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caelhinn · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
not so berry : the yellow. a residential lot by caelhinn
growing up you never had a close relationship with your mother and spent the majority of your time alone in your room obsessing over space. you just really love space. you’ll do whatever it takes to get to sixam no matter the cost. (x)
download  —  on patreon (free) or the gallery / origin id: caelhinn
marked as residential
§90,995 ; cc-free  
two (2) bedrooms ; two (2) bathrooms
30x20 ; located in oasis springs
place with bb.moveobjects on ⚠️
@s4-builds @maxismatchccworld
↓  watch the speed build here  ↓
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strickenspirit · 2 months ago
Fine! If you’re going to treat me that way, I’ll be your object.
I’ll be the clothes hanging from your closed bedroom door, calmly waiting for the shelter of darkness. Watching, knowing, transforming into that familiar figure you thought lived solely within those recent nightmares.
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sugawarassoulmate · 2 months ago
bye this is loser!kuroo and reader 🥴
credit @ agirlsaid on insta
show: sex education
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freshlyblaked · a month ago
Tumblr media
kylie and jessie launch their new track, kiss of life, october 2021
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systemunknown · a month ago
Dunno how niche this is, and there may already be a term for it, but we needed a word for alters who originate within the system (i.e. Not an Introject) and so with a little elbow-grease we came up with this: Protoject
And for those who are somewhere between Protojects and Introjects, you can use the term Interject!
Systems are welcome to use either of these, no credit needed!
Tumblr media
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cornedbeefhashtags · 6 days ago
I need to nap on your chest 🥺
But what movie are we watching as a thinly disguised excuse for this nap?
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garboload · 2 months ago
Tag Hub ⤵
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ask-blu-snowfall · 3 months ago
{There’s a quiet shuffling and a click, then muffled audio starts coming through, however quiet.}
???: Have to...stay...careful, Sc... 
???: Yeah yeah,.....careful....Miss P..
{The sound of shoes against a concrete floor inch closer, and then much louder shuffling happens. The device is picked up.}
???: So, this is it?
???: Yes, but you must be extremely careful with it. It’s delicate tech, and we can’t afford to lose any more time.
???: Yeah, alright, don’t need to tell me twice.
{There’s a beat of silence, the only sounds are of someone messing with something on the device.}
???: So, what’s the deal with this thing? Why exactly do I need to make these logs, anyway?
???: Because the administrator wants to know how the first few weeks go, at least. And you’re not the only one who has to make these logs anyways, so calm down.
???: [There’s a short huff of laughter, and the tone following is light and joking.] Right, right. So she wants us to talk about how we’re all freezing to death out here?
???: Scout.
Scout: Whaaat? C’mon, it was funny.
???: [Snickering] Fine, fine, it was.
Scout: Yeah...Oh, hey, I think it’s on.
???: What? Oh, here, let me―
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caelhinn · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
not so berry : the rose. a residential lot by caelhinn
you had everything you desired as a child but you were always longing for more. as an adult you have a hard time committing to relationships as you’re so focused on your career. you have absolutely no maternal instincts whatsoever but you still love your child with all your heart. (x)
download  —  on patreon (free) or the gallery / origin id: caelhinn
marked as residential
§122,844 ; cc-free  
two (2) bedroom ; three (3) bathrooms
20x15 ; located in britechester
place with bb.moveobjects on ⚠️
@s4-builds @maxismatchccworld
↓  watch the speed build here  ↓
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strickenspirit · 2 months ago
It’s a beautiful day to lay in the sun and relax. Close your eyes, let the rays fall and finally acknowledge that heat ridden exhaustion. Content and soon unconscious. Imperceptible holes leaking transparent liquid, marking the outline of your body. A still few hours but not enough to cause your noticeable inability of movement. The line grows. The pores darker, wider, almost seemingly deeper.
That smell. That sound. It’s just BBQ season, right?
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thecircussystem · 28 days ago
Finally made a system blog.
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systemunknown · 28 days ago
As many as you want to answer :) -C.A.D {LostSouls}
Thank you for sending these in! These were really fun to answer, and a few made us really think!
⬆️ Who’s the oldest alter?
Our oldest alter has to be Jack! He’s 27, which is several years older than the body atm! He’s also one of our few alters who doesn’t age slide :)
⬇️ Who’s the youngest?
Our youngest alter is 📦! We don’t feel comfortable disclosing his age though😅
🕑 Do certain alters come out at specific times?
Some of them! 🎀 comes out only when we’re EXTREMELY stressed for long periods of time or really overstimulated, and Charlie tends to come to the front when we’re out and about (especially shopping haha)
🎭 Do most alters have to pretend to be the host, or can they act themselves?
Only around our family, but we’re hoping someday after we move out we’ll feel safe enough to tell our mom :P
🤭(Going to assume you meant this one lol) Did you ever have an “oh crap I’m not a singlet” moment?
Sort of! Jay had been hyperfixating on DID for a few months and slowly started to realize that they related to a lot of OSDD experiences
💳 How/When did you choose your system name?
It was sort of a placeholder name Jay made that we got very attached to tbh 😂 its like we’re solving a mystery the more about ourselves we discover!
🌈 Are there differing sexual/romantic orientations throughout the system? If so, how do you handle this?
Yes, most of us are some variation of bi/pan with different leanings, but a few of us are strictly lesbian/gay! We’re single at the moment, so its not a huge problem, but many of us are polyam as well, so I dont think it will be too much of an issue haha
🎵 Does anyone have music preferences? What is your favorite song right now?
Ohhhhh definitely! Benrey really likes bittersweet songs but doesn’t really care about the genre, while Jay really likes songs that hit hard and are sorta weird and niche! Spamton is an absolute menace and will listen to anything funky or silly haha. As for our (my?) favorite song at the moment, quite a few of us are obsessed with By The Phone by Bo En!
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fucking-greywater · a month ago
I’m fine ty, I’m so glad you’re back!!! You’re my favorite writer :)
🥺thank u sm ily
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seagullsandturtledoves · 6 months ago
my film “the journey of car houses”
look at them go !!
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innits · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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