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#💜✨ anon

Hey, we don’t mind seeing the same anons here, it’s really nice to see you again! Sorry for the long wait, here’s the playlist! As always, if you want anything changed, please let us know.

Bad Bad Things - AJJ  | YT  Spotify

Toxicity - System of A Down | YT  Spotify

The Man Who Sold The World -  Nirvana | YT  Spotify

Mama - My Chemical Romance | YT  Spotify

Reckless Paradise -  Billy Talent | YT  Spotify

What Do They Know? - Mindless Self Indulgence | YT  Spotify

- Mod Wilbur 💛

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AHHHHHH IZZY @decembermoonskz your blog is so cute! I’m so excited to see what you do 🤩🤩🤩


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ps: I’m rly happy thay i got to talk to u and support u ily lots! you’re so awesome and lovely yourself (on top of your stories being mad amazing!) BTW i didn’t get to respond to your response to my prowl essay lol and I just have to say I will proudly lead team chan if you’ve given me that role LOL 😤 also the chan x reader love scene.. i’m so sad but i totally agree neither wanted to lose control or hurt the other also NO DON’T HURT HIM ANYMORE JK (i live off angst and healing 👀) - 💜✨ Izzy

IZZYYYYYYY I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOUR BLOG AND FICS!!! And Team Chan couldn’t have a better captain 🥰 and everyone’s gonna hurt more before the end 😩💕

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Oooh! Yes to all of this! I might tag you under your new name once you have a blog 🤩 and EXES TO LOVERS IS SO SWEET AND ANGSTY WHAAAAT 💗💗💗

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Its completely comprehensive .

I like to think that nobody is like those hot models. Not even the said models lol. There are photoshop, lights, etc.

If we don’t love the people’s real self, what are we gonna do? We are all beautiful without achieving any standard.

But I’m happy that your rational side is very clever!!

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Welcome back 💓


Id rather have sex when it’s with love. Thinking about first times has this implicit. A whole new experience being shared. It’s completely beautiful.

You won’t be terrified when it happens

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Did you say doing your things with your boy glued to you??

Relationship goals!!!

Hwiyoung is so cute he would treat you like a princess.

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Damn right. He just…lures you in.

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Thank you so much! You’re so sweet!!!

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Awesome! I see it, give me a minute or two and it’ll be posted! :D

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Hey there, anon! Sorry if this is a late response; thank you for your patience!

The format is pretty simple! Here’s how I do it:

(name): “(part of quote).”

(name): “(next part of quote).”

Which would then, with a quote, turn into something like this:

Ralsei: “Hi! This is an example quote.”

Susie: “We hope this helps you.”

As for the source, you can either put it right after the quote, or you can put it in the tags. It would basically be something like “source: (insert your source here).”

I’ll edit your quote to fit the format if needed, and then publish it, with the tag, “submitted by anon.”

Hope this helps! I hope you have a nice day too!

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LUCKY YOU. I don’t know who you are, but I will miss you <3  I wish my obsession with this show could kindly sit in the backseat instead of driving (me insane), but for now, I am stuck. Go on, be free, live your life, but something tells me the W*lker drama is only just beginning hehe. 

And I know many people stopped watching after Charlie was murdered. It almost made me quit, too :< 

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I do. I just want all of you, and I’m sure you’ll make me feel much better.

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uhh i don’t think i have one?? i like all the sides and only ever make headcanons tbh, i usually don’t make my own theories. : )

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Bro…. holy shit. A 15,000 can’t be called a ficlet. That is a straight up fic. And you wrote it all 🥺 in one sitting 🥺 for me 🥺 ??? I am both in awe and I feel so honored. It was ok that it was a long ask! I actually think it wasn’t long enough, now that I’m hearing you write 15k words for me. I loved what you sent, and I’d love to see the whole thing. If you ever wanna share the full fic with me. Just uh. IDK send me a google docs link? Release it in parts? I’d love to read either way, but do what makes you comfortable. 

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:(((( I’m sorry about that, lover I know too well what it’s like to lose old friends and it rlly sucks :/ maybe ask her if she’d like to meet you another time or ask her if there’s a specific reason maybe? I hope things will work out for you :( but even if not, losing friends is kinda part of life and it hurts yes but you’ll find new ones!!!!!

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