly as they embraced him, they retracted their arms
Quick on their feet, they ran past him and to their next class
He stared after them, a sly smirk making its way across his face
"Oya~ How bold."
He smiled to himself, his usual devious smile
They wanted to surprise him, hm?
How kind of them
He supposed he should return the favour
It'd be only proper, wouldn't it?
One kind favour repaid by another?
He's already plotting a way to surprise them back
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Stargate Atlantis | Tao of Rodney S3.Ep14
These two deserve the warmest of hugs.
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Look it鈥檚 him!
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The Man Who Fell From Heaven, Prince Rupert, Canada.
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鈥滒潤旔潤ゐ潤 饾櫉饾櫔饾櫒饾櫓 饾櫋饾櫈饾櫊饾櫄 饾櫈饾櫓 饾櫁饾櫄饾櫓饾櫓饾櫄饾櫑 饾櫖饾櫇饾櫄饾櫍 饾櫈饾櫓'饾櫒 饾櫂饾櫎饾櫋饾櫃鈥 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍
Credits: Jackson Wang - Cruel on YouTube, gifs made by me -A馃惏馃挏
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seersallsee-er 7 months ago
Camilo, sweating: y/n, there鈥檚 something I need to ask you-
Y/n: Finally! You鈥檙e proposing!
Camilo: How鈥檇 you know?
Y/n: Camilo, you鈥檝e dropped the ring five times during dinner.
Y/n: I even picked it up once.
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Bob鈥檚 Burgers and chill?
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femmecult 2 months ago
just thinking it would be fun to drag my butch into a changing room with me and make them watch me try on lingerie. make them pick out a favorite because they鈥檙e gonna creampie me in it later 鉂わ笍
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mc noticing mammons hands while he counts his money in front of them. flipping through the 10鈥檚 and 20鈥檚 with expert precision and mentally counting his earnings without a sweat. seeing his strong, big, hands, veins flexing every time he flips a bill has mc squirming from behind the couch where mc is awkwardly spying on them. they interrupt and tease mammon just so their eyes can roll back while he choke fucks them on that very couch. feeling his hands on their throat as mammon puts them in their place has mc seeing losing their vision momentarily while they cum harder then they ever had.
fuck man 馃槴 you had me the second you brought up Mammons hands oh my god
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