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by MadmanJrs

A series of shorts featuring couples and pairings from the My Hero Academia universe, highlighting their more everyday moments of love.

Shorts may be loosely linked and set in the same universe.

Words: 883, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

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Beyond the Mark
by WhyHelloThereExtras

Momo has a second quirk. At least, that’s what Shoto likes to think. It’s easier to accept another person being like him than his feelings not being returned.
Shoto must be annoyed with Momo. Or worse, he must dislike her. That’s the only logical answer she could think of. Nothing else could explain his new, quieter, stranger behaviour around her. And of course it didn’t feel good. Who liked being treated this way by the person they had interest in?
Will these two, in their years of knowing each other, ever figure out their feelings for one another? Or will they continue being remarkably intelligent to the point that they miss the mark?

The answer is yes, they’ll figure it out, but not after years of shooting too far beyond the mark.

(you know what I’m crap at summaries but we have TodoMomo, pining, cats, kids, soba, fluff, and other stuff! Pining fluff to domestic fluff!! LOTS OF FLUFF AAA!! I plan on 7 chapters for now, but that could change!! Snippets of these two falling for one another)

Words: 5644, Chapters: 1/7, Language: English

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ao3: “boy in a bubble”
rating: T
warnings: coronavirus mention, anxiety, sympathetic deceit, anxceit
genre: fluff
description:  How can Dee care about his own well-being when he finds Virgil in the grips of a panic attack? (anon prompt:  “So okay: chronically ill Dee who has deficiencies specifically in his lungs and is scared about the covid virus because of that but doesn’t want to worry his very nervous bf (Virgil) so he’s hiding his worry and comforting Vee instead”)

He’s short of breath again.

You have asthma, Dee reminds himself as he begins the tedious process of extricating himself from the mound of blankets on his bed. Calm down. You haven’t even left the apartment in a week, remember?

He gets cold easily during the night, so he and Virgil have come to a compromise. Dee can have all the blankets he wants, but Virgil refuses to share any but the bottom one. It works well…usually.

Virgil’s nowhere in sight, but that isn’t surprising. It’s- Dee squints at the bedside alarm clock- nearly one in the afternoon, and Virgil doesn’t like to sleep late, regardless of how late he ends up in bed. Dee thinks it a byproduct of Virgil’s anxiety. Virgil agrees.

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One Of The Girls
by PaleKittenVoid

The 1-A girls. are all already friends before UA and are hanging out when they see Izuku in the park alone looking sad.

They decide to talk to him and see whats wrong. Izuku refuses to tell them, so they offer to just let him hang out with them instead.

He accepts and at the end of the day Izuku is the happiest he’s been in a long time, so he tells the girls everything from him being quirkless to the bullying he’s been through. The girls decide to adopt the Cinnamon Roll making him one of the girls.

Words: 1797, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

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ao3: “the sound of the birdsong”
rating: T
warnings: injuries, mild blood, food mention, sympathetic remus, sympathetic deceit, creativitwins
genre: fluffy hurt/comfort
description: Roman gets hurt in the Imagination. His brother finds him. (from an anon prompt:  “might i request roman getting hurt while fighting something in the imagination and remus finding him and then him and deceit patching him up?”)

It was an accident. Roman tries to console himself with that, as he stumbles through the Imagination, broad trees thick and proud to either side of the narrow path. Birds twitter above him, filling the air with music. It’s picture perfect, except for, well, him. It’s expected by this point for him to quarrel with the Dragon Witch. They aren’t really enemies, not like he’s intimated to Thomas. When he ‘kills’ her, she simply respawns in her home. She’s even told him in some ways, it’s preferable. It means that she doesn’t have to fly all the way there.

But this time… He winces and looks down at his chest, at the ragged tears in his shirt and the red slowly seeping out to stain the white fabric. This time, he dodged left when he should have went right, and her claws raked a good handful of stinging lines across his skin before a startled Dragon Witch could pull her punches.

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Mistletoe Mishaps
by flyweeabooty

Good, ol’ fashioned under-the-mistletoe kisses! With a few, unexpected twists of course. (I know Christmas is long past, but I’ve been sitting on this for WEEKS).

I’m really indulging my pairings in this fic. I have four chapters planned so far, but I may come up with more. Each chapter will be a different pairing!

Words: 1024, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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ao3: “how bad can i be?”
rating: T
warnings: food, remus typical stuff, age regression, sympathetic remus, sympathetic deceit, creativitwins
genre: fluff
description: Roman ends up with babysitting duty.

A knock on the door drags Roman from his work and he frowns, looking up from the impassioned scribbled ideas for Thomas’s next video.

“Yes?” He calls, willing the irritation out of his voice. He did forget to say he’d be working all day at breakfast, after all.

“Roman, are you busy?” Deceit’s strained voice comes through the door. Roman’s eyes widen in surprise. Deceit never seeks him out. Never seeks anyone out, really. They’ve accepted him, but it’s still tentative, especially from Patton’s side. He tends to stay in his room or hang out with Remus.

Speaking of Remus…

When he opens the door, Deceit stands there, flustered, one gloved hand raised to knock again. Remus clings to Deceit’s side, a stuffed octopus slung under one arm and kraken-printed pacifier stuck firmly in his mouth.


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(won’t stop until i) make you mine
by gryffinwhores

“I just don’t understand,” Todoroki says, seemingly at a loss as he shakes his head. “We’re individually both very smart.”

“It’s the gay,” Momo guesses. “Maybe the gay cancels out. Intelligent gay, intelligent lesbian, put them together and stupidity comes out.”
Yaoyorozu and Todoroki each have the most debilitating crushes in the history of ever. The issue? They’re much too shy and socially inept to do anything about it.

So they do the logical thing: pretend to date each other to make their crushes jealous, spurring them to make the first move. Brilliance.

Words: 2340, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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