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Eden Robinson, “Writing Prompts for the Broken-hearted”
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ladybug comfort doodles cause im freaking out over the new trailer
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“God made all man // But honey, I am no man // I’m whats left when children go to war”
Pov: u pissed off the herobrine kinnie and their himbo
This is one of those situations where i saved it to a png before i was done with the damn thing so now its still unfinished and i am not going back NOW... so its a little............... funky. but hey hey so am i so
[[rb > likes]]
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Hi, my name is Artemis im a disabled trans bisexual person of colour and im in need of some financial help.
Im starting university soon and move out in less than a month and have been stuggling with money as i have had to help my mother with her bills and groceries. Im scared that because of this i wont be able to buy the supplies i need for moving into my university accomidation.
The only way im able to accept money at the moment is via my buy me a coffee and any help at all would be appreciated as im moving out to escape my abusive mother and to make it easier on my disability with the commute to the university
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Imagine being best friends with the Golden Trio
"I don't know if Hogsmeade is worth it," Ron grumbled as the four of you made your way through the town. Pulling his beanie down lower, he stuffed his gloved hands into his pockets though it did nothing to stop the coldness he felt which made him even more grumpy. "We still have enough treats from our last trip to Honeydukes. We should have stayed in the common room; it's freezing out here."
"Come on, Ron." [Name] chided as she softly bumped him with her shoulders. "One could never have enough sweets."
Harry nodded. "I agree."
Pulling Hermione closer to her and a bit away from the boys, you whispered something into her ears. Though she shook her head in an attempt to dissuade you, the smile that began to creep onto her face did the opposite. Holding her arm, you began to run through the streets confusing the boys. Looking back at them, you stuck out your tongue as Hermione laughed at your antics. "Last one to the Three Broomsticks buys the butterbeers."
"You cheaters!" Ron sputtered. Turning beside him to look at Harry for support, he was shocked when he noticed the bespectacled boy wasn't there. Looking forward again, he saw him a few feet away chasing after the girls. Running after them, he shook his head. "Harry, not you too!"
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The Vampire Diaries 5.03 ‘Original Sin’
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P o p p y 💞
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I love her :(💜💜💜💞💜💞🖤🖤💖🖤
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My little surprise Christmas present for @sweetest-honeybee! Forgot to post it last night after I finished it. 😅 Merry Christmas! 💖
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Go! 🐶🐾
Art Credits: @nnattob
Twitter ➡️ : https://twitter.com/nnattob/status/1478383361760849924?s=21
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Setsuko Hara in The Ball at the Anjo House | 安城家の舞踏会 (1947) dir. Kōzaburō Yoshimura
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I just wanna shoutout all my favorite writers on this app! You’ve all made this year better/more bearable, with all your amazing stories. Your writing inspires me, and makes me feel all the things lol. Happy, sad (in the best of ways), h-word ajdhsk, and soft as hell. Honestly truly you’re all so so fucking talented, I am grateful for your works.
@wandaromanova @lesbian-deadpool @lenissa @vancityfire13 @stealth-kittyy @saltybaltic @freyrromanov @falsescarletwitch @8bitscarlet @nermalina @natty-taffy @wandavicky @wolferine @wandanatvoid @didujustcallmedumb @maximotts @thewritingdoll @therunawaykind @thefoxandthepenguine @wlwloverwrites @somewhatgreatexpectations @abimess @scarlettwlw @redvelvetnat @too-gay-for-marvel @helloalycia @twilight-99-tm @wellsayhelloaagin @uraveragelonelygay @temptationsbrew
I feel like I could add many more, there’s so many amazing writers on here. But yea just wanted to say I think you’re all so talented and I love your work!! Thank you for sharing and taking the time to share your work 💜💜
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Helloo! I hope you're okay and having a great day UwU I loved the headcanon about Toby's soulmate and I wanted to ask that's headcanon for Jeff, EJ and Ben
this was sent in before the whole situation happened this week, apologies for being late but here it is!
also note: in my interpretation of the red string au, you cannot see or feel the string unless you get into a close radius of your soulmate
💞 Jeff & the Red String AU 💞
🔪 When Jeff was little, he thought of his soulmate as like a weird gross thing
🔪 Like how a lot of little kids, especially little boys, think of kissing and love and getting married as something that’s too grown-up and gross
🔪 Jeff knew that, logically, this would happen to him someday. There had been a time when he saw the red string on his finger. It only happened once, for a brief minute, but he knew that this confirmed the existence of his mysterious soulmate. 
🔪 When he got a little older, he knew enough that love and soulmates weren’t a gross thing anymore. But he didn’t like the idea of having a soulmate either.
🔪 This is because his parents used the concept of a soulmate to basically punish him. 
🔪 Jeff broke a toy by accident? Well, his soulmate would never love him now, who would want a soulmate that breaks things?
🔪 Jeff got a bad grade at school? Well, his soulmate will be very unlucky to have him for a soulmate, since he’s obviously so stupid. 
🔪 Jeff got a cut and cried about it? His parents feel bad for his soulmate, because they have to deal with a crybaby for a soulmate.
🔪 His parents really hurt his self-esteem and ruined the joy that comes with having a soulmate. So by the time the whole “incident” happened, Jeff was completely done with people as a whole, much less his soulmate. He could care less who they were, and what they were like. It just didn’t matter to him anymore, and it hadn’t for a while. 
🔪 As time went on, Jeff forget about even having a soulmate. It was something he didn’t want to deal with, so he just pushed it to the back of his mind and never thought about it. 
🔪 Until one night, when everything changed
🔪 It started off as a regular night out looking for a victim
🔪 The house he selected was random. He truly did not notice the red string on his finger appear.
🔪 He didn’t notice the string, even as he entered the house and crept up the stairs to the bedroom. He was too focused on the task at hand, too caught up in his thoughts to even look down and notice the red string tugging at his finger. 
🔪 But when he held up the knife, he noticed the string. It’s presence startled him so much, that he let out a little half-shout.   
🔪 This was enough to wake the sleeping figure, who screamed and decked him across the face with their pillow. 
🔪 The impact was something that Jeff was not expecting, combined with the shocking realization that this person was his soulmate, so he dropped his knife onto the bed and stumbled backwards.
🔪 His soulmate scrambled to grab the knife, and pointed it towards Jeff in the most menacing way they could manage. 
🔪 “Get out of my house!” You, Jeff’s soulmate, yelled as you brandished the knife. 
🔪 Jeff stood up and peered at you, before scoffing, “Now that’s some way to talk to your soulmate.” 
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💞BEN & the Red String AU 💞
🎮 BEN, as a small child, didn’t care too much about the concept of soulmates.
🎮 That was grown-up business, and he didn’t want to think about that until he was bigger. Now, he just wanted to play and have fun.
🎮 BEN never saw the red string around his finger, which lead him to believe, especially after the bullies had taunted him about it, that he didn’t have a soulmate.
🎮 He only saw the string as he died, for a split second as it turned black and then the whole world turned black too.
🎮 What he didn’t know was, on his soulmate’s end, you could see the string too. But it quickly turned from red to gray, then split into a million ashy pieces before disappearing. You knew that this meant the death of your soulmate.
🎮 But what you didn’t know was, your soulmate’s death was not final.
🎮 He had resurrected, but you had no way of knowing. Your string was gone, and to your knowledge your soulmate was dead.
🎮 BEN found you, once, though.
🎮 He didn’t have the string anymore. Once you died, your string fell off and you didn’t have a soulmate anymore. You were dead. You couldn’t have a soulmate.
🎮 But, BEN was a ghost, a special kind of dead where he was still able to be somewhat alive.
🎮 This meant that he had a feeling of where you were in the pit of his stomach. And he followed this feeling until he found you.
🎮 He had no way of knowing that you were his soulmate, there was no string to confirm it, but his ghostly instincts told him it was true.
🎮 BEN thought about approaching you, but thought better of it.
🎮 After all, who would ever want a ghost for a soulmate?
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💞EJ & the Red String AU 💞
🤍 In his before-life, when he had been human, Jack was fascinated by the the science behind having soulmates. 
🤍 He was interested in finding his own soulmate, sure, but he was far more interested in the unknown science beyond the soulmate. How could this happen? Why exactly did it happen? How exactly did this work?  
🤍 Jack spent hours studying soulmates as a whole, that was his major in college, and he was close to finding out some of the answers when the transformation happened. 
🤍 After the transformation, and after he’d had some time to get used to his new form and regain some of his memories, he began to regret not using his time pre-demon to find his soulmate. 
🤍 He had, while human, always assumed that he’d have plenty of time to find his soulmate after he graduated. He wasn’t in a rush to find his soulmate like some people, he believed that they’d meet each other when the time was right for the both of them, and it was no use trying to rush it when it would happen just as it was meant to be. 
🤍 There were times, pre-demon times, when Jack could faintly see the string, for a split second, and he found some comfort knowing that they were close by. This was also enough to reassure him that he didn’t need to go looking for his soulmate, that he could focus on his studies and just find his soulmate naturally. 
🤍 Now, EJ regretted the time he had wasted trying to study other people’s soulmates rather than searching for his own. He wallowed in self-pity when he was alone in his room (he didn’t want the others to see this), because he believed that in his new demon-form, he would never be able to meet his soulmate. He wondered if they were even his soulmate anymore, since he was a demon. As far as he knew, humans only had other humans for a soulmate. But, was he really even a human anymore? 
🤍 There was one day, when EJ was feeling particularly sorry for himself, that he decided to go out on a walk in the woods to clear his mind of this soulmate business. He walked, head down and lost in thought, so much so that he didn’t notice the other person until he had already been spotted. 
🤍 He froze, like a deer in headlights, not knowing what to do since he had been seen by a human person. Should he run? Should he attack them? Oh, he really did not want to hurt anybody! Especially since it wasn’t time for him to prepare for another meal yet!  
🤍 As EJ’s mind raced with questions of what to do, the other person stepped closer towards him. 
🤍 “A-are you okay?” You, the person in question, called out. 
🤍 EJ stood still, glued to the spot and unable to formulate a reply. 
🤍 “Um, I think we’re soulmates.” You called out, raising your finger. 
🤍 EJ was surprised to feel the tug of the string on one of his own fingers. 
🤍 “My string... it went gray a while ago, but it didn’t fall off or anything. Just stopped seeing it, but sometimes it would pop up and be white. I didn’t know what that meant, and I was too scared to ask anybody. But today, it popped up and it was a bright white, and I felt it tug and I followed it into the woods and... it’s you. So even though I’m sort of scared of what this means, and who you are, I know you’re my soulmate. So, whatever this is, it’s meant to be.” You rambled nervously to fill EJ’s silence. 
🤍 “Meant to be...” EJ echoed, tears of tar and joy dripping down his face. 
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★★★ 𝗿𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼𝗺 𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗸 & 𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗼𝘂𝘁𝘀! 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 𝗳𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝘂𝘀𝗲 ♡︎*+.
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Imagine Bill telling his mom about his plans to propose to you
"I'm going to ask [Name] to marry me."
Holding her hands to her mouth, there was no way to hide how happy Molly was as she processed what her eldest just told her. She had always wanted him to settle down, partly in the hopes that it would lead him to leave Egypt and come back to England in order to settle down near family but also because she wanted him to have someone who he would love and be comfortable with just like she was with Arthur. And she knew that is exactly what he had with you. She saw it whenever he spoke about you: the proud tone he had when he told the family about your latest achievements, the worry whenever he came by to ask her about a healing remedy or spell for you when you got sick, and just the newfound overall happiness in his demeanor now that you were in his life. Tears pricked her eyes as she reached out to hug him.
"Bill, I'm so happy for you!"
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Someone please make me a whimpering mess 🥺
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if anyone out there was wondering: I Love Feferi
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Day 167: 🐢 & 💞 & 👩‍🌾 & 👩‍🔬
Requested by: @kill-ronald-reagan-again
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‏"لقد كانت تؤمن بأن هناك سعادةً كبيرة تنتظرها في مكانٍ ما، ولهذا السبب ظلّت هادئة بينما تمر الأيام"
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